10/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So.. Retzig visits Amanda in hospital…
Commercial time! LOL! what did Retzig do to Amanda in the commercial break?! I’ve always been a bit confused by this.. I’ll keep going and maybe I’ll find the answer..

Lee in his vette pulls into the hospital.. LOL is it just me or is moving pretty fast there?! Maybe.. he’s in a hurry to get back to Amanda Smile 

We cut to a close up of an audio tape on DOA.avi_001497596Amanda’s bed.. and Francine chiding the nurse: You were suppose to be watching her!
[Actually Francine, I think you were ‘suppose’ to be there earlier Winking smile ]
Nurse: I didn’t have any choice.
[whooo the nurse gets a line of dialogue!!]
At this, Lee enters the hospital room..
Lee: Hey, what’s going on, where’s Amanda? [ Interesting-glad Lee doesn’t assume Amanda’s dead.. err Lee there’s another audio tape on the bed!!! You know.. like in your car??!!]
Francine is upset?.. well that’s kinda cool.. upset that Amanda is missing.. Hmm interesting!
Francine responds to Lee: That’s what I would like to know! She was gone the minute I got here. [that sounds weird to me.. she was gone before Francine got there-no?]
Lee: What??!!
Nurse: I had an emergency down in CCU, I DOA.avi_001510509was only gone for a few minutes….

[BTW- I’d just like to add smk does a fine job of following those gender related stereotypes.. if I see a male nurse or a female doctor on smk I’ll keel over in shock! 😦  that and a girl down at the lab 😉 ]
Lee notices the audio tape.. uh oh.
… when I got back, that was on the bed.
[I’m pretty sure it ain’t freddy leaves hollywood or whatever it was.. good to see Francine has no joke this time!]
Francine is fuming.. and takes a deep breath to calm down.. only to gah! see Amanda outside..
Francine: Lee!
Lee: Hmm?
DOA.avi_001519184Francine: Look!
At this, we have a view of Amanda doing her gymnastics Winking smile did she do the high beam in high school? I guess she must have! I really really hope she didn’t do the uneven bars.. Winking smile
DOA.avi_001521853Isn’t Lee’s reaction fabulous??!!!

Rushing to the DOA.avi_001522521window

Lee exclaims: Oh my God!

[no oh my gosh for Lee!!!]

Whahahahaha.. I dig the music!1ha haaaa [maybe if the other sad scene had this music I wouldn’t have been so sad! Winking smile ]

Lee is scared for Amanda.. and the music just
DOA.avi_001523188makes it all seem silly!

Amanda is off in pink coloured gymnastics land! Whoa.. was that a pirouette??!!!1HaHaHa

DOA.avi_001529861The faces on Lee and Francine are priceless!!!

Amanda has no fear!!

Lee calls out: Amanda!
[Stupid shadow on their faces!!! oh hey Lee.. LOL.. umm maybe distracting her while she’s balancing isn’t such a good idea! Winking smile she might end up with a lower score from judge three..LOL I’m guessing that would be the nurse. Love how Lee and Francine’s line of vision is all so completely wrong here!]
Amanda: Leeeeeeee!!! Smile You missed the cartwheel!!! 1rofl1rofl
Ohhhh my …that is my vote for funniest line of the episode! just fabulous!!!! the images it conjures up are hilarious!!!1HaHaHa
Lee: whoa whoa- Amanda. Don’t moveDOA.avi_001537869.
At this, Amanda exclaims: Ohhhhh!!! Of course I can move! Watch this!
Cue the silly music.. LOL! I do wish we saw what was going on in Amanda’s head here.. why do I picture her in her cheerleader’s uniform and pigtails??!!
BTW- Check out the script for this little moment.. they’ve been very ambitious with Amanda’s abilities!1HaHaHa  but.. loved the idea of other patients clapping her efforts!
DOA.avi_001548547Francine to Lee:
I think I can go out and head her off from the other side.

Lee: yeah, go now!

Amanda continues doing her high beam
DOA.avi_001552651moves..  1ha haaaaaaa while Francine moves to the other side, and Lee makes his way to the room next door, to get access to the balcony through a different window.

I find this part hilarious.. at the same time.. having watched OOADP right before this episode gives me a new perspective – Only last week, Lee saw what dead Amanda looks like squashed on the earth, having fallen from a great height.. and here again is Amanda at risk of falling to her death.. do you think this suggests this episode comes before OOADP?? Is there any reason why not?? Hmm sorry I’m getting distracted in the middle of the funny scene!

LOL at the Amanda stunt woman with the bad err even worse hair!!! Did the stunt woman really do that?? Is that a trick? Smile
Whooo out comes Francine on to the balcony – is that a lovely view of LA behind her?? and there are no trees.. hmm does she have to walk around the corner to look at Amanda? it looks like she’s looking at her?? weird!!
Anyone make out the Hollywood sign??!! I really want to see it!!! tee heee..
Lee makes his way on to the balcony too..
DOA.avi_001570569cue the suspenseful music! I think I don’t feel so bad for Lee here because- he can help Amanda here! whereas DOA.avi_001571903before he couldn’t!
LOL those high kicks of Amanda’s look like a Nazi march- stomp! tee hee..  Hey that lattice Francine is standing next to is on the next level up! weird!!
In the wide shot we can see Lee hold his hand out and motion to Amanda to come to him.
Francine gets closer.. but Amanda moves away.. hmm maybe that’s not a split screen- eek!
DOA.avi_001587919Amanda stops and faces the huge drop down to the ground..:
did you ever think that the reason we can’t fly is just because we’re conditioned to think we can’t? 1surprise.. what the....
Lee doesn’t like the sounds of this! flying??
Lee: Oh no!!! 

Hurry Lee!!! Amanda is starting to sound like a behaviourist Winking smile a little psych humour.. seems the writer of this episode knows their psychology – and now inserts a little conditioning into the psychoanalytic mix of the drugs, dreams and Amanda’s unconscious! I get a kick out of this Winking smile
Sorry! I’m getting distracted by psych theory.. Lee can see he needs to hurry up and make a move here- or Amanda is going to try flying and see if she gets punished or rewarded.. (ahem. I’d go with punished Winking smile )
Lee and Francine share a silent look – now is the time to act! [Now Francine has a tree behind her! weird!]
DOA.avi_001602701Amanda: I’ve always believed that you can do anything that you want to do if you want to do it badly enough and you put your mind to DOA.avi_001605704it and that the only thing that limits our abilities is our negative- ahh!!.

Amanda starts to lose her balance here.. LOL I guess those negative thoughts kicked in Winking smile

Guess this is either the Disney theory of success, or hmm maybe the power of positive thinking Winking smile take your pick.. [Hakuna Matata Amanda!]
No Hakuna Matata now.. Amanda starts flapping her arms around: Ohh!! ahhhh!!! screams and finishes her sentence ..Attitude!!! Right when she was about to have a go flying..
But Lee grabs her just in time.. Instead Amanda can fly in his arms Winking smile [lucky gal..Oh hey.. looks like I was wrong about the punishment and Amanda’s gotten a reward!!! Try to fly?? =cuddles with Lee Winking smile Once again, Amanda’s not with it enough to enjoy it!! still.. at least my heart isn’t breaking for them here! Smile I can enjoy it Smile I bet this is weird for Lee.. most women would probably only be not ‘with it’ after he’s grabbed them! not before and during Winking smile teehee! ]
Whoa Amanda really knocks the wind out of Lee falling back like that against the wall..but he isn’t letting go of her for anything  awhh. 1heart_eyesLove how he looks so relieved, and she is off with the pixies.. so much fun, KJ must have had a fab time filming this ep! Man I wish I could see the outtakes!!
I guess the jolt here has shocked Amanda out of her Disney dreams of flying (you need Peter Pan for that Amanda!)..
She turns to Lee:
What happened?
Lee: wha?

Amanda’s unimpressed that she isn’t currently flying I think..
Lee starts moving her inside: Can we take this discussion inside please.
DOA.avi_001620719[I prefer the way Lee got her inside in the script- very sweet.. want to transcribe it and discuss it? feel free! I’m short on time so I’ll pass]
Amanda: Yes.
DOA.avi_001622721Lee: Francine you better take her back to agency.
LOL are those trees there to stop us seeing the capital building or the hollywood sign?? Ohh no fun!!!
The scene ends there..

What does this scene reveal about Amanda’s unconscious? Hmmm.. well I guess I could suggest a little of that Amanda-optimistic attitude is showing.. you know the one where she refuses to think negatively and give up.. and she actually takes risks.. funny.. when I think of Amanda I don’t think of her being a risk taker – but.. she probably is! What do you think?
To have gotten as far as she has.. taking the package and trying to give it to the man in the red hat.. never staying in the car..  tee heee.. What do you think?

I’ll finish up for the moment… I think this episode could be a record.. we’re 27 minutes in and it’s the end of post 10! LOL!!!  As always, I’d love to hear what you think!!!

19 responses to “10/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. To me it appears that Francine was able to exit from another door and walk around the corner by the shrubbery to get to Amanda. The lattice work near her feet when she first comes out looks to have been removed from the stonework for KJs gymnastics scene.


  2. I sort of assumed that when Retzig was alone with Amanda he somehow urged her to go out on the balcony, but they never really say. Maybe he just wanted to scare them a bit by encouraging Amanda to leave her room and leaving her someplace else, but I don’t know if he brought up the gymnastics thing or if Amanda did. I kind of assume that it was Amanda since she mentioned doing gymnastics in high school when she and Lee were at Station One.

    Did the script say anything about that? I haven’t seen it.


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I kind of have always seen Amanda as a risk taker. She took a risk the moment she accepted the package from Lee. She took a risk when she showed up at Mrs. Welch to save Lee. I will admit that at times she seems hesitant and scared about the danger, but I think that’s understandable since she doesn’t know how to hit or anything 🙂 LOL


  4. Ooops – meant to add that your posts are all great and funny – don’t mind at all that post 10 is only at 27 minutes! And this isn’t even a top 44 episode!


  5. Ayee!! First – love the new wide-view pic at the top of the blog! And LOVE the new pic just under it to the right BUT oh! Seeing them frozen in that position is driving me crazy! I want to reach into the computer and push their heads together! You really should put the link to the post with your GIF in it nearby for us people who now need to what happens next! You tease!!!! LOL!

    Hahaha – don’t think Francine seems too upset that Amanda might be missing, just more upset that she might be in trouble for letting her go missing!

    Great job with the cartwheel line and great job BB and MS for those faces afterwards! ROFL! It’s interesting how there are safety “fences” in the picture where Francine is going outside, but the fences are gone where Amanda is. Actually, I wonder if the one bit of safety fence leaning against the wall in the Francine pic isn’t a blooper. You can see there is safety fence on the tier above Amanda too in one of the other pics.

    Oh dear, the ‘we can fly’ reference…ugh – why did they have to do that – very cliché and very un-Amanda IMHO. The next thing she says is VERY Amanda-like, but I just don’t like how they apply it to flying, even though she is out of her mind right now. I think she applies this way of thinking to her working at the Agency. If she puts her mind to it, then she can do it! Just as long as she doesn’t have to use a gun. 😉 In that respect I don’t think she is much of a risk taker. I think in her mind if she thinks she can do something, then she can do it and it’s not much of a risk – and hey, she’s got Lee there to get her out of any jams she gets into!


    • oopsie.. I left you hanging there did I BJo?? haaaa.. I have put the gif in an upcoming post.. I updated it with better quality images.. swoony!

      I’ll try and post the gif here.. let’s see if it works:

      I tried to post the gif on the sidebar but it didn’t work.. I’ll have another go when I get back.

      I’m away a few days guys.. I may get online enough to reply. but I may not – though posts are scheduled to keep coming!!!!
      But I’ll try and keep an eye on the blog with my trusty phone!



    • I like that thought, BJo, that if Amanda thinks she can do something then she can and it isn’t a risk to her. She is definitely an optimist, so maybe more often has positive thoughts about what is possible.


  6. I do think Amanda is a risk taker, but maybe not in the rogue way that we think of. She must be if she pursues this line of work. It kind of fits in with the last Amanda Bite post. I would not pursue work with the Agency no matter how attracted I was to Lee Stetson.
    I spent yesterday reading the posts for A Class Act and I thought of it immediately when I read Amanda’s line about conditioning and negative thoughts hampering your abilities. Maybe that was why she didn’t do so well at Station 1.
    I agree that it would make sense for this episode to come before OOADP. I would think that Lee would have a stronger reaction and maybe even Amanda’s addled brain would register a memory of the Karen incident if that had happened only recently. But does Billy’s new chair make that episode order possible?
    I do love Lee’s relieved face after he pulls her from the ledge. And I like the fact that Francine is there for the whole thing too, working with Lee to rescue Amanda from herself and her deranged brain.


  7. I’m not sure if I would have liked people applauding Amanda’s aerobatics. After all it is a hospital and one would think she had possibly escaped the psych ward. I would think people at a hospital would be more concerned with someone on a ledge as opposed to applauding it, which might be why it was removed from the script.

    It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride on the emotions in this episode. You do have the seriousness of what happened to Amanda, but the flip side is the effects of the drug itself. While not fatal it has lead to the display of some interesting Amanda abilities. While she’s unconscious it’s more dramatic, while she’s conscious it’s more comedic. And they can’t seem to figure out the best place for her to be. She’s at the Agency one minute, then the hospital, now back to the Agency, and later she’s elsewhere. She’s got to feel like a tennis ball. I guess discussing “Goofy” golf in this episode is apropos.

    I like how Francine is again concerned about Amanda. I especially love Lee’s look of relief when Amanda’s is safely off the ledge. Very sweet!!


  8. I have never noticed the discrepancy between the shots of Francine. Good catch IWSOD I probably still would have missed it!
    I am not sure which I prefer, original script or the actual shot. The latter is more dramatic, Lee is more heroic, physically saving the day. The script is more Lee using his brains, pretending to be vulnerable. Which is nice but isn’t as dramatic as snatching Amanda off a high ledge. I do wish they had left the onlookers in giving her applause, that would have been funny 😉
    I like the idea of Amanda’s optimistic side showing through 🙂


    • hiya Jenbo!!! Lovely to hear from you! I never noticed the discrepancy either! But .. did you see the Hollywood sign? I really really want to find it – one day I guess! 🙂

      You know I didn’t realise the script was one or the other.. I thought he grabbed her and then asked her to help him inside.. I didn’t read it properly! LOL! I agree with you.. I quite enjoyed the grab.. and the way he held her 🙂

      Looking forward to a bit of lip action between these two.. dream or no dream.. LOL thus the new image on the sidebar! tee heee.. Jule – I put it there thinking you’d enjoy it! 🙂

      Hey Cindy – sounds like your daughters take after you – and have a fabulous sense of humour 😉


      • I’ve gone back to re read it. Script says he grabs her and holds on and then she crosses behind him, takes his arm and leads him in. I read that in a way that suggested he didn’t snatch her off the ledge but it is a little bit ambiguous.


      • Sure Iwsod, make sure I get nothing else done today but stare at the Lee and Amanda kiss! Oh helllllp! *swoon thud* Really need that helmet…..

        Now this is why I love this episode, KJ is hilariously funny and Lee is heartstoppingly full of concern. Oh dear *swoon crash* (Did I just make up a new word? Heck, who cares, back to the kissing gif!)


  9. “Leeeeee! You missed the cartwheel!” is hysterically funny. My daughters were actually rolling on the floor the first time they saw this episode. I wonder what KJ reactions were when she read the script.


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