9/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee, Duffy, Bacon and Corey all move in on Retzig’s hide out.. Inside we see someone DOA.avi_001324423slurping beer and watching the dinosaur movie – LOL!!!  What’s the name of that movie again?
I guess it was cheap for smk to use.. they should have used the movie “DOA” instead! Hmm I’ll come back to this movie..

A guy is getting frisky with his girl on the couch..
In storms Corey and Bacon guns drawn.
Corey: alright moonface! let’s see your face hit the rug. You too sister!
ROFL!!! moonface? how random!!

We see Lee and Duffy come in through the front door..
Corey: hands above your heads!
rofl.. Lee seems to be the only agent who DOA.avi_001348447thinks to actually look at the guy’s face err I mean moonface! Winking smile hello!!
Lee: forget it! Forget it Corey, they’re not Reztig.

[LOL sounds to me like Lee calls him restegg!]
DOA.avi_001354453Corey wonders if they’re accomplices, but Lee is the Restegg expert.. and knows he doesn’t work with accomplices. Lee drags moonface up off the floor wanting answers about Restegg.. but it’s plain to see this kid knows nothing!
And the agents have egg on their faces Winking smile the restegg has played you!!! tee heee..
Lee: I think we’ve been had.
No restegg.. what a shame – they had agent Bacon to go along with him! Winking smile

Good call Lee!  I like Lee’s hair here.. not as perfectly styled Smile The scene ends there.. but just going back to the Movie DOA (1949)- it’s pretty famous.. has anyone seen it? I’ve only fully seen the updated Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid version.. I’ve tried to watch the original version but my internet is playing up.. Maybe I’ll get to it before we finish this episode.. we are only halfway and we’re already up to post 9! [being busy in RL, I’m trying to keep posts smallish to get them out regularly 🙂 ]
doa movie 1Interestingly though, it turns out Beverley Garland was in the original movie! Smile Only under the name ‘Beverly Campbell’ – this episode is a play on the DOA plot – except luckily Amanda isn’t dead on arrival… she’s only delirious on arrival Winking smile fabulous!! In case you are not familiar with it, the movie centres around the mystery of a guy being poisoned.. and trying to solve his own murder before he dies. The opening is fabulous- walking down the police station hallway- I think Get Smart might have spoofed it- I saw the first few minutes of the DOA movie postermovie and then my internet cut out.. grrr.. because it is in the free domain we can happily watch it online ..(err when we have internet! 😉 ) so if you check it out it’d be great to hear what you think of it! (or you can watch it on youtube here)

Back to this episode.. and we return to DOA.avi_001381480Amanda, asleep on her hospital bed. Her nurse checks on her and then leaves Amanda alone to her dream world…  🙂
Ahhh finally one of the dreams Amanda has! Another harp goes zing!!! and we get a peek into  Amanda’s  unconscious! Winking smile
Amanda is in a pink coloured environment.. and walking as she says: the password for the last week in last month was third base….
… The password for the first week of this month was jump shot. The password for the second week in this month was moon beam
(not moonface?!). The password for this week is counter-weight and next week it will change to river boat.
We see Amanda is in front of the cloak elevator door, waiting for Mrs Marsden to give her entry.
Only.. it’s not Mrs Marsden- it’s Dotty Marsden!
Dotty Marsden: That’s very good Amanda.
At this, Amanda turns around to see it’s Dotty and not Mrs Marsden!
Amanda: ohhh!!!
Amanda whispers: Mother what are you doing here?!
Dotty: Funny, I was going to ask you the DOA.avi_001421520same thing.
Amanda: Mother I’m a spy.
Dotty: Now, was that so hard?

Amanda: You’re not surprised?
Dotty: why should I be? I’ve known all DOA.avi_001428527along. I just wanted to see if you could be honest.
Amanda is angry at this: you knew!!…
DOA.avi_001435534Then wonders: …How?
Dotty: I’m a spy too.
rofl Love Amanda shocked reaction!!!  😆
Oh KJ.. you have best facial expressions!!!! too funny!!!!
continues looking at the elevator door: so are the boys.
In walks Phillip and Jamie out of the pink coloured elevator.. Love how Jamie is tossing an orange- nice touch! The boys are dressed like little Lees! 1ha haaaa
Amanda: boys!
the boys in unison: Hi Mum.
Hmm interesting Amanda has suddenly gone very pink again..[I guess the light from the elevator is shining on her??]
DOA.avi_001446545Amanda: why didn’t you tell your mother you were spies!
rofl!! now that is one funny line! haaa.. yes all spies should tell their mother.. tee hee!
Oh LOL Phillip has a gun on a shoulder holster?!
Jamie: uh mum, you didn’t have a need to know.
Phillip: Mother, if they don’t find any antidote
(LOL sounds like he says anchidote) are they going to have to send you to a… funny farm?!
The boys are all nonchalant..cool.. detached and spy-like in their demeanour.
Jamie: and if you don’t come back, can I have your room?
Amanda: well, I don’t know. Let’s ask Phillip DOA.avi_001458557first, he’s oldest. [what’s that got to do with anything?! I’ll put that one down to Amanda being drugged!]
We see Phillip respond: Good afternoon Mrs King. [In a grown man’s voice]
Amanda: Phillip, no need to be so formal.
DOA.avi_001466565Phillip: Anything you say Mrs King. 
[Anything you say? LOL that definitely isn’t something Phillip would say 😉 ]
Amanda: sweetheart do you have a cold?

DOA.avi_001470569At this.. the pinkish theme fades away.. and we are back in the real world of Amanda’s hospital room.
Retzig is looking down on sleeping Amanda: It looks like you’re the one who’s sick Mrs King and I am the only one who has the remedy.
At this, Amanda wakes up.. and looks up to find Retzig, he puts his hand over her mouth to stop her crying out – and the scene ends there…
Clever how they meld the dream with Retzig visiting Amanda in her hospital room..

Well I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of Amanda’s first dream! What does it tell us about Amanda?? There are no right or wrong answers.. as usual!.. so.. feel free to ponder!

I’m thinking it tells us about Amanda’s underlying conflict about keeping her spy work a secret from her mother and the boys. Interesting that in her dream she can remember many passwords – I guess that would have significance if the Mrs Marsden scene from earlier had been left in..
What do you make of the boys dressed like little agents?? Little Lees?? Do you think there could be a melding of the boys and Lee here?? Could it be that Amanda hopes her boys will grow up into good men like Lee (except for the dating little randy girls thing Winking smile )?? She did tell Lee in ARSituation that anyone would be proud to have him for a son.. or something along those lines.

What do you make of Dotty and the boys being spies? I figured it was just a way of showing Amanda would be upset if they kept that from her, and she is upset that she has to keep this from them. I like to think this dream shows she is still grappling with the spy life and what it involves, now she is committing herself professionally to this new career- she is needing to start dealing with what the job requires- processing it- so one day she can do the job having accepted this part…the ‘I don’t want to lie!!!’ naive Amanda is coming realise to TGTN.avi_001076867that ‘lying and sneaking’ is necessary- when ‘you’re working for the government’.
oh my.. did I just write that? Well..we simply must have a photo to go with it!!!
Such a pearl of wisdom from Lee! Smile [I can comprehend it if I close my eyes and don’t look at him as he says it 😉 ]

 I also think this is the perfect segue into what’s next..  Smile  BJo’s Bite sized Amanda post- looking at what we learn about Amanda in TGTN- then back to DOA! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

So what do you make of the exchange between Amanda and the boys?? her not coming back.. Jamie taking over her room?? do tell! I’ll leave that one for now..

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts!!! Hope you are enjoying this episode!! Back with more soon..

48 responses to “9/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. The boys even have Lee’s two hairstyles going on! 🤣🤣 Philip’s is parted down the middle and Jamie’s on the side.


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  3. Wow! Iwsod, I think you nailed the interpretation of Amanda’s dreams with the flair and mentality of a Psycho-analist or a Psychiatrist….pretty insightful….I have nothing else to add that would be of any value…Well done!


    • why thank you Gruvy Granny! got to remember what I wrote now! 🙂 I’ll have to come back here and have another read of where I thought Amanda’s subconscious was at! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!


  4. The dinosaur show on TV is “Mysterious Island” (1961)


  5. Coming late to this discussion and I think you lovely lot have covered the dream sequence rather well so don’t have anything new to add except I find Dotty’s huge helmet hair hilarious along with her enormous glasses. She reminds me of someone but I can’t think who…….


    • This guy?

      Doing stats for SBTBells and when I saw him, it made me think of Dotty here!


      • Yes, that is Dotty’s hair do!! ROTFLMBO. The things that get stuck in Amanda’s “logical” mind? Huh?


      • Ahhhh the inspiration for Dotty’s helmet hair revealed… teee heeee!
        I love it!


      • Now THAT is just plain creepy and not who I was thinking of lol


        • Hahaha! Actually, I do remember some of us on here having issues with clowns – you were one of them, right? I forgot where that discussion went on. Actually here is who I originally thought of when when I saw Dotty’s hair.

          Did this show air where you are, Jenbo? It’s called The Nanny. The two lovely women here are “Ma” and “Yetta”. The baddie from VMothers/unfortunate playwrite in ATWAS was the butler, Niles.


  6. I was just re-reading the blog posts for Waiting for Godorsky. The first one has that scene with Amanda and Mrs. Marsden where Lee calls up to give Amanda the pass word again. Afterwards they are talking about Mrs. Marsden and Amanda comments about how she intimidates her. I wonder if Dotty somehow intimidates Amanda?


  7. I was thinking as I read everyone’s comments that these three dreams really do give us a glimpse into what Amanda’s is thinking/feeling about each aspect of her life. Her family, her feelings for Lee and her relationship with other agents (maybe even other women) wrapped up in the person of Francine. It should be fun to discuss.
    This one shows her family as very smooth and refined, maybe even how she viewed Lee in the beginning. Amanda is the one who seems home spun here. But you all are right. the opening bit of the dream has Amanda very professional, even her voice reciting the passwords is clipped and cold. But then she begins to see her family and you get those great Amanda/KJ reaction, “O my gosh” etc.
    There still is a conflict there inside of Amanda isn’t there? A conflict about how she views herself and her role as a professional and a homemaker.

    I do think Amanda is enmeshed with her mother a bit more than she should be at this stage in her life. But I understand it because of the curve balls that life has thrown them both in the death of Mr. West and the divorce. They have supported each other and that has made a good life for both of them despite the hardships and heartache. But they will need to individuate soon in order to move into what life has in store for them. I think the show does show that even if it is in the background.
    Maybe even the boys have too much control over their mom as well. At some point a mother needs to individuate from her children as well as the children having their apron strings cut as well. Maybe that is one of the reasons why the boys are so professional and grown up, even cold in the dream. Plus hey are boys. It would be a completely different show, if Amanda had two daughters, I think.
    Oh boy, there I go again…


  8. Wow – everyone really has some clever thoughts on this dream stuff! I’ve never given much thought to the importance of dreams or my dreams in particular. I’ve never had any sort of odd/hair raising experience or anything with dreams in my life. It is very rare for me to remember any of my dreams. And the one dream I can actually remember having (from when I was much younger), has nothing to do with anything in my life, so I figure it’s just a dream and give it no thought.

    Here Amanda isn’t just dreaming, but dreaming while under the influence of a powerful drug. Gives new meaning to the term DUI/DWI. It’s fun to play around with the meaning of it and I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments – you guys are very creative! – but I’ll be the token “it’s just a dream” representative and not think too much on it!

    I do like that the boys were given a chance to do some acting though!


    • “but I’ll be the token “it’s just a dream” representative and not think too much on it!”
      ROFL BJo! Then what was the purpose of putting the dream sequence in the episode? Just to get the kids dressed up in suits? 😀 Maybe BG wanted big hair for the day? (Love ya, BJo. Yes, *my* cornflakes tasted funny this morning.)
      I have to say, though, that I’m with you–I rarely remember my dreams… the very few I do, though, are *totally* bizarre mixed-up messes. (Just like me!?!) The upside, though, is that it meant that I can count on one hand the number of nightmares I had as a kid. 🙂


      • Duuuh! It’s just one big plot hole, KC!!!! 😉


      • Actually, I was just trying to be nice. I really don’t care for any of the dream scenes in this episode, but I didn’t want to be Negative Nelly. Again. My corn flakes tasted just fine this morning. 🙂


        • I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I OD’d on too many late 70’s/early 80’s tv shows that had to teach lessons on drugs (esp. LSD) being bad. It seems every major show had at least one. And in the case of Quincy, ME (one of my faves) they probaly had at least 2 or 3. I bet the Brady Bunch even touched on it, not to mention the “After School Specials”. I guess this just reminds me of all that – there is even the very cliche little bit about being able to fly coming up. Although I do like the “very Amanda” ramble she gives about it though – it *almost* makes me chuckle.


    • I do love the way Amanda just latches onto random things that people say and they just become part of her dreams/hallucinations, like Dotty’s mention of Casablanca, the goofy golf bit, and later, her impersonation of John Wayne because of the movie the boys were watching when she came home.


      • Hi Every body!! whooo I feel like a kid in the candy store with all these wonderful insights!

        It is very much a case of reading possible meanings into the dreams.. but at the end of the day it’s going to be an individual thing.. if the dreams don’t interest you BJo feel free to glaze over I’ll wake you when we are past it- LOL!

        I agree with KC, that the dreams are there for a reason and are mean’t to tell us something. But what? and how deeply do we read into them? I could just say this dream is Amanda’s guilt at keeping her job a secret from her family.. and leave it at that..

        But! Exploring it in more detail is more fun!!!!! [well it is for me!] and I’m excited to see there are others who find it fun to explore this too!
        Ahh Morley- you don’t disappoint! I was hoping you’d have lots of insights to share 🙂 since i know you love this stuff too! Thanks for the ideas on pink – I just figured it was to distinguish dream from reality.. but then in this dream it fades in and out of pink.. I wasn’t sure what to make of that! Unconditional love and nurturing.. hmm.. that fits!

        the boy’s attitude in the dream always made me wonder.. you guys have come up with some great theories on what it’s all about! Amanda’s role in their lives? growing up and not needing her as much?? fear that she might not come home??
        I am going to ponder on this one a bit more… maybe the second dream sequence might give us a few more clues.. Hmm! I’m still stewing on that!
        Oh Morley please don’t apolgise- your comments can’t be too long! I loved reading them 😉

        True Valerie, if we can’t come up with an explanation for the phillip getting the room – we can always put it down to it being a dream and not making any sense 😉 we can totally have it both ways haaaa! why not! 🙂

        Hiya Cindy!! looking forward to hearing what you think of the next dream! hoo haaaa!

        Agreed Debilyn, the swagger is hilarious!! I bet they had fun filming this!

        Happy Camper I really enjoyed your insights!! all sounds good to me!!! I loved your idea that the orange is a connection with Lee.. thats soo true! Lee is starting to intrude on her family- that’s interesting!!!

        Melissa R- so true.. Dotty’s helmet hair and huge glasses are hilarious! Yeah Amanda is very close to her mother.. I sometimes wonder if she is too close.. too enmeshed you know?? keeping this a secret is a part of Amanda separating herself from her mother maybe..
        the whole she knew all along and just wanted to see if she could be honest to me sounded like something you say to a little child- not your grown daughter who now has two kids of her own ( and in the opening scene dotty mentions she doesn’t have to save her money as she isn’t saving till her daughter and grows up and has two kids of her own – ie. Amanda is a grown woman now.. Dotty doesn’t have to save her money if Amanda says.. and LOL Dotty doesn’t have to join the rest of the family for goofy golf! she can go watch goofy casablanca! ) Just an aside.. I hadn’t thought of Dotty/ Amanda much.. do you think this makes any sense? or am I way out there?! 🙂

        Hey KC! Great to hear your analysis! 🙂 Yeah the Joe stuff is just plain strange! i don’t think we even know what happened at this stage – if I am thinking right.. so far I haven’t heard anything from him.. except they divorced and Amanda doesn’t make him pay alimony, only child support.. I think that’s it for now! So KC, have you had any dreams of penguins giving each other head slaps??!!

        Jestress glad you shared your thoughts on the who gets the room thing – I find it weird! evil restauranteurs?? tee heee.. what does it mean?? tee heee..

        Excuse me BJo!!! but a kangaroo looks nothing like a fake dinosaur! 😉 tee heeeee.. Yes haaa DUI is dreaming under the influence.. I love it! Oh yes.. feel free to take it as a dream and nothing more if you like.. but don’t diss kangaroos!!! (I’m kidding!!)

        Hey Jestress very true! I love the random little inclusions too!! Just like the dreams we have!! Good thing Amanda didn’t see the dinosaur movie or things could have gotten really ugly! 😉


        • Oh, alright, I’ll play along. 😉

          Why does Dotty have such big hair? Dotty has never worn her hair like that in real life. Mrs. Marsden doesn’t wear big hair like that. Phillip and Jamie’s hair looks good and “normal” if they’re supposed to be professional spies, but Dotty’s hair looks costumy or exaggerated. I don’t think any of the other women on the show wear their hair that big, not even Francine or any of Lee’s bimbette’s. And I can’t think of a single reason why her hair should look like this – it seems absurd. Maybe that’s it – the absurdity/nonsense of the dream? Or maybe it’s supposed to be a bit cartoonish?

          Also, I notice the interior of the closet is completely different than the one at the Agency. It actually doesn’t look like a closet at all. It looks more like a hallway or something in a regular house, but not necessarily Amanda’s – none of the furniture looks like hers. There seems to be a picture on the wall and a bag of golf clubs. Not sure about the other thing – a table with something on it? And the desk is on the other side of foyer from usual. Is this the flip side of Amanda’s life? I also see John Paul Jones on the table next to the fern. I’m guessing that’s just courtesy of the props department and not significant. Or is there something about the golf clubs and JPJones from TMBus that Amanda is pulling into her dream here? Oh wait, maybe it’s tongue in cheek? Magic Bus, hallucinations?? We’re all on the Magic Bus ride, weeeee! Clever props department!


        • iwsod!! I would never diss kangaroos! I really think that if you stare at the screen cap a lot it looks like it could be a kangaroo! See???


          • “Tie me kangaroo down, sport
            Tie me kangaroo down”
            Tee hee hee…

            My take is a leetle more complicated… 😀


            • “So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde,
              and that’s it hanging on the shed.
              All together now!”


              • (For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s the old stockman’s hide, not the kangaroo’s!)
                We should probably take this sidetrip over to Ned’s if we’re going to keep it going… 😀


                • lol! That’s true, I didn’t think to specify. The first time I heard that song as a kid, they didn’t include the final verse, and I almost didn’t believe it when I finally heard the full version of the song. 😛

                  Now, I occasionally get it caught in my head. Don’t worry, no kangaroos were harmed in the making of this post!


                  • LOL you guys! but were any dinosaurs harmed Jestress?!!!

                    BJo, I can see what you mean.. there similarities! LOL but being an aussie to me they look nothing alike! And KC, your dinosaur looks like a dog’s breakfast! 😉

                    I saw a Koala and a baby joey in a tree on my street today 🙂 too sweet!

                    Oh and BTW- that tie me kangaroo down sport song has become a bit awkward lately – given the artist has been charged with err certain crimes..
                    (yes I know innocent until proven guilty and all that) it has icky connotations nowadays for us! I’m not going to dwell on that.. but just thought I’d let you know – that song is now a no go zone!
                    Life is bizarre isn’t it?!


                    • Oh, I see. And don’t worry, the dinos are all fine, too. I checked, and they haven’t moved from where I last saw them. 🙂


                    • Honestly I am rather shocked and disgusted as how many big names from late 70’s and 80’s appear to have been implicated in similar crimes 😦


                    • Agreed!! Lovely to see you around Jenbo! Hope you are well..

                      It’s crazy a few months ago the song was just a funny song from my childhood now it has different connotations!
                      How are we suppose to keep up with things when they change so much! 🙂
                      I can’t LOL!
                      so please let me know if I accidentally bring up something I don’t know is icky too! 😉


        • Melissa Robertson

          I know some grown married daughters and their mothers that are so close that I wonder if it is health.

          In this situation I would hope that Dotty contributes some financially since she lives with Amanda and we know that things are tight money wise so in a way I can understand Amanda’s comment here. Growing up money was tight for my family and the same at times in my married life and we didn’t do extra things like getting your hair fixed at an expensive place, we would chose to use our extra money to do something as a family like goofy golf or more likely something that didn’t cost money. I can see your point of view of Dotty going to the movie by herself, but I can also she her feeling like they should go as a family. Although as much as Dotty does with the boys on her own, it seems like Amanda would want to spend time with just the boys. But, then again the way those two boys act she probably needs her mother’s help!


  9. ROFL–when I scrolled back to the top of the page and caught the image of the dinosaur movie on TV, my eyes started playing tricks on me. It’s looks like a satellite image of a coastline with cloud cover… not dinosaurs. (You know, like the 3D images, or the is it a young woman or an old woman… those sort of interpretive images.) Rorschach, what? (Yeah. Long day.) 😀


    • ROFL, KC!!! So true! I see a kangaroo on top of what could be Australia! Ok, that wasn’t very imaginative, but it really does look like a kanga instead of a t-rex!


  10. Everybody else has probably said it, and better than I can, but here’s my two cents (remembering that I’m more literal so dream analysis is not normally something I’d try–but this is TV and they want us to interpret it)…
    The suits alone don’t equate to Lee–Joe’s a lawyer, and as such would presumably wear suits… (though not the way Lee would. Swoon-thud. LOL!)… but Dotty has kindly told us that the boys are also spies. The swagger does scream Lee–not so much the gun/holster which could be any agent/spy.
    I think that Amanda is thinking of Lee as a role model for the boys (–> also possibly, safely in the Tupperware of her mind, a future father figure for them?). He has integrity, he stands up for what he believes in (puts his life on the line for it, pretty much every day). But how is this different to Joe? Is it the loyalty that she feels from Lee that she felt she didn’t get from Joe with him bugging off to Africa? (Though how much of this Lee vs. Joe do we actually know at this point of the show? I guess that’s still half a season away. My bad. 😀 Slap!)
    I think the orange that Jamie has is recalling Lee from earlier in the day, and also Jamie is wearing an ID badge… very Agency.
    Dotty as Mrs Marsten? LOL!!! And yes–it definitely deals with Amanda’s guilt over lying to Dotty and the boys (as does the boys dressed as spies)… and I think the password is that she *knows* she can do the job (and remember the password), and do it well–despite some people thinking she doesn’t belong in the job–but things do end up kind of sideways sometimes… and still end up with a good conclusion. (Amanda marches to her own drummer and it’s shown many times to be a good thing for solving cases/saving Lee.)
    Jamie wanting Amanda’s bedroom? Possibly she knows that the job is dangerous and she might not come home one day (for good). But possibly also it’s a representation of how she feels bad about spending time away from her family while on the job. She tries her best to be there for them and for occasions, but sometimes the job gets in the way.


  11. Melissa Robertson

    The boys here crack me up…like they are the ones in charge (which it seems like they are normally…they have way too many freedoms…okay I won’t get started!) Never thought of them as looking like littles Lees, but definitely they do look and act like intelligent operatives 🙂 It makes sense to me that she would ask Philip first because he is the oldest…the oldest gets first choice right (I say that tongue in cheek because I’m the oldest. Also my husband has gotten some family heirlooms because he is the oldest and the oldest male). I would think in the back of her mind she realizes there is the possibility of her not living through some of her missions, but Jamie is so callous sounding.

    By the way…Dotty’s hair is hilarious…so big and those glasses…LOL!!! Makes you wonder if she suspects that Dotty knows what she is up too. She and her mother are very close and I suspect it bothers her that she can’t share this with her.


  12. Well, here’s my take on some possible meanings of the dream: In the first part about the passwords, we see Amanda overcoming a source of major insecurity. Maybe also it represents a fantasy about being a super-spy; notice it doesn’t stop with Amanda rattling off old passwords like a pro, but she actually predicts what the next password is going to be. Not only is she as good a spy as everybody else, she’s better! (I agree that the whole forgetting the password thing is dumb, but anyway, there it is.)

    When Dottie and the boys are revealed as spies, we see Amanda’s guilt at keeping this from them, and her desire that it really would be that easy just to tell them. If I were Amanda, there would have been many times I imagined myself saying, “Mother, I’m a spy”. Having the rest of her family be spies as well would enable them all to share this aspect of her life she has to keep to herself, and addresses the issue of their safety which Amanda is sometimes conflicted about when her job brings danger near. If they were all spies, they could all be cool, competent, and invincible together, at least in the dream.

    The discussion about whether Jamie can have her room can be seen as an embodiment of one of Amanda’s greatest fears: something will happen to her in the line of duty, and one day she won’t be able to come home to her family. It also might show that she’s afraid they will take it casually, as they do here (even callously). Amanda doesn’t need to worry, she would definitely be missed, but people do worry.

    I missed the fact that the boys are dressed like little Lees, until Iwsod pointed it out. And thank you especially for calling my attention to the orange! Because an orange isn’t standard spy equipment; it’s something Amanda would particularily associate with Lee on this day. So I think we can see that Lee is in her consciousness here, even though he isn’t. I think we would even be justified in reading more into it: Amanda’s love and concern for her family has always been a big part of who she is, and here we can see that Lee is beginning to morph into a part of her family.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Iwsod, I do think that Amanda is dealing with the fact that she hates to lie to her family. Honesty is important to her, and this dream just reinforces that fact, in a way.

    The boys dressed like Lee because she wants them to grow up to be like him? Interesting thought. The Philip “swagger” with the coat over the shoulder is so funny. Philip has a bit of Lee’s arrogance at times, so I always associated that with this scene for some reason.


  14. I agree that the dream has something to do with Amanda not being forthcoming with her family about what she is doing. She knows it’s necessary to keep it from them, but she doesn’t like to lie and it is affecting her. I think that Amanda does remember the passwords most times, but that she just gets so flustered with Mrs. Marsden and I think she is still intimidated about being at the Agency and just what her role is. It’s like when you know a word and it’s on the tip of your tongue and you end up remembering it much later.

    The randomness about Phillip getting the room reminds me of those times when I remember a dream and there is something that seems so logical in the dream, but in real life you know that it could never happen. I also think that part of Amanda’s dream is the hope that when she one day is able to tell them about what she really does is that they will be accepting of it and not be angry with her for not telling them sooner or in the first place.


    • I like the part with the debate about who gets Amanda’s room. 🙂

      You’re right, it does seem like one of those things that makes sense in a dream but that makes you go “Huh? What was I thinking?” when you wake up. I also think Amanda’s comment about asking Philip may be her attempt to inject some logic into a weird situation. I think I’ve done that sometimes in dreams, tried to ask questions or get people to do things because what they were doing didn’t make sense to me. Although, when you dream, the things you do to try to make sense of things don’t always make sense, either. (If that statement makes sense. 😛 The weirdest dreams I ever had involved evil restauranteurs. I don’t know what that means.)


  15. I love the dream sequence here — very funny, very well done and gives great insight into what Amanda is wrestling with subconsciously. (By the way, my dreams — and I don’t have experiemental drugs to blame– are way more weird, so the comment of Philip having Amanda’s room because he is older doesn’t seem so random to me)


  16. I found it interesting that the first thing we see is the pink light. So I did a really quick search about the color pink and I thought everything this web page said made me think of Amanda and every quality that she brings to the Agency and to Lee’s life. In this dream she is bathed in it.

    I notice too that Dotty is set against a black background. It makes her appear very stark and outlined sharply. It is interesting to me that in this dream Dotty appears to be very authoritative in her mother role. Mrs. Marsden has the ability to let you in or not, just like a mother has the ability to let you go to a friend’s house or not. And Amanda still seems to identify with tha aspect of her relationship with her mother at some level. This is touched on in this dream and the later one with Lee, I think.
    Amanda does struggle with lying to her mother and the boys. Does she want them to already know as her mother says in that dream. Maybe she fears that if she is keeping secrets then they could as well. It does feel kind of like they are all ganging up on her, maybe an intervention sort of thing?

    And the boys dressed like Lee…I like what you said Iwsod, that Amanda sees Lee as a good man, someone that she would be happy to have her boys be like. That would show how much she has grown to respect and admire him. But I think the melding of the two also shows her commitment to care and nurture all of them as well. Maybe even she has recognized Lee’s lack of nurture in his young boyhood and has embraced her ability to meet that need as well.

    The orange is clearly part of her day that is coming through. But the jacket over Philips shoulder immediately made me think of the end of I am Not Now… A Spy, when Lee suggests that she tell her mother that she was standing in her kitchen when some handsome man…. Is Philip representing Lee’s sudden arrival in Amanda’s life and that whole concept alluded to in IANN?

    I am not sure what to make of the “can I have your room” bit. Except that I wonder if Amanda isn’t a little insecure about her safety. Could she not come home one day. I also wonder if she isn’t feeling what Mothers feel as their kids get older? Do they need me any more? What is my role, or what will I do as they grow up and leave the house? She has identified herself as a mother for so long, especially because she chose not to go to Africa with Joe because of the boys. That could be a strong current for Amanda as well.

    I told you I love this stuff…. Sorry this was so long. I have a funny feeling I could go on a lot more, so there is just some food for thought. It should be a fun discussion 🙂


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