5/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

The siblings Lee and Amanda (Oh dear.. typing that is just soooo wrong!!) make their way out of the elevator hunting for their rooms..

Lee: Let’s see—202 and 205
Amanda: 202!
(Amanda finds her room..)
Lee: All right.
Lee: Yeah, here we are.

[whoooo nice and close Winking smile ]
Amanda: Think they oughtta allow brothers and sisters on the same floor?
Lee unlocks his door: We’re lucky we got in the same hotel. This place is packed.  How’s it look?
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163040.838(Amanda looks into her room, then back at Lee.)
Amanda: Great view of the parking lot.
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163042.839Sorry these pics are a little blurry..
[haaa it’s such a normal conversation when you find your room huh! I’m sure the view in Lee’s room is much better.. Lee is in it! Smile ]
Lee: Ahh…
(Amanda picks up her bag and moves into her room. Lee unlocks his door and looks into his room.)
Lee: Yeah, I know what you mean.
(It ain’t the cumberland huh.. Lee should have known what to expect.. he’s already been to a foxrun motel room in an earlier scene!) Lee heads into his room.

1surprise.. what the.... Okay- did you guys see it?! A REAL DOOZIE!!!
Just what did ‘brother and sister (not)’ Lee and Amanda get up to in that elevator between the reception and their floor?
rofl smiley
Amanda on ground floor:
Amanda on second floor:
Amanda has changed her shirt!! whahahahaha!!!! slap happy
Hooo haaaa…In love did Lee and Amanda get up to something very non brother and sister-ish???!!!
Gee maybe she realised she’d been wearing it the night before…
and it was time to change?  whahahaha!! Oh smk.. I love this about you!! you just never know what you’ll find Smile sooo keep your eyes peeled everyone.. I am certain I don’t see everything there is to see! (as KC’s vehicle patrol posts will attest to! Smile )

Anyway, moving on and it’s time to head to the multipurpose room! How exciting!!
[what does it say on the curb there? ‘umbia visitors’? What is it? Would smk have done an exterior shot at Columbia Pictures? well according to wikipedia Warners shared Burbank studios with them.. so maybe that’s what it is? what do you think? I’ll keep an eye out for this exterior shot throughout to see if we get a better view!]
Honestly, that froggy burger thing is creeping me out! Even more creepy than the Ronald McDonald clown!
Inside.. and things get even creepier..the creepy burger has his own song!
This really does have a Connie Beth cosmetics flavour to it!! A slightly unhinged…  weird alternate reality!
They sing along with the piano  “Let’s Go To Marvin’s”. S
cary.. truly scary! Be careful Lee and Amanda!!
People (singing):
Let’s go to Marvin’s, and bite into a smile…
We know you love burgers, so we go that extra mile…
[eh? bite into a smile? you lost me.. the song just plain bites!]
We see Carla and Barry singing.. and a whole crowd of suckers attendees..
More singing: With juicy double patties, cheese, tomatoes, onions too. Served any way you like them, ‘cause we make them just for you…
Oh roflmbo!!!! Lee and Amanda are managing to sing along and keep a straight face!
Lee and Amanda seem to be having fun and trying to get the words right Winking smile FFFT1.avi_20150419_163116.371
Interesting.. this is the second time we’ve seen them singing together no?? or is there more?? anyone??
[Yes.. blurry.. this ep has been tough – lots of blurring.. but hey you can see Lee’s smiling at Amanda 🙂 )
More singing: So let’s go to Marvin’s, they go that extra mile. Let’s go to Marvin’s…
… and bite into a smile.
(The singing stops. Everyone smiles, applauds and cheers.)[that’s probably because the singing has stopped yes?! ]
Woman’s voice: Hear, hear!
Carla’s again taking the lead at the podium: And now, ladies and gentlemen… The man who knows what America wants to find between two buns…
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163132.391(The lights are dimmed..)
And the founder of a movement sweeping this great land… Marvellous Marvin Metz!
[a movement?!]
Marvin makes a creepy entrance by bursting through the Marvin creepy burger!
Arghhh!!! the creepy burger is alive!!
Marvin: Ha-hah ha-hah! … It’s Marvellous Marvin!
FFFT1.avi_20150419_163142.901[Um I don’ t think you are suppose to call yourself Marvellous.. and do Americans spell that with one ‘l’? I spell it with two..
Hey the guy at that first table in the beard does not seem to be clapping as heartily as the others!
Do we meet him.. no don’t tell me!! Maybe he’s creeped out by the burger with eye glasses and skinny legs too!

Marvin: Ha-hah! So good to see you all.
Oh nooooo not again!!!!! the piano starts up .. and it’s time for the same song .. again!
I’ve got it.. this is a cult! they’re trying to wear you down Lee and Amanda be careful!!
Is Marvin good?? or evil?? or.. teetering on the edge? (Maybe he’s heard this song too many times?!)
It’s time for Lee to make his move..(alas not on Amanda.. but on the case!) he whispers to Amanda: This is gonna last about another half hour. I’m gonna disappear and see what I can find.
I’d better come with you. FFFT1.avi_20150426_171255.014
[I’m hearing: please don’t make me stay here and sing this crappy song!]
Lee: No, you won’t.
You need a lookout.
Amanda takes Lee’s arm and turns him around toward the exit,…
love how Amanda doesn’t even look at Lee!
Lee goes to resist.. but.. it’s pointless Winking smile FFFT1.avi_20150426_171312.390
(breathes deeply and pauses): Uh. All right.
Lee starts walking away.. and Amanda follows him..
…with a little smile.. that Lee doesn’t even really resist her anymore Winking smile me thinks!

We cut to the stage..
The singing continues..
this is a very-scary-place!!!
Carla looks adoringly at Marvin.. is it for real? or is she playing him?? The scene ends there.. so I shall too!
gotta go play some music and get that awful (burger) flippin tune out of my head!!
Would love to hear what you think of these scenes.. or the ep so far.. or any questions? gripes? theories? do tell!  (You guys are awesome at resisting jumping ahead!!! thank you!!) byee for now!

17 responses to “5/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I don’t know which song is worse – this or the Connie Beth cult. I really pity the actors for the time they probably had to spend learning those – especially Kate who got to do it twice!


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  3. Oh man oh man…..how big are the bloomin’ badges. The size of a dinner plate LOL
    Urgh forced fake happy clappy sing along….that would make me run a mile. I really don’t get the point of them tbh…..other than a lame attempt of brainwashing. Maybe that sinister looking burger bun is a friend of Lester the duck lmao
    I am surprised that logo doesn’t give small kids nightmares…..seriously creepy, the glasses just make it look even worse.

    So lovely that Lee has finally learned to just let Amanda tag along. Don’t fight it, go with the flow, it’s just easier. Disappointed that Amanda manages to change her shirt in one ride in the lift and chooses not to wear her free t shirt.

    Carla looks positively possessed in that last picture! She’s pretty scary looking.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The only part of this that I enjoy watching is Lee’s smile. I think he and Amanda are just enjoying being on a case together. I tend to think Amanda’s jab about brothers and sisters being on the same floor is just to continue to point out to Lee how ridiculous that was. I think she may still be dismayed that he has yet t discuss these things with her. Is there a point to Lee’s comment about how filled up the hotel was???
    All that singing and morale building would do just the opposite for me. get me out of there asap!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good grief this is a terrible song!! I think it feels worse than the Connie Beth one because of the repeats. What really makes it more corny is the fact that each person has sheet music.
    – Can everyone at the Marvellous Marvin weekend read music?? Really?
    – Does anyone need sheet music for a song so outrageously simple?

    Doesn’t make sense that Lee would look so jolly about singing along. He’s exactly the kind of person who I’d expect wouldn’t sing along in this type of situation. (Amanda, of course, would). Is he smiling because of the close proximity to Amanda? It’s the only reasonable explanation!

    About Amanda’s change of blouse: maybe while consuming the complimentary burger which she was given (off-camera 😉 ) along with the t-shirt, cap and buttons, Amanda spilt Marvin’s special sauce on her blouse (but narrowly missed her jumper). Ever the gentleman where Amanda is concerned, Lee looked the other way while Amanda changed blouses in the lift. How’s that for a boring, non-gutter explanation? 🙂

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    • I’m just imagining Amanda was wearing the white blouse in the lobby too. It’s easier that way. (That blue plaid blouse was heinous anyway :-/ )


    • I think I’m relieved that Lee brought Amanda rather than Francine. It would have just been too too painful to have to watch her struggle through this song. Never thought about the sheet music — too funny that they are taking their song so seriously!

      Iwsod, that pic of Marvin coming out of the hamburger looks like a B-rated version of Alien. Don’t the burger patties look a little bit like intestines in the background? Ewww…. So glad there is now a new episode post up so I can move along quickly.

      (Oh, great catch on Amanda’s shirt, Iwsod. I do think Learjet nailed it with her explanation.)


    • I figured Lee’s jolly singing was him playing the cover..

      Rofl.. Learjet has filled in the gap! That’s brilliant.. special sauce.. and a gentlemanly moment – genius Learjet 🙂
      non-gutter is best here 🙂 PG! PG! It’s PG! but heck.. if they want the show to be PG, don’t be changing shirts in the elevator on us! 😉 especially when Amanda is alone with the hunky spy and we didn’t see what was going on in there!
      But.. right.. okay..special sauce, gentlemanly turning of back.. done! swoony and relevant to plot 🙂
      Thanks learjet!

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    • I bet Amanda could change her shirt in front of Lee without having to take that sweater off. I know I could. It’s amazing what you can learn to do when you’re all dirty and sweaty from a softball game but are sharing the bus ride back to school with the boys baseball team 🙂


  6. Man, there’s a lot of cheesiness in this episode thus far. Cheesy logo, cheesy uniforms, cheesy hotel, cheesy song, cheesy cover, it’s a bit much. Maybe Lee was so busy searching and being concerned about Eddie he wasn’t really paying attention to how bad the room was.

    Amanda’s question about allowing brothers and sisters to be on the same floor seems odd to me. I would understand it if they were feuding or something, but these two are supposed to be owning a franchise together, why wouldn’t they be on the same floor? Maybe she was dropping another subtle/not so subtle hint to Lee, it’s just that brother/sister thing is just so creepy.

    Lee still needs some work in the lone agent department and trying to leave Amanda behind. He still tries it, but Amanda is no longer going for it. It’s a lot like she was in RFTS. At least he doesn’t push back like he used to and relents.


    • I do think Amanda’s comment was a bit of a dig, Valerie, albeit a friendly one. I don’t think she is quite ready to let that one rest yet!


  7. The Marvelous Marvin’s song ranks right up there with the Connie Beth song on my list of stupid morale-building songs that probably secretly kill morale with every forced singing. 😛 Seriously, does anyone really like pep-rally jingles like this? When they did stuff like this at school, I’d just pretend to sing. The only real bright point I can see to these things is thinking up alternate lyrics:

    Let’s go to Marvin’s, they go that extra mile
    in their bright red jackets (they think that they’re in style)
    with that smiling burger urging us to eat his friends,
    and this ear-worm jingle, the fun sure never ends!
    Or we could just go get coffee, that would make me smile.
    Let’s go to Starbucks, there’s one just one more mile!
    (they have food, too)

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yeah, cheesy song. And all the red gets me, too. And the guy clapping half-heartedly who is conspicuously NOT wearing red. Do you think he’s supposed to mean something?!?


    • I’d be in the corner with you, pretending to sing 🙂


    • LOL – your song cracks me up! Why is it that after thirty years we can still remember these corny songs word for word??? That is more dangerous to me and my mental health than any french fry or burger on the planet.


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