12/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back in the interrogation – Lee finally takes charge!!

Mario: So did you find what you were looking for?
Lee: I don’t care about what’s in the car anymore, Mario.
CarWars.avi_002605038 Mario: Well, you guys really make a big deal out of something you don’t really care about.
Lee: Let me make this simpler for you, huh? Up until a CarWars.avi_002610543little while ago we didn’t have much on you, just a couple of minor raps. Well, CarWars.avi_002620053things have changed. Now it’s a whole new ball game…lowlife.
CarWars.avi_002624557Mario: What’re you talking about?
Lee: What am I talking about? What I’m talking CarWars.avi_002627560about is…your friends out there in the street, they took the car back again. Only this time they took somebody with them.
Mario: So what has that got to do with me? That’s none of my business!
Lee is getting heavy with the lowlife.. Oh swoon!!
CarWars.avi_002638571Lee: It’s not business anymore Mario it’s personal! You understand me personal! now they took a lady CarWars.avi_002640073with that car!
CarWars.avi_002648581Mario the meatball: So?!!!

: So?! That lady happens to be a very very good friend of mine!












Oh swoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very very swoony huh!!! whooooooooo…..  It’s all so swoony I really don’t care.. but… again: Mario is asking the questions and Lee is answering! Winking smile 

BTW- I think this is the last appearance of Lee’s tie pin in this episode 🙂

On to McLean’s Muffler World.. the muffler guy is lured into the baddie’s trap because Amanda is with them. Poor guy!
We see he tries to make eye contact with Amanda.. but we can just make out behind Falcone, that  Amanda lowers her head and silently shakes it- she can’t look at him Sad smile It is clear Amanda feels awful about bringing this danger on an innocent person Smile The baddies tie up the poor muffler guy in the back of the shop (LOL I don’t think we hear anything about him again..)

Back to the interrogation!
Mario: Hey, look! I don’t know anything about a lady being kidnapped, and you ain’t got nothin’ on me, and I’m outta here in a couple of days–
Lee: Let me tell you reality, pal!…
…Anything happens to her-…

…anything at all–I hope you do get out!…
…Because I’m going to let every agent on this planet 1Carwars.avi_002716649know who you are, and sooner or later, my friend 1Carwars.avi_002717851Mario, sooner or later they are gonna find you, and guess what?!…
…You will not be coming back to jail!
1Carwars.avi_002729262Mario: hey look man, all I got told is to put the dope in the muffler and drive the car.
[phew! that was quick! way to go Lee!! He says the magic words ‘ you will not be coming back to jail’ and Mario spills! I never would have guessed it!! Winking smile teeee heee!!!!]

Love Mario’s look- he is stunned.. Lee means business! I guess silly Lee from earlier only makes this Lee look like he really really means business! Winking smile Hmm maybe it was all part of Lee’s cunning plan! Winking smile
Lee: Muffler?? [Lee goes from devastated to hopeful.. with just a single word! ]

Whoa.. Lee at his swoony best!!!! Tough super 1thuddyprotective Lee is giving me a head spin.. I feel dizzy.. give me a second here..

Mmm ok.. moving on! Lee is off and running… How did Lee know which muffler shop? Ah yes, Amanda helpfully ranted to Lee which muffler shop it was- wow.. good thing Lee is listening to her rants now!!!! [What a great plot device they are too! Winking smile ]
Lee tells Francine to get Billy to meet him at the muffler shop- why? Billy is the boss..err… isn’t he?

fashion police badge and warningYyyyyeeeppp!!! Francine has on a blue dress, blue stockings and bluish shoes?? Whoa!!!! Shocking.. and this little ensemble is finished off with a bow – literally! A hair bow!!!! argh!!!

The baddies are delayed at the Muffler shop as they hunt through all the mufflers finding theirs..
Petronus finds it, gives it a kiss, and puts it lovingly into the back of the stratford LOL!

1Carwars.avi_002779713Lee turns up just in time- and yells hello to the garage acting casual- like he can’t 1Carwars.avi_002780914see the baddies and Amanda right in front of him  panic and then hide? LOL!!! It looks very strange!!!
Anyway – it’s action time!..  Love how Amanda disregards the threats from Falcone and runs away from him! Gooo Amanda!!
Lee shoots Petronus..  [whoo ho!]
Whoa!! Only..
1Carwars.avi_002839172Something’s really wrong..

RIP Kramer!
No blood! Winking smile Hmm maybe Lee used magic bullets so he could get his jacket back?! Winking smile 

Also, it is soooo funny how the baddy just happens to put his foot in the circle of the hose!!!
Amanda saves Lee from the baddie while his back is turned.. Lee turns around to see what Amanda has done- stunned!!!
It’s a tad cheesy and convenient eh.. but I don’t mind one bit- because just check out Lee’s reaction when he realises what Amanda has done! He looks at her in amazement- wow!! you did that??
You did good! I’m glad you were here!!! Smile [ feels like it’s after Brunettes no???!!! it does to me!!  Would Lee have noticed it like this before Lee’s epiphany over Amanda attacking the baddie with the lamp in Brunettes?!! thoughts???]

Ugh.. some scenes in this ep are a bit blurry.. I don’t know.. a fault with the discs? but some moments, Like this one are impossible for me to get a clear frame of – sorry I’ve had lots of trouble with car wars pics..wish I had clearer sources but the discs are all I’ve got Sad smile Go check out Amanda’s shy reaction for yourselves – trust me it’s cute! Smile Amanda shyly tosses her head in acknowledgement of Lee’s silent compliment ( which I am looking forward to him putting words to soon!!! Which episode?? Definitely in Life of the party.. but maybe before then too?! we’ll see!! )

Anyway, as Lee and Amanda share a moment, Falcone gets in the car and takes off- driving the stratford through the garage door- hey why not.. the front grate was already damaged Winking smile . Love how Billy, the boss, shows up with Francine to clean up Lee’s mess..[Hope they found the muffler guy tied up in the back! Lee only yells out that ‘there are two in the garage’! ]
Ahhh Lee asks Amanda where she thinks she is going.. because she expects to join him for the action finale – Oh Lee.. Amanda and you have to be together!! it’s better that way Smile Plus.. Amanda says she’s the only one that knows where Petronus’ hideout is.. Only – that’s a lame excuse Winking smile Petronus would know that and never go back there.. the guy is not a dummy!

So.. anyway.. Lee and Amanda set out to find Falcone 1Carwars.avi_002898832and the car.. oh goody a car chase….Amanda spots the 1Carwars.avi_002899232car.. and the farce hits new levels.. throughout the car chase, the car is basically destroyed little by little right before their eyes!  [So much for needing to know where his hideout is!]

1Carwars.avi_002922055Lee is stressing about Gino as the car is destroyed bit by bit… bolivian terrorists? no problem!! but Gino? Argh!!!!
1Carwars.avi_002969703Gino is going to kill me you know that, he is definitely going to kill me!!!” It is funny how Lee says that.. he sounds like such a little boy!!! 🙂
You know, I get the humour they were aiming at here- and I usually love this type of ‘escalating farce’ mode of humour  but it doesn’t quite work for me..Why would Gino be upset at Lee when the baddies took back their car and then wrecked it – it wasn’t Gino’s car it was a baddie’s car that had been impounded.. It was all in the name of solving the case, stopping the dope hitting the streets, arresting Falcone and stopping funds reaching Bolivian terrorists- and Lee is still worried about Gino?

For me, it’s not funny if it doesn’t make sense- that’s where the humour is! but it doesn’t make sense Lee would be so worried.  I do love that smk gave it a wholehearted good go though- and usually they do this type of humour well IMHO.. oh well!
Ohh and looky.. Falcone crashes the car: into a scrap metal shop…. What are the odds??!! [Now there’s another clunky coincidence!] … a scrap metal shop with a car compactor.. and a tractor that’s picking up cars and loading them into the compactor..

1Carwars.avi_003024958Lee (scarecrow) the bird man makes an appearance! Smile

LOL I am pretty sure Lee was suppose to be punching 1Carwars.avi_003031231Falcone.. but.. it looks nothing like him! Smile 

1Carwars.avi_003066966I do think it could have been funny to see a big puff of white dust fly into the air as it got squashed! All that dope being squashed! [The Muffler was put in the car by Petronus before Falcone drove off]

Tiny Tag time! I guess this is the next day? Amanda drives with Lee to Gino’s in her station wagon.. she thanks him for coming with her to pick up her car and how nice it is to have it back..
I guess that is why they went in her car and not the corvette?.. hmm maybe Lee was worried Gino would do something to it!

Gino asks where the car is.. I love how Lee says ‘ Oh the Stratford?’ –like Gino could be talking about any other car! Winking smile Lee says it is being brought around to the yard.
1Carwars.avi_003123857I love how Lee and Amanda share a look as Lee tell Gino the car is coming now..
1Carwars.avi_003145879Next, we see the forklift arrive with a metal block as it’s load! Cue the dramatic music!!!! duh duh duuuhhh!!!!
The car antenna sticking up – so cheesy and random- I find the antenna really cute!! hilarious!!!! Love the close up on it!!! It’s like we see the car’s point of view as it is driven past Lee, Amanda and Gino! Smile
We move to the wide shot to see Gino mouth gapping as he sees the block of metal that use to be a car!
[don’t worry Gino Lee has returned it with 3 million dollars worth of dope in it! Winking smile]
The episode ends with Lee about to say something to stunned Gino- but Amanda reaches out to touch his arm and get his attention-funny expressions!!!
maybe to stop Lee from talking? Why does Amanda reach out to Lee like that in 1Carwars.avi_003178111the final frame? anyone?

I thought maybe it was to say – we’ve delivered the car let’s get out of here before Gino recovers! Smile

BTW- What do you think of the title of this episode? Car Wars… I guess it could be a play on Star Wars? (Pattybones, you are the star wars superfan! what do you think?) they are fighting over the car so it’s a war? I don’t know.. what do you guys think?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this episode.. Amanda with pretty long hair, Lee with pretty everything, and panicked protective Lee worried about his very very good friend? hmmm… there were some great moments in this episode!

I am surprised at my reaction to this episode!  I hadn’t thought much previously about the plot- and when I didn’t? I enjoyed this episode much more!! Winking smile This plot had too many holes in it from the start for me to take it seriously.. and because of that the humour they tried for doesn’t work.. at least not for me.. still, a couple of special moments between Lee and Amanda… and a very swoony Lee admitting (to someone else!) that Amanda is now a very very good friend Smile so I can’t complain too much! What do you think? Did you find this episode funny?

Any thoughts you’d like to share on this episode overall?? Anyone not find Lee’s getting tough with Mario swoony???!!!! Byee everyone! thanks for your patience- this episode has taken a long time to cover- sorry for the delays!











































































23 responses to “12/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Ok, I’ve tried to read the whole episode’s posts with an open mind, and I’ve decided that I prefer this one to come after BAI. There are totally valid arguments for both viewpoints, but since I hate BAI and just want to get the big fight over with, I’m putting it as early as I can for it to make sense. 😁 I’d rather have the fight behind us and deal with some IMHO very believable missteps than have it looming any longer than necessary.

    And I have to add another dissenting vote to the anti-Amandaband campaign. 😁 I loved them as a kid and spent way too many hours trying to get my hair to look like Amanda’s. I still think she’s gorgeous in them (and any other way). Fortunately, I’ve grown up enough to realize that I am not gorgeous in them. 🤣🤣😬😬

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  2. I really like that Lee talks about it being personal here (more than once!) after all his “just business”/”business associates” nonsense. Even better for me than calling her a friend. It’s a pity Amanda couldn’t hear it (but then maybe he wouldn’t have said it!) Not a great tag.

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  3. I have to say I think this episode is definately before Brunettes are in. While Lee seems like he really does care about Amanda here, he’s also quite dismissive of her. He didn’t even consider her in the beginning when Billy wants a civilian for a job. I don’t see that happening post Brunettes are in. In that episode Lee is not comfortable with Amanda being on a job without backup but I really didn’t feel like he is dismissive of her. He looses his temper with her and blames her for things that aren’t her fault, but at the same time he actually apologizes to her in the middle of an argument rather than just letting things blow over and you can Lee isn’t happy about Amanda leaving the agency in Brunettes are in even if he doesn’t see her as a partner yet. Here once Amanda’s life is in danger nothing’s more important but other than that she doesn’t seem that important at all, at least not professionally speaking. And all the trouble she got into in this episode just making a delivery on her own could explain why Lee is not happy with Amanda doing an assignment by herself in Brunettes Are In.

    What really ticks me off about this episode and the order in which it aired was what one person commented in an earlier post about Lee running hot and cold with Amanda. That did bug me the first half of season 2 but by the latter half of season 2 that seemed to be put to rest for the most part, and I was happy to see it go. And then we have this episode stuck right in the middle of episodes where we see how close Lee and Amanda have actually gotten, and he’s blowing hot and cold again. The airing of this episode was horrible and I didn’t really enjoy it much at all except for the one scene when Lee was interrogating Mario and you could see how much he really did care about Amanda. I don’t know I could handle the hot and cold in the first half of the season as we see Lee and Amanda struggle to build a solid friendship and a real partnership but to see it at this point just interrupted the closeness I was enjoying.


  4. Well, count me among those who liked this episode. The dry cleaning and angry interrogation scenes were swoonworthy, and the interaction between Lee and Amanda was interesting throughout. Frankly, there are very few episodes of this series that hold together plot-wise, so the swiss cheese factor doesn’t bother me much. [shrug]

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  5. Ha ha… when I saw the block of crushed car with the antenna still up, all I could think of was the scene in Top Secret (the movie) with Omar Sharif’s agent character crushed into the car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61AWnIZrT5g
    LOL–sorry… just another random reference–I hope they don’t bother anyone.


    • Oh–and what else is funny is that Top Secret was released in… dunh dunh dunh… 1984!!! (June 8th, according to IMDB.)


      • Thanks KC! Oi! I haven’t seen Top Secret – how funny!!!!!! I had a look at the link and rofl!!! and it was 1984? soooo smk was ripping off top secret?! haaaa sounds good to me 🙂
        Looks like Omar Shariff had a tough day at work that day! 🙂

        When she pulled out the oil can – I immediately thought of the Tin Man!!!! 🙂
        It’s all a little too coincidental do you think?

        Thanks for sharing KC!!! What a great find! I’ll have to try and watch the whole movie sometime! byeeee


        • If you haven’t seen Top Secret, you should. It’s just full of sight and sound gags… every time I watch it I see something new. It was Hot Shots! before Hot Shots! was Hot Shots!–but better. (Does that make sense?)

          Oh, and the clip ends–if you didn’t make it all the way through–with the antenna extended (after Hillary has been rummaging in the glovebox). 😀


          • Hi! Noo I didn’t get all the way to the end. I’ ve saved the link and I’m going to try and get back to it and watch the whole movie- it looks great! And yes- your comments make perfect sense! 🙂

            I’ll let you know when I get back to it! haaaaa.. I have the extending of the antenna to look forward to do I? LOL!


    • Hi KC! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I love random references! Keep ’em coming!


    • I LOVE Top Secret, hilarious. I completely forgot about this part. Actually I referenced another clip of the film to the Episode Rememberence of things past. When Omar Sharif meets the blind guy selling souvenirs, novelties, party tricks and its like Wendle the blind guy coming up to Lee with the note in his pot of pencils ha!!!


  6. I love how Lee finally gets all worked up here with Mario. And it’s because of Amanda! It’s personal! Is it just me or does Lee’s face get all red here – boy is he upset!!

    Hahaha – blue Francine! Reminds me of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – wasn’t she the one who ate the meal-in-one gum and turned all blue at the end?

    Love the acknowledgement of Amanda tripping up the baddie! Too cute! He seems so surprised! I can see how you say it feels like it’s after Brunettes, iwsod, but he does a very similar thing in Filming Raul after Amanda announces that she pulled the right wires. There is more to this one than the FR one, but I’m not sure that it will change my vote where this ep falls. I’ve just recently watched SOS, ALSALS, ARS, LOTP and OOADP – and Car Wars just seems so different! It feels very out of place in the original airing order.

    I think the tag for this ep stinks. I don’t get what Amanda is doing with her hand when she touches Lee. What does she think Lee or Gino is going to do? Have a fist fight? While there are some great moments in CW, it is one episode that I have to stop myself from fast forwarding through.

    Rachel and Paula – I promise not to hold the Amandaband thing against you if you promise not to hold it against me! Feel free to extoll their virtues on the stats posts if you want! I must admit I didn’t even notice them in the 80’a, but looking back they make me want to cringe!


    • Hi Everyone! sorry I haven’t had as much time to respond to comments as I would like.. but great to see you are all happy chatting with each other 🙂 I’ve been enjoying all your comments!!!

      Raffie Maroon stockings? tee hee.. did you have the bright blue mascara? I definitely gave that a go! 🙂
      Yeah I don’t mind Lee’s wardrobe in season 1 so much.. yeah season 4 bugs me more!
      I don’t think I ever noticed tie-bars until Lee came along. we actually saw him fiddling with it as he spoke to Amanda on the phone during a break in his interrogation! That was the first time I’d noticed him doing that. They don’t look comfortable to me, but yeah they do yell power! self confidence! 🙂

      Raffie!!! Anytime you want to do an 80s fashion post just say the word! I think some fashion posts would be hilariously fun!!! but.. I don’t have time to do it myself.. Open to others posting too if you have time and think it could be fun!

      Raffie- Francine the Kewpie doll? roflmbo! I love it!!! great insights!!

      Oh thanks for responding about car wars/star wars! – yes! a space creature!! great Catch!!!

      Bjo, you make a fine case for Lee’s acknowledgement not being a decision maker on the ep order! Very true.. Brunettes is such a game changer, I can sometimes forget that Lee actually did have flashes of kindness, admiration towards Amanda even early on – they were just less common! 🙂 Interesting perspective Bjo! thanks for sharing what it was like after watching all those other later episodes.. it does feel different doesn’t it!

      I’m still stewing on that one.. I’ll gather everyone’s thoughts on it and put a post together about it after A Relative situation. but if anyone has more thoughts about it feel free to share!!

      The tag is very small.. and just going for a laugh. I found it a bit confusing too but I loved the car with the little antenna sticking up so much I didn’t mind! and hey, they weren’t having Amanda do something really dumb and then have Lee, Francine and Billy notice it… ugh! now those tags I don’t like! 🙂



  7. Because you asked, yes, I am quite sure the title was a play on “Star Wars”. I wonder if we looked at it from a different perspective if we would see subtle parallels. Well, come to think of it, it starts of talking about a little tiny space creature!

    And also because you asked, yes, I do love this episode and I giggle all the way through it…. or at least catch myself saying, “oh, I love this scene!” Of course I confess that I wouldn’t spot a plot hole if it BMITB 🙂 I do love the little white flag of surrender which is on the antenna as the block of Stratford is brought into the car lot. I think Car Wars is an episode where you’re just supposed to sit back and go along for the ride (no pun intended, but it works, doesn’t it?!)

    Funny about your reference to Francine and her hairbows. I just this morning picked up on and posted in Yuku an SMK joke in Wrong Number where Lee refers to the as-yet-unidentified kidnapped agent as a “kewpie doll”, and of course that agent is Francine. I posted a pic of a kewpie doll in that forum update, yep, hairbow and all! Too bad I can’t seem to get it to paste here.


    • Melissa Robertson

      Just found your vids…beautiful. What a wonderful distraction for not getting my work finished 🙂


      • Thank you for your kinds words, Melissa! Some of the early vids are a little fuzzy thanks to novice skills and unofficial DVD quality, but they are good therapy for me, and it is always wonderful to hear that others are able to enjoy them too 🙂


  8. Something about the intensity of Lee’s reaction to Amanda in the baddies’ hands gives me the impression this episode fits after A Relative Situation, just because I think that’s when Amanda fully entered the interior of Lee Stetson’s personal life. I’d definitely place it after Brunettes. I think raffie summed it up perfectly. Lee’s working on changing his m.o. with Amanda like a guy who is aware of what he has to lose. It’s nice to see Amanda being patient with him while he continues to improve. He isn’t even trying to hide his high esteem for Amanda’s friendship anymore.


    • Hi Rachel! Great to hear from you!! I agree that moment where Lee is pleased at Amanda saving him is fabulous isn’t it!! It’s really big!! LOL I could never hold an opinion on headbands against someone! 🙂 tee heee.. you stick to your guns and keep on loving them Rachel!

      I just enjoy paying out – don’t mind me! it’s actually something that makes smk what is – all those 80s fashion moments – just like I love to hate Francine.. some of the fashion moments I love to hate also -and wouldn’t want it any other way!!
      I hope you will keep visiting- even if I do pay out on Amanda’s head bands! Nooo please don’t bottle it up! share!! we’d like to hear what you think 🙂 I love Amanda’s hair up too!

      Ahh I see Paula has joined you in claiming something you like! 🙂 see! you are not alone! 🙂 haaaa..

      Seriously guys I say what I think: but I would be sad to think you don’t feel you can say what you think here – go for it!! Feel free to say what you think! 🙂 True Paula.. while I don’t like the headbands- I agree with you that Amanda makes them work – she does still look good!!! ugh!! it’s just not fair! 😉 tee hee..

      Oh yeah! I was doing the big jumpers (pullovers/sweaters) and leggings!!! tee heee.. I think what I find funny about Francine’s hair bow is how it makes her look like a little girl and very unprofessional – when it is actually the antithesis of who her character is! 🙂

      Paula that’s interesting about A relative situation and the episode order! I like that you are thinking outside the box!
      I haven’t come to a firm conclusion yet and I’ll be keeping your idea in mind as we begin to walk through A Relative Situation-I hope it’s not too annoying for me to be posting and speculating (like I did with car wars). I would prefer to finish A relative situation before coming to a conclusion about the episode order.. I think what I’ll do is I’ll do an episode order post and discuss it with everyone – lay out all the ideas.. and then people can give their opinion.

      Hmm we could even do a poll! I was thinking I could put one up for Car wars being before or after Brunettes! 🙂 I really enjoy figuring all this out together with you guys!


    • Paula, I like that , “the interior of Lee Stetson’s personal life.” Not many, maybe only Dorothy got there. But I wonder if Amanda had been there a lot longer than Lee was actually aware of?


    • Melissa Robertson

      I don’t know it is hard to say if it comes before or after BAI. Lee wasn’t quick to ask for Amanda’s help. Actually he says that she was the only one available, which tells me he asks others first (which to me says before). But Then he seems in tune with her needs and is very glad that she is alright in the laundry scene and when the baddies took her and he calls her a very good friend of his (which says afterwards). But then in BAI, Lee, did get mad that they were going to sell Amanda. So obviously it is as clear as mud to me 🙂 and I can see it either way.


  9. My favorite part about this episode has always been Lee getting super angry at Mario because Amanda was taken and something could happen to her. Super, super swoony. Oh, and of course the scene by Lee’s car with the drycleaning is good, good, good!!!

    I agree, the plot really does have a LOT of holes, but I really never thought about it before. That’s one of the reasons I love this blog and really analyzing each episode. Doesn’t make me love the show any less, but it is a totally different insight. 😉
    Ya know, I agree, there are some really nice moments here. Like when Lee looks impressed at Amanda helping him take care of the baddies. Love that.

    I am going to admit something to you all and I hope no one holds it against me. Amanda’s headbands. Although I’m glad the popularity didn’t last long (I do remember them being around quite a bit in the early 80s), I don’t really mind Amanda in them. She’s usually just in them when she’d doing work around the house, but she really tends to look really pretty whenever she’s wearing them. Of course, I love it when her hair is up with pieces falling, so maybe it has more to do with that. So, I don’t really mind them. Whew, it feels kinda good to let that out. Now I’m gonna go bottle that confession up again…. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alright, I’ll act on that cathartic admission and second it. While I’ve never been much of a head band person, I think KJ makes them work for her. Even more scandalous…I dig the Francine bows and actually admired them on my older sister in circa 1985, with her big hair, big shoulder pads, and color-matched dress/leggings/shoes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And I had a pair of maroon stockings, and a blue pair as well! 🙂 Those colored stockings that matched your outfit were big in the early 80’s! I still remember the commercial. And until someone mentioned it (I think it was in the SMK Style thread on yuku), I didn’t realize that my tendency to match socks to sweaters/shirts was an 80’s thing. I like all the multi-colored, multi-layered shirts with sweaters that Lee wears in S1. (Can’t say the same about S4, but they do make his shoulders look broad and strong, which I don’t mind!). And a guy in a tie-bar screamed style and self-confidence to me back in the 80’s … and when I see Lee in one, it still screams that to me! So I really enjoy revisiting 80’s fashion, and I especially enjoy hearing folks that weren’t teens/adults in the 80’s express their disbelief! The different perspectives increase the fun!


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