7/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

The safe clicks – it’s open!!
Lee: I don’t believe this—I got it.
[rofl! yes I don’t believe you got it either!!! those super spy senses are quite a trick!]
Lee opens the safe, and takes out a folder of some kind.. making too much noise for Amanda’s liking.
Amanda: Shh-hhhh…
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163609. 88
[LOL Amanda was making much more noise a moment ago in the filing cabinet!]
Lee starts reading.. (Scarecrow can read! 🙂 )
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163613. 98
We see a close up of a creepy Marvin burger and a blurb.
Shot closes in on the text below the graphic:

[Call me crazy, but that sounds just like the Marvellous Marvin burger dude.. he has double beef patties, tomato, lettuce, pickle on a sesame bun.. and well it probably has special sauce- ohhhh I get it… the Marvellous Marvin has glasses err and legs and arms.. and the Colossus doesn’t Winking smile tee hee.. )
Lee: Amanda…
Amanda: What is it?

Lee: Hah.  It’s Colossus.
’Colossus’ is the furthest thing from my mind right now.. I’m thinkin of a different Ancient Greek name..
Come on!!! Don’t tell me I’m the only one?!
Amanda: What’s Colossus?
[gee you mean Lee didn’t tell you about the coded message that put you on this case in the first place?! The only bit of info Lee had??!!]
Colossus is a hamburger.
[Yes, we learned that back in Lost and Found! Winking smile
Lee: excuse me miss, my Colossus of Rhodes burger seems to be missing. [actually now I think about it, that’s a great gag..maybe smk meant it to be a gag.. after all people have been searching for the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes no? So yes, it seems to be missing!

(Brace yourself for the cardy and guyliner!)
LAF.avi_20150426_135505. 60
So strange that Lee didn’t remember.. Hamburgers are totally salient right now too! I mean okay so he didn’t realise straight away that the Hamburger was capable of killing thousands.. lol.. but the words Colossus and hamburger should have brought it to mind.. whatev..]
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163634.116Uh oh.. Out in the corridor, two security guards approach. LOL so considerate of them to make a bit of noise on the way!
Lee and Amanda scramble to put away the folder, and hide.
The guards enter guns drawn.. and walk straight through the office, past a huge cupboard, to another room.. these guys are super clever!
Out pops Lee and Amanda!
LOL there is probably a meme in this shot.. feel free to use it if you like!
Amanda and Lee hurry out quietly..
And we see Marvin smiling and watching them leave..
Ugh that burger is sooo creepy!!
Oh hey, looks like he has onion in him too!
We cut to the hallway where Lee and Amanda are rushing while trying to look casual. (cue the kooky music) the guards come out of the office just missing seeing Lee and Amanda turn the corner.  The guards make it to the elevator and we hear a bell.. there’s an open door in front of them. They go through it. We zoom back in on the elevator numbers going down.. so seems Lee and Amanda made it back to the elevator. Phew.. Great lying and sneaking you two! 

The scene ends here.. So I shall too! Short and sweet this time.. I can only take so much Adonis!! Any thing about this post or the episode so far you’d like to share? Byeee for now!

26 responses to “7/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Am I the only one thinking of Narnia when Lee & Amanda come out of the wardrobe? LOL


  2. I am now convinced the writers of SMK ripped off the design for that creepy burger thing from a UK game show (which revelled in the art of the most cryptic and obtuse clues you can imagine) called 3-2-1 which featured the mascot..Dusty Bin. Click on the link and scroll down and you will see the inspiration for the skinny legs and big shoes lmao

    It looks like different coloured binding on jackets was a big thing…did Lee steal Ted Rogers (host of 3-2-1) look of different coloured jacket trim or did Ted Rogers steal it from Lee LOL

    The pic of them bursting out of the wardrobe….makes me think of a caption “that sure ain’t Narnia in there” lol


    • That dust bin is truly bizarre!!! was it as bizarre in it’s time as it seems now?!

      I’ve missed you bitsybeans (Jenbo!)!!! Soooo excited to see you stop by!!! We seem to be a in a bit of a meh phase in this episode.. so your appearance is just the boost I needed! 🙂

      I’m having computer troubles yet again, so not sure how we’ll go scheduling wise.. but for now..
      I’ll publish the next post and we’ll see how we go!


      • I must get over to Ned’s…..haven’t been for ages {slaps wrist}. I recently took a month off FB and a whole heap of other things online….it’s amazing how I remember what life was like pre internet LOL

        Call me Jenbo if it’s easier 😉

        At the time Dusty Bin didn’t seem that freaky to me but then again I was a young child so easily swayed by these things. But it sure seems daft now….but heck isn’t that what’s so fun about the 80’s in general 😉

        Sorry you’re having computer trouble iwsod that sucks x


  3. Nothing profound to add to the discourse – I was dazzled by the perfect profile and all rational thought ceased. o_O
    Still dazzling at 65 too. Not sure if this link will work but here goes

    PS. If it doesn’t, check out BB’s Facebook page.

    (iwsod edited hyerlink)


    • Worked for me! Thanks for sharing Kiwismh!
      Umm I gotta say.. BB and Lee Stetson are two completely different people in my head.. congrats to BB on his 65th but it’s Lee Stetson who makes me swoon (no offense to anyone who doesn’t have a split personality like me! lol)


      • Thanks for sorting that out Iwsod – I just meant the link to go in, not the pic. Yes, agree about differentiating between Lee and BB but we can pretend they’re one in the same just for special occasions like his birthday on May 12.


        • It’s very easy for me to switch a copy and pasted link into a hyperlink.. so feel free to continue doing this 🙂

          lol.. I can’t pretend! in my mind.. Lee Stetson never got old!! lol.. see I haven’t really read any fan fic so I haven’t mentally made that transition. When it comes to Lee Stetson me thinks I’m developmentally delayed 😉 and proud of it! haaaaa


      • I agree with you Iwsod. BB does nothing for me. Even just pictures of him, I can tell that it isn’t Lee Stetson. Granted he is a handsome man, but somehow he is missing whatever it is that makes Lee so interesting to me. I wonder what a current picture of Lee Stetson would look like?


      • Because of this blog I have paid more recent attention to BB and how active he has continued to be. I’ve always swooned over Lee, but have come to see that there is much of BB in Lee. In a recent interview he told of some of his thoughts about love and what it means and threw in how he loves the romantic comedies of Hepburn and Grant and i definitely swooned. Add to the fact that BB appreciates all that SMK did for his career and its fans increases the swoon factor for me.


        • Awh… so glad JWWM has aided your discovery or rediscovery of all BB has to offer 🙂
          Yes it is great that BB looks back fondly on his SMK experience.. though ahem.. his references to all the ‘middle-aged’ fans of smk? I could have done without 😉 tee heee..

          Liked by 1 person

      • True for me too Iwsod, it’s Lee that makes my heart go pitter-patter! I just rewatched Baylon 5 and BB did a terrific job, but he’s the character of John Sheridan on a big space station, never to be confused with Lee Stetson! where’s that helmet and drool bucket?!


  4. A colossus sounds like a whopper to me. Adonis/David… and this contrasted with that burger/goblin thingy. I am so confused, and this is the kind of confusion even my mental gymnastics cannot straighten out. Maybe my allergies are messing with me as well.


  5. I’m not even sure what the rest of this post is about. I got stuck at Adonis and…well…there you have it. By the way, BB just celebrated his 65th b-day on the 12th. To me he still looks pretty dang good!


  6. The Marvelous Marvin’s PR team should have employed an editor to clean up their press release. “BY INTRODUCING THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY THEIR LATEST HAMBURGER”??
    And a hamburger that titillates? With the creepy froggy /Pippy Longstocking Marvin’s mascot in mind, that just doesn’t seem an appropriate choice of words…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yep, Adonis about covers it. (now to imagine Lee in a toga…..)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Adonis! Perfect! No, iwsod, you’re not the only one! Was that burger stand in LAF a Marvelous Marvin’s? I’ve just got back on break from school, so hoping to catch up on the blog!


    • Hiya BJo!!!! so glad you could stop by!!! Time for an Smk binge?!
      I don’t think it was a Marvellous Marvin’s in LAF- It was that place with no filler! lol.. Mighty meats or something wasn’t it? All I can remember is that cow sitting on the burger and squashing it! lol..

      lol thanks BJo and Cindy.. glad it’s not just me 😉


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