4/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

On to the Senator’s office.. where’s he’s being confronted by a reporter named Sachs. Seems Gelles was planning on telling Sachs all about something big (ie. the call girl business).
Sachs is pretty aggressive with the Senator – he seems to be almost accusing him of making Gelles disappear – when in reality, I think the Senator did care about Gelles. He’d known him for five years! The pressure keeps on piling up on him! He isn’t blameless but he is part victim, part bystander.. and okay he is complicit I suppose.. but Rita is the real baddie here.. I wish Sachs was getting stuck into her!  I’m surprised Rita didn’t try and frame the Senator for the murder!
Ahhh speak of the devil (get it??) look who’s waiting in the Senator’s waiting room.. evil Rita! and Oh my gosh.. she is wearing practically the same outfit Amanda was just wearing!! This is too much!!  was it two for one sale day or something? (on white tops and haircuts?!)
Rita stirs the pot with Sachs, she can’t just sit there and stay out of it.. she’s got to get a dig in.. she truly is one nasty piece of work!
Rita:  Angling for stories, Sachs?
At this- we get a close up of Sachs!
Wowwww!!!Whyyyyyy it’s Grease Lightning!!!!!!!! doody does grease lightnin
Ohhh grease lightning!!! yeahh!!!.. this guy (Barry Pearl) played Doody in Grease!!! He’s the second on the left.. [sorry this is the best I’ve got! ] I wonder what car Sachs drives.. Jenbo- you a Grease Lightning fan??? A song about cars?? well.. sorta! anyway.. I digress..
Sachs: Just doing my job. When a man like Chris Gelles is killed, it tends to make a columnist at least curious. A lot of things make me curious Rita…
…I know you’re a great lobbyist but how did you get that farm bill killed last week. You never should have been able to get those swing votes.
[It’s obvious isn’t it Sachs! She’s naaaaasty!!]
Rita silently stands making Sachs wait for her answer.
Rita: You know, You should never underestimate women.
[true! they can be just as evil and naaasty as men!]
Sachs: hmm well maybe we should trade secrets.
[Don’t Sachs you might catch something off her Winking smile ]
Rita shakes her head:
I never kiss and tell.
Sachs: ha!  There’s always a first time.
[yeah.. kiss my ALSALS.avi_001255422a- ..err butt Rita!] Sachs leaves before he catches something off Rita.. and who should he run into at the door? Lee!!

ALSALS.avi_001260427Lee finds Rita giving him the eye.. ohhhhh Gag!! Rita already made my skin crawl- before I had to watch her make goo goo eyes at Lee.. we all know she’s just trying to turn Lee into one of those ‘little boys’ she thinks woman can turn men into.. gag!!! You know.. this is another example of ‘playing the game’ – Rita is looking for something different from men than what Lee has been getting from women – but she is also superficial! I wonder about this.. Hmmm I’ll bring this up later! My thoughts on this are not fully formed and I’d rather see how things pan out – [I don’t remember details of this episode- I write as I watch it!]  It’s interesting to watch Rita play the game with Lee here.. and well.. Lee plays along too.. [not that I think he is remotely interested- I ALSALS.avi_001261428don’t! at this stage he goes for blonde blondes blondes! What do you all think?? feel free to disagree!  I think he is just working it for his job.. yeah that must be it.. ] anyway.. Rita gives him a ‘Hi’ – and turns and walks into the senator’s office without another word.. yeah Rita.. leave Lee wanting more.. uh huh..

ALSALS.avi_001266433Love how the moment Rita is gone Lee’s ‘interest’ in her is completely forgotten- whereas with Amanda? Lee likes to watch her leave Smile  Smile BTW- this little moment between Lee and Rita?? not in the script at all!
On to Rita’s meeting with the Senator…
ALSALS.avi_001274441Hoffmeir: This whole thing with Chris Gelles is just terrible. You know, he was aware of my indiscretions…
ALSALS.avi_001298465Hoffmeir hints that maybe Rita had something to do with it.. without actually saying it… but Rita says she’s as upset about Gelles’ death as he is.. and she’s upset at the terrible crime rates in Washington DC! [snake! She’s been busy adding to those rates!! 😉 ]
… what do you call blackmail?
takes a moment to answer: I call it insurance.
ALSALS.avi_001312479[What a lovely evil smile she gives] …Now, Can I still count on your vote for the defence bill on the floor tomorrow?
Senator Hoffmeir doesn’t want to go along.. but.. a few more threats and Rita has this little boy right where she wants her..
Rita:Now,  there are always compromises to be made. That’s what politics is all about. In this particular case, I get my votes, and you get to continue working for this wonderful country of ours.
[Yes it’s so wonderful, Rita is willing to manipulate it’s lawmakers to conform to the will of whoever it is who pays her enough money. She’s a piece of work..] ALSALS.avi_001362529Unless of course you’re willing to give up your career… [the Senator remains silent, and Rita looks at him like he is a bug ALSALS.avi_001363530she just squashed]
…No, I didn’t think so.

Rita leaves the Senator’s office and ta da!  ALSALS.avi_001371538


She’s suddenly Miss Congeniality… She approaches Lee in the waiting room…gag!

Rita: Hello, I haven’t seen you around here, I’m Rita Holden.

Lee:  Lee Stetson.
ALSALS.avi_001377544[we see the Senator open his door and scowl at Rita and Lee talking- while Rita gives Lee a line..  there is a little suspense here don’t you think? we are a little worried that Lee could be taken in by her.. Especially if Lee likes things – superficial with women.. but! I think he is use to women complimenting him- and Lee is able to look beneath the surface here maybe?? ]

Rita: I hope we run into each other again. I like what I see .
Lee:  haaaa.. Well, thank you.

Rita leaves and the Senator pipes up: Mr Stetson. How may I help you? [ Hmm so he was expecting him? does he know he’s agency?]
Ugh….. I am not enjoying watching Rita make a play with Lee at all! hehehee.. How did you all cope?? you okay?? Winking smile
I am looking forward to hearing what you think of these scenes! Very strange to have a post with no Amanda.. but I better stop there! byee for now!!

30 responses to “4/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Hahaha, Iwsod! You said in one of your comments, “ they wanted Lee to be introduced to the Sachs character, and thought why not add a little sex while they’re at it – seems to be the tactic they were going with for this episode!” Exactly! Rita is A Little Sex and Sachs is A Little Scandal! A perfect little tribute to the name of the episode!

    And is it just me or does Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) remind anyone of Augie Swann?

    I’m glad to be back from traveling – missed you guys!


  2. OMG–I’m laughing myself silly and reminiscing so much reading your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you’re putting in–despite it being a “labour of love” for you, I think.
    I adored SMK when I was growing up–and am loving rewatching it now on Amazon. Your posts are showing me nuances I’d missed, and reminding me of some of the really funny and really sweet moments.
    Can’t wait until you get to season 3…


    • Thanks KC!!!! Glad you’ve found us!!
      Oh yes!! I can’t wait for season 3 too! At the same time.. I’m enjoying the journey though.. I hope you’ll feel free to shared your thoughts with us on the episodes- it’s fun to share the smk fun!!!

      Welcome Welcome KC!


  3. Valerie, you may be right, Lee may have his poker face on, but that doesn’t explain his little “hmm” after Rita goes into the senator’s office, at least not to me. I think he is responding to her advance, flirt, whatever you want to call it. I think he is playing the part with her like a good agent who is seeking info without seeking suspicion, I think his ego is getting stroked, but I wonder if there isn’t something else. I don’t think we have even seen Lee do this before, have we? or at least not so blatantly, the only time that comes to my mind is in The First Time at that party. I just wonder if he isn’t all over the place right now with his reaction to women. Like he is testing his own reactions. And yes he reacts to blonds, but maybe not like he used to, maybe there is something about this short haired brunette, maybe it is projection? They are putting it in here for a reason, I think….Maybe the reason I want to give his behavior some significance is because I don’t like it either, but if it shown to us for a reason I feel better about it

    [typo edited by iwsod]


    • I’ve said it on an post in first season. I think Lee likes women. Not just as a potential date but because he’s so good looking they inevitably make him feel good. Not to mention Rita was being extremely forward which I imagine Lee quite likes. In the First Time he responded to the woman at the party who came up and stroked his face. I think his “hmmmmm” after Rita suggests to me for a split second as a man he considered it (urgh no!) but then snaps back into super spy agent mode and gets back to business.

      Interesting idea that he’s projecting about short haired brunettes but am not totally convinced he is. My gut says he’s thinking with another part of his anatomy 😉


      • I don’t totally understand how men’s brains work, even though I have 4 teenage boys. But maybe that is the kind of “thinking” I was referring to, Jenbo. Maybe this episode is a bit about Lee losing some of his interest in the game. I don’t know, but there is something like that being highlighted here. And I can’t help comparing Amanda and Rita because of the resemblance. There are more scenes coming up that keep this theme there for me. I am interested to see how you view I all Iwsod.


    • Quick silly thought… isn’t blond haired and blue eyed the “Nordic type?”


      • Sorry Cindy! You never know! 🙂 I’ve had some funny/unexpected miscommunications with my fellow english speakers over the years! 🙂 Yeah! Lee is such a professional- he could even flirt with Rita! pha!!

        Hey Morley.. yeah I guess that would describe the Nordic type – you thinking of Karen in odds on a dead pigeon? she mentions that doesn’t she??
        Is Morley writing a post about Lee’s tastes in women?? Do tell!!! If you are happy to hint at what you’re doing – I always love to anticipate what’s coming up!! 🙂


        • Oh I bet we could do something Freudian with Lee’s taste in women, hmm. No I am just probably digging to deep into this episode, but that is what I like to do with SMK I guess. I often think about where you are in an episode at odd times during the day and these thoughts or connections just pop in my head. Today I was thinking about what you wrote here about Lee going for blondes, blondes, blondes at this point and that line about the Nordic type popped into my head, I had never thought about what “Nordic” described before, at least not in the context of SMK. I really shouldn’t think so much, I think, ha ha, there I go again.


          • Hey Morley! I love that about you – don’t change! 🙂 We can enjoy smk by thinking deeply.. and we can enjoy it by taking a superficial look at it.. It’s all good!! and it’s all welcome!!! At the end of the day, we are just sharing our thoughts and ideas.. exploring the characters.. I am like you – I’ll find something coming to mind about the current episode.. or something new will occur to me.. it’s like my brain is still processing it in the background while I manage to get on with my day! 🙂

            I try to stick with the episode I’m up to and go no further but of course, knowledge of what lays ahead does sometimes influence how things are seen- My picture of Lee liking blonds blonds blonds up to now is probably me keeping in mind the appearance of dark haired and normal/real Leslie – and or course Amanda.. their contrast to Lee’s former ‘type’ is IMHO significant..for various reasons- but we can discuss it further when we get there.. and then there is also the idea that Lee’s mother was dark haired.. sooo Freud would really have a field day with that one!! 😉

            Now.. I am off to ponder Lee in a tuxedo.. ahem… and get any thoughts of Lee looking for a woman like his mother right out of my head!!! haaaa!!! byee guys!


            • I know you like to stick with the episode you are working on, I just put that mention out there because I thought I might forget it when the time comes. I just can’t seem to muster the self control not to. But I don’t need to discuss it till the time comes. Does Lee wear a tux in this episode?


              • Hiya! Hey Morley I hope my comment didn’t read like a criticism or anything – I understand not everyone will approach things the same way I do- and that’s cool! and I know you understand why I try and approach the show this way while I blog it 🙂 thanks for understanding!! At the same time….. though I try not to look ahead – I am still influenced by it – often unknowingly!!! So in reality I don’t manage it either!! so don’t worry about it!
                Noooo Lee wasn’t in a tux this episode at all! I just really felt the need to go check out some Lee in a tux after my analysis of Lee and his mother haaaa

                Ahhh apologies Valerie!! How’s the conference going? sounds like you are melting away!! you poor thing!!! I’m glad you raised it- it was an interesting idea and from it sprang a few other interesting ideas to explore! 🙂 I love to hate Francine!!! so in this sense I am a fan of hers.. but I really don’t like her! 🙂 and don’t like her having played Backgammon with Lee at all!! 😉 sounds like we agree on that!!

                I’m not sure where in the US you are from..but I hope you are leaving texas and heading to your cooler home soon!!!

                haaaa Melissa R! I’d love to see that pic! I had a Princess Diana hair cut! Remember that?! ugh!!

                KJ sounds very likeable IMHO! It certainly explains how she wears her nike sneakers every chance she got in smk!!!


      • I am Nordic type, natural blonde hair and very blue eyes…..Lee Lee have meeeeeeee!!!!! LMAO


    • I think Lee is, as Valerie mentioned, in “Scarecrow” mode here. His flirting is not real interest, but an act. His “hmmm” as Rita walks out is him thinking, “Hmmm, why is she here and what’s her angle.” This is because I think Lee looks at all political figures as having an angle. The agent in him can’t help but see most everyone as having an angle, something they’re out to get. Amanda is the one who really teaches him that people can be “real” and not necessarily out to get something all the time. She humanizes him somewhat, because he has become all agent all the time. Lee has been pushed aside in favor of Scarecrow for a few years. Amanda brings Lee the man back to the surface.


      • I just had to say Debilyn that I agree with everything you said here in these comments of yours – really enjoyed your insights! you’ve put words to a fuzzy idea I had in the back of my mind brilliantly!! and made it all clear 🙂

        Yeah I think seeing people as having an angle probably hasn’t done Lee too much harm.. LOL.. but it is wonderful when he lets Amanda in.. awh!! Lee’s distrust keeps him alive.. but at the same time.. it stops him from living 😉 with Amanda he manages to be able to do both.. ie. keep himself alive, and live his life! [hope that translates! if not let me know!]

        Debilyn I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Lee and his taste in women.. maybe you are waiting till the end of the episode to fully form those ideas like I am – but If you’d like to share.. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  4. Loved the movie Grease! I didn’t care too much for this scene, at least not at first. I didn’t like Lee”s reaction to Rita. It made my skin crawl. He, at first, seems interested and I thought maybe he was projecting about Amanda. But later on he indicates that he knows this Rita and what she”s all about. So I think he was in Scarecrow mode and using his “poker flirting”.

    Rita just gets viler and viler. Double standard regarding the Senator’s misdeeds and her own. She’s moving closer and closer to the top of my baddie list.

    In Texas for a week for a large youth gathering of about 30,000 people. So glad there is Wi-Fi and I can still read and post. Using my kindle.


  5. LOL it’s funny you should ask if I am Greased Lightning fan IWSOD I love Grease and I’ve just spend the day watching cars racing 🙂
    Urgh Rita and her “I like what I see comment”…..what a piranha 😦 And whilst I don’t think is really interested his ego has sure enjoyed the flattery. Cringing :/
    I reckon Amanda and Rita have been secretly visiting the same stylist. That stylist ought to be sacked 😉


    • If by ‘sacked’ you mean “hit with a sack of wet ……….” I totally agree!


      • Is ‘sacked’ not a term known in Canada Cindy? It’s the same as being fired.

        No no no nooooo I don’t want to even consider that Lee is thinking of Amanda when he sees Rita ( not even deep in his unconscious!!!) too awful for me to contemplate! 🙂

        Yeah Morley I feel the same way.. it’s interesting that first moment between Lee and Rita is not in the final draft, but was added in later.. It would not be there for no reason..
        As I said my ideas are not completely fully formed when it comes to Lee, Rita and women but at the moment I’m thinking they changed the scene for one main reason..
        So Lee could run into Sachs – which is helpful for later in the episode.. so then they had Lee and Rita in the same room together -hmm what to do? a little of the male/female game playing – meaningless flirting/ mask wearing .. and then Rita exits the waiting room to meet with the Senator.. they wanted Lee to be introduced to the Sachs character, and thought why not add a little sex while they’re at it – seems to be the tactic they were going with for this episode! 😉

        Someone earlier (forgive me for not going back and checking!) mentioned Lee and Francine standing very close together – I’ve been too busy to get back to you sorry! but…
        I didn’t mention it in my post, although I did see it, because I didn’t think it mean’t anything – to me, it was necessary they be standing that close together looking at an open folder together because of the tracking of the camera – the shot follows Billy out of his office out to the bullpen, and just takes in Lee and Francine to the side – if they had not been that close they would not have fit – the moment Billy comes out and the shot widens, they are no longer sharing space – and there is no strange interaction between them..
        You know what – I don’t think Lee views Francine as a woman – lol!!! well.. not anymore anyway – he’s had his superficial fling with her…. and now they are colleagues, and friends – and Mr compartmentalised here doesn’t tend to look for romantic relationships with women he is friends with at this stage ( eg- Amanda!) that would be far too scary and intimate! so in a strange way- I think Lee sees Francine just as his buddy/professional competition/ fellow colleague – even when they flirt a little..for me it’s not sexual – it’s playful.. [is there a difference? some would say no.. I would say yes!]

        Hi Valerie – wow!!! Hope the conference is fabulous!! Agreed! It’s no fun watching Lee flirt with Evil Rita!! she is positively vile! she even makes me feel sorry for the Senator, who is not really a good guy either! Poker Flirting Valerie?? I love it!!!!!!

        ha haaaa Jenbo! is it greased lightning is it?? that is truly a catchy song.. with really awful lyrics!!! I don’t find it funny or get teen boy humour.. so I cringe at it.. but the music the dancing are great 🙂 and it is a total ear worm!!!
        [edited my typos argh!!]


        • Completely off tangent it amazes me that so many schools put on a production of Grease and some of the lyrics in Greased Lightning are rather sexual! I hope they have a clean version!!


          • very scary- indeed! I have no idea what they do!! but hopefully they do something!

            Here’s the song on youtube.. just don’t watch it if you could possibly be offended 🙂
            Hey.. you get to see Sachs err I mean Doody boogie!! 😉 and it’s even funnier when you watch the vid with the volume off rofl!!! Hmm Kernicke is suddenly hilarious!
            Is it just me or does Doody have some trouble with the shoulder shakin??!!!
            Fluffy dice?? genius!!!
            Blow torch lighter? too funny!!
            Ahhhh.. so glad I went and checked it out again!


        • We have the term ‘sacked’ in Canada too, but I figured just firing the stylist was letting him/her get off too easy. I was being cheeky. 😉
          And I agree with you that Lee’s ‘flirting’ with that vile woman was standard, professional spy mode (as well as letting Lee meet the senator with Rita in the scene).


        • Iswod, I was the one who mentioned Lee and Francine (a blonde by the way). I’m sure I read more into it. I’m just not much of a Francine fan. And I’m not a fan of anyone who distracts Lee from Amanda.

          Hottest day of the year yesterday here in San Antonio–108 degrees. Today thunderstorms dropped the temp 38 degrees.


    • Melissa Robertson

      It may just be me, but I think that hair style looks better on Amanda. I definitely like her hair longer, but I’m not repulsed by her new do either.


      • Good for you Melissa R!! 🙂 I bet you are not alone in feeling that way!
        I hope my jokes about her hair are not too annoying for you! 🙂 I do exaggerate how awful it is for a gag.. but really I think the earrings are worse.. and the fashions.. what did you thnk about her earrings?
        well I’m off to bed now.. bye guys – have a great day! 🙂


        • Melissa Robertson

          Oh your jokes about her hair don’t bother me. In fact I’ve had plenty of hair don’ts…just recently my kids found a picture of me before I had kids and was laughing at my hair style 🙂

          The earrings I’m not a big fan of, but maybe she is getting fashion advice from Francine!!

          Just recently I saw an old special of a Charles Angel reunion and they were saying how KJ didn’t like all the make up and wardrobe hassles. She preferred turtlenecks and to stand behind things so she could wear comfy clothes. So maybe she thought this hair style would be easier.


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