4/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda are all dressed up for dinner.. We see them appear at the top of the stairs and make their way down together arm in arm.

Is it just me or is anyone taken back.. To the first time Smile When Amanda enters that crazy party and sees Lee in his tux watching her from the top of the stairs – Wow! Now: there is Lee looking amazing again in his tux.. only this time- the difference is striking! 97Who is it on his arm? Who is his undercover wife helping him crack the case? The housewife from Arlington!! Smile I just love that!! Lee isn’t yet ready to acknowledge it, but so much has happened since then, and Amanda has come so far! Smile At the same time, Amanda is not comfortable at all at the cumberland and it is clear Amanda has a long way to go! tee hee..  but.. she is doing it! Go Amanda! She’s my hero!! Smile

Amanda is feeling a bit like a fish out of water, dressing for dinner when it is still light out.. and BAM! A lady walks straight into Lee! Seems this lady is looking for her husband.. but since she lost her glasses the first day she was there she is having some trouble Smile A very friendly lady!
Mrs. Craddock: I can’t see a thing without my glasses. I broke them the first day we were here.
Amanda: Oh, well, I’m very sorry to hear that, Mrs. . . .
mrs craddockMrs Craddock: Craddock.
99Amanda: Hello, I’m Amanda —
Lee: Stetson.
100Amanda: — Stetson.
(Lee shakes her hand.)
Lee: Yes, and I’m Lee Stetson.
Mrs. Craddock: Hello. Your first trip to the Cumberland?
[Lee and 101Amanda look at each other, not sure what to say..] I’m a regular and I don’t believe I’ve seen you before. Of course, I can’t be sure.
102Amanda: Well, yes, it is our first trip.
Mrs. Craddock: We celebrate everything here. Birthdays, Christmas. This time it’s our thirtieth anniversary.
Amanda: Oh, how wonderful!
103Mrs. Craddock: Can you believe that? Thirty years. How long have you been married?
Amanda: Not very —

Lee: Oh, about s– [Oh dear.. they are not yet able to ad lib together! Oh well, they are learning each other a lot in this episode! Hmm.. ]
106Amanda: Just a short time tee heee. (Mrs. Craddock smiles broadly.)

107 108

Mrs. Craddock: Newlyweds. Oh, isn’t that wonderful? [HA! Amanda looks at stunned Lee- who seems to be thinking Ohhh crap, we’re newlyweds! and Amanda
110 111

puts her arm around Lee to play the part- good for you Amanda! whoo hoo! She can play the part! ( she just doesn’t want to share a room! Winking smile )]Well, you don’t want to waste your time talking to an old woman.

112 mrs davis in its in the water

Mrs Craddock makes her exit, turning back one more time to coo: Newlyweds!!!!! I like Mrs Craddock! Anyone recognise her? this actress played Carmine’s mother in It’s in the water.

113She looks different huh! Also, it’s kind of nice to see a woman not hitting on Lee Winking smile The script says Amanda is wearing a ‘stunning dinner gown’ – I’m sad she didn’tSad smile.. she looks lovely but trousers? I would have loved to see her all dolled up- and try and see Lee cope with it Winking smile but.. Maybe they were not wanting to move Lee and Amanda along so quickly, so they had Amanda wear pants. It would have been fab if Lee, not having told Amanda very much, found that Amanda really didn’t have anything for the cumberland.. so he had to buy her a gown.. whoooo!! oh well.. I can dream..In the meantime though, I will enjoy Lee in his tux.. and Amanda is still looking lovely! I digress! Lee and Amanda head into the lobby.
Lee: Great. Newlyweds. The way that woman talks, it’ll be all over the hotel. 114Why didn’t you pick a number? 2 years, 3 years —
Amanda: Why didn’t you pick a number, 2 years, 3 years?
115Lee: Because it is not a question for a man to answer.
Amanda: A man can answer the question as well as a woman.
Lee: Shush!!
Amanda: Don’t shush me.

Go Amanda! The script has Amanda saying nothing in response to Lee complaining she didn’t answer the question meant for a woman! and no ‘don’t shush me’ either!! Soooooo glad they added that! Lee was being insufferable!! Hey, and whose bright idea was it to film that dialogue from behind???!!! I wanted to see their faces! grrrr.. Oh well… Lee in a tux?? I can’t complain too loudly..

Lee whispers to Amanda that it’s six o’clock.. Whooo hoooo Go Amanda! She takes Lee’s hand in hers ..Err you guys don’t mind if I include ALL this dialogue and take lots of pics do you??? tee hee.. I didn’t think so..
116Amanda: Sweetheart?
117Lee: Hmm?
Amanda whispers: What happens at six o’clock?
118Lee: Whoever’s being kidnapped is checking in.
119Amanda: Oh. You mean we don’t know who it is?
120Lee: The surveillance tapes didn’t give us any of the vital stats. Six o’clock at the Cumberland, that’s all we know. That, and the fact that Jay Armin’s engineering the whole thing.
[Anyone else confused over the 6 o’clock check in business? who sets a time to check in like that? and at 6 o’clock? it’s a bit random..]
Amanda: Oh.
LOL! Lee does a big: Mmmmmmm!
When he is kissing Amanda’s hand!!! tee hee..

I love this moment! It is so obvious Amanda is in a trance.. while Lee is oblivious and focused on his job! (I think he has no idea of the effect he is having on Amanda- what do you think?) tee heeee.. Hey- is that enough photos of these two? Nah! I didn’t think so either!!! Smile
We see a couple walk up to the check in front desk.. Lee and Amanda watch them check in, Lee absentmindedly continues to stroke Amanda’s hand..
125Lee: Okay, here we go.
Bell Captain: Room 412.
Lee gets a good look at the couple and they walk off.
Lee: I don’t recognize him. I’ve got to get a look at them [I am shocked! Someone Lee doesn’t know?! Wow 😉 At that moment, another elderly couple walks up and checks in also.]

Bell Captain: Room 342. Enjoy your stay!
Another couple checks in with their two children!
Lee: Okay, it’s one of three.  Amanda, go along with this.
Amanda: Right.
Lee starts to absently stroke Amanda’s hand again as he forms a plan:
We’ve got to get a look at those names.
Amanda: Right.
[Amanda seems to only half take in what he is saying since she is watching his hand stroke hers as he speaks! ]
They share an adoring smile as Lee gets up.. cover or not.. don’t you just love it?!! [I have a sudden craving for watching some Season Four!!]

Haaaa! As Lee gets up Amanda has one last look at Lee holding her hand! 🙂
Lee approaches the front desk..Lee: I’m sorry. This is very embarrassing, but it seems that both the wife and I left our keys in the room. I wonder if you could —
Bell Captain
: That’s no problem, sir.
Lee suddenly clutches at his chest gasping. He leans on the desk for support.
Bell Captain: Mr Stetson, are you all right, sir? Is there anything I can do?
Lee points to Amanda..
131Lee: My wife . . . my wife . . . over there . . . my wife. .the pills.. I need my pills…  (Oh swoon.. can’t get enough of Lee calling Amanda ‘ my wife…’ )
Bell Captain: Don’t worry, sir, I’ll get her. (The clerk rushes out of sight to Amanda’s table, where she is digging through her purse.) Mrs Stetson, your husband is —
Amanda: Yes, I know.

Amanda stands to help Lee, meanwhile Lee checks the names of the guests who just checked in while the bell captain is busy with Amanda. Amanda rushes to his side with the bell captain following.
132Amanda: Here you are.
Lee: Oh, darling, hurry!
Amanda: You need your pills and I have them right here.

133Amanda pretends to get a pill out of her purse and shoves it into his mouth. Lol.. I’m pretty sure she put her fingers in his mouth! tee hee.. Ahh such sacrifices!! Winking smile
Amanda: Under your tongue, there you go.
Lee gasps: Oh plea-
Bell Captain: I’ll get the house physician for you.
Amanda: No, no, no, that will be all right. It will be all right.
We see a guy has come out of his office to check out the commotion Lee’s making.. not a very subtle way to get the info ( but hey, ‘scarecrow’s methods are unorthodox!’ )
Lee: Oh, I’m —
Amanda: Are you all right?
Lee: Oh, yeah.
Amanda: Are you ready to go?
Lee: Don’t worry, it’s happened before. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Amanda: Yes, thank you very much.

then, to Lee as they walk off…: there we gooo……
I suspect I am going to need to do 10 posts to cover this episode at the rate I am going Smile LOL! but you don’t mind do you? I’m thinking not! Smile 

Lee and Amanda err I mean Mr and Mrs Stetson(!) walk off.. to have some dinner..but I’ll leave it there for now..

Anyone got any thoughts on this they’d like to share?? Anyone have any different insights into Lee and Amanda here? do you think Lee knew the effect he was having on Amanda? feel free to share a different point of view- of course if you agree, I’d love to hear about that too Smile byeeee back soon! Did I mention I love this episode???!!!

36 responses to “4/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I haven’t seen this season in a while, so I’m re-watching and relishing practically every minute! I love all the discussion on the hand kissing. It made me laugh out loud! Notably so, since every now and then, for no particular reason, my husband will kiss my hand. It feels quite courtly and romantic, even when watching football lol 😆.


  2. Oh Amanda and Lee truly make a beautiful couple! I love all the hand-holding here.

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  3. I’m with you, iwsod – I like that she stands up for herself regarding the bed even if I don’t completely understand why she couldn’t make it work with the floor or the couch or staying up to read or something. I think it’s important to the show that she establish her convictions regarding relationships several times and in different ways so that Lee knows without a doubt from very early on what kind of relationship it will be if he ever has any kind of romance with her. He never has any illusions about that with her, and I love that about this show.

    I don’t think he understands the effect he has on her because in all the rest of his experience, it would seem that any woman he has an effect on shows it by hanging all over him/jumping into bed with him. He doesn’t seem to have ever encountered a woman with self-restraint. Since Amanda doesn’t fawn all over him, I think he thinks he doesn’t affect her. I think it bugs him and he likes to try but he can only justify acting on that while under cover, especially because it affects him so much! When he’s under cover, he can convince himself he’s only affected so much because he’s such a good actor and so good at immersing himself in his role.

    Even in the car scene in Filming Raul, I think he was testing her a little to see if she really meant she was one who could/would have a little fling. I guarantee that any other woman in his life would have responded to him pulling her on top of himself like that by kissing him. And it was seriously so unnecessary! Like cops would stop their patrolling to investigate two adults talking in a car! But she’d been going on and on that you never knew what a person would do and he wanted to find out. What terrified him is that he found out she was who he thought she was and wouldn’t just jump into a make-out session with him. Instead, she stays still, caresses his face a little (because let’s face it, she’s human!), and in the end, she seems to him to be less affected by the whole thing than he was because he is totally reeling!

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  5. The hand kissing. Seriously who does that?! I accept I am of a different generation that has moved on in terms of PDA’s and what’s acceptable and proper (although not sure necking whilst waiting for a table for dinner even now would be considered acceptable but you see my point). It’s just feels a bit OTT and unnatural to me. I know, I am probably alone in that regard lol
    I love how Amanda keeps looking at their hands though and she totally seems in a trance. I read on another one of comments about this episode (sorry I forgot who) that Amanda puts any notion of them being more than ever being friends behind her after this case. It’s clear to see she is affected by his attentions, distracted and discomfited by it. Understand why she would put any such ideas to bed, wouldn’t want to complicate things now would we 😉


    • There is a moment in Pierce Brosnan’s recent film, “All You Need Is Love,” where his character spontaneously grabs the hand of the female lead and kisses it – first on the back of her hand, then on the palm. It is a surprisingly intimate and romantic gesture. I think that’s what they were going for here – they can’t show Lee and Amanda kissing (yet!), but want to suggest a strong physical connection between them. It’s also a kind of courtly gesture that hearkens back to a sort of fairytale or mythic romantic motif – the “knight” kissing his lady’s hand.


  6. And yet, another “Darling!” I am on the look out now.


  7. I don’t think Lee has any idea of his affect on Amanda – I think he would have stopped if he did or clarified later that it was part of their cover, ahem. Love it when she says, “Who?” in the next post! I’m getting ahead of the game here.

    I don’t mind that Amanda doesn’t want to share the bed in this episode. In fact, her stance in Fast Food for Thought is more off character and off-putting for me than this one.

    iwsod, did you ever compile your list of episodes where they play a couple as part of their cover? You can add Sour Grapes and Flight to Freedom to your list if you haven’t. It would also be funny to think of all the episodes where they weren’t playing a couple, but other people thought they were, i.e. Geisterschloss, Bromfield Hall. I’m thinking there were more…anyone think of others?


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  9. I interpret the “Oh plea-” as in “Hurry up ! I am about to die here!”


  10. Thanks for your support, friends. I had no idea when I bought S1 on a whim for $16 that SMK would prove to be such a test of my will-power. Anyway, I’m glad that SOMEONE else in the world hears Lee say, “Hold me” rather than, “Oh, plea–.” (The latter makes no sense, by the way.)

    Thanks for changing the picture, IWSOD–I appreciate it!


  11. Here’s the tie-breaker! I got out the ear buds and gave it a listen, and the verdict is…..”Oh, please.” Sorry RedGold. But…..for a truely stunning “Hold me” out of the mouth of Scarecrow, might I recommend a Season 4 favorite, “Bad Timing?”


    • I’m crushed! All my good theories are being ruthlessly shot down. And do you know how long it’s going to be until I see “Bad Timing”? A year, at least! I’m going to need to develop the patience of a saint for this show! Well, I have no one to blame but myself. (Sniff). I’m off to drown my sorrows with a re-watch of “The First Time” since it has never failed to cheer me up before.

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      • Bwahahahaha! It only gets better as we go along. Have fortitude, my friend!


        • Very true Paula! Don’t worry Redgold…. stick to your guns.. you can do it!! It will be worth it in the end waiting for the official season 4 dvds is a real gift you are giving yourself! In the meantime.. you can comfort yourself as we work our way through episode by episode!! 🙂


      • hiya Redgold and Paula, I just went and had a look on my tv ( rather than my computer) and I think I had it wrong to in mypost ( I’ll go and fix it) I thought he was saying ‘Help me’! But.. I agree with Paula, I now think he is saying ‘ oh please’ – except he doesn’t finish pronouncing please if that makes sense… it’s like he says ‘oh plea-‘

        Sorry Redgold! but don’t worry I think the look Lee gives Amanda when he realises she is worried this whole set up is an assignation more than makes up for it!! 😉 [ cover that in post 6 I think.. sorry it’s taking me so long to get there!]

        checked the subtitles ( ok they are not always right) but they agreed, it was ‘ oh pleas-‘
        the script doesn’t have this line in at all..
        and the person who lovingly transcribed season 1- Claudia, (whose transcripts are featured on smk-land) she thought Lee was saying ‘Hold me’ too! 🙂 So Redgold you are not alone!
        If you think he says Hold me, you go with it! and enjoy 🙂 At the end of the day, we can hear and see what we like huh! 🙂


  12. Hmmmm – I don’t know, it’s pretty indistinct on my DVD. I think maybe he is saying “Oh Please”?
    And I totally agree iwth you about the KJ’s hair at the upper right hand corner. She reminds me of Alec from Madagascar (darn — I wish I could post pics 🙂 )


    • Thanks for listening, Cindy. I know that re-watching that scene must’ve been a big sacrifice for you. 🙂 Lee’s words are rather indistinct, but honestly, what is a husband more likely to say to his wife in that situation, “Oh, please” or “Hold me”? I rest my case.


    • LOL! I haven’t seen Madagascar.. but.. I’m guessing he is the Lion with the huge hair! 🙂

      I’m working on the posting pics in comments thing.. of course don’t forget – you can write posts and submit them if you like 🙂 – but no pressure!! 🙂


  13. Twist my arm — I’ll pop that in as soon as the kidlet is on the bus. (I am sure I remember him saying that, but I will confirm).


  14. Jo and Paula, I enjoyed your stories about KJ! Thanks for relating those.

    IWSOD, no need to apologize about the script. There are probably lots of copies floating around, and I’m glad that the one you and others here have read happens to be to one that I sent Petra! It’s great that she’s posted those; they make for interesting reading, and I was happy to contribute to the archives. (On a side note, I also ordered an early version of “Utopia Now” late last year, and since I hadn’t seen any of S3, I had to keep it for almost FIVE MONTHS until I’d watched the episode and could read it. Sheer torture. )

    What you do need to apologize for, IWSOD, is that awful picture you’ve posted of KJ with big hair! PLEASE replace it with a nice one–and there are so many of those. I’m partial to the black and while ones, myself.

    Won’t anyone humor me and listen for Lee saying “hold me” in the pill scene? Pretty please?


    • LOL Redgold – the pic of Dynasty style Lee and Amanda is gone 🙂 It makes me laugh how dated it is!!

      I found I did have that pic on my hard drive from the back of the season 1 dvd cover.. so I thought you would prefer that one 🙂


  15. I was thinking of the dinner scene, but the other would be good, too. (Would you believe me if I said that I’d forgotten about the change in the shower scene? I’m always more focused on Lee and Amanda together than on Lee by himself.) On the back of the cardboard sleeve for the S1 DVDs, there’s a photo of Lee and Amanda drinking champagne that looks like it come from the Cumberland dinner scene, except that Lee is wearing a regular suit rather than a tux. I seem to recall a similar photo among the various menu choices somewhere in the DVDs themselves, too, leading me to think (hope) that the variation dinner scene was filmed as well. Makes sense, no?


    • Here’s hoping for a boxed set with extras! I guess it is good they filmed the shower scene the way they did because even though Kate is a great actress and may have been able to get through the scene, I am not sure I would be able to (it would be very hard to continue on with the rest of the episode, heck the series. LOL!)


    • Morning all! oops.. or evening or whatever it is wherever you are in the world 🙂

      Redgold I am SOOOO sorry!!! In all the excitement over this episode I completely neglected to acknowledge your very generous contribution of the script! Please forgive me!! 🙂 I will rectify this in post 7 ( looks like there will be 8 posts after all on this ep.. I never know for sure, I just try not to make the posts too big!) [edited to mention correct post number and number of posts.. LOL!]

      Hey Redgold your idea with the picture of Lee and Amanda on the back of the season 1 is an interesting one… my mind started racing with possibilities! but..my final call on that picture is not so romantic or exciting sorry! There has been speculation over the years about what happened to the extra night – I’ll mention it again in my final post on this ep.. but we only see one night at the cumberland.. and then Amanda gets home right before Dotty and the boys.(surely they were gone 2 nights??). so I wondered if maybe they had another dinner 😉 tee heee.. but.. I came to a conclusion that it is nothing so exciting! 😦

      I had a look at it, and I think the photo is from the tag in Artful Dodger. The photo is from the side, so we can’t see Lee’s fat lip – but la trianon had those curtains and the lattice in the background and Lee has on the same suit and tie, and indeed Amanda has the same top on 😦 shame I can’t include the pics in comments! bummer!!

      Though I think it is meant to be a publicity photo and not directly related to that episode – they don’t drink champagne in that episode.. and there has been a few publicity pics with the two of them smiling over glasses of champagne ( like my favourite 80s huge hair pic of Lee and Amanda trying to outdo dynasty!!! do you know the one? Actually, what I’ll do is use that pic as the next one I display on the homepage!! It’s a hoot!

      Actually, that would be a really interesting project for someone – going through all the photos out there- and linking them to episodes and scenes!! [I’d post it on my blog for sure!!]

      I have also been thinking a summary of these ‘cover’ episodes would be fantastic to look at in isolation and compare – There goes the neighbourhood, Weekend, ship of spies, fast food for thought.. gosh.. what have I missed? there are a few where they are a couple but it is barely mentioned.. hmm I’ll have to keep an eye out for this and make a list.. Playing Possum is another one! but it doesn’t feature greatly.. but while looking at this episode, I can’t help but think of the other main episodes where this kind of situation comes up.. Whooo I just thought of another episode where they pretend to be a couple: Relative Situation!!

      Anyone else come up with any? bet there are more!! If no one else has done this- I might do this once I have gone through all the episodes! 🙂

      They do have that photo RedGold mentioned (plus another one in close up ) on the ultimate Kate Jackson site – he has the most fab photos!! (It’s really a great site! )
      Here is a link to the gallery including these two pics:
      (they’re in the bottom left hand corner!)

      Cindy– Amanda talks in her sleep?? LOL!!! I immediately start singing that 80s song in my head.. you know- I hear the secrets that you keep.. when you’re talking in your sleep! do you know it? I can’t remember who sang it..

      BTW- I figured there would be some who had read the script.. it is fun though to anticipate things so I like to let people know- there’s good stuff coming !! 😉 and they can read the script ( thanks to Red Gold!!) or wait till I get to it in my post 🙂 I don’t remember what the script says about the shower scene.. lol.. how did that happen? I must have blanked it out!! tee heee.. I’ll have to fix that!!

      I am loving reading all your thoughts on this episode guys! I am off now to write a post about the shower scene! 🙂 ahhh what a hard life I live eh!


      • It was sung by the “Romantics”. It was playing yesterday at the restaurant I was at, and I really had to wrack my brains to remember which group had done it.
        Have fun ‘doing’ the shower scene. I have never cursed steam condensation so much. Tee Hee!


        • ROFLMAO!! Damn that annoying natural phenomenon of gasey water clinging to glass!! I’ll be thinking of you cursing while I watch it – very closely 😉

          Thanks re the Romantics.. Sounds like there is a fan vid right there peeps!!! Anyone good at that stuff? I couldn’t do a fan vid to save my life.. but it would be a fab Amanda-centric song huh!


  16. IWSOD, you can go as slowly with your re-caps and commentary on this episode as you want–it’s one my absolute favorites to date (top five, possibly top three). And thank you for the wonderful observation about the tux and the stairs–I had never made that connection, but I love it to bits! Both Lee and Amanda have a way to go, but they’re on the journey together. Sweet, those two.

    The discussion they have about why they each didn’t you pick a number is so couple-y. It’s great that Amanda doesn’t let him get away with his “man’s place” and his shushing. Their slight discord creates a funny contrast to their hand-holding a moment later. KJ is such a fine actress; just the way she keeps her hand with the wrist cocked up, as if she’s enjoying this but not sure that she should be, makes me laugh. Her ability to be funny, touching, and beautiful all at the same time reminds me of another Kate–Hepburn.

    I think that BB does a great job in the scene of Lee having an attack of some kind. By the way, does anyone else hear him say “hold me” right before Amanda pops the “pill” in his mouth? She does put her arms around him immediately after he says–something!

    I like the way that Lee trusts Amanda to “go along with this,” not feeling the need to explain the ruse, and she plays her part perfectly.

    I’m not sure if Lee realizes the effect that all of the hand-holding and kissing has on her in this scene. While they’re having dinner, I think he does realize, but by then he’s enjoying himself too much to stop.

    (By the way, ISOD, I know about the surprise in the script because I ordered a copy last winter and then sent it on to Petra for her site. It’s my hope that this “surprise” was actually filmed and will show up as an out-take on a boxed set of all four seasons someday. Yes, I’m an optimist!)


    • OK – so of course I had to rush over to Petra’s site to look at the script. And then download a PDF reader (because the new computer is very sparse software wise.). Are you talking about the dinner scene or how Lee exits the shower? Because I would pay good money to see either 😛


  17. I wish Amanda had worn a gown too! You know, I remember hearing that when Kate Jackson was on Charlie’s Angels she gave the producers a lot of headaches because she was very opinionated and , unlike her other castmates, she would refuse to wear bikinis or sexy clothes. She didn’t want to be objectified and wanted her character to portray a smart and strong woman. So, I was thinking that, maybe that is why, even though she still gets to appear in a couple of sexy outfits throughout the show, most of the time she is really covered up like she doesn’t want to be used as eyecandy or something. What do you guys think?
    Anyway, love this episode! I wish they had kissed LOL .


    • Jo Welcome!!
      So wonderful of you to join in the fun 🙂 Hope you will have fun times here and share your thoughts with us all 🙂

      I love the story you tell of KJ and her stance on how she is portrayed – that just makes me love her all the more! Also, it is very relevant to the current episode we are looking at! This whole idea of standing up for what you believe in, and saying no to what you are not comfortable doing – I will expand on that whole issue in post 6 of this episode – In fact, it’s uncanny how much your comments apply to Amanda’s current situation! (No wonder KJ plays it soooo well!) thanks soooo much for sharing this with us!

      Gosh.. can you imagine how Amanda would have coped if they had kissed?!

      Yeah.. I agree.. I would have loved to see her in a gown.. Oh well I guess we get the big fancy outfit in ship of spies – so there is something else that gets put off till that episode.. the kiss, and the outfit! ( although by today’s standards it’s a big meringue isn’t it!! but back then I am sure it was considered amazing ! 😉 )

      Thanks again Jo!


    • According to Farrah Fawcett and Jacklyn Smith, Kate was known for wearing something dressy/sexy waist up, and jeans and sneakers waist down during the end tags, which is why she was often seen standing behind the counter. Part of it may have been not wanting to play the part of the sex kitten (after all, Farrah more than compensated!), but I think a good part of it is she likes to be comfortable.

      For fun, I like to check out old interviews with KJ on Youtube. She reveals quite a lot about herself, and I find her highly relatable.


  18. Well, well, let us see, how many posts it will be 🙂

    I do not think Lee does know about his effect an Amanda, because he could not in his mind integrate his effect on her with the fuss she makes about sharing a room.

    But there are times to come, where he will be able to follow her lines of thought, shoking as this will be for him 😉

    Anyway I feel with him, with the amount of baggage she brought, the extra blankets found in every cupboard of nearly every hotel and her camping experience I do have problems to follow her problems too. For me I do not see, why she does not just sleep with her pillow on the footend of the bed. But with too much logic the fun is going away too, so I just try to go along.

    I also do not get it, why he is kissing her hand, after being irritated about the newlywed status, but I will not argue about this either. Is ist common in US to kiss hands, I myself do not have been kissed on the hand by anybody ever.


    • Hi Julia! Haaaa.. well I just finished writing my 6th post for this episode ( they will be published over the next few days – I prefer not to bombard you guys with too much all at once!) – so there will be at least 7 posts on this episode!

      I will leave it to my posts to go into detail – but I’m thinking along the same lines as you- I think Lee has no idea! I wondered if others saw something different though- I am always interested in hearing other views and why they see it that way:) soo much fun- I love that stuff!

      I don’t mind Amanda’s stance about not sharing the bed- everyone is different, and it is important to her – I like that she keeps to her principles 🙂

      I really want to say what I think and just post all my blog posts now- but I will resist because this episode is soooo good it shouldn’t be rushed 🙂 but I am loving hearing your thoughts!!

      I think the kissing hands was Lee playing the role of the newlymarried couple – public displays of affection… can’t keep their hands off each other kind of thing – you will see in post 5 Lee says something about this in the script ( which was cut from the final product – oh and one other HUGE shock got cut too 😉 )

      Ooops I will stop there !!!!
      Love this episode!!! byeeee

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    • New theory why Amanda didn’t want to share a room with Lee (yes, I have many). We see in season 3 (WOTSTW) that Amanda talks when she is dreaming. Maybe she was worried she’d reveal something that neither of them were quite ready for. *wink*

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