7/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning and Amanda receives a parcel from Gordon- special delivery!..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001493660
Nice touch how Gordon scrutinises Amanda’s features as her head is bent signing for the parcel!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001511678
Hmm shame Lee didn’t warn her to be careful..or tell her not to go home without him.. or tell her about the shotgun! Aie!!
I think it’s amazing Amanda stays alive Winking smile [Then again I guess Lee doesn’t think Amanda is in danger because she didn’t kill Redding’s brother! 😉 ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0015337002.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001535702
Amanda opens the parcel and gets a big breath full of some gas
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001536236
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001538505 that knocks her out,
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001543209
Ohhh looky.. a pretty striped snake that looks mean,
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001544210
hungry and dangerous managed to stay in the box when Amanda threw it across the room and then crawl out on cue! ta da! [when she tossed the box, it was empty.. as you would have guessed! Winking smile ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001538772
Amanda lying on the floor next to the snake..  unconscious.. Uh oh!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001552218
I always wondered what that snake was.. the script says it’s a deadly coral snake..but I found this on the net:
snakeI’m thinking it’s a milk snake.. and non-venomous! Phew.. this could have been really scary! Winking smile  Nah.. I still don’t like seeing a snake crawling around eek!!! even if it is pretty! 

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001565231Right on time.. Lee arrives –he goes to the front door and rings the doorbell? wha???? Why would he do that??!!! Especially after last time! so weird! Maybe he likes the idea of being able to come in through the front door.. Lee’s unconscious desire for a family and a real home is influencing him! [hey! it’s just a theory! Otherwise.. this makes no sense to me!] -I think the only reason they had Lee come to the front door again was to build the suspense.. not needed! snake on floor!!! Lee rings the doorbell again.. Snakey! go answer the door!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001572739Well Lee walks around the back whooo now he’s starting to worry!
Oh get this! when I ripped the dvd to my computer ( so I could take pics) looks like it had a glitch of some kind at this moment.. soooo creepy! Look what I can see!!

How creepy is it!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001576743
It’s like it’s the drugged imaginings of Amanda at this moment! It looks like the snake is crawling on the side of Amanda’s house!
trippy man!!!
[I think I need to buy new ripping software-anyone recommend one?]
Sorry.. how could I get distracted at a swoony moment like this??

Get ready! [drool bucket handy?]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001579245

Lee sees Amanda through the side window, out of it on the floor with that snake awfully close!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001582248
Cue the dramatic music! Ohhh this moment is totally swoony don’t you think? Lee gives the panicked “Amanda!!!!” yell.. 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001591257heroically smashes the glass on the back door and breaks in (Looks like he breaks part of the door too! He’ll probably be getting a key in the near future- LOL!)

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001601768[really- why doesn’t Lee have a key by now? Smile Oh! I know.. smashing the door was much more dramatic! 🙂 ]

Lee swoops in to rescue Amanda..
The fact that he somehow manages to use his special spy skills to hypnotise the snake to
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001603770suddenly take on the posture of a lollypop so he can oh so 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001604270conveniently put a bin over it does nothing to take away from my swooning at his rescue here.. Smile Nice snakey!

Snake under the bin, Lee turns Amanda over gently..

Lee: Amanda. Amanda?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001609275
He gently touches her cheek..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001610276
smelling salts label[How’s that for a swoony pic huh!! Here!! Quick.. smell this!! It’s a scratch and sniff.. just scratch your computer screen and you should shouldn’t swoony swoon thingy!]
Amanda half raises her arm like she’s starting to come around. Yep.. attentive Lee would do it! Smile
Lee gently: It’s okay.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001611778
Amanda very quietly: Leeeee.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001612278
[Plot holes schmot holes.. who flippin cares!]
Lee: I’m here now…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001614280
  He moves her around in preparation for lifting her off the ground.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001614781
Groggy Amanda protests: no I can.. No I Lee.. 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001615281
Lee: come on. no I got you
Amanda moans.. she’s in no way ready to get up by herself.. Amanda you must really be out of it- or you sure wouldn’t be protesting at hitching a ride with Lee Smile Every girl’s dream!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001618284
not swoony enough?? more pics? thought so!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001619285
Lee picks her up and brings her over to the couch saying gently: Just relax.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001621287
Amanda: yeaahhh I”ll jussst..rest for a minute..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001622288She fades out again..
Lee’s so gentle with her – and touches her like she is precious wouldn’t you agree??!! love the final hand on her stomach – like he is telling himself she’s okay now you can let her go!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001625291swoony!!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001626793I always knew Lee was a total charmer.. it turns out he really really is.. A snake charmer!! Still I don’t care.. Lee rescuing Amanda is so swoony he could have whistled and yelled ‘fetch the ball’ to the snake and had it take off and I would have still loved this moment.. Good Snakey!
Leaving Amanda on the couch, Lee picks up the rigged shoebox.. and sees it was some kind of trigger device..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001634300
Yep.. things are really wrong! Weird!! cue the chimey things are weird music!! [Maybe Lee is down the rabbit hole?? whoooo!! *iwsod shoves everyone out of the way* Winking smile ] LOL I need to watch the wizard of oz again so I can come up with some appropriate metaphors! Smile

Lee takes the shoebox back over to Amanda looking at her..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001645812
half to Amanda.. half to himself Lee says: this just doesn’t track I know why he wants to kill me but why you?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001649816
Lee does a pretty good job of putting the snake into the Bernstain Bears cute lunch box – Aren’t the boys a bit old for Bernstain Bears?

 I like how Lee went straight to the kitchen drawer with the tongs.. think he knew where they were?

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001681348While Lee talks to the snake Amanda opens her eyes.. she can hear Lee saying: Okay fella here we go.. [ too cute! fella!]

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001685852
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001690357Amanda’s a little confused at what’s going on. she mumbles: Lee?
and tries to turn her head but it’s too sore to move.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0016928592.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001694861
Ouchie.. and with the snake in the lunch box.. the scene ends..

I tell ya… I feel for BB – in some of the pics of this moment.. he is workin hard!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001617283
[anyone hear a snap? could be BB’s back! Winking smile ] It’s very difficult to lift a grown person off the ground like that- even if she is as tiny as KJ! So swoony though! Glad we get to enjoy it 🙂

On the upside.. seeing the Berenstain Bear’s lunchbox has finally solved a riddle for me..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001522689sister
It’s uncanny! I couldn’t put my finger on who Amanda’s haircut reminded me of! Winking smile Sister!!

The baddies watch from their car out on the street.. Hmmm that lady in the brown coat must be in on it..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001695362
…she walked past when the baddie Gordon did his special delivery in the first place [see the first pic in this post if you don’t believe 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001698365me]..Gordon and Karen are watching what’s going on.. Karen notes ‘Stetson’s car’ – lol who could miss it? Smile Gordon: okay so he got here ahead of us.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001706873
[Wait! Gordon just delivered a parcel to Amanda in a mailman’s uniform..a minute ago!!  and here he is now, not in that uniform, complaining that Lee arrived before they did?? Ohhh boy.1confusion ]

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001712379Well. Gordon has an idea!
Gordon: Wait a minute! That’s even easier! We don’t have to worry about getting rid of the King woman’s body. We’ll take care of them right here! [It is funny how Gordon is suddenly so blood thirsty! He’s gleeful! LOL.. welcome to the dark side Gordon!! 🙂 ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001714381Karen is amused by this suggestion .. and turns to watch as Lee accompanies Amanda from her house, and to his car.. whoa! that lady is walking by again?? that’s three times! LOL!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001727894
Lee leads Amanda to his car as she walks by and awhhhhh opens the door for her..

Karen: ohh that stupid snake! [agreed! It wasn’t even dangerous! Winking smile ] why wouldn’t you have just put something deadly in the gas canister??!! too funny.. 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0017308972.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001730397
Gordon: alright! we’ll take them both out.…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001732399

…You’re never going to get a cleaner shot at him!!!!
[I do like Lee’s ‘pose’ in this shot.. could almost be a car ad!! LOL thought maybe not with the Bernstain Bears lunchbox.. mixed messages! 😉  ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0017364032.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001738405
Karen’s not having it.. with witnesses it’s a dumb idea [even for her!].. and so she puts Gordon in his place.
Karen: You might want to go back to prison but I’m not going with you alright! I will tell you when I will do it.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001740407
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_001752919They watch Lee and Amanda drive off and follow them..

And I shall finish up there for the moment..
I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! [That is if you have any after all those swoony pics!! Hmm you might want to take some time to recover and then respond! 🙂 ] I don’t know that we’ve ever heard Lee speak so gently to Amanda.. awh.. I do hope she can remember it Smile A little reminiscent of Service Above and Beyond maybe? maybe just a tiny bit..

Things are really getting good in this episode huh!!!! Smile Do share your thoughts!!! byeeee

50 responses to “7/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. By the way, doesn’t Lee have gorgeous hands?!?! Beautiful hands. Just so, so, sooooo gorgeous. Just saying, sigh……


  2. Oh you guys are too much! Jestress and iwsod, presenting, the Joe King snake who leaves a wife and children. Bad snake!!! And when Iwsod said, “he could have whistled and yelled ‘fetch the ball’ to the snake and had it take off and I would have still loved this moment..” I lost it! You are insanely funny iwsod! Oh, and I totally agree with you all about Lee using physical touch to connect to people since emotional connections are just too scary for him. But with Amanda, he finds a balance. And Valerie, I’m with you: Amanda stop hogging the hideous couch and let some of us get some Lee moments in! Jenbo, I agree, Amanda would be kicking herself if she were conscious, carried twice by Lee and doesn’t know it! Oh, at least it’s filmed so she can see it! Hee hee. (Jenbo, I hope the meltdowns are over for now and that a good laugh helps out. Sending good thought and thanks again for Nedlingers, love it!)

    Now back to my regularly scheduled drooling….


  3. Lee is so careful and caring with Amanda in this scene. Swoon!! Thunk!
    Oops! Sorry, I misplaced my smelling salts. Luckily my handsome husband was around to save me.

    So my husband and I were looking to buy a new car recently and we made a list of requirements as to what the car needed. I found this gem http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=80201&endYear=1984&modelCode1=CORV&showcaseOwnerId=76097&startYear=1983&makeCode1=CHEV&listingType=used&listingTypes=used&searchRadius=0&mmt=%5BCHEV%5BCORV%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&listingId=328588555&listingIndex=2&Log=0

    Automatic: check
    Used: check
    Under 60k milage: check
    Under $12k: check
    Runs well: I guess we will need to take if for a test drive.
    Seats 7: not even

    So close. . . oh well, maybe someday when the kids are grown up and have left. . . But they keep coming back!

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  4. So now I am thinking about their touching and I am remembering his lingering brush across her hip in ALSALS. If they could see a video of themselves I wonder if they would wonder what was going on between them. Silly thought really, isn’t that the point? It is a video and it makes us scream at them to see what we all see. Lee and Amanda are real right? Where is the rabbit hole???

    And I also remembered how Lee put his hand on Amanda’s stomach in Class Act (sorry to bring up that episode, I know some of us don’t like that one) after he startled her when he found her looking for him in his cabin. Remember how he held his hand there just a bit longer than necessary?


  5. Yes, the snake idea is really lame, but I think it comes across as Gordon just being really lame. It could have taken DAYS before the snake bit Amanda — most snakes don’t just strike without provocation! I also had noticed how the snake curls up so neatly for Lee to pop the wastebasket over it. LOL, it really is the milk/king snake! Now that I know the very useful bit of information about how to tell the difference between the coral and the milk snake, I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for any movie that supposedly has a coral snake.


    • Come to think of it, where would Gordon get a poisonous snake on such short notice? Anesthetic gas would probably be a controlled substance by itself, but what are the connections he’d have to have to get that snake? O.o

      Time to think up hokey murder plot: 15 to 30 min.
      Time to buy parts and build gas canister-in-box device: possibly a few hours (not that I’ve tried)
      Time to locate/purchase poisonous reptile to put in box: ???

      Ah, the joys of thinking of these things in more detail than they were ever meant to be thought of. 🙂


  6. OK–this is gonna be a ramble ‘cos I’m fried after my workday:
    It’s funny… the copper gas release hose in the box moves… when Lee’s outside the house looking through the window the hose is pointing across the short dimension of the box, but when he picks it up, it’s twisted 90 degrees. 😀 I know… plot holes you could drive the Vigilant through, so don’t sweat the small stuff. (I’m also guessing the snake was immune to the knockout gas, though the nozzle is pointing kind of upwards and might’ve bypassed the snake.)
    I don’t think Lee’s unconscious desire for a family and a real home is influencing him either. I think it’s just broad daylight, he’s wanting to check the cleanup just inside the front door after the shotgun blast, and he’s seen the camelhair walker lady and–being the super-spy he is–has pegged her as Neighbourhood Watch (who’ve been super-vigilant since the shotgun incident).
    If Lee had a key, then he wouldn’t have to sneak around on the patio after dark… :p
    Awwww… the way he cradles Amanda’s head before he picks her up is very swoony. 🙂 Also the way he puts his hand on her stomach. 🙂 I have to be devil’s advocate and ask–would he have done that with another woman (Francine? Dotty? Some random agent?) and I think my answer is no… though maybe the head cradle with Francine ‘cos they’ve been friends/workmates so long.
    Wizard of Oz? We don’t need the WoO for the rabbit hole–in OFE, Lee and Amanda are trying to break into Briarwood–the psychiatric facility–and Lee says they need to look for the rabbit hole…!!!… the agency always leaves a way to get out without tripping the alarms. 😀
    I think the lunchbox is Dotty’s, not the boys. LOL! 😀 (And good call re: Sister’s hairdo!!!)
    Silly BB was using his back like a crane… not using his knees enough. 😀
    I think Gordon stepped into a phone box and changed his uniform. :p
    Yes, a little bit reminiscent of Service Above and Beyond… carrying Amanda out of danger again… but back then I think Lee just felt responsible for Amanda, now he feels responsible and a whole lot more. 🙂 She’s his friend now, and I don’t think he’d be happy without her in his life now whereas back in SAaB, I think he could still happily walk away.


  7. I love these unguarded moments and Lee is never more unguarded than when Amanda is in danger and especially when she is unconscious. I agree, I don’t think he has spoken so tenderly to her as he does here and I sure hope she heard it. So we add tenderness to the way he unabashedly complimented her at the end of LOTP. I wonder how Amanda thinks about all of this.

    Did anyone else wonder about the touch before the one on the stomach? I am always caught by how intimate that one is. Does anyone know what I am talking about? 😉 I will be a bit embarrassed if no one knows what I am referring to.

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    • Yep, Morley–I know exactly which touch you’re talking about 😀 and I think he was moving her away from being scrunched into the back of the couch… he kind of scooches her forward a bit. (Lee is too much of a gentleman with Amanda to cop a sneaky feel. 😀 )


    • I assumed he was trying to prop her up on the sofa a little more, but there is a tiny linger, isn’t there? I’d say unconscious on his part.


      • I’m with you–I think the lingering/hesitation is unconscious… he’s totally focused on her well-being–he can’t stop looking at her… possibly trying to convince himself that she’s OK…


        • I had to go back and check again to see what I may have missed. I agree that it was an unconscious thing or something just in the course of getting her onto the couch/sofa/whatever.


    • I guess I never noticed that touch before, Morley. The stomach touch seems more deliberate and something that Lee might notice or remember whereas the under the arm/breast touch falls under the category of automatic response and I’m not realizing what I’m touching and I won’t remember one spec of it. And I don’t think Lee sees Amanda as a sexual being yet, unlike the Randis and the Margots. So I think this is purely an unintentional touch as LASinLA and KC say.


      • I agree that it is unintentional and not sexual. But I guess I notice it because most people are aware of personal space even in an unconscious way. These two have always had less personal space than most, but it got even smaller. It is more about how well you know a person and are comfortable with every aspect of their being than copping a feel. Does that make sense?


        • Ah, yes…I am VERY aware of personal space. I am NOT a close talker. At. all. (Maybe that’s why in my stats posts I keep bringing up the fact that these two are so touchy touchy with each other. If I were Amanda there’s no way I’d be comfortable with all of Lee’s touches unless I had significant feelings for him – as in you’re the man for me so let’s stop playing around and admit it and move on with it – which I don’t think she believes at this point.) If I let someone into my personal space that says a lot about how I feel about that person. But once you’re in, it’s all good – sort of like an all or nothing thing. Does that make sense?


        • I think that Lee has less personal space than most people and not just with Amanda–but with the combination of the two of them together the small personal space becomes even smaller…


        • Hi Everyone! I’ll need to be brief..

          I am loving all your discussion!! Wish I had more time to respond to you all but at the moment I’m too busy and I’d rather keep forging on with the episode posts for you all with the little time I do have.. things should be a little more manageable next week – hooray!

          Love the ‘touching’ discussion! I agree Lee wasn’t copping a feel- he wasn’t in that headspace.. it was all about concern for Amanda and making sure she was in a comfortable posture on the couch, and she wouldn’t fall off!
          BTW -There’s another stomach touch coming our way very soon!! I’ve never forgotten it!!! but.. we’ll get there soon!! Hang in there 🙂

          I agree with KC, Lee seems to have less personal space than others – he’s inclined to touch people.. but he is especially inclined to touch Amanda!!!

          I don’t remember how Lee deals with Francine after she is knocked out.. looking forward to that.. I like the sounds of Francine being knocked out! 😉 Literally!

          Yes I agree with Morley, they are unaware of how much they touch -because they are so comfortable with each other.

          At the same time, I don’t think this means there is no heat between them! 🙂 hooo haaaa! Sorry can’t find who said it- that Lee doesn’t see Amanda in a sexual way yet? – I’ll disagree with you on this one sorry I can’t remember who! Please speak up again! 🙂
          I’ll bring this idea up in a couple of posts time- it comes up again in this episode.. or at least it does for me- And I felt that the ship of spies kiss blew Lee away.. not just because it was sweet but because it was darn sexy. I think Lee is well aware Amanda is hot- and has since sudden death/ service at least.. but he at first was unaware of it – because his poor little psyche couldn’t cope with this combination of hot mama – and then for me, I felt after Ship of Spies, Lee recognised he felt that way and is trying hard to deny it now.. soooo for me – I see him as knowing it.. and I’ll come back to this soon! Whoever it was that said this (so sorry!) I’ll look forward to hearing how you understand the scene in this episode that I’ll be referring back to this concept..

          Someone asked- I wonder what Amanda makes of all this?? What a fantastic question!!! What do you all think?? I’ll try and remember to respond to that one!!

          LOL.. a psychologist eh?! Cheeky BJo!!! 🙂 well.. will a trainee one do?? I mean really the thing with psychology is – we are all human and all have psych knowledge 🙂 And I don’t want to get too technical (the blog isn’t psychologist’s guide to smk! 🙂 ) So feel free to theorise away – there is no expert here! I feel I can learn lots from you guys and your insights!!
          But I’ll have a go! My idea is that Lee is emotionally afraid to connect intimately with someone.. so he connects with people physically instead to try to meet that need (could explain all the blondes too). In time he learns to connect emotionally in an honest way. The touching of Amanda in ‘innocent’ ways seems to escalate in season 3.. leading right up to when Lee finally takes their relationship officially to the next level.. and I’ll look forward to exploring that when we get there – and season 4.. but I’ll leave it there for now 🙂

          Yes I agree.. Lee using the front door because of his unconscious desire for a family was just a bit of silly mental gymnastics to explain why he would go to the front door when he wasn’t asked to and doesn’t usually.. I thought it was dumb! so tried to come up with a flimsy explanation 🙂 I’d say I succeeded! haaa 😉

          Okay really gotta run – Great to hear from you all and am loving your discussions!

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          • Hiya iwsod, it was me who said this, “And I don’t think Lee sees Amanda as a sexual being yet, unlike the Randis and the Margots. “ Was that the comment you were referring to? I didn’t mean that Lee doesn’t see Amanda in a sexual way, just that he doesn’t put her in the category of the Randis and Margots when it comes to sex. Maybe I should have said Lee doesn’t see Amanda as a sex object, which is how I think he views most other women. I do agree with you that Lee is aware that Amanda is hot and he is working very hard to resist/deny his feelings!

            I think it might also have been me who said, “I wonder what Amanda makes of all this?” I need to see if I can find it. It just sounds like something I would say or have said to myself. If I find it I’ll come back and edit this comment. Oops! Nope, it was Morley who said this in a few comments above.

            Hope you make it through your busy week ok!


            • Hiya BJo! Reading you loud and clear 🙂 thanks for clearing up that one! Amanda not a sex object? I really like that way of putting it!! 🙂 I guess that is another example of how Lee compartmentalises his life.. and from the start he has Amanda in a different box to all the other women he meets.. eventually he learns she isn’t one category – she’s everything rolled into one 🙂 She’s one hot mama agent! 🙂

              Thanks for the encouragement.. hearing from you guys helps! I loved Jule’s comments last night -Jule you are hilarious down in that rabbit hole! don’t change! haaaa! :0

              okay gotta run byeee!
              Next post is coming tonight my time..


              • “One hot mama agent” I love that!
                It is kind of a good thing that Lee put Amanda in a different box and that his touches are the innocent kind. All his comments about her not being “the type” even though they rankled Amanda were probably the best thing for both of them, huh? It allowed that beautiful kind of love to grow between them didn’t it?
                I still wonder what Amanda thought of it though. Are we going to have to wait until her drug induced dreams in DOA before we discuss that?


                • “All his comments about her not being “the type” even though they rankled Amanda were probably the best thing for both of them, huh? It allowed that beautiful kind of love to grow between them didn’t it?”
                  Yep!!! Nicely put!


                • I think anything Amanda thought about this particular rescue will go the way of the ambulance ride in SAAB. I don’t think she’ll remember and I think she was too foggy to realize what was going on in her family room. I think her protest to Lee picking her up wasn’t a protest of him picking her up so much as she wanted to assure him she thought she was ok.

                  But if she did remember any of this, I think Amanda would certainly have been touched by Lee’s very gentle and caring way with her but it all would have gone in one of her neatly stacked ‘tupperware boxes’ on the shelf in her ‘closet’ and stayed there until later when the lid finally popped off.


  8. Gordon is just creepy. Whiny, spineless and creepy. Cindy, if you’re reading this, I’d like to nominate Gordo here as a potential top baddie of S2. I know why he used a snake instead of just gassing Amanda to death – he’s spineless!

    Lee’s unconscious desire for a family and a real home?!?! I don’t know if I can get on board with that, iwsod! It feels like a bit of a stretch on first thought. I think he just wants to see how well the agency folks fixed up the house after the shotgun blast. He knows Dotty and the boys aren’t there, so he’s safe.

    No idea on the ripping software – I need to buy some myself. Did I tell you I am now the proud owner of all 4 seasons on DVD? 🙂 Now if I just had the time I would start experimenting with making vids.

    Lee’s spy skills to make it a lollipop snake – too funny! Good one! It is a very well trained snakey!

    Awwww, for such a super spy, he sure is sweet and gently with gassed Amanda. Swoon…thud…thank you for the smelling salts! And I don’t flippin’ care about the plot holes schmot holes! Hahaha! “I’m here now.” Yet another idea for my new t-shirt company. Oh, Amanda! Why are you protesting! I really feel for her….he’s carrying her again and she’s not gonna remember it! Hand on her stomach! Wowzer…take my breath away…that is just so, I don’t know, intimate for these two??? Oh boy, I’m imagining the stats post for this episode…sigh. Wish I could add the fainting emoticon here but I don’t know how. Iwsod, you’re gonna be fighting the rest of us to get down that snake charmer rabbit hole 🙂 I’m not a fan of TWOOz, so I can’t help you with those metaphors…isn’t there a rainbow though? And doesn’t someone go over it? Maybe that would work.

    ROFLMBO!!! Sister and Amanda have the same haircut! OMG!! My kids think I’ve gone crazy…I wish you could see their faces as they watch me laugh and fall and roll! We need a thread on Ned’s about Amanda’s hair don’t – and who it reminds us of!

    Ah, so we have a Ms. Walker 2! And a brown one at that! 2 passes by Amanda’s house – one coming and one going I could rationalize – maybe she was visiting a neighbor or going to the corner market for a small item for her purse – but 3 passes? The only way you can explain that is if she’s veeery forgetful. Actually, maybe she is just forgetful…she doesn’t say hello to Amanda or ask her about the very handsome man who is with her but is also packing heat and a Berenstain Bears lunchbox! Hahahaha!


  9. I am so looking forward to watching this episode again and joining in the fabulous conversation. My husband started working nights again, so I think I’ll be around more! Yea…I think. Wait, is that wrong to be glad my husband’s away so I can partake in the SMK alternative universe?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I so needed this after the crappy day I’ve had.
    So what if the snake loose in the house is a lamest plot hole of all time. I mean would I necessarily bite an object that isn’t actually moving?! Gordon Gordon must do better next time.
    Amanda must be kicking herself. Second time Lee has carried her and she hasn’t been awake to appreciate it 😉
    I think lifting anyone, even as tiny as KJ, from the floor at that angle is gonna make anyone’s back snap. Hope he knows as good chiropractor!


    • hiya Jenbo! Glad to hear this post came at a good moment for you!
      I think you said yesterday you are really busy – I just wanted to say: I miss hearing from you!!! But don’t worry – I’ll still be here when things quieten down!

      ROLF I guess Gordon has the excuse of being new to this murder business – but then why doesn’t Karen give him some advice.. she does love to tell him what to do 😉

      Yes I was swooning away too.. but in the back of my mind I imagined Lee saying to himself well at least in Service Above and Beyond she was laying on a bed!! Why couldn’t Amanda have fainted awkwardly onto the couch??!!! the floor? argh!! I could have lifted her into a more comfortable position and I could have still had my swoony heroic moment.. and a healthy back! 🙂

      Maybe someone will ask BB about this one at the anniversary! All the best to you all who are going!

      Thanks Kgmohror for the link! 🙂 that’s very true.. it could be the tv show Weeds! 🙂 haaa. It could be the MOD squad – you know: Mothers Opposed to Dopplegangers Squad!!
      I’d volunteer to bake cookies for the Mothers Against Ear Buttons group.. who’s with me??? oh yeah!!! The MAEBs!!! 🙂

      King snake whoooooooo!!!!! haaaaaa!!! That would be the Joe King snake.. you know the husband who leaves you and two children.. [ ahem.. don’t get me started on that weird relationship..I’m looking forward to discussing that s3 ep with you all!]

      Hi Cindy.. jack? who cares about Jack??!!! we want to know if venom it lacks! 🙂 yes I can see that would be harder! and I agree I wouldn’t be looking too closely I’d be running in the other direction! we have lots of snakes in Australia and I just make lots and lots of noise when I’m anywhere they could be.. they tend to be as scared of me as I am of them! I like that about snakes!

      Haa haaaaa yes Sister was just a bit of fun!! At least Sister doesn’t have huge ear buttons!!

      Hi Conny!!! Great to hear from you – it’s been a while!! Hope you are well!! Glad to see you stopped by for his very swoony moment!! 🙂 I actually find the next post even more swoony.. but we can debate that one when we get there 🙂 Happy happy thoughts!



    • So sorry to hear you had such a crappy day, Jenbo! Hopefully tomorrow is much better!


  11. Such a great way to start my day this morning. I so agree with you iwsod, what plot holes when there is such a swoon fest going on? Between the panicked “Amanda”, the “oh no”, the “I’m here now”, the “I got you”, the carrying….the…wait a minute…scoot over Amanda, I need to lie down too!! My poor DVD is gonna be ruined from overuse of the reverse button.


    • LOL. Happily for your VCR, this delightful clip is available for viewing on an endless loop at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho80P8X_yIw. It’s possible I’ve watched it a few times myself …

      It’s a credit to Lee’s swooniness that he is able to distract me from Amanda’s truly hideous couch. Looks like the King family has the very same set of World Book Encyclopedias that graced my own bookshelf for many a year. Remember when we had to look at BOOKS to get our information?


      • Yep! I do remember those books! We had one mother of a book called “The Volume Library”. It was probably 5 inches think – I kid you not. It had everything in it! I spent so much time as a kid going through it. It is so much better and more fun to be able to do it online now!


      • Are they World Books or the Encyclopedia Britannica? They look familiar. We were pretty excited to get an old set of E.B. this summer. Nothing too important happened after 1978, did it? Oh, well, of course — SMK! But we’ve got you all; what could an encyclopedia possibly add to JWWM and Nedlindger’s? 🙂


        • I remember my parents getting encyclopedias at the grocery store. Every week there was a different volume available at a discounted price with some minimum store purchase. We ended up with two or three sets. We actually got a set of dishes once that way.


  12. I’m going to assume the lady in the brown coat is part of a neighborhood watch group (vigilante mothers? Oops, getting ahead of myself). What with all the shotgun blasts and breaking windows and people lurking in the bushes at all hours of the night, the neighbors must think Amanda is running a drug den!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Sister’s haircut Bwa ha hahahahaha! You totally nailed it!
    Yes the swoony, swoon pictures make the HUGE plot holes easier to take.
    I like your coral/milk snake rhyme better than the version we have here, instead of venom lack we have something like ‘safe for jack’. Like you are going to remember that in a moment of panic. I love snakes, but I’s ‘shure as shootin not going to hang around long enough to check out the colour banding. I’m just going to get the heck out of there!


    • I grew up in Arizona, and they always used the “friend of jack” one when they gave us desert safety classes in school. Around here, we call the harmless snake that’s sitting on the floor next to Amanda a king snake (pauses to let irony sink in). I think milk snakes are part of the same family and look very similar, but that’s about all I know.


      • Yep, I looked it up. King snakes actually come in a variety of patterns, but it looks like this one is either a scarlet king snake or a milk snake, and they’re from the same family. One site I saw seemed to suggest that they might even be the same snake, but I’m not sure about that. That is one problem with getting info on the Internet. 😛 If they are, the difference in names could be a regional thing.

        Either way, we are free to call this snake “Joe,” if you wish. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  14. One more comment about Amanda’s hair cut, I would not have even thought of her style being compared to Sister’s…lol!


  15. One of the best parts of this episode, Lee being caring and gentle…eww! I agree things getting better and cannot wait to read your comments about the ending.


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