Bite Size Amanda- There Goes the Neighbourhood

In our next episode, we see Amanda very excited about starting work with the Agency.  do-you-need-me_thumb1In fact she is so excited, that she offers her services to Lee while they are running their background security check on her during her probationary period.  Although Lee tells her he doesn’t need her, it’s not long before he does.  Poor Lee…he can’t win, courtesy of Billy.  Nerd smile  For Amanda’s next assignment Lee asks her to get involved with him, time-off-to-see-my-boys_thumb1err, I mean the agency on an assignment to last a few days.  And she gets to play Mrs. Lee!!!  Raise your hand if you  want that job!  Winking smile  Well, Amanda’s not as happy as I would have been because she lost the job at Honeycutt Typewriters, but after some tough negotiating, she accepts Lee’s offer.

After everything is all over, Amanda has had clip_image001_thumb1[5]another thrilling adventure with Lee but also sees the reality of the dangers of the job firsthand.  I can only imagine how she felt after Frank Bodine died while she was holding his head in her hands. Later on she is taken at gunpoint, chased by and shot at by Bobby Bouchard’s men.  To her credit, she thinks fast hairspray_thumb1[3]on her feet in BB’s office and uses her smarts to help them escape.  You go girl!  Near the end of the episode, Lee tells her the problem with their marriage was that is just wasn’t very exciting and based on clip_image002_thumb[3]her reaction, she had to be thinking, “Are you kidding me?” Although Amanda made some real contributions to this case, I think the experience must have been quite harrowing for our newly dubbed heroine. 

What about Lee, you ask?  I think Amanda has learned enough about Lee to see him as a charming and handsome spy that is clueless when it comes to “normal life” – what Amanda nevermind_thumb3is all about (no sunbathing in Borneo or “things” for her Winking smile). And as exciting as it is to work with him, I don’t think he is her type.  Lee is still rude and condescending to her, but she does feel very good after he tells her that her theory about Betty Bodine and her hair dryer is good and his “I like blue better” comment about the kitchen curtains. I can imagine this mission clip_image003_thumbwas a thrill of a lifetime for her and getting to work alongside a very handsome and charming secret agent must make it feel like she is realizing some of her fantasies. 

What do you think? Is Lee and all this secret agent stuff just a bit of a fantasy for Amanda at this point?

Do you think Amanda is thinking the spy biz is definitely for her? Or is she just playing at helping out a bit? Or is her involvement about wanting to be with Lee? What does Amanda want?

14 responses to “Bite Size Amanda- There Goes the Neighbourhood

  1. I think her over the top upbeat personality in the foyer of the Agency also covers up her nervousness. “So do you need me?” She wants in. Then disappointment hits when Lee says no, but she brushes it off and amandarambles on to Honeycutt. Amanda is flustered when Lee busts into her interview. Really, he couldn’t wait until she was done? But the appeal of working for the Agency and being asked to be included by Mr. Melrose convinces her to work with the Scarecrow; he might have been the delivery man, but he was not what she wanted.


  2. I think as we go through life we reinvent ourselves continually. You evaluate and then reevaluate who you are and what you want to be. It changes as you mature and as your circumstances evolve. Things you might not do in the past become a possibility. It seems that Amanda has reached one of those markers in her life and is willing to take this step. In addition, she is curious and willing to scratch that itch. Besides, it’s Leeeeeeeee! And he is fascinating, lives by completely different rules than she does, and is freaking gorgeous. Doesn’t hurt 🙂 !


  3. Melissa Robertson

    Sorry I’m commenting on this a little late, but real life is getting in the way 😦

    I honestly think Amanda is not sure what she wants. Right now she is just looking for a job to provide for her family (which is interesting that she has been divorced a year and is just now looking for a job…what did they do before?).

    She has helped solve two Federal cases and I think she realizes that she has some natural ability and is enjoying the thrill and excitement of being involved in things that normal people wouldn’t be involved with. IMHO she is left with the decision of does she pursue The Agency or something else and working with handsome Lee doesn’t make that decision hard (I’m not saying she is in love, but realizes he is nice looking!)

    She is also confident by showing up unannounced and also when she pushes Lee back into the elevator and says she thinks the spy business is overrated or something like that. She also shows her confidence when she doesn’t need his help getting her a job at Honeycutt’s because she can type 90 words a min. and that speaks on it’s own ( I think that is what she said to Lee).


    • Hi Melissa R – I hope the frowny face is because you say you’re “late” and not that your RL is making it that way! Good question! What did they do before? Maybe she had another job? Maybe she got some sort of initial settlement in the divorce instead of taking alimony?

      Whatever it is that attracts Amanda to this line of work, it must REALLY make her go all a-buzz because she is willing to lead a double life and potentially put her family’s safety at risk.

      I can certainly relate to RL getting in the way of SMK time, so I hope yours calms down soon for you!


  4. Hi Everyone – Thank you for stopping by to read and comment! Yes, Jenbo, Amanda can help many more people through the Agency than she can at Honeycut. And no icky Warren Davenport! I agree with you that it definitely more about her desire for her life than it is about any desire for Lee at this point.

    debilyn – “no one is really like this all the time, are they?” ROFL!! I think Amanda must wonder about that. I have this song titled “Alive” by Krewella on my workout playlist and everytime I hear it I think about Amanda and SMK.

    Amanda is very confident and upbeat at the beginning, isn’t she, iwsod…she does have lots of courage. There is no way I would ever have done something like that. But that is Amanda. I think I’ve said this on the blog somewhere else that she must have a very healthy self-image. And I do wonder about the dangers of the job ever really sinking in for Amanda. I don’t see how they couldn’t sink in. I don’t think that “real” part of the job is ever truly shown or discussed. I think it would be much different if the series were made today. But this was an 80’s rom-com and an 8 o’clock family timeslot, so I don’t think showing that was ever part of the plan.

    LOL, Morley – I think all these questions must have rushed through her mind in one internal Amandaramble as Lee is asking her to go for a drink. He is inviting her into his world briefly – but she declines – I don’t think she’s ready for that yet, needs desperately to go back and re-connect with the world that is normal to her.

    Hi KC! Love how you put it – “…don’t think her involvement is about wanting to be with Lee to be with Lee, but more to be with Lee’s world….” And I’m not trying to drive for consensus here, but I’m noticing that we all seem to agree on that point. But if there is someone out there who doesn’t, that’s okay too! Please share! Discussing differing viewpoints is part of the fun of this blog!

    Ahhh yes, Amanda is very forgiving of Lee and his abrasiveness as she learns more about who he is as a person and what he’s been through in his life. I agree with morley – perfect sense!

    Good call on the compliment by Lee LASinLA! I never looked at it like before but you’re so right – and Amanda knows it too, doesn’t she? I’m too busy swooning over the Lee’s good looks and his voice as he says, “…I like blue better,” that my mind is never capable of working well enough to notice that!

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts everyone!! Anyone else have something to add? There are no right or wrong answer here – just your answers . I think we all just love to have something SMK to talk about!


  5. I think the way Amanda sees the spy biz is she is getting to make a contribution to society. Sure she would have been uber helpful to her colleagues at Honeycutt Typwriters but in the field of work with the Agency her contribution has wide reaching effects. She can help an awful lot more people with a job at the Agency. Who wouldn’t want that? The chance to make a big difference. Lee, as easy in the eye as he is, isn’t enough of an incentive for the work. He’s too rude and condescending at this point.
    I love their scene in the kitchen. Amanda proves her worth, showing that knowing how normal people live is the key to solving the case. Lee and his liking blue a lot better is a nice, honest compliment to Amanda.


  6. I find myself nodding at a lot of the comments here, in addition to all the nodding I was doing at the blog. You ladies are going a great job in sharing Amanda bites.

    I do think she’s in it for the excitement, with Lee as a bonus. In a sense, she’s looking for those glimpses of the real Lee. Surely there’s got to more to him, right? I mean, no one is really like this all the time, are they? She feels more alive than she has in a long time, and she’s doing something meaningful, as well.


  7. whoo hooo!
    Love these BJo!!
    You know what I remember about that moment when Amanda turns up looking for work?

    How confident and upbeat she is.. but the moment Lee turns away Amanda is a bit crushed.. she was really disappointed at his reaction. I saw that Amanda is courageous.. and has great strength. To just show up like that with no encouragement from Lee would have been scary indeed..
    No wonder she gives Lee attitude later in this ep when he does need her help.

    Mrs Lee? MEEEE!!!!

    Amanda does see some of the dangers of the job in this episode.. but do you think it’s really sunk in yet? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see this episode as harrowing for Amanda.. I don’t think the danger of it all has truly sunk in.. I think it’s all a big fantasy still.. What does everyone else think?

    Yeah.. Amanda sees Lee as dream-like figure IMHO.. he lives a completely different type of life to her… but, she’s drawn to him.. and they have that connection in the blue kitchen that seems to, for a moment, make them equals- Amanda catches a glimpse of real Lee… and likes what she sees 😉

    Bobby Bouchard.. it makes sense Amanda knows how to deal with him – she is expert at dealing with naughty little boys!!

    I think Amanda is excited to feel like she is living again.. and not just existing on autopilot.. I don’t think she’s in it for Lee.. he’s an added bonus 😉

    LASinLA I love your observation about Lee’s compliment being authenticated!!! sooo true! Yes!! I see you agree with me LASinLA- about it all being unreal.. loved your thoughts on this LASinLA!

    Yeah Amanda is a big patriot it’s true KC.. she is interested in Lee’s world and his life – that’s a good way of putting it! 🙂

    tee heee.. love your description of Lee KC I agree! he has his moments… but to start with.. he is too cheeky for Amanda to seriously think he is dreamy! Your making perfect sense KC! great thoughts thanks for sharing!

    LOL.. a rabbit hole for Amanda? that’s true Morley! 😉 I guess we get to see her answer these questions over the coming episodes huh.. and in DOA, where we are up to now.. she is still struggling with some of these questions!
    Thanks for getting this discussion started BJo!!

    Anyone got any bite sized ideas about Amanda?? feel free to repeat what’s been said- as it’s not repeating if we haven’t heard it from you!
    🙂 byeee


  8. I think at this stage Amanda must be thinking she jus stepped into the rabbit hole. Is this for real, I mean could this really be? Do I want this? Can I do this? Is this real? Would I get to work with Lee Stetson on a regular basis? Do I want to? Who are you kidding, girl? No seriously, do I want this? Can I do this?


  9. Woot! Another Amanda-Bite! 🙂 Yay, BJo!
    I agree with LASinLA – Amanda does want to feel useful and needed, and by people other than her family.
    But it’s also about–as she says in Triumvirate–helping to make the world a safer place for Philip and Jamie, even at this early stage. And similarly, I think, she also feels the pull of helping her country.
    The adventure is helping to fulfill her fantasies… I don’t think her involvement is about wanting to be with Lee to be with Lee, but more to be with Lee’s world and the excitement/mystery/intrigue it brings her.
    Lee may be uber handsome, swoonworthy, insert-whatever-appropriate-words-here, but he’s also not very nice–quite a d*uche, really–aside from a few moments here and there. Despite being crushed by life and the divorce, I think that Amanda is a strong woman and won’t allow herself to be with someone who doesn’t respect her and treat her right. (Though as time goes on, even as Lee becomes less abrasive, I think that Amanda gives him more leeway (LOL!) because she learns how broken he is.)
    Does any of that make sense?


  10. Amanda wants to feel useful and needed — by someone other than ther family members and creepy Honeycutt typewriter bosses. Lee is rude and condescending, but he does recognize Amanda’s contribution to the case. His normal rudeness authenticates his compliment about her hair-dryer theory — she knows he isn’t flattering her when he calls her idea good.
    Amanda also likes the danger and adventure, I think, because it’s all a little unreal and so unlike her everyday life. We know she has fantasized about secret agents, so she may find it fun to try out the fantasies a little.


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