3/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So who was watching the slideshow of Amanda?? [turns out it’s not a slideshow though, it’s a video..] It’s Amanda and some creepy guy! Nahhh okay we all know this isn’t Amanda! The creepy guy wants the Anti-Amanda to identify who is in the slideshow.. You know, I really don’t remember very much of this episode at all!!!
Anti-Amanda: Oh Gordon do we really have to go over this again?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000612278
Gordon: Now look, I paid you $100 000 for Treloggen and another $100 000 for Credle. Now I’m willing to go $250 000 for Stetson. Now, for that kind of money, just indulge me.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000621788
Uh oh.. soooo the next target is Lee..
Anti-Amanda points to the screen: Amanda King, her younger son Jamie. [LOL I think she knows how to recognise Amanda King, I mean she looks just like her!!!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000625792
Ugh.. those earrings are awful!! I see she has gotten herself an alcoholic bev there.. she reaches for a cigarette too.. she really is the Anti-Amanda!
Gordon stops her:
I don’t like that!
Anti-Amanda: What?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000633800
Gordon: Amanda King doesn’t smoke. You reek of the stuff
[that’s not all she reeks of Winking smile ]
Anti-Amanda: Spoken like a man with no bad habits!! [cha! other than paying you to kill people  you mean?!]
Gordon: It’s the little things that can give you away.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000640306
Anti-Amanda: Oh Gordon don’t tell me how to do my job. You hired me because I am the best that your money can buy or anyone else’s money can buy.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000647313
Ohhh what a lovely pair these two are.. [Gordon and Anti-Amanda, not the earrings! They’re Ear Buttons!!] ugh!
Gordon doesn’t like arrogance apparently.. seems he learned about this cocky assassin while he was in jail.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000654320
Anti-Amanda has never been arrested.. man.. enough with the drink.. yes we get it.. she’s drinking *gasp* alcohol!!! Winking smile Quick! Lock up your children!!! 😉
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000663329Gordon: …You have to be perfect.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000664831Anti-Amanda: I am perfect. Look at me!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000669836Gordon: I have no complaints with the surgery. I mean the face is-
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000670837Anti-Amanda cuts him off: Is her face! Listen to my voice, it’s her voice. The same speech pattern. I have practiced Amanda 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000675342King for months. I’ve even duplicated her wardrobe [whoa.. and with those ear buttons? now that’s dedication!] …her own mother couldn’t tell the difference.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000680347
I think the Anti-Amanda is psychotic..
Anyone else find this whole concept utterly ridiculous? Or better yet – Anyone thinking this is remotely possible?!! LOL!
They should have just said they cloned Amanda with a magic doorway, I would have found that more believable.. At least with Francine’s double we were just asked to accept it was a freaky coincidence.. to me that’s more believable than having surgery and looking exactly like someone else! And sounding like somebody else? I mean how do you copy Amanda’s croaky fabulous voice? No!
Okay. Okay.. I’ll go with it.. I want to know who the surgeon was- so I can go get my look updated…Hmm now who do I want to look like this year? Hmm..
Gordon isn’t having it: Her mother isn’t the one you have to fool!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000681848
Yeah I’d say both Treloggen and Credle hardly knew Amanda.. if they were suckered into thinking she wanted an affair with them! Lee? well that’s something else entirely! As much as I loathe this concept of look-a-like surgery, I do love all the possibilities it opens up! All the questions.. Will Lee know Amanda well enough to spot the difference?? and of course it gives us a window into how others see Lee and Amanda’s relationship.. they milk this very well for meaning! Smile
Gordon wants to keep practicing:
There’s something that isn’t quite right. I don’t know if it’s the walk..or the way you stand..but err let’s watch it again.
[I think this is key! something isn’t quite right.] Gordon replays the vid..  man he’s annoying.. Maybe it’s worth passing up the $250 000 to just shoot him instead of Lee!
Anti-Amanda snatches the remote of him and stops the video.. she doesn’t want to watch it anymore.. she feels ready.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000698865
Anti-Amanda: I took care of Treloggen, I took care of Credle, I don’t know what makes you think I can’t handle Lee Stetson.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000707874
[wow.. she’s really cocky! but Lee is the BEST!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000710877Gordon: he’s much closer to Amanda King than they were.
Anti-Amanda: well he’s not as close as you thought, is he Gordon?
[tee heee!!] You thought they were lovers. they only work together.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000715382[Darn Gordon.. you went and got Anti-Amanda’s hopes up! LOL! Okay what would Lee have done if Anti-Amanda had tried to seduce him, without yet revealing she’s an assassin?? ohhh what would Lee have done??!!! .. I’ll just have to fill in the blanks there I guess.. LOL!]

Still this is interesting isn’t it!!! someone else- okay someone not at the agency, watching Lee and Amanda and thinking they are an item.. now this I prefer to Credle’s comment about them always working together..lame!! This actually builds on Yuri’s observations in Playing Possum, watching them he saw Lee and Amanda were close.. Here? Gordon took that a step further- very interesting way of hinting to us, the audience, that their relationship is progressing!   2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000715882You know what else I like about this- Gordon is not as wrong as they think he is.. He sees something that is actually true.. Even he could see the love between Lee and Amanda that’s growing.. but well that’s way to subtle for someone like the Anti-Amanda!!
Seems cocky Anti-Amanda doesn’t know
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000719386where Lee works.. wow.. everyone else in DC does.. doesn’t everyone know IFF is a cover? Winking smile she has to wait for Lee to contact 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000729396her.. I thought Gordon had been out for a year, couldn’t he have found out when he was watching Lee and Amanda??!!
Anti-Amanda is on edge and wants this over as much as Gordon does..
Gordon: yeah, not quite Karen… [Karen is it?? ohhhh okay]
…You haven’t spent the last seven years of your life planning it. I have. Six of them in a prison cell he put me in after he killed my brother…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000733400
[Right and I bet you were innocent! Winking smile ] …You know how many I’ve hired to get rid of him? You know how many times they’ve failed?
[LOL.. just how many?? do tell! Does Lee know?! Sooo this week we have a baddie of the bitter, twisted and vengeful variety! ]
Karen: well, you should have come to me 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000742409first. [LOL she’s sooo cocky! very unlike Amanda!!] Listen this weekend, Mrs 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000754421King and her mother and her two boys will be going on a camping trip with the junior trailblazers. Soon as they’re gone, I’ll move in.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000764931Gordon: yes and if Stetson doesn’t contact  you before they’re back?
then I’ll think of something else, Gordon.


Lee Stetson is a dead pigeon!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000774441
Muahahahahaaaa!! Well interesting!! we have Karen saying ‘Dead Pigeon’ hmm.. I’m going to hold off till the end to discuss this one.. I think the title has multiple meanings- like a lot of smk titles it works on a number of different levels.. If you guys want to discuss your ideas feel free.. I’ll cover it when I get to the end.. LOL if I forget can someone remind me??!!
So you lovin Karen? Gordon is sooo annoying!

The script on smkland is a first draft, and Karen’s name is ‘Gerta van Halem’ – how weird!! I wonder why they changed it?!
I found where that name came from! the unit production manager on the tegernsee, geisterschloss and times they are a changing eps was none other than ‘Gerhard von Halem’ 🙂 guess they were at one stage looking to tip their hat to him.. Poor Gerhard! Then again, maybe he didn’t want to be a female baddie! 🙂
I was thinking Karen sounds like a made up name.. Also, I think we are only given the name ‘Karen’ no last name.. so it makes Karen’s character even more mysterious.. she can be anyone! if you pay her enough money and give her enough time to heal from surgery and practice voice patterns! whooooo! Winking smile
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000776443
KJ is doing a fantastic job being a baddie and must have relished this chance to be someone different- KJ actually plays more than two characters in this episode. She plays Amanda,  Karen the assassin, but also Karen the assassin pretending to be Amanda.. whooooo.. tricky!!

I bet Karen wishes she took on Amanda’s persona during her longer hair pretty phase.. haa!! err except I am sure Karen is relieved not to have to wear those headbands Amanda was so fond of! 😉

Amanda, Dotty and the boys pack the car and are off on their trip..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000786953
Amanda: oh come on mother you know you’re looking forward to it!
Phillip: Sure grandma you’re going to have a neat time!

Errr Dotty doesn’t respond to that.. LOL she is not looking forward to it!

Love Dotty’s reaction to Amanda’s reveal that she has  a whistle!
Dotty: what are you gonna be whistling for?
[ It’s just like in the sound of music!! Smile]
Phillip: Eeeeeeverything.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000794961
Dotty flatly: Like what.
[oh my.. someone tell Dotty she doesn’t have to go!!] Amanda whistles a bunch of different whistling combinations while the boys call out what they mean..: Dinner!!! Lights Out!!!! Fasten your seatbelts!!!!! [LOL!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000796963
Dotty: Amanda, if you happen to see a bear, would you mind whistling??
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000800967

Off they go!!!!
Hey that’s a view of the house we rarely get to see!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000816483
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000816983Here comes Amanda’s car down the drive.. are we sure that isn’t the car view we see in the driveway sometimes? I don’t know! Smile
Did you guys notice how when she pulls out of her driveway Amanda doesn’t even look both ways to check the street she is driving into?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000823490
She is turning around and looking at the boys in the back seat when she pulls out.. ha haaa.. well I guess you can do that when it is a movie set your driving on.. [I think it’s because it’s not KJ driving the car, but a stand in.. as KJ is playing Karen at this moment]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000826993
As they leave they drive past Karen waiting in a car out on the street.. once they’ve left, she gets out and helps herself to the house…OH my…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_000834501
what do you think of that cardigan everyone?? [Okay I know that doesn’t look like the front seat of a Desoto- but any other car interior the inspiration here?? 😉 ] Actually, to me she looks like a court jester! What a joke!! 😉 Love how Karen has the Nikes! Guess what.. 15 minutes into this episode and Lee and Amanda still haven’t seen each other! Ugh!!

Well I better finish up there for the moment.. I’d love to hear your thoughts! byeee and back with more soon!

34 responses to “3/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Lol I bet Karen wishes she would have taken on Amanda’s persona when she had the longer hair! OMG you crack me up!

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  2. “yes we get it.. she’s drinking *gasp* alcohol!!!” They do make a big deal out of Anti-Amanda drinking and smoking. Now if it she rolled up a bill and started snorting cocaine, or maybe a little crack, I could understand the fuss ;). LOL! Wouldn’t that have shocked audiences back then! Guess that’s another reason why I like the show so much, it’s charmingly and relatively innocent. Don’t see much of that nowadays, we’re hardened as a society to the rougher elements and expect to see the seedier side of life on shows. I prefer uplifting to corse. Wow, excuse the diatribe! Must be something in my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies tonight…..or maybe it was the chicken salad!
    Oh yes, Iwsod, only a magic doorway used for cloning makes more sense than this plot contrivance. Hmmmm, maybe a magic doorway leads to the rabbit hole, or shall we use French, les lapin hole. lol!


  3. I totally agree that Lee would have known almost right away that it wasn’t Amanda if Karen had tried to seduce him. Or, it might be more accurate to say he would know that Amanda wasn’t herself — after all, how could he be expected to guess there was a doppelganger running around out there? (Although I guess in smk world these things happen). From my dim memories of watching this episode as a child, I kind of expected to see Anti-Amanda running around with Lee a bit working on cases, but he barely even sees her. (Makes all that elaborate plastic surgery and planning seem a little wasted). I think he would have known it wasn’t Amanda if they had spent any time at all together. The writers must have realized this, although Karen doesn’t; she is apparently so cocky she thinks she can impersonate Amanda doing anything, up to and including backgammon. So the writers don’t have her trying the same M.O., and they don’t have her spend much time with Lee.


    • I agree. I think that if Anti-Amanda (by the way, I like that term, if I didn’t say so before 🙂 ) had tried coming on to Lee, his first question would have been something like “Are you feeling alright?” He probably would have thought she was going crazy if her behavior changed so suddenly, especially if he met up with the real Amanda later and she denied doing any such thing. Ah, the perils of having an evil twin. 😛


      • Exactly… that is why I thought of that fan fic…

        They really do know each other well, don’t they? I don’t think anyone really knows either one of them better. And maybe they are going to figure that out….? maybe?

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      • Hmmmm… I wonder whether this episode was actually meant to go after Delirious on Arrival… in which case Lee would have seen Amanda acting daft and un-Amanda when she was drugged… and he’d be more likely to take it in stride (oh–she’s acting odd ‘cos she’s drugged again) aside from being concerned about her being drugged.
        Does that make any sense?


        • I think I see what you mean. Actually, I wonder if they toyed with the idea of having Lee take Amanda to the hospital because of her odd behavior instead of the whole gas/snake thing. If he thought she was acting weird because she was drugged, it would make sense.


        • Yes, I have episode order questions too (mostly though so that Lee’s comment to Francine at the beginning of DOA makes more sense)
          Oh and BTW that fan fic I mentioned puts this ep after DOA too for the very reason you bring up KC.


        • Hi Valerie! thanks for sharing your thoughts on Lee and his reaction to a seduction!
          You’ve put together some great thoughts there!
          Yep! It makes sense don’t worry I guess Redding’s way in with all the agency men was Amanda.. they just had to go a different route because Lee was much closer to Amanda – well after all they are partners.. Do you think because they found out they’re not lovers that they figured there was nothing like that between them at all? Hmm.. Well Redding should have trusted his instincts.. he was sort of right about them being lovers – they are very close! Karen I suspect wouldn’t have a clue about Love.. just about tempting married men into a hotel room – which is something else entirely!

          Hi Melissa R! sorry to ask you a toughy! Yeah this out of character thing is looking pretty good.. Ah! that something in her eyes.. What is it??!!! [I’m practicing the Socratic Method!]
          Yeah I agree with you Melissa Lee’s relationship with Amanda is very precious.. he doesn’t want to screw it up.. or anything else to..I think we see evidence of this in future eps! sooo I’ll bring that up when we get to it..

          Who hoo! thanks for joining in HappyCamper! Yes you are right about not guessing about the doppleganger! Not even the best agent would think of that one! 😉 You are sooooo right! Lee and Amanda still haven’t even seen each other and we are practically half way through the episode! (well I mean from where we are up to at the end of post four) – it’s weird! Ahh Karen being cocky with her impersonation was brought up in post four – I questioned that maybe she’s not as confident in her ability to convince Lee as she sounded when she was bragging..

          Very true Morley! that super important idea that they really know each other! Actually when Karen bragged to Gordon that not even Amanda’s own mother would recognise her – I wondered.. would Dotty??!!! Yeah okay. I think she would! but then I also thought that in some big ways – Lee knows Amanda even better than her mother does! 🙂 now that I like!!! byeee!!

          I read that fanfic Morley.. the one you recommended.. where was the seduction scene? It seemed more like an alternate universe than a fill in the blanks.. it rewrote the ending.. I wasn’t expecting that! but was it the right story I read? An Easy Mark??

          Thanks guys! Lovin hearing all your thoughts and discussion! it really broadens our understanding of the characters and well. it’s fun! 🙂


          • You read he right one. I forgot that they end it differently, I guess I never read it that far. The first chapter is where she tries to lure him upstairs in a hotel. I like the way Lee stops her. It goes along with what we all have been saying here. I guess the ending has to change because Lee knows that something is up, just like everyone has mentioned, so it changes the story line, I guess.


  4. The Anti-Amanda is so harsh! I wonder if KJ really enjoyed getting a chance to play such a cold, hard killer? She really does a great job, especially since Amanda is such a contrast! Although I think it is funny that even the Anti-Amanda has been sucked into the whole big, fugly earring, man-shirt thing too! LOL! I mean, she may have duplicated Amanda’s wardrobe, but to wear it even when she’s not trying to be Amanda? Not possible!!!

    Gordon is right – something isn’t quite right…wonder what that could be? Hmmm, perhaps something only someone who knows her, I mean really knows her and lov – , oops I mean cares about her as a friend would pick up on??
    ROFL!! Shoot Gordon instead! Yes, please do!!! She’s already gotten $200,000 from him, why be greedy?

    Okay – so how does the Anti-Amanda know that Lee and Amanda aren’t lovers? Gordon thought they were, Credle thought they were…who told her they weren’t?

    Ahh, the cardi…argyle like Lee’s socks…and big shoulder-ma-pads. Ho Hum. I’m so glad it’s no longer the 80’s.

    As far as what would Lee think of the Anti-Amanda seducing him…I think he would really be confused. I think he would initially give in, but would stop shortly thereafter because it would have felt different. They’ve already kissed three times (well two, but in SOS it counts for two, right?) and the SOS kisses were so soft and sweet that I think Lee would have sensed a difference in that respect. He would have believed Amanda had a crush on him, but with the different feeling in the actual kiss couple with how he views Amanda as being very moral, it would have caused him to step back and wonder if he’d fallen down his own rabbit hole.


    • Hiya Morley! oh cool 😉 glad you could see what I mean’t.. there are advantages and disadvantages to fan fic I guess 🙂

      ‘I think there’s a fan fic on that’ could be code for: Hmm I don’t want to answer that question! 😉 haaaa..

      Seriously though, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ll have to read the fan fic now- and see if you agree with it’s interpretation! 🙂
      I’m actually still thinking this idea through – which is why I was so fascinated to hear what you all think.. I’m still thinking through how Lee sees her.. how he would know it’s not her.. what we’ve learned up to this point.. this plays into the upcoming scene we get of Lee being fooled by Karen.. can’t wait to get there!

      I agree Morley I think whatever happened – Lee would have been freaked out if Amanda had tried to seduce him! I think it was at the end of ship of spies that I said Amanda accepting their friendship and not looking for anymore from him was perfect for Lee.. unintentionally so.. Amanda ‘knows’ he isn’t looking for marriage – and so she doesn’t look for a romantic relationship with Lee. From season 1 on she’s put him in the friend category – Lee is free to get his head and heart sorted out without any pressure.. but with her friendship, acceptance and support.. 🙂 Given I see it this way- I think a seduction attempt would give him conniptions! 🙂

      Morley so glad you mentioned FRaul – very true..

      Ohh I reserve the right to change my mind –LOL isn’t that a great way to stat a sentence?!- but I see Lee as not ready for a Utopia Now scenario for a while.. there are some big episodes coming up 🙂 and.. since we haven’t covered it yet I’ll leave it there for now! 🙂 but can’t wait to hear what you think!!!!

      Morley your idea that Lee would have known because Amanda wouldn’t do that is interesting.. why didn’t Karen attempt the same tactic on Lee that had worked so well with Treloggen and Credle?? begs the question! She knows they aren’t lovers.. but then Amanda wasn’t lovers with either of the other two men either.. I guess it’s the fact that Lee knows Amanda much much better.. ?? So she doesn’t risk it?? Oh dear. this is addressed in my next post.. should be up in the next 24 hours 🙂

      BJo thanks for sharing your idea on this also! 🙂
      you think if Lee had kissed her- he would have known not immediately? or known immediately? given they have now kissed a few times and that last kiss in ship of spies was wow!! 🙂 lol.. loved how you brought it back to that darn rabbit hole!! 😉

      Bjo I loved this line of yours ‘ Shoot Gordon instead! Yes, Please do!! She’s already gotten $200,000 from him, why be greedy?’ that had me rofl!!! good one! 🙂

      Anyone else like to share their thoughts on what would have happened if Karen tried to seduce Lee?? 🙂 Poor Cindy! I hope you are not too traumatised by this question!! 🙂

      Aha!!! and glad it wasn’t just me thinking dude looks like a lady BJo.. with all that mascara. oh my.. I never wanted to type that about Lee.. never! haaaa!!
      I know.. he just came off a night of undercover work – as a transvestite?! maybe?? 😉 serving his country.. taking scum off the streets.. ahem..

      I hope it’s not cheeky of me to hold off a little in pulling together my thoughts on Lee/Karen/Amanda and any seduction.. I will get my head around it by the time we get to the hospital scene!! but BJo and Morley, your ideas have helped a lot! thank you!!

      BTW- I updated the post with the Ricky Stout info.. I couldn’t find where I said it so just wanted to make sure I also said: Brilliant discovery Bjo! thanks for your help 🙂

      Okay.. byee from me.. it’s very late here in oz.. have a great day everyone.. Byeee!


      • I know.. he just came off a night of undercover work – as a transvestite?! maybe?? 😉 serving his country.. taking scum off the streets.. ahem.. ROFL!! Too funny! I like that explanation. He has to go undercover in that role a lot though… 😉 Just glad we only had to see the make-up and not the outfit.

        I think Lee would have known a few seconds into a kiss with the Anti-Amanda that something was up….not that Amanda couldn’t kiss Lee passionately, but don’t think he’d expect it. She’s just a flippin’ suburban housewife, ya know!


      • Here are a few thoughts of mine on Lee’s reaction to Karen’s possible seduction. I think that he would know right away that it wasn’t Amanda. Lee’s feelings and ideas about Amanda and the type of person she is were firmly supported by the events that took place in Spiderweb. He was very sure of what type of person Amanda is and was not swayed by her possibly being a spy. I think he knows her strength of character. He also knows by her reactions in Weekend,Ship of Spies, and TGTN how she feels about marriage and sharing a bed or room with someone. In the time he’s known her he has not seen any dramatic changes in her character or her nature. This would be a dramatic change or shift if she were to suddenly start coming on to him.

        If Karen and Gordon were doing such heavy surveillance of Amanda, Lee, Credle, and Treloggen they probably noticed that Amanda was only seen regularly with Lee. They would have seen that she really had no connection with other two other than possibly through Lee. She wasn’t really a common denominator other than in a working situation. We do learn that Redding must have known that all three men worked together and maybe assumed that Amanda knew them through Lee. Lee was more of the common denominator than Amanda. Hope this all makes some sense.


      • Melissa Robertson

        AA seducing Lee…hummmm…that’s a toughy! I think he would really think that something was wrong because that is definitely out of character for the true Amanda. He would have known that something wasn’t right when he looked into her eyes. He might have even felt it wasn’t the true Amanda in the AA’s touch.

        IMHO he would have done everything in his power to not allow it to happen because I don’t think he would want to risk damaging their friendship. IMHO in his mind she is more than just a work partner (but he just doesn’t realize it yet) or another black book entry.


  5. Hey–if Amanda had gone undercover as Karen pre-surgery, we’d know where they got the plot for the movie Face/Off from!

    BTW if they really do consider name meanings on this show then they stuffed up with Karen–which means “pure”. 😀 Why couldn’t they have gone with Gerta?!?!?

    Oh, yeah… that could be the front of Amanda’s car we see in the driveway… not the back of the car! (Slaps head.) But… it does look like brake lights not headlights. I dunno. Just blame it on too long down the rabbit hole trying to track who’s been jumping into whose closet stealing their ties! 😀

    If Karen was a heavy smoker, then how’d she get rid of the nicotine stains? (She did manage to copy Amanda’s jewellery, though.) 😀 Never mind… our heads will explode thinking of all the “buts”–again, that’s why we love SMK! 🙂

    “They should have just said they cloned Amanda with a magic doorway…”
    Like the, uh.., they-really-made-it-look-like-that Golden Circle doorway in TGTN? 😀

    I bet KJ did have a great time with this episode, and it shows how great she is. 🙂 (And don’t forget, she actually played Amanda playing a different Karen in TLCE… so how many variations of Amandas and Karens is that?!?!? ROFL!)

    Poor Dotty. She really should have stayed home… but that would ruin the plot. Amanda is so lucky to have her, though… without Dotty she couldn’t run off to help Lee all the time!


  6. Oh my word. AA’s shirt has sails lmao! yes IWSOD wearing those earrings is a sign of dedication 😉
    The whole plot is ludicrous but I still enjoy this episode if I don’t concentrate too hard.
    AA I think is a bit sloppy for an assassin. Of course reeking of booze and cigarette smoke is going to be a mahoosive giveaway. Far too self assured which becomes more laughable the more she fails to achieve her aim. Considering all the other representations of assassins I’ve seen on screen (precise, methodical, anal) she looks like an amateur. And a boozy one at that. Oh that wanna be argyle cardi…..hideous.
    Gordon…..proof indeed that prison doesn’t always rehabilitate. Man he sure knows how to hold a grudge!
    Poor Dotty. Couldn’t she just say no I won’t go camping?!


    • LOL! Amanda wears this shirt when we first see her in DOADOA, but with light tan slacks and without the matchy-matchy earrings! 😀 (Karen really *did* duplicate Amanda’s wardrobe! ROFL!)


  7. I think Karen would have found it hard to fool Billy for long, but I think a Karen and Francine scene would have been a blast! Interesting that Gordon noticed something wasn’t quite right, probably the insincerity of the niceness Amanda exhibits so naturally. And, yes, the cockiness of Karen is sooo over the top – anybody that cocky usually makes a mistake.


  8. I do like this episode for what it brings out about Amanda and Lee and how close they’ve gotten. Once I realized (after that crazy beginning scene) that it wasn’t really Amanda I kind of let some of the preposterousness of the situation go and just enjoyed KJ acting abilities. She had to have been having a ball with these next couple of episodes. It had to be confusing to remember what character she was and she just seemed to slip effortlessly back and forth. She stayed true to Amanda and was able to bring out this reprehensible anti-Amanda.

    Seven years is a long time to hold a grudge. Why not just take the money and run? Obviously he didn’t learn anything while in prison. Interesting how Gordon handles his brother’s death and how Vic handled Malcolm’s death. I guess taking out spies is easier than taking on the mob.


    • I agree, KJ does a great job switching between Amanda and Anti-Amanda. When they’re talking, you can hear the difference between them, even though it’s the same person and the same voice for both. The difference in their attitudes and personalities comes across well. I think Debilyn is right, that what Karen is missing is Amanda’s natural niceness and that it shows even when she’s playing the part of Amanda.


  9. Melissa Robertson

    This is not one of my favorite episodes, but I do like it that Lee knows the true Amanda!

    I think that KJ does a fabulous job with the different characters.

    I’ve read a fanfic where Dean comes to the house to get Amanda back and he comes to the back to see Karen with the huge gun that’s rigged to blow Lee away. He gets scared and hightails it back to his place…it was a funny read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. About Gordon, Iwsod wrote,”man he’s annoying.. Maybe it’s worth passing up the $250 000 to just shoot him instead of Lee!”
    Tee hee, that cracked me up.
    And the anti Amanda appears to be wearing the PP uniform shirt with out the PP on it.
    And as unbelievable it is that someone could look and sound exactly as someone else you are right that it opens up so many different possibilities to explore the characters and their relationships. What is it about a person that makes them uniquely them? And what is it about another person that we truly love and know and how do we recognize it when it is there?
    Oh and there is a fan fic about the anti Amanda trying to seduce Lee. Again I don’t know the name of it but I think it can be found on Petra’s site. She has a place where she has listed the fan fics that go with each episode. It is a good one, true to the characters and their relationship. If I get a chance today I will go look for it.


    • That fan fic is on Petra’s site, in the section called Scenarios and Cyphers and under the sub section “filling in the blanks” It is called “An Easy Mark”


    • Thanks Morley, chuffed to hear you liked that one! 🙂 This opinion (shoot Gordon, save Lee!) I think is growing as I watch this episode.. ugh!! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to find the fan fic Morley!

      I’ll try and get to it.. funny! What do I make of it when I ask – what do you all think Lee would do if Karen tried to seduce him? and the response I get is: there’s a fanfic on that –

      Whahahaaaaa! tee hee.. does that mean that err no one wants to discuss it? haaaaa! Someone fill me in on the code for that!! what does it mean? 😉

      I prefer to think of what I know of the characters and explore this way [if anyone is interested in discussing with me that is!] .. fan fic for me is a view of what the author thinks could have happened.. but there could be many different views on this – there will be – because there is no right or wrong answer.. it’s just exploring characters and swapping ideas..

      Soooo anyone like to have a stab at what they think Lee would have done?? It’s an interesting way to explore where we think Lee’s character is at at this point..

      I will get on to the fanfic in the next few days.. if you say it’s a good one. You know I am not much of a fan fic reader [ 😦 naughty me] though if someone recommends one I’m more likely to read it!
      but.. I’d rather hear what you all think: that is if you’d like to share! 🙂

      Melissa having Dean run away scared (probably to find his mother) sounds – Hilarious!! Even funnier when you know there’s a Dean mention in the very next post!!! 🙂 It got cut from the script and I’ve included it!! haa!

      BJo’s back!!! Hooray!!! Missed ya!!! I’ll try and respond later today BJo.
      Okay! gotta run! byee everyone..


      • Anti-Amanda seducing Lee? That would be too hilarious and/or embarrassing and/or traumatic to watch.


      • Iwsod, you are totally right. When I read your question about what if AA had tried to seduce Lee, I immediately thought of the fan fic and that is the problem with reading other peoples thoughts because you don’t think your own. Or at least I don’t if I like the fan fic. So I gave it some thought.
        I think if Karen had tried that the gig would have been up instantly. She may have been able to pull that on Treeloggin and Credle, but Lee would have known that, at the very least, there was something really wrong with Amanda and I bet he would have suspected that someone was using her is some way, messing with her in some way to get to him. He would know that Amanda wouldn’t do such a thing, the closest she ever got to that was FR, but they know each other so much more now, I couldn’t imagine the “real” Amanda behaving like that now, throwing caution (and their friendship) to the wind. Karen would not have gotten very far at all. That is what I think.
        But I do wonder if Karen had tried to seduce him, if we wouldn’t have had a Utopia Now like episode a little sooner than we did because it would have brought Lee’s emotional reaction to Amanda a little bit further to the surface? Or maybe it would have the opposite effect and Lee’s initial gut level reaction to an Amanda pursuing him might have scared him and made him run further away…? That would be fun to think about.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think I’d go sort of with your second hypothesis, Morley–Lee would’ve been scared off… maybe even a little bit turned off ultimately. Amanda treated him as Lee–a person–not Scarecrow–a sex object–which is one of the things that made her different from other women he’d experienced. He might be turned on in the moment, but I think it would ultimately be detrimental to his perception of, and feelings for, her.
          Maybe. I’ve had to slap myself twice today, so who knows if that makes any sense at all… :p


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