4/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda enters Billy’s office..
Amanda: hello sir, Hello Francine. Lee. Look. Does anyone know anything about this??
She looks around holding up the newspaper obituary. No one volunteers an answer.
Amanda: Hmm?
Everybody is avoiding eye contact with her. LOL at Francine’s ‘eek’ face! Winking smile

yeah sort of.

Ohhhh this makes me mad. Amanda deserves better than this! Is Amanda a part of the agency or not? Her life is turned upside down and she doesn’t even get a phone call. This makes me so mad! I think this kind of no man’s land for Amanda at the agency,  is going to need to be dealt with soon!!!
Amanda: well does this have something to do with a case?
YODT.avi_000875374Lee isn’t being forthcoming.. though at least he YODT.avi_000877501responds I guess!
Lee: Amanda, there’s been a foul-up here at the agency.
YODT.avi_000880379Amanda: Mmm Yes, I’d say there has been…
YODT.avi_000881088[LOL!! good call Amanda.. seems it’s Lee’s turn for understatement!]

Amanda sees she’s getting no answers so bypasses Lee and moves over to address Billy directly. This is not okay. Go Amanda!
YODT.avi_000883257Amanda: …Sir, Excuse me. I know the regulations and all of that but I think on a need to know basis I think I needed to know about this one.
[Ahhhh Amanda’s turn for understatement!]
Billy is upset over Sylvia.. it would have been nice to see Lee or Francine step up here.. but no.. Billy hasn’t gotten his head around the situation at all yet.. Poor Billy!
YODT.avi_000895394Billy: Amanda we all sympathise with your situation but this whole situation has caused problems that we’re still trying to work out.
Amanda: yes sir, and I’ve got one of the biggest problems. According to this, I’m dead.
YODT.avi_000898981Goooo Amanda!
Love Billy’s reaction.. She’s right..
and he knows it..
Amanda knows it..
and Lee knows it..
Francine? well she’s probably not caring anyway! I love that Amanda doesn’t even look at her to see what she thinks Winking smile
We cut to a commercial break here..
Amanda is being assertive huh! Great to see!! It strikes me that she is being assertive in the one area we’ve always seen her be assertive in: protecting what’s best for her family: the agency doesn’t realise it yet but this has caused her and her family huge problems and this is not okay!!!! I love to see Amanda not just take this lying down. Smile
YODT.avi_000910409Back from the commercial break and for some bizarre reason, Lee has moved his car which was parked out the front of the agency and let Amanda park there instead Winking smile Hmm it must be him feeling bad because she’s officially dead Winking smile Oh dear.. they made this same mistake last week in DOA also..
Billy is on the phone to the newspaper..while Lee reads the obituary and watches Amanda pace.
YODT.avi_000916123Billy: If you’ll just print a retraction in your newspaper. no no no you don’t understand, Amanda King is not really dead!
LOL.. can’t IFF just pay the paper to print it? why does Billy have to beg? lol!
Lee  (to Amanda):
Dead people don’t pace.
Billy on the phone: You see it was just a tiny little computer error.
Lee (to Amanda): See it was just a tiny computer error. That’s all it was.
[Dotty was right!] Amanda takes the newspaper and sits down.
Lee: It could have been worse. The obituary could’ve been real.
Oh nice one..meh.. Lee is trying to cheer her up.. find that famous silver lining Amanda knows he always finds ahem… but Lee really doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation for Amanda.
YODT.avi_000929678Amanda is not seeing the silver lining and quickly replies:
Yeah well look, as far as my friends are concerned, YODT.avi_000933265it is real. Do you know how many people called my mother this morning and sent YODT.avi_000936143flowers?..
It was morbid.
YODT.avi_000936852Lee keeps on trying for that silver lining!
Well, at least you know you’re well liked!
Amanda: I knew I was well liked before I was dead.

Amanda is serious and matter of fact about this. She sees no triumph in this knowledge or comfort. She only sees that people she cares about are upset.
Lee quietly looks at Amanda…
He looks away and quietly smiles.
YODT.avi_000942149Then.. still thinking on what Amanda said I guess, Lee gives her a quick sideways glance while she isn’t looking at him..
Anyone want to have a go at what Lee was thinking in this moment? Do tell!

Yes go ahead and ponder about it Lee.. – she is a classy lady.. and you could learn a thing or two buddy. Lee likes to think Amanda doesn’t understand the seriousness of the spy world.. and maybe she doesn’t as much as him yet – but I’d say Lee doesn’t understand the seriousness of Amanda being declared dead for her and her family in the real world. I think Lee’s eyes are opened a little to the reality of a life full of family and friends in this episode.. and how blessed Amanda is- but she is also blessed because she values her family and friends and makes a place for them in her life- Where’s the place for that in Lee’s life?? This all reminds me of Lee’s funeral in Remembrance of things past. He didn’t mind Francine thinking he was dead! And tried to brush off how upset Amanda was at first over his faked death also.. .. and who showed up at his funeral?? some Internal affairs guy to say clichés.. it was depressing! Anyone else reminded of these things or have any thoughts on this they’d like to share? Gosh.. so much to think about already – and we’re only just getting started… [ BTW in the close up of Lee here – he is suddenly very very tanned.. almost like it was filmed at a different time! maybe they redid the look he gives her here – which is really quite lovely – do you agree?? He knows she’s right! Smile  but also when it cuts to the wide shot, Lee is looking at Billy.. so glad they added this little look of Lee’s in- these small touches are what makes smk brilliant – would you agree??!! ]
Billy’s frustrations are rising as he yells into the phone: Okay okay! you can have that. we can send it to you in an hour. You’ve been very kind, thank you very much indeed. [lol Billy is being very ‘nice’ and polite here! Smile ]
I’ll finish up here for the moment everyone..
Check out how different Lee looks! It was a very very long commercial break! Lee went out and got a tan Winking smile
I’ll pick up right where we left off. whoooo so what do you all make of this eh?? do tell!!!! byeee for now!

32 responses to “4/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Ohhh, iwsod! You’re really mad at the Agency, huh?!?! But Amanda isn’t really part of the Agency officially. She’s Lee’s caddy! (see my comment on previous post). Just a temp civilian – that’s why she doesn’t have a badge and I’m sure she’s not on any Org. Chart. I really don’t think what Amanda does at the Agency is seen as that important yet by Billy and certainly not by Francine. I think Lee sees Amanda’s potential value as an Agency employee, especially after LOTP, but she’s still only called in to work when Lee needs her or there’s typing or transcribing that needs to be done and not enough people to do it. She’s convenient and very trustworthy but not an official full-time employee.

    On a side note, I think Billy absolutely sees Amanda’s importance and value to Lee on the personal side. I think that’s why he continues to encourage Lee using her as his very own temp. civilian and no one else’s. Too bad her status in that category doesn’t warrant an Agency badge.

    It is nice to see Amanda so assertive here. And I agree totally – it’s because it is causing her problems at home with her family. She can’t buy food to feed her boys or mother! The mama bear is growling now 😉 I think Lee is admiring her assertiveness in that look he gives her while she’s not looking at him. I think he’s also thinking that he’s perhaps a little jealous because he’s probably not so sure that he’s so well-liked alive…he might be more well-liked dead being a super spy and all. I think he’s having a little mental chuckle to himself over this. And he’s just plain glad she’s alive and sitting there with him in Billy’s office.
    And I agree, iwsod – SMK is brilliant because they add in all those small touches! 🙂

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    • I am so glad that you are paying attention to Amanda’s progression through the Agency. It really is an important part of the story, as important as Lee finally allowing himself to love her. I love everything you put in this comment.


    • Yep BJo! I am cranky with the agency. I 100% agree with your description here BJo – and I don’t like that this is the way it is at this stage of the show: which is why I say I think Amanda deserves better! 🙂

      Again, I think it’s natural to feel this frustration with Amanda’s place – or lack of place- at the agency.. and this situation with the death notice and how the agency dealt with it only highlights for me how this status quo can’t last.. because Amanda deserves better!

      I agree Morley, Amanda’s progress at the agency and with herself is a big part of the show for me too.. It’s wonderful to be able to discuss it with fans who are interested in this also 🙂

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      • Oh yes, I agree – it is natural to feel frustration with the Agency – I wasn’t trying to disagree. Should have started that second sentence with And instead of But. I don’t like how it is for Amanda at the Agency either, but I do understand it.

        I think this is also good way to look at Francine’s attitude toward Amanda. Francine sees that Amanda gets all the good assignments with Lee despite the fact that she’s a temp. civilian with no training, no years of experience, no nothing. In fact she’s got less than nothing because she’s a suburban mother – something Francine looks waaay down her nose at. So we see Amanda being treated by the Agency the way the “system” or rules (insert Francine here) would have her be treated – as someone with no status – a peon. But we all know just how much Amanda has contributed – she just doesn’t get any credit at all because she has no status. So this is why Amanda just really bugs Francine – even though Amanda gets no credit/no ID badge/no official standing, Billy still allows her to work with Lee time after time and they are successful or maybe because they are successful.

        Amanda is officially unofficial, which is what allows her to contribute the way she does, so it is a good thing. I think what bugs me the most is that Billy still treats her officially even though he likes her and thinks she is good for Lee. I guess he has to because he is “the boss” but he owed her more than what’s he’s given her in the episode. Maybe this will be a wake-up call to him in that regard. I guess we’ll find out as year three of the walk starts out!


        • no worries 🙂 I love that we can be frustrated on Amanda’s behalf together 🙂 enough already! I actually think it gets a little worse.. a little more ridiculous before it gets better – going by what I remember but I could be wrong.. so I’m looking forward to seeing the next few episodes. I haven’t watched beyond YODT.. sooo tempting!!

          Ah so true BJo – you can totally see why Francine would be mad.. I can’t remember what episode we discussed this in.. but I vaguely remember saying it is unfair of Francine to take it out on Amanda. She should be addressing it with Billy.. LOL maybe if she had – Amanda might have gotten a badge sooner 😉 We also discussed Billy’s not moving Amanda on too but gah. I can’t remember where.. I remember saying I thought Billy doesn’t have to until Amanda raises the issue – so far it’s to his advantage to keep the status quo – but.. it’s not to Amanda’s advantage when she has all the costs of being with the agency and IMHO none of the perks! Yeah Billy is lovely, but he is not her dad, he is her boss 😉 Billy does see how successful Amanda is.. I agree.. I guess he isn’t going to try and fix what he thinks isn’t broken?

          Oh yeah!! I can’t wait to get through the next few eps. so glad I am not busy while we are looking at the next few episodes!

          Gosh does anyone remember this conversation? ohh whatever! sorry the brain is gone!


  2. I went back to your first post and it’s been two wonderful years that we have been doing the ‘walk’. Sorry it took so long, but I had scrolled past open-shirted Lee in “There Goes the Neighborhood” and for some reason got a little bit distracted. Happy anniversary!


    • Thanks Cindy! 2 years.. LOL I probably should have known that eh.. but I guess up to season 2 episode 20 isn’t bad going! haaaa yes.. counting to two when seeing open shirted Lee is to be commended! 🙂

      Hi Debilyn – thank you! I know, it’s strange that it’s been that long.. time does fly when you are having fun! I am sooooo glad that you and everyone who stops by are walking with me – Dr Pepper eh.. that should keep you walking! 🙂

      So is everyone on holidays for thanksgiving in the US? should us non US fans be expecting a quiet weekend?? that is this weekend isn’t it?
      Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Oops, twas a slip from seeing it on the yuku forum where I was first introduced to all the SMK goodness!

    And congrats on finishing your dissertation! That’s a huge feat and deserves another toast and oodles of chocolate!


    • All good! 🙂

      LOL yes any occasion deserves chocolate 😉 chocolate got me through!! I’m not kidding.. I actually acknowledged 85% lindt chocolate’s wonderful healing properties in my acknowledgements!! haaaa!!!! 🙂


      • I especially like the dark chocolate with salt.

        It is wonderful watching Lee really discover Amanda. And she doesn’t really know it does she? For so long he has just tried to brush her aside. Tried, not really succeeded, but he sure was trying. I think he is done trying. I think he keeps finding little things about her to savor. Like this… she knew she was well liked before this. I like to think at some point, in some way,he will compare her being dead experience to his in ROTP. I think his glance is a private enjoyment of the fact that she is there, alive, in his presence in all her Amandaness.. I still think Lee would like to have a status qou with her, a friendship and working relationship that is predictable. But circumstances keep pushing it for him. There is a you tube video that someone did to Wave On Wave. I think this is a wave crashing in on Lee. I think he is no longer running away from the waves like my little kids do. I think he may be standing at the edge of the shore letting the waves burry his feet in the sand. He isn’t venturing in yet… and Amanda, well she has no clue a this moment and that is fun.


        • Yum!!! sounds good Morley!

          It is wonderful to watch Lee discover the treasure before him that is Amanda!!!! It is so much sweeter because she is just being herself and isn’t out to impress him 🙂 I’ll check out the vid. thanks for the recommendation!

          Beautifully put Morley! I love how your love for these characters seeps into everything you write! 🙂

          I agree.. Amanda hasn’t got a clue… I think these little looks have been inserted intentionally to up the tension/progress – the fact that Lee suddenly has a tan here makes me think they went back and redid that part of the scene – with the intention of adding that moment where Lee looks at Amanda without her being aware of it 🙂 i.e. I don’t think it’s an accident that moments like that are in the show! Without it the scene would have been flat and disappointing – and LOL I’d probably be really annoyed that I didn’t see drop his teeth!


        • Love this visual, Morley!! Having grown up going to the beach every day in the summer I can remember running from the waves and then being ready to stand there and let them hit me and then being ready to ride them. I think I know what he’s feeling.


  4. It seems to me that Lee know he’s being glib here but is not quite sure how to handle Amanda’s feelings. But that last bit of a look he gives her seems to acknowledge her concerns and IMHO displays admiration for her inner strength. She doesn’t need an obituary to find out she was liked, she isn’t bragging, just feels secure in her world where family and friends matter.


  5. They really should have called Amanda or something. She should not have had to come in to force them to do something about the situation. I like the look Amanda gives Lee when he tells her that dead people don’t pace. She looks a bit miffed for a second, looks out into the bullpen and then gathers herself and sits down. When she came in she said hello to Billy and Francine, but only said Lee’s name. She might be a little irritated at Lee in particular since he didn’t let her know what was going on, but she covers it well as usual and tries to move on.

    Not sure about the look Lee steals at Amanda when she’s not looking. He’s starting to do that more and more. He’s still trying to figure her out. Amanda is sure of herself and of the caring of her family, friends, and neighbors. Lee doesn’t have that kind of assurance. Maybe he’s just continuing to acknowledge that what she said is true. She is well-liked, even by Lee himself.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    IMHO the first looks that Lee give shows that he is processing the fact that Amanda knows that she is well liked and this is not a comforting way of the fact being confirmed. Then his sideways glance is hard for me to put into words. IMHO it is like his look is potraying a little bit of love. I think he is just relieved that she is alive and he can’t help giving a subtle loving smile.


  7. Is that look that Lee gave her while he was sitting on the desk like the look he gave her while they were sitting at the bar while they were waiting for the Colonel in ARS? After she told him that the Colonel must have done something right…


  8. I loved Amanda’s line “I knew I was well liked before I was dead.” I would have preferred her to be more assertive and the agency more sensitive to the impact this snafu has had on Amanda and her friends and family, but like Billy said bureaucracies are like that.
    I really liked the comparison between Amanda’s fake death and Lee’s. I never would have come up with that one on my own. 🙂


    • Thanks Cindy! 🙂

      I figured for Amanda this was pretty assertive of her. In her quiet way, she wasn’t leaving there without an explanation and without steps being taken to fix this mess. goo Amanda!

      Hey guess what – wordpress just told me today is Just Walk with Me’s anniversary! I guess it would be three years now?? or is it two? LOL I should probably know that!!!

      now my dissertation is done, I’ve come down with a lovely head cold.. oh yes! funny how these things happen – so I’m a little foggy!

      June a VIP’s daughter? lol.. poor June! Hopefully she can move on to bigger and better things eh..

      That second look of Lee’s at Amanda is full of goodness isn’t it!!! and I love hearing all your takes on what it means.. or what was going through his mind here. happy happy thoughts!

      Valerie I like your take on Amanda being particularly miffed with Lee – yeah!!! I’m with you on that one.. she would be particularly miffed with Lee more so than the agency – I really liked this insight!

      Jule admiration of Amanda’s strength? that sounds wonderful! 🙂


      • Happy happy anniversary Iwsod! You have brought joy and laughter to a lot of folks. Mark Twain said, “To get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with.” We have lots of lovely someone’s here! raises glass to toast iwsod and everyone present


        • I’ll join you in that toast Jule! I would not have kept going if not for the wonderful folks who stop by and join in the fun..

          so here’s to everyone!! thanks for a great year!! and looking forward to the next!!!

          [LOL btw Jule, I stick with ‘iwsod’ so it’s not confusing for newbies..]


      • I’ll add my “Happy Anniversary” to the blog and iwsod, as well. Has it really been that long? Seems like just yesterday you first began this walk. Now, there are so many walking along. Yay! (I’ll toast with my Dr. Pepper,please. Gotta have my Dr. P. It’s what keeps me going.) May we keep on walking!


      • Happy 2nd Anniversary, iwsod! I am so happy I found your blog and have been welcomed here to participate in so many ways! Thank you for leading us on this wonderful walk!


      • Melissa Robertson

        Congratulations on finishing your dissertation and on your anniversary of ‘Justwalk…’ Blog. I’m very glad you start it, really is a high point or hobby for me. I’m impressed that you know the US holidays…my kids are happy for a short week of school 🙂


        • Thanks Melissa R! I’m glad I started it too.. I didn’t think very far ahead when I started.. or it would have been too overwhelming.. I take things a week or an episode at a time 🙂

          Ahh yes.. not sure what’s the next step for me.. life is a big adventure!

          a phd in Scarecrow and Mrs King would be great.. hmm what university would let me do that? 😉


      • Iwsod: big congrats on finishing up your dissertation, and on your JWWM anniversary. 🙂 Thanks for creating such a fun place for us to follow SMK goodness. 🙂
        (The timing of your cold isn’t surprising. It seems that the body just keeps on going while there’s stuff to do, and when the pressure is off [dissertation written] it knows it can shut down for a while… Hope you kick it quickly!)


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