2/13 Season Two, Episode 12: Ship of Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Next thing we know, we’re at the cruise ship..HOORAY! 🙂
IMDB says this episode was filmed on the RMS Queen Mary – which is permanently docked in LA as a hotel. I’m assuming this is interiors only- but: we’ll see!  Has anyone ever stayed there? It’s permanently moored as a hotel.. here’s the website:
http://www.queenmary.com Whooo they have a Diana, Princess of Wales exhibition on at the moment! man.. I wish I could go!! Winking smile I’m going to see if I can get to know this ship better throughout the episode so if I ever get there – one day- it will be amazing!!! [and stay in cabin C24? Winking smile]

Back to the episode.. After an ancient looking shot of Miami airport,
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000422722
[these look like 70’s cars to me] we are treated to an aerial shot of  the Carnival ‘Mardi Gras’ ship in dock at the Miami international terminal.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000426693
has anyone been there?

We find Lee and Amanda making their way up an escalator to make go on board.. waiting in line bananamexicanwith other passengers.. Soooo they are all set! Now they are surrounded by fellow passengers their cover is firmly in place- right???? Wrong!!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000439706

-Notice the ship has a black hull? Not the Mardi Gras! LOL!!! This is now the Queen Mary we are looking at Winking smile when Amanda sees the ship she is impressed: Ohhh!!!! Lee responds: Oh! yeah.. ahhh (reaching into his pocket he simultaneously pulls her to one side) here! I almost forgot!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000444878
He pulls a ring box out of his pocket! Here? when they are surrounded by fellow passengers? Fail Lee!!! big Fail! Winking smile Lee gets the ring out of the box and doesn’t say anything! Amanda has to ask! LOL!
Amanda: That looks like an engagement ring.
Lee: It is an engagement ring.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000449949
Lee puts it on her finger, Amanda is quiet, just raising her eyebrows.. and Lee is pushed/leans in (?) very close to Amanda fleetingly… 2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000450617
he licks his lips Winking smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000451017
and quickly hurries them along… Lee: there! come on..
– I find it interesting that Lee takes out the engagement ring – and HE puts it on Amanda’s finger.. now that is curious! I think he was worried if he gave it to her she wouldn’t put it on!
Lee continues his explanation as the make their way towards the entrance (er my ship vocab is not brilliant so forgive me if I don’t know the correct name of things!) : you s
ee, my informant, Orlando Gravas, was on this ship when he disappeared. That’s why you’re here. You’re part of my cover.
(she sounds a bit wary here!)
: Right.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000460927
Lee: We have to be engaged because this is a kind of a—
[LOL Lee has the arm waving thing going!!! A sure sign he’s nervous!!! ] Well, it’s a, it’s a special ah cruise.
My goodness, what did you two talk about on the plane that meant you couldn’t have discussed this already? yep.. this is the perfect time to discuss secret agency business! I think this is him once again not telling her till the last minute- so she can’t pull out of helping him! Just like he did in Weekend.. Oh Lee!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000463263

As Lee explains- surely the two people behind them can hear everything Lee is saying.. (ok ok, they happen to be the bad guys.. come on who is reading this that doesn’t already know ??!!)
Amanda: what kind of a special cruise.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000464097
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000465265
…. it’s a wedding cruise.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000467267
Amanda: ohh! ha..
(she nods) – she’s okay at this point!..not that Lee would know- he can’t seem to look her in the eye 😉
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000469736
Lee (slowly, trying to keep his tone carefree! ) : nothing but engaged couples you see…. so in two days we dock in San Angelo…
Amanda: sure Smile
continues: …. in the ahhh..  Caribbean!  Smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000473406
Amanda: Yeah?
continues: and we ah..
he pauses and then blurts out quickly: ..
all get married!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000474341

2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000474874
pauses, it takes a second for this to sink in! Then she says: that’s asking too much!
and in a panic she tries to make a break for it!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000476076[maybe Lee should have waited till they were out to sea Winking smile  and.. brought his pirate outfit Winking smile LOL!]
Ohhh I love it!! Amanda is the only woman on the planet who would not be thrilled to hear the cruise that she is going on -with Lee- is a wedding cruise! And this is the woman Lee chooses to ask! hehehee..  very interesting!!!

Amanda runs into the couple behind her as  Lee grabs her and tries to stops her.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000476743
Amanda: no really! I can’t-
Amanda seems truly panicked here. Bad Lee!!! [LOL.. at least there is no danger Lee could feel smothered by Amanda haaa!!!]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000479279
Are the baddies in line behind them totally deaf?? or did they hear and keep quiet? well.. on the surface, these onlookers write off this display as wedding Jitters..

Lee looks so Gorgeous!!!! Listening to Miles rave about his four marriages.. Wow!!!1swoon
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000486886
Come on Amanda.. I think you’ll manage to play his fiancée..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000487153
maybe the problem is- You’ll manage too well! Smile
Miles: Miles Beckwith’s the name, plastic’s the game. [He shakes Lee’s hand.]
And this little chinchilla  here is my fiancée, Jillian Davis. I think someone on SMK is a Miles Davis fan! 🙂 
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000496763
Lee: How do you do? How do you do? Uh, Lee Stetson.
[He shakes Jillian’s hand, then gestures at Amanda.] Amanda King.
[Hm! real names.. so he did make the reservation with Amanda’s real name..and he doesn’t introduce her as his fiancée-she might run!! 😉 ]
Amanda: Hello I- , Amanda King. I- Hello, chin- chilli- Jillian.1rofl
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000501101
Love how Amanda trips up on Gillian’s name – very cute! I wonder was that scripted? [Aha! I can finally answer this question of mine: It’s not in the final draft!!]
Miles: First cruise?
Amanda: Yes. Lee: No.
Jillian: Oh, Miles and I met on a cruise last summer.
Miles: How long have you been engaged?
[Together] Amanda: Six months. Lee: Three months.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0005124452.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000513780
–Leeeeee!…. you’ve only got yourself to blame here!! Winking smile Suffer! Winking smile
They all laugh at this confusion.
ROFL! does this remind anyone else of
the moment in Weekend where they meet Mrs Craddock?? where they wind up being newlyweds much to Lee’s horror!
Lee: Well, officially, three months. Uh, I asked her six months ago.
Amanda: It took me a little while to…
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0005177842.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000520787
Lee: Yeah, three months to…
Amanda: …make up my mind.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000523790

In the wideshot all the other passengers are walking behind Lee through the entrance but in the close up of Lee – no one walks behind him at all!
Gillian: you really gave a catch like him a chance to throw the hook?
[ Reow!!! Back off Chinchilla!! she is purrring over Lee infront of their significant others?!! not a compliment towards Amanda! ie. you were lucky to nab him, how could you have taken that chance of losing him??!!! .. of course this shows Gillian already has eyes for Lee..  baddie alert! 😉 ]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000529796
I LOVE Amanda‘s response: Well he was pretty firmly hooked (hurray! you tell her Amanda! he is lucky to 2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000530797nab you!!). Lee says: let’s board shall we! and offers Amanda his hand..  Amanda  reaches out for Lee’s hand as if to say ” get me out of here!!!” .. and he seems happy to do so! hehehe..
I think the baddies know exactly who they are.. they do seem to target Lee and Amanda right off- actively trying to stay close to them..

Cue some wideshots of the all white Mardi Gras.. dock workers loading the cruise ship with large containers, and pipes! Lots of pipes! Whooo we see crazy eyes bad guy is on this ship ( The Princess Martha??) he has a clipboard! (whooooo) two workers pick up a pipe, struggle with it’s weight and they drop one end of it..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000557824
and are told off by crazy eyes for not being careful enough!

Lee and Amanda are wandering the deck on their way to their cabins and they run into Myles and Gillian again.. and get invited to dinner with them..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0005898562.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000584851
oh man this is everyone’s worst fear ( besides sea sickness) on a cruise- that someone will take a shine to them they want nothing to do with and they can’t politely get away!! At least these days with 4000 people on a cruise you can blend in a bit more! Smile
Love how Lee and Amanda respond to Myles’ farewell:
second sitting’s at 8, we’ll see you there!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000609876
to Amanda: I can hardly wait.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000611878
to Lee: what have you gotten me into!

See the young couple on the left? I think that’s our first sighting of them kissing no? Winking smile nice running gag! Smile 

I like that while both Lee and Amanda are so far miserable-  I think they are happy to be miserable together! Sweet!!! 1heart_eyes
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000621888

LOL more wide shots of the Mardi Gras.. which looks completely different to the Queen Mary! LOL!!! Maybe I should just call it the Princess Martha – regardless of which ship it is…

Well.. let the fun begin!!!!!! Byee byeee Miami! and hello world! Smile I would love to hear any thoughts, feedback, likes, dislikes, questions, gripes, whatever you may like to say about this episode!!! Smile
I’d love to hear if anyone has visited or stayed at the Queen Mary hotel!!!
I see they do weddings.. Winking smile  now.. that would be a very dedicated smk fan to get married there! ROFL!!!
byeee back with more soon!!!

24 responses to “2/13 Season Two, Episode 12: Ship of Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’ve been on 4 cruises – one out of Miami!!! I honestly don’t remember what the terminal looked like. I have also left out of Port Canaveral three times -2 carnivals and Disney Magic. Very fun! No spies!!

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  2. How did Amanda miss the giant Honeymoon Cruise banner over the entrance??!!


  3. writing a few random comments as I read this post..eat my lunch and take a little break from working on stuff..

    So I wrote this post 2 years ago..no wonder I want to walk through this ep again.. I love it! and I miss it!
    I’m yet to stay on the Queen Mary: but it is definitely still on my list!!!

    I clicked on the link – The princess Diana exhibition is still on!!!!! 2 years later?! lol! The art deco festival looks fabulous too 🙂

    Okay okay.. back to the post!

    Oh my.. that image of Lee holding Amanda’s hand (under it I’ve said ‘he licks his lips’) – what a swoony split second there!!!!

    Too funny how Lee pulls out an engagement ring. puts it on her hand and moves Amanda on – with no explanation yet of what’s going on!!! very sly Lee!

    Hey if this episode had been season 1 – before Amanda got that crush under control.. how do you think she would have coped with this?
    What if weekend had been ship of spies?

    When Lee blurts out ‘ and we ah.. all get married’ – I couldn’t help but think: Lee- that’s polygamy! all the passengers marry each other? Not to mention one massive wedding ceremony..

    I love love love that Amanda tries to get away 🙂 I think Amanda’s lack of fawning over Lee really frees up Lee to fall for her for real (or.. get pretty firmly hooked!!) What do you all think?
    Anyone else drooling over I mean reading ship of spies?

    Naughty me.. giving away who is the bad guys.. I’m much stricter with myself nowadays.. but then I don’t remember season 3 episodes at all – and this one is burned on my brain 🙂 bye!

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  4. Pingback: 5/11 Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King | "Just walk with me.."

  5. Tsk tsk Lee there’s nothing like demonstrating the facts that you are in fact government spies and discussing business and putting on rings in public view. Clearly the nerves of breaking it to Amanda are getting to his super spy brain leading to sloppy mistakes 😉
    I have to say whilst I understand Amanda’s fear about the accommodations issue as in the Weekend but I don’t understand her panic about getting married. Does she really think any fake marriage performed for work is going to be permanent?
    Argh the likes of Miles and Jillian would make me want to jump ship. It’s a wedding cruise……most couples would be looking to spend time together as a couple before their big day not be stalked by the likes of M and J. Or maybe I am just really antisocial and be more like the kissing couple 😉 Do they ever come up for air? All that smooching is liable to creat chafing, hope they brought their Chapstick LOL

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  6. Oh–and did anyone else think that the music sounded very much like it came from the series “The Love Boat”? LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the theme music that opens the main sections is definitely written in the style of “The Love Boat” but as Iwsod mentioned in the first post here that the tune sounds like an old classic, it’s because Arthur B. Rubenstein as usual very skillfully uses the main SMK theme as his basis and writes it in that style, and that’s why it sounds so familiar. If you listen carefully (and hum along!) you will recognize it. That is why I so love the series music and am continually amazed at his talent.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeaahhhh!! I went back and had a listen.. very love boat ish.. and as you say Ruth very clever 🙂

        Rubenstein didn’t win an Emmy for nothing 🙂 I see he worked on the music for 50 episodes.. Hmm it would be interesting to compare what the music is like on the 33 he didn’t work on! I’m not terribly informed when it comes to music though – this would be a fabulous post for someone to write who has a special interest/passion for music and smk 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

  7. “After an ancient looking shot of Miami airport, [these look like 70’s cars to me]…”
    The lemon/yellow car with the black top in the valet parking is a 1967 Mustang (the two scoops on the side ID it as a ’67).
    The rest of the cars also look like “boats” from the ’60s. Nice that they used such current stock footage… Wah hah hah.

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  8. I’m sorry for my delayed response. I’ve been out of town and am playing catch up again. I just wanted to say how tickled it made me that the Chin – chin – Gillian line was unscripted! Someone was thinking on their feet. I wonder who gets the credit for that one? KJ played it well, didn’t she?

    You know, this episode reminds me that the show walks a fine line with Lee’s need-to-now attitude and the predicaments it gets him into. They never make him look (IMO) like a goof, but he does end up paying the price for his secretiveness, and Amanda tends to come out on top in these match-ups most of the time. That’s one of the things that makes SMK so endearing, that the trainee trumps the trainer so many times. I think BB does a great job in his flat-footed Lee roles!

    Along that vein, with this reveal scene in SOS, I can’t help but compare this to real life scenarios. You know how it goes … you know when the right time to say something awkward is, but you let it pass, and then it keeps growing and growing in awkwardness until the moment where you can’t hold it in anymore, and then it bursts out in a big mess! I can picture Lee on the plane appearing distracted by a nap or a magazine but actually thinking “oh my gosh I haven’t told her yet, she’s going to go bullistic” the whole time. On the surface he’s cool about being the one with the power and in control, but in reality, he knows that Amanda is in the driver’s seat. And that’s primarily because he’s so firmly hooked, as all have already pointed out! It’s such an endearing aspect of their relationship, and highlights that chemistry between BB and KJ perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, well said Raffie! I can picture Lee cool and in command with anyone else, but he just can’t seem to pull it together with Amanda. Been there, done that! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

    • lol okay so I’m very very late to respond..
      context for if you are reading this comment on email: I’m looking at the post here of Lee and Amanda arriving at the cruise, Lee springing their engagement and impeding marriage on Amanda.. and meeting Miles and Gillian..
      Raffie- I just read this comment of yours and had to say I love this!!
      Especially love this comment of yours Raffie:

      On the surface he’s cool about being the one with the power and in control, but in reality, he knows that Amanda is in the driver’s seat. And that’s primarily because he’s so firmly hooked, as all have already pointed out!

      Hey and glad you enjoyed learning the chin chin Gillian moment was unscripted.. I enjoyed learning that too!! 🙂

      Phew.. thank goodness these posts never close to comments 🙂

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  9. I went with my family to see the Queen Mary years ago. (Many years ago – before SMK was there.) It was a museum at the time and we were able to get a guided tour: very cool experience.

    My husband and I have been on two cruises – 4 day Carnival to the Bahamas which was nice but too short and a wonderful Mediterranean cruise for 10 days – Athens to Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Rhodes, Turkey then back to Greece. I love cruising because you unpack once and the sailing hotel with all the benefits including all you can eat food AND you visit lots of different locations!! The next one I want to do is either Hawaii or Alaska.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Melissa -sorry I forgot to say: Yes!!! a throw back to There goes the neighbourhood!!! A good catch! I love it!!! You guys speak SMK!! 😉 haaaa..

      Jeanine, you lucky thing! thanks for sharing your experience of visiting the Queen Mary – let us know if you recognise anything! Was the 4 day cruise your first one? I like the idea of going on a short one first- to see what it is like..
      I am crazy about the idea of going on a cruise!! for all the reason’s you mentioned: You’ve confirmed my thinking!!! thanks!!! 😉 I really want to do one of the Hawaiian Islands.. A friend of mine just did one around the south pacific and said she’d put on 4 kilos from all that eating.. she thought she’d be doing more Yoga but found with the ship’s movements she couldn’t balance and it threw her off!


  10. Melissa Robertson

    Amanda’s re-action and saying, “You’re asking too much!” Reminds me of ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’.

    Exciting news is that my husband got me season 4 for my birthday 🙂


  11. My favorite part about the line “He was pretty firmly hooked” is because he is, he just doesn’t realize it yet. lol Seriously, I think Amanda IS letting Gillian know that she should back off, though.

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  12. I’ve read through all of the reviews and I have been lurking around awhile. Just wanted to comment to say thanks for doing this for us. I have watched the shows on Amazon a few times, I watched when I was young so it’s nice to see these again. I am so happy we are on Ship of Spies though. A fave I remember from my childhood. 🙂 My favorite part is the “hooked” line. Because well he is. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Welcome Sab!!! Really great that you found us!!! I am glad you decided to say hi!!!! 🙂 It’s really encouraging to hear from you 😀

      Hey everyone!! please feel free to welcome Sab to our smk fun!!!

      Ahhh Cindy you have highlighted a fabulous line: I agree with Debilyn and Sab.. I would definitely say by the end of this episode Lee is pretty firmly hooked!!! Genius line huh!!

      Melissa Robertson, congrats on getting the dvds! 🙂 what a thoughtful husband you have! I have been a bit distracted by watching season 4 during any time I have for smk!! It is so great to see it in such clear quality. I look forward to the day we’ll be discussing their real wedding!!! For now though, it is great fun to enjoy the journey, the anticipation.. and see this ‘cover wedding’ – I am really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about it – in great detail! oh and that kiss err I mean those kisses – in great great detail haaaaaa 😉

      Yes.. the cover wedding requires intense research.. ahem..

      Hope you are all well!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Lee is quite the (gorgeous) dope here, isn’t he? How many times have their cover almost been blown because he springs the cover story on her at the last minute? Way to go, secret spy guy! Kudos to Amanda (the writers) for coming up with ‘He was pretty firmly hooked’. It had me howling and reminded me of sassy early season one Amanda.

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