8/11 Season Two, Episode 6:Brunettes are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001763863Rollo leaves the agency the back way.. he goes down an alley with Lee tailing him.. [I love to see Lee in the great outdoors- don’t you?! ] uh 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001771871oh.. someone starts shooting at Rollo and he takes cover..  Lee sweeps 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001792692in to the ‘rescue’.. and offers to protect Rollo from whoever is trying to kill him,  if Rollo coughs up the information they want.. Rollo buys it.. (Little does Rollo know- he’s going to need protection from Francine  and her animal instincts..)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001812712Rollo: Alright listen, listen you protect me I’ll tell you what you want, you just gotta promise me protection right 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001814314now.   (Sucker!!! Smile )
Lee: yeah alright, we’ll protect you. Now why were you after Amanda King?
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001817517Rollo: oh we weren’t going to hurt her or anything, b-because we wouldn’t want to damage the merchandise.
[oh.. that’s alright then?! ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001821521Lee: Merchandise? that’s the same thing you said in the house! (good one Lee!)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001824724Rollo: It’s nothing personal, it’s just business man.
[I can understand why Lee looks confused! this one certainly comes out of left field!! and is so disgusting it does take a moment or two to grasp – heck.. I’m still trying to get my head around it Winking smile ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001825525Lee: then you were never after Amanda’s purse? you were never going to rob her either. 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001831131She’s merchandise to you? what were you going to use her for. HUH? What!!!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001834334Rollo: We were going to sell h..
[ Lee grabs him his shirt and hikes him up onto his feet- 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001835135almost like he is about to punch his lights out!!! See.. now here I don’t mind Lee’s anger one bit!! It’s directed against bad guys! Winking smile ]
Lee: What?!!!! you were going to sell Amanda?!!!!!!!!!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001836736


If looks could kill.. then  Rollo would be dead and buried! Smile
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001837537
1swoonThere is no doubting how much Lee values Amanda here! [You know what I love about this- Lee’s first questions aren’t about the purse!!!! the microdot is forgotten!! He wants to know about Amanda!!! and then.. about the poor other women who are being sold – Ohh bless him! Lee I forgive you for everything! Winking smile swoon!!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001839139Rollo is panicking that this is the guy he is counting on for protection Winking smile he motions 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001840740down with his finger and whispers: down???
is snarling here: yeah! get down!! (he 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001843143drops him down..)Alright, now where are these women?!!! where are these women you are gonna sell?!! HUH!!!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001843943
Rollo: okay okay, they’re on a yacht. Don’t ask 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001851951me where cos I don’t know -every night they change the dock and every night they change it to a different name. Don’t ask. I don’t know.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001856756Lee: Alright. Come on…
he pulls up Rollo and it is revealed Francine was shooting at 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001863163them! Smile

It’s amazing.. that is Francine’s real hair- but it looks like a bad wig! Winking smile
Love how the creep Rollo says when he sees Francine and realises the set up “Hey! you guys cheated!” that is too funny! He’s ok with selling Amanda, but no cheating!! not fair!!! I don’t 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001877577think he wants to play with Francine and Lee anymore! I don’t know why but I find it hilarious how Lee pulls up Rollo by his t-shirt and then when he lets go it is all out of shape! too funny!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001880780Lee: you take scuzzball here and put him on ice, and find that Yacht.  I’m going after Amanda.   [Ahhh put the scuzzball on ice.. Shakespeare it ain’t..
just how does BB deliver these lines like he means it? rofl!!

Hey- don’t you love how Lee leaves tracking down the yacht and the microdot to Francine – his first and only priority right now is finding Amanda!! Ohhh hurray!!! Go Lee!!!! Interesting as well that he is leaving it up to Francine to get the info on the yacht- given their fighting over who should interrogate Rollo I think this is significant- and shows that Lee actually, apart from their brother sister ribbing- has faith in Francine’s abilities! Smile ]

Amanda is back at the bad mansion!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001892792
She’s leading a tour of women with Dolly Parton hairdos pretending to be blind by wearing blindfolds..[It’s the blind leading the blind.. you think there is a bit of a metaphor 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001912812going on here? Amanda is blind to Mr Sinclair’s intentions..but she is about to have her eyes opened!] Sinclair leers at Amanda from behind 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001932032the curtain.. The big reveal: he isn’t blind after all..

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001935235clockwork orange artwork.








I love this frame!!! It reminds me of the artwork for Clockwork Orange- very twisted!!! Do you think it is deliberate? I haven’t seen it or read it..but it is about free will and violence isn’t it.. and Sinclair is a  perfect  bad guy!! The removal of the contact lenses and self satisfied evil grin are done perfectly…
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001941641
This guy is officially a slimey creep!

We see Lee arrive at the mansion looking for Amanda (LOL! walking up the stairs is that lousy extra again- in the same outfit! Lee nods at her.. ugh!  She must know the director or something Winking smile ) Oh my.. Lee’s hair is getting long in the back.. I prefer it short.. and very un-bob like!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001964064

Give me times they are a changin’ hair anyday! Uh oh.. one of the baddies spots Lee in the crowd.. the baddies know they need to make a move now!
I think they deliberately had most of the ‘blind’ women as blondes..Brunettes being ‘in’ and all..  although the one clutching her hands looks like a bloke Winking smile oops!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001983283
Sinclair surprises Amanda and takes her away..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001993693 What does Amanda do.. scream?? yell ‘ HELP!!! Quick!!!! Mr Sinclair is EVIL SLIME!!!!!?’ no.. Amanda says in a nice quiet voice: Mr Sinclair you can see.. ( she really does 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001999299have a talent for understatement!) Poor Amanda! This charity work is a dangerous business!! Maybe she should just stick to working for the agency Winking smile  ROFL!!  Just as an aside.. I wonder how long those women with the eye masks on pretending to be blind stood there waiting for Amanda?!!!

Sinclair and Kurtz lead Amanda to the catering van..Lee sees them as they leave.. phew…glad he’s not blind!! Smile  Go Lee!!!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002023323
ROFL! Flap flap!! there goes Lee the birdman (codenamed scarecrow? rofl!) Leaping onto the van.. Hmm.. go stunt Lee! Winking smile
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002037737
Amanda must guess it’s Lee on the roof huh? she doesn’t know he was at the mansion.. or see who is on the roof.. or she must be wondering what’s happening.. then she gets an awful shock when (stunt) Lee can’t hang onto the van and goes flying off when the van hits the brakes.. Terrifying for Amanda! She sees it’s unconscious Lee! She must be worried sick about him.. oh well.. at least he managed to hitch a ride with them to the yacht! You’d forgive a man for his previous behaviour if he did this and tried to save you wouldn’t you?? Smile I’d say it makes up for it!! (so long as he ceases the bad behaviour! Winking smile)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002080313

(awh.. Lee wouldn’t do something soooo dangerous if he didn’t really care about Amanda!)

I’ll finish up there for now.. things aren’t looking good for Lee and Amanda.. but at least they are together!! Smile 

Back with more soon! thanks for reading and I hope you will feel free to share your own thoughts.. Anything new to you? Questions? have I made any boo boos?? do let me know.. and I’ll fix it! Thanks again! I love to walk with you through the episodes!!!

10 responses to “8/11 Season Two, Episode 6:Brunettes are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I wonder how Lee felt having his own favorite line, “It’s nothing personal – just business,” thrown back in his face by none other than Rollo. I bet he thinks again before ever saying that to Amanda again! Does anyone know offhand if he ever does say it to her again in the series? I can’t remember.


  2. I think Robert Pine was MADE to be a baddie, his entire look just screams sleezeball LOL for some reason … and he does it so well, too!

    OF COURSE Lee would be disgusted with the thought of someone selling women for … companionship (wow … this was a pretty racy all around episode for SMK, a family show would never be able to get away with this today!), any decent person should be disgusted by that, but his reaction when he realizes that is why they want Amanda is awesome, and I think in that moment he realizes what a giant jerk he’s been, and maybe that’s why he takes the unnecessary risks he does (including going after the baddies without backup, or at least phoning Billy), because he feels guilty about how their last convo ended (remember they havent spoken since) and maybe he realized that it might very well be the last thing he says to her, and I dont think he wanted to live with that.

    Amanda is such a nice person, she forgives him over and over again without question, and is never mean in return to him, or Francine. She is definitely a better person than I am, she doesnt even hold Lee at arm’s length, she welcomes and encourages any progress he makes to deepen their relationship (like referring to her as ‘partner’ at the end of this episode). That’s why she rocks!

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  3. Hee hee hee! Everyone’s eyes are opened…

    -Sinclair can see…
    -Rollo realizes he’s been set up…
    -Amanda discovers Sinclair is a bad guy…and last but not least…
    -Lee finds out women are being sold… And here’s the kicker… Turns out he’s been thinking she’s a target because of her professional value (the microdot), but she’s really been targeted for her personal value. As usual his thinking is just too one dimensional!

    Is it too much if I try to tie in the fact that Lee needs to get knocked over the head before he begins to broaden his thinking? 😉

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  4. Never saw clockwork orange, though hubby went as Alex (?) for Halloween one year when we were dating. I thought he was spot on, but several people thought he was Charlie Chaplin -LOL! Didn’t they use a brain washing technique similar to that Damned Duck episode?


  5. Rolo says, “It’s nothing personal…”
    Oh, I beg to differ, it is very personal. Lee says, “You were going to sell AMANDA?”

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  6. I’ve never seen A Clockwork Orange, never really appealed but I do love your link to the art work. Can see why it made you think of that,
    Ooh angry Lee. Its rather telling his first intel from Rollo is about amanda and not the microdot 😉 I am a bit surprised no one really mentioned the merchandise comment sooner though, it was clear the night they broke in they were trying to kidnap Amanda so why not make the connection? Ya know being top spy and all 😉
    Anyway I too was wondering how long the blindfolded ladies stood there for before they realised something was up?
    Poor Lee getting a nasty bump on the head. I do hope Amanda was able to rub his poor noggin better whilst in the back of the van 😉

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  7. Hiya! No comments for this post? Whaaaaa!!!!! 😉

    No clockwork orange fans?? I was hoping someone had seen it and could fill me in! I find the visual of Sinclair removing his blindman contacts very cool.. (even if he is too gross for words.. )

    I thought I would see a few swoony posts over Lee’s ‘ you were gonna sell Amanda!! growl!!!!! ‘ 😉 I lurve Lee’s intensity in that moment.. and I love watching this knowing (as I mention in the final post on this episode ) that at this point, Lee has actually already intercepted Amanda’s resignation, hoping to give her a chance to reconsider! 🙂 only.. we don’t know that yet at this point in the episode.. bye!

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    • With Lee snarling at Rollo and baring his teeth like this, he looks like he’s ready to sink them into Rollo’s throat… RAAAAAAWRRRR 🙂


    • I’ve seen (and read) A Clockwork Orange. It is very disturbing. I don’t see many parallels storyline wise with this episode. Interestingly, I *was* reminded of A Clockwork Orange while watching “If Thoughts Could Kill,” as there is a scene in ACO where the main character is strapped in a chair and forced to watch violent images, just like Lee was.

      I’ve always thought there was something vaguely creepy about Robert Pine (Sinclair). He was fresh off six or seven years as a good guy on “CHiPS” when he made this episode – maybe trying to change his image? But he creeped me out on CHiPS, too (not as much as Erik Estrada … but I digress). Pine has had a LONG career in television, dating back to the mid 1960s right to the present day.


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