8/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

DOA.avi_001201266On to Galilee General Hospital! I guess this is a different hospital to the DOA.avi_001205304one Amanda went to last week?  LOL.. after Karen snuck in there and kidnapped her I imagine they don’t want to go back there again?!

We see Amanda enter her room first, Lee immediately behind her- Straight away she recoils in shock at what she finds in her hospital room.
Does anyone find this scene funny? I figure we may feel differently about this, feel free to share your thoughts.
For me,   KJ does fabulous facial expressions here! but.. I’m not laughing Sad smile poor Amanda!
What is Amanda so terrified about? we see the room from her point of view-
.. this is her doctor!
Poor Amanda.. those paranoid delusions are kicking in..
She then notices the nurse as Lee tries to close the door- there isn’t much room as Amanda hasn’t wanted to enter the room..
The nurse is as freaky as the doctor!
Lee is utterly confused here at what Amanda could be experiencing in this normal room..
Lee: ahhh Amanda what is it?
Amanda starts to smile, like she is pretending in front of the bad people that she thinks everything is normal..
Amanda unconvincingly:
Ah Hello.
Amanda laughs in an I’m terrified kind of way here..
Lee: What?
Lee has no idea what’s going on or what to expect. scary stuff.

Amanda reaches out to Lee ..

Amanda leans in closely to Lee and asks quietly: Lee, don’t these people look a little weird to you? huhh????!!!
Amanda looks back at the doctor and nurse..
She’s keeping an eye on them because she doesn’t trust them.
One thing that is lovely about this is the way Amanda remembers Lee here, and feels safe with him.

They need to hurry up and sedate Amanda- she is terrified! As she turns back to the doctor and nurse, she gives them a big pretend smile, trying to pretend that everything is okay.
So sad! I’m guessing Lee thinks maybe Amanda is coming around here.. and she’ll be okay because she is smiling..
Lee tries to reassure Amanda: Amanda, these people are here to help you.
Amanda keeps smiling at the doctor and nurse as she pleads to Lee through her teeth:
Don’t leave me.
We can hear Amanda’s breathing is getting louder and faster.. I think she’s working up to a panic attack.
Lee tries to calm her: Amanda-
Amanda suddenly buries her face in his chest DOA.avi_001231063and again and pleads: Just don’t leave me!
Amanda takes Lee by surprise here.. whoa.. just what could be going through her mind now?? Lee doesn’t know what to do.
Lee: whoa.. Ah Amanda.
Amanda is clinging on for dear life.
Lee nods to the nurse to get the bed ready and moves Amanda over to the bed, as the nurse pulls down the covers.
Lee: Amanda listen to me. Listen to me. Francine (we hear Amanda’s muffled protests as Lee continues) is going to be here in a few minutes.
Amanda: noooo
[tee hee..! way to go Lee just send her right over the edge!]
Lee: yes.
Amanda: nooo
The nurse reaches out to help Amanda with her handbag and Amanda turns her head to see how close the nurse is now
she screams
and desperately clings to Lee’s lapel.
She looks again at the doctor: Ohhhh!!! she’s really really scared 😦
Poor Amanda.. and Poor Lee! this very distressing!!

Well now Lee has gotten Amanda over to the bed, he isn’t sure what to do. she’s clinging and not letting go.. and he can’t stay.. and can’t help her…
Lee looks at the nurse and doctor helplessly: ‘Ahhh?’ Is all he can manage..
So heartbreaking, Amanda simply says softly: Leeeee??1bawling cry1bawling cry
Looking at him.. she is no longer terrified.. she’s beyond terrified.. quiet and helpless..
She slumps to the floor. (LOL though still momentarily clinging to his lapels!)
Lee catches her: Amanda!!! Amanda?
Ohhh my gosh!!! this is soooo sad!!!! I had forgotten how sad this scene was!!
Lee lifts her onto the bed with the nurse’s help.
Oh swoony.. Lee says quietly: Amanda. 1bawling cry
As he looks intently on her unconscious face.. does he actually brush her cheeky? or does he just look like he really wants to but resists??  I know which one I’d prefer Winking smile  I’ll say he does! Smile I really feel for Lee here – don’t you???1bawling cry
While Amanda was conscious he was remaining calm and reassuring- but the moment she fainted, it was clear Lee was really scared and upset.

Although, it is nice to see his obvious care and worry for Amanda..it causes Lee great pain to see Amanda so distressed – and not be able to do anything to help her right now. Maybe it’s for the best that she passed out, it would have been impossible for him to  leave her.

Forcefully Lee tells the doctor: You take good care of her!!DOA.avi_001255821
He gives the nurse a look too!
whooo swoon!!!!
He checks Amanda over, lingers a moment..
and regretfully leaves her – it’s like he doesn’t want to let her go. Awh!!!1heart_eyes
He only leaves her though because he has got to get this antidote and save her.. DOA.avi_0012673661bawling cry awhhhhhh….Now that is some intensity right there!!
This episode has some extremes in it doesn’t it?? This scene is very poignant.. I can’t even bring myself to make a joke about Lee putting Amanda on the bed.. nope..1bawling cry not in me..

Or about Amanda sneaking in a snuggle.. MMMMmmaybe just a little joke Winking smile but really this is so tragic. My heart breaks for the both of them! Gooo Lee! go get the antidote!!! and then catch the creep!! 😉

Do you think this scene reveals anything about Amanda’s unconscious??? do tell!! Winking smile [ btw- there is no right or wrong here- no matter what Freud says 😉 ]

So.. with the zing of a xylophone or harp or whatever it was (LOL) we are on the road with Lee.. shake it off Iwsod.. Amanda will be okay!

DOA.avi_001272838Oh hey! we saw that shot of the capital building before.. hmmm in ALSALS I think! haaa!

Well, Lee pulls up for a meeting with Billy and – Duffy! Smile
So random I know, but I love how you can see a big jetliner coming in to land in the corner there! [directly above the vette]
Billy: Corey and Bacon are making their way through the backyard. They’re going to come in through the patio…
Corey and Bacon huh.. so they missed out on the goofy golf game.. oh well! Winking smile I wonder if we hear of these two agents again!
BTW- Not sure about Corey, but Bacon I think is a nod to Robert J.Bacon- the art director for this episode.. so cheeky!! Oh and ‘Duffy’?? could that be a nod to 1st assistant director on this episode Patrick A.Duffy?! (Pat Duffy)
Robert J Baconduffy
continues explaining to Lee the plan: …Duffy and you are going to crash the front door as back up.
Well there’s confirmation of Duffy’s name..such a relief to find Billy is actually giving orders and sounding like a boss Winking smile
Lee replies: It’s okay by me.
Rofl! Hey! The Boss says it’s okay!!! Smile
Lee, Billy wasn’t asking if you were happy with the plans.. you are suppose to do what he says tee heeee! or maybe Billy was asking! whahaha! What a relief to be able to have a little giggle after the intensity of the last scene.. yep.. some things in the smk universe are the same as always! Winking smile
They move in on Retzig’s hide out..
And.. I’m going to stop there for the moment!
Hope my post hasn’t been too sad.. How did you find the hospital scene?? Anyone else want to have a good cry??!!!!

Morley, I knew you would enjoy our little psychoanalytic walk through this episode Winking smile Glad to read you are looking forward to it it too- I feel the same way!!!! In the next post, we finally get to one of Amanda’s dreams!!! Smile

Okay well bye for now and back with more soon Smile
Onwards we go towards much happier and funnier moments! Smile 

20 responses to “8/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just had another look see at parts of this episode again and both when Lee leaves and returns to the hospital the background music seems to sound a little like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It’s mixed in with the SMK theme, but you can hear it. Very appropriate since she keeps having these dreams as Oz was Dorothy’s dream and fortunately Amanda’s got good ole Scarecrow just like Dorothy did.


  2. I don’t find this scene hilarious but nor do I find it tear-worthy either. I do feel for poor Lee who must be torn about wanting to make sure Amanda is OK (hence him emphasising his point about the dr and nurse taking good care of her with a pointed finger) and knowing the best way to help her is to catch Redzig. BB does a good job of playing his emotions bubbling under the surface but just about keeping a lid on them.


    • I think it’s very painful for Lee to see Amanda in such distress and not be able to do anything about it. He is an action man, a fixer, a hero … and he isn’t able to make it all better for this woman he cares about. He also knows that Amanda would be mortified if she knew how she was acting, and that hurts him, too. We’ve seen in the past how Lee takes on responsibility for things, and how frustrated he gets when he feels powerless (e.g., his outburst at Amanda’s house in Brunettes Are In). He is indeed torn here – between desperately wanting to Take Action and get that creep Retzig and staying with Amanda.

      This is different from his leaving her in the hospital in OOADP, because then she was in complete control of herself. Here she is vulnerable and frightened and his instinct is to protect her and comfort her. But that won’t find the antidote, the only way he is actually going to be able to help her.


  3. Umm, I do not find this scene very funny. Well, maybe I do but probably not for the same reason as others might find it funny. I like the look on KJ’s face and the line, “Lee, don’t these people look a little weird to you?” and the closeness of the two of them when she says it, but it goes downhill for me from there. I do wonder what it is going on in Lee’s mind after she says to him, “Don’t leave me.” Thoughts of him mentally squirming in that two second pause do put a smile on my face 🙂 . I think these two are a little over the top in this scene once she buries her head in his chest.

    Ahhh, it’s nurse Jill!

    I guess I feel a teeny little bit bad for Lee but because they don’t think the drug is fatal it just doesn’t seem that bad. Yeah Lee seems concerned and upset, but not that bad. He seems very uncomfortable in that hospital room. It’s as if he doesn’t really know what to do. Here is Amanda hallucinating or something then telling him not to leave her and then burying her head in his chest and saying his name in that weird way. So I’m wondering if he’s wondering what the heck is going on and why she’s acting like that toward him and just what the heck is he supposed to do about it? He can’t stay, he’s got to go get the antidote for her. I wonder if he would have stayed with her if there wasn’t a time limit on finding that antidote.

    Has Lee touched her face before? In SAAB he touches her hair, but not her face, right. I’m going to vote for him not touching her face here.

    Agent Duffy – Jack 2 is back! Patrick Duffy gets credit in Car wars for something too.


  4. I know that Lee’s hands have been a topic of discussion in this episode. Lee seems to put so much of his emotions in his hands and touch. He so badly wants to touch Amanda, her cheek, her hand, but he has to restrain himself and pull back and adjust his jacket and tie instead. It’s a very personal moment for him. He has never seen Amanda like this and he doesn’t know what to do or how to act.

    In Tegernsee, you could see his anger by how he held his hands when he’s talking to Amanda in prison. In Spiderweb after he tells Amanda to head home, he gently touches the bullpen door in frustration. At the beginning of this episode he gently pats his car. I saw a S3 episode recently and he did something with his hand that showed how nervous he was. And of course, that hand is always at Amanda’s back. It’s like a safe zone for him, an anchor for his emotions and what he is feeling. Even though he seemingly holds so much of what he’s feeling inside, it still seems to come out in other ways.


    • LIKE button! So true and beautifully expressed! As Iwsod said before in Spiderweb, Amanda is Lee’s true north and he needs to maintain a physical connection to those feelings.


    • Good call on the hands 🙂
      After my recent Lie to Me obsession I’ve bought a couple of books to read on body language (only a third of the way through one so I am NOT an expert by any stretch of the imagination) but Lee adjusting his tie and jacket screams to me self pacifying behaviour to deal with the discomfort of seeing Amanda in this state. I think much of what he does with his hands is part of his limbic brain. Fascinating stuff 🙂


  5. Oh I am with you KC, I lovelovelove this episode! I must be a rather demented person because I never found the whole hallucinating thing upsetting, just hysterically funny. Amazing job KJ does! And boy, is Lee swoonworthy! All of that concern and caring wrapped up in one amazing package that is BB! *swoon thump on a continuous loop!* I have forced myself to watch the hospital scene repeatedly (forced I tell you! It’s a tough job….. 😉 ) and I do think Lee touches Amanda’s face briefly. Argbhfjdlgjsajshsafhngh*!

    Isn’t it fascinating that Lee and Amanda are constantly standing inside what would be regarded as the “intimate” zone of personal space, reserved for family and very close friends. I was looking through early S1 episodes and the physical distance between them shrinks very quickly. This always has communicated a great deal of nonverbal information about their internal emotional responses from the beginning. And I love how Amanda hold onto Lee’s lapels for dear life! (I would!).

    Need to find that darn helmet……!


    • I’ll join you on the demented couch because I find this pretty funny. I am relieved I am not the only one, I was getting worried that maybe I wasn’t as empathetic or sympathetic as I deluded myself into believing. 😉 (Now, Wrong Way Home — totally heart wrenching — so there may be hope for me yet!)


      • Oh Cindy, that is exactly how I was feeling. I began to worry about my mental health status…..Now I know, I’m still demented but in a good way! 🙂 I think what makes this such a funny and poignant scene is the juxtaposition between the two emotions. And Wrong Way, oh yes, you are spot on! Well, back down the rabbit hole coz that’s all I am good for right now. Want to join me (I’ve got chocolate and wine)?!


        • Awh!!! feel free to find it funny – demented nothing! 🙂 – it only means we see it differently and that’s good! 🙂

          Like I said earlier- I’ve never found the scene so upsetting before. I think transcribing the dialogue and freezing it etc to write the post put me in a mood and I couldn’t see the humour in it anymore. And Lee’s helplessness really struck me this time. not sure why! On previous viewings I’ve found it not half as upsetting..weird!

          It’s good to share your view on it – even if it is different- then you’ll find out you are not alone in feeling the way you do (and well okay- if on the off chance you are- good for you! you see it the way you see it and that’s okay! 🙂 ).

          I think us folks who couldn’t laugh at this scene need the rabbit hole, the chocolate and the wine now more than ever! 🙂

          Thanks for sharing your different and equally wonderful thoughts everyone 🙂

          [and yes my internet is still being very naughty.. so if you don’t see me around that’s why.. fingers crossed this works.. I’ve been trying and trying]
          *iwsod slams head on desk*


          • Oh no Iwsod, no slamming head on desk! Major cause of brain cramps! NO NO NO, we need you unscathed and in your usual mint condition to entertain us with you wonderful posts! Just join Cindy and I down here in the rabbit hole- we’ve got chocolate, wine and fuzzy robes 🙂 All are welcome!


  6. I’m going to say it again… I love this episode!!! 🙂
    Yeah–it’s a different hospital to OOADP, so no bad memories for Amanda, but it should have bad memories for Lee… it was where he was introduced to “the damn duck”! Only, back then, it was just four storeys tall. 😀
    I love the awkward embrace scene. (Yes–another awkward embrace… LOL!) It’s their classic (?) poses together–he holding her upper arms, she holding his lapels. Swoon-thud. They’re comfort for each other, even though Amanda’s brains are now scrambled. She still knows that she can trust him, and he feels better when he can hold/touch–just be in physical contact with–her.
    (BTW–isn’t it odd that it’s just when she walks into the room that Amanda notices the swirliness? Shouldn’t the corridor outside the room and/or the doorway have been swirly before then? No–it hits right when she sees the doctor and nurse… ‘S’OK. Plot hole, schmot hole.)
    Haa haa haaa! “Francine is going to be here in a few minutes.” “No!” 😀
    I’m not sure that he does touch her face. I think he moves to, then stops himself a hairs-breadth short (realizing he’s not alone in the room?), and carries the momentum into telling the doctor/nurse to take good care of her. He desperately wants to touch her after the comment–but he doesn’t let himself–then uses his nervous energy to adjusing his jacket hem then his tie. He’s so concerned! Double swoon-thud! (‘Cos a single one won’t suffice here.) It’s just like OOADP–the snake scene–only here he can’t comfort himself like he did there with the touch to her tummy ‘cos here he’s not alone. Sigh.
    Xylophone, or triangle? (I don’t think zing of a triangle has quite the same ring to it as zing of a xylophone, though.)
    “Do you think this scene reveals anything about Amanda’s unconscious???”
    Yes–she trusts Lee absolutely. Even when totally ker bluey-brained, she turns to him with zero hesitation.
    “How did you find the hospital scene?? Anyone else want to have a good cry??!!!!”
    No crying here. Maybe if I thought she was actually in danger… but I know how it ends–LOL! However, I *do* have very heartwarming fuzzies. Amanda shows how much she trusts him and Lee reveals a bit more to the viewers about how much he cares. [Reaching for my swoon helmet again…]


    • Hiya! my internet is still pretty dodgy but I’ll give this a go!

      KC loved hearing your thoughts on this scene! 🙂

      I think I felt so sad about it because I had to spend an hour looking at it to write the dialogue.. it left me feeling quite down – and was no longer able to pull myself out of the character’s pain.. I hadn’t experienced the scene like that before- it’s strange isn’t it! I guess our mood when we watch a scene will influence our experience of it. C’est la vie..

      Great catch on Madge KC!!
      And Lester the duck was here?? well way to go Lee – way to really really send Amanda over the edge!

      I think this scene is the most tragic moment in the ep.. the lowest low.. LOL well at least it was for me.

      Oh yeah! swoony swoony swoon swoon over Lee here!

      At first I wasn’t sure he touched her cheek either.. I replayed it a few times and decided he did very very briefly… I am sure part of that was wishful thinking on my part 😉 and I wouldn’t swear to it in court! 🙂

      Valerie- the BB voice is definitely something to be thankful for!
      Happy thanksgiving whenever that was! 😉



      • “And Lester the duck was here?? well way to go Lee – way to really really send Amanda over the edge!”
        I didn’t explain it very well–sorry–but Galilee General Hospital was where Lee was taken in ITCK… only the building was different then (four storeys tall). 😀 But yeah–if Lee had thought that Amanda might remember the hospital name, maybe he wouldn’t have brought her there ‘cos Lester the Duck in a ker blueyed brain? Yowch! How many hospitals were near them? 😀


      • We’ve still got a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but soon as November 1st hits it’s a holiday bonanza here of music and movies. Some are better than others.


        • Insert ” Saves Christmas” joke here. 😛

          For some reason, Christmas is a highly-endangered holiday.


          • Hmm, apparently, it wasn’t happy with me putting part of the text in brackets. That was supposed to be “Popular Children’s Show Character Saves Christmas.” 😛


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