4/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

As Lee and Amanda make their way outside to wait for Harry, Lee volunteers that Harry is ‘a pretty relaxed kind of guy’ to Amanda- gee what was his description of Harry before they met up? “He’s quick, sure, thorough, he’s a real pro.” – Hmm Lee’s description of Harry has changed a bit Winking smile
Diplomatic Amanda responds not looking at Lee: yes, well he seems very nice.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000678945
Lee: yeah, the best. I mean he’s obviously not working on a case. Harry.. Harry can party with the best of them but errr.. not when he’s working on a case.
I love that Lee is picking up on what Amanda is not saying out loud here – he knows what she is thinking without her saying it (AWH!) and he tries to reassure her of Harry’s ability to help. Maybe he is trying to reassure himself also! Winking smile
Amanda: sure. Well.. the mountains are really beautiful aren’t they? Peaceful..
Lee: yeah. err they’re called Alps.
Amanda: Ohh I know Alps
Lee: Bavarian Alps.
[Lee and Amanda share a smile! awh! You can juuuust make it out as he turns to look at her  1love eyes ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000696463

Bavarian alps..
[I think Lee secretly enjoys introducing Amanda to new things Winking smile ] Uh oh.. here comes Harry and his Pear Schnapps!
Harry: help is on the way! He puts out three glasses.. he doesn’t get it.. they don’t want pear schnapps help- they want Harry the local agent help! Harry is obsessed with getting them to drink..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000704971
interrupts Harry’s drinking preparation: Harry, we’ve run into a little trouble in Munich. That is, Amanda ran into some trouble. [dang.. he corrected himself.. I liked the ‘we’ ]
Amanda: yes you see I-
Harry: Now early or not you’ve got to try this stuff

[Errr Harry is now on a case.. and he is still partying..]
A farmer I know makes it just outside of town.
Amanda and Lee stunned, watch Harry continue to not listen to them and pour out the drinks..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000715482
Amanda: Mr Hol.. Hollinger I don’t think you understand you see I’ve been arrested for passing 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000720987counterfeit American money. [he doesn’t even hesitate in his pouring.. Aie!! ]
Harry: Federal Rap! [ uh oh.. he heard what she said? but.. is unmoved?.. ohhh 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000722489noooo!]
Amanda: Yes Sad smile
Harry starts spruking his schnapps… Lee has had enough! ( hurray!)
Pear schnapps? Harry needs a pair of slaps!! Winking smile
Lee: Harry! I told Amanda you’re the best man in Germany to help her. Now it took us at least 45 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000741508minutes to drive out here and a half an hour to find you… and errr..  you’re…. You’re drunk!
Harry: now that is not only judgemental, that is 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000746513premature. I am not drunk, I’m drinking!
[ what a lame line.. I guess the guy is drunk so he can get away with it!]
Lee: man, what happened to you?
Harry: Nothing. Nothing has happened, nothing will 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000757524happen!  This is tegernsee.
[ Ahhhh he reminds me of Lee – nothing ever happens in the suburbs!! Winking smile but.. we know better!! and hey that should have been a tip off! tee hee..It’s amazing, Amanda and Lee show up needing help with a federal crime, but Harry is still moaning nothing happens? it’s happening right now Harry!]
I also find it hilarious that while Harry is saying nothing ever happens in Tegernsee- Russian intelligence is taking Lee and Amanda’s photo! LOL! We see a photo from this scene is carried by Yuri in Playing possum – Here is Yuri comparing Amanda with the photo at the beginning of that episode:
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_000230897 [so he can identify Amanda and find Lee!!] And here is the photo he is looking at:


2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_000231698
Ta da!!! Rofl! Ahh these kinds of things are so random they’re funny! Smile  Nothing ever happens in Tegernsee huh! Winking smile
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000761027

Love how Lee silently looks at Amanda here, she meets his gaze and I think he puts his arm around her to comfort her ( we see him take his hand out of his pocket and it goes behind Amanda’s back – I don’t think he’s doing anything else behind there Winking smile tee hee)
Harry continues with his moaning: Nothing ever happens in Tegernsee!
BAM!! We cut immediately to someone getting punched in the mouth! LOL! Time to meet the 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000765031baddies! The now badly beaten antique dealer who exchanged Amanda’s marks for dollars decided to make a bit of extra cash on the side without telling his boss.. uh oh.. His days are numbered! The Neo Nazi movement is behind the counterfeit money huh.. man this dialogue is lame! Is it just me or do smk writers struggle with writing baddie dialogue?! The head baddie has men in Paraguay depending on this $$.. the plan was they sell the money, not pass it around Munich.. What are the odds Amanda would stumble on this huh?! Winking smile  Uh oh.. the head baddie knows an American woman was arrested with the counterfeit $ in Munich, and that she is now in Tegernsee.. just when you thought things 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000827093couldn’t get any worse for Amanda! The baddie says she’s in town right now with an American intelligence agent. ( how do they know she isn’t one too? maybe because she didn’ t 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000844110notice the counterfeits- ooorrrr maybe it is another clue about Harry – while he was settling up his account inside, maybe he called the baddies to tell them about Lee and Amanda arriving!! whoooooo!! Actually, it had to be Harry-or how would they know where to find them? Hmm..)  the disgraced baddie pleads to be given a chance to redeem himself – and ‘ take care of them’ – double uh oh..

Muahahahahaaaaa!!! the Baddies are coming after Lee and Amanda.. and the guy they thought could help them is drunk.. but.. at least they have each other Winking smile

I shall finish up there for now!!Back with more soon – any comments you’d like to share with all of us who are walking through the episodes together? feel free! byeeeeeeeee!!

10 responses to “4/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I love here where Lee switches gears from “this problem I’ve brought with me” to “I told Amanda you’re the best man in Germany to help her”. Lee genuinely seems disappointed in Harry and moreso that he could have let Amanda down in bringing her to him for help. White knight syndrome indeed.


  2. I love Lee wanting to impress Amanda with his knowledge of the area: “They’re called alps!” Of course she knows they are the alps, and reminds him that she knows that – but gently. I agree with those who have said Lee loves to introduce Amanda to new things, to witness her excitement and wonder … sometimes he gets carried away.

    I got the impression the head baddie’s lines were dubbed post-production; the sound just didn’t seem to quite fit what his mouth was doing. Anybody else notice that?

    As for the schnapps addiction … surely a real tough guy (like Lee!) would drink a more manly intoxicant – whiskey, or brandy or something. I think Harry’s choice of beverage is supposed to signal us that he’s kind of a wussy.


  3. Poor Lee. It’s such a shame when good friends let you down, especially after you’ve described them in such glowing terms to another good friend 😦
    How do the baddies know Amanda is with an agent but the police don’t?! I am assuming Harry hasn’t told them as presumably this is happening at same time as Harry is getting drunk…..man the police need to work own their intelligence as yet again the baddies know more than they do 😉


  4. I have to admit to loving it when the baddie dialog is “campy” … which I guess I should be careful saying because I guess that translates to a different implication in other English-speaking countries but here in the US it means painfully pathetic or corny (not sure that translated either!). I’m a big fan of the shameless stereotyping of the baddies (e.g. the South American baddies in I Am Not.., the Russian baddies playing chess, etc). It added that quirky humor that existed in the first couple seasons. And it made a statement that SMK refused to take itself too seriously! I think the Dynasty-like look of the S4 DVD cover is more telling than I’d care to admit, as SMK seemed to change its identity too much that direction. (But that’s my soapbox and it certainly doesn’t keep me from watching and enjoying S4!)

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    • Ahhh Raffie, you have a way of directing me back to the positives!! 🙂 You are right.. smk baddies are campy – I think I know what you mean by using that word! they are exaggerated, over the top??

      I agree with you that if smk had boring baddies the show wouldn’t be as much fun.. though I find when transcribing sometimes the dialogue isn’t funny – and just sounds lame.. but it could be because I am not in the moment of the episode you know? If you start and stop it, and type out what they are saying – it can sound lame!! but.. if you go with the flow and let it be.. it can maybe work better and be funnier.. I’ll keep that in mind!

      For posts I tend to focus on Lee and Amanda dialogue.. and will quote baddie dialogue that is super lame, or hilarious, or relevant to the plot.. but I do tend to focus on Lee and Amanda – or the posts will take too long! 🙂
      There is a great baddie line coming up which I enjoyed..very cheesy! but thanks for reminding me Raffie, yes the smk baddies are part of the charm of the show!! 🙂 I guess I love to hate them.. a bit like Francine! I enjoy being narky at them and would miss them if they were not so campy!![like season 4 baddies maybe?] 🙂 hope that makes sense!

      Hopefully I’ll be able to get another post done today.. oh and if anyone ever wants to fill in the blanks of baddie dialogue or anything I don’t cover you are most welcome! byeeeee

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  5. Yup, Lee and Amanda are in a rough spot at this point… all they’ve got is Harry and his Pear Schnapps! 😛 Yeah, I think he called the baddies while he was inside the bar, the dirty double-crosser. That’s how they knew.
    Ugh, these baddies are so ugly, aren’t they? Even for SMK baddies! 😉

    Awaiting more posts on this episode… (One of my favorite parts is when Lee dresses up as a bishop or something, always makes me laugh out loud…)


  6. Iwsod: You ask for my thoughts about Harry. When I heard Lee talk about Harry (one of our top operatives, quick, sure, thorough, a real pro) I thought that he must be a great guy to earn Lee’s trust. Thought he would be a good pal of him. And then this cut to Harry sitting in the restaurant already drunk… Oh my… And then the way he treats Amanda… I don’t know how Lee feels about it, but I would have felt a bit embarassed… He seems to grin and bear it (exspecially when trying to make fun of it with the “I never had any respect for you anyway” comment). And outside, he’s even trying to excuse him first… The more I saw Harry the more I disliked him. He’s so “not my problem, let’s have a drink” in this moment… Lee’s “Man, what happened to you” was so exactly what I thought he would say… First I thought he’s having problems (like a bad romance or something like that), didn’t wanted to think of him as one of the bad guys, but well… 😉

    Claudia: Looks great! 🙂 The last time I was in Tegernsee and Bad Tölz I’ve been a kid / teen. I don’t remember much, just that is was a beautiful landscape and view.

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  7. Oh, in the first place I felt sorry for Harry. Beeing a bad guy is oviously not his destiny, hey the Schnapps  dosn’t solve the bad guy thing. 😦
    Pure Lee, he is suprised to see him like that. 

    Tegernsee Insights:
    The curch behinde L&A is again the “Sankt Laurentius” curch. 
    They are at the hotel “Malerwinkel” http://www.seehotel-malerwinkel.de 
    renovated back in 2007.


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