1/6 Season One: Episode 12 Lost and Found -Scarecrow and Mrs King

Eeek!  I have a love/hate relationship with this episode!!!! It feels ominous.. you know?! There are some really great moments.. and.. some really uncomfortable ones- an episode of extremes!! Maybe together we can get through it!!  Will you help me???!!

I’ll bite the KGB Bullet, and jump right in!

The episode opens with an eye peeping through the hole in a crate that has just arrived by boat.. along with some other crates labelled Vodka..(Got any vermouth? we could make a martini Winking smile ) hmm ok.. thanks smk.. It came from Russia.. 01(got to love those russian sterotypes!) Love how the two guys walk up to the crate and take it while the foreman angrily yells ‘Hey you guys!’ then he stands there for a minute and watches them as they approach their van, open the back doors and start to put the crate inside.. yes only then the men actually do something! LOL… but they are too late and the two men and the crate make a clean getaway..

On to the agency, and the man in the crate has been brought in by the agency. Francine (with her lovely blue eyeshadow!) just 02said Amanda has skills? wha??? ok.. even if those skills are knowing the bargain markets I think a few episodes ago Francine would have been arguing she could 03know them better than Amanda if she needed to.. but there is no denying it.. Amanda is not an ‘agency type’ – and that is why we love her. What things is Amanda learning in her training classes she mentioned? not fair! I want to know!!

See Amanda’s smile fade a little when Francine 04explains what her skills are?? helping crate guy with opening a cheque account.. bargain markets.. ugh.. poor Amanda!

So, Angelo Spinelli is an Italian (whoo hooo Pallina and all Italian Scarecrow and Mrs King fans!! Are you out there? say ciao!! Smile You get your own italian character you lucky things!!!) Expert in ESP research.. tricked 05by the russians to go there for work – he found they wanted his knowledge to be used on military projects. Angelo refused..and was imprisoned.. (what a brave guy! good for him!)Now he doesn’t want government types around pressuring him.. and according to Francine he must be very near to breaking point. Poor guy..

Oooooohhhhh I see… Amanda is being given the assignment without Lee..  Now I understand why Francine is being so upbeat and nice (for her!).. she would be happy to have Amanda start working without Lee, using her housekeeping skills!!

07Amanda tells Billy she is grateful he has asked for her help with this assignment. However: I have one slight hesitation and that is, well . . . I feel very funny working without Lee.
06Billy: Well, Mrs King, Lee understands that we can’t consider personal feelings when we make assignments. Anyway, Lee’s finishing an assignment in Sri Lanka right now.

Well.. as fate would have it, Lee arrives just in time to prevent possibly loosing Amanda as his partner!!! Winking smile (I suspect had Amanda done the job Francine would have ‘helped’ Amanda by giving her lots more jobs like this one! without Lee! )

Lee is back and Billy is smiling a little too 08brightly here ( you doing something behind your boss’s back there Billy? ! tee heee)  Whoo Lee doesn’t like Amanda working solo ( hey, ‘solo’ that’s an italian word no?!) fess up Billy.. Lee isn’t buying it- Ok.
09Billy: And, all things considered, I thought you probably wouldn’t want to become part of the case involving… 10Angelo Spinelli! ( hmm yes that’s right Billy.. we can’t consider Lee’s personal feelings when we make assignments. Winking smile )
Lee: I want to talk to him! Lee storms off into the bullpen and Billy obediently scurries behind him trying to keep up and stop him.. But Lee isn’t hearing it, even putting his hand up to silence Billy as he enters the room to talk to Angelo.. Come on Billy the boss has spoken.. ahem.. Lee is really atrocious here! Frankly, after doing that to Billy he deserves the shock he gets!

Is it just me… Or does it look like Lee’s hair was  dyed a shade or two darker while he was in Sri Lanka?? Let me guess.. Lee got a dark fake tan, some permanent black eyeliner put on and dyed his hair dark so he could go undercover as a Sri-Lankan hairdresser!

Don’t like the hair..don’t like the tie.. man there is a lot I don’t like in this episode!

Anyway, focus here iwsod! I do like Angelo! He seems like a good guy.. You guys think that is fake stubble he has there?? It looks fake to me..but I am not a stubble expert.. Dig that KGB haircut Angelo! (man it’s crazy bad hair day at IFF)

Angelo gives Lee a big smile (what lovely white teeth he has!) and some free advice:  If you can avoid crossing the Atlantic in a crate, do so.
Mmm! I’ll store that one away myself.. could come in handy Winking smile

12Love this comment of Angelo’s to Lee here: you’re dressing better!
Ahhh first season scarecrow and mrs king- 13I love that you don’t take yourself or Lee Stetson and his love of fashion too seriously! great line! ( and ironic.. given I can’t stand his tie! )
Lee responds:
Yeah, well, remember the last time you saw me, I was posing as a student attending one of your seminars.
Student Lee? whooo that I’d like to see..

Angelo: When Eva finally told me who you really were, I wondered how many other spies I was lecturing to.  Soooo Eva knew Lee was working for the US government? Who is Eva? ohhh I wish I could just forget about Eva! ugh!!!

14Subtle Lee: By the way, where is she? (Eva) ..
Come on.. that is the reason you went in there Lee.. not subtle at all! Angelo is confused that Lee is asking this question though – errr if Billy had been given a chance he would have told Lee.. but well..
15Angelo: Eva is dead.  I’m sorry, I assumed they had t-told you.
Lee: What happened?

Angelo explains that Eva (Angelo’s research assistant and eventual wife ) is dead.. and recounts his story.. I think Angelo 16is a really brave man.. Lee bugs me here- even though I understand why Lee is like this- but  he only wants to hear about what happened to Eva.. Ok Ok.. he 17had feelings for her.. this is hard to watch knowing what happens! I don’t like that Lee doesn’t really care about what happened to Angelo, what the KGB did to him –and he is a good man.. Eva’s visits gave Angelo the courage to resist? well! that would have to be stopped! – sorry I can’t write this like I don’t know Eva is awful.. She is possibly my least favourite character ever on Scarecrow and Mrs king – her and that creepy guy who sells women in Brunettes are in! eeeewww..

Anyway, I digress.. stick with it iwsod! (maybe some vodka might help.. )

I am trying to remember what I felt the first time I saw this episode..  I don’t want to see Lee so cut up over Eva.. I guess the first time, I didn’t know Lee’s pain was wasted.. so it was easier to watch!  but! I get ahead of myself.. I know… something tells me I am going to do that a lot in this episode!
18Angelo: They still never got what they wanted, since I just sort of, um . . . lost my mind.  I was taken to a hospital and it was from there that your people helped me to escape.

19Lee: I don’t want to believe this  (Billy was right.. Lee shouldn’t be involved.. Angelo has had enough to deal with, without having to hear Lee complain he doesn’t want to believe it. )

20Angelo: of course you don’t. You were after all as much in love with my wife as I was.

Duh duh duuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!! why why why????!!!!ARGH!!!!

I know I am being a bit unfair to Lee here.. he was in love with her.. It is a big shock.. and he obviously hasn’t dealt with this past episode in his life..

She married someone else.. move on man! Hmmm.. well I guess I’ve got to hang in there till the end of this episode for that!

I can’t shake my admiration for Angelo though, in resisting, surviving.. and being sensitive to Lee here.. being in love with the same woman.. oh boy.. Angelo’s relationship with Lee is an interesting one!

One good thing about this episode? All this dross is finally put to bed!!! It sets up Lee to move on with his life..

Thanks for reading! I find this a hard episode to watch.. and am looking forward to seeing some resolution.. and comeuppance!!! Smile 

Please feel free to share your thoughts! That’s it for now Smile

14 responses to “1/6 Season One: Episode 12 Lost and Found -Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I saw this episode today for the first time. When Lee kissed Eva, I was yelling NO!!! Thinking of Amanda! I just don’t like it when we hear about Lee past. Hourra for the last scene!

    Liked by 1 person

    • rofl. Hope you have recovered LouMichelle!

      Yeah I had heard about this kiss for years before I actually got to watch it, I think I watched through one squinty eye the first time haaaaaa..


  2. I actually thought Billy had a point considering Lee’a personal feelings because if an agent is too close to a case to he objective they shouldn’t be on it. Frankly I think Billy screwed up royally even letting Lee be a part of it although we wouldn’t have had an episode if he hadn’t.


  3. I’ve been doing a 2020 rewatch and skipped this one because it’s so hard to watch. Lee being in love (and still being in love) with another man’s wife is just icky.


    • It’s icky and yet it does help to add so much shading to Lee’s character in that first season where we get to see him not being the super suave spy persona he tries to project and instead see the little chinks on the armour he’s built himself. Also, he is REALLy over her by the end and that’s very satisfying, LOL.


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  5. I’m new to these posts so I am trying to figure out why the photos and comments seem to stop before the end of the episode. Well maybe someone can fill me in on that…..anyway…. the end is the best part of the entire episode…when Lee and Amanda are at the wrecking yard and he has his little say with Eva, then he turns to Amanda and asks her, “remember when I ask you how you know when it’s over?” Then he looks to the sky and shouts very excited, ” It’s Over!”
    I felt vindicated for both Lee and Amanda…


    • hiya Gruvy Granny!
      You will see there is a ‘1/6′ at the start of this posts’ title – that means this is the first post of six on this episode, if you look at the top of the post there is an option to move ahead to the next post 2/6 of lost and found- just click on that you and you will move on to the next post in this episode.

      The number of posts per episode varies greatly! Also, as I’ve done this- I’ve adjusted and created more posts, gone into more detail or made smaller posts… so while I covered lost and found in six posts, there are others I’ve covered in sixteen! 😉

      Hopefully you’ll get use to navigating your way around. you can always select to move on to the next post and eventually you will see the next post on an episode. Sometimes an episode is interrupted with one or two different posts, but eventually you will see the next post on an episode if you keep moving ahead.

      Hope that helps!

      Oh yeah- It’s over!!!! was fabulous!!! 🙂 I felt like cheering that myself after this episode 😉


  6. Is that really a 5 o’clock shadow on Angelo’s face, or did makeup just rub boot polish on his face?

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  7. Meh. I watched this today, I still hate it 😦
    The one saving grace is Billy and his guilty Hi and little wave to Lee, too funny. But wait? Lee doesn’t seem very impressed that Amanda would be working without him…..now why’s that 😉
    Yes IWSOD that IS fake stubble and it annoys me immensely. I am hardly a stubble expert but my hubby is man that doesn’t like to shave everyday.
    Eek awkward moments 101, Lee being told he loves another mans wife and he doesn’t deny it 😦 urgh I can’t stand it……..


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  9. Jo, I agree though it’s not a favorite episode of mine either, it is a good vehicle to show us a bit more of what has made LEE the way he is.


  10. I have to say I love this episode! First of all because I got to watch it back when I was a teen and it brings back great memories. The second reason is that you get to see another side of Lee. You realize that he has the ability of being a one woman man, that he can commit if he finds a woman that he falls in love with. He has another side apart from this womanizer that we’ve been seing so far.


  11. Yep, I agree with you. This is a difficult episode to watch. Love Angelo, thought Lee was being a dip—-, and the (argyll? plaid?) tie –even without the striped shirt — has got to go!


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