16/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda walks out the front of her house and there is Retzig! He is stunned to see her approaching him.. (I’m stunned to see him at Amanda’s house – how does he know where she lives?!)
DOA.avi_002299397Retzig reaches for his gun but quickly realises Amanda’s brain is kerbluey and he doesn’t need it.
Amanda strides confidently toward Retzig
DOA.avi_002302400saying: Well!!! Old Bill is getting to be efficient! I like to see that! (Amanda holds out her hand to shake his) hello. I believe I’ve seen you at the agency but we haven’t met have we. I’m Amanda King.
DOA.avi_002306404Retzig: Logan. Niles Logan. [what the draft script had as his name the whole episode.. I wonder if the name is significant to someone..]
DOA.avi_002305403Amanda smiles:
yes Logan. Well drive carefully won’t you?!
Amanda gets in his car.
LOL Retzig can’t believe his luck!

They start to drive off..
We see Lee is on his way to Amanda’s. Past the magic roundabout.. you know.. the roundabout that Lee has to go past nearly every time he drives somewhere in DC?!
Whoooo Lee is looking determined driving his corvette!!..
Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, Amanda drives down the same street as Rick ( I mean Lee!) in the opposite direction with Retzig at the wheel!!!! Rofl!! gotta love that smk luck!!
Amanda is so funny!!! to Retzig: Wasn’t that Stetson’s car?
We see Lee do a dramatic u-turn.. just how did DOA.avi_002333431he know that was Retzig or Amanda in the car?
oh whatever!
Lee is on it!!

Err sort of.. the vette seems to go a little goofy here! Winking smile
Retzig: ah yes, Agent Stetson is running back up on this operation.
KJ is so over the top it’s hilarious!!
Amanda: Ah haaa!! Good! Good of Melrose to be so on top of it huh?!!  ROFLMBO!!
Amanda chuckles away..
Retzig takes a corner fast, trying to get away from ‘Stetson’ Winking smile Ohhhh my goodness this is too funny.. I just love the look on Amanda’s face after he turns the corner.. she smiles and says: good driving there!
(Amanda is ever the encourager!! but.. oh no Amanda don’t compliment his driving!! he’s keeping you away from help!! None of this is in the script btw.. she quickly realises who he is so we don’t have this hilarious encouragement!!! what we got is so good.. well done KJ!)
DOA.avi_002369467I think Lee turned the corner better Winking smile
[after all, the vette ‘corners like a track racer’!]

Another screech, another corner.. Okay.. let’s finish this up now huh! Whoo someone must have heard me because they morph from suburbia to downtown and Retzig pulls into a car park.
Retzig and Amanda arrive at the warehouse.. Amanda gets out of the car and immediately DOA.avi_002389487heads up the stairs followed by Retzig. Okay how did Lee know to turn down that street? Oh my.. I think we’ve just uncovered the agency’s dirty little secret! they’ve implanted a GPS tracker in Amanda!!! [that’s what’s really causing her loopiness!] how else could Lee have zoomed into that street and known where to go?!
Retzig gives Amanda an order: secure the inside. (Amanda pulls out her hairdryer and Retzig just can’t believe how she is behaving)
…I’ll wait for Stetson!
[Amanda is funny.. but at the same time.. I do hate to see Amanda so vulnerable with the bad guy!!! Get him Lee!!! ]
Amanda: Right!
Amanda and her fully loaded hairdryer go
DOA.avi_002402500inside.. Retzig waits for Lee to pull up..and fires at him. 

Whoooaaa how is it that first shot didn’t get Lee?!
Lee should be dead! This episode should have killed Francine with that vase, and Lee with that shot! And Amanda with her cartwheel! Winking smile it’s an episode of miracles! Smile
Retzig goes into the warehouse with Lee in pursuit.. yeah I’d run away too Retzig, Lee’s magical with avoiding those bullets!
DOA.avi_002419517Lee rushes in.. love how he grimaces as the door slams behind him – announcing to Retzig- I’m here!!!!
DOA.avi_002420518Gee Lee, what was it Billy was saying at the beginning of this episode?? about taking on Retzig without Backup??? oh yeah.. no it’s ok- Amanda is loaded and has a fully loaded hairdryer!

This is a gorgeous theatre! Anyone been there?? IMDB says this is the Orpheum theatre in downtown LA?? Lee wanders, waiting for Retzig to appear.. and giving us a lovely view of the theatre.. Lee ever the patient agent just yells out: Retzig!!! Let Amanda go she’s a civilian!’ [Like Retzig cares!] you’ve got no quarrel with her.
At this we see Retzig is wandering around behind the stage.. and Amanda is elsewhere..
DOA.avi_002470568Retzig responds: I make my quarrels with whom I please!


Amanda turns to look at Retzig.. and says: Retzig!!!!
She seems to realise for a second this is the bad guy. Not Niles Logan!!
Amanda:that’s where I saw you at the hospital.
[Ahhh! so there’s the reason we needed Retzig to visit Amanda at the hospital.. even if I still don’t understand what happened there! ]
Retzig: Very good Mrs King. Now let’s be co-operative shall we?
He motions to his gun.
…I don’t want to use this, just yet.
Poor Amanda.. she’s scared again! Retzig gives her a shove to move off in the direction he
DOA.avi_002487585wishes.. LOL. suddenly Lee is up in one of the boxes?

I thought he was down near the stage?

I’m confused.. but my goodness this theatre is just lovely Winking smile
DOA.avi_002492590Lee jumps down onto the stage, and suddenly a spotlight shines in his eyes blinding him..

Ohhh kaayy..

This is start to feel a little drawn out here!
DOA.avi_002496594Now that pic is just begging to be used for a meme!!
Lee jumps down off the stage into the orchestra pit for some cover… and dramatically shoots out the spotlight.

Lee heads back stage.. whoaaa hoooooo!!!! He is lookin mighty fine here!!! Stupid low lighting!
On go the bright lines on the floor blinding Lee..
Retzig: how does it feel to be centre stage? Mr Stetson.
DOA.avi_002553651Meh.. I do wish Retzig wouldn’t draw this out!
.. if your looking for me, try stage right.
(so Lee turns right!) or I’m sorry. I get so confused. make that stage left. (so Lee turns left!! rofl!!!! Lee this isn’t one of those dumb smk baddies!! he isn’t actually going to help you catch him this time!! Winking smile ) Shocking, but.. DOA.avi_002562660Retzig isn’t stage left!! The bags full of powder start to go flying. LOL when Lee looks up it looks like he had already caught one.. his hair is pretty white!
Haa haaaa! that is so not Lee who gets whacked with the bag, that’s stunt Lee!
DOA.avi_002567665Smash!!! Retzig sends Lee flying.. his gun flies DOA.avi_002570968out of his hand and Lee is rolling in the dust.. you know for a guy who likes to look good – he does get himself into a few messy scrapes in the line of duty no? Makes me feel better about what’s ahead for Amanda!
Finally.. Retzig confronts Lee…
But… I better finish up here for now.. and I’ll come back with the final post for this episode very soon!
As always I’d love to hear your thinking! Byeee for now..

37 responses to “16/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. That first theater segment with Lee going in alone to that huge theater with the balcony gives me the creeps. When I first started watching SMK when I was ten, another station happened to air a movie with Bruce playing a killer of some sort who was getting involved with a single mother and ends up taking her two daughters hostage and holding them captive in a theater kind of like this (not as elaborate). It ends with a dramatic confrontation and his character falls off the balcony and dies.

    It was the first time I’d really seen someone play a different role than what I was used to (other than Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs & Broomsticks and Murder She Wrote) and it was semi-disturbing seeing an actor who I was used to really enjoying play someone so awful and get killed, so the scene kind of stuck with me. And even though I’ve never gone near the movie since and can’t even remember which one it was, I thought of it both times I’ve watched this ep!

    (I hope the actors never come on here — and if they do, no offense intended to him — I’m sure the movie was terrific for most people!)


  2. Lee is rolling in the dust.. you know for a guy who likes to look good – he does get himself into a few messy scrapes in the line of duty no?
    LOL – he really does it a lot, doesn’t he? Apparently he doesn’t mind – makes him (BB) even more sympathetic. 🙂

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  3. When Lee(the Corvette) does the U-turn the rear wheels “fishtail”. Very hard to do in a controlled way – Nicely done stunt driver!
    KJ is amazing in this episode; facial expressions, tone change, stunts.
    I love SMK!


  4. I watch this bit and I am totally distracted by her ugly waffle fabric jacket! Urgh Fashion police come quick it’s an emergency!


    • How about that god awful top she wore in the hospital?!? Oy! Seriously, who picked those tops and jackets for KJ?? They should be made to wear them daily as penance! I loved her style in the tag in Tegernsee. She puts a belt on a jacket and, voila, looks amazing! It’s not brain surgery, just saying……


    • Teee heeee!!! Anyone who comments on JWWM? is automatically deputised! please.. make an arrest!!! 😉

      You know what’s scary? Amanda dresses that way even when she’s not drugged 😉 tee heee..

      I keep repeating to myself: this is Amanda no longer dressing like a housewife.. she’s growing!
      Now she’s just trying to grow and find something to wear that looks good 😉 she’ll work it out – eventually! 🙂

      Ahhhh Jule.. feel free to make a fashion arrest! 🙂 Hope you are all well!! err apart from the fashion crimes we have to endure 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Now she’s just trying to grow and find something to wear that looks good 😉 she’ll work it out – eventually! :)”
        And then she’ll wear the same style of skirt in different colors with the same belt… every day. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL.. you know I kinda forget what she wears in season 3 and 4.. other than : it’s better!!!!!! I’m looking forward to rediscovering the last two seasons.. not long to go now! 🙂

          KC are you going to be wishing for ear buttons and short hair at the end of season 3???!!!! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        • I never understood the same shirt/belt every d*mn day thing! Again, I feel a need to hunt down a few people in the costume and wardrobe department and take away their chocolate! And marshmallows! KJ is beautiful; missed opportunity people! I just looked up the folks responsible and there are a bunch of people involved at various times. Here’s a link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085088/combined
          Does this make me shallow that I care that the wardrobe for Amanda, how shall I say this, sucked so much of the time or was just boring? Yep, bad Jule! Going to my corner for time out. I’ll be wearing a lovely pale pink fluffy robe with black slippers, minimal makeup, and understated jewelry while there. *slinks over, head bowed*



          • You’re not alone, Jule, I bet! Not only did her wardrobe lack, but the way they styled her hair in much of S4 also left a lot to be desired! Especially after how beautifully it was done in most of S3.

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            • In season 3 she wears the same skirt and belt in different colors, in season 1 and 2 it is the same sweater in different colors. I need to get back on the costume posts. It must say something about the Amanda character because the costume people don’t do that with any other character. I don’t like her clothes in season 4, I wonder if they would have had her settle on a feminine, business, but not too flashy or costly style if there had been a season 5? The clothes I like the best are the ones that Lee bought for her on their shopping trip in London during Mongoose. I think she wore some of them in Salzburg as well. I wonder what influence her husband would have had on her wardrobe in a season 5? Oh well…

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              • So many things could’ve been explored in S5. 😦 Sigh. C’est la vie…


                • Ditto ditto ditto! Made me crazy in the 80s to see some of the styles, hair don’ts, and ear buttons. Oh well, we can chat about it all and lessen the pain ;). Seriously though, being the style maven I am, my favorite outfit to wear is my fluffy robe and cozy slippers. What does that say about my fashion sense?! ROFL! Oh, there goes that darn bunny with the chocolate! Back down the rabbit hole….


                  • Jule I think I like the sounds of your style! 😉

                    It’s funny, I may enjoy making fashion arrests – but I’m not terribly fashion centric or anything.. I think it’s just another way to enjoy the show and laugh at the 80s fashion.. style maven – such a great phrase that!

                    sounds like there are some interesting discussions ahead for us on Amanda’ wardrobe in Seasons 3 and 4! 🙂


            • I really liked KJ’s hair on the eps starting with “One Flew East” and after. I thought it was a really cute style on her.

              I’m sure there are a few actresses who look back at their work in the 1980s and wince. (And have had all kinds of ribbing from their children, grandchildren, etc.!)


  5. Just watched this scene again and thought about the shots that Retzig takes at Lee’s precious car. At the very beginning of this episode we discussed the little pat that Lee gave his car after he checked it out when the alarm went off. He was happy that nothing was wrong with it. Now, since Amanda is in danger he could care less that Retzig has put two bullet holes in his windshield. It is a testament to where his heart lies at this moment and it certainly isn’t with the car.

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  6. Retzig does look stunned by Amanda’s behavior here. I wonder what he was planning on doing if she hadn’t just come out and hopped in his car. What I want to know is did Retzig plan all along to go that theatre? That seems so random to me. And no, I’ve never been there. It reminds me of the theatre in the Muppet Show for some reason. And those two old “guys” that just sit up in their box heckling Kermit and the crew.


  7. You know, now that I think about it, why did Retzig try to kidnap Amanda? He was already sort of holding her hostage because he had her antidote. He didn’t really need to have her as well. Did they ever explain?


    • Hi Jestress.. oh yeah! when you start thinkin.. there are plenty of questions that go unanswered huh!! I agree.. why kidnap Amanda? dumb.. just dumb!!! It’s not explained in the script either.. The only thing I could come up with is- as the deadline he gave approached, for when the drug would be permanent- he decided to up the intensity and threaten her life.. after all the drug was making her permanently loopy not dead.. maybe he figured more direct violence against Amanda would motivate Lee? but.. heck.. it’s never explained.. oh well.. that’s the good thing about us chatting eh- we can usually come up with some explanation (no matter how flimsy!)

      What I also didn’t get was: if he went to the hospital and is responsible for Amanda going out on the ledge: why do that?? He shouldn’t want her to die- or he has no leverage for getting the plans he wants.

      Nope.. this is one we’ve gotta think a little less about 😉 tee hee. though I do still see Retzig as an smk baddie who wasn’t so dumb! 🙂


      • Even though I know it’s just plot holes that were left in for the sake of comedy, I keep trying to think of other possible explanations. The best I can come up with is that he left Amanda sitting by herself on the hospital balcony so that she would be in a different place when Lee came back for her and Lee would have a moment of panic looking for her, but Amanda didn’t stay sitting there calmly because she started her gymnastics routine.

        I suppose Retzig might have decided to kidnap her later because the deadline for the drug was drawing near. If Lee missed it and Amanda permanently lost her mind, Retzig wouldn’t have anything to bargain with anymore, and Lee would be out for his blood. By keeping Amanda near him, he could administer the antidote in time and then still have a hostage.

        I’m not sure that makes total sense, but it’s the best I can think of. Although, like you said, maybe the key in this situation is not thinking about it too much. lol! 😉

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        • Hiya Jestress, all sounds good to me! I see I am in good company here – having a go trying to fill the plot holes… I guess we could just look at a pic of Lee in a tux.. but hey it’s good to go for variety right? 😉


  8. I LOVE Iswod’s (& everyone else’s) POV of this episode! I was also surprised that Francine was showing an actual human side with Amanda in this one-anyone think about Francine eating that sandwich instead?! Oh, the writers would have had a field day with that one!!


    • OMG! I love the idea of Francine delirious and delusional! She is sure to imagine that she is in charge of the entire agency and start to make immediate changes, immediate you hear, as in Now! LOL!


    • Hi Molly! Lovely to hear from you!!!

      Glad you are still stopping by and enjoying our fave show!
      Yeah Molly there are a few Francine fans floating around – the character has hidden depths!

      Haaa Jule – doesn’t Francine already think she runs the place?? without the drugs??? 😉 which ep was it where she said it? Ummm…. I am not now, nor have I ever been a spy! She’s the single most important something or other.. teee heee.. at least in her mind..

      I love these ideas of what other characters would have done on drugs – Yes with agency training it could have been extremely dangerous!

      What about Dotty? hmmm.. do you think anyone would have noticed? 😉

      Valerie I love that you gave it a go answering my questions! thank you!! You are right we are left to assume a lot! Although a little line in there about how someone was watching Amanda’s house now Retzig had been to her hospital room wouldn’t have gone astray – he’s a nasty piece of work.

      Big Hello to Paula!!!! I’m liking the idea that JWWM is a guilty pleasure while you are at work 😉
      I’m loving hearing from you all..
      Will try and get back to publish the next post in a little bit


  9. Maybe Retzig looked in Amanda’s purse at the hospital to check out who she was and got her address then. He had overheard Lee and Amanda’s conversation at the restaurant and may have followed them to the hospital. He does mention that he’s always a step ahead of Lee and he’s had dealings with the Agency before. I guess we’re supposed to assume all of that.

    I guess with all the movie references in this episode that they should end up in a theater for the climax of it all. Amanda has put on quite a show thus far. Wasn’t there an old comedy act or routine that someone would call for make-up and someone would come out sort of smack them in the face with this powder? My memory could be way off though.

    It’s interesting to note where Retzig and Amanda are standing when she suddenly realizes just who he is. It’s like a light just came on in her head and the light bulb behind them looks like the one that is always supposed to be on in the backstage of a theater.

    I could see Amanda recognizing Lee’s car, but that car recognition thing happens a lot in SMK land. I myself am usually too focused on driving to check out passengers in other cars, unless I am specifically looking or following someone to a destination.


  10. Ha! The ‘Vette does get a little squirrely… and pretty damn close to the kerb! Maybe it’s BB driving, and not Stunt Lee…???… 😀
    Hah! KJ is awesome!!! 🙂
    Ooohhh… the shot through the windshield. Eerily reminiscent of MOG (but different to, obviously)… 😦


  11. “Backup??? oh yeah.. no it’s ok- Amanda is loaded and has a fully loaded hairdryer.” Ha hah iwsod! Lee never needs backup, he’s got Amanda to protect him from himself! LOL! Does he ever call for backup till way too late?! But protective Lee gets a pass coz he’s looking out for poor Amanda who’s a bit bonkers and has gone all crackers on him. I just love KJs hysterical expressions and mannerisms. She does unhinged to the max while keeping us rooting for her!


  12. I just love Retzig’s facial expressions throughout this part. He knows why Amanda’s acting the way she is, and he’s playing along with her to get her to do what he wants her to do, but at the same time, he keeps giving her these looks that seem to say, “This is getting too weird, even for me!” 😀


    • It makes me think that if Lee had eaten the sandwich instead Retzig would have been in some serious danger. KJ is so great at this humor. It is so much like the Three Stooges and yet still SMK and Lee and Amanda.


      • Love the Three Stooges! Woob, woob, woob! Eh, a wise guy, ‘ey! Nuk, nuk nuk! Now imagine me fake poking your eyes out with two of my fingers in the “V” position!


    • Yes, he looks a little nervous to me, too.


    • Yes, Retzig doesn’t quite know how to handle Amanda. Since he probably doesn’t know much about her, he doesn’t really know she’s mild-mannered. He probably thinks she’s like Francine, so the hair-dryer gun and the tough talk probably are more confusing than not.

      KJ is such a hoot, here! Another reason to really enjoy this episode.


    • Yep, Retzig’s facial expressions are hilarious — great job by the actor.


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