3/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

On to the Kenley club! And.. Lee has the prime parking spot out front. Umm where did everyone else park? lol. Hope no one runs his plates ahem. Aie. that’s a plot crater isn’t it?! 

Lee and Amanda make their entrance. Whoa. That there is red pyjamas!!! Oh noooo. Amanda is now a 9 out of 10. Ahem. And.. Lee is looking like an 11 out of 10! ANCP.avi_000782682
Amanda: I don’t see Harry.
[Sooo has Amanda actually met him?]
Lee: Yeah. Well, what do you say we try our luck while we wait, huh? Have you ever played roulette?
Amanda: Yeah. It’s pretty easy. I played at the PTA’s Monte Carlo night.
Lee: Uh-huh. Well, it’s not so easy for everyone. You see – the strategy lies in making bets that minimise the house’s edge. {
spoken as her teacher}.
We cut to them a little later at the roulette table.
[Amanda is playing, and stacking up those chips. Again!]
Lee: Huh – Amanda, where was this PTA of yours? Las Vegas?ANCP.avi_000825325
[rofl. go Amanda haaaaa.. Lee seems to handle her winning much better now. Glad to see it. And.. glad to see him right now. He is lookin sooo good!!!
Amanda wasn’t playing roulette with the Mongoose was she. that was blackjack wasn’t it? anyone?]
The door opens and we see Harry and Trent enter the room together.
Amanda: Oh. {She points}
That’s Harry… ANCP.avi_000830730
…You see the man on the right?
[that’s really subtle pointing! ahem!]ANCP.avi_000833433
Harry enters with Trent. He’s greeted by one of the staff by name.
As they watch his entrance, Amanda wins again. [lol!
Maybe if she keeps going she can pay off Harry’s debt for him?!]
Lee: He doesn’t look too happy, does he?
Amanda and Lee are both looking towards Harry, but Amanda carries on playing.}
Harry: Yesterday you said not to worry about the money.
[uh oh. Trent’s giving his ‘I’m a helpful friend’ speech!]
Trent: Ah. Look, uh…  I almost called you by your real name. Don’t worry, I won’t say a thing. Harry, I’m a reasonable guy. I know you’re strapped for cash… So I’ll settle for this.
ANCP.avi_000857457 (He writes on a Kenley Club paper napkin.) ANCP.avi_000869169
…Code-named “Berlin Shipment.” You know what I’m looking for. ANCP.avi_000872772(He hands the napkin to Harry. Harry looks confused).
…You just have it for me tomorrow. Believe me, if I wasn’t in such a bind I wouldn’t ask.ANCP.avi_000876976
{Harry looks stony-faced, turns quickly around and walks out the door of the club without saying anything.}ANCP.avi_000882082
{In background we hear “OK, we got another winner over here”. We see Lee and Amanda looking after Harry.}
Lee: My friend, cash us out. We’ll be right back.
(Amanda and Lee move towards the door. Outside we see Harry in the Bentley drive off.
Lee and Amanda rush out to see him driving off.)
Lee: Did you get the plates?
Amanda: LBK 192.
Amanda pushes Lee towards the Corvette. The window is conveniently open and Lee starts punching a number into his car phone.
Lee (into the phone): Yeah, this is Scarecrow. I need a make on a Bentley; DC plates… (looks at Amanda)ANCP.avi_000910910
Amanda: LBK 192.ANCP.avi_000911811
Lee: LBK 192.ANCP.avi_000914514
Amanda: Did you recognise the man who spoke to Harry?ANCP.avi_000917517
Lee (to Amanda): Never saw either of them before… ANCP.avi_000919319[Hold the phone. He looks soooo soooo good!!!]
(Back on phone.) ANCP.avi_000921421
…Yeah. What?.. ANCP.avi_000922622
[too many pics of Lee in a tux? Not. Possible.]
…Look, are you sure? (sighs) OK, thanks.ANCP.avi_000927127
Amanda: What?ANCP.avi_000932465
The car is registered to one Guy Van Hagen. He owns an international airfreight company. More importantly, he does a lot of work for the government. Van Hagen, Amanda. As in…ANCP.avi_000938772
Amanda: CIA…ANCP.avi_000942075
[lol everyone knows Van Hagen! Just like everyone seems to know that Lee Stetson is Scarecrow!!! Lee and Amanda seem to know the name.. but do they know his face?]
…Yeah, I know. My mother’s seeing a spy.
[I thought they don’t actually say ‘spy’ haaaaa]ANCP.avi_000946279(The scene ends with Lee and Amanda looking at each other in consternation, and Amanda sighs.)ANCP.avi_000948982
[Uh oh.
Are they gonna plant another bug on Dotty?!

Dotty certainly knows how to pick them. Just think of how much trouble Dotty would get into if not for Amanda’s job saving her!]

Back to Amanda’s place..
Dotty: Hi, sweetheart. You’re home early. How was the film?
Amanda: There was no film, Mother.
Dotty: Cancelled for lack of interest?
Amanda: Mother, listen, uh… we have to talk about Harry. Now, I didn’t wanna say anything before, because I didn’t want to upset you, but I went to the Kenley Club tonight.
Dotty: If he’s married, I don’t wanna hear about it.
[LOL I love how Dotty doesn’t react to how Amanda lied to her, like she already knew it maybe!]
Amanda: Mother, he’s not married, but he’s not Harry either. His name is Guy Van Hagen and he owns an airfreight company.
[The car he was driving is registered to Guy Van Hagen, did they confirm what this dude looks like? Gosh I hope so before she spilled the beans to Dotty!]
Dotty: Oh, Amanda, that doesn’t make any sense. I mean, why would Harry use a phony name?
Amanda: I don’t know, Mother. Um, he might be in some kind of trouble, I’m not sure. Look… he had a conversation with a man who was about, um, six feet tall, brown hair, slicked it straight back. He was kind of flashy looking.
Dotty: Ah yes, yes. He was talking to him. They were talking about money. Harry, or whatever his name is now… Amanda, that’s it. He’s in debt to the mob. I mean, if we don’t do something, he’s going to end up with a cement overcoat. ANCP.avi_001005739
[oh that line is genius isn’t it! hilarious!!]
Amanda: Mother, you gotta calm down. You’re really jumping to conclusions now. [hang on. that’s the pot calling the kettle black!]
Dotty: You’re right. There’s got to be a perfectly logical explanation. Oh, poor Harry. I could kill him. Oh. Amanda, I am so mixed up. I don’t know whether to be mad at him. I don’t know whether to be afraid for him. I-ANCP.avi_001020754
[Poor Dotty! BG is so wonderful here, funny -and yet also heartbreaking!]
Amanda (cuts in): All right look, Mother; we can’t do anything until tomorrow anyway, all right? So I’ll ask some more questions and …we’ll see if we can’t get to the bottom of this.
Dotty: I hope it’s not the bottom of the Potomac.
Amanda (looking serious): Yeah.
[Whooo all serious.] The scene ends there.

Hope Dotty didn’t see the front page of the newspaper that day!
Soooo what do you all think?
Not enough images of Lee in a Tux right? It’s just been far too long since we’ve gotten this treat!!!! and it’s well worth the wait!
Any thoughts you’d like to share? Always love your input!!!

5 responses to “3/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

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  2. “Cancelled for lack of interest?”

    Have I mentioned how much I love Beverly Garland and her deadpan delivery of lines like this? I mean, it’s topped only by her somewhat morbid enthusiasm for the idea of Harry in a cement overcoat.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree apparently when it comes to active imaginations and fantasies about mysterious men, does it? Remember how Amanda didn’t bring the package to the party because she thought Lee might be a mobster but still fixed herself up (Jamie: Usually you look kind of frazzled, Mom”) and danced with him? When faced with a man who has a fake name, no phone number and apparently a gambling debt to actual mobsters, you can tell she’s about to throw herself inot helping him. Go Dotty!


  3. First, I’d like to bring Amanda next time I play at any casino. Second, Yeah, I’ve missed Lee in a tux too! 😋

    Amanda’s jacket is very 80s. Probably also going with it to match the casino vibe. Her hair and make-up look great though. Maybe she borrowed the jacket from Francine? 😄


  4. Ugh that red outfit does NOTHING positive for Amanda. She’s such a beautiful, sexy woman – why do they dress her in these hideous shiny sacks??? She looks so wonderful in those spaghetti strap evening gowns – why would they make her so shapeless? Good thing she’s already snagged Lee …. who looks AMAZING! It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in a tux…

    I love Amanda winning here. I wonder if they went back for her winnings later. They told the guy to cash them out…

    Liked by 1 person

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