6/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

DOA.avi_000908007_thumbLOL Random! another IFF exterior.. because we are still at IFF! Only this time it’s the vette parked out front.. why? this is all very convoluted! In the previous exterior shot right DOA.avi_000813646before we met the scientist- was this one:  Amanda’s car was parked there. Oh boy!!! I think I might have eaten a chicken salad sandwich laced with something.. [whooo dreams of kissing ‘Rick’ must be around the corner! 😉 if you don’t get that- you soon will 🙂 ]
Amanda is wheeled by Francine into a room where Lee is waiting.
Amanda to Lee: That was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my whole life [hmm.. worse than childbirth? Winking smile ]
DOA.avi_000914013Francine: stomach pump.

Lee: Amanda.

Amanda: hmm?

the poison isn’t lethal but.. they don’t know how it’s going to affect you so your going to have to  have to stay here under observation for a while.

DOA.avi_000915748Amanda: you mean I can’t take DOA.avi_000924023Phillip and Jamie to goofy golf tonight.

Lee: well, you still may be able to make it. With a little luck.. but um.. I think we’re going to have to figure out something else.

Amanda: Well really, that’s alright. I’m not really feeling up to it anyway.


Billy interrupts to tell Lee Auggie Swan just called  – well Billy.. did you take a message?
Secretary Billy: He wants you to meet him at the Hattman House in an hour.
DOA.avi_000092192_thumbThat Cheeky Stephen Hattman.. he gets another mention?? He got a mention in Affair at Bromfield Hall too DOA.avi_000943042wasn’t it? – Lucky him..

Lee: good. Let’s hope he has something.

[Oh boy..
I wouldn’t want to pin all my hopes on Auggie! Winking smile

Cue deep swoony Lee voice.. he says softly to Amanda: look, everything’s going to be alright…
(Amanda was looking away but at this sincere intensity she looks up to meet his eyes)
DOA.avi_000949782…but I promise you  before this day is out, we are going DOA.avi_000951050to nail this creep, and get your antidote.

Amanda DOA.avi_000951784smiles shyly…

and does her head toss.. DOA.avi_000953052she knows you’ll come through for her Lee – you always do! Smile
Amanda: sure Smile
Lee gives Amanda’s arm a squeeze and he leaves…
Nice one Lee.. Amanda’s happier now! …. mind you I think getting the antidote and then nailing the creep is a better order!! Winking smile
[This time we get a shot of Amanda smiling at Lee as he leaves! awh!!]
The scene ends with Francine wheeling DOA.avi_000958057Amanda away..
Francine: Okay?
Amanda turns to acknowledge her help: thank you Francine.
Francine: It’s okay.
and the scene ends there..

my goodness.. Francine doesn’t even seem to mind having to push Amanda around.. she isn’t gushing with care – but for Francine this shows progress no? for me- Definitely after Life of the Party!

On to Hattman house.. DOA.avi_000961794

LOL! that’s the same place where Karen had her rendezvous with Credle!!! [In OOADPigeon] Same limo parked out the front and everything haaaa! I knew I saw it again! Now I know where!
Lee meets Auggie to get some info.. hi Auggie.. thanks for coming through.. ahem.. err no..
Lee: this better be worth it! My auditor friend has an itchy calculator finger!
tee heee..
Oh boy.. thanks Auggie another reminder that Retzig is scary bad! He ‘buries anyone who gets in his way’! whooo!
Auggie points out some old bloke with a beard eating alone.
This guy, Diersing, is in the market for missile DOA.avi_000989822plans and may have made contact with Retzig..

Auggie thinks Retzig may not have been in contact yet, so there’s room for some ‘bluffing’


[Big smile here for BJo from Auggie!! 🙂 ]

Wow.. Lee doesn’t even thank Auggie..
I’d be asking for money too!!

See Amanda.. you don’t get if you don’t ask Winking smile tee hee.. though okay maybe Auggie isn’t the best example to follow Winking smile
Auggie wants a finder’s fee: I could use some new coveralls, you know? Get that tux DOA.avi_001009842tailored.
[tee hee.. appeal to Lee’s tux standards I love it!]


 Lee can’t say no to that. haaa… Lee reaches into his pocket
and tries to hand Auggie a note..
DOA.avi_001018851 Only, Auggie wants plural! tee heee.. soo cheeky!!!

Lee’s my main man you know? but I can’t help but think Lee has it coming to him Winking smile  Go Auggie! Winking smile
Lee hands it over! Smile
Lee: buy yourself a new tux!
[did that little parting remark ease the sting a little for ya Lee?! I don’t think Auggie cares tee hee]
Haaa once again.. Lee walks off from Auggie with his snarly: youuuu!!!! under his breath Smile

Lee swaggers (yes swaggers!) towards Diersing, who happens to be sitting next to a loud water fountain.. piddle piddle.. does this scene make anyone need to visit the bathroom??!! I’m surprised they kept the audio- these days they would do the dialogue later and add it!
Lee simply says: Striker 1!
Diersing stops his eating…
Lee is in super suave mode with his over the top bluffing here – I just find it funny!! Anyone else?
DOA.avi_001051150Lee gloats: I thought that might get your attention.

Ahhh Lee.

I am fixated by his fingers in this scene!!!

You know what else is getting my attention – Lee in the great outdoors! Smile [I think he fixed his hair before he came out Winking smile ]

Lee’s all charm trying to win the DOA.avi_001054153trust of this guy. Lee says he’s representing a large South American nation..
Lee: When you come into possession of the plans, I’ll arrange to buy a copy from you. Now, even less risky to you is ah.. having me contact your source and I can pay you a finder’s fee and deal directly with them.

Uh oh!!
Suddenly Amanda rushes in to join him.. what is she doing here???!!!
(Can I just say something a bit random here? I love this baddies’ voice- fabulous speaking voice!!)  she must have snuck out of the high security agency huh! Winking smile 

I won’t go any further with this scene- I’ll stop here… but I just wanted to mention that now it seems the drug is beginning to have an effect on Amanda- there are some interesting things to consider.
I think this whole storyline with the drug is given a very Freudian, Psychoanalytic slant –without getting detailed- I am sure most of you are familiar with Freud’s theory about conflicts in the unconscious – he used free association and dreams to access the unconscious, and try to help people resolve these conflicts – drugs are another way to get around repressed thoughts.

I think with this in mind this episode becomes fascinating! [Yep, one reason why I now really enjoy this episode where previously I thought it was too cringeworthy] It’s full of insights into Amanda’s unconscious!! Winking smile  For Freud, dreams were very much about ‘wish fulfilment.’- we’ll get some hints in this episode of what it is Amanda really wants! Winking smile 

 See here if you want to read up on Freud’s ideas on dream interpretation.. I suspect this idea that the drug turns off Amanda’s ‘censor’ in her mind – and so gives us insight into what’s going on with her- is a powerful and deliberate plot device! Smile 

This scene at the restaurant which we are just getting into –  the drug is beginning to have an effect, we have seen Amanda show up and join Lee like she is suppose to be there – right in the middle of the action! And.. I think this is a nod to how she wants things to be [and the show isn’t quite there yet] she wants to be in the thick of things with Lee! Definitely not left behind!!  Just an interesting sidenote to keep in mind as we progress..

Okay that’s it for now.. any thoughts? questions?? comments?? feedback? I always love to hear from you guys!!! and new people too!!! so jump on in if you are reading it would be wonderful to hear from you! byeee for now!

23 responses to “6/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hi guys.. just an additional little comment.. I just noticed that a member of the smk crew was named ‘Michael Diersing’ – IMDB lists him as a ‘construction coordinator’ but the episodes he worked on are listed as unknown..
    I suspect he was the inspiration for the baddie’s name.. I like to catch these shout outs!


  2. Is it just me or is anyone else out there having some difficulty in not laughing at Lee when he approaches Diersing and says, “Striker 1.” It seems he is trying so hard to be a baddie, but we’ve all just witnessed a somewhat tender moment about Amanda and Goofy Golf and Lee being nice to Auggie so I’m having a hard time getting my mind to change gears that fast. Lee in S1 is more believable to me in his covers than he is as time goes by because he’s changing due to his relationship with Amanda. Of course the baddies don’t see that, so they continue to fall for it every time.

    And speaking of tender moments, I wonder why Lee does seem go genuinely caring about Amanda in the wheelchair scene in front of Francine. Morley, I know you made a point in an earlier post about Him not showing his concern in front of others at work, but to me here it is plain for Francine to see. At least to me. And I like it. 🙂

    Oh, and am loving the hand shots here! Yes, Lee does have gorgeous hands – esp. the fingers, even if he does have a hand model for close-ups time to time. Lee’s hands are close enough to that model’s that I would find it believable if we learned he didn’t have a hand model. Ok, please stop laughing, Jenbo…I can dream can’t I? 😉


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I had never thought about Amanda showing up as part of her subconscious wanting to be in the action (but we know that she does). I like your insight IWSOD 🙂


  4. Just looked at this scene again on DVD and noticed that when Lee tells Amanda that the poison isn’t lethal Francine actually breathes out a sigh of relief. No matter what she may say sometimes she doesn’t want Amanda hurt or doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. In her own way she does care. Not only is Amanda affecting Lee, but she is affecting Francine.


    • Hiya Valerie – whoooo good find!! thanks for sharing that!

      Yes I think Francine sees Amanda as a civilian she has a duty to protect.. and always has.. but good to see here it is beginning to be more than that! 🙂 Great to see Francine progressing! She has a few interesting moments this episode huh!

      LOL kgmhror I didn’t notice the splotch on Diersing.. Aie! they were different times back then eh.. Did you see I did a post on the smk time line and soviet history? I might check it out later I forget which USSR boss we are up to now! haaa.. they sure did go through them!


    • I think that, at least on a certain level, Francine really does care about Amanda, especially after she’s had awhile to get to know her. Even if they’re not always friends, they’re still allies in a business where it’s difficult to know who to trust and having allies is important.

      I always liked that scene in Savior when Francine kind of stands up to Fred Fielder, pointing out how hard he was on Amanda after she’s had the shock of hearing that Lee has left the Agency. Even though Francine had a kind of rivalry with Amanda and would throw little digs at her now and then, her digs usually seemed to be when Amanda was excited about something, being praised for something, or being given some new assignment with Lee that Francine wanted for herself. Francine probably thinks of her teasing as keeping Amanda humble, and I think it struck her as pretty low for Fielder to act like that toward Amanda when she was already down. Francine may not always be the nicest, but she does have feelings and standards.


    • I always thought that Francine’s reactions often hide a lot of mixed inner feelings. It appeared, to me at least, that she softened towards Amanda because underneath it all, she knew that women were all in it together, especially at that time regardless of the lives they lead. Gender roles were becoming more fluid but the glass ceiling was still more like steel. In Playing Possum, there is a line where Lee says “It’s Amanda” to Francine as an explanation and she gets it right away. I thought that this moment was the beginning of the hidden Francine showing. Ok, getting off my soapbox. Happy Halloween everybody!


    • Good point, Valerie! I tend to not give Francine that much credit though – yet. I just wonder if Francine hasn’t had her stomach pumped before because of work so she can actually feel a little empathy for Amanda here.


  5. That smile Auggie gives cracks me up as it’s completely fake and yet hilariously OTT 🙂
    Francine relegated to nursemaid…..but showing a decent amount of sympathy. Had she been gushing and fawning over Amanda I’d smell a rat and assume it wasn’t genuine. Here it seems low key but sincere. Progress me thinks and nice to see 🙂
    The hands, the hands……OK Lee has nice nails but I personally don’t see the fascination…..I know i know, I am in the minority 😉


  6. So I guess the splotch on Diersing’s bald head is supposed to put us in mind of Gorbachev? He must be EVIL!


  7. Apropos of nothing … Amanda sure carries a big honkin’ “mom purse.”


  8. Gah! I have to run out the door without reading this whole thing, but–for now:
    “you mean I can’t take Phillip and Jamie to goofy golf tonight”
    Dang… that would have been the goofiest golf EVER… or at least lent new meaning to goofy golf! ROFL! Why couldn’t they have let her go?!? 😀


    • Amanda has interesting priorities, doesn’t she? If I’d just ingested some weird substance and had my stomach pumped, I think goofy golf would be the last thing on my mind.


      • The boys are at or very near the top of Amanda’s priority list all the time, so wanting to spend quality time with them (goofily golfing) is really not at all surprising–even if/when she’s out of her tree loopy on doped chicken salad…
        But yeah, playing goofy golf just for the sake of playing goofy golf would have been an odd priority–what might that have said about Amanda, subconsciously or not?


    • LOL, KC! I wonder how many holes of truly goofy Goofy golf it would have taken before Dotty and the boys figured out something was not quite right with Amanda!


  9. Is that Lee licking his lips when he tells Amanda she has to stay for observations, along with a dimple? Is he doing it again when he’s talking to Auggie? Focus, I need to focus…Love the look between Lee and Amanda as he squeezes her arm. It’s like it’s just the two of them and Francine isn’t even there.

    I like how considerate Francine is of Amanda in this episode. Who knew she could be this nice? Maybe deep down, way deep down, she actually cares about Amanda. She has shown glimpses of it before. I still think Auggie is kind of cute.


    • Another good one, Valerie. Lee is licking his lips here with Auggie. Okay, Jenbo (and any other body language fascinatees), what does THAT mean? I’m guessing he’s not wanting to kiss Auggie. Or is he because Auggie just gave him a tip? And so instead of kissing him he gives him a wad of cash for a tux?? I’ve got to be missing the obvious. It’s early.


  10. Ooohhhh!! Goody, goody! I feel like I am standing outside a huge candy store with my hand on the door handle admiring all the delicious looking chocolates in the display window. I can not wait to go inside and taste every one. Looking into what is going on with Amanda is going to be so much fun!


    • I think the chicken sandwich released Amanda’s latent superspy powers. Go Amanda!


    • Morley, you’re going to have to explain yourself here….I’m so not getting the huge candy store thing. Are you talking about explaining the dream sequence? I would insert the word ‘awful’ between dream and sequence….I guess I need to buy a ticket for the Morley train and sit back and enjoy the ride! Maybe what you have to say will help me to see this ep in a different light and I’ll like it more! 🙂


      • I am just looking forward to playing around with the significance of Amanda’s dreams. I love that stuff. It is easier to read Lee’s reactions for some reason and we get more of his back story and so we can surmise more about him. But Amanda is a mystery for the most part as we have all noticed. But these dreams are clues as too what she has tucked away, and I am as excited as a kid in a candy shop to dig around in them with everyone. That is all.

        I take it you don’t like this episode much, huh, BJo? I have to agree with everyone who has said that what saves the episode from being embarrassing is Lee’s tender care for Amanda. But I do love the glimpses into Amanda’s character and what is going on deep, deep down inside of her. I wonder how much she remembers after she gets the antidote?


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