3/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda arrive at the Central Government Impound Yard.. This post is a little larger than usual- I didn’t want to split this very cute scene up.. there’s lots to like in this episode! [If this ep is not a favourite, maybe you will like it a little better after we walk through it together! Smile ]

Hey! Nice set up for the tag as we see the forklift enter the yard carrying some barrels! It seems Gino (last name probably ‘Capone’)  is the boss of this joint, and ain’t nothin happening here without Gino’s say so. Capeeeesh????!!!
We have baddies who are mafia in this episode, and it seems the agency has a bit of a mafia of it’s own down here at the car yard! Winking smile  Lee tells Gino he needs a car, but Gino the Don is not interested..
Amanda doesn’t want to be a bother..
Amanda: Look, Lee, I think maybe Gino’s right. I think I shou-probably should just rent a car.
Amanda does not have the spare cash to be doing that.. that is ridiculous Amanda! Gino’s happy to intimidate Amanda. Gino smiles at Amanda and tells Lee: listen to the lady.
It is outrageous that Gino could be so happy to fob Amanda off and let her spend her own money!
Check out Lee’s body language.. he’s ready to do battle! He’s not budging, he needs a car and he’s gonna get one!
Lee: Look, Amanda, it is not fair for you to have to spend your own money on official business.
I could shake Amanda for even suggesting that!!! She’s soooo flippin nice sometimes! too nice!! This is doormat Amanda here – like in Charity where she does everything for Mrs Coleman and then lets her take the credit! but – Lee is having none of it. Go Lee! Smile
Lee to Gino:
Now, Gino, let me just have one of the Agency cars, huh?
Gino: They’re all out on the road.   Hey, look, uh, if it’s official duty, why don’t you just go rent her a car? After all, you flashy agents still got expense accounts right?
[Excuse me Gino, but the taxpayers don’t want you spending their money when it isn’t necessary!]
Lee: No, I gotta lay low for a while. LaRue is on the warpath again.
1Carwars.avi_000572839 Gino: Tell me about it. You know, that little weasel is 1Carwars.avi_000574741throwing a full inventory at us soon. Everything’s gotta be accounted for.  1Carwars.avi_000578044[wow… that is just outrageous! Not! I’m liking LaRue! tee hee… I’m guessing that is probably not what the writers were aiming for! Winking smile  Also, I like this whole agency financial audit idea- nice foreshadowing for those cuts which mean Amanda can’t get a raise coming up soon!! ]
Lee: Yeah, well what about one of your impounds? You know, something new, something you haven’t logged in yet?
[I’m surprised Lee suggested that- is it just me or is the idea of lending a car to Amanda that was impounded as part of a criminal case a bit of a stretch?! Did anyone else have the thought: why is it so darn urgent to get files to this storage place? can’t it wait till tomorrow when Amanda gets her car back?! ]
Gino: Forget about it, Stetson.
[ROFL! well that confirms it for me!!! They are definitely going for Gino being the Godfather.. or I know I know: Scarface with the Cigar!!! No doubt as he utters the famous mafia saying! Forgetaboutit! [Anyone seen Donnie Brasco?]

Amanda accepts Gino’s no and thinks there’s no good in pushing anymore..
Amanda gives up easily: Lee?

1Carwars.avi_000585151Lee is annoyed at Gino and his unhelpful attitude.. I think Lee partly wants to help Amanda… and now partly wants to get Gino to do what he wants! He’ll show him!
Lee pauses a moment, mentally calculating what to do next…
Lee has a plan! It’s time to play hardball..
Amanda says quietly: Let’s go.
Lee looks at Amanda here, having silently determined how he’s going to deal with Gino – when he looks at Amanda- to me- it’s like he’s thinking: Amanda deserves better treatment than this! This is not alright! Smile and I love it!! Smile reminds me of Wrong Way Home! Doesn’t Lee say something like that?? Anyone seen it recently and can fill us in? I have vague memories.. sitting at the bar.. Alas I don’t have time to look it up!
Anyway, sorry the mind wanders.. Lee walks off with Amanda.
Lee: Yeah.okay…. [Lee continues knowing Gino can hear him!]
But on the way back to town, let me tell you the story about how I bailed Gino out of trouble in Baltimore one night…
Amanda:Oh you did? what happened?
– Love how Amanda immediately realises where he is going with it!!! They are so in sync here! Go Amanda! Go Lee!! Smile Just look at these two having fun together!!
Lee: Yeah, you see….
…. he met these two sisters, they were exotic dancers and—
[Wasn’t there something about Lee and some dancing sisters? or did I intentionally wipe that from my mind????]
I love their smiles here  as they play Gino- Suffer Gino!! Lee’s enjoying this- it’s very conspiratorial – I always love to see that between Lee and Amanda Smile
Gino knows he is beat!: Okay!
Okay. I got two new arrivals. Come on.
Amanda looks at Lee- she’s impressed Smile I am too!! Smile
I Love love love the little look of haaa ‘we did it!!’  that Lee and Amanda share here as they are about to follow Gino over to a car. [Dimple alert!]
1Carwars.avi_000603570Lee leans in Reeeeaaal close with his arm around Amanda….
…. and whispers: Marry me Amanda!
Oh wait. Drat! No that’s not it.. let me rewind that again..
1Carwars.avi_0006044711Carwars.avi_000605472Lee whispers to Amanda: See?!!   [ I like my line of dialogue better.. but we’ll have to wait two seasons for that!]

I like to think Lee is good for Amanda- he helps her to learn how to better stand up for herself. [I think this ties in with one of the issues in Brunettes] Lee gives Amanda the skills and encouragement as he shows her how it’s done, and gets her to help him Smile
Gino points to a little convertible:
She’s all yours.
Amanda: Oh, no. No, I’m afraid this one won’t work. You see, this is a very small car, and I have a mother 1Carwars.avi_000618785and two little boys and after I finish my work for Mr Stetson, I’ll have to do a lot of errands and running 1Carwars.avi_000620687and…well, you see, I’m a housewife.
[If there is one area where Amanda can happily, comfortably, stand up for herself, it’s in what her family needs- she never compromises on that, and so she doesn’t hesitate to pass on this offer Smile  ]
1Carwars.avi_000626192Lee backs Amanda up: She’s a housewife, Gino.  [people with families don’t drive convertibles right Lee? I mean I am sure that has been part of your reasoning in your car choices!! Love here how it’s Lee’s turn to back up Amanda! They’re a great team!!]
1Carwars.avi_000628261Amanda: Besides that, I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.
[Continuity??!!! Love it!!!!]
Lee: take it from me, she doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift! Whahahhaaaaahahahahaha!!!
[Love love love that they revisit this gag for a third time!!!]
Whooo Lee can see Gino is wavering in his acceptance of his need to do Lee a favour here….
…. time to remind him by bringing out the big Ammo!
Gino, uh, what were the names of those two sisters again, is it Trixie, Mixie, something like that?[haaaa.. is that Trixie Berlinger? ROLF!! ]
Gino: Wait a minute!
Lee: What?
Gino: You swear to stop talking about Baltimore forever?
Lee: Cross my heart.
Gino: Okay. I got one more.

Lee looks back and smiles at Amanda- Lee’s done it again!!! Smile too cute!
Amanda shyly smiles back all excited and tries not to show it Winking smile
Gino continues: Now she’s plenty big,and it’s an automatic. You take it or leave it.
Lee: Which one is it?
Gino: The black one.
1Carwars.avi_000657090Amanda:Oh, this is really very nice of you.
Nooo.. really Amanda.. it isn’t! He’s being blackmailed! haaaa.. Amanda runs over to the car… Lee seems to think it’s a beauty! Now that she’s close to the car,  Amanda hesitates! Hmm maybe this isn’t such a good idea!!!
Lee: Gino, what is this?
Gino: It’s called a Stratford, English-made. Kind of a collector’s item.
Lee: Yeah? How much would it sell for?
[Gino whistles in response- And Amanda in response to that whistle? Looks rather worried! ]
Lee responds: That much, huh! Hm.
1Carwars.avi_000677110Amanda: Lee?
1Carwars.avi_000678712Lee: What?
1Carwars.avi_000680313Amanda: I can’t drive that, it’s as big as an ocean liner.
Lee: All that much more room for shopping. 
Amanda: The steering wheel’s on the wrong side!
[LOL.. I didn’t even notice in the opening sequence- to me this is normal and it’s all the Americans who have their steering wheel on the wrong side! Smile ]
Lee: Look, Amanda.
Amanda: Hmm?
Lee: We need a car and the price is right. Now quick before he changes his mind.
  [ie. hurry up and agree with me Amanda! Well meaning..but this is gonna be trouble!!!]
Amanda: Oh.  [I think Amanda would rather not, but.. again, she doesn’t want to be a bother!]
Amanda gives Lee a silent little smile in agreement, then  they both turn back to Gino and say together:  We’ll take it!
Love the ‘We’ in unison !! they seem to be a little shy with them both saying the same thing – they are so cute!!!
They quickly recover and smile back at Gino!
Gino tosses the car keys to them….
…. and they both reach out to catch them- again they are in sync!!!
 1Carwars.avi_000696329 And my goodness but there is a lot of lip licking going on here.. hooo haaaa could these two stand any closer?!
Their arms become playfully intermingled!!  Lee wins and catches them!
They are so cute here I just have to post lots of pics- I’m guessing you probably don’t mind Winking smile Lots of Lee dimples on show! Smile
Gino the Don of the agency car yard, threatens Lee with 1Carwars.avi_000704337paying for the damage (what no threat of a cement overcoat? Love that Dotty-ism!) and a kick to his rear end should anything happen to the perfect car.. Gino is menacing!!! and Lee? Lee is 1Carwars.avi_000720353intimidated!!! Now that’s saying something!! He chuckles nervously.. Ahh Lee this has disaster written all over it Smile
Oh wait.. Did Gino just say something
1Carwars.avi_000722756about Lee’s rear end?? whoooooo more talk of Lee’s you know what? man.. I’m liking this ep! Winking smile 

Amanda: I heard.
Lee: Amanda, be real careful, huh?

Amanda: I will.
[wow.. no pressure Amanda.. what a burden this puts on her, she’s nervous already! Lee is putting a lot of trust in Amanda here huh- that could put this ep after Brunettes.. Hmm.. maybe!]
Lee: Good.
Lee smiles and let’s Amanda drive off..  Love how Lee 1Carwars.avi_000733967walks off saying ‘Mmmmm..’ with a big smile on his face and laughing – like: I’ve done real good!! Smile
He’s so proud he got Amanda a car! hehehee.. It’s too cute. I know I keep saying that but.. this whole scene is too cute! Smile 

Well, must finish up there for now.. As always, thanks for reading!!! and it would be wonderful to hear any thoughts you’ve had about this ep! byeee!!

17 responses to “3/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Re watching these episodes in your revised order for story writing, and I noticed something. Here it appears to be the first time that Lee puts his arm fully around Amanda since the bridge discussion in AABH. I just thought that was noteworthy. Especially since I am watching this one right after BAI and the whole partner hand shake.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Marry me Amanda” Ha ha hah ha!!! Just watched the scene with the sound off so I could fit it your comment iwsod. LOL! Works fine for me! I this this is a delightful scene and shows Amanda’s underlying feistiness coming out. It’s nice to see Lee helping Amanda assert herself. And yep, he loves showing off for her.


  3. I agree that Lee was so determined to get Amanda a car was because he didn’t want her to think he couldn’t. Remember in “To Catch a Mongoose” when he bragged about having connections and being able to get her into a tea house. It’s important to Lee that Amanda be impressed with him. If only he realized she cares for him as a person, not a suave super spy. But “You’re not a superman, you’re just a man … but you’re really a pretty special man” is still a season away …


  4. Oh, I see Sab already beat me to the “Amanda doesn’t want to get Lee in trouble” comment — sorry to be repetitious! Iwsod, great job with this scene. Loved the “Marry me” line — LOL! You caught their togetherness so well. And you can never have enough dimpled screencaps!

    I always thought Lee’s look as he walks away at the end was because he was still stoked about the cool car, but I think you are right — he is also happy that he won the battle with Gino and got Amanda the car.


    • Hi Raffie – Brilliant to hear from you!!!! It is never repeating Raffie – because we had not yet heard what Raffie thinks 🙂

      Feel free to express the same point of view 🙂

      Yeah sometimes if we look further on into the episode, we see clues of what may have been going on earlier.. I like to come up with possible reasons and see what’s maybe supported by later events – and I reckon yours and Sab’s view that Amanda is not wanting to get Lee in trouble does play out soon – drat real life.. I want to write more Car Wars now.. but I don’t have time – I’ll do it as often as I can- but thanks for your patience guys 🙂 Hope you are all well!

      Absolutely yes Cindy and Raffie, as you scratch beneath the surface – this whole lending Amanda a car scenario?? Is insane! I 100% agree with you.. I came to the conclusion I’ve got to ‘forgetaboutit!’ or I won’t be able to enjoy the ride as much – and this ep is an overall pretty enjoyable ride! 🙂

      how did you go Jenbo – did you check out the car?? Or anyone else??



  5. one of the things I love about this scene, is how determined Lee is. I think part of the determination is not to be proven incapable of doing something in front of Amanda. lol Like, he could be intimidated by Gino. 🙂 He had to be a man in front of her and not back down and get her the car I think she was just sensing that he couldn’t get the car and was backing down to save him from getting in trouble. They were both thinking of the other and it was sweet. I love how they end up getting the car and saying in sync, we’ll take it! ❤


    • Hi Allofakind! I agree that scene in wrong way home is soooo swoony! 🙂

      Thanks for checking that Bjo! I haven’t watched that ep in ages.. I look forward to it! I look forward to watching season 3 again! though.. I am going to hold off now till I get to it here.

      I like to immerse myself with the episode I am currently looking at and I try not to go ahead in watching episodes – it helps me focus better – I like to look at the episode, and really look at the episode! Possibly a little obsessive.. hey, my hand is: I watch SMK obsessively daily 😉

      Sab, I love your observation about Amanda here! I said she didn’t want to be a bother, but you have narrowed it down beautifully to what it is all about (IMO)- Amanda doesn’t want to get Lee in trouble! I love this observation of yours Sabl I think we can actually see this play out in upcoming scenes really well! 🙂 Love the way you put that!


  6. Definitely a cute scene. It does make me wonder though what Amanda planned to do if she hadn’t gotten called for this file moving job. She says that she can’t use the little car because after the job she has errands and the boys to pick up etc. Well she wouldn’t have had a car for that either LOL. I do love how Amanda immediately jumps in and helps Lee blackmail Gino. Such a good team already even if Lee doesn’t see it yet. Am I the only one who wanted to smack Lee when he said ‘all the more room for shopping’? He’s definitely still in that transitional time between seeing her as a competent woman and ‘just a housewife’.


    • Not to mention that she shouldn’t be using an agency car for personal business!!


      • I didn’t mind when Lee said “all the more room for shopping” because Amanda had just finished rambling about all the errands she had to do.
        And I am trying to ignore the HUGE plot hole of not only Amanda using an agency car for personal business, but contaminating evidence. If the bad guys hadn’t also been such dumb dumbs, if and when the drugs were found any good lawyer would have been able to argue that the drugs were have been planted in the car after it was impounded (Lee’s, Amanda’s, Dotty’s and Philip’s and Jamie’s fingerprints are all over it) and got our Swedish meatball pal off.


  7. Oops,forgot to say one thing. I never really thought of Amanda as a doormat in this scene. I think I always thought that Amanda didn’t think it was the ‘right thing to do’ on the inside, so she was hesitant about it. But since Lee is arranging for all this, she of course goes along with it….trying to prove she can be a rule breaker? tee hee.


    • And I wondered if she was worried about Lee getting into trouble (because of course we know Lee won’t worry about details like that!) … but it’s true that in future seasons she would be much more willing to put up a strong front as she evolved into being a bit more of a rule-breaker!


  8. “Yeah, but okay isn’t good enough for you.” Lee says this to Amanda after she tells him why she and Joe divorced in The Wrong Way Home. Her line right before that is, “Life’s turned out okay, huh?” They are sitting in a booth at Dooley’s, the bar near the college campus. *Sigh* – one of my favorite moments of the series! And very similar to this, but with a waaaay more personally involved Lee!

    I think it was Lee with two gymnasts in A Lovely Little Affair – and an expense voucher for ladies undergarments….hey, at least it was business! Wait! Oh my gosh! Why can’t he have that kind of business relationship with Amanda?!?!

    “Marry me Amanda!” – LOL! You got me!

    You Aussies have cars with steering wheels on the right? You mean I’ve watched the Thorn Birds over and over and never noticed that Father Ralph’s car had his steering wheel on the right side? I think Richard Chamberlin must have dimples too….

    Yes, they are very cute here…this is one of the better scenes in the episode. Still not one of my favorites, but I’m looking forward to your future posts of this episode, I’m a big Billy fan in addition to a dimple fan!


  9. I am far from a classic car expert but I am really curious to know more about the Stratford. How old is it? Did they make automatic transmissions back then? I have tried good old Google but am not sure Stratford is the name of the car maker. I really ought to ask my dad but not sure how to field lots of questions why LOL I prefer to keep my SMK obsessions to myself 😉

    In one of your pics it looks like Lee’s hand is hovering dangerously close to her butt!


    • LOL.. I am sure Lee’s hand is not near Amanda’s butt! It’s just in mid action! 🙂

      Jenbo I was wondering about the car myself – I had posted pics and discussed this car and Princess Valoskia’s car (in Waiting for Godorsky) in this post but had to pull it out as it was getting waaaaay too long – was going to put it in the next post – so I’ll post pics the next time.. I am no car expert or anything.. I just get curious! Especially when I see a similar distinctive car in two episodes!

      I think there is no car called the ‘Stratford’ – they’ve made it up as it sounds English..

      At first I thought it was a Riley RMB… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riley_RMB#Riley_RMB
      I thought it could be the same car as Princess Valoskia but they’ve changed the grill on the front (no Riley cars had a grill like this one in Car Wars – I am 99% sure they’ve put a prop grill on there for when it gets damaged – in the next post!)

      So… with that in mind, Princess Valoskia’s car had a Rolls Royce grill on the front and they’ve changed the tyres, the windscreen- but I suspect the body is the same car… it could be a rolls?? I’m not sure.. what do you think? I searched rolls royce and found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolls-Royce_Wraith -but it’s not quite right.
      I think it could be a Riley body which had the Rolls grill put on the front! I suspect the car is not purely anything! I think no car is going to be fully right!

      What do you think?

      Oh and regarding the transmission.. maybe they didn’t have automatics, but it could have had a new transmission put in – after all manuals are the go in Europe generally, but in the US automatics are the norm (In Australia we have lots of both).

      Hope that helps.. I had fun looking at pics while eating my breakie! off to do some work now! byeee everyone!


      • The closest thing I could find to an actual vehicle was a Red Arrow Stradford trolley car.

        I don’t know why, but for some reason, this car always reminds me of the Studebaker that Fozzie the Bear drove in The Muppet Movie.


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