2/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before I continue.. just had to mention: I found a Koala 15 metres from my house today Smile They are sooo cute!! Would you like me to post a pic? If so.. let me know Smile

[Ok am updating with a pic!!! here you are!! ]

We find Lee and Amanda have located a famous Sound of Music location to stand in front of and continue their conversation 😉 Lee is walking fast.. and Amanda is periodically running to keep up with him 🙂 ! 
These arches, the Domplatz arches, are seen in The Sound of Music. Maria walks through these arches singing ‘I have confidence in me’ – and it’s the moment of the real Maria von Trapp’s cameo! (she’s one of the women in the background in traditional Austrian dress) the real maria in background

But! Technically this post is about scarecrow and mrs king Winking smile so I should point out we could also see these arches in the far background when Emily was sitting at the cafe.. it’s the same square: the Residenzplatz.. 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000122789

[I am not an expert on Salzburg by any stretch of my imagination.. so if I say anything incorrect let me know and I’ll correct it! This blog has the occasional Austrian visitor- I’d love to hear from you!! ]
Lee: I arrived yesterday for our meeting. When I got to Emily’s hotel the hotel clerk told me she had called them, asked them to pack up her things and hold them for her, she was going immediately on to Vienna.
Amanda: would she do that?
Lee: No! Not without a message to me first. She sent for me remember?
Amanda: Right.
Lee: British intelligence has lost contact. She’s been missing for two days. I don’t know. I don’t know, I think she got too close to something on her own. She was always a little too gutsy
[Aie! Lee (the kettle!) calling the pot black! ]
Amanda: Too close to what?
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000464130Lee: alright, for the past several months an electronic listening post somewhere has been 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000466132picking up very classified information from embassies all over Europe ( Love how Lee opens his jacket, tidies up his belt here.. puts his hands in his pockets, and then in the close up his (bing!)
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000468134jacket is done up again!  Oh noooo he’s gone and tidied up his hair too.. drat.. I liked it a bit less styled! oh well.. still a gorgeous haircut so I shouldn’t complain too much..concentrate iwsod! this is important! The security of the western world is at risk and I’m checking out Lee’s hair? Winking smile ) and transmitting them to the other side of the iron curtain.. We have been hit hard.
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000471137Amanda: We have?
Lee: Yes. England, France, Germany, everybody. Uncovering that listening post and plugging those leaks is: Top! Priority! Emily must have found something here.
Amanda: but why did she send for me?
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000485151Lee: Well, the message at the hotel was to be passed to her niece from America: Amanda King. Amanda: her niece? [ but that’s a lie!!! Naughty agent Emily told a lie!! and well.. who cares?!! Winking smile ]
Lee: Emily Farnsworth is smart. Very smart. [Yep, and she knows you two would be great together and that Amanda will make a fine agent Winking smile
that 2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000493159message was to tell us that something you two did together in Washington is important to whatever she found.
[ and.. she’s a matchmaker who wants you two to get together!!! What do you think readers?? you think Emily is encouraging a match? ] Lots of exposition here at the beginning.. Well done BB! he makes it look easy.. and soooo convincing!!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000515181Amanda: What we did in Washington?
Lee: yeah.
Amanda: I sure don’t know.. we did an awful lot!
2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000519185Lee: well, we’ll go over whatever you did together step by step until we figure it out.

Lee can be really patient and supportive – when is he motivated!! Smile They have 2 days till vital top secret meetings are held in Brussels..when embassies will be sending signals galore.. and they’ve got to find the leak before then! Five years of military strategy will go right down the drain! The whole operation depends on Amanda!  err wrong episode..-Spot test!! Smile come on!! who can remember that gag?! which episode was it? 😆 It seems to be smk business as usual.. everyone is counting on Lee and Amanda to save the day!
Amanda: So Mrs Farnsworth was looking for the listening post right?
Lee: Yeah. I’m afraid she got caught. I’d give anything to know where she is right now.

2.04 THE LEGEND OF DAS GEISTERSCHLOSS.avi_000533199awhhhh.. Lee is showing a bit of emotion here huh.. poor Lee! But don’t worry you have Amanda to help you! Amanda catches a glimpse that this isn’t business.. this is personal..  [And shallow me just has to point out – how lovely these close ups of Lee here are. swoon!]
Well.. the next moment, the audience finds out where Emily is- She’s at the geisterschloss with a blonde moustache baddie, the smelly/grabby baddie..and dark haired baddie.. too many baddies already!  They’ve been questioning her for two days.. and she’s telling them she’s a british tourist..
Head baddie tells Emily they know she received NATO briefings from the American embassy in Bonn?! She is totally busted as a british spy! eek!! Baddie: would you like to hear how I know? Ohh this dialogue is soooo lame.. no actually I don’t really care how you know..
go to Hell! Dr McCarran
Dr Mc: Oh no it’s more likely to be you making that trip my love.
Ohhhhhhhh gaggggg!!!! Dialogue sooo bad!!!
I’ll spare you the rest of the dialogue.. but we learn the baddie is greedy.. whooooo.. and uh oh.. the baddies know about Emily’s message naming Amanda, and so they are following Amanda now.. and if she turns out to be an agent.. then she’s in great danger!

I shall leave it there for now… Anyone else find the baddies’ dialogue excruciating?!
Byee and back with more as soon as I can..

42 responses to “2/9 Season Two, Episode 4: The Legend of Das Geisterschloss-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just have to ask, is it just me or does anyone else notice all the bicycle bell rings in the background? There are a lot of them in this episode! I only noticed because the sound my cell phone makes when it alerts me to a new text or email is very similar. So the first couple of times I recently watched this episode I kept checking my cell phone – only to realize it was background noise in SMK! It took me a while to figure it out – I thought there was something wrong with my phone because we don’t always see a bike in the scene, we just hear the bell ding.

    There are some of these bell rings in TTTAAChangin’ too. Maybe it’s just these two continental European episodes. Was bike riding that popular there in the 80’s? I don’t recall seeing that many bike riders in Frankfurt when I was there in the early 90’s.


    • Funny, I’ve never noticed the bell ringing before! Probably because I am too busy drooli….. studying the fabulous architecture in the back ground 😉

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    • Aagghhh… it’s like the parrots (?) squawking in a bunch of the episodes. :p


      • OMG! Parrots squawking?? Which episodes, KC? I have never heard these. I only noticed the bells here because of it’s similarity to my phone!


        • Hey BJo–it’s in a bunch of episodes, but the only two I have time-tagged are at about 35m40s in Burn Out (right between when the one baddie talks about fund shipments and just as the other baddie starts talking) and at about 26m30s in Three Little Spies (right after Randall says hunger’s been happening for centuries) but in both these cases there’s other bird noise in the scenes –> they’re not as obvious as when they use it in scenes in the city/suburbs and it’s almost obnoxiously out of place. LOL.
          They use it in earlier episodes as well, including in season one…


          • OK–here’s an example of it in Season 1: Episode 15 “The Mole”–about 33m20s–right after David Benson says “There’s an internal investigation going on, Victor.” 😀 (And it’s also in episodes more quietly–I guess one of the sound guys cranks up this effect, and others keep it more muted. LOL.)


            • I will definitely be checking these three eps out for the parrot noise!! I wonder if I’ll start hearing it now that you’ve pointed it out! Once I’ve had a chance to go listen – I’ll have to come back and comment again!


  2. Love this episode! It is one of my favorites – not sure if it’s in the top 10, but probably in the top 20. I notice the discoloration on BB’s head too – it’s in some other episodes as well, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. I used to think it was some weird shadow from the lighting, but the crease is not normal so that blows that theory!

    I’ve never been to Salzburg or Austria, but hope to go one day! TSOMusic is probably my all time favorite movie.

    “The whole operation depends on Amanda! err wrong episode..-Spot test!! come on!! who can remember that gag?! which episode was it?” This comes from Charity Begins at Home, yes? Where Lee needs Amanda to get him in to Jerry Perrine’s place/Car Show and they are discussing it in Amanda’s back yard at the picnic table?

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  3. Love Lee and his need to stop, unbutton his jacket and hoist up his trousers 😉
    I don’t believe Emily is matchmaking but she probably can see the benefits in having Amanda around Lee 😉
    I too noticed the mysterious bruise like mark on his head 🙂
    Cute koala IWSOD. Is it true they sleep for something ridiculous like 22 hrs a day?!

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  4. daisybouquet88

    Hi! I wanted to comment on the baddies’ annoyingly cliche dialogue. Yes, their lines are excruciatingly cartoonish, but I always thought the show SMK was rather cheesy and fun, so I think villains that we don’t take seriously fits right in. They are one-dimensional characters because obviously we should root for Lee and Amanda. Just my take!

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    • Hi Daisybouquet.. ahhhh your avatar makes me feel happy! 🙂
      you raise a very true point here!! This has come up a few times throughout the show.. don’t mind me when I groan about cliche dialogue.. It might bug me but I wouldn’t have it any other way 😉 it’s part of what makes smk what it is – and as you say: the baddies less serious and threatening- When you get to the three faces of Emily, you’ll see I mentioned this and how the tone of the baddies was too menacing for me to find anything they or Amanda did in the situation funny.. when you get to it let us know your thoughts!
      Here here! 🙂

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      • daisybouquet88

        Aww, yes, daisies are my fave flowers–they make me smile, too! Thanks for the nice feedback! I haven’t gotten to 3 Faces of Emily” but I’ll comment when I do!


  5. I’d love to see a koala photo, IWSOD.

    It never occurred to me that Emily is match-making when she sends for Amanda; I’d like to think she figures that Amanda is the right woman for the job and that she and Lee make a good team. Emily certainly notices the connection between Lee and Amanda, though, based on the way she looks at them in the tag. Hanover clearly thinks they’re a couple, too. Everyone, even the villains, realize that Amanda and Lee belong together–except Amanda and Lee themselves, of course. They’re so sweet!


    • Hi Cindy, you should definitely try and watch the sound of music!! It (like smk) is a childhood favourite of mine.. and of many people.. Let us know if you see it! and you can do the opposite to what I’m doing – look for the smk locations in the sound of music! 🙂

      You guys want a Koala? Ok! I’ll get a pic of the person I was with when we saw it and get back to you as soon as I can. Yeah Melissa we were just walking along the side of the road.. and there he was in one of the trees 2 metres from the side of the road.. it’s like that where I live (not like that everywhere in Australia trust me!) He was asleep when we found him.. but I stepped on a loud twig or something and woke him up and he stared at us for a while! It doesn’t matter how many times I see them – they are soo cute they don’t look real!!

      Melissa there is a moment where I thought Lee had a bruise – but we haven’t come to that scene yet.. where did you think you saw a bruise? or are you watching ahead too? It actually looks pretty pronounced where I saw it – I’ll mention it when I get to it.. I wondered if a scene had been cut. but in these first two scenes it didn’t look like he had a bruise to me. ?

      Yes open and constructive Lee is a sight to behold isn’t it Melissa! 🙂

      Hi Julia– Yippeee! thanks so much for translating!! So Amanda’s german is funny is it? tee hee.. Lee says Guten Tag Frau King? tee hee.. I have to go watch that again! Thank you!! Guten bye? rofl!! I love it!! She did a similar thing at the embassy party in Dead Ringer – she says Scusi me! very cute!! 🙂 Yes the gun holster on Mr smelly grabby is suddenly not looking so attractive 😉

      Hi Paula, I dont know what’s 15 metres in imperial measurements?.. err well Lee would be 1.8 meters tall I guess, or 180 cm.. anyone know how to translate this stuff? I think 180cm is 5 foot 10 inches.. isn’t it? I don’t know! anyway! maybe a bus or two end to end in distance! tee hee.. Haa yes smelly grabby! i still love your flutey boy! 🙂 the blond baddie is crying out for a nickname.. he’s such a cliche.. anyone suggest one?

      Hi Claudia!!! wow.. so close to Salzburg! I LOVED Austria when I visited.. I really want to go back! If you’d like to do a post on the Salzburg locations let me know! (but no pressure! or is there someone else who’d like to have a go? speak up if you’re interested!) I’ve found where they filmed the geisterschloss.. and they use another castle for the castle on the lake.. which is a bit weird! but we’ll get to all that in good time..

      Yes Emily is doing ok for two days! I didn’t include a pic of it but the smelly grabby baddie is wearing the same clothes he grabbed Emily in – so maybe he’s been in them for 2 days? 😉 eewwww!!

      Hi Redgold.. I know it is wishful thinking of me to think there is a grand design in Emily’s calling for Lee and Amanda.. a bit like Billy bringing in Amanda maybe.. I think there could at least be an element of ‘ Amanda would be good for Lee’ going on..even if it’s not ‘Amanda and Lee belong together!!’ Emily knows Lee, and she knows Amanda is lovely – and as we’ll see Lee is very close to Emily.. she’d know deep down he is a bit of a lonely soul.. I do think she must see at the end of the episode how cute they are together! 🙂 but I’ll go into that later..

      byeee guys! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello!!!!


      • Hi, IWSOD. I haven’t been watching ahead. 🙂 In your pics above it looks like Lee has a bruise in the middle of his forehead. Especially in your pic right below the words, “well, we’ll go over whatever you…” I wonder what happened to BB. Anybody know?


        • Hi Melissa, I had another look.. it looks more obvious in the web pics than in the episode (IMO).. and sometimes Lee has a horizontal furrow in the middle of his forehead – which in itself is a bit strange – and supports the idea he has some kind of injury there they are trying to cover up! I think you are right.
          I can sort of see it in this scene.. here are a couple of other pics from the same scene:

          I think I was so distracted by how gorgeous he looked I didnt notice 😉 tee hee.. but also I think in that first scene at the Mirabel gardens, they had Lee’s hair a little more casual and strands were hanging down over his forehead creating a shadow.. so I thought that’s all it was.. but that crease he gets in the middle of his forehead is not normal huh!

          Oh and here is a couple of pics from the scene coming up where I noticed he had a bruise, but because I hadn’t noticed it in these early scenes I thought maybe there was a scene that had been cut where he gets banged..
          ( the bruise reminds me of the one he wears in We’re off to see the wizard. )

          I don’t know if we see it anymore in this episode.. or if it is only in a few scenes.. I havent’ covered the episode yet..so maybe we can keep an eye out for it together! Maybe it’s a question someone can ask BB at the next reunion – just what did he get up to in Salzburg? 😉


          • I also thought of his injury on The Eyes Have It when I saw it.

            I know there was an Hart To Hart ep where I saw a similar bruise on Robert Wagner and we ended up guessing it was from a scene in the first ep where he runs into a vehicle. Depending on filming order, maybe there was a scene gone wrong on one of the other European fight scenes?


      • IWSOD, I agree completely that both Emily and Billy see that Amanda is good for Lee, and vice versa, as it turns out. “She’d know that deep down he is a bit of a lonely soul”–what a lovely thought. I think that both Billy and Emily enjoy watching Lee and Amanda together, just like we do, and that they are quietly rooting for Lee and Amanda to recognize what so many people around them already see.


        • OMG how does anyone see a bruise????? I can’t get past Lee’s eyes, smile, swoonworthy expression, hair, eyes, beautiful eyes, smile, hazel eyes, ummmmm, to notice a bruise! You folks must have super willpower to be able to focus on…..slujenrugoojdrool! What was I saying?? I so agree, all eyes around Lee and Amanda see what’s meant to be, just takes awhile for them to dance around the inevitability of it all. The dance is all in SMKLand!

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      • BB is 6’2″, that’s 6 feet and two inches of Lee to admire, drool over and bl|]ifkbjbh;#slby!swoon!


        • Oh no, I just realized my brother’s name is Lee!! I just made that connection after 30 years????!? Seriously? He must be renamed, now, there is only ONE Lee. One Lee to rule them all, one Lee to… Oh dear, down the hobbit hole into SMKLAND. Where’s my marshmallows????

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          • Now my posts are all mixed up and I am answering myself. Time to go to bed! Night!

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          • One of my best friend’s husband’s name is Lee also. Every time she says it it just seems weird. You are so right – there is only ONE Lee! Is the hobbit hole the same as the rabbit hole?

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            • Oh, I think hobbit holes must lead to places other than SMKLand. Somehow I think a hobbit hole would require hair on our bare feet and dirt all over our clothes, either that or lots of food and books and wizards (not the OZ kind either). I could imagine Lee Stetson in Middle Earth?


              • Maybe the hobbit hole has a side passage to the rabbit hole which leads to SMKland. It must since I seem to find myself back there any chance I get! Did I say that BB is 6’2″??! Love tall men (no, not alllll tall men, but certain ones, the right ones, the Amandaramble worthy one in particular of course!)
                (Oh and my hubbie too! Thank goodness he isn’t a Lee or I’d be incapacitated and in the corner drooling all the time 🙂 )

                Quick, post this, hubbie approaches, wipe off drool ……


            • I’m not sure why I never said this, but my Dad calls me Lee. He has, ever since I was a little girl. I think it had something to do with him wanting to call me Arlene Francis and my mother nixing that idea. He is the only one that does it or is allowed to do it, but I never equated it with SMK Lee.


  6. The first time, I didn’t notice the discoloration. Just looking in his eyes….
    I guess like all of us!
    My first visit to Salzburg was in 1990, long ago. But it’s 1,5 hours from here and maybe it’ time to visit it again 🙂
    Emily is still looking good after these two days of baddie-questioning. I always wonder how I would look 😦 waaa
    A Koala picture, great!


  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing a koala picture. The only one I’ve seen is at our local zoo and the koala is usually sleeping. 😦

    I like this Lee! No complaining that Amanda doesn’t have a need to know. He just explains everything matter of factly.

    To me, it looks like Lee has a bruise on his forehead. Is this just me and my computer screen or does it look like that to other people, too?


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