2/2 SMK Stats: If Thoughts Could Kill (a.k.a. The Damn Duck Episode)

Welcome back, everyone – we are now on to part 2 of this lovely episode.  Ok, so lovely may be overstating it….  On to all the action and all the saving!  I think this may be the only episode where Lee is pretty much a victim from start to finish and Amanda is doing all the saving!  Pretty good for a suburban housewife with no training!  And thanks to iwsod’s help, I’ve made my first GIF! 

Hope you enjoy!




Look out! It’s crazy Walt – attacking the office!


Enter fearless Scarecrow to save the day!


Falling to the floor…


and landing.


Wow, that looks like it really hurts! Crying face


Nice face, Lee. Oh wait, he’s being brainwashed. If I was drugged and forced to watch that ridiculous video I’d look like this too.  Actually, probably much worse. Ha!  Laughing out loud

damn duck

I suppose I should have at least one picture of the damn duck!

Amanda Boo Boos


After Ogden overhears Amanda talking to Lee on the phone, he forces Amanda into the little room in the hospital basement.

a-booboo-2_thumb a-booboo-3_thumb

Then he forces her into the chair to gas her!



Sorry pal, Amanda does all the saving in this episode! In fact, here is Amanda saving Amanda!


You go girl!


And don’t forget the damn duck!



A: What did you just say? Barbie: I said it gives me the most incredible sinking feeling. Hmmmm, where has Amanda heard that before?


Barbie: Laundry is this way – that’s where all this steam is coming from. Steam? That sounds familiar too!


A: Barbie, what’s through this door? The BLUE door!!! Amanda knows what she must do next! Why go in to investigate, of course!


After going into Dr. Glaser’s “storage room”, Amanda finds the files on Walt and Lee. Damn! Still no plaid!


A: Lee – don’t! Billy is your friend!


A: Talk!


It’s over and Amanda has saved Lee and Billy! Love the look on Lee’s face here – how? what? huh?


A: Well, ha (laughs), gee, I’m early. I’m not supposed to jump out of the cake for another hour! Ha!

Ahhh, love this part next. One of my most favorite wordless scenes in the series. I need to figure out how to make myself one of those signature picture thingys with these caps.


Why do I love this scene? I think it’s because IMHO this is the first time in the series where Amanda makes a meaningful chink in Scarecrow’s armor. If you can, go back and watch this scene and see if you see what I mean. Amanda has already left the room, but Lee is staring after her as if he can still see her. He is realizing what she has just done for him and Billy and I think he is absolutely and completely amazed at this. And to top it off, she leaves the room making a total fool of herself instead of giving any hint about what Lee almost did. As iwsod says HERE in this post about Lee’s Journey, his heart is safe with her! What a powerful moment for him!

Here is a GIF of this scene – which do you think shows what I am trying to say better:  the individual pictures or the gif?

Lee end Gif

If there are any America’s Next Top Model fans out there, I’m guessing the last frame is what Tyra Banks meant by her term “smeyes”??  (Smile with your eyes for non-fans.   Ok, don’t ask, no I don’t watch the show, but I have seen enough of it to use this term.  I will admit I am fascinated by how they can make a person look like a model in a picture though!)

Who left their keys this week?


Alright! the ambulance driver left his keys in the car! Now Amanda can escape from Glaser and Ogden and go save Lee and Billy!


Rats! The other ambulance driver did too!

Gratuitous Dimple shots


Nurse: You don’t want to mask the symptoms, do you? L: Yes, yes, I want to mask them.

Left dimple? This may require a little imagination. Winking smile  I just couldn’t bring myself to add a dimple picture where Lee was being a major crab with Amanda…at least in this picture Lee is in pain.   Take that, buster!


Finally! An honest to goodness dimple!  Albeit a fuzzy one.

A: Now see, Glaser never would have been caught if you hadn’t gone to the hospital.

Let’s Recap:

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee:  2

Amanda Booboos:  2

Lee Saves Amanda:  0

Amanda Saves Lee:  1

Who Left Their Keys?:  2

Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!  For having to deal with cranky pants Lee and that annoying duck we really do get some fantastic moments in this episode.  I guess we have to take the bad with the good.  Sudden Death is up next – wooo hooo!  You know what that means…cover kiss and could it be our first Lee wink???   Until then!

Here is the link to take you to iwsod’s posts on ITCK.

19 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: If Thoughts Could Kill (a.k.a. The Damn Duck Episode)

  1. Hiya BJo, coming back to this post I was reminded of how much fun they are!!!! I miss these!!!! If you ever feel like doing some more I would cheer you on for sure!!!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these posts with us all! & Hope you are well.


  2. I just tried to get into the “Lee’s Journey” link and it won’t work. Thought you should know.


  3. Oops! Should have clarified there that he’d be dressed like Colin Firths version of Mr Darcy…damn! I’m spending a lot of time on the floor tonight!


  4. Yup! Vapours at that file picture! (Lucky the super secret dastardly research was left lying on top of a desk in an unlocked room for us to find!)
    Whew! Thanks goodness for the smelling salts – otherwise this comment could have taken hours!
    ROFL! Sitting around in our corsets! We could be called upon by a hot Marquis or Lord – Lord Lee of Stetson! Mmm – he could be a ye olde spy from back in the day. Could just see Scarecrow dressed a la Mr Darcy riding around on his big black stallion…
    Really vapours now! More smelling salts…aaannnnd I’m back!


  5. Great recap for a very silly episode :-). And OMG – the file picture of Lee with his tie loosened and collar unbuttoned. I think I’m getting the vapours *fans self!*
    And even though the episode is forever going to be a thorn in my side (which reminds me, I still have to post why over in ITCK), I appreciate the analysis — it does have some good parts (Go Amanda!).


    • LOL @ the vapours
      I love scruffy Lee more than smart Lee. Something about him looking dishevelled does something to me *picks up the smelling salts*


      • I had to look up the vapours – ROFL you two! As if we were sitting around in our corsets waiting for someone to call on us while we watched Lee in SMK!


  6. Well done recap. I love reading these posts and comments. Yea for Amanda for saving the day, Billy, Lee and the duck. I hate that duck!
    I am sure we all need to go back to the scene when Lee first gets admitted to the hospital and check to make sure there is no plaid in his outfit as he sits on the gurney in his blue boxers. “Emergency rooms have so little regard for fine tailoring.”


    • And aren’t we all glad they do have such little regard for fine tailoring 😉


    • Thanks, Jeanine. So what did you find out when you went back to on Lee in his boxers on the gurney? And how many times did you have to check? 😉


      • After a thorough examination of the scene with a grumpy Lee in the hospital and NR almost loosing it (she smirks just a little), Lee is not wearing plaid. Too bad. 😦

        But Billy is. . . check out his plaid tie. I dare you too!


  7. Now see! there are a few things to love about this episode.. even if there is the damn duck in it 😉

    Lee pretty much the victim?? yeah..true! but don’t forget he does put himself in the line of fire at the start of the ep trying to help his mate Walt – so he has his heroic moment.. 🙂

    LOL I offered no help on the gif Bjo- you are too kind! I just pointed you to the website I use! 😉

    whoa great shots of Lee being all heroic! Lee’s poor legs get quite a work out in early smk huh.. only got shot in Magic bus in one of them.. ouchie!

    Oh yeah! Lee makes ‘brainwashed face’ look gooooooood! 😉 [and let’s not forget his magical ability to switch clothes!]

    Wow… Amanda really is a star in this ep!!! to think.. so early on.. and then.. a season later? we get A class Act.. aie.. and she remembers the duck?! yes!!! well done- Amanda! Rule follower? haaa she’ll show him!

    That pic of Lee in his brainwashing file? is too darn hot for words.. smokin!!!!
    I think under ‘hypnotic response’ – Lee’s file should have read:
    “Has the ability to hypnotise women with the wink of an eye.. especially when he’s rockin the 3 piece suit or a tuxedo.. ”
    But *ahem* I guess Dr Glaser wasn’t interested in this quality – it’s too bad.. it’s a very powerful weapon!

    I love love love the little smile Lee gives Amanda when he comes around.. swoony!!!!

    haaaaa.. yes Amanda making a fool of herself here is awesome! [wow…for once I like it! 😉 ]

    I agree with Jenbo Bjo, I think the stills are better.. not sure why.. I like a gif as much as the next person.. Does Lee have eyeliner on?? he’s looking very tanned too..ahem.. but still swoony!

    Smeyes? I don’t know that word- but I like it!! 🙂

    I think I like the sideburns on Lee.. better that than when they disappear and he has the dorothy hamill look going on..

    A fuzzy dimple Bjo?? why does that make me think of a fuzzy navel? 😉

    Well done Bjo! every smk episode has something to offer doesn’t it!!! 🙂

    What’s a ‘Steif’ Jenbo?? do tell!!!
    Jenbo wrote: ‘Yay to Amanda saving Amanda’ – here here!!! reminds me of Fiona in Burn Notice who said ‘sometimes you have to be your own white knight!’ 🙂

    Good question about Candy stripers and Blue bells Jenbo! I’m curious to know the answer to this one myself! byeeeeee


    • Apologies to any German readers I spelt Steiff wrong 😮
      They are a German soft toy company, been going a loooooong time and their products are highly collactable (and expensive). Normally characterised by a metal button and label in the ear. I reckon a nice teddy would have been for more unassuming than the damn duck and therefore all the more menacing 😉

      ROFL @ Lee being able to hypnotise women. He sure can do that 🙂


      • Right before I hit the sack last night, I saw this post had been published. I read it and thought, oh gosh, what a post…no one will probably even read it long enough to get to the end! Ima gine my surprise to wake up this morning to comments! Thanks, you two!

        I like the still pictures too – I like being able to see all the faces at one time. That’s why I put it first here. The gif was a fun thing to see if I could even do it. You may have just pointed out the website, iwsod, but sometimes the first step is the hardest one to figure out! 😉 And Jenbo, I had no idea about the pronunciation. I’ve been saying it with a hard “g” as if gift – now I know better! Maybe it was first created by a bunch of giraffe lovers….

        I did a little research (very, um, surprising I might add) and I think bedside bluebells are a figment of SMK imagination. Candy stripers are the original name – here is a link explaining: http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-candystriper.htm I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy, but it does sound correct based on what I know of candy stripers. I remember seeing them in their red/white striped uniforms when I first ever went to a hospital to visit a sick relative.

        Don’t know how I could forget Lee was the initial hero at the start of the episode…duh – I’ll blame it on the damn duck! – but then again it’s all about Lee and Amanda, huh? Walt be damned! Good catch, iwsod!

        ROFL, I totally forgot about the magical changing clothes….all I see is that face! Another good catch about the missing Lee skill in his medical file. Guess Glaser wasn’t interested in brainwashing women! Fuzzy navel?? LOL! Now I’ll have to try one sometime!

        And about the Steiff – I’m thinking I can hear the uproar if they did! I didn’t realize until now that Steiff made stuffed animals other than bears. I can’t imagine Amanda wacking a lovely Steiff on the table. Do they even make creepy deranged looking animals? 😉


        • I only know about “gif” because it was in the news here last week as the creator was putting everyone straight. My brain can recall random useless bits of information but can I remember the date?!

          BJo you wouldn’t believe how often I click on this blog, to accompany any SMK viewing, to read other comments and new posts 🙂 no thanks required for posting, I do it cos I love it 🙂


          • I hear ya, Jenbo! I love it too. Guess that’s one of the reasons I crossed the line to become a guest contributor. Rediscovering SMK and this blog has helped me (or I should say is helping me) to get through a rough last year and a half – sort of like a mid-life crisis. Thank God for this fabulous love story and loads of dimples!


        • Thanks for the Candy striper info Bjo! I was just looking at the The eyes have it script- and in it Amanda says she use to be a candy striper. weird! maybe they weren’t able to dress up Amanda as one because she is too old?? I don’t know!!!

          I am glad they picked a weird duck rather than a normal teddy bear – like what ‘It’ did to me and clowns, this episode may have turned me off Traditional looking teddy bears for good! 😉 Not to mention all the other little kiddies watching in the 80s! can you imagine.. the teddy bear makers could have sued Dr Glasner! 😉


  8. Honestly? I prefer the still pics rather than the gif (just make sure you say it properly – it is according to its inventor pronounced “jif”. Why not just use a J then and save all the confusion?!)
    I don’t really mind cranky pants Lee, he’s kinda amusing in a 5 year old boy way.
    I can’t help but think when I see Lester the Duck that he’s one of these cheap rubbish soft toys that you get off a carnival store as a prize. Couldn’t they have used a Steif? Probably would have broken the budget 😉
    Yay to Amanda saving Amanda 🙂 Who needs super agents when clearly she can do it and in a rather physical way 🙂

    Can some explain what the difference between a bedside bluebell and I think they are called candy stripers? Are bedside bluebells a figment of SMK imagination? What do these volunteers actually do? The only volunteers we have in UK hospitals that I know of work in the shops and cafes, none on the actual wards.


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