11/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Tag time! What an epic this episode has been..for some.. a happy epic.. for others.. an odyssey which tested their endurance Winking smile but I do hope the episode has improved a little for you! So, finishing up this episode, we see Gail being wheeled away on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Oh poor Gail!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002723623
Lee’s shackles are being removed [Hey! is that  a metaphor???!!! Lee is finally free to accept a new partner in his life? Winking smile ]… Amanda struggles to open her locket- Oh ROFL!! Yep, Billy- the big boss,  takes the microdot in person.. too funny! He doesn’t like to delegate does he  Smile (I will ignore the annoying Locket is stuck closed moment Winking smile )

Again, Lee and Amanda are alone.. Now they are out of danger, able to think a little clearer.. and finally resolve things between each other!
Lee: well, I guess everything turned out ok
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002740140
Amanda: I guess
Lee: Yeah.. ahhh.. Amanda..
[Lee looks around to see where everyone is.. knowing they have some important things to say to each other – maybe he didn’t want them to be interrupted again? Amanda cuts in here seizing her moment. I think at this point, while she wishes she had Lee’s approval,  she doesn’t think he is going to ask her to stay- but she has made up her own mind about what she will do Smile regardless! ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002749149
Amanda: You know I am very proud of my job and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002752152
and I really don’t think that it was my fault that microdot got stolen.
[Isn’t this a huge moment for Amanda’s character?!!! good for her!]
Lee: no no you’re right [Lee seems to want to put Amanda’s mind at rest asap…]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002755155Amanda: Yeah, I .. I know I’m right.
[She doesn’t need Lee to tell her she is right. she already knows! hurray!! This is real progress for 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002759659Amanda huh!! At the same time though, it’s great to hear Lee acknowledge Amanda Smile]
Lee: you’re right, you know that part about your errr..
Amanda: my resignation.
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002767167
Lee: yeah.. that.. part …………Amanda, I think…..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002768768
[He pauses here- and we see Amanda brace herself- I think Amanda believes Lee is about to tell her again: he thinks it is too dangerous for her and she should leave! Or she isn’t cut out to work at the agency.. I love that Amanda believes that, but still tells him she is proud of the job she does! Amanda’s growth in her career is one of my favourite aspects of this show! ]
Lee continues carefully:  …….I think that you ought to give that a little more thought.  [squuueeeeeeeeee!!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002770770
[You know what I love about this – Lee doesn’t tell Amanda what to do!!!- he leaves the decision to her, knowing this is Amanda’s decision to make – not his!!! How wise of Lee to do this!!! but at the same time he expresses his opinion, and that he values her!! awhh!!!  Hurray! : he makes it known he would like her to stay Smile  Personally, I think Amanda had already decided to stay- being proud of her work.. but she was probably thinking it wouldn’t be working with Lee anymore Sad smile ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002773373
Amanda: I think you’re right, I think that I didn’t know what it was that you were really saying. [Lee didn’t know what he was saying! that’s very gracious of Amanda! Winking smile  It’s a good way to express it- she was not without fault in this situation also.. bring on the smiles!! things are looking up!!! ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002776776
Lee: yeah! ha! that’s probably it and I guess I really didn’t understand what you were saying [Lee mirrors back what 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002781181Amanda just said – he could also have said- you didn’t make yourself clear! but he doesn’t.. it is lovely.. and for me, it illustrates how each of them is admitting they were 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002781581at fault, and that there is no hard feelings between them. Awh!! they are being kind to each other Smile ]
Amanda: yeah, the only trouble is I already..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002783683Amanda stops short- seeing Lee pull out the envelope with her resignation!! whoo hoo!!! Smile

I… happened to intercept this this morning..
[‘Happened to’?? why you sly dog you!! Winking smile]

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002783983

  Lee continues:2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002787487…It says I ah Amanda King hereby resign
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002798398Amanda: hmm what should we do with it?
[‘we’?? Hmm..I think this is Amanda testing the waters here- are they a team?? Is there a ‘we’ ?? or will Lee step back?? Lee licks his lips here before he responds! Winking smile ]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002803503Lee: Well.. How about, the circular file…
Lee makes a very theatrical toss of the resignation into a garbage bin ( trash can!!)
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_0028061392.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002807741Lee scores a goal- gives a fist pump- he’s excited!! Smile Things are working out for himself and Amanda Smile
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002810910
Lee turns back to Amanda and continues: …..  Partner?
He holds out his hand to her in a handshake..
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002813046
Amanda accepts the handshake!! : yeah! [Squeeeeeee!!!!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002815215
Awh!!! See now that is a key moment in their relationship!!!

So Lee intercepted the letter this morning? that was before he found out about Amanda being sold!!.. hmmm.. so he had already reconsidered his thinking by then- he didn’t need to know it was not Amanda’s fault- he still wanted her to stay Smile squeeee!!! I love that!!!

What happens between Lee in the boat saying: maybe you should leave the agency – it’s too dangerous, and: I think you should reconsider?? I’m not sure.. IMHO it isn’t really overtly explained.. Lee and Amanda retrieving the microdot, working great as a team, all working out in the end??did that change his thinking? or did he just reach the point where he realised – it is her decision to make.. and if she is going to choose to be a part of the agency- he would rather she work with him as his partner than be with someone else who isn’t going to care about her safety as much as he does? hmm.. I’m going to go with the last option.. what do you all think?

Lee does actually care about her.. awhhh…. Lee’s natural response to strong emotions and conflicting emotions  seems to be to revert to Anger-[Amanda got a good look at his temper in the first time, and she treated him like he was a little boy! –you remember his response to her suggestion he let a Valet park his car?! rofl!!] Don’t you love the moment in this episode where Lee mutters ‘ Oh Amanda you make me crazy!!’ Love it!! she does doesn’t she! Smile Heaven knows anger works well for Lee in his work (and ruining Rollo’s t-shirt! ).

In private  – he doesn’t seem to reveal who he is.. he wears a mask.. but.. with Amanda, in this episode he learns he needs to let down his walls, learn to control his temper, and be more open and honest with her (and himself!!!) – she won’t accept less- and he knows she deserves better!! Plus I think by now Amanda has proven herself to be a trustworthy and loyal friend to Lee.. Awh!! What a fun journey we have ahead of us!

I think it’s great- Amanda is able to decide for herself she wants to stay in the job- regardless of what Lee may or may not think of her- I think for her character that is a big step, and that up till now she had been doing it in part to earn his respect in some way..[and to look after him- she likes to look after him! Winking smile ]  but she has realised she respects herself and she is proud of how she does her job! Lee got her into it… but here and now it is Amanda who is choosing to stay in it!  Amanda doesn’t have to have Lee’s acceptance anymore, but she would still very much like it! Awhhh!!!

Amanda is reassured Lee is on board when she gets to ask him what they should do with her resignation.. He  does one better than saying ‘don’t go’ he calls her ‘partner’!!! whoooo hooooo!!!!! Lee’s first time.. that is huge isn’t it!!!  [well other than when he was talking her into feeding his fish in saved by the bells..but he totally didn’t mean it then! ] Awhhhhhh…. Isn’t Lee cute here, chuckling, a little bashful.. doing this emotional stuff is grown up for Lee! He manages to do it well when he needs to- well done Lee!

Did you guys notice the almost ‘subliminal’ gratuitous bikini babe 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_002809743thrown in to decorate the circular file??!!! for no reason at all… ha haaaa.. ( the light is all different too.) Hey, it looks like Lee gives a hoot! He didn’t give Amanda the boot! and he didn’t pollute!!! 😆

What a fab episode..Lots of Progress!!! Lee’s and Amanda’s  relationship progresses to a new level.. Amanda progresses in how she sees her work and Lee progresses in how he sees Amanda’s work- stepping up and reconciling with Amanda… yipppeeeee… happy days!

I think Lee realises it was not fair of him to downplay Amanda’s contribution to the agency –even though being at the agency puts her in danger. She is her own woman.. And he really values her being in his life! And he wants her to continue to be a part of his life! I think Lee accepts that Amanda can be his partner, but that doesn’t mean they are equal.. they are different.. and at this point, I think Lee is still very much the senior agent ( who always gets the bed Winking smile haaaa) – but he is now acknowledging Amanda’s work and her own talents and experience.

I think from this point on, the friendship moves up a notch.. It’s like it is now openly acknowledged they will be in each other’s lives for years to come.. awh!!!! but I think it is wise they put the whole sexual tension between these two out of the picture in this episode.. and focused on Lee’s overprotectiveness and unwillingness to accept Amanda as his partner. And Amanda’s need for Lee to tell her what to do – as they have left things.. the sexual tension between them is not a deciding factor here.. and IMHO it remains unacknowledged by either of them – to themselves!! and to each other!! but.. it won’t be long before it pops back into the picture! ( ship of spies anyone??!!!)

I still don’t think Lee is ready for a committed relationship with Amanda at this point, and also, I’m of the opinion that Amanda at this point has ruled out that possibility. From now, I think Amanda enjoys her growing skills and experience at the agency, her autonomy grows.. and it is great to have that happen before anything romantic happens with Lee!! Smile

This episode is very different in tone to the usual SMK episode, while I love this episode I am glad it is not the norm!! .. I completely understand where you guys who don’t enjoy this episode are coming from! There are moments that are gross, or painful, or where you just want to bang Lee and Amanda’s heads together! But.. it is the moments we had to have to progress, and progress they do very beautifully! Because of this- I am able to watch the difficult moments and enjoy the episode: knowing it is all worth it! For others, maybe that doesn’t work for them.. but I do hope that maybe working through the episode, and finding the little moments has improved the episode for you just a little bit.. ( oh and I try to skim over all the skin crawling subplot.. ridiculous! all that effort over trying to get Amanda’s poppyseed cake recipe?? ! LOL! that wasn’t what was going on?? If not, I don’t want to know! Winking smile )

I love this episode!! It is unique! It is a milestone!  It will be lots of fun to keep working through season 2 and see where they go now  ( though keeping the episode order in mind- I think the next two episodes should be before brunettes..but I’ll get to that! ).

I bet there are some things I have neglected to mention.. feel free to please share with us!!  I hope my jumbled thoughts have made some kind of sense!! Thanks for your comments so far guys! I’ll reply to them soon!! byeee for now!!

28 responses to “11/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I just realized how well they set this up for us from a writing perspective.

    On the pilot, Lee has two telling quotes. Thr The obvious “A partner is someone who takes a bullet in the head meant for you.” Right there we realize he has issues with losing another partner on the job. He also made a point of telling Amanda she could “get hurt or mess things up.”

    Then we see the moment his attitude towards her start to change from her being a pesky little tagalong he’s been saddled with when she’s nearly killed on Service Above & Beyond. And how shaken up he is by what happened to her.

    Then their next case she ends up captured — because she was mistaken for Lee. He’s blaming himself and is so worried about her that he completely breaks protocol to secure her release.

    A few weeks later, Amanda gets abducted again and ends up with amnesia this time. Again we see Lee blaming himself, even going so far as to ask Billy if he messed up. (We also get Lee speaking up when Billy wants to let Amanda go — and it’s Lee who wants to keep her around!)

    Then on Dead Ringer, Billy wants Amanda to bring Magda to the exchange site. Like usual Lee puts up a protest, but instead of his usual “She’s a civilian” it’s “She’ll be in danger.”

    Anyone noticing a trend here?

    And then we have what I think is one of Lee’s most personally revealing comments at the end of Filming Raul. Lee feels responsible for Raul ending up in danger because he’s the one that recruited Raul and admits he won’t recruit anyone else because he can’t handle the guilt. (Hmm…is it only Raul you’re thinking of, Lee? Or is it someone you recruited at a train station?)

    So by the time we get to the explosion on Brunettes Are In, what feels like something out of left field with how well they’ve been getting along actually makes sense. That worry has been building up and building up and then suddenly we have a case with more agents in danger and an assigment Lee didn’t want Amanda to take in the first place for safety reasons goes wrong. He already sounds stressed and agitated when he runs out of the Agency to get to the laundromat and the first thing he sees is Amanda getting attacked. Nothing could have pushed his buttons more.

    Which then makes the tag all the more meaningful. Not only has he finally accepted Amanda working with him as a partner, but it’s a sign he’s willing to accept the dangers and risks that go along with being responsible for a partner.

    (It still doesn’t make his reaction right, but at least it doesn’t come from out of left field like that car scene in Artful Dodger).

    The only thing that would have been better is if they’d put this before the European eps — at least most of them. (Maybe keep Mongoose first?) Lee definitely seems more relaxed in the European eps and there’s a different dynamic between them and it would have made sense that finally coming to terms on Brunettes would have been what led to that.

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  2. Hmmm..again one of those episode that most of us prefer to skip for a rewatch..but i enjoyed watching it in the reordered way. Of course the story arc abt the flesh trade was utter nonsense but the FIGHT was very much needed😥After watching,sooo many episodes where Amanda was always put down,simply becoz she was a housewife🤷‍♀️I cringed the first time i watched this. But let me get back to the topic before i drift off to the horrid writers and their resentment towards housewives.
    Right from the start,Lee was not happy with Billy giving Amanda the assignment. Altough Billy had assured that there was no danger,Lee was not HAPPY abt Amanda going alone without him or any back up. And when he knew that she could get killed,he just lost his mind and watching her actually trying to fight off the baddies,was just a volcano waiting to explode. And the fact that she loat the microdot just simply made it worse…too much ANGER ISSUES. But these issues were not directed at Amanda. He was angry at himself,for getting her into the agency and always putting het in danger.
    All the unresolved emotiinal issues he had abt Amanda and her safety and the microdot just got our of hand. Lots of angry words thrown around…Amanda just wanted him to say NO,DONT RESIGN. And it is a woman thing😂😂😂I guess we do sometimes expect the man to know what we are saying…my husband often says women are really complicated..never really say whats in our mind.

    Well..both of them learned alot thru that fight..Lee knew that it was Amanda’s decision to do what she wanted..he knew that no matter how much he wanted to protect her,he had to let her go to make up her mind. Amanda knew that if she believes she could do it,then she shouldn’t resign.
    What do i conclude from this🥰🥰🥰i actually think both are aware that their relationship is beyond just caring aaaaa lot for each other. The possibility of LOVE has already creeped in and both don’t know how to deal with it but for now,they will choose to ignore it and work as partners.😂👍
    For Lee it is quite obvious….i think he has realised that there is something more to his feelings than just caring and liking Amanda as a friend. He wants to love and protect her always but he is not sure if he is the type of man for Amanda🥰🥰🥰

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    • Forgot to mention this….Amanda knows Lee very well..maybe more than himself😂i feel she knows he is IN LOVE and he is not ready for a REALrelationship yet….


  3. Okay … after seeing this episode, I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the extent of Lee’s feelings for Amanda at this point, we know he is NOT ready for a relationship with her at this point. But do you think he is on the way to falling in love at this point? if not, what are the extent of his feelings?


    • It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this episode, not a favourite because of the icky Sinclair (if I remember the baddie correctly), but I think it’s pivotal for Lee because he has to examine his assumptions about what Amanda means to him (more spiritually and emotionally rather than romantically IMHO). He has taken her for granted, treated her pretty crappily at times and just assumes she will fill the role he needs her to and has never considered her wants and needs (kind of child-like) And she has been such a huge supporter of his that it never occurred to him that he could cross the line, hurt her feelings so badly that she would turn away from him. This episode was a wake-up call for him and I am assuming he is doing a lot of introspection and starting to really ‘see’ Amanda as a separate person rather than an extension of himself.

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    • I haven’t seen this episode in a while either, but I remember the scene. I think he knows on the surface what he appreciates about Amanda in this scene. The loyalty, the friendship. I like what Cindy notes about Lee recognizing that he hasn’t always treated her well. Some of that may be entering his mind here. I also had a thought that feelings may be starting to stir inside of him, even if he can’t see it or put a label on them just yet. Almost the same way someone might wake up in a good mood and not be able to pinpoint the reason. I think that’s where Lee is.


  4. ScarecrowsAngel

    Another episode when Amanda can be really glad to have gotten involved with the Agency. And I don’t mean because Lee finally accepts Amanda as a partner.

    Think about it: Amanda would have done her volunteer work, caught Sinclair’s eye and gotten abducted without anyone ever knowing what had happened to her. Take the Agency and Lee out of the equation and and Amanda would be who-knows-where.

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  5. I dunno, iswod, Lee might not be ready for a committed romantic relationship, but seems like he’s ready to consider a committed professional relationship, maybe? That in itself is pretty huge, considering Lee reveals himself in the most honest and genuine way he can in the work environment and not in the private sphere.

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  6. While I acknowledge Lee was kind of a jerk in some parts of this episodes, I can’t hold it too much against him, in part because I think he realizes, even at the time he’s snapping at Amanda, that he’s being a jerk. We see him apologize immediately after the “I feel like an idiot” rant, and responding to her “sometimes that’s when people are most honest” with “and dumbest.” He knows his frustration with Amanda is irrational and unfair.

    I think Lee is a man who needs to feel in control of his life and situations he’s in … and since Amanda entered his life, he’s felt a little off balance. She doesn’t behave the way he’s come to expect of women, she insists on doing what she thinks is best, not what he tells her to do. Moreover, Lee carries a heavy burden of responsibility for Amanda – the reason he responds so vehemently to her remark about him getting her into the business.

    In this episode, all the feelings and anxieties and frustrations that Lee has been suppressing with regard to Amanda come to the surface. He finally has to confront the truth that he DOES care for her (as a friend, if nothing else), that he CAN’T always protect her, and that he has to find a way to live with that fact if they are to continue working together … and that is something he finally understands that he wants very much.

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    • I like what you say here, kgmohror, especially the last paragraph.


    • Hiya Kgmohror, I’m enjoying your brisk walk through these earlier episodes! 🙂 enjoying reading your thoughts on them and others ideas..

      I love Brunettes are in.. and I like how you describe the theme as growing up.. if I remember correctly – that fits more or less with my own ideas on the episodes’ themes though I didn’t put it so succinctly 😉


  7. *gets out the flags* Partners. Hurrah!!!!!!
    Love this tag, after such an emotional roller coaster ride and plots about sex trafficking it’s nice to have it end on such a big step forward, an acknowledgement from Lee and Amanda staking a claim to a career in her own right, not just because Lee got her into it in the first place.
    Like the little pump Lee does about getting the letter in the bin, a celebration that not only is he a good shot, but that Amanda is staying and that they can move on from their differences together. As partners. *swoon*

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  10. The garbage can says “Give a hoot, don’t pollute.” During the 70s in California especially along the sourthern coastline, there was garbage everywhere. Several beaches had to be closed and beach attendance declined, because the refuse got so bad. So the government instituted the “Give a Hoot” campaign to help clean up the beaches and parks.

    Lee admitting that Amanda is a valued partner in his professional life. Awesome! Amanda standing up for herself and what she accomplishes. Sweet! I love the hook shot Lee gives the resignation letter. The best part is the smiles they exchange.


    • Hi Smkfan! I was thinking Pallina’s ‘give a hook’ was a typo – but thanks for clearing that up and explaining the historical context – we had a campaign called ‘ do the right thing’ – sadly, I don’t know if that would be so successful these days.. but.. I’ll leave my cynicism out of this! 😉

      Yes!!!! Awesome!!!! and very sweet!!! three cheers!!!! 🙂 Thanks smkfan!


  11. As usual, I loved your recap, Iwsod!!! I’d like to add that I simply adore this episode because it shows how much Lee does care about Amanda, even if his ways of displaying that seem actually to convey the opposite. When he shouts or got angry with her is for me an indirect way of Lee’s being concerned about Amanda, for the past events and the future ones. Or, at least, that’s what I think about Lee’s apparently contradictory behaviour.
    I also would like to add something about one of the last scenes, the one showing the couple next to dustbin. Assuming that scenes are chosen by directors for specific aims (otherwise, we would see the same scene repeated several times, such as the filling scenes showing the red and green cars in front of the IFF or the children running outside Amanda’s house), I think that the final scene showing the couple is a mirror scene of that one showing Amanda and Lee. In that scene, their position is inverted (the woman is on the left, while Amanda is on the right of the screen; the man is on the right, while our Lee is on the left.) Furthermore, even if they wear different clothes, they’re displaying the feelings between them: the couple doesn’t seem to be happy to me. She doesn’t smile not even is saying something. Accordingly, he isn’t looking at her; on the contrary, he’s looking somewhere else, his body turned towards the camera and his hands on his waist. He isn’t talking or smiling either. There’s the sun; it seems a wonderful day; yet, the couple is silent and not happy. And, ‘by chance’ there’s a dustbin saying “Don’t give the hook!” Maybe my mind went crazy, but I think, as you already said, Iwsod, that there’s an allusion to Lee, but also to Amanda and to the other couple displayed, as if it said to “care about” people/things we love or, in other words, “If you do care about each other, show that concretely and don’t ‘waste’ time or the occasions!” And indeed our SMK couple didn’t waste that occasion, doing all that they can to stay and work together again; They also smile again and shake their hands opposite the other couple that, as you can notice, share with Amanda and Lee the colour of their hair (the man’s hairstyle also reminds of Lee’s one too). That’s why I think they are mirror and at the same time opposite scenes.
    Great episode!


    • Good morning! ( well at least, it is morning here! )
      Pallina!!!! so fabulous to hear from you!!
      What you say about the rubbish bin shot and the couple standing behind it is very interesting! I was only thinking yesterday that they more I look at smk the more amazed I am at what detail they go into with the meaning of things.. and the connections the directors and writers make.. Although I suspect on occasion I draw a connection where there wasn’t one intended – I don’t think my imagination is that vivid… and there are sooo many connections which have been found so far, up to the beginning of season 2.. I was thinking yesterday – this show really (IMHO) does put a lot of thought into the detail – and ironically.. sometimes no thought at all tee heeee!
      Pallina I would be interested to hear what you think the writers were trying to do with the Francine and Rollo scene. This one I find curious! Francine doesn’t get any useful information – assuming the scene is there for a reason – what does it say to us?? what do the writers want to convey? I suggested a few ideas in that post ( post 9 I think it was..) for what the scene could be trying to do ( although I do think it failed abysmally!) – if you are able to sometime I’d love to hear your thoughts ( and anyone else’s of course!! although I imagine people want to put that scene out of their mind 😉 haa! )

      The couple in the distance is so random.. I thought it was a random excuse for a bikini babe 😉 but your theory is much more thoughtful! 🙂 tee heee.

      I love to hear from you Pallina! thanks for sharing with us! byeee!


  12. get_the_king_woman_out_of_this

    Wow! Lee acknowledging Amanda as a partner is huge!
    I’ve seen this episode before but had never seen this full ending. All the online episodes I’ve found have incomplete tags and missing scenes;

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    • hiya Get the king woman! 🙂 wow.. it would have been such a different episode without watching the tag!! How did you think it ended? did it surprise you?

      Lovely to hear from you! 🙂

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  13. Yep, the revised season 2 order is definitely worth finding (I had it with my DVDs but it seems to have gone missing.) Not only did it resolve her ‘orrid ‘aircut flipping back and forth, it made Lee seem much less split personality. Otherwise he is very much a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ kind of guy.

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    • hiya Julia! indeed! the ending does make it all worthwhile 🙂

      Cindy and Julia, regarding the season 2 episode order, I haven’t read one myself.. I think greyfool suggested one on the yuku forum (episode order thread)..(does Petra have one? I don’t know) but I am not yet considering other lists until I have created my own – I prefer to look at it myself and then compare with what others have suggested – I find I notice more that way – and then I go hunting for other lists or points of view to adjust my own theories if needed..

      At the same time, if anyone has thoughts on the episode order for season 2 feel free to mention them.. and I will file them away and look at your ideas when I am thinking it through.

      Feel free to post suggested lists for season 2 here – and I will respond once I have finished looking at it myself.

      Cindy I agree! .. the magic Amanda hair this season is just plain weird! it changed lengths a number of times in Brunettes alone! but yeah there is a few episodes where it is short/long and very magical!!!

      Yeah an order which can make sense of Mr Hot and Cold Lee would be fabulous!

      I am making mental note of things as I go through the season, but I probably won’t put it all together in detail until I’ve finished going through the whole season.. but I’ll probably make vague mention here and there of it.. sooo I’ve got to be patient! (drat!)

      I do have the production order list – (I’ll see if I can find it and post it.. remind me if I forget about this!) this gives some clues, though it is not always 100% accurate.. it is one piece of the puzzle.. I think the europe episodes were all filmed together first.. then double agent ( after the decision to move charity to episode 5 of this season) sooo in a way there is no way to make that work.. because they rethought the order and adjusted the car in double agent because of it.. still I will give it a go! 🙂 after that? not sure yet! 🙂

      Well, I will get on with Our man in tegernsee and as always – I would love to hear if you notice anything which could hint at episode order! byeeeee!


      • I read somewhere that the European eps were a result of the 1984 LA Olympics making it hard to film (usually casts come back in July). Interestingly ABC’s Hart To Hart had a similar plan in place prior to their cancellation. (H2H also did two British eps in their 1983-1984 season that air four weeks apart but would have been filmed at the same time)


  14. The ending makes it all worthwhile….. 😀 😀 😀

    Our thoughts when watching Francine and Rollo: “Iccckkk, what a horrid episode!!”

    Our thoughts at the ending watching Lee and Amanda be so sweet, in a good-friends kind of way, to each other: “This is such a fab episode!”

    Looking forward to finding out why the next two episodes should be before this one… I need to find a list somewhere of what order all the shows are *supposed* to be in, rather than how they originally aired them. 😛

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  15. I do like the ending of this episode. For all the bad stuff, the ending is very sweet. I agree, iwsod, on where the Lee/Amanda relationship is here. I’m one of those who believe they have feelings for each other, but love doesn’t happen until later. I say a very deep friendship comes first, and this adventure creates the base for what eventually develops. Amanda decides to be in the agency for herself, and Lee acknowledges that he likes having her there.

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