9/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Soo the Corvette gets some more boo booos trying to rescue the Colonel..
We rejoin Lee and Amanda at a cafe, Lee watches out the window as they tow away his pride and joy..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015213212.18 CAR WARS.avi_000592359Hmm R & S towing.. that truck was in Gino’s car yard.. it must be an agency tow truck.. Hmm being an agency tow truck, I guess they probably dropped off a car for Lee and Amanda to use instead – here’s hoping it’s not from the impound! Winking smile
Lee: I don’t believe this is happening! I didn’t even have it back one day!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001522922
I love this line!! Why? because it makes me wonder.. is he referring to his car?? or… to his uncle???!!!! Winking smile
Amanda: looks pretty bad doesn’t it.
Lee: well a bullet in the tyre and a few in the radiator 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001529829…don’t make it look good you know.
Uh oh.. here comes Pearl!!! The waitress extraordinaire!
This waitress, is annoying but funny isn’t she!!
Pearl: Hi I’m Pearl and here are today’s tips. Stay away from the cheesecake it’s a little tired. The apple pie is a good bet.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001531631Lee is roused out of his thoughts by Pearl.. and so he struggles a little concentrate on her enough to give her a response.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015358352.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001537037
looks out the window: I’ll just have coffee.
Pearl: no pie?

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015376372.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001538538
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001540040Lee:
No. Thank you
[all things considered, Lee is quite restrained with her!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001540940Pearl: what about the missus? [err you can address her directly pearl
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001541241she’s right there..I wonder if that irks Amanda.. ]
Amanda: ahh just coffee.. that’s fine.. just coffee..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001544544Pearl: well. You’re sure that’s all you want?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001544844Amanda: yes. That’ll.. that’s all.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001546046
thank you very much.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001547847
Pearl gives them a look and a head toss – darn coffee drinkers!
Amanda’s attention though is immediately on Lee..
Amanda: are you okay?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001549349
Lee looks out the window and lets out a big breath.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015499492.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001550850
Lee is not okay.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001553853
Lee: Ohhhh!!! we’ve got to find out what’s going on. It is driving me crazy! [I like the ‘we’!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001556856
Amanda: Look, you’ll find out…
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001563229
.. You really do care about him don’t you.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001563496
Lee stops a second..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001563630
and seems to catch himself- he does care about him..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001563897
As much as he was trying to convince himself he doesn’t.. and hasn’t done for a lot of years – he does..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001564097
He seems to shock himself a little here..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001564297
Lee: well.. he is my uncle.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015647982.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001565065
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015663992.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001566499Amanda is very gentle with Lee..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015665992.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001567600Amanda: I know and he’s-
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015682012.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001568601

Grrr Amanda gets interrupted by Pearl delivering the coffee!
Pearl: It’s not too late to change your mind about the pie!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001569102Amanda: No! No Pie! Just Coffee! Thank you!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001569803Even Amanda gets short with her, and that’s saying something!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001572706
Pearl storms off!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001572906
…Lee is oblivious..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001574107
Lee: how could I have let this happen!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001575108
[That is so Lee isn’t it!! feeling responsible!!]
Amanda: it wasn’t your fault.
Lee: well I’m the one who stashed him at your place.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_0015794122.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001580313
Amanda: that’s because you thought he’d be safe there.
Lee: I’ve got to concentrate on finding him! Now let’s backtrack. We arrived at your place at approximately…
[I’m confused.. We??? why did Lee say we arrived??? he didn’t drop the colonel?]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001592325Amanda: 1-18. I know because I just put the first batch of cookies in the oven 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001593626and I checked my watch.
Lee: right. right, now.. did he say where he’d been 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001600333or..talked to anybody?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001603336Amanda: not a word. Lt Mauntel dropped him off.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001605438Lee didn’t know about Mauntel, he thought the colonel was going to take a 2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001608641taxi.. Aie!  Seems Mauntel is the only potential baddie would could have known where the Colonel was.. Lee is suddenly feeling more optimistic! and he rushes them out of the cafe and away from annoying Pearl! [I do wonder if he left her a tip!! Winking smile ]

Lee and Amanda head to Lt Mauntel’s hotel to speak to him.. no-one’s home… so it’s sneaky spy time!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001632932_thumb[1]_thumb
Lee gets out his lock pick and tells Amanda: you keep a lookout!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001651451_thumb_thumb2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001653453_thumb_thumb
Amanda: right! All clear! whoooo!!!
Magically two staff appear in the corridor she just said was clear a second ago! Amanda!! you are a lousy lookout! Winking smile tee hee.. [Okay, in Amanda’s defence.. it is possible they both came out of one of the rooms rather than just walked down the hallway-right?]
The staff find Lee and Amanda on their knees, searching the carpet in front of the Lt’s room.
Amanda: Ohhh it’s got to be around here somewhere sweetheart!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001658958
A bellboy says hello.
Amanda: I’ve lost my contact lense!
Lee: Oh darling.
[ I thought Lee said oh darn here!! but darling sounds better!! Thanks for pointing this out Morley!]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001661461
Bellboy: Ahh gee let me give you some help.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001663463
Amanda: oh thank you so much!
Bellboy: I’m usually pretty good at this.
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001669969
Amanda: Ohh this happens to me all the time I think my left eyeball is smaller than my right eyeball
(rofl! that line is not in the script! maybe a KJ ad-lib. I love it!) ..and I you know what..
Lee: is that it there?
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001670970
Amanda: oh I can’t see a thing!
Lee leaps for it! : Ohh there it is!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001673473
Amanda: Ohhh my!! Oh ohhh!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001673973
[awh.. a lovely bonus hand hold too! ]
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001674474
Lee: there it is!!!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001674974
Amanda: Ohh thank you!!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001676476
lots of huge smiles.. very over the top- funny!!!
Amanda: sweetheart..
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001677977
Lee: we got it!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001678478
Amanda: you are the smartest thing!
Lee: haa haaa well thank you honey!!
2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001681481
[I love how they both keep hold of the errrrr ‘contact lense’ Smile with tongue out]
Amanda to the bellboy: thank you so much for your help.
Bellboy: No problem Ma’am.
Amanda: okay, have a good day now!

2.15 A RELATIVE SITUATION.avi_001682982
The moment he is gone they silently go into Mauntel’s room.. [LOL the script has Amanda complain that the bellboy called her Ma’am! Winking smile ]

Lee and Amanda are adorable here aren’t they?!! Love all the smiles and  gushy mushy sweethearts and compliments while they hunt for Amanda’s contact lense- not to mention all the touching that goes on between these two here! Winking smile And.. to top it all off, they are working well with each other and are very in-sync!

Before we head into the hotel room, I’ll finish up there for now.. this post is a good length. Hey can I ask you all a question.. are you happy with the level of detail I go into? If there is a general vibe of ‘please skip the boring bits’ so we can go a little faster, I am happy to change how I do things a bit- so feel free to be honest –  I am very happy! Smile but I could also be just as happy to go into less detail if you prefer- so let me know you lovely people!! Smile
Okay bye for now!! Thanks for reading!

39 responses to “9/13 Season Two, Episode 15: A Relative Situation-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch

    It cracksme up every time at how Lee appears to be so much more upset about the Corvette than his uncle.
    Possible spoiler though: does Pearl the waitress possibly get a new job later as a chambermaid?

    And in an S4 ep to be named later, they play the lost contact game again and Lee uses the exact fondly exasperated “Oh darling”… However based on personal exposure, Bruce’s go-to endearment is Honey and that one often slips into conversations with Amanda as their relationship progresses, although mostly he just uses her name. Which doesn’t sound swoony but I can’t remember the last time my husband of 25 years called me by mine, so believe me, it is.


    • #2019rewatch

      Possible spoiler though: does Pearl the waitress possibly get a new job later as a chambermaid?

      Interesting thought so I looked it up. Pearl was played by Ruth Kobart and this was her only S&MK credit. The chambermaid in S4E16 was played by Ann Doran and that was her only S&MK credit. [Source: IMDb]


    • #2019rewatch
      I so wish Pearl had made a reappearance in an episode where Travis the Trucker (Burn Out) comes in for some pie. Best random characters of the series. 😂


    • Personal experience @Clagjanet ? Can you please explain more? I’m guessing you overheard him at a convention? This sounds endearing.


  2. #2019rewatch

    We arrived at your place at approximately…

    Lee was wise to retrace their steps in order to identify where their strategy, to stash his uncle with Amanda, went awry. I understood his use of “we” was simply Lee including Amanda in brainstorming the details.

    Every time Lee reinforced their partnership, he just made me even more proud of him and so very happy for Amanda!


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  4. Huffing and puffing literally and figuratively trying to catch up! Crazy June. Things should calm down in July (I hope!).

    My vote is to keep the detail (surprise!). Also, I just had to say, Iwsod, I especially loved the facial expressions in the screencaps you did for this post. You really outdid yourself! I smile at the contact lens scene being so dated. In the 80’s if you lost a lens, it was a $100 visit (maybe more) to the eye doctor for a replacement. Nowadays you just get a new one out of the box. In today’s setting it makes their OTT reaction even more OTT. But I remember teaching a class at university in 1982 and losing a contact as I was teaching, and stopping the class so they could help me look for it! (We found it 🙂 )

    I like the left eyeball-right eyeball ramble — fun to hear it’s an ad lib. Go KJ! I think I would have liked the scripted m’am discussion. That’s always something I notice, whether someone says miss or m’am. I tip bigger for miss! (Don’t get too many of those these days!)


  5. I had a conversation with someone this morning about how children often blame themselves when bad things happen in their young lives. It made me think of Lee, especially his comment here, “How could I let this happen..” He was blaming himself for his uncle being kidnapped. He is tempted to blame himself when something happens to Amanda, and he has charged himself as her protector. I wonder how much of that childhood blame and the self protective mechanism it can become (esp for people he cares for) is being voiced here in this conversation with Amanda over coffee (and NO pie)


  6. I enjoy your comments a lot and especially the “asides i.e. Amanada ad-libbing and Lee and Amanada both holding onto the lens”. In If thoughts could kill, Amanda goes to get Lee’s comb, when she unlocks the door to his apartment, there is a plant just on the inside and I notice (wonder if any one else has) a plant leaf fall towards the door and Amanada closes the door on the leaf. I thought it was funny. Did any one else notice that?


    • Conny – I went back and looked at ITCK at the part you’re describing but don’t see it. Are you talking about Remembrance of Things Past? There is something like that there. I never noticed it before!


  7. I kinda understand how Lee feels about his car. I once cried when we traded in our Land Rover Defender 😉 To be fair it was the most beautiful vehicle and I was 32 weeks pregnant so we will blame the hormones. So Lee I feel your distress at the ‘Vette 😉 putting my pop psychology hat on wonder if Lee has such a strong attachment to his cars as inanimate objects can be more reliable than people, they don’t hurt you intentionally, they don’t let you down the same way……..just musing.

    The scene in the cafe is adorable 🙂 I love the little lightbulb moment in Lee when he realises yes I do care for the Colonel. It’s another chink in the armour of the Scarecrow persona and we see more of the real Lee 🙂

    KJ I am loving the melodramatic leg movements for finding a lost lense! Sweetheart? darling? Ok they’re playing a role but its still cute anyway 🙂

    Do i want less SMK detail? ROFL Is that a trick question?! IWSOD you could never go into less detail, it’s struck me as I rattle through earlier posts how much more we find to talk about and I soooooo much prefer this. It makes the enjoyment last longer 😉


    • Hiya Everyone!!!

      whooo that’s it! Thanks Morley!! I’ll update the post with it..- Darling!!! I love it!!! feel free to update with any other dialogue I miss out on or which is incorrect.. I do my best, but don’t presume to be the dialogue transcribing queen or anything! 😉 extra ears listening out for Darlings and sweethearts is very welcome!! 🙂 Thank you Morley!

      Okay I just had another watch.. and I was thinking Lee said ‘Oh Darn!’ but oh Darling is much better!! and I did notice that later in that scene, Lee calls Amanda ‘Honey’- he sounds very ‘Ricky Joe!’ -I had missed that too!! So I’ve updated the post with the darling and honey!!! 🙂 MMmmm great smk goodnesss!!
      Out of curiosity I checked the subtitles.. they have Lee’s line with Oh Darling but miss his line with the Honey! I think I didn’t hear the Darling because he seems to say it with almost a southern lilt[again- like Ricky Joe!].. like Ohh Darlin – you know? Anyway.. now I know it’s there – I love this scene even more!!!

      Hi Bjo – yes I put Lee’s restraint with Pearl down to his just being plain distracted by his concern for his uncle.. Great point- Amanda sticking up for Lee and telling pearl to take a hike.. I love it –
      Oh roflmbo!!! Amanda is very riled up about Pie??!!! Great call Bjo!! tee heee.. do you think the pie stands for something?

      yeah that moment where Lee realises he cares – I went back and took a pic of every frame in that moment.. it was very fast ( well done BB) – I was very touched by this moment also!

      yes Morley.. he calls Randy/Randi ‘Baby’ ! 😉 can’t wait to get to that episode! haaaa.. not long now!!

      rofl- less shots of BB Cindy? no problem! I tend to only include shots of Lee Stetson!!!!!! :p

      Jenbo Lee’s transference onto inanimate objects? sounds good to me! 🙂 Though.. would you say that once he has fully committed to his relationship with Amanda he is less attached to his car?? I’m not sure! 🙂 but a great thought – yes cars don’t let you down the same way people do!!

      Agreed Jenbo– Amanda’s legs go flying everywhere!! I was having a good giggle to myself when I was sorting through the screen shots of that moment! 🙂 I feel the same way Jenbo- I like to squeeze what I can out of the episode before moving on to the next.. and the thing is- people will still further down the road- find something in the episode that no one saw before! so brilliant!! the new discoveries never end for us all!

      Jenbo, I think as the characters progress there is more to talk about because we know them better.. and we are now able to look back and compare their behaviour to earlier episodes.. we have more information to work with! so.. just imagine how much more we’ll have to discuss when we are into season 4! 🙂 Oh and I am thinking the plots in early season 1 episodes were less complicated!

      Ahh thanks for letting me know you are happy with the level of detail Cindy, Morley, Bjo, and Jenbo! Thought I best check!!!
      I had noticed how much less detail I went in for earlier episodes – I don’t know the first five or six episodes it was maybe?
      I was went into much less detail! and those episodes are so flippin brilliant and funny! drat!!
      oh well.. maybe we can go back to season 1 after we finish and do season 1 right?! [except don’t ask me to do more detail on Lost and found and artful dodger.. I think I did enough on them!] LOL!! One of you can do them!!! 🙂



      • Weeeelllll, pie is dessert! No pie this season and no pie for Fred Fielder. Ever. It’s late, I really need to get some sleep!


  8. I really like this scene with Lee and Amanda in the coffee shop. I am surprised that Lee is restrained with Pearl – he is really trying to focus on finding his uncle! And Amanda’s annoyance with Pearl is superb! I love it when Amanda gets authoritative. Sort of like her telling Fred Field there won’t be enough pie to go around in Savior. Hey, maybe she just gets riled up about pie! 

    I think it is so sweet that Lee does admit that he cares for his uncle to Amanda. She already knows he does, I think, but it’s nice to see him let her in on that little secret. Yet another little chink in the ole armor.

    I also love that Amanda wisely doesn’t try to correct Pearl when she calls her ‘the Mrs.’ Very smart girl, Amanda….that is just not important here! As Morley says, Lee is getting in touch with his heart – now begone with you already!

    Morley – I heard the “Oh Darling” from Lee! Tee hee!

    Iwsod, there is no such thing as too much detail in my book!!


    • BJo, maybe you could add stats for endearments and “chinks in armor”? I suppose if you pursued all of our ideas for stats your posts would be impossibly long. There is so much to notice isn’t there?


      • Too true, Morley! Lots to notice. I think I could easily add endearments, but Armor Chinks might be a little too subjective perhaps? I’m thinking that topic might deserve a post all it’s own. Or more than one – perhaps on a seasonal basis? What do you think?

        Or as iwsod suggested on a comment on the About page, other people are welcome to count stats that can be added in the post or as a comment. Hint, hint to anyone out there reading!!


        • True it is subjective and stats are not. Something to think about. Seasonal Armor Chink posts.
          It is fun to go back a reread the posts from earlier episodes. As I get to know the characters better I see so much more in those first episodes. I think going through it a second time could be really fun.


          • Oooh, I like that idea…a second time around. There’s got to be an SMK line for that but my mind is drawing a total blank right now! But for some strange reason I’ve now got an urge to go watch the tag for Bad Timing!


            • whoooo a challenge!!! Okay.. how about this BJo:
              ‘It’s true what they say- if you hang on to something long enough: it really does come back in fashion!’ 🙂
              [I can’t recall which ep that is that Lee says that to Francine in her red star trek outfit.. anyone?]


              • Funny you should bring up that line, I can’t wait to hear how you tackle that one! I have theories for that line… its coming soon in ALSALS.


                • oh cool!!! I thought it might be soon! Yes.. I should get on with the next post so we can get to ALSALS! can’t wait to hear your theory Morley!! 🙂 ‘Tackle’ is that a pun?? isn’t there something about Lee accusing Francine about practically tackling him???!!!! and she says wishful thinking? 😉 she’s so cocky.. she’s the female equivalent of Lee maybe! 🙂


                  • I didn’t mean a pun, but hmm? Actually I guess I wonder if Lee is seeing things with different eyes, like he is having an adjustment made on how he views women and their “presentation.” But once again I am getting ahead of where we are. Patience, Morley. I think this last part of season two is my favorite part of the series, I didn’t know that about myself, but I think it is true.


                    • Oh I know! I’m sorry!!! Hang in there!! 🙂 I love your enthusiasm!!! It spurs me on to get the next post finished! It’s written.. I just have to add the pics. I’ll aim to get it published tonight (my time) – my textbook I am suppose to be studying right now is tedious.. so it is tempting for me to drop it and just do smk.. but I too must have patience! and I’ll look at finishing up the post as a reward!!

                      I love the end of season 2 also Morley.. I think it is extremely significant!!! whooo but.. mustn’t get ahead of myself! 🙂


                    • Okay – just have to jump in here before I go to bed. You and iwsod have been having fun! Morley I really now can’t wait to find out why the last part of S2 is your favorite. Maybe I’m just too tired to think about it, but it is probably at best the middle of the pack for me if we were to break up each season into halves and rank them. I know what you think will challenge my way of thinking and perhaps shed a whole new perspective on this latter part of S2!


                    • Hi Conny!!! wonderful to hear from you! It’s been ages!! hope life is treating you well 🙂

                      Oh? an If thoughts could kill observation? please feel free to add it to the If thoughts could kill episode discussion Conny, I’m sure one of us will check it out! If you could give an indication of when we see it that would be fab.. [ or maybe she only closes his door once?] Please share any other gems you notice! 🙂 poor plant!!! haa!

                      Morley, chinks in armour would be fabulous.. after all.. Lee does have WKS remember? ‘ White Knight Syndrome’ 😉 tee heee.. maybe you could post on an episode whenever you find one and let us know! 🙂 LOL like all your lovely ‘Darling’ sightings!!! 🙂 you are absolutely right – so much to notice! so little time!!! good thing we can share the load a bit hey! that way we get even more goodness out of smk!!! 🙂

                      It’s going to be interesting to see what you think of Season 2 as we go through Bjo! I think it can at times get overlooked by the more obviously romantic season 3 opening episodes.. but I love them!!!


                    • I didn’t know how to reply to your last comment Iwsod, because there was no “reply” on this thread any more, it had gotten so long. But I wanted to add a link to the Wikipedia article on Defense Mechanisms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_mechanisms
                      Interesting reading, kind of describes a certain spy that we all like to talk about. His id and ego sure get a work out, don’t they?


                    • Hi Morley (and everyone!) Which post was it that was not giving the comments option anymore Morley? I’ll check it out. I had no idea there is maybe a limit on comments.. I’ll investigate!

                      I’ve loved all your comments everyone- it’s the start of the day here for me in Australia, so I’ll respond later in the day – I need to get done my actual real work here haaaa!!! and smk and responding is my reward for getting it done.. [I’d much rather be chatting with you guys! 😉 ]

                      The link is awesome Morley.. I’ve seen that page – was there a particular scene you were referring to with it? so I can check it out and psychoanalyse Lee? 😉


                    • It was this post that didn’t give me the reply option. If I rely to myself it works, but I don’t have the option to reply to you. It seems as if the area of type is too narrow now.

                      I guess I thought of Defense Mechanisms because of the mention of chinks in Lee’s armor. His armor is made of chain mail constructed of defense mechanisms…


                • Melissa Robertson

                  HaHa y’all made me have to get out the lab top to be able to read all of your replies 🙂


              • Good one, iwsod!


  9. Love the level of detail, and I am never bored. I would like less screen shots of Bruce though – KIDDING!


  10. And I really like the series of pics as Lee realizes that he does care about his uncle. I also rally like the way we all can feel Amanda’s annoyance with Pearl. She rarely gets like that and it just accentuates how important this moment is with Lee. He is talking about and getting in touch with his heart, forget PIE, for Goodness sake! don’t you know how important this is, Pearl!!!


  11. Lee calls her “darling” here, I wonder if he called her “darling” once they were for real? He uses it all the time with her. I wonder if it is a British endearment, as if his parents used it with each other, like it is reaching out through his subconscious…


    • OH MY GOSH!!! Lee calls Amanda Darling and I missed it? ugh!!!
      It was a hard scene to transcribe lots of talking at the same time – where does he say it? I’ll update the blog post and put it in!!! Thanks Morley!

      Yes… Lee would have memories of his parents and their love for each other.. maybe only a few, but Freud would say he has many implicit memories of that time in his life he wouldn’t be consciously aware of..
      whooo hooo Darling? I can’t believe I missed that.. then again I never could hear that ‘don’t move’ in Sudden Death.. (all I heard was Lee moaning) haaa!

      Thanks for letting me know Melissa R- I’m addicted too! 🙂 SMK is too good! 🙂


      • At 27:38, when Amanda says, “it’s got to be around here somewhere, Sweetheart.” Lee says, “Oh, Darling. ” I hope you can hear it. I have noticed he calls her Darling often when using a relationship cover, but it comes out in the moments of quick thinking, as if it is his natural endearment of choice. So I wonder if it is what he would use in a real relationship (although I can’t imagine him calling the “kids” whose name end in “i” darling)

        Oh. and Iwsod, you can go into as much detail as you want, I love it.


  12. Melissa Robertson

    Personally I like how they are now, but I’ll read it anyway you do it because I’m addicted 🙂

    Amanda and Lee do play a couple nicely. Just love all the over the top mushy stuff. Pearl is hilarious!!!


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