10/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Picking up right where we left off.. Lee just said: ahhh at least it is safe for Amanda ALSALS.avi_002167000to be out on the streets again.
Lee’s in a good mood thanks to Amanda being safe again!!!
I love the smile Billy gives Lee at this hearing this comment- He also seems to be warming to Amanda- yeah okay I can hear some of you say he has always liked her, and I agree, but I think he is delighted at Amanda and the happiness she now seems to bring to Lee! It feels slightly different post spiderweb – and I am liking it! [maybe it’s just me.. and that’s okay!] Maybe what also influences this vibe is this next exchange:
Francine: Oh yeah?… …You really think the streets are ready for that? [Ah the Francine I am use to is back! Smile ]
Billy: Francine… (as in give it a rest!Francine’s remark wipes the smile from Billy’ face.. he doesn’t like it!! ) … pleeease!!
[hooray for Billy!!!!] Billy seems a little more direct and forceful here in defending Amanda..
I love it.. and just you wait till next week Francine – you’ll be begging Amanda to help you! [with the brush!!!] haaaaa!!! Billy updates ALSALS.avi_002180180Lee and Francine on Foreman [who Amanda confirms is Gelles’ killer].. turns out Foreman ran a call ALSALS.avi_002181381girl ring in Kansas City.. his partner, Kincaid is hired muscle.. They guess Kincaid’s the other guy in the car.. [IMHO they shouldn’t- until it is confirmed!] Lee hears the computer start spitting something out and he goes to check the printout while we hear ALSALS.avi_002191791Francine give us a summary of the plot to date.. my goodness.. too much exposition! this is the second time we’ve gotten one of these this episode- please! Yawn yawn!! without blogging this ep, I’d be asleep with all the names Francine rattles off and I wouldn’t know any of them! I find this scene rather clunky!! In the script, at this point, Amanda says goodbye to go to her mother of the year contest (which explains how Lee later knows where Amanda is!)
Well, Lee accesses the voting record of Hoffmeir, and finally puts the pieces together.. the call girl stuff is being used to blackmail politicians and get their vote.   ALSALS.avi_002224624
Lee realises this is beyond Foreman’s skills – there’s still a killer out there!! Ohhh nooooo!!!!
Geee who could it possibly be Lee?? I mean you’ve mentioned Sachs or Rita Holden now a few times… and well Sachs is in hospital now!!! And all of a sudden you have forgotten Rita Holden, the lobbyist, exists?? -when you are wondering who is out there pulling the strings and influencing the politicians votes?? Aie!!! [I’m surprised he doesn’t suggest Lester the duck! Remember that string?!]
IMHO this is a plot hole bigger than Francine’s ego..
[I don’t know why but I find Billy and Francine’s expressions here as they listen to Lee work it out- hilarious!!]
Of course it’s Rita.. get on with it!!! But noooo… Lee ends the scene remarking that ALSALS.avi_002234234there is ‘someone out there who would kill again’ – and ‘Amanda is not safe’!!!
Soooo Lee heads straight to Amanda right??? right??? [wrong!!!]

Rofl! You’ll see!

Next thing we cut to is Rita preparing bombs of some kind on the newspaper with Amanda’s pic on it! haaaa..
Yeah! that will get you in the mood for a big boom boom Rita!! that and being mad at Amanda for copying your hairstyle and big earrings! and big shoulder pads!! that is the worst female faux pas ever!!! ugh!!! Copy Rita’s hairstyle and Rita is willing to get her hands dirty!!! Love Rita’s expression as she takes out her gun from her purse and cocks it..
Oh yeah! Amanda King.. no one copies Rita’s hairstyle, looks better in it aaaand gets away with it!!! muahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

We find Amanda has arrived at the MOTYA.
[LOL they’ve recycled the exterior footage from earlier- exactly the same people are arriving again! Smile]
Ohhh dear.. this jumper is hideous!!!
matchy match earrings too?? hideous!!!
Sorry Amanda!!! You can still be a wonderful mother, and an Amazing woman anyway!! And.. I am sure there are others who like it – just not me! [Afterall.. isn’t one of the themes of this ep not to value the superfical.. but instead the true nature of someone’s character??]
I love how once again Amanda is bending the rules a little bit – she asks Mrs Woodrow if they can hold off starting a few more minutes.
Mrs Woodrow: punctuality is part of our program.
[Oh get a life woman!]
Amanda: Yes I know, but mother and the boys aren’t here yet and I know that they’ll be here in just a few more minutes.
[how could they be late for this?? this reeks of plot contrivance to me!!]
Mrs Woodrow:
in five years, we’ve always started on time.
Amanda: do you think we could wait just five more minutes?
Mrs Woodrow checks her watch..:
I could wait possibly three.
Amanda quickly: four?!
[I love this!! ROFL!! I heard 3 and thought yes!!! but Amanda had to take it as far as she could!!!
We don’t hear Mrs Woodrow’s answer.. instead we cut to the entrance and see Menacing Rita enter the building clutching her handbag suspiciously!

I shall finish up here for the moment…  As always I’d love to hear what you think! byeeee everyone!! [Do these pictures look better quality to you??] byee!

13 responses to “10/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I agree, iwsod! I think Billy’s smile here is in response to Lee’s comment about Amanda – Billy is aware of the affect Amanda is having on Lee and he likes it! He is patting himself on the back for having put them together!

    I may be in the minority here, but I just love Francine’s line. I think if I were Billy I would have even laughed at that one before I got all stern on her. Francine can be a witch, but she really has some of the best lines of the series IMHO! If you think about all the trouble Amanda gets herself into, Francine’s comment really does make sense!

    Great screen cap with Francine’s funny face! Hoo haa – right back at ya Francine!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the double head tilt off Billy and Francine, brilliant!
    It’s really not the short hair it’s those fugly earrings!!!!! Just take em off Amanda please!!!!!
    I don’t think Rita needed a call girl scam to blackmail politicians…..that crazed look in her eye and her scary hair is enough to make anyone change their vote!!!!
    Oh Amanda isn’t safe……determined, caring Lee is a sight to behold 🙂


  3. Yes Valerie, we are so easily distracted whenever Lee is on screen – dimple, tux, smile, checking his gun, giving Amanda the “look”, (swoon). . . Now what were they saying?


  4. Melissa, I love your husband’s VBS decorating ideas. I laughed when I read that.

    Never did like Amanda’s short hair, but I’m not a fan of short hair anyway. Maybe because it had been so freshly cut it just looks rather stark and severe. But I think it was mentioned earlier that maybe the cut signaled a transition for Amanda’s character, her abilities as an agent, and her growing relationship with Lee. I think it’s also a prep for a couple of future episodes where Amanda is not quite herself. I don’t like the earrings much either, but I know that when my own hair was shorter or now when I have it pulled back or up I feel compelled to wear earrings. It just looks better. When it’s down no one can tell if I’m wearing them or not.

    Billy has pretty much always supported Amanda’s being at the Agency. I think he sees Lee as being good for Amanda’s training and growth and also Amanda being good for Lee’s growth as a man and as a caring person. Throughout the series you see that Billy and Lee have a friendship that goes beyond the work place. You find out that Lee has probably met Billy’s wife or at least knows her and that they have probably socialized. Billy wants Lee to be happy and knows that Amanda can make that happen.

    Rita certainly looks maniacal to me. Love the looks from Francine and Billy. Maybe they recap the plot so much throughout the episode because we tend to get so distracted by Lee. All it takes is one tux, one dimple, one smile……what was I saying?


  5. You capture the best expressions Iwsod. The look on Billy and Francine’s faces. I think they are just realizing the plot holes. And Rita, she makes the most insane evil character faces. She is a twisted woman, Cruella Devil almost. I wonder if Cindy would give her a place in the top 5 for season 2?

    As for Billy’s response to Lee’s reactions about Amanda. I bet he has noticed the change since SOS and he sees Amanda’s growing skills as an agent as well. He knows his agents, he knows what’s going on before Lee and Amanda do.


    • Rita is a nasty piece of work with a nasty piece of hair. If she doesn’t make my top 5 villains of season 2, she definitely would make the top 5 in need of a makeover.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Not really crazy about this episode, but I do enjoy Amanda pushing the rules (I guess she has been around Lee and his bad influence of rule bending. Heehee!!) Looking forward to the tag 🙂

    We’ve had Vacation Bible School this week with a spy theme. When I asked how to decorate my husband said, “decorate the outside of the room as a documentary film company 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL. I like that idea, Melissa.

      Interesting how often the plot is summarized in many of these episodes. When I hear things like this I always think of the scene in “The Muppet Movie” where, I think Fozzie, gives the script to Electric Mayhem to bring them up to date, and Dr. Teeth reads it out loud. Hilarious! As if we audience members can’t remember anything … 🙂 We’re smarter than that. In fact, we often know who the baddies are before the heros/heroines. LOL. 😉


    • Ha ha ha – your husband is hilarious! TANGENT ALERT: My dad (who was extremely straight laced and did not suffer fools gladly) was not happy when his workplace voted to dress up for Halloween. When he appeared in his regular 3 pieced suit, the receptionist asked where his costume was. He replied he was in costume and he was a spy. When she said he didn’t look like a spy, he said “exactly. A successful spy wouldn’t look like a spy, would he?”

      Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, Melissa! Just seeing this now! Guess he knows his SMK!


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