1/1 SMK Stats: The ACM Kid

 Here we go again…more fun stats!  This episode is very different from the first two in terms of stats.  Tuxes and touches are practically non-existent but there are so many other goodies you almost forget!  This post is a tad bit longer than my others, but it just felt wrong to break it up into two.  And ARGH – I’m having a devil of a time with the formatting and adding line breaks this time for some reason – so I hope it’s not too distracting!







Another episode with no tuxedos in sight….bummer.



 amandaband 1

D:  So how are you and young Dillinger getting along?  A:  We’re making progress.


Ack!  The dreaded Amandaband!  This is our first one.  Blech!  Don’t you love how it just disappears into her hair in the back?  We could almost count it as a half-band.  But nope, I’m an all or nothin’ kinda gal, so it counts as a whole one. 



lee saves Amanda 1

Al:  You’re untied!  L:  Yeah, I’m one of the top agents in the c –

Lee manages to get himself and Amanda out of the ropes – and I’m sure there was no biting involved.  Winking smile


Lee saves Amanda 2

Way to go Scarecrow!  Lee jumps over the car to tackle the baddie who is trying to get Amanda back in the car.




 Lee saves himself from the baddies this week!



 At the very end, she won’t call Lee one of the top American agents! hahahahaha!


AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

Zip, zero, nein.



LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)

None.  Amanda does yell Lee’s name twice during the episode however.  The first time is in the arcade after he’s untied them.  Amanda gets taken by the older baddie and she yells his name to get his attention.  The result – the second punch to his face (shown in next section).  The second time was when Lee came off the motorcycle.  That Lee was said out of concern for his safety.

Hmmm…I may just have to change this category to just plain “Leeeee!”.  We’ll see.





lee punch 1

Ooof!  One to the gut!


lee punch 2

That must have really hurt!  I know that if we could see Lee’s face we’d see a dimple.  Probably a left one at that.   Oops – wrong section!


lee punch 3

See?  I was right – about the dimple I mean.  Maybe not about the left part though. Winking smile  Isn’t this the dimple section??  I’m sorry but I’m feeling a little confused….


lee punch 4

Baddie:  Ricky Joe, You can cut the cornpone, .

Lee gets added to the kidnapping mix.


lee punch 5

A punch to the face!


lee punch 6

Another one to the face!  Well, sort of.  At least they let BB do this fake fight!


lee punch 7

Now he’s getting shot at!!


lee punch 8

Again!  Good thing the bad guy has poor aim!


lee punch 9

And now he comes off the motorcycle!  No leathers, no helmet – can

anyone say road rash?


Amanda Boo Boos

amanda boo boo 1

Amanda gets taken at gunpoint after Alexi leaves her house the second time.  Although she *trusts* him, she goes out after him and winds up getting caught by the baddies.


amanda boo boo 3

After being taken at gunpoint, Amanda ends up being tied to a pipe in a closet with Lee. 


A:  …Alexi, this is Lee Stetson, one of the top agents in the country….  Al:  If he’s so hot, what’s he doing tied up in a closet?  A:  Perfectly good question.  Rolling on the floor laughing


.amanda boo boo 2

Amanda gets taken at gunpoint again!  After escaping the ‘tie-up’ with Lee, she winds up right back in the hands of the baddies.




Still waiting…




dimple 3

L:  What are you doin’ here?  A:  Well I had to take the boys to school and I was already halfway here so I figured why should I go all the way home and then come all the way back here, so?  (short laugh)  L:  Coffee?

Okay, so not a very long ramble…but I’ll take any excuse to show Lee in his short robe.  Hot smile



FINALLY!!!  It only took 39 minutes into this episode to get some touching.  And here we have it:

touch 1

Lots of finger touching here while they are trying to untie the knot.  Notice they are both touching each other’s fingers….they just can’t help it can they???


touch 2

I guess this is why we had to wait 39 minutes…I’m pretty sure her nose is touching his face….Eye rolling smile


L:  And grab the other loose end with your teeth.  A:  Okay.  L:  Now hold tight while I work on the knot.  A:  Don’t bite me.  Don’t bite me!  L:  Just hold still!  A:  Alright.  Laughing out loud  Too cute!



Lee in plaid

 plaid 1

And wet plaid at that!! Winking smile


L:  Tell me I stink.  A: You stink!  L:  Throw my drink in my face.  A:  And frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was always a maaajor disappointment!  Rolling on the floor laughing  L:  Ham.


I think there was one more time Lee had plaid on him in this episode.  I had to really work hard to find this one.   You may have to scroll down a bit….

























lee punch 2Shameless, yes I know!    I couldn’t help myself.  That big white bandage was just begging to be made plaid!  This is plaid, right?   I used two different colors and I’m just betting that heavy duty first aid tape is the woven kind….you know the stuff I’m talking about.


Please people, don’t get the wrong impression here….  It’s just that, well, this is the one of the few times in this series I think we get to see, well, you know, some 80’s buff hunkness!   Just imagine how different things would be if this show were made now!  Smile


Who left their keys this week?

The old baddie!!  Ha ha!  It worked in Amanda’s favor!  While he was trying to get his gun from the floor of the car, Amanda reached over and grabbed the keys from the ignition so she could try to escape. 

Hmmm.  I wonder if this is why she sometimes remembers to get Lee’s keys out of the ignition for him.


Jack Sightings

No, not this time.


Jill sightings



Gratuitous Dimple shots                 dimple-patrol-first-aid_thumb.jpg

dimple 1

A:  I can only assume this is you possibly because you’re the only man I know who doesn’t say hello, doesn’t ask how I am.  L:  How are you?


dimple 2

L:  But you promise not to run away from me?  Al:  I promise.  I don’t have anywhere to run!  (sucker!)


dimple 4

L:  Yes, Amanda…danger, excitement, intrigue.  A:  Oh, shut up!


dimple 5

Don’t those look like Lee’s bedroom eyes??  Already?  It’s not even bedtime!


dimple 6

The ever popular Swamp Humanoids!


dimple 7

A:  You know, it looks like you’re sort of um, you’re spoiling the kid rotten or either you’re trying to, um, to buy his affections.  You know you could definitely buy mine with this guy.  This guy is gorgeous!


dimple 8

A:  I was just thinking maybe you tough guys aren’t as tough as I thought you were.  L:  Hm.   (How sweet….)

dimple 9

L:  No no no. no, don’t say it.

Boy, it sure is a good thing Lee is resilient.  That or he’s like the cheerleader from Heroes and all his wounds spontaneously heal themselves.  (If you didn’t watch Heroes, BB had a few appearances in it – don’t remember his role though – he might have been the US President?)

dimple 10

L:  Okay.  Say it.


dimple 11

L:  Say it!


dimple 12

Un uh!!!  Rolling on the floor laughing  Love it!!!



Let’s recap…

Tuxedos –  0

Amanda Bands – 1 pink

Lee saves Amanda – twice

Amanda saves Lee – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her -1

Amaaanda! – 0

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 3 punches, 1 tie-up, 2 gunshots and a motorcycle fall – a hard week for Lee!

Amanda “Boo boos” – 3 – taken twice at gunpoint and 1 tie-up

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 1

Touches – only 2!

Lee in Plaid – yes

Who Left their keys this week? – the bad guy

Jack Sightings – 0

Jill Sightings – 0

Here is the link to the episode discussion of The ACM Kid.

Next up is the Magic Bus and the weasel-faced man!  Until then….

8 responses to “1/1 SMK Stats: The ACM Kid

  1. That damned bandage – it’s so inconveniently located & WHY, WHY does it have to be soooooo big!? This scene (& wonderful, wonderful – thank you thank you thank you – screenshot) has me all over the place. I don’t know what to concentrate on – that chest or those hands! Woe is me – guess I’ll just have to spend twice as much time staring at it to give both the time they deserve. Call me when it’s dinner time will ya? (Dinner time tomorrow that is LOL!)
    As always lurve for the dimple shots!
    And am I crazy or is that actually BB riding that bike some of the time? I’ve thought that a few times when he’s had to ride motorbikes. & maybe a horse or two as well


    • It’s too bad I didn’t have a hands category for this post. Those hands of his look just as good as, well, the rest of him! LOL! I’m not sure about BB on the bike, but could be! If you like to think of it that way, then go for it! The horses, yes – he is a very good rider in real life from what I understand. I know there are others on the blog who could fill you in ad nauseum, but I do know that he is a horse lover, owner and rider.


  2. Ah, the dialogue from that first dimple shot cracks me up. I really enjoyed those early phone conversations with Amanda and Lee. My ultimate favorite lines were with Philip and Lee, though Lee’s came from Philip, too. “Is this Dean?” “He says, not in a million years.” LOL, everytime.


  3. LOL! I don’t know how anyone could have missed the plaid bandage the first time around either!! I’m just glad I spotted it this time myself so I could share it with everyone. I knew that as soon as I saw it you all would want to see it too 😉

    Lee’s apartment in S1 does look very tribal, iwsod. It’s not my taste, so I never paid it much mind. I like his later apartments better. That definitely sounds like a post once you’ve walked us through all 88 eps!

    Jenbo, I hope this photo comes through.
     photo e285b601-fae4-48f5-9fc8-90b69406e45b_zps891b6560.jpg
    It does look like KJ comes awfully close to BB’s face with her glass from this angle. I wonder how many takes they had to do of that part of the scene. That had to have been fun!


  4. See! I told you he wore plaid a lot…so often we didn’t even notice it on the bandage, it’s become so commonplace. 😉 Good Catch! You crack me up!


  5. Hiya Bjo and everyone!

    Road Rash! 😉

    It’s interesting to see Lee’s apartment.. it looks very tribal/ethnic themed and it changes alot. I had to laugh at one of your pics BJo – of Lee and Amanda sitting next to the Panda and there is another statue watching them over Lee’s shoulder – it’s like the statue and the Panda are watching Lee and Amanda in amazement! 🙂 Lee’s adorable as he spoils Alexi! It would have been fun to see a scene with Lee and Alexi playing that console Lee bought!

    wow. I can’t believe I never noticed the bandage had plaid on it! 😉 I can’t think why.. but great catch there BJo! [ 😉 kidding!]

    Ahhh Bjo knows what we like doesn’t she!!!

    Thanks Bjo! As always it’s wonderful to hear from you!!!

    Any one else want to have a go doing an smk post?? [no need to do it like Bjo or myself.. you can make it your own! 🙂 ]



  6. Love the plaid bandage. They were all the rage in he 80’s 😉

    Am I the only one who thinks Amanda comes pretty close to actually hitting Lee with the glass when she chucks the drink in his face? There doesn’t seem much distance between the two…….

    Urgh the headbands *shudders* Just cannot fathom the point of wearing it the way she does. Lady Di and Olivia NJ I blame you guys……


  7. Oh My Heck! Don’t know how I missed the plaid on his bandage. Guess I will have to replay the episode again and scrutinize that scene very c a r e f u l l y.


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