Bite Size Amanda–Introduction & The First Time

Amanda King: housewife, divorced mother of two young boys, beautiful amazing woman and mythical creature.  Just how does your journey go? 

Please join me for these next few posts down bunnydance_thumb[1]into the rabbit hole of Amanda King’s journey.  Audience participation is requested and welcomed!  All opinions, especially if they are yours, are hereby solicited Winking smile   

Before I dive in, I want to say just how difficult I find it to watch and think about this show from Amanda’s point of view versus Lee’s.  First, I find it most challenging to take my eyes and my thoughts off Lee1swoon_thumb .  Can anyone out there relate?  Second, I think it’s because I’m not very much like Amanda myself. Also, I think the show is presented in the context of Lee’s life and the spy biz.

We usually see Amanda reacting to situations she’s in because of Lee. Maybe it’s just me, but Amanda is quite an enigma and I find it hard to pinpoint her.  I really do think she is somewhat of a mythical creature.
On that note, here we go!!  Hope you’ll come on this journey and share all your thoughts along the way!


Here we have her, our favourite 80’s housewife about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime: amanda-nightgown_thumb1I think at the beginning of The First Time, Amanda is at a crossroads in her life. It is 1983, she is in her 30’s, divorced a year and in a relationship with a man whose best quality seems to be dependability.  Whether it’s because she is strong and resilient naturally or because she has to be in order to survive as a single mother and provider (She never took alimony – TMole), Amanda is moving on and trying to figure out who she wants to be in her post-divorce world. I think she wants more out of life than what she’s had so far but doesn’t know what that is yet. I think she is not just “looking for work”, she is looking for her life (her great adventure, Morley?).

Then BAM! Enter this handsome man who is in trouble and needs helpclosed-eyes_thumb – her help. As she stands there at the train station and closes her eyes, in that split second she makes a decision to do something different, something that she has no idea of what will happen or how it might impact her future. She takes a daring leap out of her comfort zone to help this man that is pleading with her so amandadesperately.  Eventually, Amanda learns who Lee is and what he does, she can’t keep herself from helping him even though he has her do 72 fightingsomething illegal, which is against her nature.   She even tries to help him get his job back after the Post Office fiasco.
What is going on with her Everyone???
Despite Lee’s rudeness and playboy persona, she is excited by the idea of working in the spy business, the thrill of danger
thrilled_thumb1and the possibility of helping him on future spy missions.

Billy is right, she is “anonymous, idealistic and responsible.”   I think Amanda learns in this 97 I hope I can look back on this someday and laughepisode that she is braver than she thought she was and is very excited about the prospect of working for the Agency in the future.   I think that as far as Lee goes, his good looks at this point are just icing on the cake for Amanda.  I don’t think she would have acted any 110 do you have a good vegetable man...differently or been less excited about a possible future with the Agency had Lee been “average” looking.

So what do you think???  Please tell!  Do you agree with any of this?  What do you have a different opinion on?  What did I miss?

Do you think Amanda falls in love at first sight with Lee?  Or vice versa? 

Why does she take that package? 

And what’s the deal with Dean coming over and the candles???!!!!!
103 candles

What do you make of Amanda’s first meeting with Francine ‘nose job’ Desmond???

Got any questions about Amanda in this episode you’d like to explore?

[p.s.  Thank you, iwsod, for the fabulous Bite Size Amanda meme!  I just realized it’s KC’s gravatar, duh!]

26 responses to “Bite Size Amanda–Introduction & The First Time

  1. Wow, you ladies are amazing! I am bowled over at the depth and thoughtfulness everyone has put into Amanda’s odyssey. I think this exploration of her journey in a way personifies the extraordinary path we all take to become more fully realized human beings. It’s hard but worth it to always grow and test oneself and continue to become more than we ever thought we could be.

    Morley, I love the comparison to Anne Shirley, because I have always admired truly optimistic people and Amanda is one of those. Despite being battered and bruised by life, she sees the good in others and wants to help.

    And as far as falling in love on first sight, I agree that it was more the appeal and challenge of new possibilities opening up that really got Amanda’s attention. L.M. Montgomery said, “Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one’s life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one’s side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music, perhaps . . . perhaps . . . love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath.”

    Okay, I have now used up my quota of sensibility (if not sense) for the day, but it is heartwarming to find so many kindred spirits here.

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    • I love your L M Montgomery quote Jule! Awesome. I love it when my favorite stories all work together. Montgomery would have gotten Lee and Amanda.

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      • oh yes Morley I haven’t forgotten your wonderful comments on Amanda’s journey! it needs to be linked to!

        Here you go:

        Lots to take in and enjoy there!
        So glad to have you back Morley- I’ve missed you!

        I loved your thoughts about SMK being a slow process of falling in love – you know, it gives us fans lots to talk about!!! LOL!!! if it had been a sudden light bulb moment and not a bunch of small moments that all add up?? We’d have much less to ponder and discuss! 🙂 And this way we can read the journey how we like.. those who want to see Amanda as being in love from the first time- can if they want to! 🙂

        Yes someone asked me (sorry!) what did I think had started: my thought was: Growth!!!! on both Lee’s and Amanda’s parts.. their meeting is the start of lots of growth.. as Jule put it – into fully realized individuals.. (I like that!)

        Yes I thought it was a turkey – and is that the one Dottie is trussing or stuffing earlier in the episode? why didn’t she cook it? Protest at not getting Amanda to pay for her cooking lessons with Mrs Welch? (which is bizarre when Amanda has no money)..
        I digress! TV land? haa yeah good one KC! Or maybe Amanda had set up some appetisers and apperatif to enjoy while the bird cooked! And beside.. candles for Dean? it’s just all wrong really! 🙂

        Hi Debilyn! so wonderful to have you back! I missed you! and just in time to help me with steel magnolias! 🙂 I thought a steel magnolia is soft looking on the outside but strong on the inside – is that right? Amanda was drawn in by Lee’s sincerity? ( err and beautiful beautiful eyes ) – I like it!

        Jule I am so glad you found us here! I love your sense of humour.. but you know what?? I love your poetic and poignant side also 😉 thanks for sharing that lovely quote with us- sooo perfectly apt to describe Lee and Amanda’s story! And a link to Anne Shirley for Morley? Genius! 🙂
        Quota of sensibility? LOL! there is no quota go for it! 🙂 Yes that ability of Amanda’s to rise above and fight on.. and not get bogged down by all the bad she sees or disappointments – is something I admire in her character.. I don’t see her as being untouched by tragedy and naive.. but she chooses to see things in a positive light and contribute to the world in a positive way: something I am encouraged to aim for myself in life..

        So do you mind if I publish another Amanda bites before we finish DOA? how about we aim for one Amanda bite size post a week – does that sound okay to you all?

        rofl BJo the like button is manual on this blog 😉 ‘Like’ ! I must say though I prefer one line from someone saying- like that! rather than pressing a button! I’m very demanding 😉


        • You’re right, IWSOD. A steel magnolia is strong within, though soft-looking without. I was referring more to the movie with my gossip comments. Francine is a bit of a steel magnolia, though her attitude gives her a harder look than Amanda.


        • Oh I agree Morley, L M Montgomery would have gotten Lee and Amanda! Part of the charm of SMK is the approach to life Amanda conveys. As you put so well iwsod, “she chooses to see things in a positive light and contribute to the world in a positive way: something I am encouraged to aim for myself in life..” Hear hear and ditto! In search of that, I reread and watched the Anne books/miniseries this summer. Always a joy when you need something to remind you of the good around you and the kindred spirits near and far and to be found right here!

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  2. Oh, yes, Iwsod. Steel Magnolia is a southern thing, but I think the gossiping at the beauty parlor is probably common in a lot of areas. haha! (Men gossip at hardware/feed-and-seed stores and fast-food breakfast places. 🙂 )

    I agree with a lot of what you have to say here, Valerie, KC, Jenbo.

    I think Amanda is at a vulnerable place here. She’s compassionate and caring, but I think she’s at a point where she’s struggling to keep things afloat. Since she didn’t take alimony, I think she’s been job searching for some time. After such a difficult year, maybe she’s a little unsure about her accomplishments. Dean is comfortable, and I think that’s why she has allowed the relationship to continue. She’s fallen into a routine that makes her feel needed, but not necessarily useful. (I don’t know another way to say that, so I hope you all understand what I mean.)

    Along comes this guy with a package. Obviously, the fact that he’s handsome caught her attention, but it’s the pleading, sincere look that makes up her mind. Closing her eyes in that moment says “Well, here I go, choosing to believe this guy. I hope I’m doing the right thing.” From there on, she’s added a little something exciting into her life. Because she’s drawn to that pleading, sincere look (his beautiful, beautiful eyes), she can’t help but wonder if he is okay. This is what starts a journey that wakes up – and shakes up – her life.


  3. One other quick question…why is she lighting the candles for a romantic dinner for two in the kitchen? And she just put the chicken in the oven and it was cold from the fridge, its going to hours to cook. Those candles will be stumps before they sit down to that meal.


    • I wonder that myself, Morley. It doesn’t look like the chicken was pre-cooked.


    • LOL Morley! I think it was just TVland… they wanted us to see her rushing to get dinner ready, and also the token/dutiful type romance thing with the candles. We weren’t supposed to pick holes in the fact that the chicken wouldn’t cook in ten minutes… 😀


  4. I have been checking on these posts for days knowing that I had no time to respond or even to think about them. How frustrating. But RL had a lot of wonderful things for me to do this weekend so I was busy. But its Monday and I can go back to SMKland!

    Amanda, I love what everyone said. I wrote a lot about Amanda in one of the first posts about her that we created. But to summarize I guess when I think about Amanda here at the beginning I think of her as someone who has kind of pushed down her true self for a couple of reason. One would be the divorce and the hurt and disappointment that came with it. Because of her strong belief in marriage and family, it must have been very hard for her to concede to the divorce and admit that her marriage had failed. She must have bent over backwards to make a full life for Philip and Jamie and that would have been another reason that she was not focused on what her needs as a woman or an individual were, because she was so focused on her sons. But she has not become a bitter woman. She is optimistic and still rather idealistic. She is like Anne Shirley.

    I think she gets a real jump start here with the job opportunity. I think she is learning a lot about herself, like someone said that she is braver than she thought. I don’t think it is about Lee at all at first. Yes, I think she would have helped anyone as long as they had shown that desperate, gut level, honest need that Lee did there on the platform. She would have helped a woman, an old man, and not so good looking man etc.

    I do think she noticed his looks and I think she responded to them, the looking all spiffed up and her blush as he posed on the stairs. And I think even the fact that she responded to them was a bit of an awakening of the woman inside, maybe she had been keeping that pushed down as well. Maybe that is why there was the not so passionate relationship with Dean. She wasn’t stirred by him and maybe that was ok with her at the time, maybe she hadn’t wanted her passions fanned.

    I do think something was started between them, not “love at first sight.” That is what I love about SMK, none of that foolish falling in love in a weekend stuff. It took them years of really knowing each other. But they weren’t unaware of each other either. No light bulb moments either, where all of a sudden one day they realize that they are more than friends and they trough themselves at each other. I think that scene in front of the Jefferson memorial is important and they both know that there is something pulling them towards each other, not in a romantic way here though. Amanda is pulled in her compassion towards Lee. She wants to make sure he has someplace to go for Thanksgiving. I love that, could you imagine if he had gone to her house? And she begins to care about him and that isn’t just the job. I don’t think it is because of a crush or attraction, but just Amanda’s ability to care for another person. And, yes she probably would have done that for anyone else as well. But this was Lee, superspy and handsome man. I think Amanda is a bit of a risk taker, or she becomes one, maybe she always was but had to be the one to stay home and take care of the practical. She wouldn’t go to Africa. But she is willing, now, to work as a spy and invite a handsome, dangerous, playboy over for Thanksgiving.

    I don’t know how much of this makes sense or if others have already said any of it. I need to get back in the swing of SMK thinking. So glad to be back.

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    • Hey Morley – glad to have you back! I’m sorry I didn’t include the link to your Amanda post up above. I’m embarrassed to admit I forgot about it. Sorry!!! When I focus on something I get terrible tunnel vision and forget about anything that is not right in front of me.

      I think what you wrote makes perfect sense. I like the idea of Amanda pushing her true self down but then this encounter with Lee is causing it all to come back out.


  5. Yep, I agree with all you lovely ladies, Amanda noticed Lee was a very good looking man (hence the make-up and done up hair when she met him at the party) but I don’t believe it was love at first sight. And for me, that is what makes their journey toward each other so special.
    As for the opening credits, I have never dried shoes in an oven (EWWWW – the smell would be very memorable indeed), but I have ‘steam dried’ my kids’ pants in the microwave.


  6. Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve not been back to comment sooner – RL has been busy! Thank you everyone for jumping in with your thoughts on Amanda’s journey as it started in TFT. I love reading everyone’s comments and look forward to more!

    KC – Oh wow! It’s easier for you to watch and think about the show from Amanda’s POV? I’m looking forward to reading your BSAmanda posts when we get to them! And I think we all let our experiences sway our opinions of what TV characters think. My theory is that’s how we get so many different opinions, because we all have our own unique life experiences.

    I agree with what you say about Amanda not wanting excitement purely for excitement’s sake – it does need to be important for her to justify the lies, the danger she puts herself in and the time away from her boys.
    Dutiful toward Dean instead of romantic – I love it!

    MR – You too?!?! You can relate to Amanda? Would you like to give a Bite Size Amanda post a try? No pressure – but it’s easier than you think! I think you would do a great job!

    Jenbo – Love the quote from TPE! And what you said is so true!

    I’m with you iwsod…when I first saw the show I was all about Lee Stetson. BB’s picture was the only “hunk” I ever put up on my walls. So when I tuned in to watch SMK, it was all about checking out Lee in all his gorgeousness! And I guess I still am, ahem. But with this walk and taking on the start of this Amanda journey I am enjoying delving into her character. I hope I feel like I “get her” by the time we’re finished.

    So what do you think has started between these two, iwsod? I think Lee is annoyed by her but notices she is a beautiful woman – she frustrates him because she doesn’t act like he expects her to – like all the other beautiful women in his life. I think Amanda sees a handsome man, but mainly she sees a possible future for herself? One that had only been a fantasy before? Yes, I think so. You say that in your comment, don’t you? I think she first has a crush on this new job as you say, and not a crush on Lee. Not yet anyway.

    Valerie – hmm, what do you think Amanda’s lack of feeling the need to get dressed up says about her relationship with Dean? And ”Dean’s offer of a job based on marrying him” is pretty self-serving and just about as lame as the bookends he brings her back from his trip in an upcoming ep.

    Great point – Amanda is very resourceful and intelligent. One thing that has always bugged me about the Agency’s (Lee, Francine and Billy even) treatment of Amanda is that they seem to expect an awful lot of her despite giving her very little information and the bare minimum of training. She really is able to contribute a lot just by being herself and using her resourcefulness and common sense!

    Thanks again everyone for taking the time to write your thoughts!

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  7. It has been a busy few days and a busy week. Had a HS reunion and several tests to grade, but I always try to read the posts. I apologize if I repeat what anyone else has said, it’s just that I agree with most of what has been said.

    I first started watching SMK because of KJ. I had watched “The Rookies” and “Charlie’s Angels” and really liked her as an actress. However, when I saw BB I was definitely hooked. I tended to focus more on Amanda in the beginning, and as was mentioned, I didn’t like Lee’s attitude towards Amanda, although early on, she seemed to let his issues not offend her.

    Seeing Amanda head to the train station in her nightgown I think said a lot about where she was. There seemed to be no reason for her to look any more presentable than that. She probably figured to headed straight back home anyway and her relationship with Dean was not one that caused her to get all dressed up for him.

    I see Amanda as being a strong, nurturing, and caring person. I think that her strength came from situations that she had already had to deal with. She’s lost her father and had a marriage end way before she divorced. She’s had to be both parents to her children and has continued to put their welfare before her own.

    Initially helping Lee was borne out of her generally compassionate personality. When it turned into a job opportunity I think it energized her and invigorated her and gave her reason expect more out of life. Dean’s offer of a job based on marrying him was not something that was going to make her feel better about herself and her life and I think that is what she was looking for.

    I like how in the opening credits and in the first episode we get to see just how busy Amanda’s schedule is and how much she has to juggle, but sometimes people are busy for busy-ness sake. Maybe she kept busy to keep from wallowing in self-pity or maybe she just liked to keep busy. In the beginning we also get to see how resourceful and intelligent she is, using the Trailblazers to get the info regarding the cooking show, finding Lee, disabling the car, and ultimately rescuing him, all with using only her instincts and intelligence.

    I think Amanda originally crushed on Lee, but was able to rein it in once she saw his lack of maturity and stunted emotional growth. She saw a glimpse of what possibly caused him to behave so when he blurted out what happened to his partner. It gave both of them pause. I think Amanda is a little harder to figure out because everything is not there in black and white and we don’t find out everything about her right away. It happens in layers and I think we learn more about her as she responds and relates to Lee.

    I hope that even a small amount of this makes sense.

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    • haaaa.. yes that’s it KC we are imitating you and it’s a compliment 😉 tee hee..

      Valerie you have a lot of experience with KJ! I have never seen The Rookies! That’s interesting, you focused on Amanda in the beginning.. ahhh yes you didn’t like Lee’s attitude either..

      You know the whole idea that they could have fallen in love at the train station, and Amanda saw what a good guy Lee was underneath it all so fell in love with him while he was not respecting her?? That bugs me!!! It is a trap a lot of women fall into in RL – falling for guys who are too broken to love them back, or who mistreat them.. or who are just plain no good – but women tell themselves they can see what others can’t see in this guy- and they can help him to change etc. Not healthy!! [btw- this is not my own personal experience.. but I’ve seen it too many times] – This view and wanting to avoid seeing Lee and Amanda this way – colours how I see everything.
      Oh dear. I’ve gone off on a tangent. sorry!

      Valerie I love your ideas on the nightgown.. it does say a lot! A bit passive aggressive maybe?

      Yes Amanda is nurturing and compassionate.. and very strong – indeed! She’s a Steel Magnolia??!! 😉 [Debilyn that is a southern thing isn’t it??]

      I agree – the job invigorated her.. it wasn’t all about Lee at all! [ though he was a part of it 😉 like I said I think this aspect picks up next episode]

      Oh heck yeah!!! drying the crystal with a hairdryer?? means you have waaaaay too much time on your hands.. and you are trying to fill it 😉 good call!!! We never saw that moment again haaaa! I love how Amanda is a doer- she will always get in there and try to do something to improve things: one reason why she makes such a great agent!

      makes perfect sense Valerie!! yeah I agree with you Valerie.. we don’ t learn as much about Amanda as we do about Lee early on (ironic isn’t it??) I guess we start out assuming we know her – because she is an American housewife.. Pha! forget that!! she is her own character – and hooray for KJ- I am sure she championed for Amanda’s character and made sure Amanda got more of the focus and storytelling!

      Yeah good one! We can add divergent thinking to Amanda’s many talents 😉 whereas.. we know Lee is ‘stolidly literal’ don’t we?! so they are a good match!

      Well enough of a study break.. back to work for me.. I’ll try and get back later to respond to DOA comments – so excited to have started Amanda bites.. and DOA! byeeee!

      Oh and you can’t repeat what anyone else has said Valerie: because you are saying what you think! No one else can say that! 😉 go for it!


  8. Melissa Robertson

    I agree that Amanda would have helped Lee no matter what. She just naturally gives of herself and in most shows ends up wanting to help someone. That’s also shown in her charity works that she is involved with.

    She is a strong woman. Yes, she has been divorced a year, but I always got the impression that Joe had been in Africa for a while before the divorce. She is being both mother and father to her boys. Plus she has her mother living with her, she has to be a Saint 🙂

    I don’t blame her for being excited about this adventure. Heck, she figured it out when the professionals couldn’t and saved Lee (the best in the business) on top of it!

    Thanks for doing this and I’m looking forward to more Amanda posts.


  9. whoo hooo!! Let the games begin! I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into the ‘bite-size Amanda’ series (pun intended 😉 )

    Thanks for getting the ball rolling BJo!

    I understand what you mean about Amanda being more difficult – her journey is not as dramatic maybe as Lee’s.. and I agree we do tend to find out more about Lee’s background than Amanda’s!

    I think when I was young and saw the show I was all about Lee Stetson..

    Rediscovering the show in adulthood? and seeing 90% of the episodes for the first time in adulthood? I was all about Lee Stetson..

    Now I have seen the whole show and am slowly working my way through the show during this walk? With the fabulous official dvds? My admiration and fascination with Amanda’s character has grown.. so much that I find her just as fascinating as I do Lee now 🙂

    I still feel Amanda is not such an open book as Lee ( ironic given he is the mystery spy!) so I’m really looking forward to hearing ideas about Amanda! Yes BJo – ‘enigma’ is a good word.. I think in order to better understand Amanda, it takes a bit of effort.. and I’m looking forward to discovering her character more!

    Crossroads? Absolutely!!!! agreed!

    Do you think she knew she wanted more out of life as she left her home to take Dean to the train station?
    I’m thinking she didn’t know..I agree with you BJo. I think she was searching for purpose.

    Her life doesn’t look like she thought it would – no one plans on divorce and being a single mum.. but this is what’s happening.. sooo now what? you know?? She had to come up with a new picture of how her life would turn out.. and.. how she would turn out IMHO!

    I think the scene infront of the lincoln memorial is an insight into Amanda – she is very nurturing toward Lee..and worries about him- she can see he is in pain (awh!!) For me the overwhelming vibe in this episode is: she wants to help Lee.. it is not a long term thing.. but rather a here and now thing.

    All sounds okay to me BJo! I pretty much agree!

    Nooo I don’t think it is love at first sight for either. But.. something has started between these two no doubt!

    Why does she take the package? well.. it was such a small thing to do for this hunk of spunk who needed her.. she didn’t realise what she was getting herself into 😉 at the halloween party I think she was really questioning this herself.. then Lee gives her attitude about not having the package and she lets him have it! 🙂

    I think Amanda is happy to have been of help in this episode.. and I think her pilot light on her adventure furnace has been lit!

    After all the drama, Amanda rushes home and hasn’t had time to absorb anything- she’s just on auto-pilot with the candles: though the vibe I get is that Dean was originally intended to be a much more serious suitor – ugh.. so glad they got rid of him!

    But! After meeting with Billy ( and he’s so encouraging!) she seems to believe this agency stuff could be a new job for her.. would you say? she’s already mentally mapping how to buy fresh produce, and take the kids to the dentist or whatever it was.. she’s beginning to mentally map out how this could possibly work – though I think she is not yet prepared for the reality of the work- it’s like she has a crush on this new job! 😉

    I think with Lee, Amanda knew she wasn’t his type.. I feel like this aspect kicks off more in the next episode.. in this one things are very new and Lee and Amanda are playing a game over the package you know??

    But.. one of my latest discovers in this ep is that already.. in the first 5 minutes- Amanda isn’t doing what Lee told her to haaaaaaa!!! and I love love love that it’s the first thing Lee says to her at Moby’s Dock! [get use to it scarecrow!]

    Here’s just a few of my rambling thoughts.. I’ll get back to read other’s ideas when I can – byeeeeee!!

    [oh and KC sorry we stole your avatar!! – that bites huh! 😉 ]


    • “[oh and KC sorry we stole your avatar!! – that bites huh! 😉 ]”

      Don’t they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I’m not sure how it relates to avatars, but whatever… 😀


  10. OK–I shouldn’t try to rush my thinking in the morning before heading out the door… :p
    I’m the opposite to BJo—I tend to watch and think about the show more from Amanda’s point of view than Lee’s… which is easier in the earlier episodes where he really has little warmth (though I do switch my POV around depending on the episode or part of episode—sometimes even switching to Billy or Dotty 😀 ). I think because I relate to Amanda… I do see her personality as similar to mine—which actually makes me hesitant to express my thoughts regarding A’s thoughts/journey sometimes ‘cos I’m worried that I’m letting my experiences sway my opinions of what a TV character might or might not have thought too much. Does that make any sense? Uhhh… reality check!
    Like I tried to say before, I think A’s strength and resilience were innately her—not forced on her by circumstance. Her intense loyalty is an example of her strength—it’s not a learned behaviour, or something forced on you, it’s simply who you are—and who she is.
    Post-divorce, she’s definitely looking for something, but I don’t think that she really knows what. (Love? Career? Intrigue?) She feels lost and aimless—but having her boys to take care of, and her volunteer obligations, helps to ground her and give her purpose. She refused alimony because of pride and a deep sense of responsibility… and she expects to be an equal partner, not someone “kept”.
    She likes the excitement of the spy business, but she also needs to feel it’s important—she wouldn’t want the excitement purely for excitement’s sake. Similarly, while it didn’t hurt that Lee’s gorgeous, it was his sincerity that got her. If he hadn’t been sincere when she read him, she wouldn’t have accepted the package, and if he hadn’t been gorgeous—but had been sincere—she would have.
    Do I think it was love at first sight for either of them? NO! I think Amanda developed a crush early on, but it definitely wasn’t love at first sight… her heart was bruised and he was hot and exciting and she was smart enough to see him for the playboy that Scarecrow was. She then later started to see who Lee was beneath the Scarecrow shell and put her feelings into the Tupperware. And Lee was broken and needed her gentle care and friendship before he could be anywhere near love.
    She takes the package ‘cos he’s sincere and she’s someone who helps others—it wasn’t in that initial moment of accepting the package that the danger/excitement/intrigue was readily apparent. (That started on the train when she saw the Russians tackling him.)
    The candles? An attempt at bringing an element of romance to dinner with Dean, when she didn’t feel overtly romantic towards him—it seems more dutiful.
    OK—enough of my miles long rambling… 😦


    • Melissa Robertson

      I have to agree with you…I always feel like I can relate to Amanda.


      • Loving hearing your thoughts everyone – Now seems to be a busy time for everyone no?? Like we are all taking a little break from smk.. I have had a bit of a break from it over the last week as we’ve had other posts.. it’s been nice to have a break and come back fresh!

        DOA is starting tomorrow (my time)

        Do you think the whole point of smk was maybe for us the audience to experience the journey with Amanda.. to relate to Amanda – and to experience with her getting to know Lee? you know.. like where we put ourselves in Amanda’s shoes kind of thing.. I am guessing not many of us watch putting ourselves in Lee’s! 😉

        It’s probably one reason why I can’t abide Lee’s narky attitude sometimes early on..



  11. If I may I’d like to quote the Conductor from The Polar Express “The thing about trains….it doesn’t matter where they are going. What matters is deciding to get on”. When Amanda boarded that train it didn’t matter where it was going what matters is that she chose to get on.
    As you quite rightly say Amanda was finding her place in post divorce world. Motherhood is all very fulfilling but I feel having devoted so much of her time to Joe and raising the family only to have it come crashing down around her it was high time she rediscovered who Amanda really was. I know Amanda obviously helped Lee but I think he helped her a little bit too. To find the woman who wasn’t just a mother and a daughter but a smart and sassy woman who wanted to do the right thing, to make a difference.

    Did she fall in love with Lee at first sight? No, not in my opinion. She could probably see the sincerity in his eyes and no doubt could appreciate he was a good looking man but I think the more she has to do with him the more she’s turned off by Show Pony Scarecrow (given the way she reacts to him flirting with other women at the party in TFT).

    Just my thoughts 🙂


  12. Just a quick comment before I rush off–maybe more later if my thoughts gel…
    I think she *is* strong and resilient naturally–not just because she was forced into it. Why? I don’t know that I can give you a good answer–it’s just something I feel about her… but things like hiding DebbieAnn in the attic (can’t remember which episode that came out), refusing alimony, … and–most importantly–her depth of character that we all see. She cries–who doesn’t? But deep inside she’s titanium.
    —Going to have to pick this up later… out time now… 😦
    And yeah–Lee could have been Joe Schmoe average guy, and she still would have accepted the package… as long as she’d seen something in his eyes. She read him at the train station, and his sincerity/something made her accept… not just a longing for adventure. She believed him. If Joe Schmoe had not been believable, she wouldn’t have done it. Just my two cents…
    Psssttt… it *is* a good pic, isn’t it (the Bite-Size Amanda one)? Why do you think I chose it!? 😀 (Well, someone jokingly mentioning all the plaid in my previous one might’ve also been a factor…)


  13. Love the bunny hop!!


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