2/2 SMK Stats: Sudden Death

Hello again!  On to Sudden Death stats part 2….more dimples and some really really good saving….  Let’s not forget those Amandarambles!   Let me know if I’ve missed anything – I just may have trying to keep track of all those dimples Confused smile!  Enjoy!



 No, not this time.  But you know, I’m not minding so much because we get lots of, yup, you guessed it!  Dimples!  Open-mouthed smile



 Another Amanda Band free episode.  Thumbs up



 l saves a 1

After spending the night in the bookie joint in straightjackets, Lee and Amanda need to get out of there to save Bela…

l saves a 2





Just look at our Scarecrow go!  Taking the baddie out with his hands tied behind his back, err, well you know what I mean!

l saves a 3

Too bad Mr. Crandall couldn’t see you stick ‘em with your face!  Hahaha!  What is up with this picture?  Both Lee and the baddie’s legs look a little see through, don’t you think???

l saves a 5

To make the save complete, Lee just needs to convince the vending machine guy to unfasten their straightjackets.  Try saying, “We’ve got to stop this Lichtenstinian assassination attempt” three times fast!



This is perhaps one of the best saves of the series???  It may have been Lee’s idea, but it is Amanda who makes it all possible!!  tee hee….

touch 3

A:  Is there anything else I can do?

touch 4

Coach Leopold:  Newcombe?

What a face!  Anyone out there thinking Lee’s in a little bit of a panic because he can’t believe he’s about to do what he’s about to do? 

touch 5

L:  Yeah, this.

What a face!  Anyone out there NOT thinking Amanda’s in a little bit of a panic because she can’t believe Lee’s about to do what he’s about to do?   tee hee hee….

touch 6

A:  Mmmmm.  Or however you spell that noise she is making! 

touch 7

Now Amanda is touching his arm.  Boy, for as panicked as she looked, she is starting to get into it!

touch 8

Get ready for the line….

touch 9

L:  Don’t…

touch 10

L:  move.

touch 11

Back for more!  What a face!  Anyone out there thinking the coach is thinking I can’t believe this guy!  Neckin’ with that reporter!

touch 12

Lee is really prolonging this kiss if you ask me….

touch 13

Coach Leopold:  Excuse me, Mr. Newcombe! 

touch 14

Wow!  That lasted 5 seconds!  Well, 4.98, but this isn’t the kissing Olympics.  Winking smile  Time to play guess what Lee’s thinking….


A:  Uh oh, I’ve done it now!

B:  Holy heck!  What the hell just happened?

C:  Who knew housewives could kiss like that!  I better check the bushes for my socks….

D:  I really hope she doesn’t slap me!

E:  This was all part of our covers – nothing more to it.

F:  B, C and E

G:  Other – but you have to share in the comments section!!!


touch 15

What does this look say?  I think she’s in shock – maybe she ought to check the bushes for her socks too.  Surprised smile

touch 16

Or this look?  Now we get to play with Amanda!  What do you think she’s thinking?

A:  Nothing.  Her brain has been incapacitated….

B:  Secret agent fantasy #67, check!

C:  Ahem, wow….I now see why he’s so popular with the steno pool.

D:  If only Dean could kiss like that….

E:  Dean who?

F:  Other  – must share in comments!



Hooray!  Our first Lee wink! 

wink 1

L:  I hope you got all you came for, Mrs. King.

wink 2

L: Interview-wise.

wink 5

What a rascal!



ramble 1




A:  Oh, no no no, not me!




ramble 2





I like all men.





ramble 3



.I mean, well, I don’t like ALL men.







ramble 4



I don’t know ALL men.




ramble 5

I mean, but I probably don’t even know 20 percent of the men in the…

ramble 6

How do you, uh, like America?

Nice finish!  ROFL!!





This next ramble is probably my least favorite ramble of Amanda’s.  Lee’s looks at the beginning and end are what make it noteworthy!

ramble 7

A:  Look I’m here now aren’t, I? I was listening to the cassette. I was trying to remember everything from the training manual. Look it only makes sense that if I’m baking a chocolate cake and someone sticks his finger in the cake and I want to find out who it is I keep my eye on the cake. Even though I pretend that I’m not looking at the cake I never take my eye off the cake…

Anyone else out there think it’s odd how she says cassette?  Ca – sette.  I say cass – ette.  What about you?

ramble 8

Oh God, here she goes again….why me?  Lee is now resorting to prayer to get her to shut up!  Winking smile


Lee in plaid

No plaid again!  What is going on?  We  haven’t even gotten to the episode where he says he hates plaid!  Don’t worry though…I’ve added dimples to this post too! 


Gratuitous Dimple shots

 dimple 3

L:  Apprentice agent.  A:  Purist.

dimple 4

Coach Leopold:  Enjoy your work, do you?  A:  Yes, very much.

Lee looks a little smug here to me….guess he’s back to thinking Amanda is the only one who needs to go on a sock hunt.


dimple 15

L:  I can imagine.  The poor guy. 

Lee is talking to Francine.  She said something before this…it’s completely irrelevant if you ask me.  Lee’s not even looking at her anymore.

dimple 16

There is too a dimple in this picture!  I just haven’t found it yet.   Somethin’ about those eyes….

dimple 17

One of my all time favorites!  Such a sweet look on Lee’s face!  Anyone care to share what they think he’s thinking here?

dimple 18

A:  To a heck of a good reporter. Best wishes, Sandy Newcombe.

dimple 19

Uncle Iggy?  Now if that doesn’t want to make you become a ‘normal’ person, Lee Stetson, I don’t know what will!  Winking smile

dimple 20

Left Dimple!!!  That’s extra points, Raffie!

dimple 21

And another! 





Let’s recap…

Tuxedos –  0

Amanda Bands – 0

Lee saves Amanda – 1

Amanda saves Lee – 1

Lee Winks – 1

Amandarambles – 2

Lee in Plaid –  0



.Oh, such a fun episode!  I’m not sure it would be in my top 10, but is definitely nearer to the top than most.  Thanks again for reading and commenting – I hope you LOL’d  and/or sighed at least once!  Here is the link to iwsod’s first post on Sudden Death.   Up next is Always Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth.

15 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: Sudden Death

  1. Lee’s thinking B and F: What the hell just happened? Forget the damn socks; she just knocked me to a place I’ve never been before !?!?
    Amanda’s thinking Valerie’s F and BJo’s E: Oh my gosh! Dean, who?

    For me, it’s the picture of Lee holding his champagne and looking at Dotty. BB & BG were such good friends IRL, I cherish the precious and few moments they’re on screen together!


  2. Okay – first of all – one of my favourite episodes! Loved Lee as Sandy Newcombe!
    Lee’s thought after the kiss : G
    ‘Where did Amanda learn to do THAT!?’
    Amanda’s thought after the kiss : F
    First picture : ‘I can’t believe I just did THAT…’
    Second picture : ‘To Lee!’
    And I ADORE the look Lee gives when Amanda says she enjoys her work very much! ROFLMAO! Hottttttt!!!!!!

    As always there really are no words for the multitude of dimple shots!
    Or leg shots!
    Or shorts shots! (I count those as separate things to the leg shots as my attention seems to be drawn elsewhere 😮 )

    In the bookies office when Amanda is still asleep on the couch – looks like she has Lee’s jacket over her legs. Either the bookies are very nice and covered her up before they left, or Lee really is very good with his mouth…what? Was I just saying something? I can’t remember now! LOL!

    Great job as always!


  3. Hi Bjo!! I’ve loved your revisiting of Sudden Death – what a fabulously funny, and clever episode!!!

    Wow!!! such clear gorgeous pics of the kiss!!!! well done!! You can actually see Lee’s mouth move as he growls don’t move! I’ve never seen that before! 🙂

    Congats on the first Lee wink! It was worth the wait!!! Funny that Lee ended up kissing Amanda before he had ever winked at her 😉

    Yes that kiss went on waaaaay longer than was necessary! The moment the coach yelled at Lee err I mean Sandy- he could have pulled away but noooooo he made it extra ‘convincing’ 😉

    I’d also like to point out Lee closes his eyes – errr the coach can’t see his eyes! 😉 There was no need to!!

    Amanda looks so pretty in your pics Bjo- thank you!!

    Sooo what was Amanda thinking about the kiss?
    Well.. I loved option B- too funny! well done BJo! Ditto for C.. oh and Ditto for D! haaaaa!! A and E were great! LOL.. okay they were all funny! 🙂
    I’m going with Amanda thinking: hmm.. I wonder if Dean kisses like that? (ha!) I bet Mr bookends doesn’t!!!

    Such a shame Lee’s hair is heading into that Dorothy Hamill phase when he is all cheeky at the window here!

    Whooo you can see BB’s stigmatism in that pic where Lee is busted by the two goons and has to hand over his guns.. interesting!

    Great pic of Lee about to wake Amanda! That tiny smile of his lasts a split second! It’s almost like he won’t let himself think about her.. I think he has already put the kiss behind him – he’s probably thinking – wow.. she’s cuter when she isn’t jabbering on about putting fingers in chocolate cake.. so Amanda can be quiet- while she sleeps!!! *Lee gives her a nudge* Amanda, still asleep calls out ‘Moooootherrr!’ – Lee thinks: I was wrong!!! she’s still not quiet- even when she’s asleep!!! argh!! This woman is crazy.. and err kinda likeable! 😉

    I don’t know if I’d put this ep in my top ten either Bjo but it is signficant as their first (cover) kiss – so it’s a milestone.. and it’s a good episode.. the sunday supplement is one of my all time favourites!!! but Amanda being hampered by KJ’s food injury in this episode means she is much more static than she usually is and gives this ep a slightly different vibe – or Amanda always has her back to camera when running! LOL!!!

    Oh and the pics of Amanda sitting on the bench: you can see her foot cast really well with your lovely clear pics! 🙂

    Bjo I hope you had lots of fun writing this- because it’s lots of fun reading it!!


    • BB’s stigmatism…….is that the pic where he’s looking (as we say down my way) slightly boss eyed?!!!!!
      I’ve had to google Dorothy Hamill as I’d never heard of her LOL I wonder is she has a brother called Mark……..LOL


    • Hiya Iwsod! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the post – I did have fun writing it! I have much more fun writing these posts than I thought I would! I also think it helps that we must share a similar sense of humor!

      I’m glad you liked the clear pictures…is that your way of suggesting I should go the Prime route versus the DVD’s??? 😉

      I agree – Amanda’s hair looked really pretty in this episode. Such a contrast from the hair don’t in your first installment of ALSALS! Bleck! Even when she’s sleeping in that straightjacket her hair looks 1,000 times better!

      Part of me thinks that cute little dimple look on Lee’s face is that he’s anticipating a funny wake-up from Amanda.

      I love that picture of Lee, even though he has a stigmatism – does a stigmatism mean that one eye ball is smaller than the other eyeball? I’m surprised he hasn’t lost a contact yet….Hahaha! 🙂 I think he is at his most handsome when he is super serious in that picture. I don’t even care that he’s got the Dorothy Hamill hair going on. In fact I never even noticed it! I love the dimples, but I’ll take his Estee Lauder serious look (seriously handsome!) any time! So smokin’ as Valerie would say….

      Jenbo – a tally for the number of dimples, huh? I’m flattered that you think I have the ability to get pictures of those dimples, then write about them and then count them….but alas, I am not!! In fact your comment now has me dreaming up pictures of Lee in a sailor outfit….I’ll have to go back to The First Time and check him out again in his pirate outfit….swoon…another serious Lee face….

      Yay, Valerie! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it odd how KJ says cassette! And I agree totally with your cute nose comment!!


      • Bjo- very quickly.. being on the move at the moment my email is a little awkward.. Bjo did you get the email I sent you about the pics on prime?? Now I’m worrying you didn’t get it!

        I think you’ve got to do what works for you – is something feels like too much work for you – then that is going to reduce your fun – and that’s not good!! 🙂 First priority is fun!!! smk fun!!! 🙂

        I’ll love your posts whatever you do Bjo 🙂
        Email me back when you can if you got it!
        Okay, gotta run byeee!


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Does Lee wear any tuxes in seasons 3 & 4? None come to mind and I know it’s way ahead of here, just curious 🙂


    • Hi Melissa R.. he sure does!!! without thinking incredibly hard- I can remember Lee wears one in Amanda’s hallucination in Nightcrawler (I love that the two times Amanda hallucinates Lee he is wearing a tux! ) and.. he wears one in Any Number can play – you can see a pic of it in the tuxedo header I have.. I’ll put that one up so you can see!
      Hi everyone! hope you are all well! sorry I’ve been absent..but life should be back to normal for well.. at least the next two weeks! Working on ALSALS now and should be up very soon -Brace yourselves for the hair don’t!!
      I want to check out Bjo’s posts and Cindy’s first though – Byeee!


  5. Oh yes Lee is totally looking at Amanda asleep and thinking how cute she is 😉
    I think Lee is thinking option G: Wow. that was better than I expected. When can I try that again? No wait, I am not supposed to fancy her. I should be thinking “Amandaaaaaa will you please just shut up”.

    I reckon Amanda too is thinking oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he kissed me, he just kissed me…..

    I am totally impressed with Lee’s ability to smooch and speak at the same time 🙂

    Why don’t we have a tally for the number of dimples or is it one of those things where you can’t actually count them as you get distrac…….oh hello sailor *toally loses train of thought*


    • Rofl Jenbo!! Lee’s dimples and counting?!!! That’s asking too

      Loved your point about Lee talking and kissing
      at the same time!! I’ve come to the conclusion
      that watching Lee and Amanda kiss and listening: is asking
      too much (at least for me!) 😉

      Hope this works ok typing on my phone- I’m looking
      I think Lee was so in denial at this point he very quickly put it out of his mind! But.. A little seed has been planted!
      He has just crossed a line: and now know something about Amanda he didn’t know before, and really wishes he didn’t know- he enjoyed kissing her?!!!!!!! Argh!!!!

      Valerie- good call – cute nose!;)


  6. I, too think it’s weird how she says cassette…After the kiss I think Lee is thinking A and B, but mostly B. He didn’t expect to feel anything and is surprised that he does. I think Amanda thought F…OH MY GOSH!! Lee’s look in the straightjacket is that he probably flashing back to the kiss and thinking that Amanda is cute, especially her nose. That BB and his looks and his dimples….so smokin’…..


  7. What is Lee thinking…F with a little A and D thrown in for good measure ( I think he should probably get used to such a quick progression of thoughts racing through his carefully compartmentalized mind, it is going to become routine for him until he gets out of the river called “De Nile”)
    For Amanda… I like A, but I wonder how well she actually slept that night 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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