6/10 Season Two, Episode 10: Playing Possum-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before we continue on with this episode, I just wanted to recount what happened to me last night – I posted the last post of this ep, where I mentioned Lee’s gorgeous tie – which has a lovely embossed pattern on it.. (here is another pic from later in the ep where you can see the pattern better)
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_002062762
Then, I went and watched All the World’s a Stage – and guess what tie Lee is wearing in it?! That very same tie!!! Smile 
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_000309609
I’ll have to keep an eye out for any other future appearances.. love that tie! I was chuffed by the smky coincidence Winking smile 

Anyway, on with the show! Lee, Amanda and Yuri make to leave the bowling alley and check out the Balalaika restaurant nearby – maybe they can find out more about Barkhov and Ulanovsky there.. Only, before they exit the bowling alley, Lee spots two pretty inept men staking out the place.. [ Oh the irony! they were leaving to find Barkhov and Ulanovsky- and ta da! here they are!! Smile ]
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001310310
Lee tells Amanda to stay inside.. Hmm.. it seems ‘ Stay in the bowling alley’ works.. but stay in the car doesn’t… hmmm… Winking smile I love how Lee says ‘Please’! Amanda seems more willing to stay put when she knows Lee is not alone.. wouldn’t you say?
Okay, I’m confused.. Lee says to Yuri:
… our teams 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001328028aren’t that obvious. Let’s take the alley. Amanda, Please -stay here.
Take the alley?? they walk out the front door??!! haaa!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001342042Well, time for a little cat and mouse game in the car park.. shots are fired.. Lee covers Yuri as he changes 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001350050position.. There’s lots more weaving between cars, shooting and ducking for cover.. whoo hooo Lee does a snazzy 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001385085dive across the hood of a car…

Whoa! Lee shoots the moustached baddie.. who we see crawl to a different location as Lee reloads.. Lee changes position, thinking the baddie he shot is out of action – but he wasn’t – instead he lays in wait for Lee to fall into his trap. Which Lee does! Eek!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001403103
He sneaks up behind Lee to shoot him, but Yuri sees
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001404104
and shoots and kills the baddie – saving Lee’s life!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001405105
What a shock for Lee!! Lee had no idea the baddie was behind him. He probably for a second thought Yuri was going to shoot him! Only to have Yuri shoot, not hit Lee – and then Lee turns to see the surprise baddie behind him slump to the ground! whoa!! The Russian agent protected the Amerian agent – killing a Russian former agent.. double whoa!!! If Lee had any concerns about whether Yuri was for real – I’d say they’ve been quieted! Smile Very powerful…

Seeing one baddie is dead, the other runs away.. (Yes, don’t get caught – or you’ll have to kill yourself like Kreshenko said! haaa!)

Lee checks the pockets of the dead guy..
Yuri: good thing I turned when I did!
Lee: yeah thanks. The other one got away?
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001416116
[wow.. Lee actually said thank you – to a russian agent for saving his life!!!! now that is character development right there!! Smile ]
Yuri: yeah. It was Barkhov I saw him.
[Ahh okay moustache baddie was Ulanovsky..] Lee takes something from Ulanovsky’s pockets and they  head back into the bowling alley –LOL!  just leaving a dead guy in the parking lot! Poor Lisson Lanes! this could affect business Winking smile Not to mention all the customer’s cars with bullet holes in them! haa!!

Amanda, anxiously awaiting their return, is relieved to see them.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001424357Amanda: I heard shots I didn’t know what to do! [Funny, all the other bowlers are continuing on as normal!! And.. Amanda inside heard shots! tee heee. Maybe Lisson lanes is in a bad part of town, because all the other bowlers heard shots, didn’t care and just kept bowling haaaaa!!! ]
Lee responds: you did the right thing, you stayed put.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001429162Lee seems to keep his head down here.. not making eye contact with Amanda, just looking at what is in his hand( errr what happened to that cover Lee?? What about a kiss from your sweetheart?? you almost died?? and she could use some comforting.. ahem.. Drat!!) 
Yuri: It was necessary to kill Ulanovsky.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001431698
Lee glances sideways at Yuri
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001432499
and then tells Amanda: he saved my life.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001433433
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001433967Amanda looks shocked.. Lee almost died? wow…
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001434134
and.. Yuri saved him!!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001434634
Amanda gives Yuri a smile- Almost like she is saying to him: Thank you!!!! You can tell Amanda is grateful Yuri protected something precious 1heart_eyes Though Lee has his head down and doesn’t see this silent exchange..
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001435568
Lee continues: Look! (Lee holds up something) he was carrying a dosimeter.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001436369A dosimeter is a device for measuring radiation! Uh oh.. this tells them there is indeed a bomb! Love how 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001445645Amanda says in her slightly panicked tone: Does that mean a bomb?! [ You know what that reminds me of? that moment in Saviour where Lee says the bomb isn’t real- that she’s been towing with her car- and she says in exactly the same way: Bomb? what bomb???!!!!! Love it!! ]
Lee nods in response to Amanda’s question..
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001439139Yuri: Ulanovsky was an expert in that field.
Lee: well now we know what they were doing here in the
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001456156States.
( Lee is now mad) Damn it, I have gotta get that thing to Melrose and I don’t know where he is.

‘Melrose’.. you don’t hear Lee call him that often.. sounds weird! Shouldn’t he refer to him by his codename with Yuri? Ohh I don’t get it!

Speaking of Melrose! ta da!!! there he is… bound and 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001487187gagged in the Odessa funeral home.. poor Billy! and on top of that.. he has to listen to Kreschenko do his baddie speech explaining why he is going to set off a nuclear bomb- muahahhaa!!

So, it seems they kidnapped Billy to activate Operation Possum.. a unit without a leader will fail to stop him!
Billy explains it doesn’t work that way..
(Yup! Lee just does what he wants when he wants  1HaHaHa 1HaHaHa)

Kreschenko gloats showing Billy his bomb..
Kreschenko chuckles: – my answer to detente!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001504204
You know what this is, of course?
Billy: there’s no way!
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_0015062062.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001510210
Kreschenko: that I could get it into your country? 2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001520220There are many ways. I chose the most simple. Every part of this nuclear device was carried into this country through your airport security undetected.
Why? Billy asks.. [but do we really need to know?!]
‘To Hurry History!!!’ muahahaahahaaaa!!
whoo he’s so evil! Smile 
Ohh this exchange is gold:
Kreschenko: Oh on the contrary, This will be the ultimate triumph of the communist state. My only regret is that I can’t be alive to witness it. You think I’m mad. ( Billy nods)
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001569269Billy: it had crossed my mind.
2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_001564264Kreschenko: I’m a practical man. People grow soft without challenge I have seen the erosion of power in my country. The response to your gestures of friendship- Pha! All that will change tomorrow, when your government is reduced to radioactive dust.
Uh oh 1eek that can’t be good!! the bomb is going to be set off tomorrow???!!! This baddie is such a stereotype.. the only thing missing is a cup of tea! Smile

I shall finish up there for now.. Poor Billy.. tied up and made to listen to a power hungry lunatic.. Don’t worry Billy, Lee doesn’t need a boss to get on with the job Winking smile 

Okay, hope you are enjoying this episode!!! Any thoughts?? feedback on my post? questions? gripes? wishes?? I’d love to hear about it!!! byeeeeee!

13 responses to “6/10 Season Two, Episode 10: Playing Possum-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. The whole codename thing always bugs me. I mean really, most the time Lee is the only one with a code name. There are a very few other characters ever introduced with code names, really. There’s Humbug (the Fish wannabe) and a couple others in all of the first season until now. Why doesn’t Francine have a code name? Because she’s a girl???


  2. “Yup! Lee just does what he wants when he wants”, hahahaha! Love how you just cut to the very funny heart of the matter iwsod! Poor Billy, his subordinates are insubordinate, he winds up with a mad man, and then is ignominiously stowed in a coffin. So funny, so glad that SMK doesn’t take itself too seriously! And yes, Jenbo, where are the Cylons? Maybe doing clean up detail in the parking lot, picking up stray bodies and repairing bullet riddled cars. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lmbo at Lee and his OTT roll across the car bonnet! This isn’t the Dukes of Hazzard (despite them using some of the same shooting locations ;))
    Wow the look on Amanda’s face when she learns Lee almost got shot and killed and more so when she learns there is nuclear bomb somewhere. Actually the latter is pretty gritty stuff for SMK. Generally is selling secrets and hardware not actual nuclear war.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “I’ll have to keep an eye out for any other future appearances.. love that tie! I was chuffed by the smky coincidence”
    I’ve been having some weird tie deja vu of my own… I’ve been bouncing around episodes a lot, and seem to keep finding the ones where Lee’s wearing the stripey blue, grey, pink(?), and maroon tie which he wears in the second half of the Double Agent episode (and which is also worn by a baddie in Life of the Party–but we haven’t gotten there yet, LOL).


  5. Oh, and I finally looked up Petra’s episode lists! You can find them here… http://www.smk-land.com/html/episodeguidealapetra.php (She has a really fun site all Agency-themed!) 😉


    • Hi Julia! Glad you had a look! Petra’s done a great job on her website huh!! I haven’t looked at her episode list for season 2 yet – I went to look for a season 1 list to compare but at the time she didn’t have one.. but I remember she did a great one for season 3.. I’m very tempted to blog based on the different order!
      Does she have an order for season 2? or am I remembering wrong? ( Or Petra, if you are out there! Maybe you can answer this! 🙂 ) I wasn’t looking until I had thought through my own ideas for season two.. don’t forget you guys! If you have any thoughts or ideas about episode order please shout out!! I’m keeping the order very much in mind.. ( as I am obsessed with Brunettes- I know! 😉 )
      Glad you liked the bowlers! Very bizarre! You’d think the place would be swarming with cops.. and they’d have to move to another location or something ( I think the script had something about police sirens..if I vaguely recall.. )
      Hi Melissa, indeed! Amanda is concerned for Lee’s safety – and he knows it now.. and doesn’t seem to mind so much now! 😉
      byeeee! Happy New Year!!

      Cindy, Turkey chowder sounds scrummy! What’s in it??


      • If you follow that link it goes to all four lists of the seasons’ episodes “a la Petra”! She also has the original airing order and a couple other episode orders. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL! Just realized one of the other episode lists is YOURS, Iwsod, of Season One! 🙂


        • Haaa! Hi Julia! Yes I knew Petra had offered my season one episode order.. I remember Petra was very kind! 🙂

          I hadn’t gone to that section since doing my season one order, as I don’t want to look at any season 2 order – just yet! 🙂 So.. to resist temptation I’ve kept away – that’s why I wasn’t 100% sure , beyond knowing she has a season 3 episode order, what was on offer there – however I do recommend it to others whatever is there! As it is all interesting! and.. it is all only a matter of opinion- there is no right or wrong order.. only what fits best – and that is an opinion.. If you have any ideas about season 2 order I’d love to hear it.. I am thinking the Europe eps go together.. but which order to put them in, in terms of their content? I am haven’t yet fixed on an answer.. and Double agent? because of the sneaky replacement car – I want to put it before charity begins at home! Aside from the fact it is a season 2 episode- is there any other reason it can’t go before charity?? Just playing around with ideas! byeee!


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I thought the same thing about leaving the dead guy in the parking lot and all the customers cars being shot…LOL!!!

    Love how Amanda is concerned about Lee’s safety as much as he is about here 🙂


  7. And Kreschenko is not badly dressed either. Another SMK stereotype bites the dust.


    • Hi Cindy! I thought the boring black 3 piece suit was the russian agent’s trademark.. wasn’t there some line about how their suits don’t fit as well or something? I don’t know! but.. to me Kreschenko looks like a walking stereotype! 🙂


  8. That is too hysterically funny about the dead guy in Lisson Lanes’ parking lot and the nonchalant-about-gunfire bowlers!! LOL!! Love that smile of Amanda’s that Lee didn’t see. 😉

    Whenever Billy is in danger I feel so scared for him – maybe because he isn’t often on the front lines? Or I feel like he’s so important to the agency? Something like that… Poor Billy! That bad guy really is a nut.


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