5/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Amanda just starting to dig into DOA.avi_000744577Lee’s yummy chicken on white with extra mayo sandwich! Smile

Meanwhile…the action moves on to Billy’s office.. and ta da!!! Billy comes in through another door! Have we seen that before? What DOA.avi_000747847is behind that other door to Billy’s office?  Does he have his own wash room?? anyone?? It looks like another hallway..

Billy sees Francine and Lee in his office.. so I guess he’s safe to assume they have made some progress right?!
Billy: Any luck yet?
Francine: No! Nobody’s heard anything.

Hooray!!!! this is a meeting to announce they know nothing!!! whooo hooo!!! huh?? what a time saver to get them all together to learn this important fact! Winking smile
Lee: No nothing. At least not yet.
My my.. it’s like they are in Billy’s office waiting for someone to call or something.. ahem..
Right on cue! ring riiiinnngggg!!!! Billy’s phone is ringing!
Billy: Melrose here.
Meanwhile Lee and Francine stand around doing nothing.. I thought they were so busy they were working through lunch?! It’s almost like they are waiting for Billy to give the phone to Lee!!!  😉
Billy: I think you’d better take this one. It’s Hans Retzig.
[whoooo we are all so surprised! good thing Lee was in the office at that moment huh!! LOL at the military riff we hear again as Lee takes the handset- you can do it Lee! oh yeah!!]
Lee: What do you want Retzig?
We see Retzig is in a phone booth and DOA.avi_000769869enjoying himself: That’s what I like about you Stetson, you’re a bottom line kind of guy.

Lee: How about canning the small talk and getting down to business huh!
Retzig: Suits me. One of your departments has access to blue prints for the new striker DOA.avi_000784617one anti-aircraft missile. I am giving you 8 hours to get me a set of those blue prints.

[You better listen to him Lee. he has a pinkie ring, and he means business!! ]
DOA.avi_000788621Lee: That would be pretty generous of me.
Why would I want to do that?
DOA.avi_000791891Retzig: Because if you don’t, you won’t get the antidote.
Lee: Antidote? What antidote?
DOA.avi_000795895Retzig: the poison in your sandwich. chicken salad. Extra mayo.

cue the swoony realisation….
…Amanda is in danger!!!!
I’m loving that close up.. There is sooo much wrong with this scenario.. but given it offers up this close up- I can’t say I mind! 1thuddy
We see Amanda is at her desk scoffing the DOA.avi_000800633sandwich..
DOA.avi_000803636Retzig: Bon Appetite. I’ll be in touch.

Retzig hangs up.. Leaving Lee to digest this news.. (get it?!)

Lee hangs up declaring:
Oh my God!!!!! 1thuddy
and rushing out to the bullpen.. we see one last DOA.avi_000807640little glimpse of Amanda enjoying the sandwich and turning to see what’s going on and the scene ends there.

Okay everyone.. Are you with me??? Or are you are passed out on the floor from all this swoony goodness??????  (helmet?!)
try this:

or maybe this: KittyPunch5

or maybe for the refined ladies amongst us.. how about this: smelling salts label
  Just give your computer screen a scratch and you should be able to smell the salts okay..

Everyone with me now?

Well.. just a couple of things to say about this scene.. I’ll get this out.. and then I’ll move on – and heck,  maybe I’ve missed something-quite possible! If so I’d love to have this explained to me! Why would Retzig call so soon after the sandwiches were delivered?? Lee would not have had time to eat the thing before he called anyway?! Regardless of whether he had given Amanda the sandwich or not.

Also, why would he poison Lee’s sandwich? when Lee is the one Retzig is telling to get the blue prints? Lee isn’t going to be much use to Retzig if he’s only got 8 hours before his brain is Ker bluey! [and maybe an hour before it begins to go Ker bluey!]

That said.. I think I was remembering Retzig was an old enemy of Lee’s looking for revenge by poisoning Lee’s sandwich.. I had that wrong! It’s all about Retzig getting the blueprints – we have a devious, cunning baddie this week who enjoys his work! [and rubbing the agency’s nose in it 😉 muahaha!] So in a way this story is different to OOADP.. which was just sheer vengeance and wimpy bitterness..

Hey did you notice Lee is wearing a new ID badge? Haven’t seen that one before.. LOL it looks like he is wearing the outfit he has on in this scene.. what did they do? temporarily lose the old one- so they took a quick pic and stuck it on?? haaaa!
Lee’s reaction was very swoony huh!!! Is it just 1swoonme or did anyone else want to see what happened next?? you know..  when he went over there and scooped up Amanda in his arms and held her and told her that he was going to get her help and he would never ever steal another orange ever.. yep, I am sure that’s what happened ahem.. [it just happened during the commercial break I guess Winking smile]

DOA.avi_000813646Still at IFF..

Hey!!! that exterior shot has Autumn leaves in it!! aie!!!

Love the first shot we see! [the music here is very cool too]
A close up on THE chicken sandwich!!! [I think they may have been interrogating it under a lamp earlier! 😉 ]
We also see a quirky, stereotypical, bad-haircut scientist guy with a white coat, some beakers DOA.avi_000818918and audible bubbling..whooo red liquids! green liquids! yup.. guess we are in the science lab..

This scientist, Fronan gives Billy an update on the sandwich.. oh wait.. only he doesn’t know anything! rofl.. another meeting to get together
DOA.avi_000827660and share that they don’t know anything? whahahaaaaa! this is too funny!
Love this comeback of Fronan’s –
Billy: this is what they pay you the big bucks for Fronan?
Fronan: err medium bucks sir.
Good news.. they don’t think the drug is lethal..
Bad news?? they’re not certain!
DOA.avi_000846946LOL!!! i.e. they don’t know…

Billy: get to the point!!

To cut a long story short.. Amanda has DOA.avi_000845678ingested hallucinogens!!! whoo hooo… and they’re not sure how they are going to affect her.
[Poor Lee.. he must feel awful!!]

Fronan: see, these drugs can have any effect from minor mood swings to Ahhh paranoid delusions to Ahhh radical personality changes…
[Umm why is Fronan laughing?? this ain’t funny!!! this is Amanda!!!!]

DOA.avi_000865698 …then again, they may not affect her at all. ha haaaa..
[hmm he must have seen Amanda talking to her orange earlier.. yes.. that must be it.. BTW- I’m just kidding about Amanda being psychotic talking to her orange- don’t forget Lee chastised his frozen cake in the tag to ALSALS! 😉 tee hee.. that’s worse! 🙂 ]
Love the ‘this isn’t funny’ smile from Billy.. I guess maybe Fronan is nervous.. or are they aiming at the old scientist lacking social skills stereotype here? ugh..
Lee asks if they can create an antidote.. Fronan DOA.avi_000877977thinks it could be possible in weeks or days – but not 8 hours Sad smile
Billy: we can’t have her out on the streets DOA.avi_000882982not knowing how she would behave! She’s been exposed to a lot of classified information around here!
[uh oh.. that sounds like season one Billy.. who was happy Amanda got strangled! 😉 ]
Fronan says he was going to suggest Amanda say there under observation for a while.
Billy and Lee exchange looks.
Billy walks over to Lee and asks: Whose going DOA.avi_000896996to tell her?!

ie. you will right Lee?!

[Oh but wait! good news! Lee has found his usual ID badge in the meantime! haaa!]
DOA.avi_000901734Ohh??No one has told Amanda yet? I guess she must know about the sandwich otherwise how would you have explained Amanda getting her stomach pumped? [A *deep* security check maybe?! ] I guess this is all about Amanda staying there under observation? You know, for all this obvious dialogue so far, they don’t really explain this at all! We hear Retzig is evil about 10 times but here we think Amanda doesn’t know?? or doesn’t know what??
Lee sighs: it was my chicken sandwich. 
We see smiling Billy turn DOA.avi_000903736and walk away leaving pensive Lee..

Is Lee thinking – DOA.avi_000905004oh great I’ve gotten Amanda in danger: Again! maybe??

Or maybe he’s wishing he had ordered the baloney sandwich like it says in the script – so he could curse that this is all a load of baloney!

‘Baloney on white, extra mustard’ doesn’t exactly scream: ‘I’m bringing sexy back’ now does it! Winking smile

Oh well.. I’ll finish up there for now.. as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Hope you are enjoying this episode – Anyone loathing it?? If so- feel free to say so.. This episode might be slow to start.. but it makes up for it once it gets going! Plenty of swoony, intense Lee on display.. and Ladies.. plenty of opportunity to see Lee’s hands while he’s on the phone Winking smile or Jenbo.. is that a hand double?! Winking smile okay- byeee for now!

63 responses to “5/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. So many wonderful screen captures – THUNK! Swoony Lee, Handsy Lee, Serious Lee, Intimidating Lee – Oh my! THUNK! I am so tired and distracted by the pics, I need to come back tomorrow and read the blog.

    But in the meantime, I’ll leave you all with this
    (Sung to Phantom of the Opera, “Think of Me”)

    Think of Lee
    think of Lee fondly, when
    you’ve said goodnight
    remember Lee
    once in a while, please
    promise me you’ll try

    When you find,
    that once again you long
    to take your heart back,
    and be free
    if you ever find a moment,
    spare a thought for LEE!

    And now it’s back to RL! Sweet dreams (of Lee)!


  2. Just stumble on to this site. Scarecrow and Mrs King was one my favorite shows when I was kid and this blog is the funniest things I have ever read. Bologna and mustard isn’t exactly bringing sexy back but that man could make me swooney no mater what.


    • Welcome Misty! so glad you found us!!! Ohhh you are so right.. Lee probably could make Bologna and mustard sexy! 😉

      Sounds like you’ll fit right in here haaaaaa 🙂


  3. I just have to say that the sandwich on the cake stand is the kind of quirky SMK humor that I love! It gives me almost as much of a giggle as the fish food in SBTBells. Very tongue in cheek!

    Shameless stereotyping of the scientist … love that too! He’s nerdy-looking, socially inappropriate, and delightfully literal. And Lee and Billy are gathered round him playing this ridiculous scene with an ironic dose of seriousness. Leave it to SMK to break up a heavy moment with lovely stuff like this!!


    • hi Raffie!!! Soooo wonderful to hear from you!! Absolutely agree.. cake stand? roflmbo!

      Ah yes… shameless stereotyping! 😉 sexist too.. I didn’t see any women there.. ahem.. That’s true – it does break up the heavy moment!

      Hey Raffie did you see the little discussion about How Billy asks Lee who should tell Amanda and how he responds? I’m wondering what your thoughts were on that little exchange??

      Well.. I am interested in anyone’s who has thoughts they’d like to share!

      Byee for now!


      • Well, my knee-jerk depressingly practical and unromantic reaction is that anyone who demonstrates their more than professional feelings for someone in the work place is asking for trouble! But that said, I’ve always felt that Billy has always known Lee’s heart and Lee’s head, right from the day he hired on. I believe Billy plays innocent (that’s the corollary to the above, that if you detect a budding office romance, you play it cool and pretend you know nothing!) in general, even oblivious at times, but I think he can’t resist moments like this to set Lee up. Plus, I think Billy really didn’t want to break the news (even though he is the boss so in my mind should have!!) so he dangled the carrot in front of Lee, and it worked to Billy’s advantage in more ways than one. Since Lee is at the stage where he is channeling his unidentified feelings for Amanda as protectiveness, of course he says he will do it.


  4. I am too distracted by all the swoony Lee close-ups to put together a coherent thought. Don’t care about the cake stand, the implausibilities, the second or third door, the inept scientist, etc…just the intense Lee, the concerned Lee, the distraught Lee….Lee!


  5. I would love to read a fan fiction from Fronan’s perspective.
    I think I see hints here of Lee beginning to realize that he needs to try to keep his personal feeling towards Amanda invisible to Billy and the others. It seems as if he is having two different reactions, the nonchalant one in front of his coworkers and his private more personal one. I think I see it there in his reaction to Billy asking him who is going to tell Amanda.


    • This is interesting – the suggestion that Lee is beginning to be careful about how much he reveals about his relationship with/feelings for Amanda. Why does Lee not want his colleagues to see he cares about Amanda? Because of his reputation as a playboy? Because it would force him to face how he feels himself, and he’s not ready to go there?


      • Ohhhhh, good analysis of Lee! Hiding his thoughts from his coworkers while not facing those feelings Amanda stirs up sounds on the money. You two should be paid the big bucks! Hee hee


      • hiya! I’m with Kgmohror.. very interesting!

        I agree Morley, I’m seeing hints of Lee hiding his feelings too.

        I was thinking about the ‘it was my sandwich’ response from Lee to Billy’s query of who is going to tell Amanda… It was sooo not why it should be him that tells her – and came off sounding to me like it was a ‘cover excuse’.. to hide the real reason it should be him 😉 then.. as Billy turns with a smile and walks away – I see Billy as seeing right through Lee here! But Billy is letting Lee keep his artifice!
        This is my understanding of this moment now I’ve pondered it some more. At first I wasn’t sure why Billy would be smiling when the news isn’t great!

        why doesn’t Lee want his colleagues to see he cares for Amanda? fabulous question Kgmohror – what does everyone think????

        I’ll have a go.. I don’t think Lee is terribly attached to his playboy reputation- my impression of Lee was that he never cared much what others thought. But.. if that’s the case.. why does he care now? Hmm.. maybe it’s because this thing with Amanda is very unfamiliar to him. very new.. and very precious… so he keeps it a secret.. from himself on some levels.. from Amanda – and definitely from others who may ask him questions he may not be able to answer!!! [Like Billy!] Yes Kgmohror, he’s not ready to go there- agreed! 🙂

        Plus.. my guess is real feelings for Amanda in the spy biz is going to make Lee vulnerable if it is known.. and it could be used against him if he is not careful.. so till he’s got a handle on it – he is going to be guarded with Billy and Francine.. sure, eventually they all grow closer and he can let his true feelings show more.. but for now.. I think it’s tread carefully time – because he isn’t sure what it is, what’s happening and who he can trust with it.
        That’s what I’ve come up with.. it struck me last night how different Lee is in an upcoming scene.. which brought me back to this moment with Billy and made me rethink it.. I’ll bring it up again when we get there!


        • I think it’s the differences in Lee and his responses to all of this are why I don’t feel so embarrassed for Amanda in this episode. Again, waiting till we get there before I elaborate. But I agree that he senses the changes in himself and until he gets a handle on them he is trying to keep them under wraps.


        • Funny thing, he was never successful at hiding the truth from Billy, the more he tries the more truth Billy knows.
          I agree with Lee knowing that if he shows how close he feels to Amanda the more vulnerable he will become. Isn’t that one of the reasons they keep their relationship a secret, so that no enemy can’t take advantage of it? But I think there is another part to it as well, Lee feels vulnerable when he cares for someone in general and I don’t think he has felt this level of caring in a long time, if ever. I think Lee at some level believes that when he cares a great deal for someone he will loose that person. I think that is one of the reasons it takes him so long with Amanda. But now that he is becoming aware of it, I think he tries to hide it on the outside, since he can’t completely hide it from himself anymore.


        • I dunno… I can see where you all are coming from, and maybe I’m too literal or something, but I actually think that the line is genuine… he does feel (misplaced) guilt over the sandwich–it was his, and laced with chemicals meant for him, but he convinced Amanda she should eat it… despite the fact that he had no idea it was contaminated, his fierce protectiveness of Amanda makes him feel the guilt. And I think Papa Bear was just smiling ‘cos he didn’t want to have to be the one to break the news to Amanda–he really wanted Lee to do it. Note that he was already smiling when he asked Lee “Who’s going to tell her”–watch his eyes (laugh lines), and with his prior clucking about not having her out on the streets knowing secrets, I don’t think his brain was in a place of watching for Lee’s subtle tells and showing happiness at them…
          (Does that make sense? I’m pre-coffee, and we know I don’t explain myself well at that stage of the day. [If ever?] ROFL!)
          Again, I’m probably just reading the interaction too literally…


          • (If Billy’s smile is anything more simple than happiness that he himself didn’t have to break the news to Amanda, I think it’s that he feels like he got Lee to do what he wanted Lee to do (count one for Papa Bear)… he’s well aware of Lee’s protectiveness of her and he traded/counted on it when he asked Lee who would do the telling. Make sense? So, yes, he might be happy that he knows something about them, but it wasn’t that itself that caused the smile, it was what that knowledge helped to cause that caused it. Confused yet? I am. Better get my butt to work… 😀


            • I tend to agree with you, KC. Billy may not be completely sure of what’s going on with those two. Not to jump ahead, but in later episodes he asks some basic questions about their relationship and doesn’t seem ready to assume anything about their feelings for each other.


              • He doesn’t assume anything, you are right, but I think he has always suspected that Lee is more attached than he leads on to being.

                It isn’t so much Billy that makes me think what I do about Lee. It is the changing look on Lee’s face. He has his schooled look when others are around and then his own private reaction the moment they turn from him, or he turns from them.


            • I tend to be more in your camp as well on this one. But I also tend to be a literal person too. When Billy asked Lee about who was going to tell her, I always thought it was a bit rhetorical and Lee just didn’t get it so he answered him. I never thought it would be anyone but Lee who broke the news because they’re supposed to be partners, right?


              • hiya! yeah I agree BJo. For me, and I think for Billy- it was obvious it should be Lee who tells her.. 🙂

                I agree that Billy doesn’t necessarily know whoooo it’s love!!! but he would be able to see how much closer they are and he’s seen a change in Lee anyway.
                I was thinking last night – how the first season and into the second season Billy would have to tell Lee to work with Amanda, or suggest Amanda, or remind Lee of Amanda.. into Season two – Lee tried to brush off Amanda as window dressing, he didn’t want to go to training with Amanda – he was fighting it all the way in front of Billy – (whereas we could see he mostly didn’t mean it!!) So from Billy’s point of view, it seems clear that Lee has changed and now values Amanda – because he isn’t fighting working with her anymore 🙂 and after Spiderweb – it would be clear to Billy they are close friends 🙂 -and in that episode Lee volunteered to break the bad news to Amanda..awhhh.. but.. I don’t assume Billy knows Lee is ‘in love’ not at this stage 🙂

                So I think the scene can be taken either way – KC can take it literally and it still works. 🙂

                But for me.. like Morley said- his ‘cover response’ was a bit telling – it was true.. it was his sandwich..but Lee should be the one to tell her for more reason than that..
                I thought Lee went a little into military mode while he listened to Billy – looking straight ahead, back straight! For a second it reminded me of when he spoke to the Colonel! but maybe it’s just me.. 😉

                I enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts on this!! I took it literally at first too KC, and then.. I changed my mind! 🙂 – not that you have to – stick to your guns! 🙂
                An interesting little scene – which could have easily been brushed over.. and these interesting ideas could have been missed!

                I agree Morley, Lee is not ready to deal with his feelings yet..

                I just wrote in a post last night gushing over how great Lee is with Amanda (think it was post 7-I’m trying to get ahead so I don’t stress about my heavy work load: so far so good!) – I’m with Valerie on this – it makes this episode wonderful! But.. I’ll stop there and let my posts do the talkin! 🙂

                Byeee for now


  6. Hmmm, the extra door to Billy’s office. I do think this may be the first time we see it. I also think we see it more in the future – latter half of S3? Or is there a third door too?

    Just how did Retzig get Billy’s phone number? Or how does he know to ask for Billy? Did he just call IFF and say I want to talk to the man in charge and the operator transferred him to Billy? It’s the 80’s, so I’m guessing there’re not monitoring the incoming phone calls and doing voice print comparisons so they know it’s Hans Retzig even if he said he was the Avon Lady.

    Love the Lee close-ups! Great screen caps! Thank you for the smelling salts…gotta love that scratch and sniff!

    And no, it’s not just you – I wish we could have seen the next part! Wonder what Lee would have done? Pick her up and carry her off running to medical? Have we met any of the doctors yet?

    OMG – love the super-scientific CAKE STAND they are using here in the sandwich close up….ok, not really…being a tad bit sarcastic. 😉

    Love the Billy “smile”…looks like he is trying to stifle some gas bubbles or something…tee hee.


    • BJo–it *is* the third door… look at when Amanda is in the bullpen and you see into Billy’s office… you can see the second door. This “new” one is the third one. (It’s also shown in Murder Between Friends in just a few eps…)


    • BJo you took the words out of my mouth about knowing the phone number to call. That has bugged me every time I’ve watched this ep….the agency is supposed to be on the down low, clandestine and all spy secretive , so how could he, (Retzig) have a direct line into Billy’ s office, and how would he know that Lee would be available to answer the phone? Furthermore, how would Retzig even know they were ordering lunch out, does he have Billy’ s office bugged or something? How would he know who ordered what???? What did he do, just sit around waiting, hoping that they ordered lunch out just for his opportunity to lace Lee’s sandwich with poison? This has too many holes in it to be believable for me…..but I love this episode, KJ does some excellent comedic work.


      • Ahhh, yes, Gruvy Granny…other than the exellent comedic work by KJ as you say, this episode is not one of my faves. I can forgive some plot holes, but the ones in this episode are just too ridiculous.


      • Indeed Gruvy Granny.. ridiculous!!

        Explain him knowing about lunch? well.. it can’t be because he knows the routine.. because this lunch in is not routine.. Hmm.. okay.. maybe where they order lunches from is always from the same place – soooo Retzig bribes sandwich guy/gal to let him have a look at Lee’s sandwich.. but how did they know it was Lee’s?! Umm.. Lee always orders chicken salad? I don’t know!!

        oh and how did Billy get the call? my guess is that the agency would have some kind of intricate method for the baddies to be put through to them when they dial another line. What did Retzig call? umm.. maybe Lee’s number at home and it was redirected? I mean it seems most baddies know where Lee lives 😉 ha! Or.. hmm.. he could have followed Lee and found agency HQ is IFF, and so he called the IFF switch – say Mrs Marsden and she knew to put Retzig through because his name was on a watchlist or something.. ohhh heck… my head hurts..


  7. Haaa IWSOD I think BB is doing his own hand work there with the phone. It is a tense moment so he would probably want his own hands to help him convey the seriousness of the moment 😉
    Right am LMAO at the baloney not being sexy enough for Lee, but you’re right he doesn’t look like a baloney kinda guy!
    I love how the sandwich is in a display like it’s radioactive. Hope that cake stand is air tight 😉
    I imagine they told Amanda there were something in the sandwich which means she needed a stomach pump but Lee is having to break if to her about what the drug is going to potentially do to her. Why doesn’t Billy tell her……he’s the boss no?
    Loving Lee and his intense looks into the middle distance. Definitely getting the vibe of deep concern for Amanda woo hoo!!!


    • Ugh. I am still distraught at the realization that all those gorgeous close-up hand shots are probably not attached to LS’s body….I don’t know how I could have been fooled this long! Does that mean that LS isn’t real? If it does, I don’t wanna hear it…


      • The best hand shots are the medium view ones where we see BB/LS fiddling with stuff/holding stuff… pen… phone… whatever… 😀 Oh–and tanned skin… makes his nails pop…
        *Wakes up and shakes herself off.* Uhhhh… what was I saying?


        • I started making my screen caps today for SBTB Stats – and dagnabbit, I’m so distracted now when I see Lee’s hands! I mean when I can see that they are part of Lee…they are still gorgeous!! I may have to do something about this….


          • Lee hands stats? Please please please please pleaseeeeeee!?!?! Please???!?!?!!! *grovel and beg face*


            • Weeeellll, since I’m not coming across a lot of plaid or any tuxes….maybe I could sneak in some hand shots somehow… 😉

              I could even use KC’s title: Handsy Lee.


          • “I mean when I can see that they are part of Lee…they are still gorgeous!”
            Exact-a-moley! Those’re the best hands shots… (‘Scuse any typos… I’m lying on the floor so I won’t have so far to fall when I swoon at handsy Lee… Thud!)


    • Hi Jenbo.. I just heard about the awful storms in the UK – are you alright????!! Hope soo!! Anyone else living in the uk? Hope you are okay!


      • I am fine thanks despite us being in the firing line according to forecast we escaped with nothing more than a lot of leaves and very heavy rain. A couple of people died from falling trees but thankfully I think for the most part the UK survived (our media does have a tendency to over egg the pudding shall we say).


  8. I always wondered about Retzig calling so quickly too. Maybe the sandwiches were delayed??? Maybe Francine stopped off and got her hair done and the sandwiches were sitting around at the deli for a while…???…

    Lee’s hands are very… prominently veiny… when he takes Retzig’s call. Not his best sexy hands. 😦 But–intense Lee… swoon-thud (thank goodness for helmets!)

    I love Fronan staring at the sandwich in the glass cake display case… almost like he’s waiting for it to stand up and dance around, or something (do the hallucinogens work on the sandwich itself, too?). (BTW Fronan reminds me somewhat of lab geek Phil in Better Off Ted…)

    Re: Retzig poisoning Lee’s sandwich, I think that: (a) he figured that Lee would pass on the demands to Billy and others, so it wouldn’t matter that Lee’s brain went “Ker bluey”, (b) it shows that Retzig doesn’t know Lee very well, ‘cos otherwise he’d have poisoned someone else’s sandwich and let Lee be worried for their safety and so accede to his demands, and/or (c) Retzig had the Agency bugged and knew that Amanda had eaten the sandwich, thereby fulfilling (b) and answering the question of why he phoned when he did. LOL!


  9. Yep, swoony concerned Lee close ups are enough to make me forget the plot holes. 🙂


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