6/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hooray! Love a scene of Lee and Amanda sneaking around Winking smile
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163217.937Lee peaks his head around a corner of a dark hallway, sees it’s all clear and so gives Amanda the go ahead to come too Smile
Lots of touching going on here.. but of course.. it’s totally blurry.. grrrr
Hooray.. a clear one!
Amanda fulfils her lookout role while Lee works on picking open the lock on the president’s office.
Another easy looking lock no?
KC notes the sign on the door says  “OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT … the bun stops here.”
Well spotted KC! LOL..
(I wish the pun stops here! then again.. I do love  a good bun errr pun!)
Lee heads inside.. and Amanda tries to follow but Lee pauses..
Lee (whispers): Uh-uh-uh. Wait out here.
Amanda (whispers): Right….
Amanda points to her eyes.. lol it’s like she’s telling herself she’s the lookout.. haaaa..
Gah!!! there’s a creepy Marvin burger on the door!
And.. Gah!!!!! there’s a big (life size?!) Marvin in the office – now it’s really creeping me out!!
Look out Lee!!
We see Lee move around the office, and head to a cupboard below the red glowing Marvin (how evil and appropriate Winking smile ) He opens a cupboard and begins searching..
All the while we are wondering just how long Amanda can hold out before she comes in and ‘helps’ lol..

Out in the corridor, we see Amanda turning toward a noise.. Hmm she is very exposed there umm what was the plan if she saw someone?
Is it just me or is Amanda’s hair looking a bit longer this episode? Longer than in TWWH?
FFFT1.avi_20150504_182502.367Lee stops his searching as he hears a noise- the door? He quickly swivels and draws his gun, pointing it at the noise.
It’s Amanda standing in the doorway!
She raises her hands..
LOL she seems to silently give Lee a moment to collect himself
I guess she can’t say anything with the door open..
Lee lets out a big breath – scary moment!
Amanda: Never mind.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163255.475[lol guess she can talk! After all this is Amanda! Winking smile]
Amanda goes to leave and close the door and Lee stops her.
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda pauses, and turns toward Lee.
Lee: I need a hand here.
[Oh hooray!!! well this is something no?! Lee has decided it’s better to get Amanda snooping too??!!! very cool! and no complaints about Amanda not staying put?! tee hee.. and no comments from Amanda about searching through people’s things? Oh my.. how things have changed! ]
Lee puts his gun away..
Lee: Check that filing cabinet, will ya … while I work on the desk.
Amanda: Right.
Amanda heads over to the filing cabinets.. Lee gives her a sideways glance before he gets to work on the desk drawer lock. [Try the ‘C’ draw Amanda.. for Colossus! Because Lee would have told her about it right??!!! Otherwise how could she look for it?!]
Amanda pulls out a file…
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163314.993Amanda: What am I looking for?
Lee: I don’t know.
[Any reference to Colossus would be a start Lee.. oh dear..]
[lol this is probably really random.. but I’m reminded of them searching the hotel in Remembrance of things past.. Lee says get in the bed.. ‘just do it will ya’ – he says  ‘will ya’ here too.. and then.. again together they are searching a room, and Amanda asks what they are looking for and Lee says anything suspicious – like he can’t admit he doesn’t know.. only this time in FFFT .. he just says he doesn’t know Smile that’s progress !
err yes.. LOL.. any excuse to remember that scene!]
Back at Marvins… Lee: Hey… I got a safe here.
Amanda comes over to watch! LOL..
Amanda: Can you get it open?
Lee: Yeah, I think so. I need that light.

whoooo can Lee the superspy do it?!
Lee rubs his hands together..
Lee needs more light? Amanda gets him more light!
LOL umm is Lee blowing on his finger tips here?
Uh oh.. we cut to a game of space invaders.. No nooo looks like
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163546.568it is a helpfully not labelled floor plan of the offices (gee is the multipurpose room on there?!) seems turning the light on so Lee could blow on his fingers FFFT1.avi_20150419_163550.570has set off a sensor.
In response,  a security guard makes a call..
We cut back to a close up on Lee.
MMMMmmm so glad the light is on!
Who cares about that pesky sensor that went off.. we have a great view of Lee. UP…. CLOSE..
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163552. 70
Lee turns his head to the side, putting his super spy ear close to the safe dial- giving us a perfect view of his perfect hair. It ain’t movin..
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163554. 74
Lee: Here we go, let’s see what happens.
Lee listens closely to the ticking over of the dial as he turns it..
Here’s a hand close up for the Lee hand fans!
Amanda watches intently..[err so how was Amanda helping Lee? Lee said he needed her help.. was it encouragement he wanted? a chant? gooooo Lee!]
Amanda is riveted.. yes Amanda – he is one super skilled suave spy! most spies would use a stethoscope or hearing device of some kind to crack open a safe.. but not our Scarecrow! He has a lamp- so he can hear better!!! Smile
Lee: Wait a second…
the safe clicks – it’s open!!
Lee: I don’t believe this—I got it.
[rofl! yes I don’t believe you got it either!!! those super spy senses are quite a trick!]
 I’ll finish up here for the moment.. don’t want this post to be too big – a Colossus will kill thousands!!!
Any thing about this post or the episode so far you’d like to share? Byeee for now!

19 responses to “6/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh iwsod your critique has made me snigger the whole time. A lamp so he can hear better ROFL

    Surely the whole point of a look out is that they are concealed rather than in the middle of a corridor sticking out like a sore thumb!

    Woah Lee go easy in the hair gel. Amanda might break her fingers if she tried running her hands through it…..


  2. “All the gel in Lee’s hair – looks like neat furrows in a field.” Probably combed with Lee’s special ACE-stamped comb with the two missing teeth!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Karin! long time no see!!! So glad you could stop by. LOL I’ve made a reference to this in an upcoming post myself so was chuffed to see we are thinking alike 🙂
      ‘special ACE-stamped comb with two missing teeth!’ – love it!!!!


  3. You know, Lee constantly telling Amanda to stay put and her constantly refusing to do so makes me think back to their conversation back in TWWH about Amanda being resistant to change. Amanda saw it as being considered stubborn whereas Lee referred to her as knowing how to get what she wants. In this particular situation Amanda has certainly gotten her way/what she wants. No matter how many times and now matter how many ways he says it, Amanda does not stay put and she has slowly worn Lee down about it. He just sort of goes with it and accepts it with minima argument. It’s amazing to me that he keeps telling her when he knows good and well she is not going to do it.

    Part of my summer SMK research is going to be to find other situations where over time Amanda has gotten what she wanted as far as Lee is concerned. This should be interesting.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. You all are too funny. But I do enjoy them working together here. I think they like it too, much better than Amanda in the hall and Lee alone in the office.


  5. I find Amanda’s lookout “point to the eyes” miming rather irritating. Either feels like regression to Season one Amanda or a spot of overacting by KJ. And to a lesser extent, the hands-up response to Lee’s raised gun.

    All the gel in Lee’s hair – looks like neat furrows in a field. Must be crispy to the touch 🙂


    • ‘Must be crisp to the touch’ – love this learjet!!
      Yes Lee’s hair probably crackles.. I would have assumed it was the electricity he creates by being who he is 😉 but it’s probably just the hair gel 🙂


  6. Just a quick point – why did Lee spin round with gun drawn? Who did he think he was going to need to shoot? Well, I guess he was worried that if someone had got past Amanda, that was someone who needed to be shot – especially if they had hurt Amanda to get past her.
    And a fashion comment – I fear Aunt Lillian has had the pointy sticks out again. 😯 The shoulders on that knitted vest of Amanda’s make her look like a quarterback.
    Best to just concentrate on the hair and faces – both Lee and Amanda looking very nice. 😉


    • Hey Kiwismh, I think the spin and gun draw was a reflex – because he is such a highly trained spy with finely honed spy skills.. ahem..

      rofl.. yes good call on Aunt Lillian’s activities ‘ I fear Aunt Lillian has had the pointy sticks out again’ – rofl I love it!


  7. Melissa Robertson

    “Most spies would use a stethoscope or some listening device, but not our Scarecrow, he uses a lamp to hear better!” I about spit my coffee out…ROFL 🙂


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