5/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning, we find Lee and Amanda are back at Harry’s..and breakfast is ready!!! Amanda has been busy!! She hollars to Harry to come down for breakfast and joins Lee outside.
Ohhhh Myyyyy!!!! Just check out that view!!! Gorgeous!! Magnificent! Breathtaking!! Oh my…. Lee in casual mode with no tie and no jacket???!!! Heartstopping!!   Oooh yeah .. there are some pretty lakes and mountains and things in the background.. yeah.. they’re not bad Winking smile 
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000896996

There goes Amanda busying herself with breakfast.. I love to see Lee notice and appreciate Amanda making their breakfast! He says they could have ‘ had breakfast at the hotel’ –hmm do you think that means Lee and Amanda stayed at a hotel the night before? rather than at Harry’s? I had always assumed they stayed at Harry’s..but now I’m not sure!

6 yoghurts? 4 egg cups? are they expecting more company? Or is Harry’s place a part time B & B? [Maybe he says My schloss is your schloss to everyone Winking smile ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000901501

Lee is pensive… : Amanda?
Amanda: Mmm hmm?
Lee: I’ll get you out of this. I promise.
Amanda smiles quietly and responds: I know that.
[Ohhh boy.. this Lee is lovely! Irresistable!] They quietly smile at one another..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000908008

Hangover Harry arrives, to reveal he passed out the night before…. hmmm.. what did Lee and Amanda do with themselves? ugh!! I hate it when they don’t say!!! Is there any little fan fics anyone can recommend to fill the gap?  did they enjoy each other’s company and spend the night talking to one another? Was Lee still thinking about how he was missing Gillian’s lodge? or was it all forgotten?!!!!
Love Amanda’s response to Harry’s “it’s none of your damn business how much I drink”. She says simply “I’ll get the coffee!” I think Amanda is being diplomatic here, 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000938038as well as practical! She leaves Lee alone with Harry so they can talk.. Oh finally! A close up on the gorgeousness that is Lee Stetson this morning! Smile Harry Schmarry.. murrburrdeergbaugbab!!

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000945045Harry screwed up on an operation and got saddled with Tegernsee? booooo flippin  hoooooo.. I wish I could move to Tegernsee for 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000952052stuffing up!!! Love Lee’s response to Harry’s whining


Lee: I’d feel sorry for you Harry but I don’t want to crowd the field.

Harry: still not pulling your punches.
Lee: nah ah.
(no) not for a friend. ( Awh.. )
Amanda returns with the coffee.. and Harry says he’d love to help them but he doesn’t know what’s going on in Tegernsee – Uh oh.. scary music.. man with a big gun is approaching.. get ready for action!!! Interesting.. the moment Harry made that sincere sounding offer the baddie music kicked in.. I find watching this now, knowing that Harry is dirty: ( yes! dirty Harry! Winking smile who would have thought huh?! ROFL!! ) – Awful!! Here is Lee trying to be a good friend to him.. and Harry is plotting basically behind the scenes even now to kill them.. (he must be –or how would they know where they are – this really is awfully personal!!)

Lee questions Harry about what he remembers being told the night before. Harry remembers they told him that Amanda was busted for passing a phony American  $20.. [we don’t see this conversation take place. so how are we to pick up the clue that Lee admits later to picking up in that moment? it annoys me when shows do that!]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000985919
[It seems to me that BB looks directly at the camera here! ] Lee reveals some more detailed information about the counterfeit notes: they have the signature of the secretary of the treasury – from the mid 30s to 40s..  2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000992025Lee says “I think Harry knows what it means“[about the plates..] I think there was a double meaning in that.. as at this point Lee now knows Harry is Dirty Harry! (If someone asks Harry if he feels lucky I will loose it!! Winking smile )2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000994094Harry does know what it means! And he acts all excited.. “Counterfeit plates dating back to the third Reich!” ( He’s convincing.. What a Liar!)
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000996930

Amanda: Hitler? [Doesn’t Amanda look lovely.. I think Pink is a lovely colour on KJ]

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_000997931Lee:
right! The counterfeit plates were designed by Hitler’s regime as a way to destroy the economies of the 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001007607enemy. A set of those plates has surfaced now and if we can get our hands on them…

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001011111

Harry now very excited: You and me working together?!!!! [ err what about Amanda? ugh..] What do you mean ‘if’??
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001012579Lee: I don’t know what could stop us?

Ahhhh Cue something that could stop them!Smile 

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001013780The shooting starts.. Hey! you better stop shooting or you might hurt someone with that thing! Oh good.. this is one of those very inept or very polite baddies!!! While everyone dives for cover, the baddie aims for breakfast!! Winking smile Yep just aim for the eggs and the middle of the table – a completely different table to the one the three of them were even sitting at! rofl!!

I love this very magic Breakfast!! I get a laugh out of this every time I see it!! Love how we get to see the eggs explode – BAM!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001014614
[raw eggs no less- seems Amanda the joker was playing a practical Joke on Lee and Harry by putting raw eggs on the table for them to eat for breakfast Winking smile– you minx Amanda!  Winking smile]
Then, a yoghurt-BAM!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001015048
the teapot, tea set and the jam! … [Finally once it’s safe to stop attacking the breakfast buffet, and Amanda is safely taking cover,  the baddie aims at the table they were actually sittting at!Winking smile ]BAM!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001016883

a random flower pot- BAM! and.. whoaaa….and the bottle of drink- BAM!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001018551

If you look closely, you will notice the order we see all these things get shot is all out of order! When we see the first thing go – the eggs, you see this happen in wide shot and you can see in the background the glass bottle of juice is already a shattered mess in the background.. only to re- appear after the magic teapot gets shot… whoooo.. and then when we see the bottle get shot, we see the magic eggs have reappeared. Wow Amanda… what an amazingly special breakfast you have prepared this morning! [It must multiply all by itself.. maybe that is why there is so much food there for three people’s breakfast – one of which had a bad hangover! Winking smile ] Now Lee, you can’t get a breakfast like that in a hotel!! 😉 Also, when we first see the breakfast layout in the wideshot.. when Amanda greets Lee, you see there are magic waterbottles on the table next to the juice. when the shooting starts, no water bottles! I guess they couldn’t have known the technology that was down the road for ordinary viewers to freeze frame these things and take a look.. but even without freeze framing you could see the eggs appear again!

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001017550I also love how as Lee and Amanda take cover, we can only see bits of clear, fake glass land on them.. no crockery, hot coffee or jam on them! Winking smile just a lonesome bread roll..
Unsuccessful, the shooter flees.. Lee and Dirty Harry chased the shooter.. but Harry didn’t do a good job and they lost him.. Lee- by now you know Harry is dirty, you should have allowed for that..but then I guess we aren’t suppose to know that Yet.

Love how Lee calls out to Amanda that it is safe for her to come out.
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001049149and she pokes her head out the door to ask if he is sure! Smile 
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001047147
Lee confirms he is sure.. man he is lookin mighty fine!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001051651

Seems all this shooting has inspired Amanda to get rid of her heels and put some sneakers on … Winking smile 

They discuss why they were being shot at.. And Harry suggests Amanda be taken back to safety in Munich… ( hmm could this be a last attempt to save Lee and Amanda from being killed?? maybe that’s why the baddie was such a lousy shot.. maybe the plan was to shoot at them, scare them off- then have Harry redirect them away from Tegernsee with no need for them to die? )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001072172

Oops.. the cop Lt. Volkenauer returns.. wow.. that was fast – just how did he get from Munich so fast?? the shooting only just happened.. Hmm maybe he was following Amanda ( but then wouldn’t super spy Lee know they were being followed?) he is seen strolling into the background..(that is something Colombo is seen doing on occasion!) waiting to be noticed.. LOL – you know given they were just being shot at Harry and Lee are not on very high alert are they! Volkenauer is lucky he didn’t get shot at ( guess he feels lucky Winking smile that Dirty Harry didn’t shoot! )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001076676

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001082682[What is it with all the men keeping their hands in their pockets this episode?? It’s bizarre!! 🙂 ] Volkenauer comments that Amanda left Munich – Lee seems to look to Amanda here- as if prompting her to say what they had rehearsed she said.. but from 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001091191Lee’s expressions it is clear Amanda gives a different response than what Lee was hoping for!
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001093193

LOL Amanda says they came up to Tegernsee to have breakast with Harry rofl.. while Volkenauer checks out all the broken crockery and jam everywhere… Volkenauer: with devestating effect it would appear.
Ohhh my!!! He sounds South African!!! -maybe I am imagining it but his accent sounds different! You german speakers might pick it up better. but to me for a moment there Volkenauer’s accent sounded South African! 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001123723Especially the way he says ‘ Traffic accidents, that sort of thing’  Hmm. I am guessing this was his first scene of filming.. and he hadn’t gotten the accent right yet. 😉  and  that’s also why he calls Amanda Mrs King, and  Frau King in this scene.. tee hee.. Just a theory! Anyone else think his accent is different? I know he isn’t German.. he played an American in Lethal Weapon 3 – which I will get back to at some point!  Did you notice the raincoat??!!!  Colombo!!!! Winking smile 

2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001117217Lee can be seen to be annoyed at Volkenauer questioning Amanda here.. tee hee.. no sign of  flirty Volkenauer here.. He is a man on a mission! ( Hmm maybe 2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001128228concentrating on getting his accent right?! Winking smile ) What does Volkenauer make of Lee’s gun? It’s right there.. we can see it??!!! Why doesn’t Lee just tell him that he is an agent? I guess he tries to keep the agency out of it?? Amanda doesn’t like Lying to Volkenauer!
Harry points out Volkenauer is out of his jurisdiction, but he counters that, saying ‘whereever Frau King is- is his juristiction’!! duh duh duhhhhhhh!! I love how Volkenauer is being tough.. but he still gives a smile 🙂 Just tell him already! 😉

Well, Volkenauer leaves, having succeeded in rattling Amanda.. she is scared now more than ever.. and struggling to keep it together..
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001146746
and Lee isn’t offering any comfort..
Croaky upset Amanda walks away saying: Did you see the look in his eyes. He thinks I’m guilty. [She’s so upset.. her sneakers have magically become heels again! Winking smile ]
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001151251
Lee: Amanda! He’s a cop! that’s his job to think you’re guilty.
Harry watches this go on.. and interrupts to chide Lee: Well that might have been phrased a little better. It wasn’t very reassuring.
We hear Lee mutter under his breath: Civilians…
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001154754

He walks over to offer Amanda some comfort. Ohhhh boy.. Even Harry can see Amanda is upset.. I think Lee is being all professional and strategic in his thinking and neglecting to think of how this affects Amanda – to keep himself at an emotional distance.. Interesting to see Harry point out Lee’s out of line! ( could this be a ploy of Harry’s to drive a wedge between them? or..is this just Harry the old friend talking?  Hmm I don’t trust him! and think everything he says and does is calculated! )

This muttering of Lee’s ‘ Civilians’ – is for me a big red flag indicating this episode comes before Brunettes are In.. A word or behaviour here or there doesn’t indicate a backsliding of their partnership/relationship.. but the overall trend of how Lee sees Amanda in this episode seems to fit better before Brunettes IMHO. This is very much Lee and Harry are the agents, and Amanda is the civilian who is needing their help. this is not Lee and Amanda- partners.. and it hasn’t been that way at all the whole episode.. I’m putting this before Brunettes!

Lee heads over to Amanda and starts explaining about Volkenauer.. but Amanda isn’t listening anymore she’s spied a boat diving in the lake.. [what luck!!! such an smk coincidence.. ] could they be diving for hitler’s plates? [ err and you can see them – from Harry’s house!!! Just how out of it was Harry not to have seen them??!!! another sign Harry isn’t as clueless as he would like Lee and Amanda to believe.. ]

Is it just me or does Amanda seem extra dim in her manner here as she cleverly points out the boats? Oh the irony!
Amanda: I can see little tiny divers! …. (ugh!) … You mean those divers could be looking for the Nazi Loot?
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001205305

Well derrr you just pointed them out!!! She is both super clever and dim witted all at once with this writing.. ugh..
Lee shares a look with Harry and they take off to investigate leaving Amanda to trail after them ( very much in ‘Lee and Harry the agents are going to check it out! errrr Amanda are you coming?’ mode! )
2.07 OUR MAN IN TEGERNSEE.avi_001208808
Aie the way she talks to herself here? Cringe!!! or is it just me?? maybe.. oh well.. Still good to see Amanda snap out of it and keep thinking!! Smile 

I’ll finish up this mega post here! Thanks so much for reading! As always please feel free to ask any questions, or make any observations of your own: offer your own theories or perspective on things! Byeeee for now!!

11 responses to “5/10 Season Two, Episode 7: Our Man in Tegernsee-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I absolutely agree this one needs to come before Brunettes. For me, the most striking evidence is when Lee fumbled for a way to describe Amanda in the last scene introducing Amanda to Harry and ended up calling her his associate. No way can that happen after Brunettes without her being super hurt and she gave no indication that it was a big deal.

    I remember liking Harry the first time I saw this episode and thinking he was just burnt out and down and they were going to invigorate him and his career. I was so disappointed when he turned out to be a baddie. 😢😬


  2. Lmao magic breakfast!!! It sure can kill you lol
    Lee looking smokin’ in this scene, he looks gorgeous in his casual but smart mode. Someone cool me off 😉

    Now I thought the whole hands in pocket thing was weird. Especially since Lee doesn’t really do it much. So looking it up suggests having something to hide, being dishonest. Lee obviously isn’t one who can’t be trusted but after they chase off after the shooter he’s mildly lambasting Harry about where he was. Is Lee now starting to hide the idea that he suspects something about Harry? Harry also puts his and in his pockets and he definitely has something to hide. Lt Volkenauer couldn’t be trusted because he’s sneaking up on Amanda. IMO he’s being a bit heavy handed with Amanda but not sure if that’s also to push further reaction from Lee to reveal who he really is (which he should have just done so in the beginning).

    The whole boat thing really is such a stretch. So what it isn’t like a normal boat. You’re in Germany Amanda why assume they can’t have different sorts of boats here.
    Hmmm Harry has his arms crossed over his chest forming a protective barrier……worried Lee and Amanda are getting closer to the truth perhaps?


  3. You’re right that the writing does make Amanda seem a little lame. I wonder if it was really scripted exactly like that. Amanda used “little tiny” (or maybe tiny little) in her charming space creature ramble in Car Wars, and I remember somewhere she once told Lee to give her his little hands, something like that … was it Charity when he was cold??? Don’t remember. But I wondered if that mannerism was an Amanda thing or a KJ-Alabama girl thing.


    • Hi Raffie! yeah maybe it is a cultural thing.. a KJ choice of words..The script doesn’t sound like what she says.. For me, it was tipped over the edge into ridiculous, by the way Amanda held her finger up pointing at it the whole of the conversation – LOL! but overall the episode isn’t dumbing down Amanda too much! 🙂

      Ahhh I was watching playing possum the other day- where Amanda teaches Lee to bowl – and I laughed Amanda telling Lee:
      Amanda: Okay, well, here. (handing him the bowling ball) Better just go ahead and bowl in the
      meantime. Now put your little fingers in here. Come on.
      Lee? Little fingers??!!!! 😉 Supports your theory Raffie! 🙂


  4. The magic exploding breakfast is HILARIOUS – as are the magic heels…

    Oh yes, I think you’re right, iwsod, this ep belongs before Brunettes for sure. Lee is too “us the agents, her the civilian”, for sure, for this to be after it.

    You know, I think they could have been just trying to scare Lee and Amanda away with that shooting (or should we say exploding raw eggs) – after all, if they’d taken better aim, they might have hit Harry, mightn’t they?

    WHY do they have all their hands in their pockets, anyway!? That really IS strange! 😀

    So much to comment on…

    Yes, everyone looks really great in this scene (nice scenery, btw 😉 ) Amanda looks lovely in pink, Lee, of course, is stunning, and even Harry looks kinda cute in his polo shirt… too bad he’s such a rat! 😛

    Enjoying this episode commentary! I need to get season two on DVD… I only have season 3. 😦


  5. Me, I would like to be as thin as Amanda! How can be anybody this thin, when used to eating such breakfasts?


  6. Magic heels, magic breakfast table and casual looking Lee. Who could ask for anything more?


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