5/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Nedlinger’s – is this the first time we see it? [Karen Rudolph has set me straight about this: It’s first seen in The Mole! Smile Thanks Karen! Good Catch! Miss you!! ]

Amanda and Lee sit at a table going over the body shop repair quotes.
Amanda offers to somehow contribute to the repair cost – but Lee brushes it off pointing out the only reason she 1Carwars.avi_001028661was driving that car was because of him (Now that’s sweet!! and Lee doesn’t even seem to realise it’s sweet, he is so focused on the bills!!1heart_eyes)..

: You’re being awfully nice. I really thought you were still pretty angry with me.

Lee: It’s these body shops I’m really angry at!
See? Amanda was right – He blows up, but it blows over! Looks like they are reconciled now to me! Lee can’t stay mad at Amanda for long! Smile
Lee continues: I mean, get this, look: thirty-seven dollars, paint; one hood latch, fourteen ninety-five; one grille strip, ten fifty. Look at this: labour, seven hundred and fifty dollars!
Amanda: Mm!
Lee: Boy, am I in the wrong racket.
[Is Lee saying he is also in a ‘Racket’? LOL! Is this another reference to the Mafia?? they love racketeering don’t they?!]
Amanda: Yeah, I know what you mean. This one wants nine hundred and fifty-six dollars. Oh, but this does include hand buffing.
1Carwars.avi_001058291Lee: Oh!! Winking smile
(hand buffing? whoo!! )
Lee: Nah, it won’t do any good. Look, everybody’ll want an arm and a leg for this work. Oh!…Look, I am 1Carwars.avi_001060694in the middle of a very important case (and Amanda’s involved! tee heee..) and I don’t 1Carwars.avi_001064698have much time left with this, so let’s just go with one of these estimates and get the thing fixed.
Amanda: All right, how about this one? It’s the cheapest and they said they could do it today.

1Carwars.avi_001078311This is much better.. they are working together to get this solved.. So $615 for the bodyshop work?.. Ouch!!!

As they exit Nedlinger’s Lee says: I’ll follow you over there and pick you up later to get the car. Then tomorrow you have got to get on those file deliveries.[Bossy Lee!] Right, so they were going to take the car to the Mechanic.. wait- file deliveries tomorrow? rofl!! I really don’t know why they didn’t just do it tomorrow when Amanda would have her car in the first place (yes, I know… no episode if they didn’t Winking smile )– ugh! go with it.. just go with it!!..

Off they go to leave Nedlinger’s and super spy that Lee is.. he doesn’t notice that right in front of him- 1Carwars.avi_001099933something is wrong- until Amanda stops in her tracks behind him… and she 1Carwars.avi_001100734points: there are no tyres on the car!!! Whoooo Lee is 1Carwars.avi_001102335going to burst a blood 1Carwars.avi_001106339vessel!!!! 😆

1Carwars.avi_001108742Now.. If I were Lee I would be really really shocked that the car is there – because when they gave us the exterior shot of Nedlinger’s earlier – the car wasn’t even there at all!!! this car is magical!! whooooo….

Well, this day is magical in many ways apparently.. because the trees out the front of Ned’s have magically changed also Winking smile the one on the right has shrunk!

So, they head back inside Nedlinger’s again to escape this weird glitch in the time space continuum that seems to be happening out the front of Neds- stealing their tyres, shrinking plants..  LOL.. do you think the Penny has dropped that this ex-baddies’ car might be dodgy in some way? Noooo.. oh well.. this way is more fun! Winking smile Surely Gino can’t hold Lee responsible for all crime in the Washington area Winking smile 

1Carwars.avi_001116750The tireless tire company is there to help… $956- for the tyres to be replaced! Ouuuuuch!!!
[I hadn’t realised Amerian spelling is ‘Tire’? and English is ‘Tyre’?! Us Aussies spell it ‘Tyre’ – to us tire is to grow weary not what you put on a car! Interesting!
Ned: Here’s your coffee, Lee.
Lee: Ah, thanks, Ned.

Ned pours Lee a coffee and see’s the total on the Bill!1Carwars.avi_001131164
Wow, sure you don’t want something a little stronger?



1Carwars.avi_001134367Lee wishes! 

Amanda walks up behind Lee, when she sees the total, she snatches the bill!


Amanda: Oh my gosh, two hundred dollars a piece?

1Carwars.avi_001139172Tireless tyre company guy
: Hey Lady! you think rubber grows on trees!!!…..
1Carwars.avi_001141574 1Carwars.avi_001143176Lee gives him a look! LOL!!! * a moment of realisation for the tiresome tyre guy!*
[I bet he’ll never ‘tire’ of that joke! now he’s figured it out Winking smile]
Tiresome tyreguy: Haaa!!!!

Grumpy Lee: here. take your blood money.

-The tiresome tyre guy is awfully chirpy at their misfortune.. and.. Amanda just plasters a smile on her face as he walks away.. I love how Lee calls it blood money! tee hee.. yeah! you tell him Lee!!
So Lee bought imported radials because Gino would notice if they weren’t?? whoa.. Gino is really scaring Lee!! Winking smile Notice the lady standing at the bar behind them?
That’s the lady who walked in front of them outside before they noticed the tyres were gone! Winking smile Anyone spotted Agent Duffy here? Winking smile
Amanda has more good news.. not.. the station wagon 1Carwars.avi_001167200won’t be ready for another day..Mike the Mechanic can’t get it done in a day? Why am I not surprised..  this day is just going from bad to worse!! At least they have each other …. awh… Winking smile

: Ohhh I swear! I’m going to open up a garage when I retire..

Mmmm Mmmm.. Lee in overalls?.. bring it on!! I’ll take my car there for sure!! Especially if *ahem* there is hand buffing included!! Winking smile okay – I couldn’t resist that one!! Winking smile
I appreciate that he is trying to keep control of his temper here – Well done Lee- he is no longer directing his anger at Amanda!! Smile Me Like!! [Yes Jenbo, I too struggle with Lee’s blowing hot and cold – as you put it in the comments of post 4! Smile but seeing how he turns out in season 4? It’s worth hanging in there huh! Winking smile ]

Lee: Okay, this is the plan for today (He’s sooo bossy!!!) you keep the stratford. I will meet you tomorrow morning. We will have the hood fixed  and we’re gonna take the damn thing back to Gino and pick up your car! Then, you will deliver those files. [ I really wish Amanda responded the way she did in Long Christmas eve when Lee was barking orders – she saluted him and said ‘Yes Sir!’ Smile ]

Amanda is afraid to take the car for the rest of the day but Lee tells her to go ahead.. I really cannot blame her!!!

You know, this is a lovely indicator that Lee still trusts Amanda- it’s like when he gave Amanda the microdot for sake keeping in Brunettes!! By encouraging her to take the car, Lee is saying to her that he trusts her still – awh!!!!! (post Brunettes?! Winking smile )

Amanda: I guess you’re right, so much has gone wrong already I guess nothing else could possibly-
: whoa shhh.. don’t!
Drat for a second there I thought Lee was going to touch Amanda’s lips.. but.. not quite!! 1 Inch away!!!!! drat!!!
I love this!!!  (and love the dimples!!!) Lee is catching on to the way things work in SMK land! hehehehee.. Now if only he’d figured out that the case he is working on undoubtedly is related to Amanda and the car! Winking smile 

They both go their separate ways.. oblivious to what’s ahead! Lovely to see them both getting along again.. now they are over that errr speed bump! 

As always- I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts everyone!!!!!  Hope you are well- thanks so much for reading! byeeeeeee!

7 responses to “5/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hello.. just thought I’d mention a couple of script differences..

    Where Lee tells Amanda to take that ‘damn thing (ie. the car) back tomorrow’ in the script Lee calls it ‘that devil-wagon’ – LOL!
    After Lee says this, Amanda asks if she should keep it. and says she has errands to run and Mother and the boys to pick up.
    Lee responds: Go ahead… but, only if you agree – anything else goes wrong with that car and you pay for it.
    Amanda thinks for a moment.
    Amanda: Deal. I think I’m safe. After all the bad luck so far, nothing else can go wrong.
    And the scene ends.. I like how Lee stops her from saying it in the episode haaa!!! and.. this line of Lee’s about Amanda having to pay for anymore costs?? don’t like that! It makes Lee sound like a jerk! I’m glad they got rid of that.. now in the episode here he is just plain lovely! 🙂
    Okay byeee!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Another example of how the script changed to be more true to character. So do not like how Lee comes off as such a jerk in the script. Not that Lee can’t be a jerk. He certainly is sometimes, but it usually seems to come out of frustration or worry. I never really thought of it as being overt with the exception of maybe the Artful Dodger. I would hope we’d be way past that at this point


  2. For me, Lee is less bossy here than in the typical man “get ‘er done” mode. Many guys – and especially Type A fellows like Lee – are very solution-oriented. This is what needs to be done, and this is how we’re going to do it.


  3. I am soo glad Lee manages to get over being angry at Amanda fairly quickly…even if he had something else to direct his anger at in the mechanics’ bills. You’re right, iwsod, he can’t stay mad at her for long – not anymore.

    Tire/tyre? I had no idea! Thank you for sharing – love to learn stuff like that. When I had a job pre-kids, I had the opportunity to do a little international work and travel to the UK and Europe, but never had a chance to work with anyone from Australia. It was always fun to learn the different sayings and spelling and such. Even though it’s all technically English we’re speaking, sometimes it does seem like it’s a different language!

    Ahhh, iwsod, great dimple shot!! I’ll have to make sure to include this one when I get to the stats for this episode!


  4. Lee and hand buffing. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :D!


  5. Ooh Lee in overalls, the smell of grease, engines and petrol…..heavenly 😉
    (Can you tell I grew up next to a garage and I love cars. Blame my dad being a mechanic lol)

    I want a repair shop like they have in SMK land. Take a car in and have it fixed the same day?!!! Unheard of here. Last repair we needed took a couple of weeks and its not a classic car where parts aren’t readily available 😉

    Cute, cute Lee dimples. Kinda make up for him losing his rag. Again. OK not quite at Amanda but I would have expected a super spy to have just a wee bit more control over his emotions. You could argue that he’s relaxed with Amanda and therefore can be himself but still…….get lost stroppy Lee me no like 😦

    Personally I think Gino ought to be a spy Lee makes him sound pretty fearsome!


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