4/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So Lee says goodbye to Amanda.. we see the Stratford exit the yard, and outside the gate the two mafia baddies are there- stunned to see this car leaving the yard! It’s their lucky day!!! [BTW this is another larger than usual post- I just didn’t want to split up this scene that’s coming!]

Do you think it is the same car that Princess Valoskia had in Waiting for Godorsky? With a few adjustments? different windshield? different tyres? here’s her car:
24 car_thumb[1]

Car Wars car:
See the comments of post 3 also for a few suggestions I offered up.. If someone would like to take this further – please let us know what you find! Smile Now I’m looking at it again I’m thinking maybe the car wars car is longer?? Hmm! we need a car enthusiast! Smile

I love how we see Lee exit in his corvette and it scrapes the road as the low car exits on that driveway- ouch!!

The baddies rush to get into their car and pursue Amanda. Ohh Kramer is Petronus (the other baddie is Benedict).. is that name significant? it’s very unusual.. anyone?
Petronus: Come on, let’s get our car. This broad gets in our way, we waste her. [ – that’s Shakespeare right there people!!! 😉 ]
Ah man.. Amanda’s life is in danger already?! Winking smile

We see Amanda driving along- she quietly smiles to herself and lets out a big sigh- she seems to be relaxed and happy that the car issue has been resolved for her..
Poor Amanda! the dramas are just beginning! Uh oh.. 1Carwars.avi_000800934The Baddies cut Amanda off on the road and she runs into the back of them – quickly pulling out her wallet with her insurance info.
That sleeve in her wallet that she whips out is just hilarious- a lovely little SMK touch! Smile But.. Amanda is just so ‘nice’ and gullible here!! The way they manhandle her – and she exclaims ‘ oh!’ makes my blood boil! [This reminds me of the baddies forcefully picking Amanda up after she got ‘mugged’ in Brunettes are in! ] Amanda doesn’t even object, she just assumes they didn’t mean to be rough with her and says ‘Excuse me, I’m sorry!’ ugh!!! [Actually- doesn’t she say ‘Excuse me?’ when Lee grabs her in the first time and says: ‘Just walk with me’ ????!!! ]
Thank goodness the policeman was there! He blows his whistle and runs over to them. The baddies take off..

Amanda: Well, I can’t imagine having an accident with two nastier men. [LOL at Amanda folding up her wallet!]
1Carwars.avi_000849282Policeman: This was no accident, lady. Old bunco trick. Get in front of someone, stand on the brake, bam! The next thing you know, some guy’s holding his neck, screaming for his lawyer, and some poor slob’s got to pay it out of his insurance company.
Amanda: You mean they did it on purpose?
1Carwars.avi_000857290[How can Amanda be that wide eyed and innocent? she’s been working with the agency over a year now?! Winking smile Poor Amanda.. at least she knows it’s not her fault, and she can tell Lee that right? right? err.. No!.. ]
Policeman: Yeah. Guys like that cruise all day looking for a car like this.
Unfortunately, Amanda didn’t see the Licence plate number.. drat.. Amanda is a tad unhappy.. but she’s so far coping okay – it isn’t till this next moment that her stress levels really begin to rise! Together Amanda and the Policeman walk around to check out the damage.
ROFLMBO( see that Raffie?!) – notice, when they show a close up on the damaged grill on the car- it is in a completely different location! ohhh LOL! it seems to be parked next to a wire fence! teeee heee! that is so lame!!!

[Is that Lee’s car parked behind? – it has a random appearance in the background in another upcoming scene!]
Amanda: Oh, no!
Policeman: Lady, I hope your insurance is paid up. It’s gonna take some big bucks to fix that. Think you can still drive it?

1Carwars.avi_000887721Oh LOL.. Amanda whips out her insert again as she gets her Driver’s Licence out! teee heee 

LOL.. it probably should have gone like this: Policeman: Oh and you got registration papers on this car Ma’am?? Let me call it in.. Oh?? it was involved in an incident in upstate NY and is suppose to be in the custody of ‘The Agency’ – just who are you lady?? You’re under arrest!! tee hee… OH dear.. there is just so much wrong with Amanda having this car! 😉

Yes, the really upsetting part to Amanda- is realising how damaged the car is- and.. she’s going to have to tell Lee and get him in trouble!!! BTW- I’m thoroughly confused about what insurance coverage Amanda would have in this car – LOL.. I would imagine she’s not covered?? Why does Amanda give the baddies her insurance info- it’s not her car?? .. I’m confused!!

Oh and fabulous, the baddies took her insurance card- let me guess- it has her name and address on it! [But do you think Amanda is going to tell anyone this? nooooo!!]
Amanda goes to call Lee.. Brace yourself!

1Carwars.avi_000925358First, back to the baddies… Petronus  heads back to Falcone’s ( errr so this baddie HQ is local is it? what are the odds that Marco would get arrested upstate NY and he and the car would get brought to DC nice and close to Baddie HQ?! Ohhh whatever! ) Falcone is amazed at these idiots.. and their non-subtle ways –

Falcone: I thought Mario was something! He’s got nothing on you two. You stage an accident! in broad daylight! in front of a cop!!!
Petronus: We didn’t see him.
Falcone: ‘We didn’t see him!!!’ Well, let me tell you something, if you ever wanna see anything again you better start listening to me.
[I love how he mocks Petronus here, repeating what he said sounding really stupid (and cranky)- he does this exact same thing with Amanda later!]

1Carwars.avi_000918151Falcone: From now on we’re gonna be more discreet, and use less muscle. Now, now think, where did Mario stash the stuff?
Petronus: Uh, I don’t know…I know where I’d hide it.

Uh oh..Looks like they’ll be back Amanda!

Lee shows up at the ‘accident’ .. and slams his door as he exits his car.. uh oh.. oh poor Lee he is having a conniption fit!!!!!!  It’s a shame the moment Lee arrives the Policeman leaves! Was anyone else thinking: Policeman! tell Lee you saw what happened and it’s not Amanda’s Fault!!!! but noooooo.. no one tells him- gah!!
Lee mumbles to himself: what did you do this time. [Ouch.. that line he mumbles to himself is very telling!!! Hmmm.. I see Lee is still regarding Amanda as a pain in the neck somewhat! Before Brunettes?? Hmmm! ]
Lee: Oh my God!Oh My God!!! Look at this!!!
Amanda: are you very upset? [Amanda stays over at her side of the car, she seems too scared to approach Lee.]
Lee: Am I upset? Gino is going to kill me for this!!!
1Carwars.avi_000958992Amanda: Lee I’m very sorr-
Lee: you’re sorry? (Amanda nods) you are sorry? [uh oh.. this reminds me of Artful Dodger.. Me no like..]
…you don’t know Gino, Gino can get mean sometime-

: Lee I bet if we get right on this we could have the whole thing repaired today.

[Well done Amanda, present a solution! Lee’s brain has temporarily ceased to function!]


Lee: Ohhh look at… [I love how at this moment we see the close up on the grill- again! it is off at another location! rofl!!!! Yes! Look at that!! magic Car!!! I also love how the bumper isn’t even scratched – JUST the grill is dented! ;)]
Lee takes some deep breaths: ahhhh….
….alright, alright that’s a good idea.
  Hooray.. you can do it Lee – hang in there! Lee is too cute here! He is so distressed.. and trying to keep calm, trying not to loose it!! Trying not to blow up at Amanda.. [What did Emily teach you Lee? Patience and Control!]

You know, I think there is a part of Lee that has always liked to help out Amanda- solve her problems for her..(get her Captain  Galaxy, Pretzel the clown.. etc.) but to me, Lee is still seeing Amanda as a problem he needs to solve- I’m not getting the ‘partner’ vibe… so far!

Amanda isn’t helping.. she doesn’t tell him what happened! (not that he asked) and that the fancy car attracted Bunco tricksters (Loving the ‘Bunco’ word:that’s a new one for me!) – this reminds me of Brunettes, where I felt Amanda was taking on the blame for something voluntarily, which was not her fault- even once they knew she had been ‘mugged’. Amanda does the same thing here.  Continuing on.. Lee: that’s a good idea, let’s do something very positive shall we?
Amanda: Let’s do that
Lee: let’s not talk about it this anymore [LOL Lee isn’t coping!]
Amanda: that’s a good idea
Lee: you realise you only had this car for fort, forty-three minutes to be exact!
Amanda at the same time: I thought we weren’t going to talk about this anymore!
1Carwars.avi_000984250I think Amanda is worried Lee is going to say something here he might regret- like what he said in Artful Dodger.. (oh I loathe to think of that episode..but well.. I guess it is an 1Carwars.avi_000985251example of Lee’s anger- ugh!) so Amanda cuts him off.
Deep breath Lee….  1Carwars.avi_000986052 1Carwars.avi_000987053
Lee: Yeaahhhh….
1Carwars.avi_000988621…..that’s right, you’re absolutely right. Absolutely 1Carwars.avi_000991024right,

[Lee takes a few steps closer to Amanda here.. hoping to mend things between them in a way.. 1Carwars.avi_0009926251Carwars.avi_000995028but it’s too soon! Winking smile ] I’m not going to talk about it anymore.. but… couldn’t you stop? I mean you rear ended the guy!


[The brain knows it is smart to shut it, but the emotions are a little out of control here!!]
1Carwars.avi_001002235Amanda butts in: Lee before that nasty little phrase ‘ woman driver’ crops into this conversation could we please just drop it and get the car repaired!!!!!!???

Well- hoooray!!!! Go Amanda! She is feeling responsible (wrongly) for the accident, but he doesn’t need to rub it in and keep going on about it!!! Let’s just fix the thing!! I think that is a big thing Amanda just did!! Very well done Amanda!!!
I do want to scream at the TV- tell him it wasn’t even your flippin fault!!!! The guys did it on purpose!!! There is just no reason she doesn’t tell him!
Lee silently glares at Amanda in response for a moment, and then he tilts his head in silent, controlled(!) agreement!  Winking smile 1Carwars.avi_001010243

Amanda: Please. please…
Lee: yes, yes..
Amanda: thank you.
The scene ends with Amanda giving Lee a nervous smile in response to his finally dropping it, while Lee looks away from Amanda repeating yes! yes! (telling himself to drop it and get control!!) the vibe to me is not- ‘reconciled’, it is ‘truce’ !

The scene ends here.. A few more comments: I am reminded of Amanda’s description of Lee to Scotland Yard in Bromfield hallMr Stetson may have a temper, and he blows up! But.. it blows over! [There is a major throw back to Bromfield Hall coming up also! Stay tuned!! Smile]
Now, Lee losing his temper, and then getting control of himself and calming down? I use to think this  is a new behaviour, post Brunettes.. but I am changing my mind about this. [and don’t worry you don’t have to agree with me Winking smile ]
It is not uncommon for us to see Lee struggling to control his temper and his emotions when it comes to Amanda – right from the first episode! –  Lee doesn’t like to be so out of control like he often seems to be when Amanda is involved! He doesn’t like to lose his temper in general –
So we often see him struggling with his temper. Here this struggle is a little more intense than we’ve seen for a while – and it could be seen as a great foreshadowing of the big fight in Brunettes.

In Brunettes,  Lee finally blows his stack- and yet.. again, he calms down and actually apologises [‘Oh Amanda, you make me crazy!’ I love that line!!] , he gets control of himself, but it is too late- he’s already said too much, and their relationship has reached a crucial crossroads..
You may prefer to see this episode as after Brunettes, fair enough, it can be seen that way also – it all depends on how we interpret things. For me, I find Amanda, while glad Lee is her friend, does not act like she has the security of knowing she is his partner- she is too afraid for that.. Anyway! I will still be keeping an eye out for reasons why it can’t possibly be before Brunettes in case I am way off track!

Lastly, while I don’t see this scene as being a momentous event for Lee and his treatment of Amanda- I do still see plenty of Lee doing lovely things for Amanda in this episode and I still believe there is lots of great stuff coming up!!!! whooo hooo!!! 

As always feel free to share your thoughts with us all here – comments are very very welcome- and don’t forget to feel free to discuss amongst yourselves too Smile byeee and thanks for reading! 

13 responses to “4/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. A friend (thank you! You know who you are 😉 ) has kindly sent me the script to Car Wars – whoo hoo!! So I can finally take a look at this scene where the baddies do the Bunko trick on Amanda.. it always felt strange to me..

    Anyway, here is what I found in the script if you are interested!

    The scene starts as in the episode, with Amanda giving the baddies her insurance info and they take her insurance card from her.
    Then Petronus demands the keys to the car.
    The policeman blows his whistle running towards them from a distance.
    Amanda throws the keys away trying to buy time and keep the baddies from taking the car and the baddies take off.

    As in the episode, the policeman explains to Amanda it was a bunko trick.
    And the scene ends with Amanda asking the policeman if she can get some help calling a friend.

    Lee drives along slamming his palms onto his steering wheel ‘this is not a happy man’ the script says!
    He arrives just as the police officer is leaving ( as in the episode)

    Lee ignores Amanda and goes straight to check out the damage.. just like what we got.
    After Lee notes it’s been 43 minutes since Amanda had the car? In the script Amanda responds: I told you, it wasn’t my fault. And I thought we weren’t going to talk about it.

    Soooo there you go.. that was really bugging me! And there is a line in the script where Amanda says she told him on the phone that it wasn’t her fault. For whatever dumb reason they left out this line.. oh well.. I think it is a boo boo..

    The script also has Lee giving Amanda a slip of paper with the names of agency approved garages.. and Lee says he’ll follow her, as she takes the Stratford around to get some quotes.

    Soo there you go! bye!


    • Yeah, I think that is a boo boo. I actually never thought Lee was that bad in this episode. It seemed to me he reigned in his temper pretty quick, but I had always wished there was some evidence that Amanda had tried to explain that it wasn’t her fault. It seemed to me she had just resigned herself to the fact that Lee was going to blow up and then it was going to blow over. Which is fine. She knows him and knows how to relate to him, but that doesn’t mean she has to make herself look incompetent.


  3. I can’t be too hard on Lee in this scene. He’s a man who loves cars … and seeing this beautiful baby get beat up must have been very painful to him. But he recovered quickly and realized (as he does more profoundly after the carjacking later on) that it’s not the car that is really important here. I enjoyed that behind-the-scenes clip, but chuckled about the mention of BB’s “failed” movie, TRON. A box office disappointment at the time, but one of those films that has built a huge cult following in the years since. I believe they’re planning yet another sequel.


  4. Got all excited when I read the baddies name Petronus…….the Mercedes Formula 1 team is partnered with a company called Petronas…..OK spelling slightly different but considering F1 is about cars battling to be first and here we are with a bad guy with a similar name in an episode called Car Wars……….well it tickled me LOL

    I am not convinced this is post Brunettes. Amanda is just too much of a sap. Stick up for yourself woman! Not getting the partner vibe either IWSOD, it just seems so off after Brunettes.
    I am not sure I could cope with a colleague who blew hot and cold so much, no matter how good looking he is.

    What History are you referring to??


    • Hi Bjo and Jenbo! I don’t know much about BB- and I like it that way! however, I had heard he has a history of drinking problems. Like a lot of people in showbiz I guess..

      Thanks or sharing Jenbo- It’s good to hear a different point of view on the ep order – so I am not going nuts by questioning if Car Wars is before Brunettes? Oh good! 🙂

      It’s going to be interesting to see if we still feel that vibe by the end of the ep! Let me know please!

      Thanks too bjo – yeah I like the scene better now I have an explanation for why Amanda didn’t tell – it’s just bad re-writing and/or editing! 🙂



    • I forgot to add- Petronus could be spelt wrong- we don’t have access to a script.. so who knows- IMDB could have it wrong! 🙂

      It could be Petronas! or.. it could also maybe be Petronius – who is a saint – like Benedict.. I wondered if calling the mafia goons saints names was a joke of some kind! but.. love your idea about the car racing! 🙂

      Drat I wish we had this script! bye Jenbo!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Oh I cracked up with your line that Petronus’ dialogue was Shakespeare 🙂

    In the Wrong Way Home, Lee tells Amanda that she has been his case since he first met her.


  6. Here’s that link, Cindy. The scene you’re referring to is about 2 minutes in:

    I think Lee’s controlling of his energy reflects someone who has learned a hard lesson and is trying very hard to improve. I think Brunettes was that hard lesson. And I’ll propose a theory, although I don’t necessarily believe in it, but it’s an attempt to rationalize Amanda’s failure to talk about the Bunco trick. Perhaps it is a test. It’s one thing to forgive someone you like/love when it wasn’t their fault in the first place. It’s another thing to forgive them even when you think it is their fault. That represents a relationship at a whole new level. Which would definitely make this post-Brunettes. I’m not saying Amanda was intentionally putting Lee to the test, but rather that once he got worked up, she wanted to know that he calmed himself back down because he cared about her feelings, not because he heard it wasn’t her fault. Does that make sense?

    I agree that it is probably more of a truce at this point, Iwsod. But I also think that it was a very amicable truce. (By the scene at Ned’s, while both are agitated at the situation, neither is directing it at the other.) I think both are content with the way things worked out. It’s a step in the right direction, a promise of better things to come.


    • Hi Raffie, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I completely see what you mean! I keep vascillating actually.. Not a bad theory there! A test huh! 🙂 You know, I think we can come up with a theory to support anything! [And sometimes in smk we need to- to fix a boo boo they’ve done! Tight headbands can explain alot! 😉 ] – I am well aware that I am doing exactly that! 😉

      I guess an alternative theory doesn’t disprove something, it shows there are multiple interpretations! 🙂

      We’ll see how the rest of the episode pans out – from now on the tone changes so maybe in the end I’ll revert back to my previous belief that this is after Brunettes!

      You know, it could just be that this comes after Brunettes and there is a little bit of backsliding too! 🙂 tee hee.. I might just go with that at the end.. LOL! 🙂 I do think all this highlights how far they have advanced by the time we get to Spiderweb 🙂

      Yes indeed Raffie – there is good stuff to come!

      Sorry I get a little obsessed by these things till I think it all through! and I haven’t!!! But…I’ll try to focus less on the episode order and the ridiculous idea of loaning Amanda a baddie’s car ( lol!) and just go with it.. These two are such a joy to watch!

      Thanks for sharing the vid Raffie! I have seen it around, but I’ve never actually watched it! Because the quality was bad. but I was wrong! I just watched it and I am very glad I did!! There are a couple of moments in there that are not in the final version of the scene which is interesting – Lee and Amanda are looking at a piece of paper infront of the damaged car? Hmm.. ok, maybe that is BB and KJ checking their lines 😉 no no.. it was part of the scene- Lee later tells her they are 3 approved agency garages – he tells her he will follow her there and get ‘estimates!!!’ – Hmm I like the final version we got better – in this first version he’s being very bossy! Ouch.. Lee is being much more aggressive – fascinating to see the difference between this and what we got!

      The vibe is very much: Lee is bossing Amanda.. and she is in trouble and the way she shakes herself she is very submissive… it’s like she just got chewed out by her dad or something.. nope really glad we got what we got in the end!!! What do you all think of this difference? Fascinating!!

      When KJ responds to the question of will romance be written into the script she says ‘ I don’t know they might. You never can tell.’ – LOL!! that’s what Amanda says to Dotty about Bryce Topping and I was wondering if that could also apply to how Amanda sees Lee!

      Also- now this is interesting! We see Amanda get out of the car and go straight to the front of the car to see what the damage was and react- alone!

      There is no cop with her! This makes me wonder….this could explain why she doesn’t tell Lee about the Bunco trick! Maybe they changed the script while filming and added in the dialogue scenes with the cop later- and they added in the bunco idea- this would explain why Amanda doesn’t tell Lee about it!!!??

      In the final version, when Lee arrives- we don’t see the policeman’s face at all- we only hear Amanda tell the policeman thank you and he walks off (which is strange given the character had earlier dialogue!) I suspect that was all we were suppose to get from the cop.
      Soooo maybe they added in the scene with the policeman’s lines and his explanation later? [Not sure what happened to the baddies- though they are not with Amanda when she checks the grill here in this behind the scenes view]
      Well.. it makes me feel better about Amanda not telling Lee! 🙂 She may have originally thought it was her fault!

      We don’t have access to a script for this episode sadly.. I tried.. there was a site selling it and I wrote to them but got sadly no answer – it was an old smk site so maybe they don’t do that anymore.. oh well!

      Oh dear.. BB pretending to be drunk getting out of the car? You know.. I can’t find it funny.. given his history.. but that’s probably just me..I don’t find drunks funny.. but it’s lovely to see KJ and BB having fun on the set!

      Love KJ’s quote: ‘Something works’ – such an understatement!!! 🙂 too right it does!!

      Thanks for sharing the link Raffie!!!

      Hope you are all well! I am about to head off to university for nearly a week.. will try and post the next installment as soon as I can – but I may be too busy! Though thanks to Bjo, there is another smk stats post to enjoy soon! byee everyone and hope you are all well, Iwsod


      • I like the version of the scene that aired vs. the original better too! What we saw in the interview seems a bit too much from Lee. Ouch is right! I never noticed the part about the cop not being there in the interview scene. But I think that would completely explain why Amanda doesn’t tell Lee about the bunco trick! Who knows what happened, but I like your theory.

        “BB pretending to be drunk getting out of the car? You know..I can’t find it funny..given his history..” Whose history, iwsod? BB’s or Lee’s? I didn’t know either of them had a drinking problem?


  7. Just as an aside, I remember seeing a funny outtake where the Vette screams to the scene, Bruce flings open the door and immediately trips and falls out of the car. I think it was part of a promo for season two when it originally aired..


  8. Hello…I think the two cars are similar, but not the same. I used to think they were the same car until I saw your pictures side by side. The Car Wars car looks bigger to me. The front end and fenders over the front tires are totally different! But hey, I’m not a car aficionado. My favorite is the 80’s style Corvette that Lee drove. Every time I see any Corvette on the road I am sure to point it out to my kids! Their gym teacher at school drives has one and my daughter says that he drives Scarecrow’s car. I’m trying to train her young!

    Love Amanda’s shocked look when she learns that there are actually people out there who are unsavory with their cars on purpose! But you’re right, how can she still be that gullible?!?!? LOL on your alternate take of the scene! We all have to just bite our tongues with this episode! There is so much wrong with it as you point out here and I think Cindy mentioned it to in the last post too.

    Yes! I was thinking the same thing about this scene. I didn’t so much care that the policeman left before Lee came so much as I was irritated that Amanda didn’t tell him what the policeman said! Why not? Grrrr. I do remember thinking that I was impressed that Lee did manage to reign in his temper and not let Amanda totally have it which he could have done because he doesn’t know it isn’t her fault!! I remember thinking to myself that this was an improvement to his behavior in earlier episodes in that regard. I would totally expect him to blow his stack over this. After all, he has to pay for the repair out of his own pocket!

    As far as episode order goes, I haven’t seen anything in it yet that says to me it goes one way or the other with regard to Brunettes.


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