2/2 SMK Stats: The First Time

Okay, here is part 2 of stats for The First Time.  I went back and checked it out for the additional categories suggested in the comments.  Thank you!

debilyn,  the dimple stat is a bit tricky….BB’s dimples show even during his regular speech.  So what I did here is to capture the dimples that primarily appear in relation to Amanda , especially at key moments or when Scarecrow is looking particularly, well, um, err, you know…sexy… (see picture #10 below, um, throat clearing)

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions!  I hope you enjoy!

Gratuituous Dimple Shots (courtesy of debilyn!)

dimple 1You again!  (Okay, okay, so it’s just a little tiny dimple – and only on one side – but I love pirate Lee here!)

pirate Lee 2Call me!  (That’s 202-547-9986 in case you want to try….)

friends dimpleThese people are your friends? (right after Amanda says that)

celeste danceCeleste.  Love the look on Amanda’s face here!  She looks like she’s just seen an alien!  ROFL!!

want to danceWould you like to dance?  Yes.  Please get me away from this alien!

patrick duffyLook, it’s Patrick Duffy!  He’s playing the clarinet by the sad jack-o-lantern.  Sorry, had to sneak that in there!  Loved him in Danielle Steele’s Daddy.

Amaaanda 1Do you have some place to go Thanksgiving?  Aaah!  Amaaanda!

gb and tyvmSo good bye, and thank you very much.  (so cute!)

be carefulWell, you’ll be careful wont’ you?  Hey!

bought some timeIf I am lying, at least I bought myself some time.  (pic #10)

button itI’d button it, loose lips!

Amanda boo boos (thank you, iwsod!)

None – Amanda came through unscathed!  I didn’t count the finger boo boo because we didn’t see it happen….can you see it on KJ’s right pointer finger?

amanda boo boo 1

Amandarambles (Yay raffie5!)

“I don’t have a ticket!   I’m not a passenger.  I just brought my boyfriend here so he wouldn’t have to leave his car out in the rain.  In fact, I should be heading home …I don’t want to buy a ticket.  Do you know what I have on under this coat?  A nightgown!  .Do you think I expected to be on this train?”  Where did you expect to be?  ROFL!!  I chuckle every time I see it!

“Literally I couldn’t get it out of my mind that, um, Duck A La Nathan Hale and Valley Forge Flapjacks – and all the recipes that Francine gave, well, what I did was I put sugar in her gas tank because I knew that when I saw the helicopter, well that was the only way we were ever gonna get out of there alive.  I mean those men had guns.  They had guns.  So, um, I ran up to the helicopter and I yelled, ‘Freeze’ but I didn’t have a gun, but Mr. Stetson kicked the man and the man fell down I ran over to untie him but I couldn’t untie him because he was tied with the kellick hitch and couldn’t undo the killick hitch, so I ran around to the other side of the helicopter and I got in and we went up!“  Okay, Amanda, take a deep breath!  At least Billy is impressed.

“So if I work here does that mean that I work with you?  I mean that’s what you do isn’t it?  You have partners?  But you know I might need some special training.  I’m not sure I have the right skills.  I mean I type, I don’t shoot you know?  But I do love this area – Oh I’m crazy about it.  All the fresh vegetables come in here and besides that the boys dentist is right around the block.  So what I could do is, I could drop them off at the dentist then I could go into spy headquarters and then I could pick up a fresh melon all at the same time!  Do you have a good vegetable man?”  Lee’s faces here are priceless…..LOVE it!

vegetable man 1

vegetable man 2

vegetable man 3.jpg

Lee in plaid (courtesy of Kristen!)

Not this time!  At least I don’t think…but what is plaid?  Is this a plaid blazer?  What do you think, Kristen?  I tend to think of plaid as what comes in my L.L. Bean catalog.  But then again, since I now live in Georgia I haven’t seen a Bean catalog in a while….I’ll go with what you think, Kristen.

Amaaanda 1


None, but this is the woman I’m calling Jill.  Keep your eyes open!  Remember this scene?  I’m not sure if this is her first appearance, we’ll see!

jill ROTP

Who left their keys in the car this time??  (courtesy of Cindy!)

Amanda must have left her keys in the car so Mrs. Welch and her goon could chase the helicopter.  Good one Amanda!    I agree with you, Cindy…I don’t think Mrs. Welch’s goon had time to hotwire it.

Let’s Recap

Dimples – I’ll just post photos here instead of counting.  I’m not sure I could really do this justice!

Amanda Boo boos – 0

Amandarambles – 3

Lee in Plaid – 0 (or is it 1?)

Keys in Car – 1 (Amanda)

That’s it for now….I’m off to start on the next episode!

23 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: The First Time

  1. Hey there. I have to say sorry, but I’m starting your stats posts from the beginning and so you’re going to end up getting some nuisance comments from me 🙂 relating to the old episodes. (Okay, I do realise they are all old lol!)
    Adore ALL episodes, but this one is special isn’t it?
    Absolutely LOVE the format you’ve adopted for the stats & I try not to LOL too much as there are usually other people around when I’m reading.
    My fav parts are the tuxedo shots and the gratuitous dimple shots.
    Best scene for me was Amanda saying to Lee “well you’ll be careful won’t you…” And the reply he gives here that you have the screenshot of above. He gives that little head toss and OMG! THAT SMILE!!!! As he says “hey…” I have worn the dvd out in that spot 😉
    Thanks for taking the time to do this – I’m really enjoying it


    • Thanks for the reminder of this very special episode ebineez!

      No such thing as a nuisance comment!!! I love to hear people’s thoughts on previous posts – I relish them.. even if comments on earlier posts don’t get replied to immediately – they will be responded to eventually.. and read definitely – as others revist the episode and read your comments.. it’s all a bit of a never ending circle our love and enjoyment for this show isn’t it! 🙂
      Lee in a tux?? oh yeah!!!! can’t have too much of that.. it’s been a while now since we had an ep with Lee in a tux.. boooooo not since Life of the party.. we want the tux! we want the tux!! [I write this comment as we walk through Mr Brand] okay byee now!


    • There is no such thing as a nuisance comment, ebineez!! It may take me a while to respond, I tend to binge on the blog/SMK and then have to step away for a couple of days. I’m glad you like the stats categories and all those lovely dimple shots. I do love Lee in a tux, but I also love him in a casual outfit too 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


  2. Oh Bjo, I love your stats section! I am a bit late to the stats party, but I hadn’t seen them before and just loooove the idea, especially since in SMKland any pix of Lee’s dimples is enough to make me forget what I was droolbgjl#fie;?ifhfbjfiak}qn;%\ What was I saying??? Thanks for the important work you are doing, the female half of the planet salute you!


  3. whoo hoooo!!! Bjo you’ve done a fabulous job! love all the wonderful pics!!

    Pirate Lee at Moby’s dock is a fabulous moment isn’t it!

    Great Dimples!!! Yes the ‘Call me!!’ at the end of the scene makes the scene soooo much better!! haaaaaa So did anyone call Lee?! It’s interesting they had Lee in two undercover outfits in the opening episode.. sadly they did less of that sort of thing as the show went on- I love Lee in different roles ( especially Walter the houseboy!)

    Is that really Patrick Duffy? the actor from Dallas? I can’t see – how do you know? is he listed somewhere?

    Lee looks so young there on the steps of the jefferson memorial!

    How can Lee look so stylish and relaxed while tied up in a basement?! [ guess that’s thanks to his spy training! great pic BJo!]

    Whoa! Great catch on the finger boo boooo!!

    I’ll try and keep an eye out for Jill! [Did francine wear that coat in a later episode? It looks familiar..]

    LOL! yes Kristen you can’t complain about the work!!! 🙂

    Oh I am sure the pirate scene won me over Raffie!!! Yeah! the glare Lee gives the kids is too funny!! It’s hilarious to think one day those annoying kids on the back seat are going to be his step kids 😉 haaaa..

    Ahhh agreed Debilyn- the call me is genius!!! I haven’t checked the script.. or if I did I can’t remember- LOL.. is that an ad lib?

    byeee everyone!! Hope you are all well and all our American readers are safe and well and coping okay – was sooooo sorry to hear about the Boston Tragedy!!! 😦



    • Regarding Lee looking so young in the Jefferson Monument scene, that always strikes me, too. Whenever he has a bit of bangs/fringe showing, it makes him look at least 5 years younger. (Weekend when he has wet hair after coming out of the shower is another example.) In fact, I have a theory that part of the reason SMK played with Lee’s hairstyle towards the end of S1 was to try to make him look a little bit older so he seemed more of an age-match for Amanda. That’s not a statement about Amanda looking old! But when you are pairing a housewife-with-two-kids image against a dimpled, baby-faced playboy type, there will appear to be an age disparity even when there really isn’t one! I don’t think anyone would have any problems with Lee acting less mature than Amanda, but I don’t think anyone wanted the viewers thinking Lee was (or simply looked like he was) 5 or 10 years younger, either!


      • “Weekend when he has wet hair after coming out of the shower is another example” Now I am going to be distracted all day thinking about THAT scene. 🙂


        • Yeah, I thought the same thing! I left out a lot of adjectives in order to describe the scene as tamely as possible, but with the words “shower”, and “wet” in the sentence, there’s only so much I could limit the distraction!


    • 🙂 No, it is really not Patrick Duffy (the guy from Dallas). At least I don’t think it is. It totally looks like him though! There is actually a screen credit for a Patrick A. Duffy in Car Wars like you mentioned in one of the posts. And now I wish I had taken the time to find and post that screen cap of it!

      Not sure about the coat on Jill. But you’re right, upon closer inspection it does look familiar. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for it.

      I just checked the script, and Lee’s “Call me!” line is in there. But it works so wonderfully as both an undercover line and a pick-up line. Great writing!


  4. Well, it took some research on my part…and a lot of studying the shot of Lee in his blazer with his cute smile and dimples and messy hair and….oh, yeah, the jacket. So, this is not the plaid that I was thinking of originally but after googling 80’s plaid jackets I think this might actually qualify. Let me look again….yep, he’s definitley cute…ahem, I mean yes, I think this is plaid 🙂


  5. You can never have too many dimple shots. And I LOVE pirate Lee, he’s cute 🙂


    • I wonder how many viewers got reeled in by that pirate scene? The episode is already cute and creative up to that point, but that scene is just wonderful in so many ways!! And yep, Lee is really adorable in it. I love the glare he gives the kids as they are misbehaving. Sorta like “hey, do you mind, this is business” after he was the one who carjacked their outing to the drive-thru. Ending the scene with a futile chase after the car, followed by a cheeky, dimple-filled smile was just icing on the cake!


  6. Yay! Yes, dimples in those *special* moments, those are the ones I was thinking about. You captured them well. (It’s the ones when he really smiles with his eyes that are truly sigh producing for me.)


  7. Lovely, BJop1! All those dimple pics — sigh! And you even caught a left-cheek dimple … bonus points for that! Looking forward to TGTNeighborhood 🙂


    • Left cheek dimple…I never noticed this before…but you are so right! Those left cheek dimples are hard to come by. Put that in the same column as agent Frank Duffy. Which, by the way I just saw that we find out his last name in The Triumvirate (if it wasn’t revealed before). I can’t believe he is only in 8 episodes at IMDB says, we’ll see….I hope to prove them wrong!


      • Ah yes, for starters in Triumvirate, Agent Duffy is the “person at the front of the line” while Amanda is that poor frustrated “person at the back of the line”.


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