15/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Sooo.. we see an exterior of Lee’s apartment.. my my there’s some weirdness going on here! But.. I won’t dwell on that for now, I’ll keep going and come back to it at the end of this post.
Lee returns to find his front door open..
Lee’s spy senses are in overdrive! He pulls out his gun – probably terrified at what has happened to Amanda.. oh yeah… and maybe Francine Winking smile
He finds Francine just coming to on the floor. Lee helps her up while she moans in agony! Lee: Francine, are you alright?
Francine: Oh, I don’t know..

LOL Lee isn’t exactly gentle helping Francine here! tee hee!
Lee: come on get on your feet. [Hmm wasn’t he telling Amanda in OOADP no let me carry you –you can’t walk! Winking smile ahem.. btw- I am not going to post a pic of Lee getting Francine off the floor-I am in hysterics here.. because the pics don’t look PG at all!! argh!! ]
Francine mumbles:
I don’t usually sleep on the floor.
[even half concussed she has attitude- well.. it’s consistent! Smile ]
Lee helps Francine over to the couch..
Lee: come on sit down here.
He has a look at the back of Francine’s head. ouchie.. that vase really should have taken Francine’s head off!
Lee: What happened?
Francine: I don’t know. One minute I’m making cold cuts, the next thing I’m out on the floor cold. You know maybe Amanda doesn’t like Pastrami on rye.
[well I can see why Amanda wouldn’t like sandwiches now!]
It seems to take Lee a moment to compute here.
Lee: Amanda did this?
Francine: Amanda was the only one in here with me, we locked ourselves in.
Lee is freaking out now!!!! He starts with the rubbing his brow..
Francine: I think she’s having some kind of relapse. [eh? err she is drugged.. relapse? whatever! ]
Lee: where could she have gone. In her condition she’s so vulnerable, she could be in danger right now!
Francine: in her condition the whole society could be in danger right now!
Lee: yeah.
[ oh yeah.. society.. I love it – Lee’s only worried about Amanda!] …I better call Billy and get an APB out. [Billy does that? the boss?? tee hee.. ahh smk I love your work organisational structure! ]
Whooo Lee mumbles intensely as he picks up the phone: I just hope she’s not in trouble.
Awhhh I’ve never heard that line before! Swoony!!!!
We don’t have to wait for long to find out where Amanda is! she’s home!
She makes her way through the back side door.. finding the boys watching a western on tv.. Amanda: hello boys! [so funny, she’s all business here!  Not her usual self wanting a kiss]
boys: hey mum.
Amanda: Hello Mother.
Dotty: Amanda, I was wondering when you would get ho-

Amanda hurries past Dotty, not pausing.. she has business to do!
Dotty sees she’s in a hurry and leaves her to it.. though typical Dotty- she draws her own (wrong) conclusion explaining Amanda’s behaviour!
Dotty: I guess she didn’t get that raise..
Does Dotty’s hair look different to you? Looks the same to me.. maybe Emilio just set it..
Maid Dotty brings the boys their milk and cookies.. err don’t get me started on this!
Amanda rushes into the kitchen again, not DOA.avi_002236901really making eye contact with Dotty..
Amanda: why isn’t this thing Loaded?!  😆 😆
Dotty: Loaded?

Dotty has no idea what Amanda is on about.. but leaves her to it..
Amanda rifles through the drawer, and finds some batteries –  rofl!!!! Did anyone think she had a gun before we saw what she was carrying? I can’t remember what I thought!
DOA.avi_002245343Dotty joins the boys watching tv, half listening to Amanda..
Amanda picks up the phone, dials a number
DOA.avi_002249347and loads up while she waits for the person to pick up!
Amanda: Hello, get me Melrose please this is King here.
King: Bill! … Amanda! Listen I’ve been thinking about this Retzig thing and it’s gone way too far.
At this, we see Billy in his office.. LOL.. he tells Lee to listen in.
Bill whispers: pick up on three.
Lee listens in..
Bill replies:
yes Ma’am. Yes Ma’am I’ll send someone right over.
[How does Billy know where she is?? Does she say while Billy is telling Lee to pick up? me confused…must be all those darn chicken salad sandwiches I’ve been eating in the hopes of dreaming of kissing Lee.. err I mean Rick! 😉 ]
[Yes BJo, I am still loving those earrings on Francine- even if they are major ear buttons!] ohhh my.. the look on Lee’s face here is hilarious as he listens in!!!! And Lee hand fans- nice close up for you all!! 🙂
Lee: is this Amanda or John Wayne?!
John Wayne (Amanda):
yeah we’ve gotta nail this sucker and nail him good.
Ohhh I had forgotten how flippin funny this scene is!!!! LOL!!!!
hairdryer gunI think Amanda needs a hairdryer like this one!

At this we see Dotty looking at Amanda listening in to this!! what will she make of it?!


Dotty turns back to the western the boys are watching saying to herself: good Amanda. People respect assertiveness.

DOA.avi_002274372Back to Bill: I think it’s the drug. [well done Sherlock Melrose! not..] …She thinks she’s taking over the Retzig DOA.avi_002277375operation.

Francine loves this!!! Not..
Francine: Ohh God help us!
DOA.avi_002278376Lee: I better get over there.

DOA.avi_002280378Bill keeps on placating John Wayne while Lee heads over there.. far too brightly: Yes Ma’am!!
DOA.avi_002281379John Wayne: we’ve got to put more into it Bill! We’re gonna take no prisoners!
Amanda hangs up and strides out of the house telling dotty: I have some unfinished business at the office Mother.
Dotty calls: are you going to be home for supper? we’re going to goofy golf tonight!
John Wayne yells back: we’ll see!!
Amanda heads out to the front of her house, with her fully loaded hair dryer- uh oh!!!! this could get ugly!!!  LOL though at least the hair will be well styled 😉

Actually I’ve always thought Lee’s partner should have a portable hairdryer on hand.. should his hair need a touch up!!

Lookin good catches bad guys! 😉

Dotty doesn’t know what to think.. well at least Amanda is being assertive!! 🙂
I’ll finish up there for the moment, though I’ll just go back to Lee’s apartment – KC great catch on this being the same exterior in ALGHITM!!!!
Here iDOA.avi_001832931s the exterior we see in this ep:
We see this as Francine and Amanda arrive..
I think we are suppose to think Lee has completely moved.. but heck, maybe he has just moved to a different apartment in the same complex!
DOA.avi_002148079In this episode, the shot zooms up to the top floor..
LOL.. now Lee’s apartment is on the top floor (8th floor? In SBTB his apartment number was 805- that means it is the 8th floor no?) interesting!
Though in A little sex, a little scandal the exterior shot had it as being on the second floor! Here:

[with the magic view that looked like it was 20 storey’s up!]
Maybe it’s a security thing.. they never show us exactly which floor Lee lives on! Winking smile It’s on a need to know basis! Winking smile
It looks like he has redecorated since he entertained Randy Baby – did she throw some plates or something Lee?  the windows don’t match either.. whatever!
Views in DOA:
& in ALSALS:
Lee’s apartment is now 305- doesn’t that mean third floor?![new coffee table too!]
& in ALSALS:ALSALS.avi_002685099

Looks like Lee has painted his door too Winking smile 

Oh well.. I’ll finish up this little side trip into decorating for now.. You know, I never noticed how Lee has red carpet in his apartment – ewwwww!

Love love love to hear from you!!! even if it’s just to say hi and you are reading!!! If you’d like to share more – I’d love that too!! byeee for now!

19 responses to “15/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Iswod, you hit it out of the park with this post. Between the Bills and John Waynes, I was already rolling and then this one had me snort-laughing:

    “Actually I’ve always thought Lee’s partner should have a portable hairdryer on hand.. should his hair need a touch up!!

    Lookin good catches bad guys! 😉”

    What a great way to start the day! 🤣🤣🤣


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  3. Battery operated hair dryer – LOL!
    Lee looks delicious in blue.
    Swoon, Thunk!


  4. Yep, so much goodness here! I usually have to watch this sequence over again because I am laughing too hard the first run through.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL – this is one of the few good stretches of this episode for me – between Francine’s comment about society being in danger from Amanda to Amanda’s John Wayne impersonation and Billy’s reaction makes me laugh. Well done, KJ, MS and MS!

    All these new decorations on Lee’s wall makes me think that he rents furnished apartments. Fully furnished. What’s with the cacti?? And what is that gold praying-manis like statue on his sofa table? Lee, please fire your decorator.

    iwsod, glad you’re still liking Francine’s ear badges – they’re too big to be buttons. Me? I’m still not liking them 😉

    Love the hands close-up!! I do not like a lot of hair on a man! Sorry TS! That gun hair dryer is a riot!!! I can’t believe there actually is one!

    Dotty is so clueless and priceless in the scene – I love Dotty. She doesn’t question anything here – just assumes it’s all good and then makes it better by figuring Amanda is being assertive! LOL! She is a very interesting character.


  6. Am just noticing Dotty’s apron. It looks awfully familiar. I may have to investigate a later episode to confirm or deny my suspicions.

    I don’t recall that any of Amanda’s lines are particularly western. I just know that in most of John Wayne’s movies he was pretty much a take charge kind of guy. He got the job done, whatever it was and he wasn’t one to be trifled with. He didn’t like to dilly-dally around. So I guess that suits the mode that Amanda is in for pretty much the rest of this episode.

    It’s a long story about why I know so many old movies, and such a variety of them. I definitely felt a kinship with Remington Steele when that show came out.


  7. I’m short on time, but I’m still reading every post! (Sometimes I cheat and take a little peak at work, but you didn’t hear it from me).


  8. I think Amanda is so funny in this last scene. What is interesting is that Dotty doesn’t seem to notice anything strange about her behavior on the phone, but Billy and Lee pick up on it immediately. It reminds me of Amanda’s comment to Billy in ITCK, “Does he know Lee?” Does Dotty know Amanda, Lee and Billy sure do.


  9. Wow, Amanda sounds like she should take over the agency and be in charge. She must deep down inside see herself as an authoritative figure outside the home. Good for her!
    And love Francine’s comments! Even cold-clocked and probably concussed she manages to be sarcastically witty. Hmmmm, all this talk of sandwiches make me hungry. Or as the character in the novel set in Regency England that I am currently reading says, “I’m positively gutfoundered!”. Love the term! Yep, the Regency Era, another rabbit hole I have fallen down lately. Sooooo many fascinating vortexes out there leading down too many trails and alllllllll headed down the bunny hole. See y’all there!


  10. Eek that gun hair dryer is waaaaay too creepy! Taking a love of gun ownership to a a whole new (and scary) level.
    I never really understood why Francine rubs the back of her neck. Surely the vase cracked over the back of her head rather than the neck area *confused* Nice to see that Lee doesn’t carry Francine like he did Amanda 😉
    A battery operated hair dryer? A camping trip staple for Amanda (or Dotty?)? I always imagined she “roughed” it 😉 I can’t see a battery operated hair dryer being able to get up much of a breeze for those who are folliclally blessed……
    I love how Amanda is on the phone……Bill?!! Very funny and assertive lol


    • Hi Everybody! Hope you don’t mind if I reply to you all together!

      Conny! Hello!! wonderful to hear from you! but not so wonderful to hear of your knee replacement – ouchy!!! well I hope it goes well for you and improves your function asap.. in the meantime – you can comfort yourself with a little Lee and Amanda while you recover! Let us know how you go!!

      Valerie thanks for the reminder of ‘I’ve got you’ – whoooo so swoony!!! you might be right.. Lee’s relationship with Francine is very different.. and .. thank goodness for that!!!! So true.. Lee’s focus on Amanda’s vulnerability is very touching – very true Valerie it is a great reminder that Lee understands why she is all loopy and there is no need for embarrassment – just terror that she’s in danger.

      I don’t know John Wayne movies very well.. are any of her lines famous western sayings? yeah I think the idea was calm her and get Lee over there asap..

      Ohhh I’ve been meaning to ask – has anyone seen the original movie DOA????

      Hi KC! the buddha is sitting above something? LOL.. leaf drying? you think Lee is doing leaf drying? Lol.. maybe he is still trying to dry out that tibetan ram’s horn Amanda ruined 😉
      I am not a huge fan particularly of BB’s hands.. but I know others are. and I love to encourage their enjoyment of them 🙂 I enjoy that! 🙂 smurfs eh?! did it work?? you should try lookin at the pics of Lee picking Francine off the floor.. eek!!! very scary stuff- that sends the sexy away! PG is good – thanks KC – the blog thanks you for your sacrifice! 😉 teee heeee..
      Apartment numbers are weird! I think Lee randomly switches apartments for security reasons.. and to confuse the doorman so he doesn’t get too nosey anymore 😉

      I have to agree LASinLA!! I did see a pic of someone using one of those gun hairdryers on the internet and it was just wrong.. any allusion to suicide I am not comfortable with.. though.. in it’s holster and used by drugged Amanda as back up.. I can go with it 🙂 Haaa very true! Dotty is a riot! She thinks that is how you get a promotion??!!!

      Hey Jenbo! how’s it going?? hope life is slowing down a bit for you! great to see you stopping by! Ohhh I think Francine rubs her neck so she doesn’t ruin her hairstyle – her hair is not long so that style might have been held in place by enough hairspray to put a hole in the ozone layer.



      • Oh too funny! Yep, never got hairspray. My hair has always been into serious rebellion so never even tried. Did Francine do a graceful spy swoon? Just asking…?


  11. Wow. That pistol hair dryer is just wrong. It would be creepy to take aim at oneself every morning! On the other hand, it would certainly have come in handy for Amanda/John Wayne.

    “Actually I’ve always thought Lee’s partner should have a portable hairdryer on hand.. should his hair need a touch up!!” 🙂 HaHaHaHa!

    Amanda’s phone call with Billy while Dotty finds it a completely normal conversation — what a great scene!


  12. Hi and am enjoying as always your take on each episode. I do not pop in enough to say thank you as it is so much fun to think how does she see all these things I miss. Thank you and I will be away until Dec. 20th or so..complete knee replacement but my sister will be saving your sends..something for me to look forward to up on return from rehab. Bye for now…Conny


  13. I love this episode! To quote ampm: “Too much good stuff.”
    WHAT is the buddha sitting above in ALSALS? Is that a press? Like for leaf drying?
    Yeah–Lee is concerned about Francine, but more concerned about Amanda. Awhhh…
    Uhhhh… thanks for the hand close-up, but… at least for me, it’s not the close-ups that are super sexy. 😀 It’s the middle view ones, especially when tanned, where you can see his hands and see/envision them… *ahem* Sorry. 😀 (Starts humming the Smurf song to bring this PG again.)
    Yeah–the apartment thing doesn’t make sense. I had figured he’d moved within the same building, but he was on the 8th floor before, and now the 3rd, but they show the zoom to the 8th floor (a la TACMK and SBTB, in both of which we see his 805 door number). Whatever.


    • LOL, KC! I think it’s not a leaf press, but rather an ancient torture tool…if Lee eve has a baddie at his apartment, he can squeeze body parts… 😉


  14. Lee in this blue and all these intense looks in this episode are killing me. So smokin’!! Anyway, so funny how he makes Francine walk, but refuses to let Amanda get up. What was it he said, “I’ve got you”…? At least he sort of helps Francine to the sofa, but he doesn’t tell her to rest for a minute. Part of that might be how he views Francine and what he knows about her. Maybe he knows she isn’t the type who wants to be coddled or taken care of. He knows she can handle herself. She doesn’t need his protection.

    His statement about Amanda being vulnerable possibly explains some of his protectiveness of her in this episode, which is why there’s no need for embarrassment. He understands the situation for what it is.

    Again, the reality of the situation creeping into Amanda’s behavior. The boys watching a western and then the mention of John Wayne, whom I think BB mentioned once as a favorite of his. What’s interesting is how they placate Amanda and don’t try to talk any sense into her. They are sensing that they kind of have to let some of this play out to see what she does and how she reacts.

    That battery-operated blow dryer is killing me. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen one, not then or since. But I guess they exist.


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