6/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

The armed bomb is loaded onto a trailer and the door is closed on it..  

186Wait a minute… Sooo the truck the Major was leaning out of and pointing the gun at Lee from – it drove off and left Lee? the crane with all the guys just left Lee?? Lee is left alone with no one guarding him and the trailer which is transporting the bomb is still parked in the tunnel? rofl!! everyone just left it? whahahahaaa!!  That is too funny!

Yep Cindy these baddies are pretty dumb! Everyone seems to be super dumb this ep! LOL.. the only smart guy seems to be Ballon.. ironic!

Lee makes a run for the horse trailer being pulled by a.. Stationwagon!!!! Everyone has kindly left Lee to get on with running after the stationwagon unimpeded! Winking smile 

Is it just me, or is Super Lee a really fast runner??!! Aie!

Meanwhile Amanda is pleased she is on schedule.. she doesn’t pay much mind to the huge thud on the roof of her car.. until Lee pops his head into her windscreen.. upside down and yells at her to not put on the brakes.. ohh the expression on her face when she sees him is just priceless!!! too funny!!  image 146

147Lee: Amanda, don’t hit the brakes! Don’t hit the —
148And.. she does! LOL!!

Hahahahaa! I love this pic!! I am guessing that is not BB with his legs in the air.. but it’s still funny! and love all the whoa!! that he does as he slides down onto the ground.. ( Hey, it’s all your fault anyway Lee.. count yourself lucky she didn’t keep on drivin.. Winking smile ) I am not very sympathetic am I??!! LOL.. I do love Lee – really I do! haaaa.

Love how Amanda quite bodily picks up Lee and 151sits him on the hood of her car to make sure he is ok!! hehehee.. (any excuse for a cuddle Amanda!! ) hehee..) Amanda: Okay, look, I tell you what, why don’t we talk in the car and then we’ll be able to stay right on schedule.
Lee: No, no, just forget the schedule, huh? And 152you forget everything that Ballon ever told you. I don’t know what he said to get you into this, but he is not working for the Agency. I am!
153Amanda: You are, but he isn’t.
Lee: That’s right.

Wow.. if only Lee did know what Ballon said to get her into this… I wonder if he finds out later.. It would certainly be an interesting education for Lee and his treatment of Amanda -at least I think so! (Love how Amanda immediately accepts what Lee says without question. she knew he hadn’t turned bad!!!Smile )Amanda: Then why am I hauling this trailer around?
Lee: Well, let me ask you this: Who is the least obvious person in the whole world to be hauling a secret weapon, huh? A suburban 154mother in a station wagon hauling a trailer, right? Now, where are you supposed to be meeting him?
155Amanda: He lied to me and I believed him. I am really foolish.image

156Lee: Hold it, hold it. You believed in me. Huh? You did what you 157did because you trusted me.
158(Amanda silently sweeps her hand down his jacket, dusting it.Awwhhh!) Now, I don’t know anybody who would go that far out on a limb for a friend. imageimageimageimage
160Ok. I will try and overlook how at this moment it switches to 161close up and Lee is suddenly holding her arms with both his hands! Lee moves fast Winking smile

162Lee: Amanda, you are not foolish, you’re very far from it.imageimageimageimageimage(Is it my imagination or does Lee

look at Amanda’s lips as he says this?!)
163He’s so gentle with her and how he says this line to her.. awh..
It is interesting I think that Lee immediately assumes that Amanda got into this mess because she believed in him.. and that it was all about trusting him.. well.. now that is true..but well Amanda also did it for her country!!! Not just for Lee!! Smile It is nice to see though how confident he is that Amanda has great belief in him!
167Amanda: Friend? We’re friends?imageimageimageimageimage
168Lee: Well, I, uh
.(He lets go of her arms here 169and he can’t seem to make eye contact with her!!!)
. . exaggerated a little. imageimageimageimageimage!!!!!
Lee: Now, where are 170you supposed to be hauling this bomb?
Amanda: Bomb?
(love how at this point 171Amanda’s huge smile just freezes!! ) image
Lee: Oh.
Amanda: What bomb?
( I LOVE the look on her face when she says this!!!! Such great comedic delivery!!! KJ is sooo 172funny!! ) image
Lee: No, no, no, hold on, hold on, it’s not a real bomb.
Amanda: Wait a minute.
Lee: I mean, it looks like a real bomb. Y — no, it’s not a — I mean, he thinks it is a real bomb, but it isn’t, all right? It’s just — it’s just to trap him with, see, we have to catch him red-handed with classified material to put him away.
(Is it just me or is Lee here starting to sound like Amanda!!!)
174Amanda: He’s a bad person, he’s really unsavoury.
Lee: Right, right, he is unsavoury. So where are you going to meet him, huh? (Love how Lee here acknowledges what Amanda said about him being unsavoury. That is quite sensitive of 175him.. considering he is on the job and needs to deal with the task at hand! There it goes again.. they are standing much much further apart in the wide shot again! )
Amanda: Uh, I’m supposed to go, uh, down this road, I go two or three miles, I turn right, I go seven-tenths of a mile and then I stop at the helicopter.
Lee: Helicopter?
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Lee: Helicopter?
Amanda: Helicopter.
176Lee: All right, I’m going to have to borrow your car to make this delivery. (I’m surprised Lee thought that was a good idea!! )

: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that won’t work!
Lee: What?
Amanda: He’ll see that it’s you and not me 177driving, he’ll get in the helicopter and he’ll fly away, it’ll mess everything up.
178Lee: You’re right. You’re right, you’re right. It’ll blow it.
( Is that a pun Lee??!!!) I thought I had it.
Hurray! Lee just said Amanda is right!! hehehee.. Amanda must think she is dreaming.. friends? and.. I’m right??? and .. Bomb???!!!!!
179Amanda: Not if I keep driving.
180Lee: No! No way! You don’t know what’s waiting for you down at the end of that road. Now, it is too dangerous.
Amanda: Lee.
Lee: Amanda, I am telling youimageimage
(whoo he really gets mad here!! I love it when they fight and are friends!)
Amanda: I feel responsible. I got you into this, and I’m going to get you out of it. And besides that, he doesn’t even know that you’ve talked to me.
Lee: Do you know what will be waiting down 182there, huh? Ballon and a bunch of guys with guns, now I’m not going to let —
Amanda: I don’t have a gun! What kind of a threat am I? Besides 183that, it’s not a real bomb!
( whooo hooo Amanda.. I love it… you talked him down.. and then.. around!! Look how calm Lee is seeing again that you are right! )
184Lee: All right. We won’t have any backup. It’ll be just the two of us. (Hello Lee? since when have you and Amanda ever had backup hmmm?? oh wait.. your personal assistant Billy sometimes likes to back you up like a good employee!!)
185Amanda: I have you. You’ll figure something out.

Lee finds a tiny camera and gives it to Amanda..( Hey what happened to his walkie talkie?? he couldn’t call for back up??)  Amanda is to take photos at the hand over.. and he will hide in the car until the right moment.. Oh Amanda.. I thought you had a degree in photojournalism?? There they go making Amanda sound super dumb.. She wants something simpler than this tiny one button camera??? ugh!!!!

Hey what happened to that protection Blue Leader said Amanda needed? You know.. that whole thing about how Amanda ‘should be protected, not told’???!!!

You know the script had Lee revealing himself on Amanda’s roof – and then Amanda calmly pulling over with Lee still clinging her roof?? LOL.. I like this way much better! Suffer Lee Winking smile You should have told Amanda in the first place! Smile

Well I will leave it there for now.. thanks for reading and as always I would LOVE to hear from you..

18 responses to “6/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad they did it this way because we never would have gotten this adorable highway scene.

    But why would the bad guys just leave Lee in the tunnel when it seems like they’re on to him? They didn’t knock him out! That seems a little weird.


  2. I do love this scene and the way Lee speaks to Amanda about Ballon being unsavory. (Didn’t they use that word in an earlier scene? – Amanda is trying to convince Lee to sell insurance and she says, “No I will not forget it, I think it is a heck of a lot better than selling rockets to unsavoury people.”) Even more, Lee is so sweet in gently making up for his earlier hurftful inference of being “former business associates” by comforting her, making sure she knows they are friends. (Surely she had to know this…people who play dead and are looking for a place to stay OR those who commit treason for you are usually at least friends, not just business associates…)


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  4. Lee didn’t ya just know as soon as your head appears she was gonna slam the breaks on (nice bit of physical comedy). He would have frightened the life out of me popping up (or down) like that 😉 mind you I’ve had worse things splattered over the front of the car than a stick on Lee Stetson lol
    Was they’re friends?! Love how Amanda doesn’t quite believe what she’s hearing with a bit of back pedalling from Lee.
    I love their little argument about her driving although Amanda these are arms dealers, not having a gun doesn’t make you a threat, it makes you easy to dispatch without a fight!!!!


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  6. This is one of my favorite scenes between Lee and Amanda – he looks soo handsome in this scene. I know he always looks handsome, but maybe it’s the side part in this episode coupled with the wind-blown look of his hair, that plus he’s being very sweet to Amanda for a change. See he does need sugar in his coffee….maybe if he did he’d be sweeter to her more often!


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  8. Melissa Robertson

    Really a touching scene with Lee telling Amanda that she was not foolish and IMO he feels to be the blame for her being involved. And then him finally calling her friend.


  9. TANGENT ALERT: Did you know that all moonroofs are sunroofs, but not vice versa?


  10. Love the picture of Lee looking though the windshield. And they are friends, finally. Really cute. I could not wait for this scene to come up.


    • I bet Amanda felt the same way 🙂

      Glad you liked the pic.. My fave one ( other than Lee looking at Amanda’s lips 😉 was the one with Lee sliding down the car with his two feet up in the air!

      Does your car have a sunroof Julia?? ( or Moonroof as I have heard them called!) – I bet you would like to have Lee peep in haaaa.. ( just don’t go hauling bombs around the place in horse trailers for strange men ok?! 😉


  11. “You’re right, you’re right. It’ll blow it. ( Is that a pun Lee??!!!)” … LOL! I didn’t even catch that the first, oh, 4 or 5 times I’ve seen this episode. And I agree … he’s totally staring at her lips when he’s speaking to her by the car!


    • Hi Leanne that line was in the script.. I checked! I wasn’t sure it was suppose to be a joke as Amanda doesn’t react to it.. but glad you liked it

      Oh cool thanks for letting me know I wasn’t imaging things – you know.. wishful thinking and all that.. Lee the friend looking at Amanda’s lips..


  12. Glad Lee”ll keep his sweet, understanding, supportive side next episode. /end sarcasm font.


    • Sarcasm font? LOL!! I like it!!
      Hey Cindy – enjoy sweet Lee while it lasts is right! 😉

      (just keep in mind Lee slurping his soup in a fancy french restaurant to make up for his treatment of Amanda, and Amanda asking him if he would like her to get ask for a straw for him! LOL!)


  13. Hello! I love your comments, LOL!!!! Billy the personal assistant, yuuuhhhu. Her smile is so cute, and yes I think he is looking at her lips, thththth… Oh I must watch this Episode, I don’t remember it, shame on me…. Hope to read more from you! Thank you so much……


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