2/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before I continue.. Just have to say a huge thank you to Chezanne who transcribed this episode for the ongoing Operation Sandstorm!! You rock Chezanne!!!
When life’s busy – these transcripts are a God Send!! Thanks also to Petra for hosting it on her site Smile Back to the Ep!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000162562whoooo…The credits are interesting this week.. we had the first scene with Lee, Amanda and Betsy Jordan.. and then we cut to the next scene – and the credits begin to roll again! Hmm! Almost like they just couldn’t do the credits over Lee in his tux – that would have been a travesty! Smile wise decision!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000168868
Still at the party, we see the ‘Rumaki?’ waitress in the library breaking into a wall safe hidden 2.16 LOTP.avi_000176876inside a really weird looking clock [the hands aren’t right],  She’s using some high tech gizmo..  uh oh.. gee I hope that’s nothing to do with this ‘something big’ Lee is working now! Winking smile
Back to Lee and Amanda.. [whoo looks like Lee has helped himself to a drink after all.. the script has Betsy Jordan come up to Lee again and say accusingly: not thirsty huh!! – lol!!]
Lee: See the gentleman standing over there glad-handing everyone?
2.16 LOTP.avi_000189889
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: That’s Harrison Slater.
Amanda: The attorney?

2.16 LOTP.avi_000192892
[She knows him?? LOL! she’s catching Lee’s disease of knowing everyone! Smile ]
Lee: “Mouthpiece” is more like it…
2.16 LOTP.avi_000193893
[Love indignant Lee, he really has a strong sense of right and wrong!] …Earlier this evening, he put some papers in a wall safe in the library. I’ll pick them up before we leave the party. [why not pick them up now if they are in there already and he knows it?! Oh yeaaaahhh…. we would have no episode if they did that! Winking smile ]
2.16 LOTP.avi_000200100
[err.. the safe the waitress is breaking into at this very moment?! Winking smile Uh oh.. though I love how the attorney is doing something for the agency, but Lee calls him a ‘mouthpiece’ anyway!]
Amanda: What kind of papers?
2.16 LOTP.avi_000201701
I think this is the first close up we have of both Lee and Amanda here.. while I’m not a fan of Amanda’s short hair- it’s not bugging me with those earrings.. ahem.. maybe it is the proximity of Lee in his tux!
Btw- err is this the time or the place for this conversation??!!! LOL I do love though how Lee answers these questions now! No more ‘that’s classified’ here! Smile
Lee: Statements made by a client of his 2.16 LOTP.avi_000205305named Johnny Salinas. Lifetime mobster, very well connected. But it 2.16 LOTP.avi_000206506looks like he may be doing something worthwhile.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000215315He’s decided to reminisce about his boss and the gang in those papers. It seems like he’s ready to turn state’s evidence and sing.

Amanda: 2.16 LOTP.avi_000220920Ohhhh..

[Okay! this diligent smk fan is taking notes.. Mobsters again.. got it!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_000222522
Amanda: Ooh. Don’t look now, but your mouthpiece is headed in this direction.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000224124
Lee: I need to see him alone. 2.16 LOTP.avi_000226760
How cute do these two look just standing there looking at each other?? Smile Love how Lee doesn’t need to say anymore. Amanda’s on the jobSmile
2.16 LOTP.avi_000227961
Amanda: I’ll take a powder to the powder room.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000228628

Look at that eye lock!! Look at their hands!!! they are neeeaaarrrly holding hands! Smile

Amanda, comfortable with finding her own way alone, happily leaves Lee to talk to the  mouthpiece alone and she goes in search of the powder room..
2.16 LOTP.avi_000229029
She’s so fantastic here isn’t she.. just taking it all in her stride.. Lovely to look back on this little task that is often required of her when out with Lee at a party and see how she has progressed! Anyone want to name them??? we’ve covered them all!![so far]  go on!!! Smile Fan Quiz?! Anyone go for it!! together we can cover them all!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000229162
I do love watching Lee here..
2.16 LOTP.avi_000229429
Lee gives Amanda such a warm smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_000229829
and he seems to linger on her a little longer than he use to – I sense that he is really enjoying his time with her and appreciating how great she is now..
2.16 LOTP.avi_000230530
[then again.. he could be checking out the gigantic span of her shoulders in that jacket Winking smile]
I must say Amanda is THE perfect cover these days! If Lee went alone, he’d have to fend off the inconvenient Betsy Jordans even more.. and then he can’t be sure he’ll be alone when he needs to be- with Amanda, she can keep him company and when the moment is right she can scoot – willingly- without Lee needing to make excuses, lie or get rid of her – it’s all very easy for Lee!! Smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_000233833
Now Lee can see how great it is to be with someone who knows what your job is and what you need to do!!!  Amanda is utterly perfect.. he gets the advantage of being with someone who knows him, that he enjoys spending time with – without having to step up and actually date someone who really knows him.. this is the perfect situation for him and where he is at- at the moment!! Of course, it can’t remain that way forever! Smile 

2.16 LOTP.avi_000235935Back to the Rumaki waitress.. and she’s stuffing an envelope into her garter and quickly closing the safe.. She gets the shock of 2.16 LOTP.avi_000246946her life when Amanda appears!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000247747

In her search for the powder room, Amanda  stumbles on to the waitress in the library. [Cluedo! or for North Americans: Clue! did she have a candlestick?! in the library?!]
Sooo, Amanda just happens to stumble onto the thief mid-theft??… Oh boy… I’m getting a little tired of these plots that hinge on an smk coincidence!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000249349It’s a lousy plot device smk!! 

The waitress quickly recovers and 2.16 LOTP.avi_000252552gives Amanda directions – Amanda’s unaware that anything 2.16 LOTP.avi_000254154is amiss – but once Amanda leaves her, it’s clear the maid is distressed at being nearly caught in the act..

After the party, the waitress meets up with two guys in their car, to hand over what she got out of the safe..

2.16 LOTP.avi_000300000Malcolm: Vic, take a look at what Sally found cluttering up the safe.
Sally: That’s it, Malcolm. That’s the last time.
Malcolm hands the papers to Vic in the front seat..
Malcolm: Oh, Sal, what you snagged tonight is reeeal hot.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000312512Vic: Yeah, this is too hot, Malcolm. Come on. You realize who these papers are talkin’ about?

Malcolm: I know who they’re talkin’ about. [Malcolm snatches the papers back.]
Vic: Yeah, well, I think we should take a pass on this.
Malcolm: Are you crazy?
2.16 LOTP.avi_000318018
Vic: No, I’m not cra–
Malcolm: You have any idea what this stuff is worth? A fortune.

[To Sally] What are you talkin’ about, quitting? You tired of making money?
Sally: I almost got caught tonight! Just pay me off. You’ll never see me again.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000328028
[Malcolm and Vic exchange a look.]
2.16 LOTP.avi_000329029
Malcolm: Just as simple as that, huh?
Sally: I’ll talk, Malcolm. Either you pay up, 2.16 LOTP.avi_000336036or I’ll talk all day and all night to some DA about the Burling brothers and Private Party.

Vic: Sally…
2.16 LOTP.avi_0003400402.16 LOTP.avi_000343043

Vic tries to appease her.. but it’s not working.. [It’s weird to see the nice guy from the episode Flight to Freedom being a baddie! I keep wanting to say to him: but Lee and Amanda will reunite you with your one true love! Why aren’t you on assignment in a war zone somewhere?!! 😉 ]
Sally: I know enough to blow you both right out of the water.
2.16 LOTP.avi_000344044
Uh oh!!! Is this girl crazy or what??!!!  Malcolm signals to Vic to give him some $
2.16 LOTP.avi_000345045
Malcolm: You’re right. And you got us. You’re a smart girl, Sal…
2.16 LOTP.avi_000351051
2.16 LOTP.avi_000354054 …You’re free to go.
errrr… hello? you got a death wish girl? this girl is practically begging to get knocked off..  So these guys are the Burling Bros who run ‘Private Party’ .. hmm and here I was thinking the PP on everything stood for Party Poopers!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000363063

Predictably for poor Sally, she’s not free to go.. They pay Sally and let her out of the car, only 2.16 LOTP.avi_000378078to follow her down the street and trap her in a dead end..

Ugh!!! get it?? ‘Dead end’ ?? !!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000412112
2.16 LOTP.avi_000417484Poor Sally!



I think this really is 2.16 LOTP.avi_000421121quite brutal for smk..
Malcolm is brutal..

Vic seems to be a reluctant baddie.. though still a baddie..
2.16 LOTP.avi_000436136
His brother Malcolm is giving orders – and Vic is following them..
2.16 LOTP.avi_000445145
Malcolm throws dead Sally in the trunk (boot!) cruelly mocking her: Now you can quit!
2.16 LOTP.avi_000457157
Scum!! Just you wait!! In SMK land, scum like you always gets their comeuppance! He even takes the money back out of her wallet.. ugh..and then throws it back on her before slamming the boot on her..

I shall finish there for now!…as always – I’d love to hear your thoughts.. is it just me or is this scene with Sally pretty brutal for SMK?!! Byee and back with more soon!

78 responses to “2/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I rediscovered smk three months ago while on holiday… Watched all four seasons too quickly- now watching them again slowly while reading your recaps- absolutely loving it! Thanks for all your hard work!
    During our holiday we were driving from salzburg to munich and I saw tegernsee on the map- so of course had to do a quick detour and have lunch there 🙂

    I remember watching smk as a kid and some things you watch as a kid doesn’t always hold the same magic but smk is brilliant even now- ok the baddies are terribly stereotyped but I love Chemistry between L and A.


    • Welcome Indigo!
      It must have been beautiful in Tegernsee! Where are you from? We are from all over the world! I am from New England, USA.
      SMK is wonderful isn’t it? I rediscovered it about one and a half years ago. I remember it from when I was in high school. I don’t even know if I saw the series until the end, but I remember that I loved it. And I was right, it has held my attention for these past years and I am so glad to have found this wonderful group of people. I hope you have a wonderful time with the blog!


    • Hi Indigo! Welcome!!! so glad you found us!!! 🙂

      Sweet! thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

      I did the same as you – I rushed through all the episodes once I reconnected with the show as an adult.. now this blog is an attempt to slow it down.. savour the show, think a bit more.. drool a lot more.. and catch up on lots of things I missed the first time I saw the show – while chatting with other smk fans and learning from them.. exploring together etc. So far, I’ve been having a ball! 😆

      If you don’t mind me asking Indigo, how did you reconnect with the show?

      You visited Tegernsee? WOW!!!! I’d love to see the photos!! 🙂

      LOL yes the stereotyped baddies are too funny! Yeah even with it’s plot holes, continuity errors etc. the show is still charming – I agree with you 🙂

      Anyway, Lovely to hear from you Indigo!

      [And hiya Morley!!! You are in New England? I’d forgotten that! LOL.. when I was travelling the US with a friend of mine from New Zealand, we were in a store in NY, and she had to show her driver’s licence (which was from New Zealand) – the shop assistant took one look at it and asked: Ohhh!! is that near New England??!! Too funny!!!]


  2. Packing is veeeeeeery slow. But I keep thinking tortoise and the hare LOL

    Not sure I’d want to date an actor like BB, as much as they are easy on the eye they could be complete numpties in real life. Better stick to Lee Stetson, no one can cock a gun like he can LMAO


  3. Oh my. Fashion police quick! Amanda looks like a solar panel on a satellite from the rear in that get up! You could always shred it and use it for decorating the Christmas tree 😉
    Malcolm is definitely the more evil brother! What no silencer on his handgun? he just woken the whole neighbourhood with the sound of that gun shooting Sally, it’s not as if they were very far from the actual party?


  4. I can’t wait for Saturday! On Saturday I am going to sit down and write the responses that have been brewing in my mind all week. I have bees too busy with things that are not fun and have a house full and NO time for SMK. Everyone in my home will be much happier with me after I spend some SMK time on Saturday 🙂
    I like Lee’s side part too, but I like it the other way as well. I can’t even watch BB in anything else, because I can only imagine him as Lee Stetson. I am a girly girl, but I would never have worn that while “ruffly, puffly get up” (loved that one).
    I like Amanda in this episode too, but I do want to work on why she was MIA earlier in the season. I can’t wait to have time to think about it more. One more day and then I can exercise my brain with a little gymnastics, yay!!


  5. I feel so late in joining in today. I’m actually out of town with my nieces for a last summer hurrah before it’s back to lesson plans and getting ready for the start of school.

    I love the rapport between Lee and Amanda now. They seem so much more relaxed with one another and there is no pressure on their friendship. It just gets better and better and they just get closer and closer.

    Again with the re-use of the actors and switching up their characters from bad to good. Maybe they figured we wouldn’t recognize him in Flight to Freedom because he shaved off the beard. That Malcolm is a real piece of work.

    Had a swoon moment today…was doing some sight-seeing and we drove past a Stetson Ave. My mind wandered off to all things SMK and I lost focus on the rest of the tour. That sighting alone pretty much made my day.


  6. Lee actually telling Amanda what’s going on (and thereby kindly putting the viewers into the loop)? Be still, my beating heart! 🙂
    “I’ll take a powder to the powder room?” OK… maybe take a wander to the powder room, maybe? Amanda’s head must’ve been spinning from all the information volunteering that Lee had just done–or KJ had a brain-fart. 😀
    I’m a little confused by the special baddie car that the Burling Brothers have… we see it pull forward almost a full car length along the curb for Sally to get in, but in the view out the back window there’s a red car immediately behind it. Uhhhh… heh heh heh!

    Confident, feisty Amanda rocks! Well, Amanda rocks anyway, but she rocks even more when she’s like this. 🙂 Yay! (And yes–the hair doesn’t seem quite so hideous here… I think partly the earrings and maybe the curls seem a bit softer?)


    • Hi KC! ahh I love that you saw the magic car behind the Burling Bros’ car. I wasn’t sure and didn’t have time to check it.. so I just left it and moved on.. (Yep I really don’t put lots of things in the posts!! so there are always new things to discover!!!) Thanks for confirming that one.. haaaa! Ohhh when I just went to look at that as I started on the next post, I noticed Malcolm actually blows Sally a kiss before he pulls the trigger.. ugh.. he is awful! I love what happens to him!! 🙂

      yeah! maybe the curls are softer.. I was thinking too that maybe it had been trimmed a little at the sides? so it wasn’t so wide? LOL.. I don’t know!


      • I was wondering about the episode order and I went and looked at each short hair episode and the length of her hair. I sort of thought her hair was softer and looser in this episode and I was actually wondering if it came a little later. It looked to me like her hair in DOA was most similar to her hair in ALSALS and I actually thought Dead Pigeon looked like it would have been before this one too. So it would be ALSALS, DOA, Dead Pigeon and then LOTP (according to how her hair looked like it was growing, to me). But it is hard to tell and I want to take the time to watch them in that order and see what happens. The only thing that would make more sense to me in this order is Francine’s comment about Lee dating Randy in DOA. If anyone else wants to, I would love to hear what you think about Amanda’s hair length and episode order.


        • Hiya Morley! and everyone!!! I love this stuff!
          It’s late here.. so I’ll be brief.. I thought I’d share the notes I have about this and see if someone would be interested in checking it out – I don’t have much time right now 😦 ugh!!

          I have written in my notes that there is Spiderweb, ARSituation, then ALSALS, then LOTP..
          After LOTP we see that Billy has a new chair in his office – at least these are the notes I’ve made.. so from this I have deduced that ALSALS and LOTP come first in the short haired eps.. followed by the others.. I haven’t had time to think about these eps beyond LOTP – so your ideas about Amanda’s hair are really interesting! Maybe DOA directly follows LOTP? could it?..
          [there was something I just picked up in the next post of LOTP that makes me think ALSALS and LOTP were filmed together.. ] you know.. they tended to film two episodes at a time.. and cross over a little..

          I’d be interested to see if someone can check if we see Billy’s office (and his chair) in the eps from now on?.. if someone can confirm if my notes are correct?.. or if there is an ep where we don’t see his office? (I think there was a time where I only saw it through the bullpen window but I can’t remember sorry)

          Well, if anyone would like to take this and run with it that would be fab! I don’t have a set order for the end of season 2 and am completely open to ideas (well I always am- but this time I’m also devoid of my own ideas! tee hee)

          Byeeee! I’m off to bed… I’m exhausted! hope you guys have a great day! 🙂


          • I just found I had a folder where I collected a few pics to help me figure out the order of these eps.. I see We do indeed see Billy’s chair In DOA, –
            Scratch that! erase that!! editing to say I got confused.. I don’t think you do see Billy’s chair in DOA!!! you might very well be on the money Morley.. and looking at Amanda’s haircut? I think you are right there too! I think it looks shorter too.. shorter than in ALSALS?? Hmmm I’m not sure!
            Here is what I can see of Billy’s office in DOA ( No chair!) Yes it’s blurry.. but you get the idea..

            sorry but that’s as far as I’d want to go at this stage.. and when we get to DOA I’ll get better pictures!

            Hmm maybe I should start a thread for working this all out together so this doesn’t get lost.. Morley would you be okay with me copying your comments over to that thread? we could get one going for swapping opinions.. evidence.. etc… Let me know.. Okay gotta go!! byee all!

            I give up.. I’ve tried 5 times to embed this image and wordpress won’t let me – so if you want to look you can check out the link.. ugh.. or.. wait till I get this post up – with Morley’s okay on copying her comments over. I’ve had a few technical weirdo things happen with wordpress the last few days_ I can’t preview any of my posts..before publishing them..
            Morley and BJo can either of you?? either of you having probs?
            Oh well.. still here.. computer hasn’t died again.. 🙂

            Editing AGAIN!! ugh!! I’m having a good one!! 😉 Morley and BJo I just worked out what my problem previewing posts was – so if you have trouble let me know! 🙂
            byee for real!


            • Go for the thread, Iwsod. It would be interesting to have observations and ideas on episode order in one spot. I can preview my posts just fine. The first time I di that I freaked out because I thought I had published my post. I was glad to see it back on the dashboard and off the blog when I clicked on home again. I was wondering why the first part of one of my posts was in italics and the rest regular print, but that doesn’t matter.
              It is Saturday and my house guests have gone home. As soon as I get my kids settled I can’t wait to put down some thoughts on missing feisty Amanda and her return…Yay!!!


          • Hiya iwsod! No trouble on my end previewing my post. Glad your trouble has been resolved!!


  7. Yep, good thing there was no blood to mess up Sally’s nice white uniform. I do miss the non-gore television of the 80s (Can you imagine this if it were filmed now?).
    The Amanda I love is back!!!! (Though I do agree that discussing the case in the middle of a very crowded function is probably not following the rule book, but at least the exchange didn’t make me cringe like in “Three Faces of Emily”). OK, I can forgive the hair, if it is ushering in a new (well, actually a throwback to the first few episodes of season 1), confident, non ditsy Amanda. 🙂 I hope it sticks!


    • Hiya Cindy! I’m with you!!! Love newly confident Amanda! Hmm how shall we explain fiesty Amanda going MIA for a while?? [err other than a realisation by the writers that Amanda’s journey needs to be thrashed out some more.. this way she gets some growth too.. not just Lee!]

      Here’s a go at some mental gymnastics.. tell me what you think.. to start with Amanda was running on pure adrenaline.. so her feistiness was hormone related.. rofl!

      Or or or.. ummm.. to start with she was feisty [but not confident] because Lee was being especially dismissive of her and she was struggling to make a place with him in his work.. when he started to accept her a little more- she pulled back on her feistiness.. and having learned what works well with Lee – she figured he reacted well to her softer challenges and less direct ways of participating! 🙂 Maybe?? And.. now that she knows Lee trusts her completely.. and kissing her made him go a little ga ga in SOS [ yes Cindy.. she’s thinking- I’ve got it!!! ] Now she is becoming feisty again and confident! She is becoming more confident in asserting herself with Lee.. and.. overall her character is becoming more assertive at IFF.. [ I didn’t see her as being assertive at IFF so much to start with.. other than a roundabout ‘shouldn’t I know how to hit’? ] ..
      Anyway, that’s all I’ve got! tee heee.. oh and yeah a class act was a dream – that was not a real episode!

      Yep.. the new confident Amanda makes the haircut for me not too bad! 🙂
      Byeee! LOL.. if you have any ideas for why feisty Amanda went MIA let me know. I will have lots to say about all this in this episode – it’s huge!!! byeee for now!


      • I will take a stab at explaining the feisty/docile/feisty stages Amanda goes through, although I don’t know what happens later in the series. Many of Amanda’s comments are loaded with irony. I love the remark about it not compromising her usefulness if she stayed alive! Understatement alert! Being an ironical person myself, I can testify that it doesn’t always go down well with people who don’t know me well enough to “get it”, and I’ve experienced this same backing down in many relationships that happens here to Amanda. In the early episodes, she really does get annoyed at Lee, and IMO that’s why she doesn’t hold back so much. Amanda is motivated to be successful at a job, and not only is he often standing in her way at the Agency, he also bursts in and drags her away from her chance at a regular job. She is really angry there, and with good reason; I could just see her saying “You don’t want me working with you, but you won’t let me work anywhere else?”

        Anyway, back to the irony: when Amanda starts getting to know Lee as a person, and care about hurting his feelings, she tones it down a bit. I think her repetition all the time of the exact words of his instructions is a bit of irony. Because he’s being such a drill sergeant, ordering instead of asking, I think it’s funny to her to repeat back the orders as if she’s being all obedient, while really it’s a bit of gentle mockery, and Lee remains oblivious to it. She’s having her own bit of fun here, while at the same time she is outwardly more tolerant of his occasional outburst.

        Later yet, she is feeling like Lee finally knows her well enough to take her comments the right way. He is able to laugh with her, and she is able to tease him – and it makes him smile. Not only does he get it, he also knows her well enough to appreciate it and find her comments (and her ability to score off him) funny. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.


        • I like that idea, happycamper. 🙂 I also understand firsthand how irony/sarcasm really does go over the heads of some people… so I think this is a great possible explanation for the changes (but, as with everything with Amanda, I think there’s more than one reason–she’s so simple, yet so complicated).


        • Yes, happycamper – I think Lee’s upbringing with the colonel comes out a bit when he acts like a drill seargeant, expecting Amanda to follow orders without question. I’m seeing Amanda as a little bit of a Private Benjamin, huh?


  8. Not thirsty, huh? Oh, I wish they had left that in! LOL! I agree that the earring are a much needed improvement over those in ALSALS, but this hair still bugs me. It is styled much better later in this episode. This styling doesn’t do justice to the rest of her glam look, IMHO.

    Ooooh, a game! I want to try…SAAB, DRinger (it’s Amanda’s task this time), TCAMongoose (A’s task again), TTTAAChangin’ and TTFOEmily. I definitely think Lee is appreciating Amanda in this scene! Especially because she just does what she needs to do with no fuss – very professional, like I would imagine Francine would be. My how she has progressed!

    I had no idea Clue went by another name elsewhere – cool tidbit of trivia! And yes, I think the scene with Sally is pretty brutal for SMK. At least there is no blood to be seen anywhere.


    • Good morning!! [ well it’s morning here! 🙂 ] Ah good job BJo! I have no idea if you’ve got them all! 🙂 I figure together we are an expert panel of smk enthusiasts.. but me alone? I am no expert! Soooo if anyone else thinks of another one please point it out!

      I love that TTAAChangin one.. Oh wait! I did just think of one.. and heck.. maybe there are more (anyone?) there is a moment in ship of spies where Lee tells Amanda he has to leave her and she is not happy about it – so it is a little strange given the progress we saw in 3FOEmily!

      Cool! Where’s Waldo is another one… in Australia ( and UK? anyone??) is called Where’s Wally!

      yeah I would have liked to see snippy Betsy Jordan ( LOL which shortens to BJo by the way.. BJo!!! Are you Beasty Jordan?? but you are so lovely!! it’s not possible!!! 😉 ) Yes I simultaneously enjoy the no blood and think it is ridiculous.. current tv has ruined me…

      Oh yeah I agree.. at the Job interview?? you thinking of that? her hair is much better.. not sure why or how it’s different yet but we’ll get to that soon and work it out together! 🙂


      • Good morning to you too! I also thought of SOS and Weekend (where Lee tells her to go with his lead or something) but they are not at parties in those episodes so decided not to include them. That’s too cute about the Where’s Waldo/Wally except I think it should be Where’s Wallaby where you are! Except then I guess the character might have to look like a wallaby and not a boy!

        I am NOT Betsy Jordan, LOL!! If I were, I would have made my appearance on the show contingent upon at least one good Lee smooch and there is no way on this earth that I would have agreed to wear that ruffly puffly get up. Not even in the 80’s. Not even with someone showing me PDi’s wedding dress. I am just not a ruffle kinda girl! Ok, the ONLY way would be if BB said I had to wear it to get a smacker. Yes, I’m shameless, I admit it. 🙂

        Yup, at the job interview is where her hair is much, much better. When you get to that scene, you’ll see what a difference a side part can make. (Speaking of side parts, I think I’m one of the few who also loves Lee’s side part.) I can’t wait for that scene!

        By the way, where is everyone today? I kept wondering if I missed some earth-shattering news that kept everyone off the blog. It’s been so active these last few days I couldn’t keep up. But today it felt like all I heard was an echo! Weird! Guess everyone has company or is out of town!


        • Hi BJo, yeah!!!! I was wondering where everyone was today too!!! v unusual!!! Oh well.. sometimes that happens… so long as people come back! 🙂

          Ahhh it’s a side part? cool I’ll look forward to getting to that bit soon. Lee’s side part might have not been so bad to me, if it hadn’t also been accompanied by a wardrobe and attitude change of increased snootiness!!! I think by WFGodorsky I didn’t mindski it so much! 😉

          I’d wear that dress to get a kiss with Lee Stetson!! but.. not to get one from BB! LOL! I’m so weird!!! 😉

          Where’s wallaby? too funny!!!!!

          Ohhh I was thinking times when Lee has left Amanda alone while socialising.. doesn’t have to be a party.. but yeah most of them are I suppose!

          Well must start actually doing some work today!



          • Hey! Some of us have been at work… gotta wait to play until we get home.
            Now, please excuse me while I go and read all the goodies you’ve written for us and digest it over ellipticaling and then dinner. 😀
            (It’ll always be Cluedo to me, too, but I *do* love the Clue movie.)


          • Oh gosh! I so meant a kiss with Lee Stetson, not BB! I completely get the difference! But since LS is not real and BB is, it would BB who would have to require the outfit. Get it? If that makes me weird too, then so be it! I’m a proud weirdo!

            And think Lee side part in Saviour when he all but admits that they are friends and not just business associates. His hair wind blown and ahhh, just looks very good….no snootiness there that I see.


          • I am going to sound terribly shallow here, I think BB is gorgeous. But not with his grey hair now. I would definitely kiss BB from 30-20 years ago but now he’s a more mature man that attraction isn’t there…..and it’s down to his hair 😮 I do agree though that at least 50% of my attraction is the Lee character…..sorry none of that probably made any sense…..


            • LOL!!! Hiya Jenbo!

              That doesn’t sound crazy to me. Lee Stetson and BB are two completely different concepts in my mind.. one is the Oh so hot spy of my girlhood.. and the other? meh.. he’s just some actor! [who I think is very talented! :)]
              LOL.. but I do understand that a lot (some could argue the majority) of smk fans love BB and find him just as much of a head turner.. Each to their own!!!

              Jenbo, just wanted you to know you are not alone!! [-oh and yes we have those weird toilet dolls in Australia too tee hee!]

              I am still here and reading away at all the smk goodness you guys are coming up with!! Keep it coming!!! 🙂 but my studies keep me too busy for anything but the occasional comment (and if I do more than that I am probably being very naughty!) especially while I am trying to keep regular posts coming..[I am loving this phase of smk!]
              such is life I guess… we just do what we can 🙂 How’s the house packing going?? byeee for now!! [Back to my work!!]


            • Makes sense to me, Jenbo. I’m not turned off by the hair – my husband went grey in his 20’s before I even met him and I wouldn’t want him to color it. For me it’s the middle-age paunch he’s sporting now. He never did have much of a six-pack. And I think it’s more like 75% Lee’s character for me. I say that because I’ve seen him in several other roles and I have to constantly remind myself that he’s not Lee. I always seem to find fault with his acting, but I think it’s because I keep expecting him to act like how I think Lee would act. Even in his newest, Cedar Cove, I keep waiting for Amanda to walk in. Urgh. There’s no escaping it – BB will always be Lee Stetson to me. No one can cock a gun like Lee and no one can sport a dimple, tux or cheek muscle like him either. Numptie in real life – probably! ROFL!! That’s just one reason why I’d not go to a reunion.


              • I actually stay away from movies that have actors in them that I love from other shows. I do it with BB, but also with Viggo Mortenson and other actors from the Lord of the Rings. I also am careful about movies that have Collin Firth in them (I haven’t even seen The King’s Speech yet, but that is a time issue too). If I have fallen in love with a character I can’t watch that actor be anybody else. It’s like I see them with a split personality or something, silly I guess. oh well


                • I LOVE Colin Firth but he will always be Mr Darcy, it was a role just made for him *swoon*


                • Not silly at all, Morley! I wonder why it is so hard to watch BB in any other role than LS. I have no issue with Harrison Ford or Robert Redford in different roles. Maybe it’s because they were only ever a character for a short amount of time unlike BB who was on my tv weekly for 4 years. I even thought it would be weird to see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, but that was okay too. I remember when he was cast as JB and I thought, you’ve got to be kidding! Remington Steele as JB? After seeing him in that role though, I actually really did like him – more so than the blond guy who does it now.


                  • Maybe it is because of who Lee Stetson was. I agree there are plenty of actors that I can easily watch in any role. In fact I will jump at a movie because of the actor. But if I have come to truly love the character and his or her journey I get thrown if I see them being someone else.


                    • Maybe that’s it. I think BB is a very talented actor. I just can’t get my mind to forget LS because I love the character, the journey and the woman he shares it all with.


                    • I enjoy watching BB in other things because he does create such different characters. It was only after watching one full season of him on Babylon 5 where he did a mannerism that was very “Lee”-like, (Unfortunately, I had to return the DVDs to my friend when I only got through half of season 4. I am waiting to borrow them back GRRR!). Now, I will admit having to watch the romantic arc between his character and Deleen is a little annoying because they don’t have the chemistry that he and KJ have. .


                    • I still have yet to see any of B5. I want to give it a try but don’t want to buy the DVD’s and my library doesn’t have them. I haven’t seen the Trons yet either but there are a couple of swoony pics of him I’ve seen online from the second one that I find very swoony.


                • Morley I’m a huge LOTR fan too!!! Aragorn was v swoony! 🙂

                  Whatever you do.. don’t watch the Movie Mamma Mia!!!!!! Ruined Colin Firth for me.. just ruined him!!!! but.. I did love the King’s speech.. I haven’t watched P&P since.. but that may just be a coincidence! 🙂

                  I think Lee Stetson is a one off – deeply embedded in my childhood..

                  I never saw BB in anything else.. never want to.. oh and I don’t have access to Cedar cove either.. but well, I do wish him well and hope his career keeps on keeping on!

                  In real life, I find KJ much more interesting a person.. byee!


                  • Iwsod, we live, eat, breath and sleep the LOTR in my household. Everyone, even the 4 year old knows all about Middle Earth (the little ones know the Hobbit, their oldest brother reads it to them at night, but we eagerly await the time that we can introduce them to the Trilogy).


                    • Morley I own all three movies in the extended version with all the extra features! they are prized posessions.. but again I am weird and haven’t seen or read the Hobbit!!!


                    • Gosh, yet another 6 hours of film to watch! I haven’t seen any of those LOTR movies or The Hobbit. I read them all many, many years ago, but never made it to the movie theater. It sounds like many of you would wholeheartedly recommend that it’s worth the time?!?!


                    • Morley, did you see the Saturday Night Live Hobbit skit with Jennifer Lawrence? We thought it hilarious.


                    • Sarehole Mill beautiful? Um….not any more. When Tolkein lived it was rural but sadly it’s been swallowed up with Birmingham suburb and well it’s just as far from Middle Earth as you can get now 😦


                    • BJo, make that 9 hours, you should probably watch the extended versions, of course that is coming from me who would rather live in Middle Earth.


                    • Oh gees! LOL! You’d rather live in Middle Earth? Now I’m really curious!


                    • BJo, that does sound weird, doesn’t it. I guess I love Middle Earth even though it appears to be full of violence and ugly evil characters because where there is beauty there it is true beauty and wisdom and truth and friendship. I would love to live in Rivendale with the elves. I think I could be very happy there. Yup, I am a dreamer… How did I get so far off from Washington DC, the mafia and a secret agent named Scarecrow and his trusty partner Amanda King?


                    • I have no idea, Morley….no idea. ROFL!!


                  • RE: Colin Firth in Mamma Mia. And the spandexed and sequined Pierce Brosnan (during the credits) caused my husband to howl with laughter. He said it was worth me dragging him to the movie just for that. Still love PB though!


                    • I haven’t seen any of those movies or skits. I wonder if I could find the Hobbit skit on You Tube. I remember Colin Firth squeezing into leather pants in an movie called something like “What a girl wants” A funny image, but I was embarrassed. Fitzwilliam Darcy would never do that. But I do love ABBA’s music.


                    • Morley, I’m blanking which country you are from — if you are in the states, the best bet would be to access the skit through the nbc.com site. Because I am in Canada, it’s blocked from me and NBC is pretty diligent about pulling done videos from youtube. Good luck!


                  • I live 10 mins from Sarehole Mill where Tolkein moved to as a boy and was some inspiration for Middle Earth (that’s where the Hobbits live isn’t it?) Can you tell I am NOT a huge fan 😉
                    I really liked Mamma Mia, I think Pierce Brosnan was worse at singing, I think CF did quite well LOL


                    • I am jealous of anyone who lives in England or New Zealand. My son got to visit the Kilns where CS Lewis and his brother lived. If Sarehole Mill inspired Middle Earth, it must be a beautiful place.


                    • Jenbo, what happened to Sarehole Mill sounds like what happened to Hobbiton at the end of The Return of the King.


                  • Yes, iwsod, KJ is a very interesting person in real life – maybe more so than BB. But something about those eyes of his draws me in and I find it hard to look at anything else. Eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and maybe that’s why I’d take BB with me to that deserted island for a week.


                    • Yep, his eyes and that VOICE! I’d follow that voice anywhere! (True story, Husband was watching Twilight zone in 2000, I was putting the toddler to bed, very pregnant with second child when I heard THAT wonderful voice floating across several rooms. Husband was worried when I suddenly came rushing into the living room with daughter tucked under my arm and rolled his eyes when he realized why I was there. )


                    • LOL! You have a very understanding husband! I love it when he says “No” to Amanda after she asks if he’s going to let go of her car or something at the fast food joint and he’s in his pirate outfit in TFT. He does have an absolutely wonderful voice. Good thing he’s not the pied piper or you and I would be following him all around, husbands or no! LOL!


                    • Ha ha – I mis-remembered the series. It was The Outer Limits – not Twilight Zone and the episode was called “Decompression”. Really well written and acted and worth seeing if you get the chance.


              • I think I am too reserved to go to a reunion, I am not shall we say a “fawn-er”. I find some of the fans are a little bit OTT, he is just a man at the end of the day not some demi-god LOL
                A bit of paunch doesn’t bother me, nor does grey hair generally but I think he had such great hair back in the day I find it a little disappointing now LOL
                I haven’t got Hallmark channel (no idea if it even exists in UK) so can’t each Cedar Cove which is a shame.


              • I would think that a reunion with out Kate Jackson would feel like a funeral to me. I just want to know them in character, no offense to the real people who are the actors. They just did such a good job with their acting that I wouldn’t recognize them outside of their SMK characters I guess.


            • I will be very happy to take BB off all of your hands for you. 🙂

              For me, it’s hard for me to see BB in a romantic role with anyone else but KJ. They had off-the-charts chemistry that is rare and the PTB in the show (yay KJ!) let it simmer naturally.


              • And thank goodness they did let it simmer naturally! I realize this may sound contradictory and somewhat shallow, but paunch and all if I could pick just one person to spend a week with on a deserted island, it would probably be BB. But not for the obvious reasons – get yer minds outta the gutter will ya! I won’t even try to explain why, just know that it is and I’m not ashamed of it.


                • I, too, would gladly take BB then or now. I had actually watched How The West Was Won before SMK. I was a little weirded out when he married Kitty Holcomb as they had played siblings. But I do like a man with some salt and pepper. And don’t mind if there is more salt than pepper. I was in my last year of college and first years of teaching when SMK first aired, so my crush was a little older than school-girl. I think that he has aged gracefully.


                  • He has aged very gracefully – so glad for that and that he didn’t decide to go the route of Kenny Rogers and do some nip/tuck. He doesn’t strike me as the type. Just one more reason to admire.


                • A paunch doesn’t really bother me either – hey, I’ve got one of my own – there’s just this one pic online I’ve seen of him that I wish I could erase from my memory banks!


              • I’ll second that Yeah to KJ! she is my hero!!! well.. heroine! 🙂


              • Yikes! I go away for two days and the thread explodes!!!
                Yep–KJ and BB had unbelievable chemistry and the fact that their journey was left to stroll along instead of forcing them together is just one of the things that makes SMK so magical. KJ and BB and the writing and even the supporting cast all created something magical–but it wouldn’t have been half as good without their chemistry and how they were able to get us to believe… Sigh.
                One of the little things I like about the show is that KJ took on the Amanda look–she didn’t look anything like Sabrina Duncan or Jill Danko (not that I’ve seen The Rookies–I need to find it on netflix or somewhere)… She was totally Amanda.
                I’m not a BB drooler, but I am somewhat of a LS drooler–mainly because of the voice and the eyes, but also how we see that he’s wearing his suit of armour to protect his hurt and the fact that he really is a sensitive soul underneath. (As far as drool-worthy actors I’m more of the Tom Selleck, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Omar Sharif type–give me facial fungus, and at least a little peek of chest hair. 😀


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