2/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda exit the police station ( ETA: In reality this isn’t a police station-it is the Munich Residenz (in Max Joseph Platz, number 11 on Claudia’s guide)- a former royal palace – my.. fancy for the police!! The whole precinct is on the take! 😉  )
Amanda can’t believe it, she spent a night in Jail ( yeah try that Lee- you and your comfy TWA flight! ugh!!) Lee has his arm around Amanda guiding her through the crowd but he is otherwise not being supportive (yet!). Amanda asks how long she should tell her mother she will be in Germany.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000252752
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000257257Lee responds:  Amanda, this thing goes way beyond that 20 you slipped the shopkeeper.

ugh! Lee!!! I’m so glad Amanda doesn’t let Lee get away with that![Lee shifts to walk on the other side of Amanda..] 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000259359
Amanda: I did not slip the shopkeeper a 20! I tried to buy a present!
Lee lets out a big sigh.. he has no response for that.. yep.. Amanda didn’t do anything! this is not her fault! soooo you can’t be mad at her Lee!! Winking smile

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000259659[Go Amanda!!! Smile I think the way Lee has his arm around her like that guiding her through the crowd eases her temper.. it would certainly ease mine and she has every right to be cranky with his insinuation! He hasn’t even asked her what happened yet! ugh!! but.. they are walking awfully close to each other here.. touchy touchy! Winking smile ]
Suddenly a policeman calls out ‘Frau King!!!’
He comes running towards Lee and Amanda. I could never quite put my finger on what they were trying to do with this character in this episode.. but now I have read the script I am surprised I didn’t see the connection.. The script describes this Leutnant Volkenauer as follows: “Volkenauer  is in his late thirties, attractive (in a disarmingly rumpled way). His manner is polite, even diffident, but we sense a keen intelligence behind it. He is something  of a Leutenant Columbo.”
Rofl! I love that!! Lt Columbo is one of my all time favourite police detectives!! And the reference to ‘ just one more question’ in this episode a few times now makes perfect sense! Smile tee hee.. though Columbo had Italian not German heritage Winking smile These things amuse me! Winking smile Any other columbo fans?

[ETA: we see here behind Amanda and Lee the Grand Residenztheatre, Number 11 on Claudia’s map! ]Anyway, getting back to the actual episode! Lt Volkenauer runs up to Lee and Amanda all smiles
Amanda quietly: Oh noo..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000268668
Lt Volkenauer ( or should I call him columbo? Winking smile ): Frau King, my apologies! Lieutenant Dieter Volkenauer.  After introducing himself, he pauses smiles at Amanda, and at Lee who is looking very sternly at him! tee hee..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000271071
Lee’s so protective of Amanda Winking smile Lol! we can see Lee literally sizing Volkenauer up! Amanda smiles back.2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000277077 Lee hesitates for a moment and then snaps out of whatever it was he was thinking introducing himself back.. he says he is a friend of Frau King..They shake hands.

Lt Volkenauer: yes, I was told
I love it.. a little power struggle going on here between these two.. Lee introduces 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000279779himself only to find Volkenauer already knows who he is – he’s not stupid he’s just being polite.. ha! He makes Lee uneasy! Smile I kinda of like him!!

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000283683

Volkenauer explains there is a question, a slight confusion…  “Who is Hymie?”
(Isn’t he that robot from Get Smart?!)..

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000284584Love the looks of confusion from Lee and Amanda here! hehehe.. they share a look at each other both confused over who Hymie could possibly be.. it turns out Hymie is Jamie though Winking smile ( love the ‘stick that in your pipe and smoke it’ look that Lee gives Volkenauer once Amanda explains who Hymie is!! teee heeee!)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000304704
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000306206Volkenauer: Your sons! Of Course! I shall make a note of that! Smile

Check out Lee here.. he’s all machismo!!  (Could he and Amanda be standing any closer to each other here?)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000317317Volkenauer (very nicely): Now, should any other questions arise you will be available?
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000319419Lee: Well, since you have her passport that’s a rather academic question don’t you think?
[play nice Lee! Way to go Mr Patience and Control!  ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000320020
Amanda gestures to him to stop it.. she maintains the nice smiles.. no need to get Volkenauer cranky.. and he is being very polite! Smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000323023
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000324224Amanda: Yeeeeessssss, of course I’ll be available [Lee and Amanda exchange a look.. diplomacy Lee.. it’s called diplomacy! ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000328128Volkenauer: thank you Frau King. I hope you enjoy your stay in Munchen. [Amanda is just waiting for Lee to make a narky 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000328428comment in response here IMO!
Amanda: thank you Smile
[I think Volkenauer is also being extra nice to annoy Lee – just a guess!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000330230Lee doesn’t disappoint: How can she miss!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000331131Volkenauer sees Lee’s cranky.. but doesn’t respond. He gives Amanda a smile and leaves them. At 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000332332least Volkenauer was being nice about it all..The guy is just trying to do his job!  Amanda responds to nice Winking smile Lee I think gets infuriated by it Winking smile Love how as he walks off Lee and Amanda exchange a look – Amanda giving him a glare of thanks for ‘helping’!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000335035

Lee was being a bit rude to Volkenauer who Amanda was wanting to co-operate with, and who was actually being quite nice to Amanda! How ironic, the man who arrests her and takes her passport, is much nicer to Amanda so far, than the man who flew half way around the world to get her out of jail and errr ‘help’ her!! hehehee..

The scene at the phone booth is funny, Amanda yelling 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000354554half way across the strasse!! hehehee.. and Lee looking a 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000356956bit embarrassed.. Amanda not caring.. perfect! hhahaaaa…
Amanda: ARRESTED!!!!!!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000412178
I love how both Lee and Amanda realise the crowd have
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000412679
all turned to watch and both in unison smile at the crowd – all is well! Smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000414414
Dotty doesn’t really hear what Amanda is saying.. and it’s probably all for the best. Amanda wanted her family to know what was happening to her.. but it would have worried Dotty to know.. Lee doesn’t think she should have called home..but Lee Amanda is looking for some comfort and reassurance – and well, she isn’t getting any from you so far!

[ETA: the cafe is Number 12 on Claudia’s locations guide.. -Restaurant ‘Spatenhaus an der Oper’ in Max Joseph Platz.. -thanks Claudia! man I want to go there!! ]

I’ll leave it there for the moment!!byeeeeeee thanks for reading!!!

13 responses to “2/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I really enjoy Volkenauer, and even more as the episode continues.

    There is just nothing but comedic goodness in that phone call and “ARRESTED”.😂 I kinda feel for Lee there….no way for that not to be embarrassing! Maybe most of the cafe patrons only speak German. 😉


  2. OMG! The screen caps in this post are bringing me around to your way of thinking that this episode may be Lee at his hottest!

    My iPad makes all of Lee’s shirts look either pink or purple… I’m assuming that they’re really blue and white and it’s just my iPad. Too bad cuz he is droolworthy in both pink and purple. Heheheheheh ROTFL


  3. Going out on a limb here…..I don’t think Volkenauer was deliberately flirting with Amanda, I see it more as sizing up Lee. How did agency swing it that Amanda was released into Lee’s care without them telling the police he works for the Government? Wouldn’t it have been more plausible to explain who they were in the first instance?
    Love Lee’s annoyance at Volkenauer, indeed it was an academic and rather pointless question. I think Lee generally gets a bit possessive when males come around Amanda whatever the reason, especially when uninvited.
    I do laugh at the telephone scene. Lee almost winces as Amanda raises her voice. Hilarious how all the cafe customers whip their heads round and Lee and Amanda plaster on fake smiles at them LOL


  4. Oh, yeah, definitely some lovely flirting going on from Volkenauer! I love how Lee sniffs it out right away (great lines in this part of the script, and well-delivered by everyone!), and I think it’s important to the turn around of Lee’s behavior. Nothing makes you appreciate something more than having it threatened or taken away, and Volkenauer’s attraction to Amanda is definitely a threat to Lee. (I’m watching the bomb scene in OTLimit right now so the “appreciate what you’ve got” theme is really being driven home for me today!) I too really liked the Volkenauer character but I wasn’t sure why until reading the comments here. Yes, I think the fact that he stands up to Lee in a casual and indifferent sort of way is great. And he provides humor to the episode without himself having to be comedic … just nice subtle acting that balances very nicely with BB and KJ. (Sorry, I can’t help diverting the character analysis back to the actors behind them …. there are so many well-done scenes!)


    • I like your description of Volkenauer being casual and indifferent in his attitude toward Lee, Raffie–that almost dismissive air must be more maddening to Lee than a clearly assertive one would be. I wonder if Volkenauer watched the questioning of Amanda or saw her at some other point in her dealings with the police because although he introduces himself, I don’t get the sense that he’s seeing her for the first time. He is probably wondering what the relationship is between her and Lee, as you mention, IWSOD. His question about “Hymie” seems fabricated, and his measuring glance flicks to Lee several times during their conversation. Volkenauer is being flirty and inquisitive, Lee is being jealous and rude, and Amanda just wants her passport back and permission to return home!

      I love how despite Lee’s complaints and whining, by the time Amanda is released and they’re walking across the courtyard, he is completely focused on her, walking close, arm around her–at one point he even holds on to the strap of her purse! I would hazard a guess that he never once thinks of Jillian after his reference to her in the jail scene. His attention always snaps back to Amanda, whether he likes it or not. (And underneath, he does like it, IMO.)

      The phone seen always makes me roar with laughter–“ARRESTED!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good morning!!

        I’ve been thinking about Volkenauer and you guys mentioning he is flirting- in his introduction to Amanda.. I am not sure – I am seeing it a little differently – sure he finds Amanda attractive – but I think at this point of the episode, it is all about the case, being nice and friendly to Amanda, testing out Lee and his relationship with Amanda.. trying to find out more about Lee and Amanda..Sizing up Lee.. We all know Volkenauer asks Amanda out later, but I’m thinking that’s when the case is over! 😉 For now, he is calculated in what he does..

        So I think [unless I see something else in the episode that rules this out, I’m happy to rethink things!] – I’m going to disagree with you guys just a little.. I think Volkenauer begins being extra nice to Amanda when Lee gets all macho 😉 I think it is calculated and for a purpose.. not to get a date ( at least.. not yet! 😉 ) haaaa!
        I find it interesting that it rattles Lee so much too – IMHO Lee should guess that the police are being strategic in how they approach Lee and Amanda – this is a very serious crime.. not littering 😉 but it still really rattles Lee’s cage – haaa!

        Claudia thanks for the location insights! I will look up that hotel! the church is just so gorgeous.. there are some really breathtaking views in the next part coming of this episode – You’ll see!!! ROFL!! 😉

        Hi Redgold! yeaaaah! Lee’s reactions to Amanda on the phone are hilarious! I didn’t mention it in my post..but there is another funny moment (IMO) at the beginning of that scene – which doesn’t really translate to the written word.. We see the tram moving towards the camera, and we begin to see Lee in frame – we hear Amanda tell him ‘ it’s ringing’ and then in the next beat we hear the tram ring it’s bells 😉 and then as the camera moves we see Amanda is on the phone.. that gave me a giggle- I have no idea if it was deliberate or not but – yes! It is ringing! 😉 byeeee!!


    • Good morning Raffie!

      whoooo I hadn’t made that connection.. Volkenauer encroaching in this introduction scene: ‘is important to the turn around o Lee’s behaviour’?? I like it!! good thinking!! Very motivating!! 🙂 tee heee

      Ohhh I can’t wait to get to season 3!! 🙂


  5. The phone scene is so funny, love the smiles on their faces! 🙂
    Hi IWSOD, the numbers on the map are 11 and 12.


    • Hi Debilyn and Redgold! yeah!!! Lee is totally sizing up Volkenauer! I love it!!! Machismo overload! I hadn’t figured Volkenauer was flirting.. but he was being very nice.. you are probably right! tee hee..

      Well done on the Colombo catch Redgold! I hadn’t made the connection at all! maybe if he’d been wearing the raincoat in the first scene also!! I’m really chuffed with this little tidbit!! tee hee.. I watched an episode of Colombo last night to revisit and enjoy!! 🙂 [You love Colombo too Charley? cool!! ]

      Poor Lee.. it’s so confusing being around Amanda! 😉

      yeah! Volkenauer is a brave guy!! He is not intimidated by Lee at all – by his narky attitude, nor by his possessiveness over Amanda.
      I was wondering if the whole conversation outside was to test exactly what the relationship between Amanda and her friend was all about – I wasn’t thinking romance.. ( doh!) I was thinking it was so he could learn more about Amanda.. I mean isn’t it suspicious to be arrested for passing around counterfeit money, and then have a single man who is an American ‘friend’, not a lawyer, fly half way around the world to bail a housewife out? I thought Volkenauer would be suspicious that Lee is part of the counterfeiting ring..
      Maybe it is because Volkenauer introduces himself to Amanda outside, he hadn’t met Amanda yet – but.. of course once he sees her he has to have a little playful fun with her 🙂 – plus it irritates her ‘friend’ – bonus!!! 🙂 tee hee.. this kind of perceptiveness plays into the whole idea of Volkenauer being more than he seems ( just like colombo) and very clever! The more I think about Volkenauer as a character the more I like him! and I do wish he had visited DC and rattled the cage a bit more! haaaaaa..

      I missed hearing from you Redgold while we were discussing Brunettes! Great to have you back!! 🙂

      Thanks Claudia, I have updated the two posts now.. if I have gotten anything wrong please let me know – I reeeeeaaly want to go to Munich!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I love this scene, the phone scene is too funny and I love to watch Lee’s “top dog” behaviour, stepping so close to her… 🙂
    I’m also curious about the Lt. “Columbo” references, I love the original Columbo 🙂


  7. Poor Lee. He doesn’t like it when men are really nice to Amanda. I think he suspects the smile for Amanda is more than just the Lt. being nice. Power struggle? You bet. Lee can’t resist.

    The phone conversation is just too funny, and so is the conversation afterward. Lee’s just too cute when he’s embarrassed. And he really doesn’t like it when Amanda embarrasses him. Maybe it’s because he’s the one who is supposed to be the hero. lol


    • I agree with Debilyn that Lee immediately picks up on Lt. Volkenauer’s interest in Amanda, and Volkenauer realizes this. It’s fun to watch only the two men in that scene; they are clearly judging each other as rivals, IMO. Volkenauer is my favorite rival for Amanda’s affections because he stands up to Lee so confidently. How many man would even approach a woman who is standing as close to Lee Stetson as Amanda is here? Volkenauer is a brave fellow!

      I like your comment about the police officer being nicer to Amanda than the friend, IWSOD. I think that Amanda’s propensity for getting into trouble scares Lee. The more he cares for her, the scarier it is for him to recognize that not only has she entered a dangerous profession, but trouble seems drawn to her, thorough no fault of her own. This makes him snappish, as in the jail scene. I think he’s wondering, “Why do you get into these situations? And why do I care so much?”

      (I actually caught that connection between Volkenauer and Columbo without reading the script–hooray! It’s the combination of the raincoat and “One more question.”)

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