7/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We come back to Amanda having surprised Lee in the middle of bluffing his way into a meeting with Retzig.. Amanda apologises for being late and sits down at their table.

Lee is shocked to see Amanda but covers it up DOA.avi_001101934quickly.
I’m sorry I’m late.
Amanda seems to have no idea.. and seems
DOA.avi_001103202oblivious to her surroundings.. I think she is already living on a different plane of reality man.. yeah peace man.. hippy

DOA.avi_001104203Lee: wh- ahhhh yes, this is my associate Amanda King [whoo I like the sounds of that Winking smile ]
DOA.avi_001104937Amanda gives Diersing a big smile:
How do you do!
DOA.avi_001109208Diersing: Of course if I were to consider your offer, the finder’s fee would need to be substantial.

Lee suddenly looks more concerned.. why??? 
At this, we have a close up of Diersing’s lunch… and there’s a hand in there!  hmm is that beef wellington?! Winking smile
And tee hee.. Amanda starts picking at his plate!  sneaking a vegetable!  So funny how she quickly pops it into her mouth!!
[whoo and is wearing a magic bracelet which magically only appears in the close up!]
Lee watches Amanda and hopes Diersing won’t notice tee heee..
DOA.avi_001118217Lee: ahhh yeah.. well I’m sure my people will make it worth your while.

DOA.avi_001119218Finally Diersing catches on when he hears Amanda: Mmmm!!…
as Amanda enjoys his lunch haaaa!!!!!!
Do y
ou mind if I have one of the- ah these are very….
…Mmmmm!! DOA.avi_001123689
[she tucks heartily into an asparagus spear – I agree Amanda: Yum!!]DOA.avi_001125190… very good! [Amanda’s face as she says this cracks me up!!!]
DOA.avi_001123222Diersing looks at her like she’s crazy..

I love the look on Lee’s face when Amanda starts picking at the baddies’ plate – Well come on Lee what do you expect? You steal her orange, then offer her a sandwich, and then yank it back up out of her stomach faster than you can say ‘poison’!! She’s a hungry woman!! I think it’s one of my enduring memories  of this episode: How I kept thinking: will someone please feed her??!!

I use to wonder how Amanda knew where Lee was.. but I’ve finally figured it out- she heard about Hattman house in the previous scene! Well.. there’s one of my plot holes filled- it’s always worth questioning I say- that way we find answers- or we just have a good laugh 🙂 or swoon over Lee and forget all about it!! 😉
I tell you what though – did Amanda drive to the restaurant???!!! The thought of Amanda driving now when she is starting to be seriously altered by the drugs is quite unsettling!
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Mmm?
Lee: Can I have a talk with you please?
They get up to have a quite word away from the table.. LOL.. Lee finally asks to speak to Amanda alone, to get her to stop picking at the guy’s food and prevent her ruining everything.. so what does he do? He stops right behind the baddie within earshot!
I’d be dragging Amanda miles away from there.. Of course drugged up Amanda gives it away:
Lee is this Retzig the man that you’re looking for?

On hearing this Diersing makes a quick getaway!
Stunned Lee watches as Diersing and any hopes of a meeting with Retzig walks away. Lee is quite dumbstruck at this turn of events!
[the look on his face here is hilarious!]
DOA.avi_001138203Meanwhile, as his back is turned, Amanda starts working on one of the other diner’s lunch! haaaa!
Lee: ahhh.. terrific….
… Just terrific.. Wh-?
Lee sees what Amanda’s doing.. and grabs the bread roll and puts it back
– so funny.. like the person is going to still want it?! tee heee.. argh and once again Lee is whipping food away from Amanda! 😉
Lee to the diners: Excuse us!
He hustles Amanda out of the restaurant courtyard back inside.
Lee: I better get you out of here, I think that drug is starting to take effect.
Amanda: I don’t take drugs.
Lee: What do you mean you- Amanda. Don’t you remember this morning?
DOA.avi_001157256Lee whispers: the sandwich.
[love how he doesn’t whisper ‘the drugs are starting to take effect’, nooo he whispers ‘the sandwich’ whooo! Winking smile  not.. the sandwich!!!! argh!!! haaa haaaaaa!]

Ohhhh! I’d love a sandwich!
She gives Lee a big smile..
and we hear Lee let out a huge sigh..
ohh Amanda..
…come on.
The look on Lee’s face when Amanda smiles at him and tells him she’d like a sandwich.. he looks so sad and worried!!! He is so sweet.. he isn’t blaming her or  mad at her for blowing it.. this is not her fault.
Lee hustles Amanda away.. drat.. he doesn’t even notice Retzig reading the newspaper there in the hotel/restaurant lobby.. Surprising
DOA.avi_001171270given all those photos he shared with everyone at the meeting
Winking smile tee hee..
Epic Fail Lee!!
So I figure Retzig could have heard Amanda say: ‘Oh I’d love a sandwich!’ here in the foyer.. but that’s about it.. unless he has spidey hearing.. I’m a bit confused at how Retzig could know it was Amanda and not Lee who ate the sandwich?? maybe we are suppose to think he overheard everything here?
oh well.. Retzig walks off..

DOA.avi_001176275We find Lee is on a hotel phone while Amanda waits for him. [wow.. I wouldn’t be turning my back on her anymore Lee!  ]

DOA.avi_001179278Lee: that was Billy, we’ve got a lead to Retzig’s hide out.
Amanda is super keen:
Oh Great! Lets Go! [There she goes again: wanting to be in the middle of the action!]
DOA.avi_001183749Lee grabs her to stop her running off.. :
no wait now hold it!
Hold it now. The man is dangerous and I think it would be a lot safer if I drop you off at the hospital.
DOA.avi_001184283Amanda: The hospital?

[Amanda thinking: but I was only there last week! Winking smile ]
DOA.avi_001185284Lee: yes.
Amanda: why? I’m not sick.

Lee grabs her by both arms.. as he seems to do anytime he needs her to listen and do what he asks these days!

Lee: Amanda, trust me on this.. hmm?
Amanda gives him a little head toss.. awh!!!
She agrees to go with him Smile
Amanda might be going ker bluey  but she still trusts Lee – do you think this is alluding to the scene in IANNNHIEBAS? Where Amanda doesn’t remember Lee?? and Lee in her kitchen says to Amanda:  ‘I want you to just trust me okay?’
– only this time.. maybe her trust in Lee is strong enough to break through the effects of the drug here..  Amanda is not herself here – but the deep connection and trust between these two is still very evident Smile Btw- when I said ‘ker bluey’ I was thinking of IANNNHIEBAS.avi_001738486this line of Lee’s also from IANNNHIEBAS! “Lee: Billy, her brain has gone . . . blooey, zippo, casa de nada.”

Back to this episode though.. and the quiet, gentle tone in which Lee speaks to Amanda here as he asks her to trust him is sooooo sweet!!! I think I love this so much because Lee in this episode comes across as the new defender of Amanda’s dignity (DOAD!!!) he is very protective of her and doesn’t laugh at her silly behaviour at all.. he is all concern. I think if Lee’s reaction had been anything else- I never would have watched this episode again: I just wouldn’t have been able to find it funny –  because I see Amanda as being safe with Lee here-  and so long as Amanda is not in distress – I am free to have a laugh Smile and know he will protect her dignity and save her from any embarrassment! awhh… Swoon!!
BTW one last thing.. I came across a capture in this scene that struck me: If I capture these two at just the right moment.. I can make  a scene look like whatever I want! Winking smile
Hmm.. nearly as good as a chicken salad sandwich Winking smile

Iwsod is suddenly craving a chicken salad sandwich Winking smile [I’m guessing Jule is too.. or at least she will be once she’s recovered from her swoon! Winking smile  Anyone else???!!! bunnydance ]

Well I’ll need to finish up here for now..as always I am looking forward to hearing anyone’s comments, thoughts, insights, feedback etc. that they would like to share and sharing the smk joy together!!! byeee for now!

25 responses to “7/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Last night I had the Hallmark Channel on. It was watching me more than I was watching it. All of a sudden I hear this voice that made me snap to attention. It was BB in some new Thanksgiving movie. He was playing the father of the main character and Lindsay Wagner played the mother (Scarecrow and The Bionic Woman, there’s a crossover..). Anyway, near the end LW smiles lovingly at BB and he gives a classic Lee Stetson wink. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!


    • I watched that, too. I have to say, BB has a very natural style as an actor. The movie was so-so, but I enjoyed Boxleitner’s performance. Incidentally, the heroine’s father was played by Jack Scalia, who was the universally hated Toni Roselli in the fifth season of Remington Steele.


      • Was Jack Scalia playing a sympathetic character at least? (Season 5 of RS? What is this you speak of? –LA LA LA LA LA DENIAL LA LA LA LA LA SEASON 5 NEVER EXISTED IN MY HAPPY LITTLE WORLD LA LA LA LA LA)

        Liked by 1 person

        • He was only in a couple of scenes. He was estranged from his daughter because he divorced her mother. He actually came across more sympathetically than his daughter, who was kind of a beyatch, TBH. And I agree with you. Season 5 was a cruel hoax.


          • Just read somewhere on Yahoo that they are trying to reboot some old shows and supposedly they are trying to make a half hour comedy about the daughter of Remington and Laura. There ought to be a law about tinkering with beloved old shows.

            I liked BB’s performance as well and agree that he has a pretty natural style. He seems to stay pretty active and busy with acting roles.


  2. Hey, BJo… is that Marge back again (from TGTN and SAAB)–in the background on the right when Amanda is stealing Diersing’s asparagus??? 😀


    • Good eye, KC!!! I believe it is Marge Clapton! Those Connie Beth girls sure do get around! Maybe she got the word about Retzig too and is in the market for new weapons to sell cuz that Bobbie Bouchard is in the pokey!


  3. “I think it’s one of my enduring memories of this episode: How I kept thinking: will someone please feed her??!!”
    Seriously! Yes!! Lee should have let her keep munching on the bread roll she stole. LOL! Or driven through the drive-through on the way to hospital?
    I still love this episode. 🙂 Lee being so caring and gentle, and KJ being so hilarious. (Among other things, I love the blank face–grin–blank face before her sandwich comment.)


  4. Amanda’s drugged and got the munchies. Did Redzig add a bit of pot to the chicken sandwich? 😉 enquiring minds wanna know lmao

    I do love how despite her drug addled her brain is there is something deep within her that trusts Lee. I am sure his gorgeous eyes have absolutely nothing to do with it 😉


  5. “She’s a hungry woman” and “Did she drive to the restaurant?” Ha hah hah! Iwsod, you have such an uproariously funny and unique take on each episode! Makes my day! Hope your internet is cooperating again.


  6. Awwww! Poor Lee! I bet he is more careful about assaulting poor oranges after this.
    I think one of the main reasons I never minded (and actually really liked) this episode is despite Amanda being drugged she is extremely competent (unlike Class Act where she just acted dumb). How many times this episode did she escape from the watchful gaze of high trained operatives? When all the dust settles, the higher ups have got to be impressed.


  7. Through out this whole episode Amanda’s trust in Lee never waivers, does it? Even when the drugs are really messing with her and she is becoming terrified and suspicious of everyone around her she is trusting Lee. Even in her dreams she is surprised and suspicious of the people in her dreams, but not Lee.

    And I do love the way Lee is so careful with Amanda and caring and protective of her all the way through. It is what allows it to be funny, I agree.

    In IANN… His concern was still very self centered, here it is Amanda centered. And I love his expressions and the way he handles her the whole way through.


    • LOL! In IANN….. he does seem very upset that she could have forgotten him. Pretty big blow to the ego. 😉


      • Gahhh!! I’ll quickly get this out before I lose my signal!
        I’m having big internet issues! My provider is working on it.. but if you don’t hear from me over the next few days.. you’ll know why 😦
        Lucky I’ve scheduled the next post to publish and it’s all set!


    • LIKE!! Morley, you put it so well! Yep, tis lovely to see Lee so protective of Amanda! This is when he demonstrates that he is a beautiful human being. *sigh* And Yes, Iwsod, it’s helmet time again! Hmmm, maybe I will make chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. Yep, if Lee will rescue me from the effects, I’m game! (Don’t tell my hubbie please….)

      And isn’t KJ too funny! Such comedic timing is rare and throughly delightful to watch. More goodies to come!


  8. “Oh, Amanda.” Two little words. But two of the best of this episode. Love how Lee isn’t upset or mad that she just completely screwed up his little ruse with Diersing. He is genuinely concerned for her here. Awww. Soo much better than he would have reacted in S1. I’m reminded of TFTime when he tells her, “Worse yet, you might screw things up.” I imagine he would not have reacted the same way if this had happened closer to when they first met. I’m not saying he would have been really mad at her, but I don’t think he’d have cared quite so much as it sounds and looks like he does here. It’s just too bad there is no running sound loop option here on the blog. I think I could listen to “Oh, Amanda” over and over again just like watching that SOS kissing GIF over and over again. (Hint, hint iwsod…I know Jule is with me on that GIF thing.)

    iwsod, I think it’s safe to assume that we’re supposed to assume Retzig overheard the part about the sandwich. Even if he didn’t know who Amanda was, I think he could have figured out that she ate the sandwich intended for Lee.

    This “trust me” line of Lee’s is great – and love the look on his face even though we only get a side view of it. I went back and watched the scene in IANNow and we don’t get any kind of tender look on his face until the end of the scene until he tells her to just get her coat. He also does the eyebrow raise thing we he says it. You can see the difference here. He is closer, he is touching her, and he’s just trying to really take care for her and protect her. In IANNow I know she wouldn’t let him get closer in the scene in her kitchen so it really isn’t comparing apples to apples, but Lee’s concern at that point in the episode is more for Martinez and getting the code out of Amanda’s head than it is because Amanda was kidnapped and in a car accident and has amnesia. He never showed concern that she might not remember her family or her life. He has much more concern for that now.

    It’s nice to see Lee finally returning the favor to Amanda from ITCK by protecting her dignity here and not making any cracks or faces. She IS safe with him – not just physically but with who she is as well – goofy or not – Lee likes her! He really likes her! (channeling my inner Alexi here).


    • Yes, BJo! I could listen to that “Oh, Amanda” over and over again too! It was just so sweet. It’s amazing how many times one episode will make you want to go back and look at others all over again just because.


    • LIKE LIKE LIKE!! “Oh Amanda, and “trust me”, so sublime. BJo, you rock! I love the way you have put my scattered thoughts into words. And “I think I could listen to “Oh, Amanda” over and over again just like watching that SOS kissing GIF over and over again. (Hint, hint iwsod…I know Jule is with me on that GIF thing.)” yes yes yes yes yes, Jule be with you all the way!


  9. Amanda’s head toss when Lee says “trust me” – being as she’s under the influence here, I do think her instinct is “why not, I usually do.” She knows even in her sub-conscious that Lee will protect and care for her. And he does!


  10. I so agree about Lee and his defending Amanda’s dignity. And that is exactly why I don’t feel so embarrassed for her in this episode and why I like it. Throughout this, Lee’s responses, reactions, and attitude towards Amanda and her predicament have been focused on his concern for her and her well-being. In his mind she doesn’t have anything to be embarrassed about.

    His request to speak to her, so reminds me of the request he made in TCAM. At first glance he looks upset. However, instead of rushing her out the door and being so angry, he is gentle and caring. It again shows just how much he has changed. Love how Amanda is so trusting of Lee, but he has given her many reasons to trust him.


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