3/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Just before leaving the last scene.. can I check I’m not missing something? Lee tells his uncle he can’t ‘that night’ because he has a date – sounds like he is not talking about later the same day no?? then, we never hear Lee ask Amanda if she can do it on such and such a night! So Amanda has no idea what night it is..  What if it’s Monday and PTA? Winking smile what am I missing here?

Well, moving on we see a lovely nightscape of Washington DC.. wait a minute.. was that Lee’s old car we just saw drive along the freeway?? anyone with a clearer quality who can check it?  2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000365265

I bet we saw this transition shot in season 1 eps…but I don’t have time to go look for it! so if anyone sees it in their regular smk viewing please let us know! Smile  Anyway, on to dinner… Hmmm Lee and Amanda are driving to the restaurant and there is a VO explaining the different car.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000370870
this is all very curious.. are they trying to make a point here with the dialogue about the car?? or was there a reason they couldn’t use the vette that night for filming??
Amanda: when do you get your car back?
Lee: tomorrow Sad smile
Amanda: Mmm.. why did you have to take it in to the shop anyway?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000372872
Lee: Ahh it got a scratch. Some guy parked next to me and dinged it!
[Man…he sounds so annoyed! Love how Amanda humours him by making a ‘Whooo!’ sound!]
Amanda: Lee, eventually all cars get scratched.
Lee: I know that, Amanda, I know that, but my car was almost brand new! And some Butcher comes along and mutilates it!!rofl smileyOTT!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000382882
I love how during this dialogue Lee is parking the car.. BB is being very careful to line it up so when he opens Amanda’s door it hits the parking meter! rofl! he is looking at it measuring how he’s doing! 1HaHaHa
Satisfied with the positioning of the car (LOL) Lee gets out to walk around and open Amanda’s door???!!!! Err is that a first?? anyone?? Lovely!! Smile I love that he’s cranky but still being a gentleman to Amanda- this is a man Amanda could fall for!!! 1heart_eyes LOL.. although it could have all been in service of this next joke I suppose.. still I love it! Smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000390890
As he walks around Lee mumbles to himself: I swear the maniac did it on purpose. [whooo Love Lee in a long winter coat! Bringin sexy back!!drooly smiles]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000395695As Lee opens Amanda’s door he continues: I just don’t understand why people can’t be more careful!   –and Bang!!! He whacks the car 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000396496door accidentally on the parking meter next to the parked car! 1HaHaHa He immediately sees what he’s done.. realises what he was 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000397297just saying.. eek! He stares at the parking meter a moment.. then looks up at Amanda stunned, she nods her head- not  criticising Lee
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000398498
(wise woman!!) and Lee responds with a nervous chuckle.. (awh!!)
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000398898
Amanda good naturedly smiles and lets it go without rubbing it in – if Lee had taken Francine, how do you think she would have responded? Not so graciously I am sure!!
Lee is very worked up – I think it’s because he is nervous about seeing his uncle.. it’s not really about the car or maniacs at all.. Poor Lee! Have no fear Amanda will support you!

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000402902Amanda walks away from the car, Lee closes her door and stares at the scratch on the car door 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000404904a moment 😆 then, wordlessly bends to check it.. give it a rub…then he turns back to Amanda and has a bigger laugh! 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000406506Boy.. he’s nervous!   tee heee.. What a great little smk joke!! 1HaHaHa If that little joke is the reason the vette is not in use this scene- okay by me..I love the delivery!!! Lee is not in his super suave spy mode here!! and… I think it is adorable! 😆
Amanda smiles at Lee in response to his laugh Smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000407707
hehehee.. Amanda tries to ease Lee’s tension, making small talk with Lee about his uncle as they walk to the club… [Only, I guess there is no small talk when it comes to talking to Lee about his uncle!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0004081082.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000408508
Amanda: How long has it been since you’ve seen him?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000410110Lee: we had lunch in 82.
[Hmm! so this is the first time he has seen his uncle since he met Amanda!]
Amanda: Lee that’s really terrible.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000413713
Lee: I told you we haven’t seen much of each other…
[Lee is trying to sound so matter of fact.. but he’s not going to be able to keep it up Winking smile and.. he doesn’t have to – he’s safe with Amanda Smile ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000418118
…Besides!  Colonel Robert Clayton’s (or Bob the builder if you like) a very busy man.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000419719Amanda’s shocked.. she didn’t realise Lee’s uncle was the construction worker err… I mean..
court martial guy!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000428528Amanda: you’ve never said his first name before, you’ve always called him the Colonel or him or something-
Lee: or something worse?!
– fab delivery!1HaHaHa2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000430930
Amanda: yeah well.. Gosh, he’s really probably gonna need you now.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000432532
Lee: nah he doesn’t need anyone.  Sad smile
Ohhhh dear.. I suspect Lee has at times believed he doesn’t need anyone either! I think the two men are more similar than Lee would like! 1facepalm
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000434934
No wonder Lee is nervous.. not only is he seeing his uncle, he is seeing his uncle when he is in trouble and not going to want Lee to help him!!! Lee does like to help those he cares about nowadays! Smile It increases the stakes here between Lee and his uncle doesn’t it?! I think Lee, deep down, does want to help- but doesn’t want to risk being even more rejected by his uncle.. so this line of Amanda’s gets to the heart of things..
Amanda: well sure he’s go2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000437737nna need his family!

Lee quickly:what family? [Ohhhh boy.. ] 1bawling cry
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000438138
Amanda: you!! He raised you.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000440140
Lee: Amanda he didn’t have any choice, when my parents died he was the only one left.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000443343
Amanda pauses a moment.. then continues: Ohhh Nooo he could have said no.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000448548
Lee shakes his head: Not the Colonel! It was his duty, and he always does his duty.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000450550
Amanda: whoooo that bad huh!
They make their way up the stairs..backs to camera…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000456156
trying to sound light-hearted: Hey! How many kids get to pass room inspection twice a week and learn the proper way to spit shine shoes hmm?? [I love how Lee skips up the stairs as he says this.. he’s really trying to be upbeat- but… it’s doomed to fail! ]

Amanda says hello to the doorman- Awh!! so in Character! 🙂 They enter the Armed Forces Club…

Room inspection huh.. this could be why Lee’s place up to this point has always been such a mess!!!! It’s a 31rebellion!!!!
Remember Amanda cleaning in Saved by the bells? 1ha haaaaaaa I love the look on her face here! Winking smile  This is interesting! I think in A Little Sex, A L2.14 A LITTLE SEX,A LITTLE SCANDAL.avi_002663563ittle scandal, Lee has a new orderly apartment (and from then on for the rest of the show I think his apartments are orderly..?)- Lee’s messy apartment was due to unresolved issues with his uncle.. and after this episode? he has resolved them! Winking smile Just a theory.. I can’t help myself.. Yes Morley– I too am psychologically minded! Smile [This does make better sense with this episode not mixed up with all the short hair eps] We could do a whole post on the journey of Lee’s apartments! Winking smile tee hee!

You know, Lee may not know it yet – but he has made a very wise choice in dinner guest tonight!! I do think it was a spur of the moment idea- the script says he looks around wondering what to do and then sees Amanda in front of him..(I think he implicitly knows too..) .. I also think if Amanda had not been able to do it- Lee would not have taken anyone else- after all he had told the Colonel her name.. and no one is going to pretend to be Amanda! I think Lee would have gone alone and made up an excuse.. but this is just my opinion and there’s no definite answer to this one- it’s all just speculation- feel free to disagree Smile 

Lee and Amanda are first to arrive1surprise.. what the.... , Lee asks for a table by the window.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000483383
Lee and Amanda make their way to the bar to wait for the Construction Worker.. err I mean Colonel to arrive.. I love how Lee guides Amanda to her seat- he’s being very attentive Winking smile
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000491624

Whooo does this club look familiar?? I swear this is the same set they used for the Chez Tayir in Spiderweb- where Amanda has her date with Bryce Topping!!!
Here’s the bar in this ep…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000462162
Here’s the bar in Spiderweb being shot up..
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_000236036
It was behind where Lee was seated and had a few cake stands perched on the end of the bar!
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_0002117452.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_000154788
Whoa! Amanda is wearing the same outfit too!
(with the one addition of pearls in this ep!) She even had on the same coat in the outside scene just now look! Here’s Amanda in Spiderweb: (she doesn’t take off her coat in Spiderweb)
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_000180647
and here she is in this ep- a close up of her at the bar (which is coming up):
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000506639
and.. outside with the coat on:
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_000421721
Weird huh! Go check it out.. it’s hard to capture the restaurant in one shot as they’ve done a pretty decent job changing how it looks.. Lee could be wearing the same suit with a different tie..but I’m not going to go out on a limb that far.. and they have done Amanda’s hair differently Winking smile

Hey, what do you think the dialogue to do with Lee’s car getting scratched is about?? Why is it there??… Hm.. I don’t know….but a few ideas spring to mind: could it be a clue (among many) that Lee is more like his uncle than he realises?
Or.. could it be a little message- that everything in life gets a little rough around the edges with use – especially people.. and he can’t expect to be pristine and untouched by his upbringing? That’s life.
I don’t know.. just throwing it out there!!! anyone??

Drat I want to keep going! but.. this post is long enough already! I better stop there. We’ll leave Lee and Amanda taking a seat at the Bar to wait for  the Colonel for now! We are learning lots about Lee and his uncle, and how wonderful a friend Amanda is to Lee also Winking smile Soooo what do you all think? I look forward to hearing from you byeeee!!!

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  1. That set was also used as a restaurant on at least two S2 Episodes of Hart To Hart – Operation Murder & Murder Of Jonathan Hart. I’m almost sure of it.

    This scene makes me wonder just how much Lee & Amanda have talked about his past at this point. We have the obvious scenes on LCE & ACM Kid. Amanda says “Whenever you mention him” implying they’ve talked about the uncle more than once. Has Lee told her the whole story as to why his uncle raised him, or did she just assume that his parents had died and this is the first time he’s said it? And when did they get close enough that he would have confided that in her?


  2. #2019rewatch
    Clagjanet, I so agree with this: I love that they developed their friendship long before they developed their romantic relationship.

    It makes their story that much more compelling, in my opinion, and the exact opposite of relationships we see today on television that start with the sparks and then tries to add the friendship…Lee and Amanda set the foundation of their friendship before any sparks are acted upon. ❤

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  3. #2019 rewatch

    Amanda is just so lovely in this scene, working to keep Lee calm and not teasing him or letting anything get under his skin. And it works, because he doesn’t get instantly annoyed at her claim about families the way he did in The Long Christmas Eve. I love that they developed their friendship long before they developed their romantic relationship.

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  4. #Rewatch 2019

    Recycled sets, recycled outfits (which would make sense for Amanda and her dress budget) and boy, oh boy, recycled street! This particular stretch of buildings on the Warner Brothers lot is in almost every episode – from Harry Thornton’s apartment, the Life of the Party office, the Stemwinder boarding house, Byron Jordan’s house, her date with Alan the third in “A Lovely Little Affair”… if they’re outside, you can almost guarantee seeing these houses!

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  5. #2019rewatch

    Iwsod, your reference to Spiderweb just makes me weird out at the name “Bryce Topping” aaaaaallll over again…His name always makes me want cake. It’s such a strange choice for a last name!!! 😂

    Anyway, someone somewhere has probably commented about this, but it is interesting to see the scenes where locations and wardrobes are recycled. I know zero about filming television shows. But I would think as an actor it would be quite a challenge mentally to go back and forth in your character development if you were shooting multiple episodes at once. I’m sure they have to do it sometimes. This is why I’m not an actor. (Sure, that’s the only reason…hahaha)

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  6. #2019rewatch
    When Lee and Amanda were near the parking meter, facing each other, her long white coat was so bulky it made her look pregnant! Then there’s the snapshot of Lee and Amanda side-by-side going up the steps to his uncle’s club, which made me realize her coat has shoulders nearly as wide as Lee’s. No wonder they needed a coupé that evening … there wouldn’t be sufficient shoulder space for the two of them in Lee’s Corvette!

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  8. Tee hee, iwsod! Of course Amanda would figure out a way to go to dinner with Lee and his uncle. PTA be darned! 😉 Heck, I’d sure skip the PTA for a chance to have dinner with Lee and his uncle! Although I don’t think this is as important, it’s sort of like Amanda figuring out a way to go to Station 1 for training in A Class Act. Lee asks if she’s sure she can get away and she says that she’ll figure it out. She’ll figure out this one too!

    I don’t think that’s Lee’s old car in that transition shot. Amazon crops the overall picture, so I only see part of the car, but it looks way too long to be Lee’s Classic Porsche. I think when Jenbo gets back she’ll probably know for sure!

    On Lee opening the door for Amanda, I can’t believe it’s a first this far into S2! I believe he opened the door for her as Victoria Greenwich when he was her chauffer. He also opened the taxi door for her when she arrived in Salzburg in Geisterschloss. He opens the door for her to get in the car after they discover Marianna in the café. Yeah, I guess they’re not exactly the same thing, but it’s not like dinner with the colonel is a real date either.

    Loving that long winter coat! I also love that look in ALAGHITM when he has to save the prince and princess from the sniper on the roof! Bringing sexy back indeed!!!

    Yes, I agree – Lee is very worked up! And it is because of his seeing his uncle and talking about the court marshall. And no, Francine would have gotten in a dig about him hitting the parking meter. Actually, Francine wouldn’t have waited for Lee to come open her right probably?

    Iwsod, so you think Lee’s messy apartment was due to unresolved issues with his uncle? Me, I think Amanda came over evey once in a while to clean! She just couldn’t help it! Tee hee hee…. (I don’t really think this – it just made me laugh to consider it 🙂 )
    Great catch on Amanda’s outfit!! And I agree with Jeanine, I think the whole scratched car thing was because they needed Lee to drive a car that night that could fit 3 people.

    I like the half-brother idea for Lee’s uncle, but I always thought that the colonel had been married to Lee’s father’s sister, hence the different name. Then I figured she died before Lee’s parents so even though the colonel wasn’t a blood relative, he was still known to Lee and was his uncle by marriage. If there were no blood relatives left to take Lee, I could see Lee being given to the colonel. It was 1955, so I think there were a lot less rules about that sort of thing than there are now. I don’t think we are ever told the colonel was never married or anything like that, and I know some career military officers who are married, so the two can go hand in hand.


    • LOL as much as I’d love to be a car expert I am anything but 🙂
      However I googled images of the Porsche 356 and although I’ve not been able to check on my DVDs (only got back late last night) I think the car isn’t the Porsche. The tail end seems too long by comparison. That’s my “expert” opinion at any rate ROFL

      I’ve had a week without Internet. Oooooh how I’ve missed you. Had a week without SMK…….I am realising just how much I am addicted to this show!!!!!


      • Hey!!! yeah you are a car expert: compared to me! 🙂

        Okay.. I’ll go with yours a bjo’s opinion.. but I know I’ve seen this transition before! If anyone sees it please let me know!

        Thanks for checking BJo and Jenbo! [boy.. your names are very similar aren’t they! 🙂 ]

        A week without smk? so sad!! you’ll just have to make up for it! 😉


        • I am trying to make up for it (by being on here) but with all the family at home still it’s a bit more difficult to catch up. I watched SAAB before we went away and I’ve still not had time to post my thoughts under that episode. I am dying to watch an actual episode but I prefer to watch them alone, it’s my dirty little secret (and I can drool in private ;)) 😀


  9. Just a quick comment on the loaner car. Coming up later in the evening I am very sure three people wouldn’t fit in the ‘vette when Lee offers the Colonel a place to stay for the night. Sorry for the spoiler.


    • Whoo hooo! glad to see you are all enjoying this episode as much as I am!

      Hiya Melissa R!:) Amanda has a ‘calming effect on him and other people’ – whooo I love it!
      Whose brother is the Colonel? It has been ages since I saw Unfinished Business.. can someone remind us of the facts we learn in that episode?? pretty please??

      Is it confirmed the mother’s last name is Stetson? I have nooooo idea!!!

      You what I’ve always thought.. the name ‘Stetson’ sounds made up to me – LOL I know… Lee Stetson is not real 😉 but.. it’s like in the movie ‘Bringing up Baby’ the girl is desperately searching for a fake name to give Cary Grant’s character.. she looks around at what is in the room – and sees a bone! So.. she gives his character the fake name of Mr Bone! [ Only she forgets to tell him.. and mayhem ensues- sounds like smk doesn’t it?! ] eerr my point being.. it sounds like some was trying to find a new name.. saw a Stetson hat and thought -why not! Lee Stetson it is! 😉 Is it possible Lee changed his name? Do we know that was his parent’s last name? I’m ahem.. looking forward to tied up Lee also 😉

      Hey Paula! How are you? great to hear from you!! Ohhh so the name of Lee’s dad is definitely Mathew Stetson? Maybe Lee’s dad changed his name – he was a spy wasn’t he? Maybe to protect his brother Robert Clayton who was in the armed forces?? 😉

      Interesting point about Lee’s tragic childhood Paula, I think they do it well – I think it had to be something reasonably traumatic to justify the huge affect it has on his psyche and the journey Lee’s character takes- you know.. he couldn’t struggle with trust and intimacy till season 3 because his dad didn’t always buy him the Lego he wanted! 😉 tee heee.. It’s heavy.. but I think smk does well.. and if it wasn’t heavy it could maybe make Lee’s character seem just really immature – rather than likeable.. it makes me want to cheer him on!! For him to overcome his tragic past and learn a new way of living.. you know?

      Yes, loosing both parents is life altering – though at least Lee did have his parents raising him during those critical formative years – 5 years?
      Nicely put Paula, this ep does look squarely at the struggles of this life, the heartache..but I guess it does make things also sweeter doesn’t it? That Lee is able to grow and build a life for himself regardless of the pain he still holds in his heart for his parents.. and probably his uncle’s failings too.. It makes me really glad that Lee finds Amanda! 🙂 I am touched by Lee’s courage in this episode! but.. I’ll get to that! (doh I keep saying that!)

      Hi Morley – great! You stick to your guns! 🙂 tee heee.. I’m glad you like your opinions! I like your opinions too! 🙂
      That’s interesting.. I hadn’t thought of how comforting Lee’s car is.. awh!! yes it is a new side to Lee we are seeing – indeed!! How does Amanda feel about this?? a great question Morley!! So true!! They are having an old married couple conversation! I love it!

      Hey Allofakind! Long time no hear!!! As always it’s wonderful to hear from you! Oh thanks for responding about that first question I thought I was going a little nuts! 😉
      Yeah this scene coming up with Amanda meeting his uncle has lots of fodder for discussion!!

      Jeanine!!! hello!! This episode is awesome! because everybody is stopping in to say hi! 🙂
      Ahhh I haven’t watched that far ahead! teee heee.. yes a two seater car does make three a crowd huh! (I wanted to see them put the uncle in the boot -trunk- or something! 😉 ) At least there is no baddie with a bendy knife waiting on the backseat for them!!! haaa!!
      Spoiler? nah it’s all good Jeanine – we are not really trying not to spoil anyone anymore – are we?? at least.. I didn’t think we were! I assume everyone has pretty much seen this episode beginning to end.. anyone watching it for the first time as I’m blogging it?? wow.. that would be amazing!
      Anyway – lovely to hear from you Jeanine!

      bye everyone!!


      • Melissa Robertson

        I looked at the script for Unfinished Business and Lee’s Dad’s name is written as Matthew Stetson.


        • I have wondered about this before and they never explain how the Colonel is Lee’s uncle. They make it very clear that his father’s last name is Stetson and it wouldn’t make sense for him to be related to his mother because she was British and the Colonel isn’t. Plus Lee’s father met his mother after they were adults. The Colonel is clearly a lifetime US military man. If they had both been British, by the time the Stetson’s got married and then moved to the US if Robert Clayton came to the US with them he would have been too old to become an officer and then rise to Colonel. I guess we are supposed to assume he is one of those close family members who they call Uncle but isn’t technically. I considered that he might be Lee’s father’s uncle (through Lee’s father’s mother to account for the last name) but he doesn’t seem old enough for that. In fact military officers retire active duty long before typical retirement age of mid-60s so even his still being in the military is a bit suspect based on how old he would need to be to have raised Lee. All that to say that I don’t think they thought it through and either someone changed their name or Robert Clayton isn’t really Lee’s uncle.


          • Melissa R– thank you soo much for checking that out!! 🙂 Okay.. Lee’s dad is Matthew Stetson!

            Hiya Allofakind! It sounds like they didn’t rewatch this ep before writing Unfinished Business! 😉

            Does anyone have a real head for chronology and organising events? It would be fabulous to create a timeline of smk events.. Anyone interested?? We could write up a little post about it and people could post on it as they find things..?? What do you all think? I don’t have the brain or the time for it myself! If you’d like to put a post together about it let me know.. -No obligation for anyone to do it! but if this floats your boat go for it!!! 🙂

            I haven’t finished covering this ep Allofakind, but the script for this ep has the Colonel saying he is ‘over 60 years old’.. (and this is what smk year 1985??) and he was in Korea as a recruit in 1950 –

            Do we know Lee’s date of birth? gosh my head hurts! seriously would someone enjoy putting together all the facts we learn? 🙂

            If I’ve understood correctly, we have Robert Clayton, brother to either Matthew Stetson or err Mrs Stetson (name? I can’t remember!) so either he is the brother of a man with a different last name, or he is the sister of a woman with a different nationality.. interesting! 🙂

            I think the writers were wanting Lee’s uncle to be an actual uncle – not just an honourary one.. or it makes the family theme of this ep less powerful..

            Well bye guys! Must go get some work done


            • I have started an excell spreadsheet with important dates and events. So far I’m on season 3, but it is still a work in progress.


              • whooo Jeanine that sounds great!!! If you’d like to share it let me know..

                We could post something incomplete and then others can contribute to it, make suggestions etc- and we could update it with new info whenver we find it.. I bet there are lots of fans who love this stuff- fan fic writers are amazingly cluey about the background facts of smk and how they fit!! 🙂


            • Melissa Robertson

              From the script for Unfinished Business Lee’s mom’s name is Jennie. They met during WWII (1941) in a similar way that Lee and Amanda met. But everyone thinks they met in 1949 in the states. Doesn’t say when they married. His mom was British intelligence MI6. Looks like they were killed in 1955. So that puts Lee at being born ruffly in 1950.


          • I have read fan fics that make Robert Clayton out to be Matthew Stetson’s half brother. It works. But that throws in a whole other set of potential sticky emotional family relationship issues. That could mean that sometime in the 20’s either Robert Clayton or Matthew Stetson lost their father and their mother remarried, which could all turn out fine and dandy… or it could leave other issues in the heart of young boys of and earlier generaion to deal with, maybe even during the Great Depression. And then the half brother, who for some reason has forsaken close personal relationships for a Military life is forced to take on the other’s orphaned boy because “no one” is left… whooo! Talk about some ingrained struggles with intimacy, I think those two are doing pretty well, which to me signifies that their is a genuine love and respect for each other and I think Amanda picks up on that.


            • Melissa Robertson

              I like your explanation and That definitely would make sense for the two different last names if they were half brothers.


              • Hi Morley!
                That does sound very sticky! 😉 You raise some great points about the Colonel’s own issues there! 🙂

                What I meant by Matthew Stetson changing his name- was that he legally changed it. Then got married and had a child – so they too would have his new name.. There is nothing to say this is what happened, I was just throwing it out there as a possibility – there is no explanationf or it either 😉 though it’s less complicated than half brother of this, remarried step whatever..
                I tend to think the writers had the Col. in mind as his mother’s brother in this ep – (not that it says it anywhere but his surname is not Stetson) and then down the road for whatever reason they decided to give Lee a British MI6 mother and didn’t realise this caused complications – I knew fan fic writers would have come up with something to explain it! 🙂

                I didn’t realise what Lee said at Honeycutt typewriters – cool!!! I was just thinking from my own psych studies and Attachment theory and all that- to have a stable first five years is beneficial..
                That’s cool Morley I like the idea of Lee thinking that and it coming through in his playacting about Timmy Tommy and Tammy! 😉
                Oh yeah! I agree that the writers didn’t have the continuum figured out! 🙂 -hey, that’s the genius of fan fic! and.. our imaginations!! 🙂

                Hi Melissa.. whoa good info! That’s brilliant! I think we get Lee’s DOB at some point.. but I can’t remember where.. Can anyone confirm the script info is true to how it played out in the actualepisode? It has been aaaages since I saw it..

                Could his mum be MI6 but a dual citizen? maybe?

                If someone would like to write a blurb on this I can put it up and get a thread started – it would be great to keep track of this discussion and not loose it 🙂 and it sounds like you guys are interested in nutting this one through…

                byee! Must get back to my work.. although I’d much rather be chatting about smk! 😉


                • Melissa Robertson

                  Yeah I hadn’t thought of dual citizenship, but Lee would too since his mom was British and his dad American. I remember in Unfinished Business they had his Kim’s accent as British so either she grew up there (but then if the Col. Is her brother why don’t he have even a trace of one?) or it is put on like Emily Farnsworth does. Which there are fanfics that have Matt & Jenny getting Emily started as a spy.


                  • I love all of these theories as to how the Colonel could be Lee’s uncle. It really bugs me that nothing really makes sense. I can not buy that he’s related to Lee’s mother at all. Whether she was an American citizen by the time she died or not isn’t really that big of a deal. It wouldn’t affect her origin and clearly she was British. She had an accent in the flashback even when Lee’s father first met her during his version of “Just walk with me’ so even if we want to believe that it’s put on as part of some spy thing, why would she have a put on accent when she hadn’t even met Lee’s father yet? Plus Lee specifically says ‘My mother was British’. Not that she lived in England. I suspect at some point she obtained dual citizenship because of her marriage and since she was now living in the US but it doesn’t see likely she was an American pretending to be British and therefore had a fully American brother in the US military. I suppose he could have been married to Lee’s father’s sister as someone else mentioned. That just seems odd to me too since there were several conversations that just seemed like at some point she would have been mentions. I am specifically thinking of when they were making cookies and talking about raising kids. The Colonel says he wishes kids came with a manual, clearly indicating he was a bit lost as to how to handle it at least at the beginning. But he never says ‘If my wife had been alive she would have known what to do’ or ‘My wife and I hadn’t (or had) planned on children’ etc. Those would be naturals in that conversation. And Lee in all of his complaining about the Colonel never says anything about losing his aunt who would have made the Colonel more tolerable, etc. But I do have to admit it is the only theory that doesn’t have any glaring inconsistencies. While it is weird a wife was never mentioned, that doesnt’ make it not true while so many other things just don’t add up at all. That said, I think iwsod’s theory that the writers didn’t consider the ramifications of making his mother British late in the series is probably the one that makes the most sense. Also, Iwsod, if the Colonel is in his 60’s then he is well beyond military retirement for a Colonel. Last time I checked the military mandatory retirement age is 62 for anyone below General (or Rear Admiral for Navy folk) but most non-Generals retire well before that. Actually most Generals retire well before that too but there is an exemption to the mandatory retirement for that rank. And I am almost positive that the 62 age is more recent and it was mid-fifties in the 80s. I live here in the DC area and did when I was growing up as well. All of my friends had career military fathers (and yes to whoever mentioned that – high ranking career military men are often married with families). They were all Colonels and Generals and most hit their mandatory retirement age while we were in high school or college (making them mid-50s). All had well over 20 years so it wasn’t that they hit 20 and got out.


                • Melissa Robertson

                  Just googled dual citizen and MI6 http://www.sis.gov.uk/careers/working-for-us/security-vetting.html and yes she could do it today but would have to give up her American status, but this was back in the ’40s and things were a lot different, especially in WWII So my speculation is yes she could have. Maybe I will watch the UB ep. Today ,oh the sacrifice 😉


                • I love tha you brought up Attachment theory. I think its the ramifications of his probable secure attachment in his first years with his mother and father that has built the core of who Lee Stetson is. It is there, this man with this ability to love and be empathetic and to care and want to provide and protect and have a close intimate relationship. But this security was torn away and continued to be shaken with each subsequent move from military base to base. I think is was that core Lee Stetson that notice the family life in Amanda’s home and wants to hover by the window. And, in reference to your next post, I think it is that core Lee Stetson that hears her words of affirmation as they wait for the Colonel to arrive.

                  Liked by 1 person

                • Melissa Robertson

                  Okay I will let it rest after this and chalk it up to incontinuity, but I just watched UB and his mom’s CIA file and her tombstone has Jennifer Hamilton Stetson on it. So is her maiden name Hamilton? They clearly have her with a British accent and Lee’s dad doesn’t. But, the CIA file has them as double agents and as traitors.


                  • Thanks!! I could have sworn there was somewhere it told us her maiden name. Thanks for looking that up for me.


                    • Hi Melissa R! Good idea investigating Dual citizenship – thank you for that!!! yeah I wonder how things were different during WWII! haaaa thanks for making the sacrifice of watch UB – yet again! you poor thing you!! 😉

                      Hi Morley – oh cool! You know from the moment I learned about attachment theory I was thinking of Lee! 🙂 I love it.. a fellow smk fan who enjoys combining smk and psych theory! 🙂 All your insights here Morley are for me- spot on! 🙂 It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out over this episode.. but also the duration of the show.

                      Hiya Bjo! haaa yes I guess PTA is not that important.. ahem.. 😉
                      Oh thanks for checking out the car in the transition shot.. I’m going to keep an open mind on that one for now I think.. because in the back of my mind I can picture it being in a season 1 episode.. but.. it’s not super important! yeah maybe Jenbo, the ‘go to’ car person ( that’s a compliment Jenbo!) may get a good look at it. Jenbo?? when you are ready! 😉 Poor Jenbo can’t go on holiday without getting some homework for when she returns! 🙂

                      LOL.. good point- yes Francine may not have let Lee open her door 😉

                      ROFL Bjo.. Amanda is secretly cleaning Lee’s apartment? That sounds more motherly than I care to picture! I only just managed to cope with Amanda once fixing up his place in saved by the bells.. LOL she does in ACM kid too doesn’t she ( Stones, Rolling!) but.. please no.. don’t let that be a regular occurence! I want Amanda to have more backbone than that!!! And I decided (probably for my own comfort!) that Amanda did it in Saved by the Bells because she knew it really bugged Lee!! 🙂

                      The Colonel being family to Lee – always seemed to me like he should be a blood relative.. or it’s so distant it’s no longer really a duty of the Colonel’s at all.. but this is just my own thinking not based on anything solid- It’s a feeling! 😉 ( as Amanda would say!)

                      Hi Allofakind.. It sounds like you [and Melissa R] have brains that enjoy sorting out these mysteries! Lucky us!!! we get to reap the benefits!! 🙂 you wouldn’t be interested in writing a post summarising it would you??

                      Hi Jan- sorry your comments were delayed by Moderation! but feel free to join in the discussion – they never close 🙂 Yep you are not alone in questioning why the Colonel’s last name is Clayton! 🙂 naughty smk writers me thinks!

                      Melissa R- great catch on the maiden name of Lee’s mum! 🙂 just as an aside- I don’t suppose we know Lee’s middle name do we? [errr other than the obvious answer that Lee’s middle name is ‘Hunk’ or ‘Danger’ ! 😉 ]


      • In Unfinished Business on the tomb stones it is Matthew and Jennifer Stetson, I think it is in other documents as well. I don’t know if that proves that is the original name, but if it was made up to hide their true identity ( I think that is what you may be surmising) why would you give the made up name to your son?

        I am so glad that they introduced this difficult and heavy part of Lee’s history, I wouldn’t want him to struggle in his growth towards Amanda because he was just a playboy. I agree it makes us care about him more and cheer him on. And I find it interesting that they give us this information at this point in the story…

        Iwsod you mention that Lee had his parents during those first few formative years, Lee says something like that to the skeevy boss at Honeycut typewriters, something about Amanda not working until the triplets were four because those years were so formative. I wonder if that was a coincidence (I don’t even know if the scriptwriters had the whole continuum figured out), but I like to think that Lee was very aware of his own life and that was always near the surface for him.


  10. I love this episode. I love seeing more of Lee’s personal life. As far as your first question, how did Amanda know what night the dinner would be, I’ve noticed that as well and assume that Amanda didn’t care what night it was, she wanted to go. So she would have skipped the PTA. I was always sorry they didn’t do any more episodes with the Colonel. I would have liked to have seen how his developing relationship with Amanda affected how he viewed his relationship with the Colonel. That could have been really interesting. And I just loved the ding of the car door. I really admired Amanda’s restraint not laughing at him. It was just hilarious.


  11. Firstly, you are right Iwsod, “convinced” leaves room for other opinions. I am convinced that I like my opinion, but so many people have so many ways of seeing things and I grow so much by considering these things. But then I need to relook at my opinion and weigh how I feel about it. I just still liked mine best. So yes, lots of room and even more fun when there are more than just one opinion!

    Lee without his car makes him more off kilter and it makes me think of Charity Begins at Home.. the part of Lee that found himself at Amanda’s house dangling his keys is uppermost in my mind. I love the dialogue in the car! I don’t think that there is anyone else in his life that he talk like this with. They sound like an old married couple that just knows each other and can put up with quirky moods and not be put off by it. And yes, I think the dialogue could allude to that self protection that Lee tries so hard to create for himself.

    Have we ever seen this part of Lee? I think I love this episode because here is the part of him that we all suspected was there and it is. I wonder in Amanda feels the same way?

    and Iwsod, I think you are right, Lee and his Uncle are very similar and I like what you wrote about Lee wanting to help him but not wanting to be rejected. And Amanda, in typical Amanda style, does get right to the heart of it all.

    Would Lee skip up the stairs like that in the presence of anyone else? even if it wasn’t whole hearted skipping. Somehow here his trying to pretend to be upbeat is not a protective cover, somehow here it seems even more vulnerability.

    I am sure more thoughts will pop into my head, I am sure it will drive me crazy because I don’t know how much time I will have to get to the computer and they will ricochette around in my head.


  12. Melissa Robertson

    I really like this episode for us to learn more about Lee’s past and for us to see how that molds him into the person he is. IMHO I don’t think that Lee would really want anyone but Amanda with him. I truely believe that he is realizing that Amanda has a calming effect on him and other people! She really is the perfect person to help Lee and the Colonel with their relationship and to see the importance of family. My question is whose brother is his uncle or maybe the writers haven’t thought ahead to season 3? Lee’s mother is British and his last name is Stetson. Looking forward to Lee’s admission (while they are tied up) to his uncle about Amanda 🙂


    • That’s always bothered me, too, about how exactly the colonel is related. I’ve seen fanfic that makes Robert Clayton out to be a half-brother to Matthew Stetson. It doesn’t really work any other way, since the colonel never married.

      Considering the rather light, campy feel of SMK otherwise, I find it interesting the tragic bent they gave Lee’s childhood. The man was orphaned early on and raised out of compulsion by a man who consistently belittled and rejected him. It’s heavy. And I think it explains to a large degree the generally shallow depth of Lee’s relationships up to this point.

      One more thing that strikes me is how at Lee Stetson’s core there seems to be a child forever mourning over the loss of his parents. He brings this up a number of times…If Thoughts Could Kill, A Relative Situation, The Eyes Have It, and of course Unfinished Business.

      I had a grandmother who lost her mother early in life, and throughout the course of a long decline into dementia, she never forgot that her mother was taken from her and her life fundamentally changed from that day. A Relative Situation is a particular favorite of mine partly because it looks squarely at a devastating life experience for a beloved character, and partly because in the ever-evolving relationship of Lee and Amanda, it admits to Lee’s trust of Amanda, and her growing emotional investment in Lee.


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