11/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at the agency, and two serious looking military types, another guy, Lee, Francine and DOA.avi_001625290Billy are listening to Retzig’s tape..
Retzig on the tape states: I want stop until the plans for Stryker 1 are in my possession… 

DOA.avi_001633298(LOL thanks for the reminder of what the plot is!)… by now Stetson I hope you DOA.avi_001635967realise you will always be one step behind. It’s time we get serious. In denwood  park in three hours. (Eh? Is that three hours from when he left the tape?? and how do they know when that is??!! why wouldn’t he give a time! weird..) Oh and  DOA.avi_001638737something I neglected to mention earlier, if the proper antidote is not administered within the next four hours the effects of the drug become DOA.avi_001645744permanent. [LOL why wouldn’t he have said that to start with? it’s motivating! Winking smile ] Also notice- the close up on the tape player and the shot with Billy don’t matchy matchy!

Oh well.. so what to do eh.. Billy asks Francine where Amanda is.. [ DOA.avi_001654753 I really like this jewellery on Francine! ]
Francine says Amanda is down in the lab and doesn’t remember Retzig’s visit – soooooo what did he do to her?? did he do anything to her? why not just leave the cassette tape there and leave? I’m confused! how about you?? Hmm.. maybe he woke her up to see if she was off with the pixies?? So he could confirm she had taken the drug? Ohhh I don’t know!!! anyone??
Fronan’s made no progress on an antidote.
The general sympathises (uh oh.. that means he won’t help Winking smile ) … nothing will get Lee’s goat like “oh yes and err i feel sorry for this.. Mrs King!” look out!!!
Lee: hey! Now wait a minute. [Don’t worry Lee just swap in the faked plans for Falcon Ving!!! 😉 ]
And coming from unhelpful military guys it will really really really get Lee’s goat!
Lee walks over to confront him:
you’re not just walking away from this.
DOA.avi_001672771The general isn’t going to jeopardise the weapon system.. there are ‘too many man hours’ in it.

Errr that’s work hours.. sexist general.. I guess no woman is equal to time spent in ‘man hours’! Ugh!! You tell him Lee!!!  Winking smile

Lee: we are talking about a woman’s life here! A mother of 2 young boys!
DOA.avi_001676007Swoony intensity there Lee..
sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice DOA.avi_001682013a squad in order to save a battalion.
I’m surprised at this attitude..(wrongly I know!) Amanda is a civilian, who this general is suppose to protect. He doesn’t even try to help.. Well.. you can imagine how Lee is going to take this!!! Coming from a military guy?? Look out!!!!
DOA.avi_001683348Lee is furious and yells in his face:
well not in this outfit Pal!!
But Lee.. I like your outfit.. you always look good in blue.. blue shirt, blue tie.. nice combo! oh wait..
Uh oh.. Lee just called the guy Pal!!
Awh come on.. use Moonface occasionally Lee.. it’s a doozie! tee hee.. I see a little bit of – the agency is better than the military again here! Gooo Lee!!!

Alert!! Intense Lee over Amanda in danger here- in front of the others!!
DOA.avi_001683782Billy tries to keep things reasonable: Gentleman gentleman please, it doesn’t help DOA.avi_001687352us to fight among ourselves, [whoo Billy is being a boss!!! I’m impressed Winking smile  tell everyone to Hakuna Matata!] …
now there must be some kind of compromise solution to DOA.avi_001690689this.
Lee: oh I’ll tell you the general’s solution.
Nuke Retzig till he glows!!!! but that is not how we’re going to get that antidote.
swoony swoony swoon swoon… Lee isn’t half as concerned about catching Retzig as he is about the antidote! This is the same level of intensity we saw with Lee and ‘she’s a very very good friend of mine’ Mario!!! Only.. this time Lee has an audience.. ahem..

Was this a little attempt at reverse psychology here from Lee? LOL after all this writer [Nelson Costello] seems to be going the psych route Winking smile and Lee was pretty confrontational with the General here..LOL
I don’t really think it was intentional reverse psychology.. this reminds me of Lee with Auggie- insult the guy when you need him to do something for you! LOL!!! It’s not exactly diffusing the situation.. you’d think it wouldn’t work.. but.. it works a charm! LOL!! The
DOA.avi_001702701general comes up with a plan.. He’ll give the blueprints, if he can surround the drop with his men. Lee laughs at this suggestion. Oh boy  Lee way DOA.avi_001704035to get the general on side.. I’m surprised he doesn’t tell the general to buy a new uniform and nice cuffs Winking smile 

DOA.avi_001708039Lee thinks Retzig won’t come within a mile of the drop.. but the general has some faith in his men.. Retzig won’t even know they are there.
DOA.avi_001713812Francine: Excuse me sir, but the reason Retzig chose denwood park is because there is no cover there, no buildings, no way you can get anything or anybody in there without anybody seeing it.

LOL.. never heard of camouflage? army types DOA.avi_001726825do that stuff for a living.. let’s get on with it.. bring in a crack Alpha team!! whoa!! is that a reference to the ‘A-team’!! Winking smile yeahhh!!!! that will do it!! Send in DOA.avi_001727392the A-team Winking smile tee hee.. A bit of gorilla warfare!! DOA.avi_001730729LOL, I like that for once it isn’t Lee solving everything and making the military guys look like idiots!
DOA.avi_001732063Lee’s response to Billy’s agreement to the plan is pretty harsh: You’re asking me to put my life in the hands of some trigger happy commandos, come on Billy! [err Lee yes-looks like it.. so I wouldn’t insult them! Winking smile]
Ahhh Billy.. for a moment there he sounded a
DOA.avi_001740071bit like a boss.. Billy responds: no I’m not!!! though I haven’t heard any better ideas! DOA.avi_001740739LOL!!!!! so funny!!! Lee takes a deep breath.. Lee you think that everyone is waiting for you to give your agreement to this plan? Oh wait.. I think DOA.avi_001741840they are! rofl!!!
DOA.avi_001742741DOA.avi_001744843Lee: Alright. but I want this to go down on the record- there’s only one reason I am going through with it..

Ohhhh swoony swoon swoon!!!

well that has 1thuddygot to be because of Amanda!!! 1thuddy
What do you make of this huh??!!! Phew!!
I’m thinking the fact that Amanda is the mother of two small boys effects Lee.. His losing his mother at a young age – it is always there for his character and it makes him vulnerable and open to caring about her and her family.. swoony…

At the same time, I think he uses the ‘mother of two small boys’ thing as a front here – it’s easier for him to say he cares about Amanda because she is the mother of two small children, and channel his strong emotions into that fact, rather than reveal to others that he would just be devastated if he couldn’t help 1_affectionher full stop! boys or no boys..
I see Lee as having realised this is how things are by this stage.. though just not sharing it with others. What do you think?

It’s like what a few of us saw when he told Billy he’d tell Amanda about the poison because it was his sandwich.. but feel free to share if you read it completely differently! I’ll just happily 1thuddyswoon away here as Lee plays the role of Protector of Amanda’s actual life here!!!! Not just her dignity!! Winking smile 

Okay well that’s it for now.. trying to keep it short and sweet- but hey.. no need for the comments to be short and sweet! Share as much as you like with us all.. I’ll look forward to hearing from anyone who’d like to share.. feedback, questions etc are also very welcome – byee for now!!

17 responses to “11/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Melissa Robertson

    I wish that Lee got to finish his reason of going through with it, but I guess voicalizing it would be too soon. Definitely swoon worthy!!!


  2. Aye! Still mesmerized by that screen cap next to the tape recorder screen cap!!!! I need to put a shortcut to the post with that GIF on my desktop.

    Oh dear, so much in this post that I have a different opinion on. Well, maybe not different but rather less of a level of excitement or swooniness? Is that a word? From Francine’s jewelry – not diggin’ it, sorry iwsod! – to his reaction to the army guy – no real good masseter flex in sight – I think I’m less enthusiastic about this scene than everyone else. I’m okay with being in the minority though 🙂

    Hmmm, why did Retzig wake her up? I think he just couldn’t help but go see just how loopy Amanda was after taking the drug. He came to deliver the tape and probably thought to himself, heck I’m here I might as well see if I can have some fun…maybe I could get her to do a cartwheel out on the ledge?

    ROFLMBO – swap in the Falcon Ving plans! Great idea, iwsod!!!

    Maybe it’s because the last stats episode was SAAB, but Lee’s intensity here feels about half of what it was in that episode. Now I realize he does have an audience here, so I guess that could account for it, but I don’t know. I’ve watched it over a few times and I’m just not seeing his mighty masseter flex, which Lee really does when he’s good and truly pissed. There’s maybe a teeny tiny bit of a flex right before he says that there’s only one reason he’s going along with the plan, but it is very tiny if it’s even there.

    I watched the scenes in Car Wars where Lee is interrogating, err telling, Mario and he seems more intense in that scene. I don’t see much of a masseter flex there either and the fact that Mario is sitting helps Lee to look more menacing. But his face gets all red and he’s pointing his finger at him. Maybe the fact that Lee is talking to a general keeps him check, but I’m not sure if I really think that.

    I do agree completely with what you said, iwsod about Lee being devastated if he couldn’t help her – boys or not boys. And I do think that Lee realizes this – especially after what happened at the end of DOA. He is definitely NOT ready to share this with others as he probably isn’t fully ready to completely admit it to or accept it himself.

    Looking forward to the next post – it is one of the better scenes in this episode IMHO.


    • BJo, I am with you about that screen cap on the right… what is it about that kiss?
      I think Lee is taking a huge risk saying that he wants it on the record that there is only one reason that he is going through with their plan. And I think he knows it. He is taking a risk professionally and personally. For a man so guarded and compartmentalized this is huge! And I think maybe the fear is tempering his anger here. Maybe the big swallow he took before he said it disengaged the masseter? I haven’t watched this scene so I don’t really know about a swallow, maybe it is a breath, but that fourth to last picture is the one that speaks loudly to me. I should re-watch this scene soon, but I was always impressed with this part. It always takes me surprise that lee would say that, and to someone from the military too, not just Billy.


    • Oh dear sorry guys! I didn’t mean to make it so hard to concentrate! want me to email you the gif BJo?! I’d be happy to! I’ll replace the sidebar pic asap!

      LOL so he has to flex his masseter always now??!! LOL! I didn’t even post the pic with the most angry face.. Here:

      intense enough for me! 🙂 Roar!!! 😉

      Sure, there is no doubt SAAB is way more intense.. she’s lifeless in his arms.. I am looking forward to your stats post on that one BJo!!!

      You know, this scene is very similar to SBTB.. where Lee gets the news that Amanda is going to be sacrificed- and she was in trouble in the first place because of Lee -his apartment – his sandwich…
      It’s interesting to compare and see how things have changed.

      Here we see the same situation.. what do you all think?
      [Here’s a link at post]
      I’m thinking Lee is really upset in SBTB because Lee has no idea what’s going on within himself.. Billy questions it because he is a bit surprised too 😉
      Lee is so confused and surprised at the intensity of his reaction is doesn’t hide it or control it so well. Here? I think Lee now knows full well how important Amanda is to him – and what she does to him she ‘makes him crazy’ 😉

      Anyway.. I also had a thought.. Lee could have said: there’s only one reason I’m doing this- it was my sandwich.
      but.. everyone would know that it was really because it was Amanda! 🙂


      • Now I really know just how maxed out you are, iwsod…the SAAB stats have already been posted 😉 Maybe all those touching, dimple and tux shots were just too much for you to really take in and remember, huh? LOL! Hope you’re doing well! No need to send me the SOS kissing GIF. I’m wearing out the “rewind button” on my Kindle for that episode.

        And no, he doesn’t have to flex his masseter to show intensity (although BB does tend to do that more in intense situations), I guess I just used that as evidence to support my feeling that Lee doesn’t seem to be truly showing a full intensity of emotion here in this scene. At least not like we’ve seen before or like we’ll see again in the future. I think his intensity in SBTB is greater than here although I agree with you in that he does know in DOA that Amanda is very important to him whereas in SBTB she’s dying in his place which he can’t live with regardless of how important he thinks she is to him then.


  3. Well, I think everyone’s already covered it (Morley: yes, yes, yes) — so I’ll just slap on my helmet and… swoon-thud! 😀


    • I just wanted to say that the first 2/3 of my post were quotes from Iwsod. Today was one where my brain was not so sharp (no sleep, 20 something year old drove from Pa -CT in the middle of the night and I don’t sleep well knowing he is on the road). So I could only consent to Iwsod’s brilliant comments.

      Oh and I posted a picture of SMK style swoon protection gear at Ned’s in the episode order comments. Maybe they should become standard issue…;)


  4. Not much to add right here, but I want to notified of all of your excellent comments on this section. 🙂


  5. The Knight in Shining Armor strikes again! And when you blend that in with the fact that Lee is starting to realize that he really, really enjoys spending time with Amanda (and might possibly want more than just work-time with her) – well, we’re getting into some pretty interesting territory.


  6. Isn’t it lovely how Lee will fight for Amanda now without the pretense that it’s for the agency or a peripheral issue. She is so much a part of who he is now that he has difficulty seeing anything else. Of course he still has a few feelings to sort out, but from here on out he’s in over his head. Oh joy!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Iwsod wrote:
    “I’m thinking the fact that Amanda is the mother of two small boys effects Lee.. His losing his mother at a young age – it is always there for his character and it makes him vulnerable and open to caring about her and her family.. swoony…

    At the same time, I think he uses the ‘mother of two small boys’ thing as a front here – it’s easier for him to say he cares about Amanda because she is the mother of two small children, and channel his strong emotions into that fact, rather than reveal to others that he would just be devastated if he couldn’t help! boys or no boys..
    I see Lee as having realised this is how things are by this stage.. though just not sharing it with others. What do you think?”

    I think that is perfect!!!!!
    I love it because his relationship with Amanda has touched him at so many levels and I especially love it because it shows that Lee is becoming aware of the reality of what is happening inside of him. Which means he is moving away from the denial that has been his companion for so long. This is why I love the last part of season 2!!!


  8. I agree with you Valerie — Lee is obviously the emotional one here. Maybe the general sees through the “mother of two young boys” statement and realizes that this particular civilian means a lot to this particular agent. That’s why the general keeps his calm so well in the face of Lee’s insults. He realizes that Lee isn’t thinking or speaking rationally because of his concern for this woman and so he (the general) ignores the insults and tries to help as best he can. Now if he had known what Lee really means when he calls someone “Pal” . . . I don’t know what would have happened.


  9. Love how Lee is so focused on Amanda that it’s Francine that has to point out why Retzig chose this particular park. Francine is going for the logic angle while Lee is on the emotional angle.

    Love the look that Francine and Billy give Lee as he comes to the other side of the desk to confront the general. It’s like they know Lee is going to ballistic at any minute. It’s that “uh oh” look. I don’t think he really wants it on record as to the one reason he’s going through with the plan.

    There is so much that has come bubbling to surface for Lee in the last few episodes and he’s really having to figure out to handle, channel, and confront what he’s feeling. It’s not just about being Amanda’s guardian and protector anymore. He’s having to deal with what if she’s truly hurt or not around anymore. He also is having to deal with how much of that is possibly his fault or because of him. Swoony goodness all around. Yes, loving him in the blue.


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