1/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

It’s time for the hair-don’t!!!! gah!!! Hopefully we can rally our spirits because there is some really good stuff heading our way between Lee and Amanda in these short haired episodes!

So on with the show..
The episode opens with Amanda’s car driving along a busy road downtown.. Hmm this is her new car- what is it? A Cutlass Cruiser? I guess she upgraded huh.. but kept the lovely wood panels.. Ohhh I see  – she had this car in Spiderweb also! I think that must have been the first time we saw it but I never noticed it was different! Here it is in Spiderweb:
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_001750183
Anyway, I’ve digressed already! tee hee..
We then see a woman driving Amanda’s car with a very ugly hair-don’t… and even uglier earrings!
– wait a minute.. that’s… Amanda???!!!! Okaaaay! Okaaaaay!  I will try not to focus on that hideous monstrosity.. Try I said.. I don’t promise to succeed!!

Anyway…. dry road, wet road, dry road.. Amanda gets caught in the middle of a car chase on a magic road… One minute into the ep and a ridiculous coincidence already!!! Winking smilesmk coincidence_gif_normal
An episode with lots of coincidences…  Amanda didn’t need to be in the spy biz to be in danger! In fact being in it keeps her alive!! 😉 .. This is smk land.. the land full of such coincidences so we will go with it..

ALSALS.avi_000135301A guy is being chased by another car, as he tries to evade them he pulls a notebook out of his pocket and rips a page out. Stashing the piece of paper in his jacket pocket he tosses the notebook on the passenger seat and keeps driving. He overtakes Amanda.. someone is beeping their horn at her but not sure who.. The ALSALS.avi_000153319second car runs her onto the dirt on the roadside.. – disturbing her flowers! Really! well that does it.. I hope they get what’s coming to them! Winking smile 

The two cars speed away from Amanda – but she still manages to find them again.. she’s so lucky Winking smile She ALSALS.avi_000175842comes across the two cars just as they’ve come to a stop and the baddies shoot the guy in the red car before he can get away..
ALSALS.avi_000177844Oh Hello! Baddies!!! If you’re going to kill someone try not to ignore ALSALS.avi_000187854the


car that just pulled up right in front of you to catch you in the act….

Is it just me or is it extremely eerie to watch this knowing what is to come in Mission of Gold??? I am sure it is not deliberate.. but watching Amanda witness someone being murdered, by a single shot through a windscreen? No  nooo nooooooo!!!!! Sad smile
LOL…I love how Amanda just stops her car meters away and watches.. Does she think if she doesn’t move they won’t see her? Maybe baddies are like dinosaurs?!! No? oops…well.. it nearly worked. drat… (try covering your ALSALS.avi_000196863eyes Amanda, then they won’t be able to see you!) -she’s been spotted!!!
As Bela in Sudden Death would say- please! burn Rubber!
wet road.. the baddie grabs the black note book. Uh oh.. the woman in the car is desperate they catch Amanda- because Amanda saw her!!! Uh oh.. the chase is on!!!!! dry road.. wet road…  hey good one Amanda hiding the car up there behind those bushes.. Genius!!!
Mind you- if you needed to duck then it is kind of redundant isn’t it? hehehee.. Not so Genius! Winking smile
The baddies have lost her.. and are in a world of stress and pain!!!! There is no way they are going to track her down now!!! Or.. is there?? after all.. we are only one coincidence short of a little reunion??!!!
ALSALS.avi_000282949Next thing.. we get to meet Officer Tuggy.. err I mean Detective Tuggy.. Amanda sits uncomfortably in ALSALS.avi_000285952the back of the police cruiser, she’s directing them back to the scene of the crime.. Ahhh Amanda.. she’s such a good citizen!
Ewww I do not want to hear about what Detective Tuggy thinks of women who smoke cigars and how it turns him on..3_ImNotListening I think Tuggy is just lazy..
What do you call an eyewitness and skid marks??? To me- it sounds like a word: Evidence!! ugh!
Poor Amanda! she looks so lost as Tuggy calls it in and finds out the number plate of the murdered guy doesn’t exist!!
So Amanda is left reporting a crime that no one believes even exists.. On to Lee’s apartment!

Wait..  Lee has a new apartment now? it looks like this is quite the episode for updating the look of the show… When did we see Lee’s apartment last? anyone?? you know, it’s about time he got a new apartment.. that last one had become baddie central! Plus Amanda got kidnapped there twice- Hmm time to find a new apartment! Smile 

Actually this apartment is as snazzy as the one Lee lived in briefly in Savior- when he was pretending to be an arms dealer! Winking smile Hmm.. Lee is there something you want to tell us??

We find Lee searching his bar for the ice bucket….Ahh yes he realises it’s in the hall closet – and goes to retrieve it only to find a tie or sock in there.. so he throws it in the closet – LOL.. this place looks clean, but old Lee who doesn’t put everything in it’s place is still on display!

I could be reading way too much into this- I am sure I often do! But I love that Lee doesn’t know where the ice bucket is!!! This suggests that it has been a while since Lee errr entertained at home.. been off the social scene a bit Lee?? well yes, if you are going to keep trying to deny that the ceremony in Ship of Spies deeply affected you- I guess you’d better step things up a notch in the distractions department!
Hey shouldn’t that bottle have been in the fridge before he put it on the ice? I don’t think that Champagne is going to be chilled enough that way.. oh wait….no Lee don’t worry – you serve Randy luke warm champagne.. that’s a good boy..

Lee hears a knock at the door.. quite a musical knock wouldn’t you say?!

Love how Lee answers the door saying “ Randi bab-” stopping short when he realises it’s Amanda baby! Winking smile ALSALS.avi_000480647
Amanda automatically smiles and takes in the Champagne – to me she seems very stressed out.. she’s smiling but she really isn’t happy – because she’s freaking out.. and maybe a little at unhappy at what she has interrupted- I suspect it’s not a part of Lee’s like she wants to see.. [just my personal view!]
An overly chirpy Amanda responds:
Amanda wisely jumps right in to set things straight here: Lee I have to talk to you it’s really very important.
– Ie. I wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t really important! Love this assertive Amanda!
Lee: ahhhhh yeah (he motions to Amanda to come in) …what’s so important that you have to talk to me tonight?
[Lee sounds like he is trying not to hurt her feelings here..but he’d rather it waited!]
Amanda immediately jumps in:
Lee I witnessed a murder today.
Lee: A what?
Amanda: I saw someone murdered today. The PTA at Jamie and Phillip’s school is having a parent/teacher night.
Lee: Someone was murdered at their school.
[Lee what do you think this is Murder She Wrote?!]
ALSALS.avi_000502669Amanda: Oh No. Nobody was murdered at school. No I was on the way from the nursery to the school bringing the flowers for the parent/teacher night [LOL.. why do you need flowers at
ALSALS.avi_000505672a parent/teacher night?-they must be different in smk land to how they are in iwsod land]

[He is listening, ALSALS.avi_000506673but also anxiously checking his watch.. anyone here think he isn’t listening? I am guessing Lee doesn’t want Randy and Amanda to cross ALSALS.avi_000507674paths!]
Amanda continues:  And I saw this… well a maroon hatchback…
[Ok I thought it was red.. whatever! Smile ] …passed me and then a.. (Amanda reaches into her purse for the police report)
…it’s here, it’s all here in the police report.
ALSALS.avi_000513680Lee: Okay.

Lee is sounding calm.. I guess.. he can see he has to just let Amanda get to the end of her ramble here..
Amanda whips open the report.
ALSALS.avi_000515682Amanda: I made out a police report but nobody believes me.
Lee asks Amanda to hold the champagne and Ice bucket while he takes a read of the report..
Lee: Okay, Maroon hatchback.. [aie! I think we’ve got it!!]
Amanda: Right.
They were chasing you? [Okay she has Lee’s attention now!!-Gee Lee do you think they could have seen her
ALSALS.avi_000520687license plate?? or she could be in danger?? after all – this is smk Winking smile ]
Amanda:  Yes they were chasing me.
Lee takes a deep breath: Amanda it’s possible that you guy you saw didn’t get shot but was only grazed. [EH???  what a dumb thing to say imho!] or something..
ALSALS.avi_000528695Amanda: Leeeeeee even if he was only grazed he was still shot!!
Listen. I saw him slump over his steering wheel.
[LOL at the way Amanda ALSALS.avi_000534701says this!!!! but bad Lee for even suggesting this- THEY WERE CHASING HER!!!!  isn’t that enough???!!! Guess not!]
ALSALS.avi_000537704Lee clears his throat.. (and licks his lips!):
Okay… I will look into this tomorrow okay?
ALSALS.avi_000541708Amanda smiles relieved: Ohhhh!!
Lee:  But, to tell you the truth Amanda, no car, no ALSALS.avi_000543710body, no licence number – there’s really  no case.
ALSALS.avi_000549716Amanda takes off Tuggy!: you need a word.
Lee: a word?  [Keep up Lee! Winking smile ]
ALSALS.avi_000550717Amanda all in one breath
: evidence and I don’t have any. It’s like when a tree falls down in a forest does it make a sound if there’s ALSALS.avi_000552719nobody there to hear it- ALSALS.avi_000554721only I heard it and no body believes me.
At this, Lee gives Amanda a smile.. I would say a murder is not the same as a tree falling!! Someone will notice the guy is missing eventually- somewhere! Lee ALSALS.avi_000558725even laughs a little.. ahhh Lee Amanda is interesting company!! Even when she is freaking out a little!
Lee: That’s really not the analogy I would’ve used [which is why she’s so
ALSALS.avi_000559726interesting! Winking smile ] …but yeah.. I think…eerrr I think you’re right. [awh!!]
ALSALS.avi_000563730Amanda: I’m sorry… [lovely! Lee has helped Amanda calm down!]
ALSALS.avi_000565732…thanks very much and I really, I’m so er I didn’t mean to intrude…
ALSALS.avi_000567734[Amanda seems to have remembered what she interrupted!]
Funny.. Lee seems to have forgottten! Smile
Lee: Hold it. You didn’t intrude.
Amanda: well..
Lee: I.. I.. I’m just errr
(he checks his watch) I’m ALSALS.avi_000570737waiting for err…. (not sure how to finish that sentence there Lee?!!! Lee couldn’t bring himself to say it.. hmm interesting!)
Amanda seems to have a smile permanently plastered on her face now – awkward! She lets out a big sigh…
Amanda reminds him:
Randy Baby!
Lee: Yes. [Anyone else getting the vibe Lee really doesn’t want to go there with Amanda??!!!]
Amanda: Oh well ummm.. is…
[Lee looks down at the police report as he folds it here- not able to look at Amanda as she asks about Randy?] …Randy a person that you’d like to impress?
At this Lee looks up – unsure of how to respond to herALSALS.avi_000579145!!! Would you say fear flashes across his face?

ALSALS.avi_000579346And looks back down again as he answers.. Is it wishful thinking.. or does Lee look at Amanda’s lips as he averts his eyes??? [remembering the kiss in Ship of Spies Lee???!!!! Uh oh!!! Winking smile ]
Whoa.. I think Lee thinks Amanda is going to make some kind of statement here about his dating.. tee heee.. suffer Lee!
Lee: yeah errr…possibly.
[still finding hard to look at Amanda hey Lee.. interesting!!! He really looks like he is no longer comfortable discussing his lady friends with Amanda – I think that’s a clue to his growing feelings for Amanda.. what do you say? wow.. we are going to have some interesting discussions about this ep!]
Amanda on the other hand? Her immediate reaction is a knowing smile! And now she has seen how much he spent on the Champagne, she doesn’t seem to mind what she has interrupted! 😉 haaaa
I hadn’t noticed this before but I do believe she is having a little fun here now that she is calm!.. she’s managing fine.. go Amanda! I figure she didn’t expect anything different.. but hey that doesn’t mean she wants to watch the show – if you know what I mean.. plus she has reason to be a little pleased.. as revealed by her next line!
Amanda: well, then you should probably take the price tag off this bottle  of champagne…
… it was a bargain!

Ohhh she is so cheeky here!!!
I’ve never slowed this down before- so I am suddenly changing my view of Amanda here- she’s enjoying this! She doesn’t feel awkward at all – it’s Lee who is feeling awkward!!! and it’s got the same vibe as the tag in Ship of Spies!!! Teee heee… Well at least to me it does.. I am sure we will not all see it the same way Smile do let us know your thoughts-please!
Amanda’s giving Lee dating tips..and highlighting how little he has spent on his date, haaaa!!!
Amanda thrusts the ice bucket back into his hands while he struggles to cope with her revelation- haaaaa!! Lee isn’t putting much effort into things for Randy Baby! And.. Lee still can’t look at Amanda!
Lee looks down at the ice bucket: Ohh good catch.
Amanda heads for the door while Lee is attending to the champagne – and NOT looking at Amanda! LOL.. Amanda calls out to Lee as she begins to open his door: Anytime!!!!
[tee heee.. perfect! Randy at the door would have heard that! Winking smile ]
Ahhhhh these two.. I think it is growing more evident that there is something cooking in the kitchen! Smile
Lee doesn’t look up till he hears a gasp as Amanda opens the door – and finds Randy about to knock on the door..
Is it just me or does anyone suspect Amanda is having some fun here???
Amanda ever so sweetly: Oh, hello Randy [Yep! I know you’re name Randy Baby! and.. I know how much Lee spent on your Champagne!] …You’ll like the wine…
… it’s very good!
[ hmm why not hint that maybe I’ve err tasted Lee’s wine??!!! tee heee]
Lee: ha! Ah Randy! Hi! haa! come in come in!
[Lee doesn’t seem to be so smooth here huh!! Winking smile Hmmm I think I’m going to enjoy this episode much more than I thought I would.. hair don’t or not.. with this much heat between Lee and Amanda?? who cares!!!!]
Randy: what is this a rotation system? Am I the evening edition?
Lee: ha no. She [no name Lee??!!] was just a-
Randy: yeah I know, let me guess.. you’re just friends.
Lee surprised: Yes! [Hmm almost like he thought Randy wouldn’t believe he and Amanda were just friends because they are more than just friends? but still just friends? am I making sense? lol!! ] …Yes. whoo you look gorgeous tonight….. You really do.
yeah.. looking gorgeous seems to be what matters to Lee in a woman.. or at least it has been since he got his heart broken.. and.. till he met Amanda! You know.. the whole keeping things superficial thing.. I think Randy is messing with his head here..
She grabs his face and gives him a brief peck – quickly pulling away and leaving him wanting more..
ALSALS.avi_000610777Randy: and you’re on thin Ice.

I debated including a pic of this kiss.. and then figured- if I can post Lee sucking face with Evil Eva who broke his heart and he had real feelings for?? I can manage a quick peck with Barbie eerrrr.. Randy Baby! Smile Hope you’ve coped okay! Smile
I don’t think Lee is toALSALS.avi_000615782o impressed with this little bait and switch that Randy pulls!
Lee closes his door and puts on his party face.. thank goodness we don’t have to watch anymore of this!

It’s fascinating to finally be given a look at one of these women that Lee has been dating the last few years – soooo this is what he has been ‘going for’ Winking smile I am sure a woman can have long blonde hair and be glamourous and a wonderful woman – but I am guessing that is not what smk is going for here!!! They are going for the stereotype.. Lee is a player with woman.. and Randy is a gorgeous blonde conquest who is also playing the game.. Neither are being genuinely who they are – I think that might be what they are aiming at telling us?? I’m sure you guys will have some insights to share on this!! 🙂

Also, this glimpse of the type of women Lee has been going out with makes the appearance of Leslie very significant at the start of season 3! [I shall leave further discussion of that relationship till then though-so just a brief mention to wet your appetite..I am sure we will revisit this episode when we get to Over the Limit!] The contrast between Leslie and the women Lee has gone for… and.. of course- the contrast between Barbie and Amanda couldn’t be more stark! Smile

Randy is high maintenance huh! hehehee.. and.. a really bad actress [sorry lady!- actually I think this lady’s name is Mary Reid- sorry Mary! She was the blonde in a towel who ran out to the hotel hallway in Double agent too- I am sure I mentioned it in that ep.. but looking at IMDB it seems Mary didn’t stick with acting for long and went into special education and did some wonderful work with children: well done Mary Reid!!! You’ve gone on to do good!!! and all the best to you! ] I  could have done this Randy role better.. I would have done it for free too…Oh and drat I would have had to give Lee a peck.. but hey it’s for art’s sake…I could make the sacrifice! Winking smile

Hey it’s interesting that Barbie oops I mean Randy sees Amanda and thinks it possible that she is another girl Lee is seeing.. very interesting! She doesn’t see a dowdy housewife.. and she seems to suspect Lee is a bit of a player..

Before I finish up this post, getting back to Lee and Amanda: It’s kinda sweet that Lee doesn’t just turn her away. I think he would have in the past!- If she had ever dared, which I don’t think she would have!  – I think it is a sign of how much closer they are now.. plus quid pro quo (whooo Latin Iwsod! You impressed? Winking smile ) – Lee turns up at Amanda’s all the time needing her help, unannounced.. and ‘intruding’ – so I love love love that Amanda is finally giving Lee a taste of his own medicine!!!

Also, for anyone who has checked the script for this episode – I’m thinking it reads as Lee being much more abrupt and dismissive of Amanda in this scene – so kudos to BB for giving Lee a bit of heart in this ep and making it clear ( at least to me!) that Lee has some feelings for Amanda that are not quite the normal friend kind of feelings!!! Smile 

BTW- I think Lee’s hair has gotten a revamp too.. In his one shot, it is looking um very parted down the middle and flat and I am not liking his hair so much either!! At least he isn’t wearing ghastly fashions too!!! Winking smile 

A final thought- I am surprised at how much tension there is between Lee and Amanda here, once the witnessing a murder thing had been dealt with! I don’t think I had noticed before how Lee couldn’t quite look at Amanda! LOL!!! How about you guys?? could you look at Amanda? tee hee.. no really – what do you think of this scene? do you think Lee was struggling? do tell!!

Okay well this post is epic I better get this published.. sorry for the delay in getting on to this episode, though I have really enjoyed Cindy’s and Bjo’s posts in the mean time!!! [anyone else like a go?] I can’t wait to hear your thoughts guys as this story unfolds!!! byeeee

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  1. I checked the script and Lee pulled a sock out of the ice bucket. We can all relax.


  2. Iswod – Could you please email me what software do you use for DVD ripping? Is it free or paid? I have a conversion program that works on some DVDs but not SMK.


  3. I’m with Amanda on the feeling uncomfortable part of Lee being a player. I think what makes it worse is usually when I think of a “player” I think of someone like Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. The “Love them and leave them.” Lee really does seem like a gentleman — even when he and Amanda have barely known each other. He reaches for her hand on Ep 2 to run away and he’s constantly opening doors for her. I can’t think of a single other “player” character who I’d see do that. And even if he doesn’t always warm up to Amanda in the early eps, when he is warm there really is a kind side to him that again doesn’t fit the player character.

    I remember reading a series of books called Newpointe 911 by Terri Blackstock and there’s a character named Dan who I think fits more what Lee is. Because of his own emotional abandonment issues, Dan refuses to take any woman on more than 2 dates. (You can guess where they take this in the series — he falls for Jill, makes excuses about how lots of their dates aren’t real dates, then gets scared off and breaks up, only to have them get back together and he formally says “I’m taking her on that third date” to make a point.) I think Lee is commitment-phobic and doesn’t want to get together with women who want a commitment (with the exceptions of Dorothy, Evil Eva, and of course Amanda) but I also think he is up front about it and isn’t using and ditching women if that makes sense. And if I’m wrong, well, it’s easier to reconcile the character that way, so I’m sticking with that theory anyway!

    (And I’m in the camp that the black books are partly work related — he does say something about PIs, journalists, etc. — and I don’t see him coming up with endless cover stories when he’s dating someone for real.)


  4. Amandarambler

    Ok, gang. It’s an Random Amandarambler moment. Can we call them Randomandarambles? 😬🤦‍♀️🤣

    So, two things I couldn’t let pass on this episode without commenting before I forget.
    First of all, my 12 year old son and I started a rewatch of the series together a few weeks ago. This is his first time ever watching SMK, and we are watching in revised order, which puts ALSALS after Relative Situation. #1 thing that struck me when watching this with him is that HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT AMANDA’S HAIR. NOT. A. WORD. The kid is enamored with this story and show and keeps commenting about how expects Lee and Amanda to get together. He’s been opening my car door for me, too, so thank you, Lee Stetson. 😍 He also thought that Shauna (sp?) was the same woman as Randi. Interesting. 🤔

    Also, #2 thing I noticed tonight while watching this episode: A DUFFY SIGHTING!!!!!! And even more significantly, HE TALKS!!! Yes, friends, Duffy has an actual line!!! Of course, he’s not Duffy, so he’s Not-Duffy. I guess I was always so grossed out with Tuggy and hoping Amanda doesn’t toss her cookies in the backseat that I never paid much mind to the policeman with him driving. Yep, it’s our friend, Duffy!!! After Tuggy and Amanda get out of the car, you can hear Not-Duffy call for Tuggy to come back to the car for a message from the station.

    So thanks for letting me share this Randomandaramble. Miss it here. Hope to check in more often sooner than later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow – how wonderful you are watching again with your son. And that he is now opening the car door for you.


  5. Hmmm, so many great insights already highlighted by everyone’s comments here. But one thought…why didn’t Amanda call Lee instead of going to his apartment? Well, I know she was in a tizzy because of seeing someone killed and not being believed by the police. But still interesting that she chooses to visit him in person versus calling him. Also interesting that she goes to Lee, in person, but after she first goes to the police. Why not tell Lee first? Though because of how he encouraged her to file a police report about the mugging in Fearless Dotty, maybe she knew he’d send her to the police anyway. But murder and mugging seem pretty different to me. Don’t know why that order (police first then Lee) intrigues me, but it does.

    Her going in person and right after A Relative Situation (revised order) makes sense to me because she just posed as his girlfriend (sort of) with his uncle – he invited her into a new part or level of his life by pulling her into his familial world, IMO. So she should be able to feel like this man is someone she can come knock on the door to…. but at the same time, he “does go through them” in her mind, so wonder if she didn’t already expect to interrupt something? Or was she hoping not to? Or was she just frazzled by the events of the day? Why didn’t she call? Hmm.

    Also, I love this line of Jenbo’s:
    “I agree that Lee is totally embarrassed. It’s like Amanda has discovered a dirty little secret (much like how I would be if people in real life knew how obsessed with SMK I actually am LOL). ”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 😂😂😂😂😂 I can totally relate!!!

    Lastly, I am trying to not be overly distracted by the hair. Or the ENORMOUS tops (THEY. ARE. HUGE.) or ear ornaments. I think these short-haired episodes are my favorites in season 2, because we see some major character development (obviously Lee, but also Amanda professionally and even dare I say Francine and Amanda!), and I really enjoy that. I have to give myself pep talks about it several times an episode. It’s not so bad when they style it with some hair over her forehead.


    • Love this ramble, Amandarambler!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Her going in person and right after A Relative Situation (revised order) makes sense to me because she just posed as his girlfriend (sort of) with his uncle – he invited her into a new part or level of his life by pulling her into his familial world, IMO. So she should be able to feel like this man is someone she can come knock on the door to…. but at the same time, he “does go through them” in her mind, so wonder if she didn’t already expect to interrupt something? Or was she hoping not to? Or was she just frazzled by the events of the day? Why didn’t she call? Hmm.

      I think she was in a tizz so went straight there.. she probably couldn’t have this conversation with her family listening..
      I think Amanda is in two minds about Lee – she wants to catch him in the act.. but she also doesn’t want to catch him.
      she’s probably fighting hard to keep her head about this point in the story. Gosh I find it hard to remember the detail of where I thought she was at here at this point.. but there could be an element of – I want to surprise him and find him not dating.. and at the same time, I want to surprise him and find him dating because I can’t be thinking he is someone he isn’t so my heart doesn’t get ahead of my head here… you know?

      Lastly, I am trying to not be overly distracted by the hair. Or the ENORMOUS tops (THEY. ARE. HUGE.) or ear ornaments. I think these short-haired episodes are my favorites in season 2, because we see some major character development (obviously Lee, but also Amanda professionally and even dare I say Francine and Amanda!), and I really enjoy that. I have to give myself pep talks about it several times an episode. It’s not so bad when they style it with some hair over her forehead.

      I agree.. I love this phase in their relationship.. so much going on!!
      I feel about the massive ear buttons and hair and shoulders the same as I feel about the Francine character – I love to hate them and have lots of fun with them.. so I wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂


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  7. Hi Everyone! The photos on A Little Sex, A Little Scandal and Car Wars are so awful, I’d love to replace them all!!! but.. It would take me forever to take the pics out of the blog post and put the clearer ones back in.
    I would simply redo the posts and delete the original posts- but I would hate to loose everyone’s wonderful comments.. they are very precious!!!
    Soooo I am thinking what I might do is add in a few posts for A Little Sex, A Little Scandal and Car wars which are just picture galleries from the episode. that way you can see some clearer pics. I think it’s the best I can do for now..I’ll try and work on this over my summer break [being in Australia- January is my summer break!] Hope this is okay! byeeeeee


  8. For some reason this Emerson quote comes to mind, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”


  9. These photos are soooooo bad.. 😦 you guys are very kind to not point that out!! I just got new software so I”ll try and come back and fix this episode’s photos as soon as I can!
    Any other episodes with lousy pics? Let me know..


    • Some of the eps are just worse quality (resolution-wise and/or colour-wise)… and/or parts of eps. [shrug]


      • Thanks KC.. it bugs me! 😉 I’ve got new software for ripping.. and I did that post on my old computer.. my new computer seems to do better quality.. so I’ll try to replace the pics.. maybe the odd one now and again so it doesn’t feel like a huge job ( but yeah I saw not all pics are bad- so weird!!! ) I noticed they are a strange colour on Car wars.. and they are both such great episodes to look at I want to fix them 🙂 hopefully I’ll have done it by the next annivesary 😉 tee heee..


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  11. 48 comments! How is a girl supposed to catch up?? I just wanted to add that I think I’m thinking along Morley’s line regarding “player”. I guess my image of players defines a whole life-style which includes an image of a guy that is entirely ungentlemanly. So while Lee may have been a player in one sense, he doesn’t quite fit my definition in the overall sense. He pushes it a bit in S1 but by S2 he is long beyond.

    As Amanda starts her ramble, I love how Lee notices and tries to gently shut it down by trying to cut to the chase… something like: “There was a murder at the boys’ school?” And then, as others have pointed out, it is sweet that he realizes the hopelessness of his attempt and decides to patiently wait it out and hear what she has to say. I love that he is gentle and patient with her the entire time. Very sweet.

    I figured they were panties too, but if the script says socks, I like that better 🙂


  12. I’ve always thought Amanda was teasing Lee a bit here. While I don’t think he’s totally a “player,” I do think his relationships with women have always been fluff, no stuff. Randi (I do think it should be spelled with an “i”) represents that kind of woman – out for fun, but don’t mess with the man she’s having fun with at the moment cause he’s hers right now. Superficial relationships, that’s what Lee has had. He came close with Eva and Dorothy, but not close enough. Lee’s learning what a real relationship is now, and Amanda is the one teaching him. Therefore, he’s self-conscious when she catches him in the act, and her teasing makes him more self-conscious.

    I do like that he takes the time to listen to her here. He doesn’t just brush her off, but invites her in and really listens, despite the urgent need to get her out before Randi gets there. He doesn’t want Randi to get the wrong idea, because he and Amanda are just friends, and nothing more, right? I mean, they’re partners and friends, but nothing more, right?

    As to the apartments, I do think that he probably changed them often, since he was an intelligence agent. And the future reference to things being in the closet and forgotten would have been boxes that were moved, but never unpacked. At least, that’s the way I saw it. We moved a lot in my early years and had boxes that sometimes weren’t unpacked before we moved again. (In fact, our office moved into another building several years ago, and we still have some boxes unpacked. They’ve been opened, yes, but never unpacked because we haven’t needed those items.)


    • Hi Debilyn!!! wonderful to see you stop by and say hi!!!!

      yeah this idea of whether or not Lee really is a player is an interesting one!

      When does someone go from superficial relationships to ‘player’ status? I suspect we may each of us have a different definition..

      For me.. a player is someone who ‘plays the field’ – who doesn’t settle down with one woman, and isn’t looking to. I don’t want to believe Lee is a player.. but all those black books in We’re off to see the wizard for me were the final nail in the coffin for my idea that- maybe Lee wasn’t as much a player as was made out.. yeah he was.. LOL! at least this is my view..

      I’ve come around to the idea with time.. tee hee.. also because it makes Lee’s journey overall even better – and his embarrassment/ shame maybe? with Amanda finding out about all the books and the astronaut story etc. well it makes it all meaningful.. Amanda knows that was his life – doesn’t judge him though..and well I will hold off saying more about that moment – as I can’t (argh!) get ahead of myself too deeply!

      I think smk was kind to us shippers by not shoving Lee’s superficial love life in our face all the time.. LOL!

      Yes Debilyn, changing apartments is a spy’s necessity – so how Amanda continues to live in her house is crazy! I think though if Lee was going to change apartments to keep safe he would have done it straight after saved by the bells – given his home address was available then to buy on the blackmarket!! LOL!!!!
      I think the new apartment is part of the – whooo we have a few weeks off- let’s build new sets- kind of thing!!! Also, maybe they knew because of where the story was headed that there should be more scenes inside Lee’s apartment – as he and Amanda grow closer and more enmeshed in each other’s lives.. very interesting to think about!
      Okay well I must go.. I have actual work I must get on with..

      Loving the Magnum/ SMK talk – go on Jenbo do a blog post on it!!!! I am sure there are pics on the net of Magnum and his car you can use!!!I think an RS/SMK post would be fabulous!!! just don’t ask me to watch RS now.. I just can’t!! I tried a week or two ago.. picked a random season 1 episode and who should I see?? Dotty!!!! Dotty as Laura’s emotional mother.. It did my head in!!! I had to stop watching no no noooooo just can’t do it – LOL maybe when I’m finished my walk! 🙂
      Okay really going!!! byeeeee everyone!


      • Wasn’t Beverly Garland a fabulous nasty piece of work in RS? I enjoy comparing the two roles, so similar yet so different. (A cross over fan fiction that will probably never be finished explores this). She was in two episodes — which one did you watch?


        • As to the Magnum PI/ Ferrari debate – Tom Selleck never really did anything for me. Any girlish day dreams I had were being rescued or (more likely) rescuing Lee and the mysterious Mr. Steele. LOL.


        • LOL I didn’t watch the whole episode! It started with an old ‘friend’ of Remington Steele’s turning up… and looking for trouble! 😉 Is BG only in 2 episodes?? and I randomly picked one of them?? it’s a sign!!!!!!! 🙂


      • Yea, I think Lee was a “player.” It was recreational for him, never (almost) about relationship, and that makes him a player. I am sure there are other ways of defining it, but for me it boils down to that. I don’t like players, but I like Lee :). He never hid it from Amanda, never tried to pull the wool over her eyes and she accepted him even though. And yet I think Lee had a longing for something real and valued that. I think that was why he didn’t like Amanda’s interaction with the Quickie Chickie guy and David Benson (or the concubine ring man). He valued a real relationship and marriage, he just didn’t think he wanted it, or was a candidate for it, or even was worthy of it. I think part of this was due to the effects of the loss of his parents. He had a stable home, experienced a loving marital relationship as a small boy and then it was ripped from him. That can affect a young child very deeply. He ran from anything that could bring him near that again because he wanted to protect himself and so he became a player. And yet Lee Stetson longed for a resting place for his heart even as much as it scared him into being a player . I think one of the most compelling parts of this show for me is to watch him take this journey and to watch Amanda wait, help and receive him.

        As far as the show not shoving it in our face, I think your right Iwsod. But I think they put it there when it was necessary for the overall story, like now, during this episode.


        • Hi Morley and everyone! yeah Morley we are thinking along the same lines here! 🙂 What do you think Debilyn? How do you define player?? Anyone see things differently?

          Oh I agree.. when I said it was good they didn’t shove it in our face all the time – I also mean’t it was important to show it.. just not all the time! Never seeing it or acknowledging it would have been IMHO an equal mistake!

          Yep.. they chose well when to highlight it and how.. and judging by some of the omissions we see from the scripts about Lee and women.. I think they chose well most of the time! 🙂


          • My definition of player is a “love ’em and leave ’em” type, who brings each woman so far into the relationship that she has hopes of it becoming permanent. Players also tend to have more than one woman at a time on a string.

            I think the majority of Lee’s relationships were work-related – get close in order to get information. (This is one of the reasons I can accept the four black books.) Those relationships not work-related were in two camps – women he worked with who understood that “a real relationship doesn’t happen between agents” and women he was physically attracted to who only lasted for a few dates which basically ended in bed. (I think Francine was always more interested in Lee than he in her. And, hey, I can see her point…)

            Getting a little ahead with spoilers, but … in my mind, Lee and Dorothy became closer than he expected. She opened him up for the possibility of love. Eva came along and he was taken in. I do think she cared for him a little, but she was so far into her cause she couldn’t really love him. To him, it was first love, it meant a lot, which was how she drew him in so easily when they met again. With Amanda, he gets the real deal – mature love with commitment and concern for the other person first. Which is why he can be so totally absorbed in Amanda after all those other women, and no longer enjoys pretending with a woman to get info as an agent.

            Hope that clarifies my position. I see the other side, too, so I get where others are coming from. This is just how I view it.


            • Oh, I’m not entirely sure about the timeline, but I do see him working with Dorothy before the assignment in which he meets Eva. Again, my view.


              • Yeah, I think Dorothy was definitely quite awhile before Eva. (I think 10 years before, Eva was something like 2 years for that difficult episode aired)


                • Hi Debilyn! Ohh I’m so glad you responded! very interesting!! Sounds like we define player a little differently – I define it more broadly – I had it in mind that the women knew the rules of the game as much as Lee did.. Why? Not sure!.. you’ve made me think about it!
                  I don’t think too much about what’s ahead..[LOL so reserve the right to change my mind haa!] I haven’t watched season 3 or 4 in a loooong time![intentionally- so I can experience the show as I go along their journey and keep it fresh]- though those black books made such an impression years ago – they do inform how I am seeing Lee at the moment -even though I am not up to that point! – I can’t deny that their existence in a future ep colours things for me!

                  I’m thinking of Margot, Celeste, Randy Baby.. they seemed to be just looking to have a good time with no thought of the future.. Do we know any others at this stage? [besides Eva]

                  I guess it’s quite possible that Lee thought they knew it wasn’t serious (or that’s what he told himself) but really, he was breaking hearts along the way.. Maybe you agree with that??
                  Maybe there is more in the show about that in future- I’ll keep an ear out.. I have in mind that if Lee thought someone was ‘in love’ with him he would run a mile – at least before he begins to change..

                  Of course Lee being a fictional character, at the end of the day we ask ourselves what’s the overall story they are trying to tell here.. and for me- I answer that question looking at the show up to this point – with future episodes not fresh in my mind at all.. LOL not sure if that is helpful or not! Sorry if it’s not!!

                  So far I haven’t seen anything to suggest Lee’s women are not as much players as he is [maybe that is deliberate as the writers do want us to actually like Lee!!! tee heeee].

                  Why is the movie ‘Down with Love’ coming to mind???? Anyone seen it?? I just recently saw it- what a quirky movie!! And Catcher Block keeps popping into my head as the ultimate player!! This movie was based on old movies – like smk seems to get some inspiration from too..

                  Debilyn I’m not yet sure what to make of Dorothy – so I will hold off on that one – and when we get to that ep I will be hoping you guys share your thoughts on Dorothy with me! And maybe I can figure it out finally!!

                  Cindy, I haven’t formed a timeline yet- Can you let us know your thoughts on that when we get to Wizard?? I’m really looking forward to hearing why you think that when we get to it! My thoughts are not fully formed on what we learn about Lee and his love life in future episodes…I might agree with you! :)Eva and Dorothy- who came first? I don’t know. I haven’t watched that episode in such a long time!

                  I loved hearing your thoughts guys – and I will keep them in mind as we progress! bye for now!


            • Debilyn, I think you are right about Lee, in that he is not a use and abuse them type of man. He doesn’t appear to string along women’s hearts and he picks women who want what he wants, just some fun. And I guess that is why I called him a player, I guess my definition has to do with how one uses relationships, I guess I think that there can be mutual player relationships? Lee strikes me as a kinder, gentleman like player? does that make sense. And it is because of this part in his personality that he won’t touch Amanda with a ten foot pole, or at least he thinks he is trying not to, and why it alarms him so much when he finds maybe he wants to.

              I don’t totally get the Eva thing for him, she must have been a very good bad guy to pull the wool over Lee’s eyes and her husbands eyes (like Cindy pointed out). But what I do think about that was that his experience with Eva just galvanized his decision to keep it shallow. I also think that Amanda being there with him during the resolution of that probably gave her some hope for Lee. Not that it was for her and Lee, but that Lee was capable of something deeper, and he wasn’t “just” a player.

              I also think that there is a timeline mentioned in the show. Dorothy’s death was 10 years earlier than WOTSTW. And Eva was in jail for 2 years, and she said she missed Lee for those 2 years. so that was about 2 years before LAF.


              • A gentleman player? whoooo I like it! haaaa..

                Loving this discussion… Morley and Debilyn you raise great points!

                Oh okay thanks Morley so we find out Dorothy was 10 years ago.. in Wizard..

                And in Lost and Found Eva was in jail 2 years? Not that I had stopped and thought about it, but I was thinking she had her love affair with Lee, then married Angelo… and so Lee couldn’t hang around to watch that and he got a job somewhere else (LOL I was also assuming that at the time Lee had been working a job- to learn about Angelo and his skills.. ) so he found out what he needed, got his heart broken and moved on to another job. How long Eva and Angelo were married before they went to work in Russia and then got arrested – I always thought that could have been a few years too.. LOL but maybe there is something which answers this – I am sure you guys would know if there is 🙂

                Has anyone done a time line of Lee’s life and what we learn? that would be fab.. ( of course there would be a little gray area around his parents dying/living with his uncle and the age this happened!) I find this all very hard to keep straight!

                Yeah I always thought the Eva thing was explained by it being First Love – but.. if Dorothy came first.. and if Dorothy was his first love.. well then that doesn’t work.. and well as you can see I don’t know what Dorothy was – and I was not wanting to bring all the arguments for and against up yet – as I would rather base it on my watching the episode, than me trying to remember the episode.. and it’s been a long time since I saw it! LOL!! so I can’t contribute anything of substance!
                If you guys want to discuss go right ahead! – [if you could bring it up again when we get to the episode that would be great!] Ahhh these are great characters aren’t they! so much to explore!!


                • Oh CRUD! You are forcing me to watch LAF again aren’t you? I thought Lee or Eva had mentioned the time line of when she had broken it off with Lee and married Angelo. I remember thinking it would have been more realistic if the Eva and Lee had been involved further in the past. Maybe Petra has the transcribed script up and will save me some grief. GAAAACK!


                  • Hi Cindy- oh nooo!!! Don’t do it if it is too painful!


                    I know there is a transcript of the episode as Claudia ( listed on Petra’s site) transcribed all of season one by herself – what a legend! I don’t have the link directly to Claudia’s site though..

                    Yeah I’d rather not focus on the details of Lee and Eva either 😉 haaaa.. but I guess it’s all part of his history.. I reckon Eva was genius at identifying men’s needs – and she saw Lee’s deep need for connection.. which many others before and since probably failed to identify- but.. which Amanda sees too 🙂

                    Ugh. I don’t want to say Eva was good at anything!! 🙂


                    • Ok, here’s what I found off Petra’s site WARNING NAUSEA INDUCING LANGUAGE!!!!!
                      EVA to LEE: I want you to know, in case it is never to be said, that I have loved you for all of those two years since I last saw you.”


                    • Phew thanks for the warning Cindy! 🙂

                      Thanks for putting yourself through that for our sakes!

                      Sooooo how many years between lost and Found and wizard?? maybe that’s another couple of years?

                      GAG!!!! You had to quote Eva and her lies to get out the time frame.. ugh!!! pha pha!!

                      [btw- didn’t both Lee and Amanda know in Wizard how many years, months and days since they met? and Eva can only remember how many years? ha!!! lame!!! 😉 ]


                    • I would say it was about 1.5 years between LAS and Wizard. LAS is after Long Christmas and Wizard would be fall in season 3 and they had known each other then for “25 months and 2 weeks.” Although I was watching the First Time last night and that is set in Oct, Halloween is at the end of the month. I know it aired early in Oct. But 25 months and 2 weeks would make it near Thanksgiving (late Nov) Maybe even pushing December. Time in SMK land is magic too, I think. No one drinks wine in an outdoor café in Washington DC in late Nov or Dec.


  13. Melissa Robertson

    One thing I like about this episode is Amanda’s cheekiness about Randy Baby. I love how she makes Lee edgy 🙂

    My husband noticed the different car (we had a cutlass once and he noticed the make? meant nothing to me) and paused it to see the name on the inside door either in this ep or Spiderweb (the things we do to keep our husbands interested). This scene in Lee’s apartment had my husband chuckling and he pointed out to me that he thought that Lee and Amanda really cared about each other, but that it seemed that Lee thought he needed the Randy Babies still in his life!


    • I love it when we hear about husband’s reactions. I wonder what a post about that would turn up. Of course I would have to make mine sit down with me a watch… do I want to do that?


      • I’m not sure I could even get my husband to sit down and watch an episode, much less talk about it!


        • hiya Bjo!!! well.. I am not married so I can’t say.. but I can say – I think it would spoil half the fun for me!!! 😉 ahem..

          At the same time, I am always thrilled and fascinated to hear what men think of smk!!!

          Loved Cindy’s story of her run in with Lester the duck and how it impacted her relationship with her future husband!!! [If you haven’t read it go check it out at that episode.. thanks for sharing Cindy!!]


          • I would so love the hear my husband’s take on Lee and the relationship. I just don’t think my husband would sit long enough or try to engage in it to really say anything worth repeating on the blog.

            And after almost 14 years of marriage if my husband feels threatened by a 30 year old fictional tv character, I’ve got big problems!! Besides, I happen to know that his favorite angel was Jaclyn Smith, so we’re even!


            • I tend not to watch important TV shows with my dear husband because he wants to analyse personalities and behaviours of the characters WHiLE the show is on while I prefer to watch the show once through without any interruptions.


              • My hubby watches with me occasionally now, and when the show first aired here we were engaged/married. He never comments on the relationship except to remind me that *these are just fictional characters.* LOL
                He does enjoy critiquing the action sequences, though. “That’s a four-stroke engine on that bike, but it sounds like a two-stroke.” “There’s no way he can hit that (insert object here) with that gun from that distance.” “There’s no way he can hang on to that (insert object here) for that long.” “That (insert large object here) would kill somebody if it hit them in the head. No way they could still get up and walk/fight.” LOL

                Still, my early memories of SMK involve being cuddled on the couch and watching together. 🙂


            • Oh dear, I just opened a can, no a bucket of worms! Asked my husband who his favorite angel was and got a 10 minute dissertation on Jaclyn Smiths’ beauty and Stephanie Powers as the hottest of all female leads in the old days. And now he’s going on about Stana Katic from Castle. Hee hee, he’s still extolling their allure while I write this. Okay, just to derail him, I asked what his favorite car was and got the reply Aston Martin; why, because it is beautiful and fast. Like his women?!? Love the hubbie! If I can dream so can he! Oh and he will watch SMK sometimes when I have the headphones on and he can’t hear the sound. What is he looking at? The lovely growing relationship between Lee and Amanda? Naaaaw, it’s the car chases and wreaks that tickle his funny bone. Guys, gotta love ’em!


  14. Oh this episode is getting all Rear Window-esq. So there’s no watching through building windows but there are parrallels in the fact that a murder is suspected of being committed but no body or evidence to be found. Ok comparing SMK to Hitchcock is a leap but its what popped into my mind when I started reading LOL
    I am going out on a limb here…….it isn’t so much the hair that bothers me. I kinda like the hair. It’s the EARRINGS *cue dastardly music* they are just soooooo fugly, too big, too gaudy and Amanda is anything but gaudy.
    I am not sure sure Randi is a player in the same sense Lee is. If she was just taking Lee for what she could get I am not sure she would be feeling quite so threatened by Amanda being there, it would all be part of the same game. Randi is jealous hence the thin ice comment, ooh Lee worried she might be interested in a little more than casual dating?!
    I am going to have to watch this episode before I can judge whether Amanda is playing with Lee. Just looking at the still pics of Amanda’s face she’s smiling but it doesnt reach her eyes which would suggest its actually a bit fake.
    I agree that Lee is totally embarrassed. It’s like Amanda has discovered a dirty little secret (much like how I would be if people in real life knew how obsessed with SMK I actually am LOL). I am not sure he is comfortable discussing it with Amanda for fear of her judgment, is he worried she will have a lower opinion of him now she has seen his dating habits in the flesh so to speak? Oh the intrigue and we haven’t even got to investigating the murder yet 😉


    • You may have a point there about the hair and the earrings, Jenbo. I think in Burnout, where Amanda’s earrings are not so fugly, the hair doesn’t look as bad as it does here. I still don’t like the hair nearly as much as when it’s longer, but those earrings and outfit just make it worse!

      I sent you a PM over on the forum, did you see it? If you’re just ignoring it, I get it – no worries and no reply needed if you are and want to continue to ignore 🙂 – but just thought I’d ask in case you hadn’t seen it.


      • Didn’t realise I had a MSG, have replied 😉
        I watched the whole episode today and later Amanda isn’t wearing any fugly earrings and her hair doesn’t look too bad. It’s better than it being really frizzy like it was in some episodes in S1!


      • Um MSG?! No iPad I don’t mean monosodium glutamate!!!! Autocorrect fail! That will teach me to abbreviate into text speak.
        Anyway going back to the scene with the ice bucket, I have to say Amanda really shoves it back at Lee which would suggest some level of annoyance to me but Lee doesn’t notice as he’s too preoccupied with his sticky label 😉


        • LOL!!! Figured out you meant message! 😉 Just sent a reply. Ack! I am getting nothing accomplished today except SMK! And I agree with the frizzy hair. There are also a couple of horrible ones in S4 that I think are just as unattractive as this one – maybe more so!


  15. Okay, don’t like the beginning sequence much..definitely not fond of the hair-don’t and the jacket and blouse are what people typically wore then. I remember pulling collars up as part of our style back then. The 80s were not good to us fashion wise.

    That Tuggy bothers me. He was a bit annoying and condescending. On to Lee’s apartment. I have often wondered about Lee’s various apartments and thought that maybe he kept more than one being a spy and all. Maybe different apartments for different personas. I wonder which one was the astronaut apartment….

    I’ve wondered about the apartments because of a statement Lee makes to Amanda in Season 4’s Need to Know when they are cleaning out his closets. He says that some of the stuff has been buried in the closet for years. Maybe he didn’t remember where the ice bucket was because he hadn’t stayed there in a while. Just a supposition on my part.

    I like how Amanda reels Lee in when she asks if he it trying to impress this Randy person. Lee gets so flustered and doesn’t really know how to respond…”possibly” is not very definitive. I think he was concerned as to what Amanda’s reaction would be to his answer. The fact that he even bought cheap champagne says this was no big deal to him.

    I don’t know if anyone caught it, but he doesn’t get the price tag off quickly enough and turns the bottle so that Randy can’t see it. Going off topic for a second, I’ll just bet that Randi spells her name with an i instead of a y, don’t you? I do appreciate how Lee doesn’t just brush Amanda off. Of course, she’s not intruding, nothing has happened as of yet. She would be intruding if Randi were already there.

    I think Lee was trying to distract Randi when he told her she was gorgeous. I think he thought that might make her forget about Amanda being there.

    It’s interesting that Lee gets so hesitant in talking to Amanda about Randi when he was so open about Eva with her. He was able to open up and talk with her because they were still in that friendship zone. Now their relationship has changed so much that he is uncomfortable with that kind of discussion.

    I love how cool Amanda is in this whole situation, and a bit sneaky. I think she purposely said what she did when she left. She says Randi’s name, which would cause her to wonder how this woman knows her name and then to comment on the wine indicates she’s shared wine with Lee before. I think Amanda knew perfectly well what she was doing. She was probably thinking…”Yes, you’ll like the wine cause it’s cheap, just like you.” That was mean, but what can I say?


    • Astronaut apartment, ROFL!!! Too funny. What a theory! His comment in S4 would make one wonder about that. Although I suspect it was just another continuity error. “Yes, you’ll like the wine cause it’s cheap, just like you.” ROFL again!!! Hey, the truth hurts, don’t it!


    • Agree that he can’t really care too much about impressing Randi with such cheap champagne…Lee is usually such a wine snob and in the very next episode (or previous based on hair order) he is trying to one up his uncle with his wine knowledge.


      • Hey Barb, thanks for commenting about this – so fun to be reminded of Randi and Lee’s lack of enthusiasm haaaa! 🙂
        lol yes true re the wine knowledge 🙂
        ‘hair order’? I love it!


  16. Ok, Iwsod, you’re rally going to have to rally my spirits to make it to the good stuff in these hair don’t episodes cuz I really hate this hair cut! If KJ ever finishes writing that book of hers, I hope she explains it. I would really love to know just why the powers that be thought it was a good idea to make her hair look so fugly!

    This is not one of my favorite episodes – not just because of the hair don’t, but because of the baddie – Rita. I think I like her less than evil Ava. At least Ava was pretty. I do love one of Lee’s lines to Rita – but I won’t say which one until we get there (but I think you know the one….).

    In that first picture of Amanda driving, not only are we forced to look at her hair and earrings, but what is up with that blue puffy jacket and that humongous white collar??? Do you think they could have made her look any less attractive?

    Anyone else out there think that Chris Gellis is cute???

    I’ve got to admit, Iwsod, I never think of MOGold when I see the scene where Amanda’s watches the guy get shot. Sorry! I do think of FRaul though – ugh! That picture where we get to see Amanda and ALL of the blue coat….as she told Francine in FRaul, that coat makes her look “so big!”

    When did we see Lee’s apartment last….well, it was supposed to be ARS based on your posting order, but I’m thinking it was IANNNHIEBAS?

    Lee and his ice bucket….you know, for some reason, I always thought that he found ladies undies in the ice bucket, I don’t know why. It looks too skimpy to be a tie or a sock.

    OMG, damn Amazon or WB for taking SMK off Prime…I can’t go watch this episode! Good for Amanda for asking for Lee’s help even though it’s obvious he’s expecting some fun time with Randi. I agree that Lee is acting like he does not want Amanda and Randi to cross paths….he doesn’t want Amanda to see this side of him!

    The whole bit of Lee’s saying there’s really no case seems dumb to me. Sort of like in the Mr. Brand episode (another favorite of mine – not!) where he makes some crazy comment about jaywalkers being fair game…what? Last I heard jaywalking was not an excuse for someone to get run over by a car!

    And what does he mean she didn’t intrude? Oh, yes she did! But if he says she didn’t, then does that mean it’s okay that Amanda came over to tell him all about this incident at night after work even though he’s expecting Randi-ba- oh whatever…. ? Maybe he is getting the hang of a true friendship and how important her friendship is to him and that he wants to be good at it?

    He is soo having a hard time looking her in the eye! I think he is embarrassed by her seeing him getting ready to entertain a lady friend with such cheap champagne. He does not have honorable intentions in mind. And I think he knows that she knows that. I think that Amanda’s intrusion, oh wait she’s not intruding, Amanda’s appearance might just make him enjoy his evening a little less perhaps? Might he be developing a conscience about his playboy behavior? Not sure it’s about his growing feelings for Amanda so much as it is about his feelings about his own behavior.

    I never noticed Amanda’s cheeky behavior here, Iwsod! But you’re right, when you slow things down it’s easy to see things you didn’t notice before. Or read into things too – I notice I’ve done that when doing the stats posts. Not that I think you’re doing that here. I think I agree with you on this!

    And I would have done the Randy role for free too! Heck, I’d even have made a donation to someone’s favorite charity! It is funny that Randy seems threatened by Amanda with her hair, earrings and blue coat. LOL!!!

    Well, I’ve really gone on and on! Sorry about that! There was just so much to comment on!


    • I’m with you BJo on the Amazon Prime. Not sure what happened there. Just had to order the DVD’s. Can’t give up watching now.


    • Please Bjo- rant away! I was loving it!!! 🙂 you gave me feedback on heaps of things I covered – cool! 🙂

      LOL yes when slowing things down it is indeed possible to take things out of their context.. I have no doubt if I fall into that someone will put me straight 🙂

      Yes LOL.. even with the big fashion don’t Amanda is a threat! 🙂

      I don’t remember the jaywalkers remark – ouch!!!! that sounds terrible!

      Hang in there BJo, these short haired eps still have lots to offer – I am just going to try to not think too much on the awful hair, earrings, jacket, collar!! Or I feel like I will miss out on what there is to offer here.. and there is lots! Still.. I thought we could get our feelings about the hair don’t out there- tee hee.. it’s good therapy!!!
      Let’s do a word association game!
      Short- ?
      tee heee.. you get my meaning? 😉

      Your suggestion of why Lee can’t look Amanda in the eye Bjo? I’d go with both reasons.. I think you are right, Lee is becoming conscious of the type of relationships he has been having the last few years.. and he is starting to see that it is not an authentic way for him to live.. slowly… I feel he started asking himself these kinds of questions from Ship of Spies on – that was the big – whoa?? what’s going on? do I want this? what do I want? And yes, he is also not comfortable with Amanda seeing this part of his life: which would bring on a whole other bunch of questions he doesn’t want to really be asking himself – LOL he probably finished the bottle off all by himself!

      The script says it is socks in the ice bucket.. but I thought it could be a folded tie or a sock..so I didn’t identify it! but… I am pretty sure it is not underwear!

      Morley thank you!!!! I had lots of fun with this post!! I am glad you had fun with it too!! Hey the agreement is mutual – I was saying YES!!!!! to myself the whole time I was reading your comments! 🙂 haaa

      Especially loved this: “He is trying to be his old playboy self and failing (I think). But Amanda didn’t expect anything different from him, she doesn’t really know how he is changing, does she?”
      Great description – I agree he’s failing.. the old routine is starting to not feel right! But also, what a great question Morley – does Amanda realise he is changing? I agree with you, that Amanda doesn’t realise Lee is changing – at least not when it comes to women. I am thinking of a moment where POW! It hits her he has changed and she is shocked by it. but.. we’ll get to it! I do think Amanda must see Lee is changing in other ways though – you know being more trusting etc. especially when you compare the way he is now to the way he was to start with.. and they are partners now also – so there is that too.. but so glad you raised this – I hadn’t thought much about it!

      Also Morley loved this too: “After that kiss at the door he is left wanting – but I suspect that Lee is rather aware that the “more” he is thinking about is not going to come from Barbie. I think that kiss with Randi left him a bit cold, especially because the object of the last kiss that left him speechless just walked out his door. I wonder if Lee could have pulled off his “distraction” more successfully if Amanda hadn’t shown up that night?” Genius!!!! 🙂 he really was left wanting more – I love it!!!! and tying it back to his mind blowing kiss with Amanda?? I really love it!!!! Yes! I’ll go with Lee being more at ease with his self-deception here if Amanda hadn’t shown up!

      What did Lee think of Amanda’s hair? I like to think this is 80s hair, and it didn’t bother Lee one bit – because he knows her so well now and to be honest she is still gorgeous (when I don’t focus on the hair and earrings) KJ is still a very pretty lady.. there is no way a bad haircut can ruin that! – don’t get me wrong though- I hate her hair! 🙂

      Oh hey is there anyone who likes it?? seriously I’d love to know.. because we like different things.. so forgive the moaning over her hair.. but if you like it feel free to share!!

      I mean it was the fashion of the time no?? Joan Collins?? Maybe at the time, the tv magazines were all raving about Amanda’s new hair-DO!!!!! and that it was the way to catch your man or something! LOL!
      Okay well I must go.. whooo I see Valerie just replied – HI Valerie I’ll get back to respond to you soon! gotta head off byeeeeeee


      • You are right Iwsod, I do think Amanda knows Lee is changing in many areas, but I don’t think she knows he is changing in this area, yet. I don’t think she even lets herself go there (much) right now. And think she may do better when she expects nothing to change in this area of his life.


      • Short – hair!
        Ugly – earrings!
        Biiiig – jacket!
        Hahahaha! I can’t get past it!!!! Looking forward to a new scene with a new outfit and hopefully new earrings!

        Yes, I see that Lee’s ship is a little lost at sea here…pun intended! His two worlds are colliding in this episode and it is making him uneasy in his own skin. What does he want indeed!?! ? I’m thinking he might’ve had to dump the champagne and get out the good stuff! It is very difficult to reconcile when your two worlds overlap, especially unexpectedly…at least for me anyway – I like things to be settled not jumbled up and feeling like I’m not walking on solid ground – I’m picturing the scene in Star Wars Return of the Jedi when the ewoks roll the logs down a hill and that two-legged thing gets it’s legs all messed up and falls over. I digress…sorry – not exactly the same thing here, but, well you know…

        And I agree with you and Morley – I don’t think Amanda thinks he is changing. This whole scene with Randi and the cheap champagne confirms it. Maybe that’s why she can’t help but get in the dig about the “wine” to Randi – that’s her subtle way of telling Lee she doesn’t approve of what she’s seeing.

        Joan Collins! ROFL! And I even sort of liked Dynasty back then. Maybe Amanda was trying to imitate her hair! Hahahaha! I just googled Joan Collins images from 1985 and got pics of her but of many celebrities then. I’m just speechless. Thank God those fashion are gone! The high fashion pictures from then make Francine look good! I was going to insert a picture here, but I just can’t do it….

        Yes, Morley, I think Amanda does do better when she expects nothing to change in this area of Lee’s life. Like Iwsod said in Weekend – she’s put the idea of Lee as anything other than co-worker out of her mind.


    • I thought he was pulling undies out of the ice bucket as well. I’m happy to make it a sock or tie instead.


      • I have to say I am a bit ewwwww at the thought of him pulling underwear out of the ice bucket and then using it :/
        Having watched it today I don’t think it was a pair of knickers, it was quite flat and oblong so I am going with a tie as that doesn’t have an ick factor 😉


        • I don’t know you guys….we were supposed to get a bra in ARS, right? Why not the matching panties here? 😉


          • Arg! But in my SMK mind that was Amanda’s bra (remember the underwire?) There is no way I could make those panties hers. Sticking my fingers in my ears, squeezing my eyes shut and humming loudly…


    • Chris Geller is adorable! I’m pretty sure he’s also the same agent who was on outside the house on Fearless Dotty, but I can’t find a listing for either actor on IMDB.


  17. One other little comment… I think this episode may be going a bit further than poking fun at the type of women Lee was used to being with. I think it may be digging at the whole foundation and pretext of the type of relationships Lee had in a very stark way. It is something to look at as the plot and subplot of this episode unfolds.


  18. Iwsod, you had some great lines!! “I love that Lee doesn’t know where the ice bucket is.” Yes! me too. No I don’t think you are reading too much into it, go for it, I love it. And this one, “Step up things a notch in the distractions department” Oh, go for it Lee, try your best, ha ha.

    I think Amanda is freaking out here too, the murder, no one believes her, her hair cut, showing up when Lee is preparing to “entertain.” But this conversation that she has with Lee calms her and, actually, she seems to become our “good ole Amanda” again, almost like this encounter with Lee at this time wakes her up to reality.

    “Amanda seems to have remembered what she interrupted. Funny… Lee seems to have forgotten!” YES

    Amanda goes into platonic friendship mode and from here on she seems cool as a cucumber. It is Lee that seems discomfited. I wonder if he would have handled her presence better if Amanda had shown some jealousy. He is trying to be his old playboy self and failing (I think). But Amanda didn’t expect anything different from him, she doesn’t really know how he is changing, does she?

    After that kiss at the door he is left wanting – but I suspect that Lee is rather aware that the “more” he is thinking about is not going to come from Barbie. I think that kiss with Randi left him a bit cold, especially because the object of the last kiss that left him speechless just walked out his door. I wonder if Lee could have pulled off his “distraction” more successfully if Amanda hadn’t shown up that night?

    I also wonder what Lee thought of Amanda’s hair cut? I like to think that this isn’t his first time seeing it and he was used to it even if we weren’t?


    • Hahaha, Morley! I do wonder what Lee thought of the hair cut. Oh wait, what about Francine??? I bet the writers could have come up with a good zinger from Francine!


      • BJo, I just tried to respond to you here and I started typing into your post. How the heck did that happen?
        I wanted to say, nothing like a bad haircut or other mistake in changing the way you look to highlight what it is that people really like about you. Beauty is more than skin deep, and I think there are “certain” people in Amanda’s life that are just learning to understand what that really means…


        • That is weird! No idea how that happened!

          And you must be right with what you say here…only a true “friend” would stay with you even with a haircut and outfit like that! There are so many doozies of hair and outfits for both Lee and Amanda throughout the series, that we can truly accept their relationship as a very deep connecting one, not just based on looks. They do not always look beautiful – no, not even Lee – dare I say that!


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