2/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee has contacted Amanda and.. is giving her a ride..
Amanda simplify things for Lee by delivering his files? no way!!!
I think the gag here is- Anytime Amanda gets involved it is never easy or simple for Lee – It’s not a joke I find particularly amusing.. I confess, I am a little over that gag! but maybe it’s just me..  if this is earlier though, then I guess it makes sense.. and it probably wouldn’t bother me.. after watching Spiderweb? it bothers me!
Lee: Okay, so what happened to your car?
Amanda: The weirdest thing. I drove the boys to school this morning–you know, because of those showers that we had…
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000486753
: Um-hm.
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000489756Amanda: And Jamie has this little space creature toy, and he was playing with it, and he dropped it down the window on the passenger side.
Lee : Yeah, so?
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000496763
Amanda: So, um, after I dropped them off at school, it started to rattle so I put the window down to try to get it out, and the window jammed-
Amanda actually takes a breath- so Lee is able to interrupt her story.. Aie!
Lee: Ah ha, and the rest is Amanda King history.
Lee smiles here and seems to be good naturedly teasing her – but.. letting her know she needs to get on with it! Wise Lee! Smile Amanda gives him a glare anyway though! Yes Amanda.. you do prattle on..

You guys notice the music playing throughout this scene? I guess it is the Amanda theme.. but I am finding it to be annoying now! Like haa haaa listen to Amanda go- what a dill she is.. I am very happy to see this part of her character evolve- I think this is the last of the ditsy-Amanda type episodes, and while I enjoyed it first season, I’m feeling it is time to move on.. she’s smart- and this prattling on is not! Just my opinion though.. if you still find it endearing- just ignore me and enjoy it Smile
Lee: Well, did you take it in? I mean, it should be easy to fix.  [Oh dear she didn’t take too kindly to the teasing.. yes best ask after the repair and smooth things over Smile ha!! ]
Amanda: I took it to Mister Mike’s, but he was awfully busy.
Lee: Mister Mike’s?
[I thought this might be a gag about Mike and the Mechanics but it’s just too early time wise.. this is early 1985 and they released their first album end of 1985! Must have been smk fans! Winking smile ]
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000512779
Amanda: Yes, he’s my mechanic. He did say that he thought he could get to it by the end of the day, though.
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000516783
I just bet he put Amanda’s car last- because she would just accept what Mr Mike told her, rather than pushing for better service.. as it turns out, he doesn’t get to it- why am I not surprised! [I’ll come back to this idea]
Lee: Good, good. Look, Amanda, you’re the only, uh, civilian worker that I could get a hold of, and since the job does call for a car, how about I round you up one? Hmm?
[Hmm.. this  is not sounding like she is his partner.. or is it just me??]
Amanda: Oh, Lee! Thank you so much. That’s really very nice of you.
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_000526793
Lee: Ha! Hey, forget it. Anybody could’ve gotten a tiny little space creature jammed in their window.
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_0005307972.18 CAR WARS.avi_000534801


As annoyed as I am by the highlighting of Amanda’s ditsy qualities in this scene – it is really wonderful to see Lee and Amanda being friendly!

Amanda is happy that Lee has given her some work to do and Lee helped to make the job possible by offering to find her a car.

Lee is happy to see Amanda, and happy to help her out and throw some work her way – I love that the episode starts with grumpy Lee at the agency putting up with LaRue.. and now he is with Amanda- he seems much more light hearted Smile  plus, he enjoys a little cheeky teasing of these situations Amanda tends to get into! Lee’s line that the rest is Amanda King history – is spot on!! Smile Genius line of dialogue love it!!

Ahh the irony, bringing in Amanda was suppose to free up Lee to get his work done..  do you think he knows that if he just hangs around Amanda long enough that the current case he is working on will come into contact with her and she will help him solve it? Winking smile

I’ve always presumed this episode came right after Brunettes and the big change in their relationship. Because coming up we see Lee trying to control his temper – but.. could this also be interpreted as being before Brunettes? Lee’s trying to control his temper with Amanda – and this is a foreshadowing of him completely losing his temper in Brunettes? I think it can work either way. It’s not like Lee didn’t make any effort before Brunettes, or do things to help Amanda out- he did. So far this episode doesn’t have the vibe that they are ‘partners’ to me- what do you think?

It will be interesting as we go through, to see where Amanda’s character is at in this episode – and if she fits this episode better being before her big growth in autonomy and assertiveness in Brunettes or after.. So far? I’m leaning towards this being right before Brunettes – but that may change.. I’ll keep an open mind while I watch on! Love to hear your ideas!!  

Thanks for reading everyone! I must finish up there before we (uh oh) meet Gino! Smile I’ll get the next post up as soon as I can..but given I am pretty busy at the moment – it may be a little delayed-but rest assured: I’m still here!!
– drat Real life! Hope you are well!! and  feel free to chat away together Smile

13 responses to “2/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I like the idea of this coming before Brunettes Are In too except for two things — their flirty scene with the drycleaning and also the issue of it seems like these are the files that are referenced two eps later on You Only Die Twice. So then you have to reconcile that. Sometimes this series’ order drives me nuts!


  2. Ahhh, Car Wars. Not one of my favorites. I agree, I don’t see this episode coming so late in S2. I’m not sure where I would put it though. Lee isn’t acting very partnerish here so far. Perhaps he bumped his head on an assignment we didn’t get to see and he can’t remember calling Amanda his partner in the tag of Brunettes.

    I do love that we get get to see Lee being nice to Amanda after a ramble about her every day life. He doesn’t put her or her lifestyle down; he almost sympathizes with her. What growth in his character from S1!

    “Damned duck episode” – Cindy, it never fails, there is always something in your comments that hits my funny bone and gets a LOL!


  3. They seem to partner well later on with the fixing of all the car problems (even though it isn’t actually working a case together or at least they don’t know that at the time) and Lee is studiously patient and kind with her throughout the whole episode. There is also that “laundry moment” with the falling dry cleaning and the value that he places on her when he tells the bady that it is now personal. I wonder if those things would have happened before Brunettes… but we will wait and see how it all comes out as we walk through this episode. But it sure does feel out of place here after SOS and Spiderweb.


    • Not to mention that it’s just a couple episodes in front of Burn Out and Murder Between Friends. Although this is a great episode for showing how their relationship has evolved into a warm friendship with trust and respect for each other … and tolerance! All of these are needed to form the foundation of Burn Out. Still, I think this could come earlier, but I still too vote for after Brunettes.

      As far as partners, well, Billy *was* asking to have Amanda do this courier assignment so Lee could do something else. Therefore, they weren’t really being paired up, yet Lee was still driving Amanda around and setting up transportation for her (rather than having Billy work it out), plus later we’ll see he takes the blame for the car, rather than letting Amanda take the blame herself …. so I’m okay with their partnership in this episode at both the friendship level and the business level.

      Still LOL-ing about the space creature ramble, because I can’t count the times I’ve made a short story long and my husband has had to endure it. Then again, I never claimed not to be ditzy … if the shoe fits! I agree, Iwsod, nice scripting for Lee here. I do *love* how he handles this ramble, and how she notices but decides to move on. Reading each others’ cues and knowing each others’ quirks is what good friendship is all about … that, plus accepting them with a sense of humor (or patient tolerance) and appreciating them for it and in spite of it!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yep, ditzy Amanda. SIGH! I wonder why she devolved (compare her behaviour in “There Goes the Neighborhood” ,”Magic Bus”, “ACM kid” or that damned duck episode with later episodes in season 1 and early season 2. No simpering, fawning or ditzy moment to be found).

    I found it hilarious that Lee probably spent more time picking Amanda up and trying to find her a car than it would take to deliver the files himself. But then we wouldn’t have had an episode, would we?

    I like your suggestion that Car Wars came before Brunettes. HMMMMMM. I think it works.


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