2/2 SMK Stats: Magic Bus

Ok, it’s time to get back on the SMK Magic Bus!  Wooo hooo!  We see our first gun shot wound, lots of action and a blooper I never noticed before.  Amanda and Lee also get busy saving each other and the dam.  And let’s not forget about those dimples!





Gordon Standish takes aim……and fires!! Look out Scarecrow!


Ouch! Lee is hit! His first bullet wound! I know why Lee got shot – Amanda didn’t yell, “Leeeee!!!”


Amanda gets taken at gunpoint again….only to be tied up with Lee again! I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot! I think the baddies all shop at the same rope store because they all use the same rope! Even the European ones! We’ll get to that later….

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

Not this episode.

LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)

None of these either – too bad, it would have saved him the bullet wound to the leg!


Still waiting…..more learning patience….can anyone else hear the Jeopardy theme song in their head?


There is a lot of saving going on in this episode. Lee saves Amanda, Amanda saves Lee, they save each other, the dam and everyone who lives in the valley!


Oh no, the baddies have them tied up. Tied up for two episodes in a row! At least in iwsod’s revised order…actually in airing order too – just in reverse!


After Lee breaks the headlight on the jeep, Amanda uses a piece to cut the rope. Guess rope cutting is more of a housewife skill…

After getting out of the ropes, Lee hides on top of the Vigilant just waiting for his chance….


Look! It’s wizard Lee! He’s hovering over the baddies just waiting for the right moment to drop in! This reminds me of the Disney Witch Mountain movies – I know there is hovering in there. (Don’t ask. Yes, I’m old. Well, ok, not that old. wlEmoticon-donttellanyonesmile2 And no, I’ve never seen any Harry Potter movies. There’s probably some hovering in those? Thinking smile)


Ahhh, Scarecrow with a gun. Love it! He’s got the bad guys now! Right where he wants ‘em….


Oops! First Standish ate the key (those Survivors will eat anything!), then the double-crossing Senator’s aide Holt tried to get Lee with his gun and now they’re getting away! Drat!

Now it’s Amanda’s turn again to do some saving!


While Lee is fighting off the bad guys, Amanda calls for help on the radio! Or CB? What is that thing? I hope it’s plugged in this time…. AK: Hello? Hello? If anyone can hear me please call 555-3434 and say Scarecrow, Donohue Dam.


Wow! KJ is strong! She is not happy that Lee is shot! But she manages to help him get inside the bus.


Now Amanda gets a chance to show off her driving skills. You know, the ones she learned when taking Phillip and Jamie into New York City on Thanksgiving to see the Macy’s Day Parade?


It’s the Army!! Why are they shooting at us?? What is going on here?

squirt-gun_thumbAhh, back to Lee. He’s using the Vigilant’s over-sized squirt gun to get rid of the army guys! lee-saves-a-4_thumb


Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun?? The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys….wlEmoticon-winkingsmile2   Drat, I wish I could make this picture clearer!

Hey! I just noticed a blooper!!


Check out the hand in the bottom left corner of the picture! See the fingers holding the red thing?? Oopsie! Either that or we missed the guy riding on top of the Vigilant!

Ok, back to business….only 9 seconds till the missile is fired!


Lee manages to pry glued-down John Paul Jones and smash the glass covering all the switches and buttons.


Cutting it a little close aren’t you, Scarecrow??? Guess that’s why you were all hot and wet, errr, I mean hot and sweaty….phew!



And now that everyone is suitably relieved, it’s time to get the Vigilant cleaned up and ready for Arizona!


Just how did the weasel-faced man start the Vigilant? Did Holt give the Survivors a spare key? Did he hotwire it?? Please don’t tell me the agent who drove it over left the key in the ignition???????????? Can I get a head slap? Anyone?   I’ve decided to give the Agency the benefit of the doubt and go with the Holt/spare key theory…thoughts?

And then the baddies must have left the key in the ignition right after Holt set the timer to blow up the dam. How else would Amanda have just driven right off? I didn’t know she knew how to hotwire a bus!?!

Jack Sightings


Finally! Our first Jack sighting and it’s Jack 2 (the guy on the left). Actually, it’s Agent Frank Duffy (thank you, raffie) but I’m calling him Jack. He is an agent in this episode. He’s sitting in the Diaper Duty van outside Amanda’s house keeping an eye on the Vigilant. Unfortunately he gets gassed! At least it’s just knock out gas though.


Not yet.

Gratuitous Dimple shots


A: What am I supposed to be? Your secretary or something? L: No way, I wouldn’t think of it. A: What then? L: My caddy. Just joking!


Awww, poor Lee. He just realizes he’s been outdone by Amanda…. She was the one to find out that Gordon Standish is a member of the Survivors and he didn’t! Nananana booboo. Secret telling smile  When are you ever gonna learn, Lee?  At least we get a dimple out of it!


A: Are you trying to blow our case? L: It’s not ‘our’ case, it’s ‘my’ case.


A: I’ve never seen your legs before. L: Well, what do you think? A: Not bad. L: (laughs) Thanks.

Will he never cease to be amazed by this woman??? What did he expect her to say? You’ve got the hottest legs this side of the Atlantic??? Or Pacific? (Is there a side to the globe? I can’t even use the equator! We’re all from North America, Europe and Australia….I know, this side of the moon. Winking smile)


A: Do you think maybe you could say something nice about my work? I mean, after all, I think I did contribute something here. L: Okay. Your work was ‘not bad’. A: Not bad? L: Yeah, not bad. A: Not bad. L: Well, you think my legs are just ‘okay’ I think your work was just ‘not bad’.


A: That is so petty. L: Care to change your opinion?

ROFLMBO!!! So he does care what she thinks! At least about his legs anyway….. Can’t you just hear the sizzle going on here between these two? I love how neither of them backs down…or backs away. And they’re not even in an elevator!

Let’s Recap…

Tuxedos – 0Amanda Bands – 2  /  Lee saves Amanda – 4  /Amanda saves Lee – 3  /  Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 2   /  Amaaanda! – 0   /  Leeeee! – 0   /  Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 1  /  Amanda “Boo boos” – 2   /  Lee Winks – 0   /  Amandarambles – 2   /  Touches – 13   /  Lee in Plaid – 3   /  Who Left their keys this week? – 1   /  Jack Sightings – 1   /  Jill Sightings – 0

I hope you enjoyed this post – as always, please let me know if I’ve missed anything!   And if anyone is interested in getting in on collecting stats, please make a note of it in your comments!  Next up is If Thoughts Could Kill, a.k.a. The Damned Duck Episode.

Here is the link to iwsod’s first post on Magic Bus.

10 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: Magic Bus

  1. Lee’s first GSW on the series, but I have a sneaking suspicion he was shot at least once in his ten year career before the series began. He’s too much of a risk-taker for me to believe otherwise.


  2. Yup! Lee’s legs are definitely the hottest thing this side of the moon!


  3. Dimples, sizzle and sassy ‘tudes! Just made me happy happy happy! Gads Bjo, how do you actually get the post up? I would be found drooling in a corner somewhere, unable to function at all. Good job! Now gotta go find my helmet…..


  4. Hi everyone! Now that I spotted a blooper, I’m on the lookout for them. I noticed on in Sudden Death today too, although I’m not sure how much of a blooper it is. I’ll have to point it out when I do stats for that post.

    I’m with you guys – sassy Amanda is great. That Amanda really gives Lee a run for his money. I love that she doesn’t back down even though she’s ‘normal’ and ‘just a housewife’. We’ll have to keep an eye out for when all the sassiness disappears and why.

    Iwsod, you never noticed they baddies all use the same rope? Maybe one day I’ll do a rope post – hahahaha! That would make for some great pictures. I swear they are always tied up with the same white rope! Well, ok, the crazy Sinclair dude in ROTP uses those black things to tie Amanda up, but I think that may be the only time. Guess he bought his ties at the dynamite store and not the rope store. He needed something black to go with all the black dynamite fuses throughout Lee’s apartment.

    Jack does get actual lines. I think two perhaps. I can’t recall the episodes off hand. There’s more Jack to come! And Jill. And yes, Lee’s hair does move in early SMK! LOL. S3 is the best, I think, except for perhaps the euro episodes.

    Thanks for chiming in guys!


    • I like the idea of tracking when and why Amanda loses her sassiness. It is so much fun the way different people notice and pay attention to different things. It makes the show so much richer. I wonder if the producers ever imagined being held up to so much scrutiny. If they knew there were fandoms like this shows would be so amazing wouldn’t they?


  5. First dimple shot is my favorite, I think. I enjoy those smirky smiles of his. Remind me so much of my hubby’s. (Smarty-pants attitude, too.)

    Oh, the hand on the sprayer. Good catch. Lee does look like he’s having entirely too much fun with the Vigilant in that scene.


  6. I forgot to say- Cindy I love sassy Amanda too!!! 🙂


  7. Ha ha ha! That RV has everything including a man to aim the water hose. Nice catch! Gorgeous, mouth watering dimple shots. SIGH! And yes, the two of them just sizzle! I am trying to figure out why/when Amanda stopped being so sassy and kick a$$. I am glad she found her mojo again in season 3.


    • Hiya Bjo! Blooper?? whooo I love a good blooper!!

      For an episode very early on, Amanda certainly saves the day in this one huh!! Yes.. she even bandages Lee’s bullet wound – and [this cracks me up everytime] she offers to sew up his jeans for him!!!! tee heee..

      the baddies use the same rope? too funny! I never noticed!!
      “Guess rope cutting is more of a housewife skill…” -whahahahaaaaaaa!

      Disney Witch Mountain movies? sorry Bjo I don’t know them! Anyone???

      Okay this one had me in tears: “Standish ate the key (those Survivors will eat anything!), ”
      Good call!!!!! haaaaa!!!

      Go go gadget hand!!!! roflmbo! I love the magic hand on the hose there Bjo! Great Catch!!!

      yeah!! how the weasel faced man started the Vigilante kind of needed to be addressed!

      Poor Jack! Glad to see he only got knocked out teee hee.. Does he ever get any actual lines? ( Other than ‘argh!’ ?)

      Mmmm nice dimple shots! I love Lee with the more natural hair of early smk.. it moves! 😉

      Exactly! what did Lee expect Amanda to say about his legs?! He deserved it!! Yeah! he remembers her exact words – and then brings it up again? He cares waaaay too much what Amanda thinks of his legs! Though I suspect that is at this stage a little egocentrism rather than specifically caring about what Amanda thinks!
      Thanks Bjo- I loved it!!!


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