3/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda at home.. the real one that is..  she is ranting to her mother about her credit card being rejected wrongly-
Dotty is too distracted by the obituaries to pay attention and having read them I can see why! Winking smile Love Dotty’s answer to Amanda’s credit YODT.avi_000731897card being rejected: Oh well it was probably a computer error.
Now that’s funny!!!!!

Because.. it is a computer error!!! Only they have no idea how yet…
YODT.avi_000739697Amanda is really stressed out.

Poor Amanda! how could the agency not have told her??!!

I would be so angry they did this to me!
Amanda: Oh Mother I felt like a criminal.. I mean it was so embarrassing.. whoooo.. YODT.avi_000746787Mother, I didn’t have enough cash to pay for everything so I had to put a few things back… I had to put your lipstick back.  mother?

YODT.avi_000748914Dotty: Huh?

Amanda: you’re reading the obituaries again. I swear, I really don’t know why you do that!
Here we finally get a close up on the obituaries.. too funny!!!! I’ll come back to this at the end of the scene.. someone had fun YODT.avi_000762386writing them!
Dotty responds: I read these Amanda because they’re interesting little histories! I mean they’re all to themselves.   Charles YODT.avi_000767391Hebler aged 98. Rachel Jacobs!!!

[Amanda moves away into the kitchen] …age 82!!! Amanda King! [tee hee.. too funny how the name doesn’t register with Dotty!]

Amanda turns asking: Who??
Dotty : Oh dear.. oh this is sad.. died of an YODT.avi_000773147apparent suicide.
Amanda: really??
YODT.avi_000778861Dotty: Divorced mother. Two children. She-
Finally Dotty registers that she is reading YODT.avi_000779570about Amanda Amanda! tee heee..
… she lived here.
[what are the odds? Winking smile tee hee] YODT.avi_000783157
Both Dotty and Amanda share a silent look- and that’s saying something!!!!! Winking smile
Dotty: Amanda, you passed away two days ago. This is your obituary.  [Anyone else reminded of the terminator here?? You’re dead honey!]
Amanda: but.. I…..
They are stunned.. the doorbell rings.. Amanda YODT.avi_000795294goes to get it.
The phone rings and Dotty answers: Oh hello Mrs Walston – yes!!! I just read about it in the paper haaa..

(oh YODT.avi_000806013dear!! too funny how Dotty is sounding!!)

…well no it isn’t really a tragedy. *Dotty listens* .. no.. I’m not being insensitive it ju-
(whahahahaaaaaa!!! as if you’d accuse someone’s mother of being insensitive if her YODT.avi_000817441daughter died!

…Hold on a minute.

Dotty sees Amanda has been given flowers at the door.

Dotty: What are those?YODT.avi_000823197

Amanda: It’s for you mother. From Reverend Mills. With deepest sympathy.

The scene ends with Dotty utterly speechless!
– mark this occasion people!
Winking smile 

Amanda gives YODT.avi_000829620a nervous smile.. I am guessing she assumes this is something to do with the agency. The scene ends there..

Before continuing on.. I’ll share some of the obituary entries.. hilarious!
”…died last week from wounds he received while attempting to explain to his wife Terry, that you do no necessarily need a rod and reel when you go fishing for a weekend. Mr Hoffarth is survived by his wife, his daughter, his daughter, his son, his son and his son.”
whahahaahaa!!!!  you don’t need your rod and reel to go fishing for the weekend?? haaa sounds like he was cheating on his wife and when he tried to lie he was wounded!!!

Okay here’s another:
”…well known among the ladies of the latin community, survived by his wife, his daughters and who knows how many others…. Mr Sanchez fell asleep as he was operating an automatic printing press at his place of employment.”
Again  – a cheatin man getting his comeuppance?? the printing press is automatic.. so he doesn’t need to operate it!

LOL.. Rachel Jacobs is :
“… survived by the remaining members of his family.” – tee heee! His??!!! Winking smile
The ‘Fireman praised for heroic deeds at annual dinner’ story is a load of nonsense- still funny to see what they’ve done!
BTW- Dotty has lovely young looking hands! Winking smile They published Amanda’s address? I find that kinda creepy!!  do they really do that? (ok, it must be pretty creepy to read your obituary before you actually die too!!) Amanda is 34 years old eh.. Everybody who reads the paper knows how old Amanda is? ugh!!! Can this get any worse??
YODT.avi_000833207On to IFF, as usual Billy, Lee and Francine are in Billy’s office gossiping.. tee hee..
Francine: so the driver just found a body on top of his truck?
Lee: Yeah. We got the story from a police report. I almost dropped my teeth when I saw the dead woman’s name.
Billy: Lee and I went to the morgue. The YODT.avi_000842466body was Sylvia Sampson!
Wait!!!! just .. wait a minute!!!! Lee thought Amanda was dead- and we don’t get to see it??? ohhhhhh hoooooo I was wrong.. this did get worse!!!! why!!!!! oh why!!!!! We don’t even get a close up… we hear this in a wide shot?? To dangle that image in front of us like that? just cruel! cruel! LOL- I’d bet a million bucks there is a fan fic out there where someone has filled in this huge gap in the story! Bless whoever it is!! Anyone recommend a good one?? Maybe head over to Ned’s to discuss them though okay??please Smile
Poor Billy, Sylvia was a good friend. Lee must have been relieved.. but Billy – was still devastated.. very sad that Sylvia dies in this ep.. Nice to see Francine showing some genuine concern for Billy here.. she immediately understands Sylvia was a good friend and Billy’s feeling the loss..
YODT.avi_000846762Francine: I’m sorry Billy…
…Look what was she doing carrying Amanda’s ID?
YODT.avi_000851767Billy:  Sylvia came here to get identification from the shadow file
(he holds up a white disc case) .. YODT.avi_000855354but it looks like she got into a civilian file by mistake. (he holds up another white disc case) – LOL! there’s a clue.. they look exactly the same!!!! Smile you might wanna fix that Winking smile BTW- that ‘civilian’ thing.. you might wanna fix that too Billy – still not happy ditzy June gets an ID and saved ‘Washington ten times YODT.avi_000858232already’ Amanda doesn’t???!!!

Lee: and used Amanda’s ID for an operational cover.

Billy: I’ll tell you both something. Sylvia was YODT.avi_000861777one fine agent….

[the best!] …and we’re damn sure going to find out what happened to her.

There’s a knock at the door.. it’s Amanda.
I’ll stop here for now though..

This visit to the Morgue which is mentioned- I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that!!!

I’m thinking: this would have been the third week in a row where Amanda and death were being explored.. oh boy!!  – imagine how intense the morgue would have been..
I think they decided not to go there – because it brings up a whole bunch of things for Lee that were only partly confronted last week in DOA [you know with the whole army don’t want to give Retzig the plans, let Amanda the mother of two small boys die!] and.. in coming weeks.. there are some very, very intense moments!

So while I am frustrated by one line from Lee about his teeth falling out? I can also see that in the long run, maybe it was better the episode didn’t get too intense just yet.. I think we’ve had enough focus on Amanda in danger and Lee worried..good to have a week of something different! Smile oh my- I can’t believe I just typed that! Winking smile but.. it’s what I’m thinking!! Maybe you can have too much of a good thing??! Smile 

Okay, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on anything and everything!! byeeeee!

39 responses to “3/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh my goodness, that newspaper is hilarious!!! Debra Moon’s obituary is fun, too! She’s both an exotic dancer AND a nuclear physicist 😄 Sadly, most of the cause of death is cut off, but we do get:
    “Moon died while attemp-…belly dance…” 😂


  2. I love Lee’s line “I almost dropped my teeth.” So cute and unexpected.

    And oh did we EVER miss out not getting his reaction. Couldn’t we have cut some of the bad guys scenes, and Sylvia’s long scenes at the office? Come on!


  3. You know, in all the times I’ve watched this episode, I’ve never thought that Amanda would think her credit card was denied because of the agency. I don’t know why that never occurred to me. Duh!

    I think Amanda is overreacting a bit here. I know it’s a little embarrassing when your credit card is denied, but it has never made me feel like a criminal. Yes, it’s happened to me twice. 😦 It wasn’t because I was mistakenly declared dead (phew!) but because of a security hold. I now keep the phone number for the CC company’s security dept in my wallet.

    I love Dotty’s response to Mrs. Walston. I lover her responses to all the calls she gets. She is hilarious! Great job, BG!

    I also never gave any thought to the fact that we didn’t get to see Lee on his way to the morgue to ID what he thought was Amanda. Do you think he really thought it was her? Wouldn’t he have called her or swung by her house when he heard? He would have thought it wasn’t connected to the Agency, right? Sylvia didn’t have an Agency ID, she had the full Amanda King package and a Teldar ID so the police report wouldn’t have any Agency connection on it. I could buy that Lee knew it wasn’t Amanda so he went with Billy to see who it was. And that’s why they didn’t tell Amanda anything – they didn’t realize what had happened until after the fact. I did read a fanfic about this missing scene, but I don’t remember who wrote it or what website it was on.


  4. Iwsod: “Wait!!!! just .. wait a minute!!!! Lee thought Amanda was dead- and we don’t get to see it??? ohhhhhh hoooooo I was wrong.. this did get worse!!!! why!!!!! oh why!!!!! We don’t even get a close up… we hear this in a wide shot?? To dangle that image in front of us like that? just cruel! cruel!”
    I am in 1000% agreement! When this first aired I kept rewinding my VHS tapes to look and be sure I didn’t just miss this very crucial scene. I had to resort to making up scenes in my mind to fill in the gap, all angsty of course. Thank goodness now for good fan fictions to help me get through the trauma. Gads, I am hopelessly gone over the edge even 30 years later! Rabbit hole here I come!
    Morley, your thoughts on this make me feel better. Thanks!


  5. Just throwing this potentially controversial idea out there … is it possible that Lee (who, as we know, is the power behind Billy’s throne) has discouraged the idea of giving Amanda an “official” badge? If she’s a full-fledged agent, she’ll have a status independent of Lee – which might mean more assignments apart from him where she might be in danger and he wouldn’t be there to protect her? I think Lee must be torn between wanting Amanda recognized for her contributions and needing to keep her out of harm’s way (unless he’s there to take care of her).


    • Whoa! Mind blown here. 🙂


      • Well, honestly I think the most likely explanation for Amanda not yet having an official badge is the universally turgid pace of bureaucracy. In other words, whoever is in charge of such things just hasn’t gotten around to it yet, and since Amanda hasn’t complained, there is no pressure to do so. I picture our little temp girl as some VIP’s daughter, and Daddy no doubt made sure she was all official-like.


    • Melissa Robertson

      Definitely something to think about!


    • okay I’m back!
      Awh Melissa R thanks for letting me know we are frustrated together that June has an ID and Amanda doesn’t!
      Yeah it is funny how Dotty thinks it’s so sad and hasn’t realised the name- I guess without the plot holes we wouldn’t have that funny moment!

      Jenbo- love black adder! Ohhh Amanda’s flapping bugs me too at times but here I didn’t mind – she was very embarrassed by it all – and felt like a criminal- her reputation is important to her so I understood.. also I suspected part of it was annoyance that this might be something to do with the agency. but.. that might be reaching of me! 🙂

      yes LOL those trousers are a bit like tracksuit pants eek! and.. she turns up in them at the agency!!! double eek!! I guess being dead, she had other priorities huh! 😉 [Me? I wouldn’t be caught dead in those pants! tee heeeee! hey it was begging for that joke!]

      Hi kgmohror.. love to hear your idea – I’m interested to hear what others think too.. I like that you are coming up with an explanation for why Amanda doesn’t have an ID yet! grrrr..
      Yes you might be right. Lee could have motivation to keep her unofficial..

      For me? I’ll keep this in mind as we continue on in the show through to the end of season 2 – but at the moment I’m thinking there is no evidence in the show that Lee is actively preventing her progress. For me, and how I see Brunettes – I felt in that episode Lee came to realise that he can’t make choices for Amanda: and working at the agency is her choice. He may not be actively working to help her progress- but actively interfering with her progress? I don’t see that happening. I think by now he respects her too much for that… but this is just the vibe I have and I’ll keep it in mind as we continue to progress.
      It is a great idea to ponder – as a few of us seem to have noticed Amanda’s weird status at the agency – and feel it is going to need to be dealt with soon..

      I find it even more interesting that for now, Amanda seems to accept the way things are for her at the agency.. all that is about to change!!! whoo hoooo! but I think Lee and Amanda have both been enjoying this quiet little phase in Amanda’s work status, getting use to her being his unofficial partner.. Amanda has seemed happy to type up the files about Retzig.. but as we saw in her dreams and behaviour in DOA – [well IMHO!] Amanda really wants to be in the centre of the action!!! 🙂 fun times ahead!

      Okay I’ve prattled on enough.. sorry!! I’d love to hear what you all think about this too.. and great thought you’ve raised Kgmhror! Byeeeeee!


    • Hi Bink! I do agree with you that Lee thinks Amanda needs protection from him when placed in dangerous situations because of Agency assignments. He does want to keep her out of harms way like you say. I think up until LOTP though, neither he nor Billy ever really thought Amanda even had the potential to be a full-fledged agent, so I don’t think that Lee ever thought she’d still be working for the Agency independent of him much less have her own status. Like Credle says in OOADP, she’s always with Lee. After LOTP, I think it really hits Lee that there just may be more to Amanda than he’s given her credit for and now that he knows that he wants to keep her for himself – like a golfer wants to keep a good caddy. I think he’s still adjusting to the thought that there is more to Amanda than meets the eye but is willing to give her more chances to prove herself while still keeping her on a short leash. I still think that Amanda is only a employed on an as needed basis as a civilian – which brings up that pesky question of how she can earn enough money to live on. At least that topic gets addressed soon.


  6. Sometimes Amanda and her flapping really, really irk me. The situation about her credit card is one of those moments. Major irk-age. I kinda love how Dotty ignores it all, maybe she’s immune although those obits really are funny.
    Let’s talk about plot holes shall we? Who cancelled the credit card? Do credit card employees scour the obits just waiting to see if a customer has died so they can close the accounts? Who listed the obit in the first place, that’s normally family responsibility. I guess in SMK land they do things a little differently.
    Argh the fugly earrings are back. With the awful awful trousers. Why is it a very slender woman like KJ can still look pudgy in those trousers? Stop tucking the shirts in, it makes it look worse!


    • Actually, when my dad had passed away, the bank froze all of his accounts before we notified them (even the joint ones my mom was on). I am not sure about the credit cards, but it was such a mess for us to sort out because the mortgage payments, etc. came out of joint account. They graciously (note my rolled eyes) decided to reverse the NSF and non-payment and late charges and help fix my mom’s credit rating.


      • How are the bank notified that the customer is deceased? As far as I am aware here it’s down to executors of the estate who notify the banks etc. maybe not such a plot hole then……


        • Melissa Robertson

          When I was a bank teller here in the states someone would go through the obits everyday and flag the accounts. Then it would come up one the computer that the party was deceased and the bank manager would have to notified to override if it was okay.


  7. Melissa Robertson

    I’m frustrated with you IWSOD that ditzy June gets an ID and not (I liked how you described Amanda) saved ‘Washington ten times already’ Amanda. Never have quite figured that out, it seems like she’s there enough that she wouldn’t be a guest.

    Dotty is too funny…Amanda King…oh this is sad…it doesn’t dawn on her until she sees the address…LOL

    It would have been nice to see Lee’s initial response to the police report, but I think you have a point about too many weeks in a row of Lee being concerned about Amanda’s safety. I bet both Lee and Billy was nervous about going to ID Amanda’s body since she’s special to them both. I bet Lee was on Cloud nine when he discovered the body wasn’t Amanda’s. But poor Billy even though he was probably relieved that it wasn’t Amanda, but devistated that it was his friend.

    I agree that there is a major plot hole in that Dotty would have been the one to ID the body and putting the Obit. but then we wouldn’t have half of the show 🙂


  8. Those other fake obituaries are hilarious! I never noticed those before.

    Something like what Amanda goes through actually happened to my grandmother years ago. She came home from vacation and found out that the local paper had printed her obituary. It turned out that there was another woman in her town who had the same name (my grandmother has a pretty common name), and since she had been involved in some large community projects that were covered by the paper, the people at the paper assumed that they knew who the dead woman was. My grandmother’s actually still alive. She’s in her nineties now.

    According to my parents, it used to be a common practice to print the time of the funeral and the deceased’s address in the paper so that people could send condolences, but they stopped doing that because burglars would use the information to plan their robberies. They would just wait until the the time of the funeral, go to the listed address, and rob the place before the deceased’s family got back.


    • hiya Morley- thanks for sharing the links.. I might head over to neds now I have a more time and see if I can be tempted to read one – you know me.. I’m hopeless with reading fan fics! Indeed – a real doozie for Lee! Ahh.. the only thing is: I don’t see Lee as having Amanda pull a gun on him in OOADP – by then he knew somehow this wasn’t Amanda.. ie. he never thought it was her – his immediate response isn’t – why?? it was – what have you done with her.. soo at least in my mind, Lee was spared that agony! 😉 but otherwise – totally agree! In this episode: they either had to go there with Amanda being ‘dead’ in a big way – or they had to brush over it.. and I think they made the right choice and skipped it.. we’ll get plenty of goodness coming up anyway Smile

      whooo yes.. looking forward to hearing what you think of the next scene.

      Has anyone read the script? I didn’t mention it in any posts but I suspect this episode’s plot was fraught with troubles..
      Petra’s site has a final draft – which had three prior revisions.. and.. check out the writing credits on this episode:
      Story by – Gina Goldman
      Bill Froehlich –teleplay
      Steve Hattman -teleplay
      Mark Lisson -teleplay
      Robert Bielak – story editor

      Seems to me like they had some troubles getting this story to work.. but.. I can’t prove it.. just a vibe I get..

      June was temping at the paper Cindy? rofl!!

      Thanks Jestress – glad you enjoyed the fake obituaries.. I had a good giggle over them too! The last one about Debra Moon had something about belly-dancing but I couldn’t make it out Winking smile drat! whoa!!!! it really happened to your grandma?? that is terrible!!! whoa.. I bet she had a free subscription to that newspaper for the rest of her life.. ouch!!! so she’s still alive eh?? I guess reading your obituary is a great motivation to keep going and live a full life!!!

      ah!! gotta run.. I’ll be back to reply to the rest later! LOL! byeee!


      • It wasn’t really that terrible. She’s actually bragged about it. Apparently, it was a pretty flattering obit.

        “At least you know you were well-liked.” — Lee

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    • I can’t imagine how scary that would be.

      We had a differently creepy experience when my stepfather died. He had a cousin with the exact same first and last name and who lived in town and we always used to get calls for each other. “Is this the ____ who owns the such and such store?” “No, try the other one.”

      Well I was going through the guestbook about a week after the funeral and I see my stepfather’s name AS ONE OF THE SIGNATURES. I’m not kidding. I honestly just about had a heart attack. Thank God (and I mean that!) that I remembered he had the cousin because it was just the worst experience ever for a moment.

      Then I just wanted to kill his cousin. I mean, DUH! Don’t you think MAYBE it would be a good idea to put your middle name in here or (cousin) or something? Something! Hello!!


  9. I agree that this brings up so many questions. Usually I try to reign it in when I don’t understand the powers that be on SMK, but this was a little much. If they weren’t going to show Lee having to deal with this bit of angst involving Amanda why put so many of the same type of situations together in the past few episodes? Lee shows up at Amanda’s house for so many reasons, from the innocuous to the sublime–showing off a new car to checking on her to see how she’s doing to making up for a destroyed birthday present.

    But not to check if Amanda is dead or alive, when it says she committed suicide, especially after all the recent stuff? Seriously??!! I agree that a phone call would have helped. And why not at least contact Amanda and let her know about the snafu. Then at the meeting in Billy’s office they could have just said, “We contacted Amanda and asked her to come in so that we can straighten this all out.” How hard would that have been? This is taking Amanda’s graciousness about some things a little too far and it’s also taking her for granted.

    Fortunately Dotty is not questioning a whole lot and just assumes it’s a computer error. Otherwise Amanda would have had to go through another round of creative explanations to her mother. There’s a few other bones I’d like to pick when we get to some of the later scenes.

    I guess other people were not too satisfied with the gap and that’s why there’s some fan fics about it.


  10. My thought is Lee’s angst might have been rather anti-climactic. He chokes on his coffee, quietly disappears to an office to make a quick phone call, not ready to believe what he just read. Dotty’s voice answers, agitated, preempting the condolences with “No, my daughter’s not dead. It’s a dumb COMPUTER error, thank you very much. PLEASE, do not send me flowers!”

    Then he and Billy visit the morgue to see what’s really going on.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ah, this is one of those episodes that requires a healthy dose of “willing suspension of disbelief.” Who placed the obit? That’s usually the family’s job. And when Billy and Lee heard about Amanda’s surprising death, wouldn’t the first move be to, I don’t know … call the house? Why would two guys from an agency that’s supposed to be super secret and for which no one knew Amanda was working be called upon to ID the body? Still, the scenario sets up some very nice domestic scenes later on, so I’ll just shrug and say, ‘Whatever.’


    • Yep — the fact that Dotty read about it in the obits (they are not automatic placed and certainly not free) and she wasn’t contacted to identify the body is a huge plot boo-boo. I prefer to think that her entry was supposed to be in the police blotter section and June was temping at the paper and screwed up (yet again) and because of Amanda’s involvement with the agency, her ID was flagged and Billy was contacted before her family.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I am sniggering. I can’t see the phrase willing suspension of disbelief without hearing Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder going “I’m not having anyone staring in disbelief at my willie suspension”.

      I’ll get me coat 😉


    • hiya!
      Whooo yes plot holes galore very true! I have no idea why but I brushed over them pretty easily this time- LOL! maybe it’s because of my mood! who knows.. I love that you have all shared your thoughts about it and gone with it – we all love the show – but we know it isn’t perfect! 🙂
      You all make great points! Very true.. one thing I will add in reply to kgmohror’s comment about why would Lee and Billy be called to ID the body – they weren’t called [tee hee.. they have their ways 😉 ] -they heard it on a police scanner.. and then I assumed they pulled rank and told them not to tell family – so they could check first.. and then come up with an explanation if need be… I gave that one a hand wave 😉

      I think we are all imaginative to come up with an explanation for these plot holes – no matter how implausible 😉 tee hee..
      okay how’s this- I think what happened was Reverand Mills listens to the police scanner also.. and Amanda being so well loved .. he decided to pay for the obit so all the community knew Dotty was in need of flowers asap! does that work? After all, listening to the police scanner could alert him quickly to where he is needed! 😉
      hear hear kgmohror I’m also willing to go with it- if we get a lovely pay off! 🙂

      Hiya Jo!!! wonderful to hear of your traditions! that sounds really lovely. DR? is that The Dominican Republic? sorry I’m an aussie so I’m not sure! 😉
      LOL I can imagine that bag would have been spooky – that’s where the dead people go!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Melissa Robertson

        LOL…about your explanation of Rev. Mills and the flowers being needed ASAP!


        • This explanation could work. My mother-in-law and father-in-law spent many hours listening to their police scanner until the powers that be scrambled the signal. Yes, she wrote a letter to complain!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Cindy and Jestress, my hats off to your grandparents, I want to be like them!
            Love the Rev./flowers explanation! Actually, any explanation is good. I keep thinking that the writers were smoking something in the back room and couldn’t come up with anything coherent because they were high. Just saying, good an explanation as any…..;)


            • Yes, that would explain a lot — especially If the wardrobe department was in the back room smoking with them. 🙂 At least I give my brain a really good work out trying to come up with semi plausible explanations within the story for the plot holes 😉

              Liked by 1 person

              • Yep, you hit the nail on the head, the wardrobe folks were eating special brownies with the writers and obviously were so far gone that they randomly assigned clothes from any program they could get their little paws on! Smufs, A-team, Dynasty, Max Headroom, what the heck! LOL!


  12. I posted a link at Ned’s in the Fan Fiction thread to a page on Petra’s site that lists stories that illustrate what it must have been like when Lee dropped his teeth and why he acts as he does here in Billy’s office.

    It has been a doozy of a few weeks for Lee, hasn’t it? The guy is just learning to take of his defensive armor that has protected his heart since he was four and first he has to deal with someone stealing her identity and pulling a gun on him (OOADP)(This could play into the hurt of what happened with Eve, that she is someone other than what he has known, although that was a brief moment there in the hospital parking lot) then there is the possibility that her personality could be irrevocable altered from the one that has become so dear to him. Now he is faced with the chance that she could be dead. And this is the one thing that Lee’s heart fears most I think, that the person he cares for gets ripped from him this way.
    But I like that the episode doesn’t dwell on that angst, instead we get to watch Lee experience the relief that it wasn’t the case. That Amanda is very much alive and he is aware of how wonderful that really is.


  13. Aw, this reminds me of my granny! She used to like reading the obituaries too. When the paper came she´d always ask for the sports section. (The obituaries were on the back).
    In my country ( D.R.) when someone dies, the family of the deceased hands out little obituary souvenir cards at the funeral. Grandma had a bag filled with those.
    when I was a kid I used to be spooked by this bag, didn´t even want to touch it! Then one afternoon i checked it out and read them all. I understood why she kept them, mostly from friends or relatives, people she used to care about.


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