17/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Wow.. Lee gets dusted by that sand bag doesn’t he.. Retzig arrives to gloat! And stop Lee from getting to his gun. argh!
Amanda passively stands next to Retzig. Guess she has faded back into loopy land again and has forgotten RDOA.avi_002580978etzig is bad?

Bet Lee gets up still lookin good.. Yep! He managed to not get any on his face.. (and the world is grateful…)
DOA.avi_002583380Retzig: Well, isn’t this a cosy group. One unarmed agent, one drugged out civilian…
… and one little bottle of antidote…
… The object of everyone’s attention.

Lee silently seethes! [I think Lee is disgusted with Retzig and teasing Amanda with the antidote- get him Lee!!]
You know what I find hard to watch here? Amanda is so far gone that she is standing next to Retzig and doing nothing – while Retzig points a gun at unarmed Lee.. I find that really hard to watch.. I know Lee knows Amanda can’t help it – but I think Amanda would be devastated that she failed to help Lee.. does that make any sense? Amanda is no help at all.
Retzig: did you bring the plans?
Lee: I brought them to the park! Where were you then?!
DOA.avi_002597795Retzig: that’s too bad. Well it doesn’t matter I’ve grown tired of this particular game anyway.

[Is it just me or is Lee talking to Amanda with his eyes here??? and she’s so drugged out she has forgotten her eye language? Winking smile ]
I think it’s time I put you both out of your misery.
Retzig gives Amanda a hard shove – straight into the big pile of powder.. Nice try Lee.. he motions to stop her but he can’t.. Amanda is sent flying head first into the white stuff.. [lol I love how her legs go flying up! Is that evil of me??]

DOA.avi_002607805Retzig moves so that he is on the other side of Lee with Amanda now behind him. Oh yeah.. that’s makes sense not! But hey.. we’ve got to give Lee a chance to get them out of this right?!
Retzig: Anything you forgot to include in your will? [ugh.. just get on with it!]
Lee can see Amanda standing up behind Retzig.. white powder all over her face, in her eyes.. I love that Lee is undiverted by this from the seriousness of their situation..
Teee heee.. he frowns a little when he sees…
Amanda point her fully loaded hairdryer at Retzig and yell: Drop it or I’ll splatter y’all over the stage!!!!!!
I love how Amanda squints trying to get the powder out of her eyes.. [I also think it’s a nice touch that there is a single light bulb in the background.. haaa.. Amanda’s light is on..but she isn’t quite home! Winking smile ]
Made even funnier by the look on Retzig’s face- like ugh you are so annoying!! Smile
Seems Amanda has snapped out of her do nothing drug haze.. luckily! That’s Amanda, She’s lucky! Smile
He glances behind him. Retzig: you irritate me Mrs King.. (oh goody!)
…perhaps you should die first-
DOA.avi_002624722He turns to kills Amanda [turning his back on Lee? as if!! but hey.. who cares?!]
Ohhhh my gosh.. the look on Amanda’s face here is too funny!
Amanda yells: Dog Meat!
DOA.avi_002625823– and turns on her hairdryer and blinds him with powder..
DOA.avi_002626724way to go Amanda!! thus allowing Lee to have his action finale.. go Lee!!! take no prisoners Lee!!  Nail the sucker!!! DOA.avi_002633831Love how Amanda stands on guard by the side, her hairdryer ready for action if need DOA.avi_002634632be.. giving her weapon a shake and making sure it is working.. bless her!!

Hooray.. fight’s over- Lee won! Winking smile Retzig is passed out on the floor..
You know, not only is Retzig’s annoyance at Amanda funny- but it’s a wonderful contrast to Lee and his reaction to Amanda- he doesn’t find her annoying at all- and never forgets it’s the drug that’s responsible. Bless him!! S
ooo  where is the antidote?? While Lee is understanding, errr that doesn’t mean he has to delay! 😉 hurry up I say- not a moment to lose!
DOA.avi_002657054It’s too cute when Lee catches his breath after punching out Retzig and he realises what DOA.avi_002657855Amanda is doing .. heck quick Lee get the antidote!!
Awhhhh and Haaaa!!!
DOA.avi_002659857He seems to see for the first time that Amanda is standing on guard with a hairdryer! heheheee… I think Lee is very good to Amanda here Smile warms the heart!
I think Lee looks at her in almost an endearing way.. and..it makes Amanda even more hilarious!  [Pride in his eyes maybe? what do you all think?]
He walks over to John Wayne err Amanda.
I think Lee finally realises Amanda is holding a hairdryer… He needs  a moment to take all this in!
Maybe he had thought she had grabbed his gun at first.. LOL!
Lee: It’s ok partner.. you.. you won’t be needing that anymore.
KJ is just brilliant here!
While ‘partner’ is reference to the western motif- I think it has wider significance here.. what do you think? [when I say this btw- I really would love to hear what you think! 🙂 ] with Lee looking at her with such pride, and having gotten through such a nasty experience with Retzig.. I think Lee is seeing that drugged out Amanda did still manage to come through for him in the end 🙂 and she is indeed very much his partner! 🙂 awhhhhhh

DOA.avi_002676774Amanda looks at Lee, looks back at Retzig, nods.. very businesslike.. and throws her hairdryer into Lee’s hands
[How’s that for a picture!! too funny!! ]
Amanda says: Good work Scarecrow. Bill will be pleased! Let’s get this dirt bag downtown! [Interesting she calls him scarecrow no?? that’s very rare] You know what’s really funny about this line to me? We think it is over the top hilarious because the drugs have exaggerated everything for Amanda.. but I swear Old Bill said something about getting the turkey’s downtown at the end of Life of the Party! 😉  I think we need to start collecting smk insults.. what do you think? 😉 tee heee.. Lint Picker!!!  Maybe they could rival Shakespeare’s 😉   oops sorry I digress!
Lee doesn’t know what to say haaaa…
Amanda gives Lee a hard slap slap on the shoulder releasing a huge amount of powder in his face.. haa haaaa!!
Lee coughs haa!! ha haaaa.. (notice how white Amanda’s face is?? but not her neck or anything? it looks like they painted it on..  but heck.. it’s funny!) Amanda marches off leaving Lee in the dust – literally Winking smile
DOA.avi_002688686DOA.avi_002689787And Lee’s response: Yes Ma’am
I love how he looks at her here..
DOA.avi_002690287I think he looks at her with real affection..
but.. Ok ok.. come on! hurry up Lee and give her the flippin antidote!! and then feeeeed her – whatever she wants!!! LOL!!! I hear she likes Asparagus! Winking smile but please.. not sandwiches!

KJ rocked this scene!! KJ whyyyyyy did you not do more comedy??!!

Before getting on to the tag I’m going to stop here.. I’ll be back to finish up soon Smile anyone not find this ending funny? Do tell!! First few times I saw it- I didn’t!!! but I changed my mind and now I love it! Anyone have the same experience?
I’ll explain why in the next post Smile gotta run- can’t wait to hear from you!!!

20 responses to “17/18 Season Two, Episode 19: DOA: Delirious on Arrival-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. Bet Lee gets up still lookin good..

    LOL Iwsod. 🙂

    Lee just CAN’T look bad no matter what happens to him. It’s kind of physically impossible for him to look bad, isn’t it? 😉


    • Rofl!
      I love it!!

      Physically impossible? hmm we were just discussing over a Learjet’s post 2 on Lee, that when Lee is mean to Amanda in season 1.. I found there were a few times were I couldn’t see his good looks.. I was too appalled at his behaviour 😉

      the kinder and more loving Lee gets toward Amanda? the better he looks 🙂 IMHO of course!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Magic flour – LOL!
    I love how BBs face is so perfect, um, I mean perfectly clean. 😉 And the makeup artists really laid the greasepaint on thick for KJ – just lending more to the comedy of the not behaving normally Amanda.
    I love the ‘partner’ reference from Lee, it ties into the western theme, but also Lee is admitting that he couldn’t have bagged Retzig without her.


  4. LMAO I think the make up artist was channelling Marcel Marceau when they did KJ’s “flour” make up. Even has a nice tide mark round edge of her face 😉
    I do snigger when Redzig says “you irritate me Mrs King…..” I love his deadpan delivery and shhhhhh I think John Wayne Amanda would annoy me too after a while.
    Like BJo I didn’t read too much into Lee and his “Partner” comment, I took it in light of Amanda’s gung-ho behaviour.


  5. Ahhh, finally one of the best scenes of the episode! KJ and BB are both great here!

    Yes, Lee does give Amanda quite the look. Pride? I think so. Admiration? I think so. Appreciation? Yes. What else? Relief, tenderness, I could go on – it’s a very sweet look and very nice that he is not annoyed or anything. He just goes with it! What growth, Lee!

    I never took the partner reference beyond the whole western reference, but I guess in my mind I already think Lee does see her as some sort of partner, especially after LOTP.

    I like the idea of compiling all the SMK insults! Wormbrain! Do the kids’ insults count?

    Iwsod, I’m curious to hear why you didn’t find this part funny – I’ve always thought it was hysterical!


    • The facial expressions in this part of the episode are great! To me, Lee’s look at Amanda is one of amazement. When Amanda is herself, she doesn’t want to shoot anyone, but here, she’s tough, unselfconscious, no-holds-barred, and prepared to blow Retzig away . . . with her hairdryer. I think it’s astonishing to Lee that she can do this, and yet, in the end, it’s completely non-violent. It’s weird and off-the-wall, but yet it’s still a very Amanda-style solution to the problem. She’s always been pretty good at improvising, using ordinary objects as weapons.

      Also, like KC said, Amanda’s expression at being called “drugged out” is priceless! She really does look insulted. Take it back, Retzig! Amanda doesn’t do drugs! 😀


  6. I remember watching and hating this episode in my youth. I enjoy reading about it here, but I think watching it again would be still painful.

    And there is no such thing like a batterie powered hairdryer. Since I was aware that batteries could never provide enough power to operate a hairdryer I actually had wondered in the past what she put in the hairdryer to get it blowing out dust (never realising where the flour came from) and where she connected it to on stage. This always puzzled me. The quality was not as clear as the pictures here and actually I wonder if the weird way she holds the hairdryer is to cover the wire that runs through her jacket, that is suddenly closed. Amanda would not normaly wear a jacket indoors, would she?

    There are hairdryers you can connect to your car, but apart from then not getting real warm you better run the car while operating them, since they will empty your car batterie quickly.


    • Hi Julia! I just wanted to say it was very cool to hear from you – and your experience of this episode.. great to hear a different point of view- and I am sure you are not alone in feeling this way.. I suspect there are others out there who still loathe this episode and always will! 🙂

      LOL yeah battery powered hairdryers – you probably had to change the batteries each time you used it! 🙂

      You might be right about that hidden cord! I had a look and can’t see it.. booo that would have been funny!



    • There actually were battery-powered hairdryers at the time. This was before travel dryers came out. In those days, you couldn’t always find those lovely hotels with hairdryers already handy. In addition, you weren’t always assured of a plug-in near the bathroom counter.

      I do think Lee is amazed that, even in her not-fully-there state, she is still focused on “getting the bad guy.” He can see the strength and vulnerability intertwined and can’t hep but respond with kindness and caring.


  7. Lee is so wonderful with Amanda here. I agree, Iwsod, that he is either trying to communicate to her with his eyes or at the very least he is trying to ascertain what kind of shape she’s in and will she be of any help. Again, while this is a kind of a funny scene with Amanda, it had the potential to be embarrassing. Lee’s reactions and concern keep it from being so. I think this is where I probably squirmed the most when I first saw it, but Lee’s caring kept it from going there, at least for me.

    I think I mentioned something about the light bulb in my comment on the last post. Maybe Amanda didn’t initially react because she possibly thought she was having another dream. She’s been sort of fading in and out, maybe she thought she was out again.

    I think Lee is still in western mode, especially since he gave her the “yes ma’am” at the end. So I think the partner could mean both his reaction to the John Wayne persona and to Amanda having his back again. I think he has truly accepted her as such, which he exemplifies in his caring and concern for her and in upholding her dignity throughout this whole episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Valerie! ah yes sorry I did see you had mentioned the light bulb.. but forgot I had myself.. I had written this post a few days ago before I got your comment – sometimes I am writing the posts the day I post them.. LOL.. so I am able to insert a comment referring to something fabulous someone has mentioned in comments 🙂 but this post I had written a few days ago and hadn’t re read it – so sorry about that! If that ever happens in future just know it’s probably because I had already written the post – I loved the light bulb too 🙂 it was a nice touch! I’m glad you mentioned it again.

      Lee in western mode? hooo haaaa… I’m sorry anything else you said after creating that image in my mind just went zippo bluey casa de nada 😉

      Hey KC! Greasepaint was it?? yeah you are probably spot on with that allusion to mime – makes sense since there was so much physical comedy happening. I agree KC – magical flour?? I love smk too! 🙂

      dirty turkey?? whahahaaha!

      Hear hear Morley! Lee is very tender toward Amanda here..
      I agree Valerie it made none of this embarrassing for Amanda because Lee was so lovely – it just took me a few goes watching to figure that one out! Upholding her dignity?? wow.. I love that – hey that is the sort of man you could fall in love with no? 😉

      Ahhh Morley.. yes getting back to that Casablanca dream – I’ve said something about that in the next post – which speaks to your comments.. I’ll get that up soon.

      Lovely to hear from you all!! have you found it annoying having so many posts?? I’m open to feedback! byeee for now..
      One more to go.. and then: You Only Die Twice!!!! whoooo.. black jumpsuit.. black jumpsuit…aghagboaqbua’b uab h


      • I am enjoying the shorter, multiple posts (and what a treat to find I had 3 waiting for me when I returned from my mini Florida trip!) I found it difficult to comment on your posts when you first started the blog because the story line had progressed so far by the time the post was finished, I felt my insights were a little silly (I hope that makes sense, I am caffeine deprived and had very little sleep). Hard to believe you used to do 3 or so posts per episode. However you want to do it is fine by me, I really am enjoying our ‘walk’ whatever the speed.


    • It occurred to me that this scene, with Lee silently *willing* Amanda with his eyes to snap out of it is a kind of parallel to the similar scene in “If Thoughts Could Kill,” when Amanda had to break Lee out of his spell. Both scenes show the intense, almost subconscious connection they have with one another.

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  8. Those two (KJ and BB) can do so much with their faces! Lee’s expressions here towards Amanda are so soft and compassionate, it is hard to believe it is the same person as in the beginning of season 2. I think he is very aware of how precious Amanda is, in general and not only to himself. But I would think he would be a bit more anxious about getting that antidote into her. This Amanda becoming irreversible is not a good thing. I do think however that the mime idea is a good one…


    • Oh, and I do find this scene very funny, but only because they get the antidote at the end of it.
      I find it interesting that after the dream Amanda had about Lee, the next time she sees him she is in complete professional mode, there is no hint that she had any romantic inclinations towards him at all, hmm… And I think Lee uses the term partner because that is the clearest way to convey to Amanda right now everything that he would want to say. He can’t look at her and say, “wow, Amanda that bit with the hair dryer was great” or ” so glad that you are safe,” or even, “we have the antidote, lets get you back to the Agency so we can administer it to you” but he could say all that by calling her Partner at that moment because she was in John Wayne mode. But I do agree that there is a lot more to it than just that. I am glad he says it again when she is in her right mind a few episodes from now.


    • I sooo like the “yes, ma’am” here from Lee. It actually shows respect, in a sense. She clearly can’t hear him, she’s already walked away. His response is not making light of her, but honoring her. She helped “bag” Retzig in her own, unique way, and Lee is proud of her.


  9. Ooh–the look that Amanda shoots Retzig when he says that she’s drugged out… she looks so offended! I bet she’s thinking “Oh my gosh! Drugged out?!? I don’t do drugs!!!” ROFL!

    I love that you can clearly see the greasepaint on Amanda’s face under the flour… it makes her look like a mime. In fact, maybe that’s the point… she’s not doing a whole lot of talking–unlike undrugged Amanda–mostly miming… ??? 😀

    Oh–and I love how Lee is magically almost clean again in the middle of the scene (yeah–some of it is the lighting, but when he’s avoiding the plank, you can see the flour on his pants leg, but not much anywhere else…). And how the flour patches move around on his suit. Tee hee hee. Magical flour. Love SMK.

    The mini head shake that Lee gives when he sees Amanda holding her don’t move stance over Retzig is really cute… sort of a WTF move… how did she pull that off while drugged up to the eyeballs?

    I think the partner reference is less a reference to the western theme as to her actually being his partner (and also, possibly, to drive home to drugged Amanda that he is her partner, so she doesn’t need to attack him–LOL!).

    Hah! I like the idea of an SMK insults library! Even a mix-and-match option (dirty turkey? turkey bag?)…

    Why didn’t KJ do more acting in general, but yes–comedy too. 😦 I know, I know. Like I’ve said before, I truly hope she’s happy away from Hollyweird, ‘cos it’s a loss. Sigh.


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