8/13 Season Two, Episode 12: Ship of Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s night time on the Princess Martha, which is really the Mardi Gras, which is really the Queen Mary.. and my head hurts.. 1dohslap

We find Lee and Amanda sitting in the bar..
I love that the establishing wide shot has Amanda laughing at something Lee said.. what did he say?- doesn’t matter! You just know they are enjoying spending their time together. Smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001475675

Should I mention the dancing here in the script?? or is that just too painful for words?? I hear ya.. Let’s all console each other! 1bawling cry  why???? Why???? WHY????!!!!! I’ve been upset for days now! Can’t eat.. can’t sleep. Okay, I exaggerate.. but I am unhappy with this sad sad decision!

Still.. on the bright side? We do get Lee in a tux!1swoon Boy.. I’m over that disappointment fast!!! Check out that view!!!!!!  I feel dizzy! Lee? in a tux? smiling?? Wow!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001478178

This bar looks gorgeous too! and.. it is still there today in the hotel- it’s called the Observation Bar. Who wants to meet me there for a drink? Winking smile  I wish Lee could 😉

Amanda: The music is really nice. I’ve never been to a captain’s ball before.  [yeah.. would have been much more fun if you guys had danced.. 1bawling cry Let it go Iwsod!]
Lee: Well, uh, I’m going to have to enjoy it a little later. I have that meeting with Emiliano down in the
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001488955cargo hold. Must be some sort of locker or storage bin numbered 24-C.
  [I am sure Lee intended to come back and dance with Amanda Winking smile ]… so why don’t you just mingle?
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001492959Amanda:
Ooh! You know I really hate to mingle. Would it be all right if I take a walk around
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001494961the deck or something?

1huh Amanda was content to mingle in 3 faces of Emily!!.. what’s this??!! 1angryLee knows she hates to mingle? Noooo!  I think this line is a remnant of that earlier script I was theorising about – which hasn’t been updated! Hmmm – or we could put it down to Amanda being dazed by the Tux!1confusion Coincidentally,  Lee is wearing the same handkerchief in his pocket as he wore in 3 Faces of Emily.. does this handkerchief have a special name? If so, do tell! I love to learn new things!! Especially when it comes to describing Lee in a tux!!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0014989652.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001499966
Lee: Uh, I’d like it better if you stayed here and finished your drink….
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001501968
…That way I’d know that you wouldn’t get in any trouble, hmm?
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0015040042.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001505205
Amanda: Oh, well, how can I get in any trouble walking around the deck!
1ha haaaaaaa
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001507073
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001507474Lee: Haaaa.. if anyone can manage it…. You can!1ha haaaa
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001508742
  [Good call!!] I love how Lee says this with affection and humour! Smile Ahhh SMK!! It doesn’t take itself too seriously does it?! It knows the amount of trouble Amanda gets herself into could rival Mr Magoo!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0015088082.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001509509
Amanda takes a moment, smiles and says: Right!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001511978
(check out the ugly dress behind Amanda! eek!) .. Lee laughs…
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001512612
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0015130132.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001513179
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0015136131swoonand says: see you later!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001513747
He gets up and leaves.. as he walks away Amanda tells him: Okay, be careful.1heart_eyes
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001515982
WINK ALERT!!- I never saw that before!!.. Again, this is where having the clear dvds brings all kinds of rewards Winking smile  Lee wearing a tux and smiling was enough to send me into a babbling fit.. but wearing a tux, smiling and winking? To take the words out of Amanda’s mouth: That’s asking too much!1thuddyI admire Amanda’s ability to keep her head around Lee in a tux. She is one Strong Woman!!! I love that dress Amanda is wearing – anyone hate it? Feel free to disagree, but I think she looks gorgeous.. (and the long white dress is lovely foreshadowing of the wedding coming up the next day!  ) I’d happily wear that dress on a night out.   I love the back on this dress. She likes to go for black or white evening gowns doesn’t she..
50I think the black dress she wore in Always look a gift horse was very similar.. it had the same neckline, and I think it’s the same back- I can’t 57see it well enough to be sure! what do you think??
[Ah how far we’ve come since then!! Smile] Even without the wedding in this ep.. it is clear they have a genuine affection for each other!!!

Ah we cut back to the baddies.. and my ‘tux stupor’ disappears! Gretz is ridiculous looking in this scene with the coin.. I am sure the direction was look as scary as possible and flip the coin along your fingers – only.. he can’t do it properly, so he is very slow! Winking smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001529996
So, they know Lee and Amanda are agents.. but.. they’ve got to think about how best to deal with them..
Rackam: We don’t wanna draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001540006Gretz: There’s no way we can knock the three of them off and make it look like an accident.
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001540940Rackam: No. Not at once. But if we divide and conquer…
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001550016Gretz: Okay by me. Heads we start with the men. Tails, the woman.1baddie speaks

Fate decided by a coin toss.. we see the coin is tails.. though I never saw him toss it.. whatever! This baddie Logic?  -I’m not following it..
– we can’t kill all three and make it look like an accident
– so we will ‘divide and conquer’..
– two or three accidents is much less suspicious than just one accident – eh?????!!!! Help? Anyone??

Anyway, moving on.. we find Lee and Emiliano down below, they break into the cargo hold to check it out..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001563029 Lee breaking in while in his tux? gorgeous!!!

Still in the bar,  Myles finds Amanda. Ripe for the 2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001579045picking! No thanks to Lee Smile Love how Amanda turns around to him saying her name saying: Hmmm??
and when she sees it’s him
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001580046she says without thinking:   Ohhh Sad smile
Like drat.. you again!  

Myles- Love the shirt baby!! hooo haaa 😉
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001590056
Miles: Where’s Lee?
Amanda: Oh, uh, he spilled something on his jacket, so he had to go change. [Where’s Jillian?!]

Miles: Oh, that’s too bad. Golly. Well listen, uh, it’s a shame to let all that music go to waste. You wanna go and dance?
Amanda: Oh, thank you very much, but I think I’d really just like to sit here and relax and enjoy my drink. [well thank heavens for that.. I could not have coped if Myles danced with Amanda and Lee didn’t!]

2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001606072
Amanda looks terrified of the life boat drill.. well knowing Myles is a baddie we can see he is setting her up here – planting the letter and number combination in her mind – and doing a very good job at it…
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001615081
Making sure he gets allocated the seats in the life boat next to Lee and Amanda makes Myles either officially insane or a baddie.. I would be disturbed by this guy! Amanda just thinks he is annoying here.. [Which is curious, given earlier she flagged Myles and Jillian as not being in love and having something to hide.. why does she take the bait so easily? Hmm.. I’ll put it down to over-eagerness because there’s a wedding happening tomorrow that she wants to stop! ]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0016180842.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001620086




The penny drops.. maybe C-24 is a lifeboat..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0016240902.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001633099




So Amanda makes the excuse of leaving to help Lee with his jacket.. and off Amanda goes to check the life boat on her own.. Myles’ dumb look as she suddenly decides to leave echos what Arturo did at breakfast nicely.. I guess that makes it less obvious Myles is Bad!

We see Lee and Emiliano exiting the cargo hold.. drat.. no success there!! Just think.. if Amanda had stayed  in the bar, Lee and Amanda may have had a dance after all.. grrr…

We rejoin Amanda as she arrives at lifeboat C.. Yeah.. this was never going to end well Winking smile I think the script has her get into the lifeboat and then it starts to teeter.. that to me makes more sense than this.. but I’ll continue!

Amanda stops under lifeboat C and confirms that it is indeed lifeboat C.. After an alcoholic beverage Winking smile or ten, Amanda decides to carefully climb up and get into the life boat – or ‘death boat’ as this thing could be called Winking smile Ironic.. Amanda looks like an angel wandering the deck in that full length white gown..

There are a few mistakes here in this scene.. just where do I start? well.. I’ll leave the best till last Winking smile firstly.. when Amanda arrives under death boat C she lifts her dress hem and you can see
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001661961
she is wearing sneakers with her evening gown ( snazzy!) . Guess she went back to the cabin for them?? Winking smile and.. when she puts up her foot onto the railing? it’s obvious she’s wearing sneakers!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001671971
too funny!!  I really don’t know what Amanda was thinking.. she’d get up there tug on that rope a little.. and then grab onto that swinging thing that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything? I think Amanda had definitely had a few drinks! Smile oh and she was highly motivated to find C-24..with the wedding looming! Whooo love the back of that dress.. I am loving that whole dress!!!
1.07 SERVICE ABOVE AND BEYOND.wmv_000628294
The black dress she wore in Service above and beyond has the same back as this white dress- Gorgeous!! [do you think it’s the same one from always look a gift horse? I do.. but I can’t be 100% sure]
1.07 SERVICE ABOVE AND BEYOND.wmv_000449315
[How interesting that this black dress was in a dancing scene.. and this white one – nearly was!!!!  1bawling cry]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001674507
Amanda.. Amanda.. silly!!! Risk life and climb into life boat?? or stay in bar and dance with Lee? and marry him tomorrow??
Hmm tough decision.. NOT!! ROFLMAO!!

Soooo.. the swingy thing swings out.. and she’s dangling and squirming and clinging for life – right through the whole commercial break from the looks of it! Winking smile good thing she’s got great toned arms! Smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001685285
Man those howls and cries sound dubbed.. but well.. I guess they are appropriate to the situation! Smile
Poor Amanda! KJ does some great faces here!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0016896222.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001689889

Rofl!! It’s so wrong.. but her face is hilarious!! Winking smile
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001694160
Oh and looky.. from the camera angle looking up? she has heels on again! whoa.. they’re magic! Smile 

Lee finally arrives on deck.. and we again see Amanda has her lovely evening wear sneakers on again! 1rofl
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001700400
Lee must have gotten the shock of his life when he saw Amanda hanging out over the ocean like that!
I wonder if Lee thought to himself for a second-:
Whoa! She wasn’t kidding when she said she didn’t want to marry me in San Angelo! 😆

You can see Lee is stunned for a moment wondering how did you get from where I left you to here??!! [If anyone can manage it… she can!]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001703169

With Emiliano’s help, Lee manages to climb up and grab Amanda.. bringing her back down into safety..

I love the little grab/ hug that Lee gives her as he pulls her down off the swinging thing..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001721187
Lee seems to take a few deep breaths once he has gotten her down to Emiliano safely..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001727193
I’m amazed Amanda can walk!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_0017311972.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001741207




Love Amanda’s joke to the onlookers that she was doing aerobics1ha haaaaaaa!! [Glad she didn’t try a cartwheel! 1HaHaHa] Lee gives Amanda his jacket.. offering her it’s warmth (whoo and his residual warmth!) to comfort her and ease the shock of it all.. Awhhh.. and he walks off his arm around Amanda. LOL you can see he is pointing to the water and wondering what just happened???!!!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001747213

Okay.. so now all the drama is over with – Did you find the hidden crew member in this last scene?? LOL.. if you want to make a little game of it: don’t scroll down any further!! stop reading- and watch from where we rejoin Amanda on the deck looking for lifeboat C!

Had a look?? did you find it??

I had watched this episode for years..many times.. and one night, watching it on a big screen – I saw a movement I hadn’t noticed before! I never would have seen the hidden crew member if he hadn’t moved! I think magic crew members are my favourite!! Winking smile 

Okay.. when you see Amanda arrive under lifeboat C she points to it, and says to herself: ‘24 C’ – at this moment you can see the crouching crew member turn around to look at KJ!
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001664230b
He is crouched down behind the thing lifeboat C is attached to..whatever that thing is.. he’s probably ready to pull the rope on her!  [Man, you’d think Amanda would have noticed a bad guy crouched down there Winking smile ]
I’ll do a gif.. and watch that area move!
hidden crew
See him?? too funny!

I have tried to find out more information about this white dress because I love it.. and I see that Always look a gift horse, service above and beyond and ship of spies all had the same person as the women’s costumer: Andrea E. Weaver – I looked her up on IMDB.. and low and behold.. it turns out this episode was nominated for an Emmy in the ‘Outstanding achievement in Costuming’ Category!!!!!! Whooo hooo! {An episode with 3 versions of Lee in a tux?? gets my vote!!!!}
Anyway, got any ideas how I can find out who designed this dress? thinking it’s not a Mary McFadden as I don’t think she’d stand for not getting a mention in the credits!
Well.. this post is long enough already! I better finish there.. byee for now! Love to hear from you!!! And thanks for reading!! 

12 responses to “8/13 Season Two, Episode 12: Ship of Spies-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I have to say I agree with the person who said that Myles planted the idea of lifeboat drills. However, they would never do lifeboat drills on day 2 of a cruise because they are always done within 1-2 hours of departure. By the time Myles had this conversation with Amanda, they would have already done them.


  2. So … call me dense, but was Amanda’s near-death experience caused by the baddies, or just carelessness/stupidity on her part? I didn’t see any sign of sabotage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi kgmohror – we don’t see the baddies sabotage the boat, but I assumed they did based on the coin flipping scene where they decide to ‘start with the woman’ and then send Myles to get Amanda to lifeboat 24C. Maybe I give the baddies too much credit? Back in the cabin I think Emiliano says something about the boat being sabotaged – but that’s in the next post.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I like the white dress here, reminds me of Grecian style for some reason. But I confess I prefer Amanda in black, especially the one from SAAB 🙂
    Here in UK we don’t really see the tux with the shirt with the ruff……why, just why does anyone think its a good look?!
    I missed the wink he gives Amanda! How was that possible?! My winkdar cant be working properly.
    It’s nice to see his gentle teasing, wouldn’t want to see his bride to be get into trouble tee hee 😉
    Nice to see KJ wore all white trainers with her dress, those red Nikes would have been a dead giveaway 😉 LOL
    Ah Lee in a tux rescues his girl (hey that’s the baddies words not mine ;)) perfect way to end a scene.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hihi, great post IWSOD! Lee in a tux, Amanda looking beautifull, great!
    I was ROFL as Lee says … if anyone can manage it, you can. Well done!

    No dance 😦 but I’m no fan from the rest of the script. Lee says to Amanda that he have many reasons to not marry her, buuuuuu!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rachael, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the dresses!! yeah I guess it’s easy enough to adjust the dress length. I wasn’t sure if the black dress had the same waistband style as the white one..but I couldn’t see it well enough to tell – man I wish I could find who designed them!!

      Hi Raffie!! Maybe you can ask BB about why they didn’t do the dancing scene at the anniversary!! Hmm maybe you should start writing these questions down 😉 Can you represent ‘Just walk with me’ there?! 😉 haaaa!!
      Our on the scene reporter Raffie has a need to know!! ROFL!! Thanks for sharing your vid raffie – I had seen that one – I had no idea that was yours!!! Very well done! so creative and just really fun and silly- just plain fun!! I loved it!! 🙂

      Hi Jeanine! How are you? Great to see you stopping by! 🙂 I’ve been referring to your floor plan regularly!! 🙂 Aha! Another Lee in a tux fan!! I swear a three tux episode is the stuff of dreams isn’t it?!! Glad you enjoyed the evening wear sneakers 😉 haa thanks for clearing up the swingy boom thingy.. 😉 it was pretty ridiculous wasn’t it! And even more so when you think Amanda could have stayed at the ball and danced with Lee – and married him the next day – rather than risk her life.. LOL! 😉

      Hello Claudia! Oh this is fabulous!! So may familiar err ‘faces’ stopping by that I haven’t heard from lately! so wonderful that you are all stopping by and enjoying the journey! I love to hear from ya!
      Thanks for the encouragement Claudia! I agree – that line of Lee’s about Amanda getting into trouble is genius!!! 🙂 whooo sounds like you’ve got some thoughts to share on the wedding not being real! Looking forward to getting to that part too!!! I think it was Cindy and Paula (? sorry I have alot to catch up on here!) who said they thought Lee came up with the idea at the last minute- I agree with that.. that sounds like a reasonable explanation – for parts of my issues! but.. not all of it.. but then.. maybe there’s an explanation for the rest too! we’ll get to that soon! okay byeeeee!


  5. Lee in a tux, Amanda looking lovely. Lee in a tux. Lees saves the girl. Lee in a tux. Totally made my day!!

    And the Swingy thing is called a boom. The cable is connected to a motor that would either lower or lift things from/onto the deck. And that one is just for SMK. I had never noticed the sneakers or the stage hand. Great catch IWSOD!! And thanks for pointing it out, Now I can go back and watch the episode again. . .(like I need an excuse.)

    BTW: Did I mention that I like Lee in a tux?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Oh, I never knew about the script with the dancing in it! That would have been soooo swoony. Wonder why they took it out? Too much too soon? But it seems so appropriate to dance on a honeymoon cruise. Maybe they didn’t want Lee and Amanda being too too cozy because it might have tempered the all-out shock of Lee’s at the wedding kiss. I do like that you pointed out the smile on Amanda’s in the wide shot. I never notice any of this stuff, although in my defense, my viewing conditions are not crisp, clear, and relaxed so I’m sure that’s part of it. The other part would be that I’m clueless by nature!

    My favorite dress is still the Emily dress, but I will say that KJ wears styles that suit her ever so nicely.

    And since I don’t know when there might be a more appropriate opportunity for this and because it features the scene you just described so nicely, iwsod, here’s a vid made a while back just for fun (and it was fun!). (Good for playing while on the treadmill, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am definitely hooked onto your shares and incites of SMK. I have started rewatching (okay not the first time) SMK to look out for these happenings i.e. shoes to runners, bad guys hiding. I would not be able to decide between the black or white as think both are keepers and for me any ways not ever be out of style. Darn! I like it when Lee and Amanda dance ..wonder why it was not kept for the episode…could have done with an edit or two removing bad buy scenes…yup! Thank you, Conny

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I could swear that the black dress in Always Look A Gift Horse was a shorter dress. Hitting just below here knees. She was wearing a foot cast in that episode and it was clearly evident. I’ve watched the whole series through 3 times since August, but I haven’t looked at Gift Horse in a while (currently at the end of season 4 for the third time – I’M OBSESSED!).
    I had no idea the original script called for dancing. Lee and Amanda dancing is one of the best things ever – doesn’t happen nearly enough in SMK.
    The sneakers are hilarious, as well!! So funny. I’m going to look at that more closely next time around. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Amanda had been drinking and this is why she did the bone-headed climb up the life boat thing? OK, I’ll buy that because I honestly could not make sense of what the heck she was thinking. So Alcohol+ Lee in Tux + fear of upcoming nuptials = severely impaired judgement.

    Liked by 3 people

    • What bugs me is that it seems to just be an accident and no foul play, unless I missed that. Which when it’s a spy show feels like a rip off. If there’s danger, we expect a villain to be behind it!


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