2/2 SMK Stats: There Goes the Neighborhood

Ahh, part 2.  Found some lovely pictures here….  And Kristen, I must admit that I am so grateful you suggested adding a “Lee in Plaid” category.  I think this is my favorite category this week!



Amanda Boo Boos

One.  Amanda was dragged at gunpoint to a meeting with Mr. Bobbie Bouchard.  She didn’t get physically hurt but since she had to be saved by Scarecrow, I’m going to count it.  Thoughts?

boo boo 1boo boo 2


None – drat!  When do these start?


ramble 1

AK:  Since I can’t remember the name of my maternal great-great-grandmother I thought that since you have to check my family tree history for security leaks and I’d have to be on this probationary period, that, while I’m on it in the meantime well, maybe you could go ahead and I could work for you if you needed me.  So, do you need me?  LS:  Un uh.  (Is that how you spell that?)

ramble 2

LS:  Alright, if you are so damn normal, you solve the case!  AK:  Well maybe I will……Right, so its broken, right?  So she’s standing there and she’s got wet hair and she’s desperate if she doesn’t do something soon it’s going to frizz all out.  But out in the garage she’s got boxes and boxes of those hair dryers.  So what does she do?  I’ll tell you what she does!  She goes out there and opens one of the boxes and that’s what Harriet tells the company and that’s what gets her in trouble and that’s what gets her killed!  LS:  You just think of that?  AK:  Yeah, dumb?  LS:  No, good! 

Lee in plaid

Okay Kristen, here’s some more research for you – but like you said…the job has perks!  Is this considered plaid?  I think it might be, but you better take a look and let me know what you think….

dimple 9

AK:  I would feel guilty, you know?  Like I was having a thing or something.  LS:  A thing?  AK:  Yes, you know – a thing.  LS:  Like an affair.  AK:  Yes, that kind of a thing.

Here’s wider view shot to aid you in your research….Winking smile

dimple 11

LS:  Well you’re not.  Now, do you like a window open at night?

And just one more close-up from a different angle.  I want to make sure you really get a good view of this potential plaid….you know, to aid in your research…my mother always told me it was good to be helpful!

dimple 12

AK: Who gets the bed?  LS:  The senior agent always gets the bed.    (Oh my…In love)

Who left their keys this week?

Lee does – when he races over to find Amanda at the Connie Beth sales meeting.  He doesn’t even bother to shut the door tight!  Oh, those classic cars….

I’m guessing he left his keys in the car when he’s following Judy Wainwright, but we don’t get to see him get in or out of the car in that scene so I’m not going to count it.  Oh, and let’s not forget that Ms. Judy was considerate enough though to leave her window open for Lee so that he could steal a hair dryer package….

Jack Sightings

Didn’t see either Jack this week.

Jill sightings

Nor Jill.  I looked hard though – especially during the Connie Beth sales meeting when they are singing that awful song.  Icky!

Gratuitous Dimple shots     dimple-patrol-first-aid_thumb

dimple 3

You can’t go in there, Mr. King!  (Mr. King?!?  ROFL!  I just love that he was actually called that in an episode!  Wait, does that make him a bomber father?  Oh darn, we haven’t gotten to that episode yet….)

dimple 4

Bye!  (Is that a rare left dimple I see??  I think I see it in the pic above too.)

dimple 5

You’re going to pose as my wife.   Okay, so there is no dimple here.  But let me tell you what is here….  See that little dark spot on Lee’s cheek sort of back by the angle of his jaw?  That is a shadow from his flexing jaw muscle….and that little flexing jaw muscle is well, um, you know, even more so than his dimples IMHO….Embarrassed smile  I don’t know how he does that, but when he does, wow….  Someone please tell me that I am not alone in this line of thinking!?!?

dimple 6

Look, what do I know about every day life?  (Not much!!  But you are about to learn!)

dimple 7

AK:  Why do I look so messy and you look so good?  LS:  Beats me!  (Um, duh, Amanda, it’s probably because all that Lee has done is hang that gigantic buffalo head your mother contributed!  Do you think Amanda was being sarcastic  or sincere with that question?)

dimple 8

Awww…just look at him.  Does he look a trifle nervous to you?  I bet he just can’t wait to meet everybody in the Welcome Wagon. Sarcastic smile  Ok, so no dimple here – I couldn’t help put this one in though – Lee’s first try at being a “normal” person! 

dimple 10

I just know there is a dimple in this picture somewhere….

dimple 13

In this one too.  The first one to find it gets extra points!  Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?  Laughing out loud

dimple 14

FD:  So, how is married live treating you, huh?  Dinner at 6, dishes at 7, tv till 9.  LS:  Bed.  FD:  Bed?  LS:  You know Francine, I’ve gained a lot of respect for the generosity and stamina of the American housewife.  FD:  You’re disgusting.  (ROFLMBO!!!!  That is one of the best lines of the series, I think!)

dimple 15

LS:  Look, do you want to get a drink?  I’ll tell you all about it.  AK: Uh, no, I can’t.  Maybe some other time, huh?  (Awww, poor guy…he handled that rejection well.  I wonder how often that has happened?  I wonder what he is thinking at this moment….)

dimple 16

AK:  I’ll give you this.  I guess I won’t be needing it anymore.  LS:  Yeah, right.  (I love this picture of the two of them, so of course I had to include it!  And if you look really closely, you can see a right cheek dimple!)

dimple 17

Oh, Lee….just you wait!!!!!  

Let’s recap…

Amanda “Boo boos” – 1

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 2

Lee in Plaid – Yes!  I mean once.  Ahem.  I think it was a blue plaid shirt.  I’ll go back and check.  Again.  Open-mouthed smile

Who Left their keys this week? – Lee. 

Jack Sightings – 0

Jill Sightings -0

Unless there are objections, my plan is to do stats  using IWSOD’s revised episode order.  It’s more enjoyable to watch that way plus it won’t affect the stats.  That would mean next up is The ACM Kid.  Speak now or forever hold your peace!!  🙂 

The link to the episode discussion of TGTN is HERE

38 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: There Goes the Neighborhood

  1. Wait! There was a shirt in that scene!? Lemme go back and check…
    Ah…nope still not seeing it! 😉
    Also adore the cheek flex, especially since it’s usually when he’s either frustrated with Amanda or angry cause someone’s trying to hurt her.
    Buuuut I think I still prefer the dimples 🙂
    Gotta say I don’t mind an amandaband – makes her look sporty 🙂
    And I love the amandaramble – makes her adorable 🙂
    And I think she’s being hard on Lee about only having hung the buffalo head – that thing looks bloody heavy! And he still looks that good after it!


    • ROFL!! Have you read the stats post for TACMK yet? Curious what you might have to say about a certain picture in that one….

      Yay – another fan of cheeky Lee 🙂 There’s a song in my playlist that I always listen to that reminds me of Lee and Amanda in S1/S2. There’s a line in it about being lazy and I always picture Amanda and Lee’s conversation after he finishes hanging that buffalo head!!!


      • Just read through stats of TACMK. Well that was about an hour ago – I think it took me that long to get myself back off the floor & dry off from the drool (must have been someone else’s! Cause I’m way cooler than that! 😉 )
        What’s the song you’re talking about? I’m writing a fic over at ff.net & I’m thinking of some songs for it – this one might be good?


        • 😆 ebineez! The song is Oath by Cher Lloyd. If I had any ability at all, I’d make an SMK video for each season. Oath would be S2, with a few bits of S1 sprinkled in.


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  3. Melissa Robertson

    I wonder why in the other seasons the don’t really show Lee with his shirts open or bare chested?


    • I hear you! Maybe because BB was a little heavier (but still divine) in the later seasons, or the powers that be instituted a ‘no skin policy’ , or the squeals heard round the country when he did flash some pecs were deafening, I do not know. I think there has already been more chestal (I just made up that word!) shots of BB in the one season of Babylon 5 then all of SMK.


      • And which season of B5 would that be Cindy? My public library only has S5 available for borrowing…I may just have to pony up some dough for chesty Lee!


        • Only season 5? That is really dumb. I’m a quarter of the way through season 3 and I can’t see how any of it would make sense without watching the previous seasons. Even season one, which started out really slow, sowed the seeds for the future seasons.


          • Perhaps disks from other chestal seasons were not returned, or came back damaged from exposure to too much, um, moisture.


            • Dumb indeed! It’s not like I live Podunk, USA either. My public library is the one for the city of Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding suburbs! Perhaps you are right though, raffie…I can see how that would happen with all that chestal Lee going on! Although it doesn’t explains why S1 isn’t available….


      • Chestal…..love it. Will petition Oxford English Discrionary editors to have it included for next edition 🙂

        Chestal shots of BB in B5? Damn why did I never bother to watch B5 *kicks herself for stupidity*


  4. Thanks for the dimple shots. I’ll eventually come out if the dimple-coma and think rationally again. Lol


  5. Well, I went ahead and studied the potential plaid very, very hard. Had to go through the screen pics over and over….and over again. 🙂 I vote yes on the plaid. Of course, in this case, the research is much more important than the end result! 😉

    BJo, I completely agree with you on that cheek muscle thing he does! I notice it all the time. Happens a lot in every episode. Maybe that should be a new category.

    Oh, and the “Mr. King” gets revisited in A Lovely Little Affair in season three. When Lee arrives at Amanda’s he pays the pizza delivery guy for the pizza, and the guys refers to him as “Mr. King”. Best part is he just smiles. Of course this is right after he refers to Amanda as “the little lady”. Doesn’t he do that, as well, in this episode, at the beginning? I need to go back a post to make sure.

    My favorite part about Amandaramble #2 is that he compliments her theory at the end of it!


    • Ooh I agree the cheek thing is sooooooo good *wanders off dreamily*


      • Yay! I am sooo glad I am not the only one who loses focus when he does that cheek thing…I beginning to think it was just me! Rachael, I would love, love, love to make that a part of the each stats post but it is so dang hard to really capture it with a just a picture. It was dumb luck this time – I was trying to get the best dimple shots. I’ll keep trying though – I’m feeling a challenge now, which is a good thing! 🙂

        The pizza delivery guy does call Lee Mr. King at the beginning of ALLA! In fact I remember being completely confused when I saw it the very first time. My thoughts then were something like this – What? They’re married? Why would he take her name? Wait? This is season 3 – they haven’t even kissed for real yet? I can’t believe they did this to us – how could they skip their whole getting together thing? – that stinks! I’m going to write someone! And then of course, Amanda comes out, they have their little conversation and she sticks him with the bill for the pizza – ROFL!! – Ahhhh, all is right in SMK land. How could I have fallen for it! Head slap! I’ll have to go back and check, but maybe he was wearing a plaid shirt and after not seeing him all summer, maybe I was just a little light-headed.


  6. I am sorry I cannot contribute to the “is it plaid or not” shirt debate. For some reason, even after scrutinizing the screen shots over and over again I just cannot focus on the shirt pattern or colour. Being the trooper I am (because this is a hugely important issue), I will go back and give it another go around. 🙂


    • Perhaps the drool is causing a glare on the screen that is compromising your ability to draw a conclusion?


      • ROFLMBO! Focus, Cindy, focus! You can do it! Perhaps you should just give it a try on a daily basis until you have been able enter into the plaid debate….I appreciate your efforts on this! Just don’t suffer too much – we wouldn’t want that 😉

        So raffie5….are we to take away from your comment that there is some drool on your screen??


  7. Hello Everyone! I am very happy to see that y’all are enjoying all the plaid and dimple shots! It was fun to write the post for sure.

    Jenbo – I’m glad you were able to regain some rational thought….as far as I know most Americans pronounce it “plad”, like the way Lee says it in the episode. I have heard it pronounced “pl-aid” but I think it was on TV and I think it was said by someone from the UK. I tried to capture Amanda with the knife in a post as if she was waving it at Lee to be funny, but she doesn’t really wave it at him in the scene.

    Conny and raffie5 – Thanks for letting me know you stopped by to check out the dimples and the plaid – and enjoyed them! One or the other will be a regular stat in each future post!

    Kristen – That is hysterical that Lee shows up when you google what is plaid!!! I did it just to see the picture. I’m sure that outfit will make a future post. And thank you for researching the definition of plaid – I’m glad you’re taking your job just as seriously as I am mine. 😉

    iwsod – You’re right – I should count that Connie Beth girl as a boo boo!! Hahahaha! What a wretched song! As far as those Amandabands go, I won’t give it away, but the TTFOE is not the last time we see one of those heinous things. And I do think you are right – there is a direct correlation between the disappearance of those things and the improvement of her work! I’m glad you didn’t spray your coffee on your computer – that could have been a disaster! just keep that in mine for future posts though!!! 🙂 I just love doing dimple and plaid research!! Thank you Cindy and Kristen!


  8. Conny Belanger

    You are too funny. I enjoy these “asides” of dimple counting and the plaid shirt…it is something I had not picked up on before..key in car, left open…I am just busy seeing how Lee and Amanda play off each other so well…even though this was a show…thanks for this one. Conny


  9. How do you pronounce “plaid”? Is it pl-aid or plad? Here in UK we say check shirt cos it’s easier LOL
    Lovin the eyebrow raise Lee did, I must have missed it as I am always too busy giggling at the enormous buffalo head on the wall. I would seriously love to know where dotty got that from ROFL
    It’s scary how relaxed Amanada is waving that knife around. Clearly she’s more at home with knives than guns! Which then makes me think of the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels when one of the characters enthuses about knives being better than guns “guns for show, knives for a pro” LOL maybe Amanda could have gone down that route LOL


    • Jenbo, your comment about Amanda waving the knife around cracks me up. It reminded me (of course it did – doesn’t SMK always remind me of something else?) of a Leverage episode when Eliot (the guy that usually has the job of hitting people) is explaining knife usage. Here’s the clip, if anyone is interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcYR0EEkGmI


      • Melissa, I forgot how much I love that show! I haven’t watched it in forever. Elliot is a hottie, that’s for sure! And he’s great with that knife!


        • I would not complain if Eliot (or Lee) was eating crackers in my bed! 😛


          • I’ve not heard of Leverage! Thanks for sharing the clip. Something else to add to my ever growing list of shows I ought to watch!

            This is the scene from Lock Stock that Amanda made me think of. Be warned there is swearing!


            • LOL! I got to sleep and wake up to find you lot have drooled over your computers. diagnosed Cindy’s inability to contribute, given her a pep talk… suggested the windex.. Aaaand started discussing Leverage?! Drat!!! I’ve missed the fun 😉 whahahahaaa!

              Melissa I Love love love Leverage! I am only new to it though, I’m about to finish season 1.. I’ve been taking it very slow – as I know the show isn’t running anymore but I only just discovered it on dvd about six months ago! Have seasons 2,3,4 all waiting in my dvd collection! [blogging comes first so leverage time has to wait!] The characters are fantastic! Ahhh Elliot! I can see why you’d like him! 😉 I do wish he’d cut his hair though.. it just doesn’t do it for me! Okay Melissa.. so you are going to start a remington steele blog one of these days?? maybe a leverage blog too?? oh whoa.. there could be one out there and I wouldn’t know it! That clip is actually from the last episode I watched of Leverage! Loved that episode!!! Elliot was so upset when that evil women criticised his stuffed mushrooms!! He was too cute with how proud he was of the hint of lemon! 😉 tee hee! ‘High End!!!!’ She was awful!! I love Leverage because alot of the comedy in it is around knowing the characters 🙂 Great characters.. Leverage is High End! 🙂

              Cindy what debate ? Is it plaid or isn’t it plaid? My answer was: It’s OPEN!!!! *drool* That’s all I needed to know.. 😉

              edited to add: Hiya Jenbo!!! Just watched your vid.. I don’t know lock, stock and two smoking barrels – is it a comedy? I’ve seen that actor before.. He was in a movie called The man who knew too little ( whooo and that’s a spoofy spy comedy too!)
              thanks for sharing!

              edited to add more!: Jenbo’s vid reminded me of burn notice- Don’t ask me which episode.. but back when Burn notice was less intense and funnier, there was a guy Sam was threatening with a really big knife to get information- and the it was hilarious, the guy was terrified but we knew Sam wouldn’t hurt him.. Sam called the knife ‘ Mr Slicey’ – ROFLMBO so whenever I see a big knife like the one Amanda uses to make her sandwich with I think of Mr Slicey! 🙂
              byee guys


              • It’s kinda black comedy, sort of british gangsta genre. It’s made by Guy Rictchie (he being ex Mr Madonna ;)) The actor endorsing knives is Dexter Fletcher, he’s been about in UK since the 80’s so well known here. It’s a good film, violent, plenty of swearing, the singer Sting is in it as is Jason Statham (who’s made his name in several action films, Italian Job etc)

                I reckon Amanda could have made her name as the spy with the knife, especially with the way she stabs it into the chopping board!!!!


              • LOL it’s just hit me, six degrees of separation……Dexter Fletcher starred with Gabrielle Anwar of Burn Notice in 80’s kids show called Press Gang. Sorry totally random conversation going on here!


                • Thanks for the link, Jenbo. I had never heard of that movie either. And thanks for the swear warning! Knowing my luck, my 10 year old daughter would have walked in on me right when he says *that* word and I’d have had a lot of ‘splainin’ to do! 🙂 How would Amanda have ‘splained that one??

                  iwsod – it’s OPEN!!!! – ROFLMBO!!! Great point! But I will take Elliot with any hair – long or short!


  10. Dimples and plaid — what a great way to start the morning! Thanks, BJo!


  11. Sorry I would comment but I appear to have lost all rational thought……….


  12. I just want everyone to know that I’m taking my job very seriously. Here is a definition from Wikipedia…A plaid is a pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colours in woven cloth.
    Then it gives some examples of different kinds of plaid patterns.

    Now, here’s the good part. If you google “what is plaid” and click on ‘images’ guess who is there…first picture in the 5th row? Yep, you guessed it…it’s Lee in plaid shirt and tan blazer 🙂 ROFL!

    Sadly they didn’t post the pic from this episode but after very careful scrutinization 🙂 I’m positive that Lee is in a blue plaid shirt here. Now, I’m going to go back look at those pictures…uh, I mean READ your post again.


    • ROFLMBO Kristen!!! I love that!! I googled it too and yep.. there he is !! Our adorable Lee!!!!!

      You know, if we post more pics of Lee in plaid – and save the file as ‘plaid’ we will move Lee right up the list to the first row as google indexes the pictures! 😉 BJo what do you think? could you save future plaid pics that you post with plaid in the file name??
      Operation Put Lee in Plaid at number one on google images search?! 😉
      especially open shirted plaid qanbahb’abhabdbhna/bsbsn……


      • Operation Put Lee in Plaid – hahaha! I’ll have to remember which category I’m capturing screen shots for when I save them – I usually name them dimple 1 or plaid 1 etc. I had no idea that how google image searches worked! You learn something new every day…


  13. hiya BJo! what a nice treat.. I can bask in smk goodness here while having my morning coffee.. 🙂 a great way to start the day!

    ‘Found some lovely pictures’ Bjo?? That is an understatement!!!!! 😉 No wonder it is your ‘favourite category’ !

    yeah count Amanda being dragged into the world of the golden circlue girl! Don’t forget she had to put up with that connie beth song too! OUCH!!!

    I’m looking forward to finding out when the winks start! 🙂 and.. when the headbands end! I think it’s easier to see when something starts than when something ends – because you can’t be sure it’s the final time unless you go look at lots of episodes! LOL.. I was just thinking that last night about three faces of Emily and wondering if that’s the last time Amanda ‘Get’s Physcial!!!’ 😉 I am pretty sure we’ll also see an improvement in her work soon after.. could the two be related?! 😉 [sorry I digress]

    I love Amanda with the sharp knife!!

    Lee… In…. Plaid!!!! Hooo haaaaaa BJo!!! Your pics are fabulous!!!!! Err thanks for all that research BJo! I just love that ‘Awh isn’t she naive and cute’ look from Lee!
    You were very ‘helpful’! haaa!!! Love it!! You know what we like Bjo! and I was needing a bit of help at the moment.. Lee eerrrr I mean plaid.. yes plaid.. is the perfect antidote to life’s stresses!! *ahem* 🙂

    Thanks for giving those dimples a very thorough investigation Bjo!

    roflmbo.. you had me nearly spraying my coffee.. yes hunt through allllll those pics for a dimple! 😉

    My vote is yes do the revised order Bjo! If you want to 🙂 either way I’m happy! Loved your post Bjo- as always!!!


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