1/2 SMK Stats: The First Time

2applause-applPlease join me in welcoming our 2applause-appl
Guest Contributor: BJo!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first guest blog post – thank you iwsod for the opportunity! I thought it would be interesting to take her up on the idea of compiling some stats for SMK. Yeah, yeah, stats are known for being dry and boring, but my thought was that if there were enough tuxedo shots and some humor mixed in then perhaps SMK stats might be fun! I am totally open to any feedback, more or less pictures, suggestions of categories to track and corrections if I’ve missed something. Please, please, please let me know what you think – that will make it even better!



Our first tux! No wonder Amanda blushed!! Lee wears this at the costume party, the parking garage scene and through the scene of when we first see him in Amanda’s back yard.


AMANDA BANDS (Headbands)

None in this episode. Thank God. Actually they are not really headbands – those things are worn on the top of your head from ear to ear, right? What I’m talking about here are those rolled up/twisted things she wraps around her head so that they are prominently displayed on her forehead. Bleck!


Lee manages to escape the baddies with Amanda from the parking garage by joyriding on the garbage collector’s cart. At the end of the episode, they work together to fly the helicopter and escape from Mrs. Welch and her pals (KGB). Lee operates the pedals and Amanda does the stick and throttle.


At Mrs. Welch’s Colonial Cookery home Amanda yells freeze to distract baddie so that Lee can kick him and knock him out. She pours sugar in Mrs. Welch’s gas tank so the car won’t start. Then she helps Lee fly the helicopter away so they can escape.


This is what started it all!! Amanda doesn’t give the package to man in red hat. Lee: “You didn’t do what I told you!” Amanda: “There were 25 men with red hats on that train!” I forget who said it in the blog, but God bless the Shriners! (or whoever they were supposed to be)

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

At the Jefferson memorial – Amanda: “Do you have someplace to go Thanksgiving?” Lee: “Aaah, Amaaanda!”

LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)

None in this episode!


This was an easy week for Lee….he only got tackled into some luggage at the train station and then took one hit to the gut and one to the face. The only other injury was a hit to the back of the head in the abandoned-looking building when the baddies were looking to get “Pilgrim’s Peach Puff” – aka Lee. It’s a good thing those baddies had such bad aim or surely the huge target that the helicopter is would have been shot out of the sky and we’d have nothing to blog about!


None in this episode


At the train station:


1. Walk with me…


2. Please!


3. Give it to the man in the red hat!

At the costume party:


4. I thought this would be a nice change of pace from our usual encounters.


5. Standing at the food bar


6. Yes, we do have a lot to talk about…(sound familiar?)


7. Ahhhh, the dance. Two screencaps here. Ok, maybe

three…now just a little closer….


8. Cheek to cheek!

Parking garage:


9.Lee takes her hand to lead her away from the baddies


10. Then he’s touching her shoulder.


11.He takes her hand/forearm again to lead her away


12. He helps her get into the cart


13. Amanda grabs his arms while escaping on the cart.

Post Office:


14. Caught!

Jefferson Memorial:


15. Goodbye handshake. We don’t actually see them

shaking hands, but I believe they do.

KGB Headquarters (Mrs. Welch’s):


16. Right after Amanda yells freeze and Lee kicks the



17. Amanda trying to untie the Killick hitch knot


18.Sliding around in the helicopter.


19. More sliding around

Billy’s office:


20.Lee is desperate to get Amanda out of there!


21. Lee’s got her elbow now…


22. “Say goodbye, Amanda.”

Jack Sightings

None this episode. There are two different “Jacks” that seem to show up throughout the series.
Jack 1 (J1)
J1 1.11
Jack 1 (J1) is only in season 1, I think.


[Iwsod noted in the comments of 3/4 Remembrance of things past, that the script names this character ‘Jack’ however, he is never actually named in the show! ]

J2 1.18Jack 2 (J2) shows up toward the latter half of S1 and then we see him many, many, many, many, many times!
This guy pops up in so many episodes with so many different roles! We’ll see him a lot more than J1, especially as the show moves on.

I call them “Jack” because  I saw one of them referred to as a ‘Jack of All Trades’ (in the comments of 3/4 Remembrance of things past) . If anyone has a better name, speak up!! I may be the only one interested in this stat, but every time I see them, I always wonder just how many times they are used. I don’t even know where they show up in the credits!!!

Dimple patrol first aidGratuitous Dimple shot

Lee dimple 1.1

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 1 black

Amanda Bands – 0

Lee saves Amanda – 2

Amanda saves Lee – 3

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1

Amaaanda! – 1

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 4

Lee Winks – 0

Touches – 22

Thanks for reading!! Love to hear your thoughts!!! Curious to hear what you think Smile 


[The episode First Time can be found HERE ]

19 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: The First Time

  1. That was fun BJo! Really appreciate all those stats and the pics that went with it. It’s like getting all SMK goodness at one time, I hope there are more coming….how about a count of all the times Lee clenches his jaw so that the muscle in his cheeks moves around. That gets to me all the time. Thank you for the post!


    • Hi htm1!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the stats! I’ve done stats posts up through ROTP, so keep looking for them. You can search for them using the search feature on the right hand side of the blog. As far as Lee’s cheek muscle, well let’s just say that you’re not along in your thinking… 😉 I forget where, but it does get its own category and cute name…let me know what you think when you get there!


  2. Just wanted to mention, I was flicking channels the other day and saw Jack 1 in a movie randomly!!! it was the Philadelphia experiment and he was playing a cop! Glad to see he got a few bigger roles than smk 😉 poor bloke!


  3. Thanks, BJo — that was a lot of fun! I too would love to see a count of Amandarambles.

    Regarding Jack #2, is that our very own Agent Frank Duffy? I know he popped up in many an episode, but I can’t speak for whether he appeared in an non-agent role.

    I’m looking forward to the stats on Amaaaanda’s … exasperated Lee is so adorable! Bonus points if he says it while wearing a tux or a black jump suit.


    • Hi raffie – I’ve never seen a name for Jack #2. It probably is Duffy – where did you see that name? He mostly showed up as an agent, but I know of at least 2 non agent roles that he played as well. I’ve also just started to notice a woman who I’m going to call Jill. I’ve seen her several times in and out of the agency. I’ll add her on my next post. And I’ll have to go back and look for her in The First Time.


      • Lee addresses Agent Frank Duffy by his first name in Vigilante Mothers as Duffy exits Billy’s office. I’m not sure where I picked up his last name, although more than likely it was in more than one episode. I think he is one of the agents in the opening scene of the Mole where agents storm the headquarters of some Eastern block country. Perhaps they mention his last name there. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

        Seems to me there might be one episode where he has a different name altogether as an agent … I remember catching that recently and thinking, “no, that’s not right, that’s Frank Duffy” when I saw it. Unfortunately, I have no ideas which episode it was … most likely late S1 or early-to-mid S2.


        • Hi Raffie.. way to go!! Be sure to point out if you come across Agent Duffy anytime! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for him from now on!

          Agent ‘Duffy’ is probably a shout out to assistant director Patrick A. Duffy – he worked on Car Wars so I only noticed his name the other day – for a second I thought: isn’t he that actor from Dallas? 😉

          IMDB says he worked on 8 episodes..


          • Thank you, thank you, Raffie! I don’t know how I never caught that! Me thinks IMDB is wrong though. We’ll see. This guy is like Waldo, popping up all over the place. I think he’s in way more than 8 episodes. But then again I think I see repeat actors all the time.

            iwsod – love your Dallas question….wait till you read my next stats post!!!


  4. Great job! May I add a suggestion? Lee/Amanda leaving their keys in the car. It’s easier to notice when Lee gets the ‘vette because it chimes, and it makes me giggle everytime (good thing I don’t do an SMK drinking game!). I guess with all the espionage going on, there is no room in the DC area for car thieves.
    I assume Amanda had left her keys in the station wagon in this episode rather than the evil Mrs. Welsh hotwiring it.


    • Thanks, Cindy! Great suggestion – I have thought the very same thing many times. The bad guys do it too. I’ll add that to the list!


  5. What a fun idea! I don’t know if this is the kind of idea you’re looking for but it is something that has always caught my attention. Ok, so, in “Rememberance of things past” Lee tells us that he hates plaid when Amanda offers him some of Joe’s old clothes. But then it seems like we see him in plaid fairly often in subsequent episodes. Could be that it isn’t that often and that it just catches my eye. Still, seems like if he hates it he wouldn’t wear it at all by choice. Again, not sure you are interested in doing this but if you are I’d love to know 🙂


  6. Hi and thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I hesitated to put ‘Stats’ in the name of the post, for fear no one would check it out. I’m glad I was wrong. I should have known dimples and tuxes would be enough for this crowd! But that gives me an idea for a new title, ‘Dimples, Tuxes and Boo boos’…hmmm, perhaps. Suggestions?

    Jenbo – yes, I think we’ll be seeing lots more dimple shots…great idea debilyn to add a dimple count! I just may have to make that section Gratuitous Dimple Shots.

    Thanks to Cindy who came up with the Dimple Patrol moniker! Thank you for pointing that out iwsod – I should have put that in the post. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! I’m happy to take up the cause and welcome fellow patrollers anytime!

    Christy – that’s funny! Feel free to pilfer the dimple pic for your report – LOL!

    Rachael – Amanda rambles is a great idea – I will add to the next post. Do you have a good vegetable man?

    Iwsod – thanks for the link to MACHMabel’s reference. I couldn’t remember where I read that. And I will have to add boo boos to Amanda. Does kidnapping count more than punches?? And the bit about who touches who is an interesting thought….will have to put that in the recap I think. Love it! It will be interesting to see how the touches change as we go through S1 will all of Lee’s changes in behavior. Ack! Which makes me think – what should I follow, airing order or iwsod order?

    I am having a blast as a guest contributor so far! (Iwsod makes it very easy to do if any of you out there are thinking about joining in the fun.) I am looking forward to getting onto the next episode very soon.

    Thanks again for making my first shot at posting a good thing. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  7. YAY! I happen to love stats and you have pics to go with so I am going to love this addition! 🙂 Thanks for doing this!


  8. I like the stats, BJo. What a lot of fun. I do think we should add the “dimple sighting” count. I have to admit they are as sigh-producing as the winks, for me anyway.


    • Hiya BJo! Well done!!! I really enjoyed your post!! 🙂

      I love how you started it all with Tuxedos BJo! You know what we like! 🙂

      I love that Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her to- and that’s what starts it all: Great point!! lol!!
      ‘God Bless the shriners’- I can’t find a reference to that good point here on justwalkwithme, but I found that MACHMabel said it over on yuku – good point MACHMabel! I always love to hear from MACHMabel – it’s like she reads my mind at times!!! 🙂 Here’s the post over on yuku:

      Hits/punches/shots to Lee – LOL.. he did have an easy week- he gets hurt alot in Season 1 doesn’t he! It will be interesting to tally all this up when you’ve done all of season one BJo [I am optimistic that you will continue to post! 🙂 ] – and then we could compare all of Lee’s boo boos to Amanda’s! 🙂

      22 touches? LOL I notice there’s a lot more Lee touching Amanda, than Amanda touching Lee 😉

      I agree with Jenbo– My fave bit is the dimple patrol! So glad Cindy thought of that name and So glad that you(Bjo) have taken on this burdensome job of monitoring Lee’s dimples 😉 oh yeah!!! Ahem..

      Hi Christy!! Great to hear from you! I like your idea for livening up the stats section in your annual report! 🙂 Hmmmm… maybe instead of putting smk into your report, you should do an annual report on smk sometime!!! I’ll publish it! 🙂

      Hi Rachel! It’s been a few weeks! Hope you are well! Good point Rachel, nothing about smk is boring – not even the stats!! yeah and we are talking tuxedos and dimples.. oh my.. sooo boring! Not!!! 🙂
      Amanda rambles is a great idea! What do you think Bjo? Or Rachel if you want you can always tally it up and add it to the comments yourself 🙂

      I just wrote the other day about Amanda’s ramble in the car in Car Wars and it was bugging me.. and I was happy to see less of them – but I loved them to start with!!! [Except for that tag of Double agent. ugh!!! ] I guess maybe earlier on- they had a point- as you say she solved the case.. it seems in Car Wars the only point the ramble made was that she was sounding like a dill!
      Here here! can’t wait for the next one BJo!

      Anyone else want to do a post?? There is no pressure – but just so you know: I would be thrilled if you guys wanted to write some posts of your own.. it’s wonderful to hear different voices!
      I think I did a post on this once.. here: https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/06/16/would-you-like-to-join-in-and-contribute-a-post/
      Bjo has been patiently helping me work out how to go about this (Bless you!) – I’m learning! 🙂
      If you want to do a one off post you would need to send it to me, if you want to post regularly, and are a regular visitor here, then I would give u the ability to post your own without me 🙂 I think it would be wonderful if in a few years time, there were multiple contributors – after all.. my walk through smk is going to come to ( sob) a dead end eventually isn’t it.. or maybe I should call it a Cul-de-Sac! 😉

      Bjo I love the Jack sightings! good idea!!

      Ahhh there is just soooo much smk goodness to explore! 🙂

      Thanks for the laugh BJo – you did a great job! byee all!!


  9. LOVED your post BJo, and I’m looking forward to the future ones. Yes, stats can be boring, but we’re talking SMK here, so they could NEVER be boring! I love all the pics, especially the tux shots, touches, and gratuitous dimple shot!
    Here’s one more you might want to consider: Amanda rambles. She does it in nearly every episode. I love how she starts and hardly takes a breath before she finishes, and the looks she receives are priceless. So often, she ends up practically solving the case because she throws in info the ‘seasoned’ agents should have picked up on. Also interesting to see how she becomes less of a rambler the end of the third and the fourth seasons.

    Can’t wait for the next on BJo!!


  10. Christy Mckinzie

    Thanks for your post BJo! Funny I just finished the stat section for our annual report at work….not nearly as fun as these are! Great pics and LOVE the dimple patrol at the end. Would love to put that in our annual report; maybe more folks would read it then LOL!


  11. Gratuitous dimple shot haaaaaaaa! That’s one stat it like to be into treble figures 😉

    Loved your post BJo and you can never have too many pics IMO 😉


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